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REVIEWS OF The Wave Car Care Center IN Colorado

Bob Weenig

A good car cleaning outside and inside. Did not miss much. Price is reasonable.

Jessica Preston

Always friendly staff, always do a great job on the cleaning of my car, and always super efficient! Even when I've had to wait for my car to get clean, because they were super busy - it was so worth it! Every detail, from the start - assuring that you choose the best package for what YOU'RE looking for - to the end - laying a cloth at your feet for you to step on before getting into your car, these guys know what they're doing. We'll definitely be back!!

Justin Palm

I would highly recommend the Wave to anyone in need of car maintenance. The staff was friendly and helpful and recommended the right package for my needs. They also took care of my oil change needs in a timely manner. I had some interior cleaning that was harder to take care of and they did a great job with it.

Brian Conner

This is the best car wash int eh Denver Metro area. Great service and a very helpful staff. I'd recommend The Wave to anyone. If you want a really clean car and want to com out feeling good about the excellent service and friendliness...then go to The Wave!

Jon Samuelson

I had an interior detail done (cost: $130), and really it was worth every penny. I was a little worried because it's quite a bit cheaper than having it done at a more formal detail shop, but I really couldn't have asked for more. They cleaned the seats, dash, console, and headliner, and cleaned & shampooed the carpet. Heck they even buffed off a paint smudge on my fender at no extra cost.


The Wave Car Care Center washed and waxed my 25 foot RV and did a very nice job. They did an excellent job and after inspection they covered the entire unit including the roof and hard to reach front camper area. Will use them again.

Debbie Orwat

We have taken our cars to the Wave many times over the past five years. It is hard to beat their services for the cost. The cars have been washed on the outside, windows hand washed, interior vacuum, and the inside dash/console wiped down - all for around $20ish. We recently had the floor mats washed which was great. I recommend The Wave.

Shawn Tripp

I don't like leaving bad reviews at places, but I literally just left this place and almost crashed pulling out. Had to pull over because they placed my floor mat over my accelerator and it got stuck wide open. Normally this place does really well and are very thorough, hence the reason why I dont mind shelling out $40 for a wash. I'm seriously at a loss for words. Please be more thorough guys. I know you're trying to get cars done in a timely matter, but please don't sacrifice safety in the meantime. Black Toyota 4 runner.

Lps Donut

Awesome place! They did a great job making my Subaru look ready for the car meet!

T. Ashley.M

They do a great job. Sometimes, they forget to do what I specifically ask them to do (like ‘please make sure you clean the cup holders’) I also wish their red drying cloths are higher quality because they leave red fuzz on windows they dry, but I can’t complain too much about that.

Heather Callan

Very impressed by the Wave Car Wash! I got a car wash with their Groupon- which was a great deal. You walk inside to a very nice air conditioned area to hang out in. There are snacks and drinks for sale, cards and car accessories and even an area for kids to hang out! There is a nice couch area for people to hang out in while their cars are getting longer services as well. After my car came out, I was really surprised with how long they took detailing it. They have a few different fragrances to choose from, and then they wash the inside windows, the dashboard, and seats after the vacuum the floors. Definitely worth the splurge!

Lauren Kraus

The folks here are great! We've had a topnotch experience every time. They are thorough and quick. Great place to clean your car- inside and out!

Ned Gladstone

Good interior and exterior cleanings, but high prices.

Elzie Gayle

Quick and good work. Recommended.

Ty Firsching

About a year ago, I took my car here with sub-par results. Believing in second chances, I decided to give it a go again. I can't speak for the simple car wash; however as far as the Combo car wash...inside and out..the service is horrid. I took two cars there today back to back and for close t 200.00 I found my results disappointing. I had to finish the job myself, even after pointing out what was still dirty. The inside of the windshield was still dirty...the removable floor mats were dry and dusty, even though I paid an extra 1.99 for each mat to be cleaned. I wish I would have taken pictures of my Jeep after it came out for everyone. I did think to take pictures of my VW though...the first picture (the dirty hood) is how the car was returned to me...the clean hood was after I went home and cleaned it myself. The inside of the windshield was dirty as well. When I inquired about it, they asked how it got dirty as if there was some reason they were unable to clean it satisfactorily. I also paid for the leather seats to be cleaned and wiped down (an extra $20) was a spotty job showing areas not even touched. I went and purchased my own conditioner and did it myself. The old adage if you want something done right you do it yourself should not apply when you spend close to $100.00 per car! There was much more wrong with their service, including their attempts to fix it (lackadaisical at best), but you probably get the idea. I am so disappointed and I feel like I got swindled. Again, I cannot speak to a basic car wash but anything more than basic is not worth it! As a result of this experience, I will not ever go to this place again. Everyone should take heed when deciding whether to get their vehicle washed here.

Alan Powell

Although I have gone back several times to have my car cleaned I was less than pleased with my last visit. On my several visits I have noticed a huge turn over of employees that are actually cleaning the cars. I paid over $70.00 for one of their more extensive car washes with hand waxing and interior cleaning and ( I should have checked more thoroughly at the time ) after arriving home discovered that although the car "looked good" when I left, when I got home and looked more closely it had not really been handled well at all. The bottom line is if you go take the cheaper washes and save your hard earned bucks.

derek randall

Best car wash period

Ian Wolverton

Slow and overpriced. $45 hurricane and the wheels are still dirty, little pieces of sap and streaks where they didn’t clean. $60 for a hand wash on a lifted truck and about the same quality..

Cessie Neufeld

This place is a total rip off. I paid $27 for them to do a "light" vacuum then run the car through an automatic wash, and wipe it down. I told the lady going into it that I needed the inside clean. So she signed me up for a wash and when I saw the bill I thought, this should be a good wash! I had a little dog hair on my back seat and some dirt on the inside of my doors. Literally all of it was there when I got home. It really would have taken a little extra elbow grease to get the hair (it was minimal) and another couple minutes to wipe everything down. And when I called to talk to someone they said all they do for the wash I got is wipe the dash and do a light vacuum and run the car through a wash that would cost 5 dollars at any gas station. It's a total rip off to pay 27 dollars and an hour of my life for a car wash I could have done better myself. I had to go spend more time and money doing it myself. The woman I talked to from the beginning should have explained what I was getting, the manager wasnt helpful. Overall terrible work ethic and customer service. Either wash your car yourself or go somewhere else.


Initial phone call to make an appointment was great. Answered all my questions and was very friendly. Upon arriving for my interior detail the gentleman that was helping me was very friendly, polite and welcoming. Initially he was not aware there was a detail but made a phone call and had someone there for me in a few minutes. After the simple paper work, he asked if I wanted a raincheck for my car wash (do to the weather) and if there was any areas I wanted extra work on. Once again the first gentleman that I spoke with set the bar. Two areas of improvement, 1)I would have liked a phone call to know when my car was complete. 2) There were a few spots that I had to scrub away and I thought they might have cleaned my weather tech mats. Overall experience was great. My car looks and smells great and I look forward to keeping it this fresh.

Yash Bhatt

Happy with the service and staff, reasonably priced car washes. Love their car scent options at the end. Used to go to Waterway but this is the new go to place for me now.

david schuett

Have been coming in for years and I love the place always friendly and they always do an amazing job. I had a big Jeep for awhile and they would even arm our all the inside of tires. They use to have shop repair on windshields but haven’t seen it in a bit. I can be a little messy they never complain just clean it they just clean it.

Dee Norris

First time here, I will come back, although the communication could have been better between the girl who greeted me and gave me my ticket and the guy actually cleaning the car. I explained to the girl what was important to gone done and that I was in a time crunch, after I waited awhile I walked out to the car and the guy was working hard on cleaning the interior windows and I had to let him know myself that I didn't need that and needed him to work on the exterior and vacuuming the interior which he did, but I needed to get going so he really didnt get to finish.

Casey Becker

Shout out to the service and great job done here. I’ve been bringing vehicles here for a few years now and have had consistently great service and the car comes out looking great. This last trip was all the same, I brought my new truck and they didn’t hesitate at the size, they still did an amazing job and I’m happy to continue visiting!

Stephanie Heacox

Excellent car wash, good deals in various discount sites.

Rudy Estrada

I give this place no stars only because of the experience I’ve had with them over the phone. They were polite. They were quick to answer. But the problem is that even though they said to me “your wife ran out to stop them” when she was paying, says to me that they weren’t very clear with their prices. Sad thing is, they could have turned this one star into 3 or 4 if they just offered to make the situation better, other than just “it must have been a miscommunication. Bad service, that easily could turn into bad quality. Will never visit again. Please think twice before taking advantage of People who don’t know what the typical car wash costs. No more than 25. Not 47 dollars. That car better be a better shade of white after they’re done. :P have a good day people, make good choices and read reviews.

P. DiGi

Got my car detailed there last week. First off the armor-all dripping off of everything was horrible. Even the windows were coated in it! They also stole / threw out my isolated water bottle and Spyder Gloves... both of which were on the passenger seat...they told me all my items were in a plastic bag in the back of the car... except the two most expensive things. Never thought I’d have to worry with all the people going there but happened anyway. Also didn’t bother putting the mats back in the car or drying them off. They were dripping liquid in the trunk. Avoid! And don’t leave items in the car!... lastly was never called when car was done. Had to call back myself and be stuck on hold ...just to be told to come in. I feel and was robbed by this place 150$

michelle Smith

Great job on my vehicle .

Jeanette DeHoff Franks

This crew is always careful and detailed. My car comes out looking fabulous!

Leo Rubio

I was skeptical at first about getting my first wash and wax but Dane put my mind at ease, someone needs to give that man a raise or at least a pat on the back. TOP NOTCH SERVICE!!!

Wm Karl

Car looked great! They noticed a piece that had broken on my back window and pointed it out and I appreciated that, I probably wouldn't have known it. Thank you for making my wife's car look nice. She quit smoking and this was her surprised.

Jeremiah Hall

Sweet place.

Jake Holman

Took my truck on Sunday, did a fantastic job! Brought my wife’s back Monday and interior job was lacking a bit. Brought it back and Oscar came out greeted us and made it right. Wife’s car sparkles like my truck now. Great customer service is about making it right when it’s not and they did a fantastic job on both ends. I will be back!

Han Brandt

Yeaterday was the first time it was okay, normally it is better. Had sevetal dirt spots left on my car after washing that I had to remove myself

Melissa Lynn

I absolutely love this place. I’ve had service done on my car in the lube shop and have gotten plenty of washes here. Everyone is super friendly and knowledgeable. They get your car done quick and efficient. I’ll drive out of the way to come get my car worked on here. :)

Dane Harnack

Great customer service, great value and a great clean.

Robert Wooten

They did not clean what I asked them to clean that is very non professional

CLyde & Kay

I am visiting from out of town & needed to wash my son-in-laws car. Thanks for the Excellent service & quality work! Great experience!

nathan greenhall

The one stop shop we have all been waiting for


Be careful for what you pay for and make sure to stay on top of what you paid for. They work quick and do not own up to what you paid for until you say something. I have had 2 details and pretty much every package and what they say gets done doesn't. Every single time I go back to show them something disnt get done they ALWAYS say " sorry sir we just have so many cars come through here"

ryan wilkman

They do a decent on the exterior but leave much to be desired with vacuuming and interior wipe down.

Carlos Lopez

Upon arrival the manager on staff was super friendly, but the follow through on service was not the greatest. This is the first car wash I’ve been to that charges you extra for an SUV/ Truck. I went ahead with the wash knowing it would be extra, but they also charged extra for cleaning my mats, which I had to point out that they forgot to clean. The rags they used left behind a lot of red lint and i was disappointed with the final product for the price (I purchased The Tidal Wave- $32 wash not including mats). I’ve been to other car washes were they didn’t penny pinch and the attention to detail was better and The Wave didn’t leave me feeling very good about what I had just paid for. It was disappointing. There are other places I would choose before The Wave for both price and service.

Todd Wheeler

The Wave is an awesome place to have your car washed. The attention to detail is nice and I’ve been very pleased with the outcome when visited. The quality control people are a great touch to ensure your vehicle looks great!

Daniel Stubbs

My first time using this place and I was more than pleased. I got the interior detail done and they did a fantastic job. I work construction so my truck was filthy. They got it looking like new again. At first I was skeptical about going there because of a lot of negative reviews but you definitely need to give them a shot if you're a new customer

Matthew Balderree

We brought in a large SUV (Ford Expedition Max) and they cleaned the entire thing very well! They did a very good job on the inside (we paid for the Big Kahuna) and it was worth every penny! They even got of the tar mark on the side of the SUV that we'd worked on for a while!! Would highly recommend!

Drew Larsen

Great place to get your car wash, and love being able to bring back the receipt and get another car wash for free!

Austin Cotant

Great carwash. Staff was super friendly especially the manager Dane.

Tamara Wattenberg

Long long long long wait and they don't help people in the order they arrive. Waited 45 mins, never received any service and finally drove off and left after 4 cars after me made it in the car wash before me...

Connie Clements

The employees were very friendly. Did a nice job on my car. Definitely recommend their services.

Cara Lynn Kimber

One of my favorite weekend tasks- my Jeep always looks and feels beautiful when they are done taking care of her!

Jason Kuss

$21.99, washed in and out, was charged $1.99 per Matt too..


Absolute Rubbish - I gave them full day to clean the interior of my van and found out storage compartment was full of garbage and filled with water. The car is full of bad water smell now. not worth the money

Trey Miller

Excellent service & a really clean vehicle. I go to The Wave at least once a month to wash the road chemicals of my wife's Jeep and my truck. Everyone there is exceptionally friendly & our vehicles always look great! The Jeep has an area that most carwashes miss, but The Wave doesn't miss anything!

greg levitt

I went to the Wave after driving a week in wet weather. I have never seen my car so dirty. unlike so many of the car washes that you driver through the Wave made sure that all the grime was off the car. and yes it snowed the day after my car wash. if you want a clean car without the labor and time of doing it yourself you'll like the wave. the crew does a great job on windows, floor, wiping down the outside and the inside. if you like what they do for you don't forget to give them a little tip.

Marilyn Murphy

There is just something wrong about paying 34.00 for a car wash. Then you get it home a d find out that they never even touched the back seat or the very back of my Terrain. It was still very dusty and the floor looked like a four year old tried to vacuum. But the best one was when it was "ready to go" they stood there and expected a tip....really. I just paid 34.00 for a car wash and now you want a tip?? For what ? Take it out of the 34.00 I just paid you. I don't think I will be back, I can just do it myself about 4 times somewhere else. Not a good experience for me.

Kris Gabel

Always great!

Tony Gomez

Impressions really went a long way in my experience. I usually take pride in washing my own cars so going to a car wash usually isn't a thing, but today I thought "what the heck. Might as well since I just took a 3k mile trip". Even though I constantly see this place filled with cars and read fantastic reviews, today I remembered why I don't go to car washes. Washing cars to me is more about the detail things and less about knowing how to wash the bulk of a car. My car was certainly clean, but spots were missed. My windsheild still has dirt after I watched the gentleman drying the car overlooked those spots 3 times. Something I figured would have been looked at more carefully since I only asked for an exterior wash. The water used in the wash seems harsh since the moment i reached my house 2 minutes away any remaining water created water spots on the paint. I would have appreciated it if he didn't whip my door open hard since I've already had to replace the door stop once already because of someone else. Call me up tight, but I still feel uneasy about coming to this place now.

Jeanine Aigner

I always take my car to The Wave. They provide prompt, detailed service for a reasonable price. The staff is always friendly too! Can get busy at times, but they still take the time to do it right. Rain Guarantee is a nice perk too.

Michael Rodriguez

Great car wash. Got my Audi A-6 washed here left the car looking beautiful..!! Hands down the best car wash in denver

Jeremy Diemer

Be careful! They change your oil but do not check any of the other 15 items that's on their checklist! Took it to my dealership today and they missed everything besides the oil change. Place smells like feces. Guy said that they have bad plumbing issues. I only gave another star because the wash/vac was awesome.

J S Bailey

We were out running around and saw this car wash. It was very busy, so we thought the must do a great job. They did, they are just very slow. By the way, you will pay dearly for a clean car.

Adam Kimber

Outstanding job thoroughly washing my SUV. Very happy with the service and the price.

Patrick Dennis

This is the best wash in town! And best prices too!

Kelsey Lambert

Always get a good clean when I go!

Corey Davidson

2 bad experiences. Customer service was absolutely horrible. Minor damage to vehicle both times. Incomplete cleaning job both times. Spoke to a manager the 2nd time and was basically told to deal with it. Even the gifted groupon wasn't worth the trip. I have three others that I wouldnt even give away.

Nick Tyler

Great service! They were fast and friendly and my car looks amazing. It rained a day later and they rewashed it for free!

Ashley Carsten

The first time I went here to have my car washed I was not happy with the wash I received. The back end of my suv was still filthy. I went back once more cause I was in a rush and didn't have 2 hrs to wait around at a different place. I had them clean the inside & outside of my SUV. That's when my cargo net went missing. So I went back to ask for it and of course they didn't have it. Now I only trust them to wash the outside. Of I ask them to clean the inside it's only if there's nothing in my car and I watch them closely as I'm having a hard time trusting them. They can do a good job if they want to but I don't get that every time. Now I only tip if I'm happy with the way it looks and if it's clean front to back. Just look at the whole vehicle before you leave to make sure you get what you paid for. If your not happy don't leave, say something.

Eriks Lindemanis

Was expecting a detail. Their idea of a detail is a dusting of the dash and a vacuum. Was very disappointed to get in to my car and it was not wiped down in the interior.

Greg Hadden

I hadn't been here for at least 10 years, but my new truck needed a wash and vacuum/interior clean and I decided to give them a try. the outside wasn't horrible, but it was no better than the $5 wash I generally get at Colorado Auto Wash. They kind of vacuumed part of the interior and smeared dirt around on the inside. Truly, the hard surface on the inside of my truck were cleaner BEFORE they cleaned it. Dirty rags I would guess. I won't be back.

Tim Ryan

Needed to get my car washed, saw “The Wave Car Care Center” stoped in, it was easy and pretty quick they did a great job and I’m picky how my cars are taken care of! Keep up the good work! I’ll be back!

Kevin Loeffler

Great service and deals!

Kimberly Dallum

Stopped in for a quick, last minute oil change. They are perfect for that and even throw in a free car wash. Good service and a decent price.

Michelle Francis

UPDATE: The owner reached out to me while on her vacation, and promptly refunded my money and offered a complimentary wash. This went a long way to make me feel better, and I’m sure her staff had a talking to. I haven’t had this bad a customer service experience in a long time! Pulled up and was the only car in line at the time. In addition to the exterior wash, I bought an interior wash and condition as my mini van was super dirty. I waited for over an hour and a half (with my three kids, ages 6, 6, and 3) only to find out that my vehicle was still sitting there, not touched! When I went in to get a refund for the $50 I spent over the exterior wash price, I was told I had to wait for the general manager. After waiting for her for another ten minutes, I was told their new payment system doesn’t “allow” for refunds! She said they are understaffed which I can understand, but then don’t sell a customer a car detail! She said she’d send someone over to clean my car, and after waiting for close to another ten minutes, a surly “quality control” employee began half heartedly cleaning. I’d had enough at this point so left, after spending nearly $70 to get an exterior wash and vacuum! I’ll definitely be calling to talk to an actual owner who hopefully cares about the business to get my well deserved refund.

Karen Kahler

My car was cleaned for a reasonable price.

Aaron N. Josserand-Austin

Terrible. We ordered the Rip Curl. The windshield still has bug remains smeared on it, the wheels weren't touched except by the auto wash, bug guts on the front license plate, dust on the dash, loose debris in the carpets, and more. Do it yourself, or go somewhere else. I called the manager and asked for a refund of 19.99. He did offer to clean the car again at my convenience. It was convenient when I was there. Why would I go back to make his employees work for free or waste more of my time? RIP customer service. Photos follow.

cyndi harper

I'm not sure why when I go in for an oil change they look to see if other things need to be done. I don't go to an oil change place for mechanical work. I feel like they broke my timing belt cover because they wanted to open it and see if it needed to be worked on.

Adina Nagel

I can’t say enough good things. I had a car emergency and came in at 5:20 when they close at 5:30. It was clear that they were getting ready to go, but Josh was so kind and offered to do my oil change. He not only provided great customer service but he also made me feel so comfortable and helped me to understand how to better care for my car. I am so grateful for them!


This place was incredible about 4-5 years ago. Now? The service has gone way downhill. When you drive up and get out, the person “checking you in” doesn’t ask what you’re looking for or greet you, they just blankly stare at you as if you’ve memorized the names of their service packages. Then provides no instruction as to what to do when they give you a print out. Not told where to go, how to pay, etc. Then when you get to the cashier, they aren’t paying attention to you, they’re just ringing you up while they carry on a conversation with any number of employees that walk past you during the transaction. Dave- you’re a great guy. But you’ve gotta get some customer service and quality control standards in place.

Alex rodriguez

I took my Car to this car wash to get it clean biggest mistake ever I got in my car after it was done my car traction control was on and button was not working to turn it off and check engine was on so I called the number on receipt the mechanic from the wave answer phone and told me to bring it in so he can reset it he told me that it happens a lot so i took my car home and as soon as I got home traction control came on and check engine came so I called the wave this morning and spoke to GM David he was not help he basically told me that the mechanic is wrong he don’t know what he is saying he didn’t want to take no responsibility for it he told me to take it to dealership to get it checked. Will never be going here again I told him I will be calling BBB and the news about this situation

Thomas Byczko

Cleans your car really good, but staff don't try that hard

Tom Black

Great place! Awesome people, unique friendly customer service, and they do a great job with everything. This is the best car service by far.

Amber Paoloemilio

Really long wait even for a basic outside car wash. They put us behind a long detail and there was no way for us to move our car. No clear communication from staff on where we should go/how to proceed. I would not recommend this place.

Bill Lyons

Thorough.. Thank you for your response (owner) and the service was great! great detail

Mark Barnes

The Wave Car Care Center is without question the best place I have ever used. They treat my car like it was their own with great attention to detail. Their rain guarantee is amazing since the weather in Colorado is so unpredictable. I whole heartedly recommend the Wave!

Jay Kim

Good carwash...regular pricesI suppose (it will be $35 or so to have your car cleaned and vacummed and floor mats cleaned. They do a pretty good job. I wish that the auto glass guy would stop harassing us for business.

Sarah Zimmerman

Counter staff is very friendly and helpful and the exterior wash leaves my car nice and shiny. The condition of my car inside always leaves me with work to do when I get home. Spots on rearview and control panel. Console and doors need an extra wipe down. Also not a complete vacuum. Overall half done work for full price every time. Have lived in the area for 10 years and this used to be our regular but after this kind of service I hadn't been back for a few years until today.

Kandice Schweda

Spent $40 to get my car cleaned inside and out. Waited 30 minutes left started driving and realized my car was still dirty on the inside. The entire dashboard was not cleaned off and there was still dirt everywhere! Will not be going back ever again! For $40 I expected a better quality clean.

Rick Clapham

Nice to have the inside of my windows wiped clean.

Kimberly Aksamit

Nice staff. Used a groupon for the rip tide wash. My car had not seen a vacuum in 6 months. They did awesome. Smells nice, looks clean. Will definitely go back.

Melissa Young

Honestly I don't see a difference from the most affordable option to the priciest. Always have to have them touch up at the end as they never vacuum the entirety of the vehicle. It's the only full service wash in this area so I guess I'll make due. Also, the girl at the counter smacking her gum like a grazing cow and finishing off with loud obnoxious pops every 30 seconds could stand to use a lesson in manners and professionalism in the work place. I don't care how casual of an environment, customer service doesn't ever call for that.

Todd Dempster

I stopped going here a year ago because my windows were never cleaned fully and I'd always have to remind them to spray the scent I requested, and that was clearly written on the windshield. I got tired of paying $40 (Tidal Wave Wash + tip) and then having to either go back to get them to finish or spend another hour at home finishing what they failed to do. So today I decided to see if things had improved . . . nope. Same thing as usual with these guys: inside back window was never touched and still dirty, I had to remind the guy to spray the scent, and there are water spots all over the exterior. So I'm done, I'll be taking my business elsewhere from now on, it's just such a waste of money going to The Wave.

David Lee

Stopped here for wash and vac. Did a good job but knocked off radar detector bracket from windshield. They found it and mailed to us which was appreciated. Will be back again. Thanks wave.

Dan Thues

Turns out this is a full service carwash, where they valet your car through the automatic car wash then hand detail it. Unfortunately I didn't know they would be driving my car, fortunately the didn't remark on the messy state of the inside of my car. 5 stars for not judging me.

Rafael Narvaez

This was my first time at Wave, and the service was great. The staff was friendly, the service was relatively they took care of cleaning my car inside an out, even inside the door frame. My first experience here was great!!

Marissa McCrery

Writing this review for my dad. We took his car in to get a stage 2 detail a few days ago. He couldn't have been happier. It looked better then it did when he bought the car. Oscar( the employee who detailed his car) did an outstanding job. Would highly recomend asking for Oscar if you're looking to have your car done.

Jeanie Mary

They did a good job on my vehicle, however a few cars had to be rewashed. Saw 3 that left with dirty hoods. It was a Fri mid morning and already hot, employees were working hard. They seemed to be short handed, so not sure why all the problems? My advice, check your vehicle before leaving, windows etc.

Bryce Velasquez

Been coming here for a while now and had been paying for mostly the more basic/cheaper washes. This time I opted for the more expensive inside/outside options, not a detal, but the guy up front said they would wipe everything down with ArmourAll and shine up the dash and door and plastic trim inside as well as the tires. I could hardly tell they even did anything to any of the plastic/vinyl trim and they did absolutely nothung to the tires. They left dead bugs all over the mirrors and grill/hood. There was still dust on a lot of it. It looks to me like they barely even gave it a good "once over." I raised the issue to the manager and he said something about "they dont go through it with Q Tips," which isnt what I expected but it hardly even looks like they wiped any surfaces with a wet rag, much less ArmourAll. I paid $47.98 for what they did and got severely ripped off. The moral of the story is, you wont get what you pay for at this place. You'll barely even get what I'd call a clean vehicle. I could have spent 1/3 the money and probabaly a little less time abd done a better job myself at the coin operated car wash.

Jaymie Vaughn

First time to try. I bought the "Big Combo" largest wash they sell. $80 People's cars that bought the cheap wash looked better. They left wax all over it, there were streaks everywhere inside and out, smudges on the windows. I took the car a left and vowed not to come back. A few blocks down the road my tailgate popped up due to being left open. When I pulled over to close it I got to looking at how carelessly the job was. So I took it back and pointed out the obvious problems. The took it back to fix it. They did not even change the items I pointed out. Save the money buy the cheap wash there is no difference.

easton wasinger

This place did such an amazing job! We were so shocked how clean our F-150 was after leaving it with the detailing manager for about 2 hours! We also had a ton of dog hair in the truck and it’s all gone! Thank you for your excellent service. We’ll be back with our other vehicles in the future. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants a top job.

Julie Walker

I just spent $70 here and then spent an hour after cleaning more! They barely vacuumed and did NOT clean interior windows or dash as promised. I will not come back here and do NOT recommend it to anyone!

edward jobes

I've been taking my cars to the wave for a few years now, convenient and thorough. Genuinely good group of people and affordable too!

Becca Hernandez

I have always taken my car to the wave for my oil change and car wash. Staff is always kind and accommodating. Even if they are busy they get through cars pretty well paced. They are always precise on the job, take well care of my car and don’t try to get me to do any unnecessary additional work to what is needed. 10/10 recommend the wave for any car maintenance, wash or detailing.

Jason Stone

Don't plan on taking anything but your little car or stock truck through the automatic, I had to show the managers all the dirt they missed and I'm still driving avay with half a clean truck because that's all I paid for. Dirty wheels and tries, dirt patches on my hood and if the auto misses anything they just rub the dirt off with a rag. Biggest waste of money I have spent in a long time.

Skyline W.

Great car wash! Feel good to have the car cleaned and smells good!

Crystal Rhodes

Went there today and my vehicle was not much cleaner then when I brought it in. Save your money and do it your self for cheaper and a better end result. Now off to a self car wash to clean it the right way. Will not be going back waste of money and time. Do not recommend this place.

Annette Temple

They pay attention to detail... beautiful work!!!

Cora Storm

I usually always clean my car myself, but I thought to treat myself I would have someone else do it. I regretted it instantly. When pulling up I told the lady I wanted a full interior cleaning and that was all, didn’t need any work to the outside just the inside. she told me that she could do that for the $12.99 package and I said sounds good. so then they take my car and about 10 minutes later they let me know they are done. when looking inside my car it looked like nothing had been done, there was still hair all over the dashboard and the floor, the vents had not been wiped down, the doors had not been wipe down, the windows were still dirty, and when asking the worker what was going on he told me for $12.99 that’s what I get. From now on I will just stick to cleaning my car myself. Very disappointing.

Jake Moore

No communication from staff and a poor system. Got a basic wash and had to wait 20 min bc the car in front of me was getting a lot more done. Meanwhile 6 cars next to mine were washed a dried without issue within minutes. They need to have a drying line for cars getting the basic wash so they aren't held up behind others. Not coming here again.

Eric Lent

Great wash! My car looked great afterwards and the manager, Dane, was very helpful!

Steve Starzenski

The Wave Car Wash is great and I highly recommend them for their excellent work and staff.

David Haston

The wave is wonderful! The Rip curl is what I do and is just right, along with the great service you get in detail hand cleaned & dry!

Darren Echelmeier

This place does a wonderful job cleaning your car!

Ron Schell

I've always had great experience here. It does take longer then a drive through, but you are getting more attention to your car, just be patient. My cars are always treated well, and cleaned up nicely. I'm amazed at the careful moving and speed that's it's done at. Also giving a shout out to the manager Dane. He's out there busting his hump with the crew and taking care of peoples concerns on top of it. He completed finished up my car today by himself, while directing traffic and helping folks with questions!

Marry Cohn

Awesome place to get your car washed and shined without the work of doing it yourself. Friendly, prompt staff who gets the job handled for an amazing price! Quick in and out service! I'll continue to keep coming back! Don't keep them a secret. Seriously, prices are amazing for what's included in the wash!!!

Jeremy Barnett

Quick, thorough, and affordable, what more could you want? Dane made the experience a pleasurable one and was very insistent on doing whatever he needed to make sure I was happy. Car was spotless, as expected, and the service was great. Thanks Dane for the hard work!

Isaiah Romero

Liked it. Definitely going back

Christa Wendling

I feel like this isn't a great quality carwash. I have been 3 times with the same results. I pay to have the inside cleaned out along with the mats, and it doesn't seem like the inside really gets vacuumed or cleaned. My mats get washed and are still dirty. It normally takes about 45 minutes to an hour to have your car cleaned. I wouldn't mind the wait or the price, if they did quality work. Now, I just opt for self service car washes to make sure my car gets thoroughly cleaned.

Derek White

Came in on Saturday and had to ask a manager to re vacuum my car. The two older male managers both helped to re vacuum which was a nice gesture but as I was waiting for my car to be touched up all I could see was not one but BOTH of their butt cracks hanging out of there pants. It was very unpleasant and unprofessional. Also overheard the older manager yelling at employees to “hurry up” while he stood around and did nothing. I won’t be coming back. I feel bad for the employees having to work in such a hostile and unprofessional environment. Wasn’t worth the time or the money I spent.

Thea Banis

The only car wash place you should go!!!! I absolutely love The Wave, as I've been coming here for the last three years when I relocated to the area. They are a super busy location, but the wait is always worth it for a quality wash. I'd also like to incorporate this review on the mechanics that they have at the Care Center. I've gotten my car tuned up here and have a long history of full service oil changes with them. They are extremely knowledgeable and even found a micro oil leak in my car and patched it for me. I only go here for my car washes and car care services, wish I could give this place more than five stars.

Matthew Lutz

For $25 they were supposed to wipe down the car and wash the outside and vacuum pretty much nothing got vacuumed or wipe down they ran a rag over at once I don't think they even used a spray. Definitely a huge waste of money much better car washes all around town.

Sophia Leung

I am new to the car wash world (I usually hand wash and clean) and just came in to get my car washed and vacuumed. I asked for which option would provide that within my budget and chose the White Cap. While they vacuumed my driver and passenger sides in the front, the back was completely neglected. In addition, there was a slight scratch coming out, but that is not at fault of anyone's rather than the machines.

Brayden k

Quick friendly service and they had a treat for my dog. Would recommend.

Catelyn Holstlaw

If you want to pay $40 and then still have to clean your car when you get home then I highly recommend.

caleb n

The employees here are great. The owners are a different story. They over charge on their car washes then add on a $1.99 if you have an suv, van or truck. Everyone in CO has an SUV, van or truck. They say it’s for the extra work. Well my Jeep is the exact same size as a compact car but they still charge the up fee. I won’t be coming back here to pay extra money because they can charge it.

Norah Harris

This place is amazing..Got an oil change and car wash..Josh is very personable and does a great job..when u leave here your car is clean and maintenanced..I highly recommend this place for car maintenance and car wash..

Cathy Barnes

Best car wash in Westminster. They do the entire car, inside and out. Easiest way to get your car clean after a winter storm. Use this place all the time!

Josh Chacon

The wave is awesome I’ve been using them for years! Gelsy pays special attention to my car and always has great customer service and does a great job!

Marsha Hoffman

The service is rushed and I always have to have them touch it up but not without some kind of excuse to why it wasn't done right. It's always ypu.need to pay more. No I just want to get what I paid for.


Just had Tacoma detailed. Wow! Kaylie did a great job. The manager was very nice and apologized for the long wait. Very friendly and great service....I will definitely take my truck back. Btw... the manager deserves a raise. Good employees like him are hard to find.

Kris Swanson

Manager complained that I brought a dirty truck (no mud or excess dirt. I hadn't been off roading or anything). I didn't realize I needed to bring a pre-cleaned vehicle to a car wash....??? I still had to wipe off excess wax, vacuum the back seat and wipe down the front door panels when I got home. Not worth the $100 I spent today.


I love having somebody else doing all the work of cleaning my car, but make sure you inspect your vehicle's interior before you leave. A few times now, they have not finished cleaning it. Examples: They didn't vacuum out the ashtrays, my windshield still had marker ink on it where they had written instructions as to what kind of wash I wanted, so I knew they hadn't cleaned my windshield, and once I paid extra to have the very back of my car cleaned and they didn't do it. They've been very nice about fixing oversights, but I don't like the fact that I have to check and make sure they did their jobs. I still give this place my business, but I don't think they're as good as they used to be.

Jennifer Cook

Shane was great and even fixed a long standing dent I had in the front bumper - for free - without me even mentioning it. I got an interior detail and they did an incredible job on the inside AND hand washed it as a bonus for me. I am so impressed and so thankful. Everyone in this place is remarkably friendly also.

Dena Smith

Been taking my car there for years. They do it right

Colin Baptist

Their service center is excellent. Fair prices. They don't try to upsell. Honest with excellent work. Their service manager is very helpful.

Jayce Lieber

They are the best in Colorado I drive 30 minutes to get my truck washed here

Melody Klein

They do a great job. It won't be perfect unless you get a detail, but it is not a bad wash and vacuum!

Leona Ugbo

Great service. I really enjoyed how clean my car was.

Drew Griffith

My Tahoe was filthy. Inside and out, especially the glass and interior. I spoke with their front desk over the phone to check prices which seemed very reasonable and after getting my car done in quick order from their Tidal wash (it can be busy here but i went mid day), I'm super impressed. Definitely worth the test to myself and car between washes I can do at home or the self service places.

Daniel Malta

We live close so have gone here often to clean our cars for pure convenience. Every time we go, the kids who vacuum the inside do a horrible job. We keep trying hoping it was just a fluke but after maybe 12 car washes it’s official, they do not do a good job. After this last one, there was still Cheerios and crumbs in my backseat and on the ground. So not just super small particles but large, extremely obvious stuff everywhere. I’ll have to go elsewhere from now on because at this point the quality of work is ridiculous.

Mel Mills

Do not take your car here for an oil change. I was informed of a "leak" when I took my 2013 Acadia in that could easily be repaired with some sort of additive to "seal" the leak. Never saw any oil on the ground prior to this. I asked them to show me where the leak was & the technician fumbled on his words & pretty much said it was leaking from all valves, but not in a place I could see. I said I would keep an eye on it & didn't get the sealant. Fast forward to my next oil change at an honest garage with knowledgeable employees in Arvada. The leak had gotten worse. The honest & real team of technicians informed me to never take my car to The Wave for an oil change. The oil filter was loose & obviously got worse as time went by. So annoying to have dishonest people just trying to screw you to make $.

Christian Eaves

I came in to get my oil changed. I spent more than I wanted to but for good reason. What really impressed me was there was another customer waiting for the same thing and the service provider came and said, "Ma'am you don't need an oil change today. You have another 1,000 miles before you need a change." The honesty in a world that is dishonest was really appreciated.

Jeremy Oliver

Great oil change and maintenance (Josh went above and beyond for me), terrible wash. I had to stop at a gas station on my way home to re-vacuum and clean the streaks off the inside of the windows. If you get an oil change, skip the wash and vacuum. You are better off doing it yourself.

Tammy H

I resently moved and in the process of this move something spilled/leaked in my car... somewhere. Not only did The Wave get the smell out completely (ozone treatment), but they did their usual amazing job cleaning the rest of the car inside and out! Also tried their headlight restoration (only $25!) Today, and my car's headlight now look and work as nicely as my husband's MUCH newer car. I now have a 45 min drive to get here, but when I need my car cleaned they are place I will be going to.

Ben Hernandez

They do a good job.

Michelle Young

The people there take pride in their work. My truck looks beautiful.

Samuel Quinones

Great place. Friendly staff. And they make the car look brand new

Jessica Quintana

The Wave is awesome. I have been taking my car there for many years and have never had a bad experience. The customer service is great and they always do a great job. The manager is very friendly and often comes out to say hello to the customers. I highly recommend it, I don't take my car anywhere else.

Deanna Valenti

I have been to this car wash 8 times. I received pre paid washes as a gift and have been using them. Five out of the eight times I have gone, I have been up charged for various reasons...."over sized vehicle", "to vacumn the mats in the rear of my vehicle", etc. There is extreme inconsistency in what goes on there for charges and it is very frustrating. Sometimes I have not had to pay extra at all. It's very unfortunate as the people who wash the vehicles are very nice and do a good job. I believe the challenge is the communication/training of the person you first encounter and/or the receptionist. I will not be asking for this gift again. I attempted to talk to them via telephone after I left and noticed my van had not been vacuumed and spent greater than 15 minutes on hold with the receptionist telling me she was almost done three times and placing me back on hold. I also held for the manager but had a meeting to attend and could not wait any longer.

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