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REVIEWS OF The Glo Car Wash IN Colorado

M Hurlbut

Great thorough quality washes, incredible price! Have been getting car washes here for many years and service has been consistent. They care about their customers/business by keeping up the signage, facility, machinery and the vacuums and compressed air and floor mat cleaners are still included in the affordable wash price. The guys you briefly interact with are always decent/kind and never grouchy/attitude. There is a "similar" wash center closer to our new home, but it does not compare and I was not impressed, so I will continue to patronize The Glo and recommend it any time the subject comes up!

Ron K

Fairly inexpensive for the Glow + wash with firestone..$11.00. Free rewash or it rains or snows within three days of your wash. They have a free car mat wash too that works well. Usually not busy during week days but can be busy on weekends.

Noel Koch

Love the GLO!! I stopped by the other day for my first time after the crummy weather . To be honest I was taken back by the long line but decided to stick it out & I’m glad I did. The line moved super fast, everyone was very pleasant ,my car came out great ! I will definitely be a regular here !!

Toni Abachiche

This place is Awesome when it comes to a semi do it yourself carwash. I will go there many more times.

Michael Nightingale

It's okay but not worth the fee. I've taken my 2012 F250 Lariat through the wash 6-8 times and it always comes out the other side nearly clean...but completely clean. The running boards, or the tailgate, or the windshield, or the lower body panels...something is always left with road scum, bugs, or just dirt. Sorta disappointing to leave a $10-12 carwash with an 'almost' clean truck

Crystal Hass

I love this car wash! The vacuums have great suction. The compressed air is the best part of this place. It helps gets into those hard to reach areas. You can use the air to dry small areas and clean/blow off your shoes before you get back into your clean car. Also the mat cleaner machine is a great bonus to get those nasty mats nice and clean. I have the rubber mats, after using the mat cleaner I use the air to dry them off even quicker. I only go here for my car cleaning needs! If you just want to vacuum the inside it's only $2 bucks without a carwash free with a carwash.

Jon Negri

They do their job right!


Went a second time and told them about how last time the car wash didn’t make a difference to my car and my car still looked unwashed and they let me wash it again for free also because it rained yesterday and they have a 3 day wash again policy incase it rains. Anyways, i’m still not very satisfied with the results but they were extremely sweet about it. Personally I wouldn’t go again because I have a jeep and like in certain areas it’s not even touched. Idk my car doesn’t look dirty now but it doesn’t look clean either.

Jodi Eychner

Went on Friday then again today and they must have changed something because the wash did not touch the front or the back of my car. I have normally really like this place but for that money it should get the whole car clean. I hope they get this fixed

Jessica Chavez

Good service good car wash and vaccums work great


Everything you could expect and want in an automatic car wash. I was pleasantly surprised to she they have complementary car mat washer/dryer. Makes cleaning the interior faster, easier and CLEANER! We don't go anywhere else. Not to mention they honor your wash by letting you run your car through again if it rains within a few days of your wash.

Alexis Gordon

Disappointing. I've come here twice now and both times my car has so much water left on it from the automatic dryer . Today I even still had suds all over the bottom portion of my car. You really have to bring your own towel and for me I struggle because I'm too short to reach parts of my car and I'm left with water marks . I wish they had people out drying because I'd more than happily tip. I will say they have great vacuums and I love the mat washers . I may keep occasionally coming here just for those . Basic is $8, next is $12 and premium is $15. They also offer a monthly for $29.

Chad Nichols

Best car wash in the area. Get my truck washed here regularly. It's always quick moving so if there's a line it's very quick. Today I accidentally showed up 10 min before they opened and Tim (assistant manager) jumped out of his car to put me through even though I was early! This place will have my business for a long time.

mitchell welsh


Tracey Travis

This is by far the best automatic car wash I have ever been to. The staff is always kind and willing to help. They even take off your anntena for you, and give your puppy a treat! My car is beautiful when it comes out, and if it's not the will happily run it through again for free. Great service great staff. Thank you.

Devaney Braley

I would normally give this place five stars since it’s been my favorite car wash for about two years. But I’ve gone twice in the last week (once with my car and once with my wife’s) and both times I don’t think it did the underbody wash and the rinse didn’t seem as powerful as it used to be so both cars came out with soap on them. The owners seem really engaged so maybe this is just temporary or even just my misperception. I’ll give it another try in the future and hopefully it will be back to five stars.

Admin GhostDancerRadio

All nice and shine 5stars

Zack Westlie

Got my dirty car clean. Attendant on duty at wash entrance. 15 dollars seems somewhere steep for what is essentially an automated wash with no extras like dash wipes or the like.

Elise R

The Glow car Wash was running a special where you can get a monthly pass for $18 a month that price is good for 2 years a very good option to wash my car however it doesn't wash it very well so it's a good thing I can go through as many times as I want because you need to also some things wrong with one of the tracks and I noticed that it pulls no matter how straight you drive right in the middle of it rubs your rims

Sean Paul

Fast & inexpensive. Worth the buck. Free vacuums.

Robert Lally

Best car wash hand down

Christine Belin

This car wash does a great job! The only way it could be improved is if someone where to wipe down the spots missed by the machine wash. They have free vacuums too. The best part is they give a 3 day rain check so if you need it, you can get a new wash!

Sarah Parmley

This car wash is super convenient. They're priced affordably (I always get the $7 wash), and I love that the vacuums are free when you wash your car. I also appreciate that they have pressure hoses for blowing out water or dust/debris from the nooks and crannies. Plus, the folks that operate the place are very friendly.

Natalie Sutherland

Drive from Longmont, stop if I can. Best car wash!!!! Love the floor mat cleaner.

Jonathan Clyburn

It's ok. My only complaint is trey use to give you a three day protection in case of rain or snow

Bob Schineller

Our favorite!

Amber Riser

Best attachments and vacuums/ pressure . I drive 20+ min to detail my car here.

melissa phoenix

Love this car wash as is but I just saw a sign that they will be implementing MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP !!!!!

Evan Family

Good,they just need to put better dryers.

Charlotte Long

Had to go threw twice to get my car cleaned.


Very good wash. Fairly priced. Much better than another price gouging car wash on 38th

Amanda Pear

I love this car wash. If you run through and aren't happy then you can run through again at no charge.

Misha Rene

Love this place. Wish was closer to my house. Do you have annual or monthly memberships?


Awesome wash. Free vac. Why isn't there one of these everywhere?

Maria Gentile

Nice job cleaning the car. They are located in the right place for a car wash, they do a great job and are friendly.

Stephanie Garcia

I am not returning. Everytime I go they pack the cars in, and my car is still dirty after leaving. I had to take my car home and clean it again. When I was there I paid for the better wash not the basic. Very disappointed more than once too.

Angie Gonzales

I love the vacuum service they provide you can literally vacuum your car until it's super spotless

Ava Noelle

Must share.....So I went to the car wash the other day and they were having some mechanical issues. The manager ( Bobby I believe) came out and apologized to me personally and said I could use the vacuums for free since they were down . He then gave me a comp card for the next time. I am in awe with the service I received!! Thank you and I will definitely be back !!!

Derek Penner

The paint on my car is ruined

Jessica Toothman

Best Car Wash Ever! Free vacuums that you can use yourself to clean your car to your liking instead of having other people cleaning it like at Gleam. They recycle their water and their prices beat anywhere else you could take your car to be washed!

CMDR GetSomeRandy

Thing only rinsed the driver side of my truck what a Ripoff

Samantha Wray

It's 7:40pm, I get to the car wash and the car wash is closed. Hours M-F, are 7am-7:40pm

Sharon Giffen

The car came out pretty clean. But with as much mag chloride that was on my car I couldn't expect spotless. I am a returning customer and will continue to be that.

Dana Gonzalez

Great service

heather fjugstad

It's pretty good. They need to have a limit on the vacuums. Some people tak everything out and fully detail their cars.

Tim Arellano

Good place to wash your car

Amber Renae

I don't usually do these but I needed to let others know how pleased I am with this wash. I was there trying to figure out how to use the mat cleaner and a gentleman by the name of Bobby came up to ask me if I needed help with anything. He then took the time to show me how to use it which was greatly appreciated. The icing on the cake was that he noticed that I had my dogs with me & took the time out to go get them a treat. Thank you for the great experience. I will definitely be back

Michaela Martinez

Best wheel shine and clean in town! Bummed at the price increase over the last year. Always busy. Did I mention compressed air at every vacuum station?

Tom Eskridge

Good value


Has vacuums on both sides of your bay. Also has little tools avail in bay. Worth the trip and not very expensive.

lile schmeir

Great place to take your vehicle ...The staff was super friendly, the vacuums work great . Will definitely be a repeat customer

Aaron Schlachter

4-1-19 Honestly, it’s only convenient because of its location. It’s employees are in no rush if and when things go wrong, I.E. people using the wrong lane because of poor signs, and the tellers are rude. While waiting in the non members line, I waited 5 minutes for the teller to apparently tender some cash, which is expected to be maybe 60sexonds! At most, when I asked what the hold up was I was told to “chill out homie” “ “ Geeze” So to wrap it up, the machines are fine, it’ll get your car wet, the vacuums suck but the employees blow.

dan roybal

Raised the prices again and not as good wash as before..long lines

Solomon Perez

My favorite car wash! Love it!

James McDermott

Great car wash!

Kyle Kabrick

A tunnel style car wash that does a pretty nice job. They update their equipment with some regularity. I've noticed over the years that the machine is doing a better job getting all of the tough spots compared to what it did a few years ago. Buying a preloaded card for washes saves you some money, but still a little steep for a wash and free vacuums.

Jacob White

You can’t offer and Express lane membership if you don’t have a true dedication to that fast lane. The setup is terrible. If it’s a busy day where there are 15 cars lined up, and you have a fast pass membership, good luck getting in... it’s one lane for both pay station and express lane. You guys really did not think this one through. On the plus side, I only paid $19 for the month. Which is stellar considering the actual product, but sadly, they are just another automated car wash membership. I would say if you want the best value, join Car Wash Express. Instead of being dedicated to one spot, Car Wash Express has multiple locations throughout Denver Metro. And the Express lane is its own lane.

Ron Cole

Great place to get an automated car wash. You also get to use thier vacuumed for free! Much better than the coin operated car washes and with free vacuums, much cheaper too!

Danielle Ratcliff

Great for trucks, even with a topper. Gets just about every inch. Great prices, high power vacuums and compressed air included with cost of wash. Only complaint is the line because it’s so popular there is always a line!

Mark Hoppers

Super friendly staff, car comes out looking great, good vacuums. FYI if the line looks long just know it goes super FAST!!!!!!

Dawn Hemmerle

First time here. The greeting team was friendly and a nice facility. The reason I dropped a star was that I found a lot of soap left on my car when I went to vacuum the interior. Maybe the rise cycle needs a few more seconds.

Kimberly Borgman

The new membership is inexpensive and totally worth it. Even the basic car wash does a great job.

Josh Vasu

Best car wash!!

Rebecca Serocki

Scratched the entire surface of my car. Tiny scratches all over my brand new car now...... Left a message for the general manager so we'll see what happens.

felicia justiniano

Perfect wash except for the wheels. Unlimited vacuuming allowed me to vacuum everything, including my trunk and engine compartment of leaves..

Chris Griffith

Washes really well and I love the tire shine on my tires. I just wish they would offer monthly subscriptions for unlimited washes per month. Having to pay 12 bucks every wash, even with the 1 free one within 3 days, can get pretty expensive if you prefer to wash your car a lot.

Rich Friend

Really good customer service. Had caked on mud from road project under my car and ran me through twice with hose assist for free. Love this place for great vacuums and free car mat wash

Wyatt Smith

Best car wash around. Customer service is always great!

Greg Torvik

DO NOT GO HERE! I took my car here and purchased the Glo+ wash with tire shine. My car was not only still filthy after the wash but it had several (20+) new scratches and my antenna was bent and now needs to be replaced. If you care about your car, DO NOT GO HERE!

Michelle Swanson

I definitely recommend Glo Car Wash. The basic wash got a lot of dirt/grime off my vehicle, particularly on the trunk door which often requires some hand washing due to the spare tire (Wrangler Unlimited). No extra work this time! The staff were friendly and I was able to drive right through even though it was lunch time. The free vacuums are awesome and worked pretty well. I do wish there were some towels to fully dry the windows afterward (the automatic blowers never get all the water off). Other than that I really enjoyed my experience at Glo Car Wash!

Sarah Campbell

You can easily pay twice as much for a decent wash (and I have). I got the most basic and the car came out looking really nice, like a top level wash elsewhere. The vacuums are super strong (double check that you don't get one that's clogged) and it's a great price for what you get - but like with any drive through wash, if you have something stubborn, run a cloth over it before you go so the machine can get it off. Staff are great. It's a bit of a drive from home, but worth it.

Shaun Carter

Good wash to go to! Lines can look very long, but dont let that turn you away. Things typically move pretty quickly, the only hold up possibly being vacuum spots. I think you get a good wash for the price, if weather occurs within a couple days you get another wash.

ali catnach

Friendly staff, fast service (even with a super long line) and I LOVE the mat cleaning machine. Will be back when in the area

Rachel Foster

I have been taking vehicles to this spot since they opened several years ago and have never had an issue with damage to a vehicle (well, that wasn't explicitly my fault...I did fail to put down an antenna once) the vacuums are free and they are always adding new features. Unfortunately the affordability has declined a little bit as they have grown more popular but they have offset that a little bit by offering free re-washes within 3 days rain or shine.

Jorge Dominguez

Nice place to wash your car...!!!

Stephanie Duncan

Unlimited pass! Best price around with mat washers!

Ken Kyle

Went with a friend to help clean his car. Friendly staff, nice layout. Good place to take your car to make it SHINE.

Linh Nguyen

Excellent carwash. My truck always come out clean. I also love the free vacuum, especially the machine to clean the floor mats.

Chadwick Setterstrom

Great wash and love the compressed air!

just france

it's very busy but good car wash

Merlin Tha Amazing

The staff are always friendly and so nice. Truly willing to do as much for you as they can. Free floor mate cleaner. Go here and get the 12. Your car will be so clean you will get compliments from strangers form weeks.

Kristin Bailey

I love this place. A Similar car wash just opened 1 block from my house and I still make the mile drive to Glow because of their prices and the great job the wash does.

Naomi Dekker

Fantastic car wash. Free vacuums. Nice place provided for detailing.

Erin Simpson

Best machine wash I've used. The vacuums work great and I LOVE the floor mat cleaner!! They also offer a 3 day rain/snow guarantee for free.

Missis Alegria

First time there and I didn't really feel the customer experience by the staff, the instructions were not lit up not was there any signage showing type of payment accepted... IDK... I did like the compressed air option when we got too the vacuums. I guess next time I'll go the car wash by my dad's.

Tom Mullins

Love it have a f150 4 door.. only drive thru wash that doesn't feel like it's going to rip my mirrors off.

Travis Kingsbury

I had purchased the Express pass but taking it every 3 4 days for a wash has left my car with bad scratches on the roof trunk and spoiler of my charger

Amber Esquibel

Car wash works very good and you get to use the vacuume for free they also have a air compressor blower that blows out hard to get to spots. Also a 3 day guarantee if bad weather comes 3 days after you wash your car you get a free wash.

Dave V

Great car wash. Free vacuums.

Rick Gonzales

The kid guided me wrong onto the rails and as a result badly damaged my hubcap, and of course they say there is nothing they can do..I will never go back this was an expensive lesson ....UPDATE Bobby Dewald the GM of Glo really went above and beyond in rectifying the damage, he not only replaced the damaged hubcap he insisted on replacing all four of them!, EXCELLENT customer service i am a customer for life

Golden Edge

We got the 2nd best wash, it was nice! Car looked great and I love the free wash, not too mention the Vacuums at the exit, that's always nice when you get the whole car clean instead of going to multiple places. I recommend going here!

Stacy Rieder

Love it. Great wash foe the price and great vacuums

Brad Soffer

Very affordable price for exterior car wash. Real value comes from unlimited access to industrial strength vacuums and automatic car mat wash. Access to number of covered car ports to really complete cleaning, drying and detailing your ride, once you exit the wash.

Kat Haggerty

Love the car mat washing machine!

Garrett R

This car wash really moves people through efficiently and has a happy customer base. I've had monthly membership here for almost a year now. It's an awesome car wash. I take my car in twice a week. It's never broken down and if there happens to be a line it always moves quickly. The employees are always around and helpful. The vacuums always work and they're super powerful. No complaints.

Bree Dosser

12$ for a decent wash. Free air freshener. I've never seen a wash line so long! It went for blocks! But moved quickly. They provided a 3 day guarantee which was cool.

Victor Ponce

If you have any dirt better rinse of your car first before you take it here . It will scratch your paint .

Rhianna Feis

Cool place! Friendly staff and the prices aren't too crazy. Drive up, pay an attendant, follow the guide into the wash. When you're done, there is a whole line of stalls with free vacuums to use with car wash purchase.

Lillian Martinez

I love washing my car there free vacuum free are free everything just about there's always room for one more

Jamie Summers

Pricey, and it didn't really do a good job. Free vacuums are nice.

Mallory Olson

I asked for the most expensive car wash and this is what I ended up with. The entire top of my car isn't washed, and this is clearly not what I asked for. Won't be coming here again.

Jake Esau

This place moves through a line pretty quick and does a relatively good job cleaning my car, though the brushes do miss a few spots on the back (Subaru Outback). I paid for the $10 wash and then you can wash again for free within 3 days, so I went back for a round 2 just to help try to get all the mountain grime off my car. To do a full wash in a bay myself takes about $6 to get the car good and clean, this is much faster for $4 more.

Rachel Torres

The car wash is cool because they have a 3 day guarantee where you can go back. Vaccums are free with car wash purchase. Unfortunately the blowers to dry are subpar, and the mat washers are terrible. One of the mat washers saturated my mats so bad they were absolutely dripping and I had to dry them in the sun when I got home. They didn't even remove dirt.

Валерия Карреон

Never been disappointed. Good good stuff here!

maria Navarro

This place SUCKS! The most expensive car wash doesn't clean your car well, usually the vaccums are clogged. Ive attepted to try this place multiple times and never had a good experience. My car was scratched up and I've also almost been hit twice due to poor direction... The customer service is even worse coming from the managers. Very unprofessional! The only positive thing I could say is the employees whom stand outside are very helpful. Denver car washes work way better and are way cheaper.

Todd Ingram

Best in Colorado

Richard Beggs

While living in Northglenn I always went to Glo for my car washes. Now that I have moved to Salida I looked forward to my trips to Denver to get my Truck washed until last Monday. My Truck came out dirty and NO SHINE on my Tires. When I inquired as to what happened I was told the people did not know what they were doing. No more trips to GLO for me and my Truck.

Christine Meece

3 day rain or shine guarantee is a big plus, sometimes the wash does not clean all of the car but the will let you go through again.....good service!!!!

Deiby Magana

I have been coming to this location for many many years, since they opened actually. When the business opened I was in Arvada, I moved to Evergreen and still would come down to use this specific car wash, service was incredible, and the car wash itself super efficient. my last three times coming here I have received poor attitude And today I had enough. Yesterday we experienced The worst snowstorm for the year so far, there was no way anyone would have been able to wash their cars in the middle of such storm. I am a Lyft driver And just don’t have the kind of money to be paying $15 for a car wash every three days. I live in Westminster now and have continued faithfully to drive down to Arvada to wash my car every three days as I need it. Because I bought my car wash on Saturday yesterday would’ve been my third day to wash my car for free again. Again because of the storm there was no way I could make it to the car wash so I go in today thinking it’s common sense to allow your clients to wash their vehicle and use that same coupon because of how the weather was. And to get back “im sorry it’s already a day late even though there was a snowstorm” it’s honestly the dummest (excuse my language) thing I’ve ever heard. Thanks to that I am no longer providing business to this car wash. And I would suggest that if you are going to hire young folks to run your business you teach them about proper customer service and how important the experience is. Extremely disappointed.

Mwc C

it's a clean great customer service place to take your car to get it washed I'd recommend it to anybody

Donna Kim

Awesome car wash, friendly staff and one of the cleanest washes Ive seen

Theresa Musso

Being as though it's the summertime I think these hours of operation should be extended I mean on Saturday you're closing earlier than during the week day? Doesn't make any sense to me specially since I buy your monthly subscription and I can never seem to get there in time


The vacuums could suck more. But overall a good place.

Darryl K-M

The best vacuums. The best. The service is great. If you ever have any problems with the wash they are prompt to give you another wash or a refund. Check your king shoppers receipts, there's usually always a coupon.

Julie Nutt

I can't say enough about how great of a car wash this is!!!. From the staff to the wash itself. The vacuums work great ,its always clean ,and fast. If you haven't use them before I highly recommend that you give them a shot for your washing needs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ziggy 79

Good car wash. They wash the under carriage of the car as well. Quick and easy, pretty good vacuum area. There can be a decent line depending on when you go.

Angie Hirsch

Great to keep my car clean

Ivonne Garcia

Love it when I can get a good car wash.


Love this place. Staff is friendly and the place is convenient to do a good cleaning on your car. Highly recommend this place. 3 day guarantee is awesome!

Adelita Ortiz

Horrible people there! The manager has zero customer service skills. Getting a new tire because they caused several bubbles in mine & I was told "What do you want me to do about it".

Linda Hooks

Great Carwash. Super clean and polite service.

Kyle Richard

Love this place. Car comes out clean. It tends to get busy but the staff keeps it going . A gentlemen name Juan helped me out and was very kind and knows what he was doing. I tip my hat off to you. Keep up the excellent work kid.

W. H. Grell

Great carwash. I grabbed the monthly plan when 1st introduced. Sad to move to the other side of town and had to cancel my plan.

Paul Lucier

It's fast. Convenient. Has almost everything you need. I always bring a small towel to wipe down before I leave. Don't worry about the long lines, they go fast.

Josh Soehnge

Awesome place! Free self vacuums with car wash purchase.

alisha valdez

My rear wipe arm and blade were ripped off of my new car. I filed a report and was told that they would replace the part. It has been over a month and still no replacement! I spoke with an associate 2 days ago, was told that it would be another two weeks! This is UNACCEPTABLE!

Elmer L

Best spot for a car wash.

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