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REVIEWS OF Speedy Sparkle Car Wash IN Colorado

Donovan Mouriz

Way is fine, my car slips of the track towards the end

Laura and Asa Harkness

Love this place! Such a great value if you get the unlimited package and the customer service is top notch! Thank you guys!

Jennifer Corman

If I could do no stars I would ... . Took my truck threw the wash a couple times now ... First time no problems.. . And now the car wash has broken part of my windshield molding loose from the windshield .... Talked to the "manager " he gave my a paper to fill out and told me that they would not probably do anything cause they do not cover stuff like that..... I work retail at both my jobs and one of them has a car wash.... When something like this happens we take care of the customer. .. He did not take pictures like the paper he had me fill out said...... POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE GUYS. .. I would say not to use this car wash because if your stuff gets broken from there they will not do anything about it. I hope it don't leak too much and ruin anything on my dash or any of my electrical..... And to top it off this is my only vehicle to drive and from both my jobs.. .... Find a different car wash to use.....

Melina Iatridis

The staff are very friendly and informative. I used the self-service vacuums and was very happy that they were free and had enough power to clear out all the dirt, leaves, gravel, and other miscellaneous bits. I will definitely visit again!

John Ainsworth

Love the convenience of the Car Wash Club. Typically I'm using the car wash once a week now. The team are professional & focused. I have been coming to this same location for 15 years and this is the best incarnation of this great car wash.

Gene Garrett

Paid $14 for a $6 car wash. Did not get the car clean, missed whole sections of car. Windshield, sides, back still dirty; bugs on front; at $14 nobody to dry the car and fix what was missed? Don't bother. RE: Owner's reply- So I have to take additional time out of my day for you to do what you should have done the first time. A quote from Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang: "Had your chance, muffed it."

kadie bundy

Wow!!! I’m impressed, option for on the cheap is 4.00 with free vacuums, and a 25.00 option for exterior interior full service.. I love this!!! Awesome people working here, all great attitudes and they seriously just about detailed my wintered weathered car back to new. Amazed by pricing and how well they did!!

Dre V.

Only complaint is that this place didn’t show up on Google Maps when I searched “Car Wash.” Get on it Marketing! Thanks for the convenient location!

Elsa Henderson

Now that I'm used to it, I'm OK with sitting in my car while it goes through the wash. They do an OK job on the interior usually, but be sure to check that they didn't miss any spots. They are all very pleasant and glad to fix anything they missed.

Keith Pieper

S. Larrea

so good so fresh made my car real nice and clean. COME HERE NOW

Jordan S

I went two days ago and the staff was all very friendly and helpful. I drove away and later noticed my center console wasn’t cleaned. I took my car back today, hoping they’d just clean that spot for me. They could have just cleaned that area and sent me on my way, instead they gave a full car wash and interior clean for free and now my car is spotless. The manager even got in there himself to make sure everything was perfect. Will be back!

RawJawRick Panson

GREAT TEAM at this Speedy Sparkle and the enthusiasm of crew is OUTSTANDING! I can go on & on, but why, this place is an A-1, 5-STAR car wash! -VolvoV70R

Dan Blackburn

They never get the bugs off the front of our vehicles.

Angie Oggeri

Terrible customer service car was still dirty after done ,seemed like employees we in a hurry to go H

Lobo The Wolf

I discovered some light swirling marks and scratches on the front of my car and the top of the doors that seemed to be the result of debris on the brushes and the friction. When I notified the car wash, Danielle the manager was so attentive and while nobody knows for sure if the marks where caused by the car wash she understood my concern and made sure my car looked like brand new again. They buffed the car and wax it and the marks are completely gone. I have been going to this car wash for almost 6 months and like their service. Now I know their customer support is outstanding, I will keep bringing my car there. I appreciate Danielle's management and great work ethics.

Elizabeth Ryterski

Unlimited washes for $35 including interior.

Amy Tafoya

Great location. Great service.

Crystal L

Me, my son, and my daughter have monthly washes. It started out a small problem with my daughter signing up but the management was amazing helping her!

Vapor Maximus

Bill C

Car looks and smells brand new. Best workers snywhere

Luis Chavez

David Nolan

Fast and efficient with friendly and professional staff. I have the monthly unlimited pass and couldn't be happier.

Jessie Albarian


Cheap and gets your car clean

Christy Bozic

Great wash. Super fast. People are very friendly and helpful.

Bernadine Pezzuti

I have been taking my SUV here since they opened. the staff is very friendly and they do a wonderful job. my SUV leaves looking new. if you need cards , they carry a wonderful assortment.

Jill Keuth

Loved the ease of this car wash! People are friendly and take pride in their work! My car looks great! I’ll definitely be back!

Brandon Bases

Allen R Grodsky

Michael Maya Charles took 41 minutes from start to finish. "Speedy"? Not very. The first time through, the car still had a lot of soap on it, so a young man who seemed to be the "manager" sent me back through the washing machine. Once sat...and sat...and sat...awaiting vacuum and interior cleaning. There were two young ladies and one young guy working with just three cars. Finally, they announced it was done, and I drove away, assuming it was "done." Then I noticed the dash still had dust on it, the cup holders in the center console were still dirty, and the windows needed some spots removed. And the tires were nearly dripping with some chemical to make them shiny. As I drove the car, the centrifugal force streaked the tires with the wet, messy chemical. Overall, not very impressive.

Brenda Bonilla

My dad took his car in for a wash at their Louisville location; and of course it rained and snowed the next day (we do live in Colorado after all). On their website it states "3 DAY CLEAN CAR SATISFACTION GUARANTEE." My dad took his car back on the third day and they refused to wash it again! Bad, bad customer service, I will not be using them or recommending to anyone.

Judy Thompson

Andrea Zerbe

Honestly the slowest service I've ever received. Waited an hour to get my car cleaned on the inside .

tom ballard

Denise Pacheco

Vu Tam

There service is just amazing. I got their unlimited ultimate cleaning service for about a dollar per day. It is unbeatable. I had to go to Puddle Car Wash in Boulder before. This one is muchhhhhh better by far.

Austin Applebach

I am SO GLAD this place just opened up! Finally a great car wash that’s well priced in Boulder County. Just need a quick touch up? 4 dollars and free vacuums! All the way up to full interior/exterior detailing and great service. I’ll be here a lot.

Ricardo Alvarez

Every time I pay for there best package, they leave wax all over my car and I have to come back and tell them to fix it. They are good for normal car washed but no for anything that requires details

Cordelia Wilkerson

These guys are new and they're really trying. They have a bunch of Kinks to work out, but I'm going to hang in there with them. It's been a bit challenging.

Erin Mio

Great spot, the vacuums are free and super strong the staff is really nice. Only issue is that there are a ton of bees or hornets or something in the trash cans. I doubt there's much they can do about that, just be careful. They kept flying in my car.


Went for a wash on 8/23/2019 and although the car seemed to have been cleaned well by the wash when i got back to work i noticed that the license plate and license plate holder were missing. I went back and asked the lady standing near the entrance if anybody had found a plate in the wash becasue mine had gone missing. She stopped the wash and we walked through and found a front plate in there that wasn't mine. I asked to speak to a manager and after explaining my situation he retrived my plate and plate holder from the detail shop. I found out that if you own a jeep wrangler like i do this car wash isn't for you becasue apparently the brushes tend to rip things off your car if it doesn't have a smooth rounded body.

kaia wilkerson

Very good!

Wendy Schwartz

Convenient and great!

Tim Van Patten


Conveniently located right next to King Soopers fuel center. Hard workers, still, I prefer doing it myself, LOL. I give them a 4. 49... and a 4.51 if my back is out! Anyway, hope you're having a wonderful day.

Christian Nelson

Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Car was still visibly dirty after the car wash. I asked if the car could be ran through the car wash again and was told " I could get a rag to wipe my car off". This was after explaining and showing the employee that there were numerous areas that were visibly dirty still. Would not recommend anyone to go here, especially with a much better place right up the street.

Annette Bancroft

Fast, easy and great prices. I love the free self serve vacuums!

ellen edelstein

Awesome wash, very helpful, helpful staff!!! Will return!!! Thank you!!!

Virginia Baca

They offer a monthly rate for unlimited washes. I will try this, very friendly people. New to this car wash, does a good job and does it quick.

Jennifer Wright

Great options for every budget, friendly service and very clean. Definitely my choice for a car wash in louisville.

Tina Orlandino


Great job fast and friendly staff. They did a great job cleaning the sand and dog hair out of the car from our recent camping trip. They are also affordable and have a nice outdoor patio to sit on while you wait.

David Cain

Friendly staff, free vacuums, great washes. Lots of options at different prices. This is my new go-to car wash.

Andrew Honore

Quality and service are good. Pricing is fair, esoecially if you by the monthly passes. Starts @ $25 unltd. washes


Literally some of the worst customer service I’ve ever come across: the woman manager @ Speedy Sparkle Car Wash

Weston Titus

great workers there and a great monthly plan

Madi K

No one there at 6 pm on a Thursday. Super speedy and strong vacuums.

Jerry Eubanks

Monthly programs are a really good deal if you wash your car a few times a week. Powerful vacuums.

Johnny Rodriguez

I have had really good experiences here, I will get a monthly plan this weekend.

Jessica Hudson

Reasonable price top shelf service and polite staff.


Jeremy Bell

I’m a regular of Speedy because of their reasonable prices and decent detailing packages. It’s the only good option I’ve found in Colorado for what I’m looking for.

Coloring the Map

Great price for a great car wash. Free vacuums!

Ashley Hahn

Great place to grab a car wash! Very friendly. And FREE vacuums

Ian Miller

Ordering system/gate was having issues but staff made it up to me for the wait and the wash was excellent. A+ for customer service.

Skúli Agnarr Einarsson

Friendly staff and detailed service on top of good deals.

kari gonzalez

This place is freaking awesome! Great device and great people.

Hayden Outlaw

Went to get a car wash because I had a coupon. Came out fairly pleased with the results, but it turns out there was material in the brushes and so the wash took lots of little bits of paint off of my car which need touching up later. Won’t be going back.

Connie Albert

This is great, vacuuming your own vehicle

Joe Teasdale

Convenient and easy. Love the unlimited plan. I pull up and out in a few minutes.

Tan Huynh

Great washes and service. I have the monthly unlimited wash service on all my cars. They use a belt driven system that doesn’t have the guard rails on either side. That’s great for low clearance cars.

Ryan Toups

I'm not sure this place has a real set of hours. I pay for their monthly car wash program, but often show up to a closed car wash during business hours. I went by Thursday afternoon at 530PM to find the car wash completely shut down even though they are open until 6PM. Then I tried again Friday morning at 830AM and I was told they were not open yet but may be open later today. They advertise opening at 8AM on weekdays. Not sure if this is a cold weather thing or what, but now I'm flying out of town and my car will be staying covered in filth until I get back in town. When they are open, I'm happy with their service. I just wish they were consistent with their hours.

Britney Fuqua

Orlando Martinez Jr.

Love this place

Ryan Buikema

Not impressed, I’ve tried the 9$ wash twice now and both times my car comes out still dirty. I don’t feel I should have to do the 14$ wash to get a clean car. I’ll try somewhere else next time.

Mariah Baerend

They have excellent service and great customer service. They have a really good spread of price choices too.

Tom Carroll

Ryann and the team were very helpful getting us the right car wash. The car looked great inside and out. Thanks!

jay pec

Love the free vaccuum


Cancelled my wash. Leaves soap on my tailgate everytime. Also, An employee gave me attitude so I left without recieving my wash. I called and talk to the "assistant manager" and told him about the incident. He made it seem fine. 10 mins later, come back and all the employees are giving me dirty looks including this 18 yr old manager. Finish up my month, then will never go back!!!

Prakash Kasat

Alan Banta

These guys must be making meth. It’s awesome!

Evan Lonergan

Great quick wash. Car come through looking great. Plenty of options for different levels of service. Friendly staff as well. I’ll be coming back.

Allie’s Covers

I like this car wash, it’s conveniently located close to home and price is reasonable. I just wish they could do something about the bees. I would like to go without getting surrounded by them every time I open my car doors. I had two of them almost get inside my car with my little guy inside. One of the bees got sucked into the vacuum.

silvia ochs

I signed up for unlimited ultimate washes and it was well worth it this winter. The guys work hard and quickly. Even when they have been very busy, I never waited too long. They are pleasant and polite and got to know I was a regular. I am moving farther away so I will have to find another car wash.

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