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1090 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80012, United States

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REVIEWS OF Red Carpet Hand Car Wash IN Colorado

Judy Garr

I called to get prices of possibly getting my car washed and the female answered and then hung up on me without telling me the prices. Very rude, she does not have any customer service skills at all.

Ana Gonzalez

Love going here!!!

Savanna Bowens

HORRIBLE business spent almost $180 on a detailed car wash & they didn't even clean the cup holders right along with alot more of my car! I hope all the lazy workers here learn to do their job

Sandy Anderson

It's a little pricey and my car was not cleaned the way I expected. Further they broke a piece off my car and just sat it back in it's spot. Thank goodness it wasn't very expensive

Jill Coughlan

Unless you have an hour or 2 for a basic car wash, don’t bother!

Deborah Jones

Good service.

Deann Ojeda

Great service, quick and employees are friendly.

zac gabani

Went in today to get my Toyota pickup detailed when we pulled up the guy outside started screaming at us so we went inside to talk to somebody else about getting a detail and the lady inside acted like she didn't speak English and sent us back outside. Since we were trying to avoid the screaming man in the first place we just decided to take out business elsewhere very unprofessional.

james stevenson II

The guy that checks you in was in a better mood today.

Pat Savage

Elizabeth Young

Car wasnt clean we'll

Abdou Ndiaye

Bad customer service

david Kinkaku

This place is lit.... Good customer service

Marcus Moore

Probably won't ever go back. They actually forgot to wash one side of my car. Luckily I was outside watching everything and brought it to one of the workers attention or else I would have paid to not get my car washed. I don't know how you work at a car wash and forget to wash a car but it actually happened! It's just no excuse to forget to wash a car at car wash.

Lyli Nissen

Johnny La Rocca

Jess Wood

Super unprofessional. They will come up to you and tell you that you need to tip them and how much. It's very uncomfortable and not good business practice. There are so many other places that will treat you better, so be careful coming here.

aqeel hameed

They do a great job cleaning my car.

Chris Garland

Been going here for years.

Mm .mm

Not really a red carpet... more like crummy carpet, crummy service. I've been here 20 minutes, my car is still not started on...everyone works at turtles pace, one guy was drinking while working (trying to be all sly). This is definitely a one time experience I won't be trying again. Good luck to you!

Staggolee Howard

Everyone act like they do not speak English hate this place.

Jedidiah Kennedy

The lines are usually long. They do a decent job of washing your car but they are better ones.

Lester Montoya

Not the best car wash in town. They always miss spots. And theyre always short handed.

Jeral Huson

This place has terrible manners...Not 'Red Carpet' at all...So I pulled into the parking lot with 2 bags of groceries for a homeless couple with a 4 year old boy. It's Mother's day mind you...Guy comes over to my window and wont leave till I talk to him. I open the door to explain why I'm parking for a minute ( literally) and he starts barking at me telling me to get off the property...I said I'm giving food to the homeless people on the corner and he said he didn't care...The people here are heartless. Don't bring your car here!!!!!!!! Update: So the manager did call me, I think his name is Arny.????? So the guy apologized and pleaded with me that the behavior displayed by his employee wasn't a representation of his service he's known for. I advised the guy I would update the review and state that at least he tried to reassure me that he was sorry for the way I was treated. This call came in about a week and a half later, but at least they stopped to think about the little guy.

Princesse Yakhine

Fast service

David Robertson

mintesenot Teshome

There is no respect for the client, the staff


They get the job done, but their employees beg you for tips...

Robert Sedo

Nice hand washing place

Crystal Robinson

No... I'll never go here again. It's just a waste of money.

Mohamed Warsame

i always car there

Donela Powell

Viktor Reznov

Mediocre job.

Ulysses Blair

Jeffeson Deshommes

Kristi Doan

Hard working team, they do a great job.

Eric Kevin

side inc

Car not cleaning bad customer service I ever had in my life

Tracy abbato

Never come here quick to take your money but do a horrible job at what there suppose to do. There extremely rude and when you confront them there's a million and one excuses don't waste your time or money

Gen Horton

I bought the "Platinum" wash and overall the wash was decent. The outside wash was very good, but the cleaning on the inside was less than satisfactory. They use a pressurized spray to coat the dashboard with the equivalent of "Armor All". It was not wiped off and now I have dust and dirt glued to my console. I will have to go through it again myself. I had some change, maybe less than a dollar, in my cup holder. When they were done, I noticed they had taken the change. It was less than a dollar, but I wonder how much they get from all of the cars in one day. Do they also search throughout the car? I will not be patronizing this establishment again and I warn others to take anything of value out before they take their car here.


They are pricey, and during certain hours, the carwash takes at least 30-40 minutes. However they do a good job.

Nancy Acosta

Very professional the guy that get our truck he was respectful and give us every thing have value before their start to vaccum and as soon as we get our truck back it was 100% clean

Melody Hodges

I've been to a few different hand car washes around the city but Red Carpet Hand Car Wash did the most thorough, quality job on my car than I've experienced anywhere else. It might have partly been due to the fact I went at an off-time when there were few customers, but I've never had anyone work so hard or take so much time making sure my car was perfect. I chose the "Gold" option but was surprised by a 'happy hour' discount, which knocked $5 off the price. I will definitely go back.

Robert Gregg

Just ok!!

Diana K.

After paying $140 to have my car shampooed and deep cleaned. The still has ice cream stains on the floor.and the rugs were not cleaned very disappointed in their work.

Joseph Boden

Bad attitude!!!

sonja washington


Gr8 job. Don't buy gas tho.

Demeish Golding

Great place

mstepp Stepp

A bit pricey but they do a good job

Russell W Nelson



They never answer the God damn phone!!! Why do they even own a phone if they're not gonna use it...??? Jesus horrible

Lea Redmond

Great place. Felt safe while washing my car

Nathan Eagen

Scratches everywhere from dirty wash mitts and drying towels

Laura Craig

Just giving all you good and honest people out there a heads up, just found out from the Social Security office that someone at this place of business is useing my family member's social security to obtain employment. Honestly WTH. Obviously they have no social security number, so they're here illegally. Will car wash people, I contacted the FTC, and I'm going to contact the local authorities in my area to have it investigated. And I will make it my mission to make sure you're prosecuted for FRAUD, have a good day.

gregory celella

Terrible terrible terrible ..... spent $140.00 would've been better off going next-door to the car wash at the gas station across the street . 3 hr later they call me and tell me it's done . Tipped $ 20 before I got in my truck(silly me) total $160.00 1) rims Still had dirt and brake dust on them (could wipe it off with my finger) 2) stoled 10 bucks of change out of my Center console (do not leave anything of value in your car if you go over there)new total $170.00 3) leaves and branches between the windshield in the hood 4) plastic trim looks like crap (probably used Windex) 5) tore name plate on the back window Went back to show them what a terrible job They did Offfer me a $25 exterior car wash. Will not be Going back there! Hopefully you read this before you head there!

Kim Hudson

They stole my phone out of a car that was washed there. Most expensive car wash I've ever had.


Edith D'santiago

Muy mal servicio el señor que resive los carros tiene muy mala actitud hacia los clientes .. Uno no viene aquí a pedir fiado .. Ahora si no se creen capaces para correr un negocio mejor cierrenlo o cambien al personal


Located at a busy intersection makes this place difficult to navigate. Prices are comparable. Almost always at least an hour wait on the weekends.

Keith Oliver

Overpriced and didn't vacuum anything. 26 buxka for a car cash, essentially.

Nathaniel Rex

Fast service, friendly and welcoming.

Sid Shah

Not really the best place to spend $30 on a "Gold" wash,I got my car back and they never cleaned / vacuumed the car properly. Pretty substandard work done on a $30 clean. I had to go back to them and get my car vacuumed again. Wouldnt recommend this place to anyone willing to spend $30 on a car wash!

Theresa L

Pretty disappointed when I spent $105 and the mats were not even removed when my car was vacuumed. Expensive lesson.

Cacharel Bynum

I do not recommend this place! They steal items out of your car and the owner doesn’t seem to care when you bring it to his attention. The workers are extremely rude and disrespectful... They were yelling at me because I didn’t exit their “busy” lot fast enough. Just unprofessional! I’ve been here once and plan to never return!! I’m only giving it a 1 ⭐️ because Google won’t let me go lower...

Vangie Vannest

Great place to get car washed. I like that it's all hand washed. While drying the car they opened the doors and trunk dried the inside along the edge. My grandson had spilt crackers between the front seat and console, they were able to get all of those out. Made me one happy Nana!

Chandrasekaran Ayyasamy

Hand car (automobile) wash is Good, but they should do a Quality job. Some times, they do not do a Good Quality in cleaning it well.

Curtis Brown

Great job and customer service.

Sheila Vander Veer

I took my new highlander in for a wash, as they were drying and what not my son in law noticed they were having a problem with the door he went out to see what was wrong and they said nothing, well he said then why can't you close the door? Well they had pulled the rubber gasket away from the door, the pin holding it in was now broke. Upon trying to put it back they pushed so hard that they put a hole in all the way to the outside of it. So I talked to the receptionist and she told me I would have to talk to the owner "Arnie" she gave me the number and when I called she answered. I have called almost every day and he is never there. He did call once and left a message but now I can;t get him to call me. They also did a horrible job on my car, they didn't empty me trash can , they forgot to do my wheels, I think at that point they just wanted me out of there. I will never go there again.

Five 3

Went in to wash my truck the inside didn't need any cleaning so wasn't to worried about them doing anything inside toke them an hour to get my truck done wasn't to mad about it since thier was a lot of customers. But an hour later when they said my truck was done my chrome rims were all dirty my tires weren't washed good and to top off everything they !!!STOLE MY CHANGE FROM MY TRUCK!!! How can someone just steal from you when your thier washing to get your truck! Car wash was bad and they are THIEVES!! Please choose a diffenent car wash!

Chad Campise

Full Detail. Best price and service! I have 5 cars and get full details on all of them twice per year. This place is not close to me but I will be using Red carpet for all my cars and all my work vehicles. I have been in this business and I know how tough it can be. These guys did a great job and ahead of schedule.

jennifer davidson

christian corona

It shouldn't take 1hr for a basic wash .. used to be fast and good

Shujah Choudhry

Avoid. I came in for an interior car wash this afternoon for $15. When the car was returned, the limited amount of carpet/fabric in the car had nearly the exact same amount of debris and pet hair on it. The seats and floor mats had not been touched. I was able to speak to the manager who was, more or less, dismissive of my concerns as he did not recognize me to be a regular customer. He stated that an interior car wash was only comprised of a vacuum and “wipe down” and was bewildered that I assumed the seats, which comprise a large chunk of the interior, would have been cleaned. Of note, the details of an interior car wash aren’t even detailed on their pricing sheet. I do not plan to give this establishment any more business and am ashamed that I tipped before seeing the condition on my car. Again, avoid.

Noah Kriska

Julian Martinez

It need better works but there a guy by name victor he is like the lead he knows what person want I wish all his staff felt the same way like him. Keep up victor

Sonja A. Jones


Kenya Ruiz

Completely regret going! They left tiny scratches on my new car

Melanie Lopez

Had a pretty good experience. Got our car fully detailed and washed. We own a dog so it was a big job. Dropped it off at 9am and picked it up at 1:15. They said it would be done around 11 or 12 but took much longer. Not a huge issue because we live close and they did a really good job. Weekends are crazy busy though.


Uhhhk this is a place to waste your money and time. Absolutely no professionalism, zero customer service, you wanna go here to get more mess in your car than get it cleaned. A $55 car was has apple (at least) at no reason should it be there but they were left there. Again the mess all that is in the picture, Absolutely no value was given after complaining to 2 supervisors who even don't have a way to communicate with customers. I recommend getting self service for less than $5 instead of going here and waste 2 hours and $55 for this unprofessional service.

Fatima Hurtado

OK long story... on my unsuccessful effort to contact the owner of this place or a manager which I don't think they have one or at least that's what they said, I decided to make this public... I took my car this morning for a car wash and paid 149.00 for the "special" detail which is the most expensive one... I left and on my way home a guy calls and says, hey you need to pay more if you want us to wash the car because is dirty... so I'm like "isn't that a car wash? Isn't clean it what you are supposed to do? That's why I Paid the most expensive one, and how come when I take my other cars which are not as bad, you don't say that you are gonna charge less because is not very dirty??? He said, I know cars get dirty but this car is very dirty so I said ok let me go back to get my car and my money... he said ok... when I get to the car wash the guy who receives the cars said (and who saw the car before I left the first time) "it was the guys" "they didn't want to clean it" "it's up to them"... I go ahead and check the price list and it doesn't say at all that price might change according to how dirty the car is... so I asked for the manager they say you need to talk to the lady in front (the cashier), I tried to talk to her when she got this attitude trying to blame it on me and she said, is not that they didn't want to clean it, the guy who receives the car should of explained it to you but you asked for a spanish speaking person... (I NEVER asked for a Spanish speaking person and even if I had done it, is that a valid reason as why I wouldn't get the right information??? ) I said I never asked for one and she was making all these expressions on her face that I even said, don't get mad I'm not yelling or making bad expressions, am I? She just took the money and gave it to me. I asked for the owner's contact number and she said is right there (on the receipt) and never said this is the only number or I cannot give you the owner's numer (which would of made sense) so as soon as left I called and she answered am like, are you the same lady I just talked to in person and she is yes, I said; you lied to me I asked for the owner's number and she responds no, you asked for a number and that's the number! And she also said she didnt know when owner was going to be at the car wash....... Omg I got so upset I hang up... "Owner" this letter was for you as I was not able to talk to you and you also don't have a manager, just that lady in the reception with an attitude and a bunch of lazy workers. This could of been worked out, maybe I needed to take my car a couple of times there not just one to get it cleaned oh and I have pictures just in case you do follow up and they say "you should of seen it" ... this car wash IS NOT the only one and you didn't lose one customer you lost 4 (my family with multiple cars which used to go there everytime) plus my friends of course because they will know about my experience.

Shelley Howard

Over priced for below average work

Amonte Dismuke

I came for a hand wash...and decided to get the comes with a very detailed interior detailing and washing of carpet, seats, and console blowing out of ventsand crevices...I'm not complaining, but I've been here going on 3 hours...I'm still here and they are still dealing it! They are too detailed here and I'm loving it..I recommend it to anyone!

andrea varela

Mediocre at best. Told the guy exactly what i wanted done to my car( had the seats down because i wanted them to vacuum them that way. He said np) they put them up anyways. And both the inside and outside of my car are still dirty. He sold me on the $21 dollar wash telling me how detailed my car would be. Wrong. And never again...Definitely not worth the $25 spent.


Best deals for the best services

Chris Topete

Took my truck here, very unprofessional place. Even the owner Erny is unprofessional. One of the workers hit my truck on the curb and scratched my front bumper and my rim. Brought it to they're attention they tried to clean it off but it simply wasn't going to get fixed. Told them i wanted to speak to the owner and they kept insisting to fix my truck. I left all my info so the owner can give me a call. About a month later no call I've been calling and calling the store asking for the owner but he never seems to be there, until once I called and he answered, still he said he wasn't there but I had seen him at the store since I drive by there everyday and he tried lying he wasn't there we set an appointment, next day he wasn't even there. This place is a joke. Do not recommend, also most of the people driving the cars don't even have license or anything to be driving the vehicles. Might take this to court if I don't get a call soon.

Sarah Folmar

I have always had excellent service

la chela Cabral

Jeff Freer

Place was Old and Dumpy. 15+ guys working outside... Not doing alot, but yelling, arguing and one even walked out.... !!! NEVER again.... Oh... and the wash inside/outside was a 3 outta 10. Interior wasn't wiped down, dash and door panels untouched and cup holders not even vacuumed.... Terrible job for $25

Ernest Ortiz

They suck

Richard Molina

This is my 2nd time coming getting the supreme interior wash and every time I'm satisfied with the results very friendly I don't post reviews that much so that shows something u definitely get what you pay for here

Gregory Ingram

If I’m spending 30 bucks on a car wash, I expect someone to at least wipe down my rubber floor mats, takes 30 seconds. They did a bad job overall. One and done for me bye bye

Megan Kakoyashvili

They do a great job

Margaret Ruth McDonald

Great job they care

Josh Gillespie

Top notch! They did a great job. Reasonably priced compared to other places. Friendly people. Dropped the car off on a Saturday went to the plaza across the street to kill time, it took about 2 hours. When I got the car back I was super impressed! It looked great inside and out, smelled great, and was super shiny. Will for sure be back next I get it detailed.

Gab Riela

great customer service

Sawyer Garcia

The Most disgusting service ever. Go do it at self service. Wasted money and time.


slow, unprofessional, substandard work but the price is OK, don't leave valuables in the car and make sure nothing is "broken" before you drive off.

Veronica Chavez

Just paid for the 30.00 wash and wax plus 10.00 tip to have to ask for the spray and yellow rag and clean my own interior. Good times....

Karina Martinez

I love it!

Mike Cortes

After receiving good service for both my cars for over a year, today's experience made me to decide never to come back. After it was washed, the passenger side of the car had white residue spots and streaks with small white scratches in the paint. The floor mat had wet foot prints, and a safety hook to hold the mat in place on the floor was broken off and missing. The rear window glass was streaked. When I started the car after it was washed, I was blasted by an unfamiliar radio station at high volume. I had come there for the advertised hand wax service, but was told at the last minute that it was unavailable. Given their relatively high prices, I would expect more reliable service. There was no manager in sight, so I'm posting this review instead.

Alexa Ochoa

They always do a great job!!

Adalina Nava

Please do your self a favor and never take your car there!! they charged $60 found dirt inside the car, whatever they used on my dashboard was nasty , gross and greasy. They left spots untouched didn't even bother to clean them and still had the f'n nerve to (demand) a tip if they were to remove some sticker glue. I left a message for the so called manager "Arnie" who apparently does not care for calling me back and fixing the issue. They are lazy and careless.

Shauna Whitney

They are so detail oriented and friendly. Great place!

Josh Dokyi

Arjy Duah

I will never go back to this deplorable place. I took a rental car there few days ago late in the evening. Mind you I am a detailer but I was pressed for time on that fateful day so I decided to swung by and I got the $50 car wash package plus $70 for headlights. The check in guy was very unprofessional. In my presence, he was screaming at another customer. In fact this same guy was begging me for tips and was saying he is only going to vacuum the back of my car if I give him tip....which he was supposed to do regardless. Also, he lied to me that I was going to get "A Happy Hour $12 off"...that was nothing more than a phony lie. When my car return back to me it was half clean. There was dirt all under the seats, dust on the dashboard and the rags they used was very dirty because the grease from there rags was still on my vinyl. This so called car wash is nothing but a big scam. All their workers have to beg you for tips to do their job. This place need to be shut down. The workers, so called manager and owner are all dead lazy, careless and clueless at best. I ended up pay $130 at this dilapidated so called car wash and nothing to show for it. Stay far away from these mediocre scam artists unless you have absolutely no further use for your hard earn money and you want to show off that you are rich. Don't be bamboozled...this is coming from a detail technician. You have been warned!!

Peter Salenger

Spending the time to TLC my whip!

Rick Stoddard

BIGGEST DISHONEST RIPOFF. Now I understand bad reviews. 119 reduced to 89 but added 50 because it was dirty. DUH. Why did I want a detail? This new owner has different business ethics than I do.

David Walsh

Pulled in to get a work vehicle washed. Greeter was incredibly rude, to the point of being a total dick. Decided that’s not the company we want to work with. Called to talk to a manager, was told he wasn’t there, and that I was talking to an assistant manager. When I explained the situation to the assistant he just blew me off. Way to go guys, your attitude just screwed you out of a corporate contract with 60 vehicles.

Yidnekachew Antokhin

The change for $55 but the did not Clean very well No manger at the store so I can not do anything I just wake way


Ines Partoens

Mel r

The worst car wash ever. Don't come here

Anthony Razal

Employees broke my door handle and owner never made any effort to fix. The owner is weak, ASS HOLE

tito serrano

Came here to get a wash there extremely nice to people they know but everyone else there rude! They washed my car and it looked like sh** I said something and they shrugged it off. The real too off was a old lady was struggling with the atm no employee wanted to help her they said it was her problem not there's I helped her and got her card back. Don't waste time or money here unless you want to be disrespected!!

Jose Ramon Bernadac

(Translated by Google) Good service and attention. (Original) Buen servicio y atención.

ዛሬ ተደስቼኣለሁ


Cristina Aguirre

I loved taking my car in to red carpet, but lately the work is rushed, my car was not clean, there was obvious spots where the car had not been cleaned, to top it off there was gum on was of my carpets that wasn’t there prior to taking my car in!!! And there were splash marks on the ciling of my car of who knows what!! Very unstatisfied with the work. Wouldn’t recommend it.

LMonique Thames

Slow and expensive compared to Waterworks in Denver. I'm sad, tired after work and it seems this place is severely under staffed!; I've been here since 5:21 pm and my car is still not even vacuumed - I won't be back, nor will I recommend this horrible place. The A/C is bad.

Leonor Velazco

Horrible experience here: I decided to go to the bathroom which is located in the back of the building. I see the guy cleaning my car with a power washer on his hand using it on the INTERIOR of my car. Oh my goodness, I am still in shock. I confronted the greeter about it-he was the closest thing they had to a manager- he told me to my face that this is normal practice and that it is called “cutting corners” because I want a clean car and my car is dirty. Umm, the place is called RED CARPET HAND WASH. I will gladly pay more for my car to get cleaned right. Oh my goodness, I am so worried about my car not working after this clean-what are they thinking? Finally, the greeter had the nerve to list his years of service and the car washer’s years of service and told me they know what they are doing. If this is what happens then why was the car washer so worried about seeing me turning that corner? He put down the power washer so fast. I can’t beleive they did this to my car, they will never be held accountable if my car is ruined after this and I know it because of the way I was treated so far. I am so sad, please do not use this service.

Todd Webber

This place has gone downhill. Used to be one of the better car washes in town. First of all it took them about 30 mins just to vacuum my car, then the guy washing it lied to me and said he had washed the entire car which wasn’t true. I stood there and watched him only wash one side. This place is totally inefficient and full of guys that are lazy. Take your car somewhere else.

oleg k

It’s a decent car wash but the girl at the register always has an attitude they need to put someone with good customer service skills at the front not someone who treats you like you killed their firstborn honestly I would’ve given them 5 stars if it wasn’t for her I asked her why she treats people the way she does she said “that’s just me if you don’t like it go somewhere else”

Chea sanchez

Always more than an hour wait

Jahjah Zion

They clean your car but you can still notice dirt on somewhere


Great service...... get there for the happy hour wash special.

Alex M

I paid $ 80 for cleaning hour later they returned my car just vacuumed.They said that trying as best they could...

Michael Korth

as I've been here waiting on my truck for the past 2 hours, I've been trying to figure out how this place stays in business. I think it's because there's nothing else better in this part of town. employees aren't motivated to work quickly, take frequent breaks, and many come into the office often to flirt with the cashier. when you ask "how long will that take?" or "how much longer?" you get the same answer every time. I don't know if that's just a rule that everyone follows, or if there's generally no concept of time

Jeanette Vancleave

Too long. Took 2 hours from when I drove in, making me late for a appointment.

Doris Jones

Darell Davis

Greeter is a nice guy . wash &dry could use better service

Joy TheVoid

Just had the platinum wash and they did a pretty good job. Wish they would have washed the floor mats, but that's something that I can overlook since they are rubber and I can just wipe them down.

Malcolm Robinson

I do not recamend this place. they half clean your car, inside and outout steal anything worth of value that you leave behind .They took lots of my loose change. They will even go through your information if u leave it out. Just all bad business

pappa love

Service is ok it has falling off not as good as it use to be the receptionist @the counter is unfriendly and rude.

Carl Williams

Excellent service

jeff minifield

I use to go to this car wash a lot until the quality of the staff went down hill a year ago I was trying to tell a employee that after washing my car there was still soap all over the bumper and to finish rinsing the car off before drying it . He acted like he didn't understand me and after explaining it to him three times I got irritated and walked away he then yelled F....YOU to me !!!! I got a manager they apologized ok now fast forward to a couple days ago , a staff when pulling my car up to wash it floored it just to go a couple feet and slammed the car in park without braking !!!! I guess he thought he would drive my Mustang like a nascar driver . I got a manager again he didn't seem too concerned this time . That instance was the last time I will go back if they cant drive other peoples cars with care then I wont trust them .

Mario Archuleta

I worked here it was a good job Richard Washington awsome

David Chatham

pro9computers computers

Gets all highway bugs off

Gabriela Perlinger

Nikki Maynard

Went today to get car washed vacuumed and cleaned inside. My car mats were thrown in back seat. It looked like it hadn’t even been vacuumed. My wires under the seat were all pulled out. All my stuff from the seats were taken out and thrown in the side door. Took an hour and a half and now I have to go to another place to get it done right! DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Bruce W

Not open when they say they will be. Do not answer the phone. Web site prices and what they charge are over $100 difference. Greeter was very rude. Told the detail would take 3 to 3.5 hours. Took 5.5 hours. When I voiced these concerns, no one cared to listen or off to help. I will not be going back.

keke anderson

Be careful of what you leave in your car when you come here or you will not have it we usely put rugs and personal stuff in trunk of car but they went in trunk this time around people washing car are Stealing from customers they give us free car wash and say they didn't see any thing but you know something happened in order for the customer to have to come back up there an say anything Here

Claudia Rodriguez

Pésimo servicio además de caro no lavan bien el carro les falta detallar su servicio no lo recomiendo

Ernie Barcenas

I been here a few times and it'll be the last! Price is decent if they do a good job or at least decent. They scratched my flare on my truck they squeezed into a tight spot or sinking what can you expect when a twelve year old kid is driving a big ass Tundra. I didn't throw a fit cause it's just not who I am and I already have a few small scratches since it's my work truck I'll get it painted in two years. They left the front grill and bug defender dirty with bug splatter had smudges all over the truck. Oh yeah and the kid knocked out my wiper blade had to fix it myself if I hadn't seen him knock it out it most likely would of flown off. No worries my blades only cost $25 a pop.

Daniel Osazuwa

David Hawkins

Great customer service

Michael Uwanawich

Well let’s start off saying that I’ve been going there for about a year now and for some reason every time I go there I ask for an a specific detail or a specific wash and the manager there just decides to lie on what they’re going to do my vehicles and I am really fed up this time I spent $105 on A certain detail and I asked the manager if they’re going to wax my truck also well I left it there for about 3 1/2 hours and I get back truck still is not not waxed seats are still dirty supposedly they shampooed my seats I honestly feel that it looked the same way like it did when I pull then the only differences it was Vacuumed I take anywhere from 10 to 15 cars a month to this location my business is Cash for cars I buy and sell cars and I get treated like I’m a two-year-old that doesn’t understand what a clean car as I am tired of being disrespected by the manager there and every time I complain supposedly they’re going to tell the owner but I’ve never gotten a call from the owner I’ve never got an apology from the owner I am tired of I just spent over $100 for something that I am not satisfied with and now they’re asking more money for me to do what they promised me from the beginning

Andrianna Moore

Brian Dixon

Super slow. I went to Pho next door came back and they had not even started yet. Waited another 30 min to get my car. Staff chit chats and fools around instead of working. They were also washing their own cars when there was a line of 10 customers. Who runs this place? With a little management this place could do 25 percent more vehicles per day. And people would come if they didn't have to wait so long. The front desk clerk talks on her cell phone and curses the whole time in English and Spanish. Hey most people can understand your innapropriate conversations nowdays we all speak Spanish too. The guy washing my car answered his phone twice. And was holding it to his ear and cleaning my car with one hand. What the hell is going on around here. Is this a business? Maybe it's a non profit lol. They sure as hell act like there is no profit. Needless to say this is my first and LAST time coming here.

Roland Butler

Place was empty


This place has went from good to horrible took my car in yesterday for a hand wax my car has spots on the paint and windshield they have no management on site to help you with your problems I picked up my car after 3 to 4 hours My tires plus Rims wear armored al, people there that don’t know what the hell they’re doing have to go back tomorrow for them to do something about my car might have to sue them.

Shirley Stafford

Best car wash ever. Great customer service.


Nick Julian

Waited about an hour and half and my car came back only slightly better than the way I brought it. Would've got the same results from a shake of mats and quick run through a gas station car wash. Definitely not worth 26 bucks.

Karen Vidrio-Aguirre

Takes forever.


Second time I vidited here . More than I expected.

Francisco G

If I could I rate it zero stars, one hour to vacuum it, one more hour to wash it and one hour to dry it if you come here be sure to be ready to lose half a day, never coming back f*** this place

Victoria Berenice Garcia

HUGE shout out to Red Carpet Carwash off of Havana and Mississippi. I came to wash my car today and I accidentally locked my keys inside my car. Unfortunately my car was impeding the flow of traffic on a VERY busy day and the owner Arnie was nice enough to drive me to my home to pick up a spare key. The staff was very friendly and understanding during a busy and stressful day. I am so appreciative of their Stellar customer service! If you are looking for quality, value and excellent customer service come to Red Carpet to get your car washed!

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