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REVIEWS OF Wash Me! Madison Avenue IN Colorado

NoCo Chris

B. Noneof Yourbusiness

Has both a drive through and self-service bays. Open late. Just what we needed.

kevin pinkham

First review I got this place confused with Breeze thru car wash. Sorry, but you still deserve only one star for my visit. Went to wash my car thoroughly and was surprised that even though it's a hand wash system, my vehicle still had dirt all over the car after spending $14. I think it was due to the fact that I did not use the foaming brushes. I tried, but after one minute no soap was coming out of the brushes. Additionally they were covered with Muddy field from the previous Patron. The amount paid to get my car marginally clean was ridiculous. Should have gone through the touchless automated car wash they have there.

Richard Gienapp

Rita G.

Mattzk 72

Jan Cox

The auto wash is very thorough and does a fine job, I'm always pleased with the results! A special thanks to Victor, you are always very pleasant and helpful, and you're always at work keeping the stalls clean and running at top notch! You show pride in your work and you're an inspiration! Bless you!

Robert Tressler

I was upset at first because I used a 5 to start the machine, only to find the pressure sucked. Until the manager/attendant came over and restarted it for me and added time to correct it. Great service. And it worked great.

Mtn Girl

If you want 5 * service, this is the place to visit. The water is hot, the soaps are strong, and everything works! As an added bonus in between scrubbing the place down, Victor will prep your car before you head into the auto bays. Seriously worth the visit!

Alyssa Bordenaro

Ross V

The basic $5 robo-wash is good enough to blast away accumulated dirt and make the car nice & shiny.

Kaven Kruger

James D

Good place for a car wash and it's clean

Dylan Hanes

The machine did not start when I drove my car in and the person there claimed it was our fault even as we followed all lighted instructions, and I have the dashcam footage to prove it.


Nice carwash but can sometimes be a bit congested. It's funny how some of these are $3, some cost $4 and some in the area are $5. You would think they would get sick of changing signs at some point but.....good wash not great, free vacuums are awesome.

Brad Jacoby

Anthony Ballard

What really makes this car wash so good is the young man who runs it. He is very attentive and is just a nice guy. He obviously cares about getting and keeping your business. He goes out of his way to make sure you are happy. Last week I had an appointment off of a very muddy road and took my truck in for a quick drive through wash. It was so muddy the first pass through didn’t take care of it. I don’t think any drive through wash would have. The attendant waved me over to the hand wash and just started doing it himself, then ran me back through the drive through wash. Great service and good equipment. I will always use this car wash when I’m in Loveland.

Dick Reznik

Victor, the manager of the Wash Me Car Wash at Madison Avenue is a pretty amazing service professional. He has a positive, upbeat attitude when interacting with customers. I appreciate his pre-brushing of the vehicle prior to entry into the automatic carwash bays. He keeps the place looking spotless and has a phenomenal work ethic. Where else can you get top notch service and great carwash for $7? If there is ever a mechanical hiccup or less than perfect wash, Victor will make things good with a do-over. Thanks for being the best under $10 carwash in Loveland.

Daniel Wadham

It’s a pay as you go, self serve, car wash. Nothing special. If you are detailing your vehicle the clock has to be running the entire time you are in the stall. Just a spray down cost $6 so you may be better off hitting a full service shop, sit back, relax, and watch someone else do your dirty work.

Annette Gonzales

Scott Brownlee

Ruben Gomez

The menu selections are too complicated. Wash is good. Drying is mediocre and leaves water spots on my car.

Lori Wilson

Not enough time on the vacuum

JA Rentals

Brenda Snyder

Heather B

Nice clean car wash. My only complaint is the angle of the vacuum spaces. You need to back in so the hoses aren't constantly hitting your vehicle doors.

Kathryn Sjoerdsma

Derek Taylor

Best wash in town!

Lynda Woodson

A couple of days ago I went to the Madison Wash ME to clean my car. My money got ‘eaten’ by the coin dispenser. I called the number by the office as it was early and no one was there. The lady answering the phone told me someone would be there in about ½ hour. I decided to wait as I had other cleaning in the car to do in addition to vacuuming. In about 10 minutes a very personable and pleasant young man appeared to solve the coin problem for me. He refunded my lost money and gave me vacuuming coins. When he saw I was doing some deep cleaning in my car he brought me a bucket of hot water and rags and also cleaned my car mats making them look new. When I got to the car wash he used a brush to clean the bugs of the windshield and head lights (he has also done this in the past) then gave me a free full service car wash! I was very impressed with the politeness and customer service I received this day and will certainly recommend this car wash to all I know.

steve galbo

Awesome place Victor is great!!!

Michael Gamino


Kerry Drake

The car wash has a young man that is intended to be a greeter; however, this boy turned into a nightmare as he decided he wanted to pick a fight with me because he didn't think I said hi back to him and said he didn't like the way I looked at him. It was a pretty intense situation which I was afraid he was going to hit me. Made a complaint to the ownership. Will never go back to this place as long as this kid is still there.

Sabrina Butler


Cole Wagner

This is the only car wash we go to. The wash attendant is always making things great there and stops us if the automatic misses a spot, then scrubs the spots for us and runs us through again. He is awesome at his job!! Thank you

Janet Farkas

Victor is a fabulous employee. He is always so very helpful. I would recommend this car wash to everyone! They care about the cleanliness of you vehicle

John Conway

I don't usually find a great deal of difference in most car washes, but I have been using Wash Me on Madison for a few years now. I like their product and the overall appearance of the premises, however the biggest reason I keep coming back is the young man, Victor, who works there. He is always working hard and is very helpful and friendly. Highly recommend them.

Robert McDaniel

John Wroblewski

A place to clean your vehicle.

Mandie Kirkwood

Cody Herna

My favorite do-it yourself car wash in the area

Janet Clark

Jenna Reese

I went to this car wash with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and he had noticed a friend of his from high school washing his car so we went to say hi while he was washing up the car. After we walked away we noticed the manager or so called “owner” of the wash walk right up to our friends and start harassing them for NO REASON? I mean Come on an owner... of a car wash.. you’d think he would have a bit more patients for CUSTOMERS spending money on “his” wash. What’s a car wash without it’s customers right? After seeing this I even felt the disrespect from this arrogant awful man. Not to mention he went back to argue even more all while there was one of his associates from a different company standing by his side. I couldn't Help but to notice the man slowly back up clearly ashamed of this “owners” actions. Will NOT be back. You want a good wash with good service take your car to taft and first in Loveland and wash up there. Way better vacuums and more bays. Plus a gas station right next door if you need some snacks. :)

E. Wong

Aly R

These are the BEST car washes! Always clean, well-kept and affordable. I use all of their locations in Loveland depending on what side of town I am in. 5 stars.

Polly sholl

Awesome, was able to wash pickup truck, with stuff in the back. Spray was powerful enough to remove dried on mud.

Jeromy Ginther

Mike Lunsford

vincent gallegos

Judi Warnick

My car didn't come out as clean as I'd expected

Jeff Mere

Great machines kept up nicely and usually someone premises to help if need be.

Catalina Felkins

Manual wash use cash! Charge me 15$ for a 3min wash when used my card. I had always used cash before. Still use this place ! Amazing friendly staff. I amways bring cash with me just caught ne off gaurd thats all.

Lorena Velasquez

Kurt L

There was a man with a soapy brush on a mop handle that washed my windshield and wheels before I went into the automatic wash. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to tip him but I had no cash. The line was short and the price was fair. They have self service too that are reasonably priced.

Vicki Flint

A plus experience. Would recommend it to everyone.

Sandra Hill

meghan younker

I just got washed along with the best customer service. Gentleman working went above and beyond with hand washing my car and placker. Even sent me through a second time to make my car was clean. Thank you

Richard G

Good wash


Charlie Dreyer

Accepted my quorters and counted up when I put them in but didn't give me any vacuuming from it, put a $5 in and got 2.5 minutes out of this garbage place with no change plus the lost quorters, vacuuming was average and timer was definitely fast, never ever returning, recommend you don't go here.

Carlos Cantu

Sean O'Brien

Dan Neidermyer

Dawn Prothro

Heidi McBroome

Love this location

Luther Harned

Good basic car wash

Chris Peters

Always clean bays and the automatic bays do a great job!

Alyssa Mckinley

Kinda pricey but I needed to get my car cleaned and this was on my way to work. I've gone twice now. It was very clean, and except for the huge line for the automated wash, it wasn't busy at all. I pulled into a stall, paid with my card, and was out and on my way in less than 10 minutes with a shiny car.

Tiffany Risacher

Rebecca Nichol

Mr. Parris

Great options for sprays and presoaks

Marc Sheppard

Needs an upgrade remodel

Kelly Adams

The car wash malfunctioned and I went to inform the employee on sight. I explained that the soap part never came on, it was obvious also by the amount of dirt still on my car. He told me ' no,, your wrong,. I said look at my car, he said ' well, not my problem' and walked away! Rude, belligerent and 0 customer service. I will not be using this place again, would rather drive a filthy car.

Jon McEvoy

Sandra Medina

Louie Dunn

This is a great car wash and would definitely recommend it to anyone. I showed up to wash my truck the bill changer was not working so the Car Wash attendant gave me a free wash and apologized that the machine was down. I've been to a lot of self service car washes and they don't care about the customer just the money I'd have to say that it is different with Wash Me! Madison. Go there and get a clean car!

David Hanes

Had a bad experience here. Paid for a $12 wash, but the wash never started, letting us pull all the way through the bay, never starting. Poor customer service, they wouldn't believe us and never did refund our money like they said they would. I'll never go to any "wash me" place. I use wash worx just a little further east from here.

K Sailor

Amazing service great car wash.

kyle welty

D Bauer

Barbara Galbo

I wash my work truck and my personal jeep here weekly. I am always greeted by a gentalman with a wave and a hellow how are you today This gentalman is Victor. He goes above and beyond his job. He is constantly helping everyone who comes through this car wash with kindness and he clearly shows how happy is to help. He keeps up with the property maintenance and stops at nothing. Victor you truely are an asset to the company. Thank you for all you do. Sincerely, Barbara

JC Cook

Natalia Nigh

Me and my boyfriend use this car wash all the time and we love it! It is soo clean!..but what caught my eye is seem a young boy there all the time, working so hard, cleaning every corner, like he really cares. It really makes a difference!! One of dryers is not working that good. But the place is neat!

Charlie Killmaster

Kim Perry

Victor is amazing. Always makes sure my car is totally clean! My only automatic car wash choice! Kim

Mark Conners

Time was running out, I was out of quarters, so I quickly pull out a dollar and watch it slowly get pulled in, that's when I see signage that says insert dollar as shown. My wrinkle free, untorn dollar gets spit out slowly. I flip it around and watch it slowly disappear again. I don't know if this is the right way or not because there is no illustration showing the correct way to insert the money. The dollar slowly gets spit out again. This thing wasted 45 seconds and I now have less than 10 seconds to continue. I drove home with a half rinsed car and had to finish washing my car at home. I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHICH WAY TO INSERT THE MONEY AS SHOWN BECAUSE THEY DON'T BOTHER TO TELL YOU. edited to say while it was frustrating to be tormented by a machine, customer service is alive and well at this car wash. The facility does have every feature a modern car wash usually has, but obviously has people who care about it doing their best to help out.

Ashley Day

megan maddux

Best car wash in town! I get the refillable card that comes with bonus bucks!! I love the guy who runs or possible owns the car wash. He always has fantastic customer service and he is so helpful! Spend your money here no place else!

Jonathon Moore


The Hot Lava wash is the best!

Leslie Vaughan

Andrew Moffet

This is the worst car wash I have ever been to! I TOOK My car here a lot and never had a problem until the manager one day decided to harass me and my friends for “taking to long” and I guess “ this isn’t the place to just sit and wash your car” when it is a car wash and that is the point. I do not recommend this car wash and there is a much much better one on the corner of Taft and 1st in Loveland and much better service and they have a much nicer washing environment!

Maggie Retzer

Pamela Jessen

It is not often I do reviews, but if this helps increase business, it's worth it! Every time we come here , everything works and works well! Even more important is the customer service from Victor. He is hard-working, kind and so grateful for customers. We can't tell you how awesome in this short review. If you care about customer service and hard work, this is the place to wash your car!! Thank you, Victor! Keep up the great attitude and hard work!

Richard Wulf

Good carwash. Atomatic car wash gives token for vacuum but you have to drive back around to use the vacuum.

Margaret Loch

Sam Bradley

Trisha Ann Mcafee

Kendra Weeks

“Mr. Macho” owner of the car wash decided today was the day to put his big boy pants on and harass my boyfriend and I for taking too long. He, not so kindly, asked us to pull out because there was a guy on a bike behind us that needed a wash. In which my boyfriend responded “yea no problem”. Not even 3 seconds later he raised his voice at us again. We had to grab all of our stuff we were using to clean the car as well as our mats that were still drying off at the time. So naturally it took us a minute maybe 2 to get everything and pull out. I was really disgusted by his behavior especially for being the owner, so I decided to walk across the lot and get the exact name of the place so I knew where I should write this review. He saw me walking back to my car and he approached me yet again all worked up over absolutely nothing. He was loudly disrespecting me and my boyfriend in front of several customers for the next 5 minutes or so. We had had enough so we went on and minded our own business but he wouldn’t stop. We asked him to leave us alone and with that he said “you’re now trespassing you need to leave” my boyfriend offered to call the cops for him but he didn’t seem interested so we just left because clearly he wasn’t going to give it up but before we could pull out the guy on the bike that had been behind us before made sure to apologize to us 5 or 6 times for he had no idea that pulling in behind us would cause such a huge commotion. Welcome or not we won’t be going back. I would definitely advise you to use your money somewhere else. There is a car wash off of 1st and Taft in loveland. It costs the same price they have more bays, the vacuums and sprayers work better. And the gentlemen that runs it is very kind and will take care of any problem you have. We have a car team of 20+ cars and it looks like we will be taking our money elsewhere. I don’t normally post reviews but I don’t want to show any support to someone who is willing to treat strangers, let along customers in that type of fashion. I thought it was important the public is aware of this so they can avoid the same thing happening to them.

AnnaMarie Strzyz

Melody S

SHOUT OUT to Victor!!! He is a ROCK STAR!! He has exceptional customer service!! He went above and beyond the call of duty!!

sara W.

I gave this place a 5 star review months ago and now it won't let me review it again! So I'm editing! If I could I would give Victor a 20 star rating! He goes above and beyond to make sure his customers are satisfied!!! Thank you Victor for making sure my jeep was stunning today!

Tom Watson

Was just verbally assaulted by an employee. Called office 3 times before getting someone, office said they would review. Be cautious.

Elizabeth Sampson

They go above and beyond to make sure you're happy! If you have any problems, tell them! Won't wash my cat anywhere else!

Adam Miksell

B. Miller

Awesome place! Very clean, and everything works; great owners.

Dan Edwards

Nice touchless car wash.

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