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REVIEWS OF Octopus Car Wash IN Colorado

Andy Gonzalez

Not only don’t they know how to clean they are super unprofessional. I will not recommend this to my worst enemy. Disgusting job, will never come back even if my life depends on it.

Manuel Gomez

Love this place, I'm here almost every week.

Greg Koss

Good value and service!

George Wulfsige

Do NOT take your car here, period. I came here with my car to have it cleaned (vacuuming and exterior washed). When I picked up my car about 10 min later, the inside of my car stank of old, smelly wet rags. DISGUSTING!! They reuse old, nasty rags over and over!!! I had to go vacuum and shampoo the interior of my car myself to get rid of the nasty smell they left. I will NOT take my car here for free, let alone the $16 I paid to have it "cleaned" when they gave me extra work and hassle I didn't want. Avoid this place, they are lazy and have no hygiene at all. You have been warned.

Berni Guest-Weaver

They do a terrific job washing your car! Also have upgrade waxing and detailing special services you might not find in other places!

Dan Mountain

Price was good but didn't ckean my back seast or inside doors. Price ia good.

Daniel Simpson

The staff are super friendly, the facility is immaculate and the vacuums work well.

Donnie and Alissa Luethy

Great and fast service, friendly staff...very satisfied, I will be back.

Sincere Duncan Studios

Decent amount of cleaning for your money

Shelley Holloway

Not worth the money. There are better places. They didn't vacuum my seats and left dirty water dripping down the back.

Melissa Vincent

They did a great job

Stokez Estrada

Horrible! Paid 19$ for a supreme car wash. I had just bought a coffee and left it in there common sense clean around it. It's in the cup holder. They spilled it all over my backpack and threw it in the back seat. My car smelled like coffee. Didn't have the audacity to even let me know. All my important documents in my bag we're destroyed. Coffee was still on my mats couldn't even clean up the mess they made. !! Never returning there again!

Jeana Marie DeLaCruz

Anyways a family favorite. A little something for everyone.


Excellent service! My go to place for a car wash. The prices have been creeping up over the years. I decline the windshield repair guy that offers chip repair, it takes longer than they say it will.

Rachael L

I remember my parents taking me to Octopus when I was a little girl, now I am taking my 3 year old son here. He loves (like I did as a kid) watching through the windows as the cars go through the car wash. It is wonderful that it is still independently owned and that they still do a fantastic job. A very happy customer for decades. The last time I went I met one of the owners, a very nice man who was still out with a towel helping to dry off the cars. Keep up the great work! PS I remember when the car washes were only $4.99. :)

Celine Padilla

Been going for years and today they cracked my dash board and try to say it was already like that! So rude didn't even try and ask their employees! I will Never go back!

Roger Lindsay

Although they seem to be slipping a bit lately on the Interiors, it's still the best deal in town for good In and Out wash

Lori Proffitt

I always get the highest wash. And they really don't do a good job

Chris Thresher

Worst experience I have ever had I have used this facility for well over 15 years I brought my car for it's first wash the person vacuuming My car broke My door handle I return to file a complaint the tech admits to breaking my car office personal tell me that it was broke before and that I will be responsible for half the cost of their mistake and at no fault of my own.I will never return and advise all to do the same.very disappointed loyal customer.

John Bulik

My favorite car wash

Judy Iacino

windshield in and out streaky seat and lights tampered with and not replaced in original position unacceptable

Infinite Auto

Great customer services great detail

John Herte

Great service. They did a great job.

Kyle Koster

Been around forever. Always prompt, very efficient and decently priced service. Also offers tinting, detailing and window repair service. Can get busy, but gets you through quickly.

Theron Roberts

I've been going there for over 30years The best in the west!!!

Sonja Davis

I have been going to this car wash for a couple of years, and it's hit and miss. The people that vacuum do a really poor job. I watched today as the cargo area in the vehicle in front if mine was opened and the guy ran the hose a single time thru the middle. After the were done with mine, I looked and they had not vacuumed back there at all. It wasn't busy, my cargo area wasn't filthy. It would've taken maybe 30 seconds. And its happened before. Plus they damaged my vehicle once and thru the piece in the back. It was an easy fix ... But still. I won't be going back.

Alex Carneiro

Really like the place, and I will still keep coming, with that being said I just wish they paid attention to the small detail. Twice already I’ve been here and paid for extra services that they forget to add and either last minute they threw it in because they forgot or they simply forget and don’t do it. If they could pay attention to the customer just a little bit more despite the fact that they are a volume cleaning service this would be a perfect service

Carson Scheig

Terrible service, they move too fast got the deluxe cleaning and they missed a ton of spots. They forgot to clean the back and they put the floor mats in upside down. Would not recommend.

Norine Fonseca

They do such a fantastic job I won't go anywhere else anymore!

Aria Dirmilli

I paid the highest price to get my car cleaned i just bought this brand new car and wasn't even as dirty i just wanted it to be vacuumed well from the inside after taking a trip and the trunk rubbers cleaned. My car wasn't shiny or washed well my windows werent dried out properly. And the carpet wasn't vacuumed the dashboard wasnt cleaned either never going again. Dont expect a well cleaned car if you come herw

sue gordon

If they're really busy, they don't do as good a job when they're slow.

Eliu Maciel

The drivers shift the transmission very hard an d they like to give it gas The vacuum job was bad and left trash around too

Iysia Sheriff

Always does an amazing job with more than just a car wash

Karen Miller

They do a great job of detailing my car.

Stephen Pacheco

Great place to get your car eash

Josh McCann

Great wash for the price

Yingying Chen

Didn't worth the $30 ultimate wash at all. There was still soap stain on the front windshield. There were a few very obvious black stains on the car body that I knew were there before washing, and were still there after washing. I was able to remove them with my fingers! Now I'm confused what they do with their "ultimate wash"?


This place has been around forever and usually they are ok However lately I have gotten the worst service I have paid for the 20 package and ended up asking them for their cleaning rags to clean the inside my self Because they were done and it was Not clean. I normally don't write reviews that are bad but this has happened the last 3 times I have gone there so maybe with this they can address their issues.

Christopher Ramos

Worst wash yet.....forgot or didnt even try to vacuum back seat...streaks all over and dirty dashboard....will probably go somewhere else next time

June Vashon-Waggener

If I could give this place zero stars I would this place sucks I had an ultimate car wash and they didn’t do anything my car was still dirty on the inside there was no air freshener put in the people were rude I will never use this place again

Shari Trujillo

Not too bad.

Mal E

This place is very busy. Its pricey and my car still was dirty. I wont go back.

Linda Patterson

Usually busy but wait time is not too bad. Good job.

Paul Messina

Most thorough car wash for the money. Give it a shot!

Schelene Escarcida

Gave them a 3rd and last chance. Paid 19.99 to wash and clean the inside of my car. I had to go and pay to vacuum the entire car. It was not busy the day I went. Should not have had the need to go somewhere else. Wont be returning.

Ty Summer

This place always provides a great service.

DenCo FishCo

Still best deal in town $10.99 been coming here since it was $4.99 in the 80's

Lorena Garduno

Love this place but my car doesn't dry thoroughly...staff is wonderful.

vane moza

They always do a wonderful job on my car

Tanya Caswell

Not impressed I paid for a wash and detail but they hardly wiped down the dashboard didn't touch the doors at all and barely wiped out the console, they also hardly vacuumed there was still some leaves and stuff on the floor and in the back of my van and I paid $16 for it to be done and wasn't asking for a full detail. It was a company vehicle and my boss wanted me to take it there, I had to go redo it myself later because I didn't have time to go back to complain to them and have them redo it.

Traci Iverson-Robinson

Not impressed. Outside was ok. Inside looked horrible. For the amount of money you pay for the ultimate wash you’d think you wouldn’t have to do it over yourself.


My go to, for several years. They completely wipe down the inside, vacuum, tires, clean all windows inside and out.

Dee Dee Trujillo

Very quick and they do a grew at job!

Syd Keating

They stold money hidden in my car


Does a good job. Also can detail your car for extra $$$

Jeremy McCray

I had a horrible experience with both my wash that I had to pay for and the owner who does not care about his customers. 1st, the vacuum attendant got mad at me and yelled and argued with me when I pointed out the dirt still on my seats and told me I can go pay $1 at a self serve car wash if I wanted it clean. 2nd, the guy who drives the car into the bay yelled at me because I didn't like how the other was arguing with me and then slammed my door on a brand new vehicle. 3rd, when I spoke with the owner in regards to these issues, he said that I had a bad attitude and he didn't care, to go and pay my bill and leave. Any other place of business may have listened and may have also gave some type of discount for the problems and stress that a customer received from the employee. I will never go back to this establishment.

Ashley S

Been waiting for my windshield chip to be fixed for over a half an hour. I had an appointment. Maybe schedule more techs on weekends. This was supposed to take less than 10 minutes.

Jesus Holguin

It's a decent car wash, decent prices not to bad. I understand it's not a detail but they left my floors unclean for the most part, and my sits, still filled with crumbs. They left some parts of my interior with residue from their sprayers, and didn't really clean my seats. The exterior was clean and for the most part the interior as well. My first and my last time coming here though.

Curtis Brown

Finally had time to stop. They did an incredible job on my car. Faster than I could do it myself. You can watch your car through the entire process. They also gave complimentary coffee. They even give Military and Senior discounts. I'll definitely keep going. Note: You can only enter traveling East on Colfax.

Lisa Rupert

These people absolutely rock customer service! Fast, efficient, good prices

Jenna Ikuta

My Jeep had never been to a car wash in the 5 years I've owned her. After a 1,700 mile road trip across country with two small, messy kids, it needed a deep vacuum and wash. I pointed out something that they had missed that I'd paid for and they immediately resolved the issue. Quick, efficient and inexpensive.

Brian Lynch

They always do a great job here!

Julie Walters

Don’t do a good interior job. I’ve had to go back twice. Not pleased at all and I’ve been going there for 20 yrs. Has declined the last 10 yrs.

Myown Vigil

This place is the real deal...if you have tried cleaning your own know its not easy or quick but one worker there makes it semm like it is.

Lisa Spano

Was good, would have been better if the ticket lady wouldn't leave her post to flirt with the guy on the motorcycle, didn't get my ticket till I was already out the car and the guys were waiting for her

Colin Ferrie

Best car wash deal in Denver.

Jason Cadreau

Best car wash on the west side! Always busy and they do a great job!

Andrea Hill

My 75 yo father wanted to do something nice for me so he took my car to get washed. My usual car wash was blocked by construction and not being familiar with the Thornton area he drove all the way to Octopus. When he got back he then borrowed my Windex, paper towel and vacuum! I asked if he didn't get it done and he said he did but they didn't do a very good job! Never again!


Great carwash. I frequently go here

John Green

Good value and they do a great job.

Daniel Terrazas

Always fast and consistent!!!

Rick M

Excellent value! Friendly staff, and they did an amazing job on the interior of my car for a very reasonable price!

Lauren Hansen

Fast, friendly, quality service. I purchased a steering wheel cover from them and they even offered to help put in on. Great place!

Kat Schaeffer

For $10 Octopus can’t be beat! I literally read all the reviews, good and bad. My 18 year old car was filthy from adventures with the dog and I didn’t have high hopes for the inside, but the car looks amazing!!! They even found my missing sharpie, and the hair, rocks, and general dirt is gone!

Mars R

My go to spot for a great car wash service. Usually $8 to wash it yourself here it’s $9.99 and they do EVERYTHING. Vacuum and leave my car clean especially my windshield after so many bugs! I love them

Helen Chase

These folks do a good job fast.

Karen Eliason

Fast, friendly service and will make sure your car is clean!

Ross Michaels

My car seemed a little greasy after they armor-alled it.

cheryl g

Always do a great job inside and out! Employees always have smile! Very professional!

Percy P-Riley

Fast and good cleaning service.

Robb Classens

By far, this is the best car wash in town. They consistently provide quality services as long as you're willing to wait. Their executive wash is phenomenal, although my car is only a year old, after the wash it looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

Andrew Davis

Get my car washed here all the tire for years thanks Bob and team

Julie Nirvelli

I've been going to Octopus for 12 years. There are 2 car washes closer to my house but it's worth the drive to go to Octopus. They are extremely efficient and do an excellent job and the value is great. I recently had an issue with my car and their customer service was above and beyond. Tanya and the team are amazing!

Shana Yates

I’ve been getting my car cleaned here for 2 years and have been very happy with their work! I’m shocked to read all of these bad reviews. I think the trick might be to only get the Basic or the Works. You really can’t beat the price and service for $12-$16. They almost always have my car perfect on the outside and I’m happy 80% of the time with the inside. I’ve also noticed the service is twice as quick when they are very busy. The slower they are the slower the service.

Desert Wolf

They left a hole in the rear seat and scrubbed the cloth speaker cover to the point that it was damaged. The interior of my car is now worse than it was before I went there.

Steven Roberts

DO NOT ever take your car here! My car was STOLEN while they detailed it! Best part is they did not even detail it! Took my car to this location at 11 and was told to come back in 2 hours. Came back and the car wasn’t on the lot. Went to the camera and it was washed and parked out front 30 minutes later with the keys inside. It was never detailed and I’m convinced it was an inside job. The thief’s knew the keys would be in the car and knew what they were doing. Highly dissatisfied. Re-edit: I took my car to you for a service that was not completed. Furthermore, my property was taken under your care. You screwed me and have done little or nothing to compensate me. I reiterate Do NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE. This is not acceptable. Period. If you feel like justifying your mistakes then I will be happy to detail my story because it comes down to doing the job people pay you to do.

Yolanda Wilson Wilson

Hard working people good prices good work

Jay Jackson

Great car wash

Lisa Fischer

Missed a couple spots but did a great job!

Colleen Watkins

Non existent customer service. I arrived with no line. I pulled straight into the stall for initial vacuum. I walked in, paid, and read while I waited. 30 minutes after my payment receipt, my car was not ready. I walked over and noticed that it had not been touched and no one was working on it. I raised the issue to the manager as my vehicle was clearly missed as other cards came and went with no line. The manager told me I was wrong and there was no mistake. I confirmed I’ve come before with massive lines, asked for or the same service and been out in about the same amount of time I had already waited. That is why I recognized the issue. No apology, terrible customer messaging, lack of recognition of a mistake. I went from just wanting the service to be completed to now feeling compelled to leave a review of my negative experiences.

Tanya T

My husband took my car to Octopus to see about getting an interior detal. He was then told by a nice lady that worked there that he had to make an appointment and he could only do that by calling. He gets home and I call BS! He calls and the lady he talked to while he was there answers and transfers him to a woman that can hardly speak English. She then tells him he should just bring it in at 8:00 Monday morning. He asked if she needed his name and she said no just show up... Well if that’s the case and from reading other reviews I will go elsewhere.

Johnny Vickers

The service was friendly and quick, but honestly paying 20 bucks for a rough 10 minute cleaning that leaves plenty of marks and uncleaned areas doesn’t feel good.

[ 3Mother0Earth3 ]

I had just came in from out of town so of course I need my car wash I go to the Car Wash due to my sister going here on this particular occasion I had went I was tired from a long drive when they were finished the first time I didn’t notice till I picked up had my daughter that the windows weren’t fully cleaned the bug guts where still on the windshield called inform them of the incomplete job. Tayn welcomed me back and re-did it for me customer service is great but I can’t help but feel they had made a mistake by miss placement of my floor mat with a new rip in it that cause my pedal to get stuck in accelerate mode. The pedal was stiff when I first got in but didn’t think anything of it was happy my car was complete clean. Getting out the lot with the pedal wasn’t too bad when I turn onto Colfax 30 was the speed limit so I don’t have to push the pedal much so I stopped on Sheridan and had accelerate to turn the pedal got stuck and scared me and my kids my life and my kids life seem to flash before my eyes. I want to bring awareness so this dose not happen again although I wasn’t physically hurt. I feel this was a happening that should of never happened and make me question the company safety procedures.

fielder fields

Was totally worth my 14.95 for the deluxe car wash. They vacuumed it out, washed it and then hand dried it. Only thing I could recommend is using a clean rag to dry off each car. My truck smelled of armor all and didn't order it. Armor all was also all over my arm rest/cup holder and it was sticky.

Aaron Villarreal

Great price, quick service and they do a really good job. Even though they were busy I was in and out in about 15 minutes! My truck looks and smells great with the ultimate wash.

adam herrera

The inside wasn't cleaned very well.

B Pina

What can I say..for 9.99 they wipe down your car and vacuum. For 15.99 they detail even more. Very affordable and cheaper then if you went through the car wash. My go to place for a clean car. They also fix windshield that have a chip in it at half the cost of other places

Jennifer Lester

I am usually a pretty easy going person, BUT I was extremely disappointed in the service I received today therefore I will share my experience....To begin the woman asking which services I was going to get was rude and I felt rushed. I decided to go with a more expensive wash which was I belive $18.99 and added a wipe down and dust and Armor All which was another 12 dollars. I feel like they finished with my car in 5 minuets. My car was left with crumbs and trash.The dash was left spotted with chemicals and full of dust and it was still dirty on the outside. I asked one of the people working if they could re do it. They did go back and wipe off some of the stains in the cup holder and left everything else completely the same. I then asked to talk to a manager and they sent over the same woman who was rude to me. She made every excuse in the book and said I needed to add on extra “detail services “ What really makes me upset is the woman who was the one cleaning my car was smirking at like it was funny to her that I was upset. I felt extremely disrespected. I will absolutely NEVER get my car washed here again. AWFUL COSTUMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!

Art Marquez

Was a 5 but tall keep upping you prices. Typically do a great job would recommend you double check as with 99% of the car washes out there just to make sure they didn't miss a spot especially after they upped the cost. It's still a good deal and I cant be discouraged to much because they do a pretty good job as fast as they get everyone in And out of there. Worth a try for sure.

joshuah andrews

Reasonable prices for what your getting. I don't typically go above their second option. Their signature sprays and coatings aren't necessary for my needs and I would rather keep the extra green. Even on busy days your in and out pretty quick. Be sure to check and inspect your vehicle after every wash. My only complaint was a big clear coat scratch from one of their drying towels on one occasion. It buffed out, but was a hassle. Beyond that, I only do this when I'm feeling to lazy to wash it myself.


Seems to be a good value. I got 'the works' which managed to take off the tree sap that had dropped on my car. Also, got my all weather mats cleaned for $1.50 each. A couple weird spots on the inside of my windshield, but I didn't notice until after I drove away. Overall, I feel like they do a better job than waterway.

Paul Rivera

Fast and efficient reasonably priced

Andrea Busch

Reasonably priced, Great service; inside & out!

tristan Brügger

Great for a supremely clean car afterwards.people are nice here too.

Bob Fernandez

Great job of cleaning

Sue Tate

To many cars did get a good job

Morgan Norman-Wallace

Very fast service but wasn’t very happy with the vacuum job. I have worked at a car wash before and this would not have passed. But overall I was in a hurry and that was most important. Outside looks great.


Very bad service they are not even cleaning was very dirty and ultimate even I paid


Bing, bang, boom...Clean car at a fair price!

Tera Crayne

Good job!

Cecelia Wilbanks

They do an okay job. Prices seem to increase randomly.

Christopher Muniz

Always a good job!!

Laura Coggs

They do a great job cleaning vehicles, and their price's are reasonable.

John Comandari

I have been washing my cars here since I was 16. Not sure if they are even owned by the same people but everytime is the same good service. My car is clean on the inside and outside, just tip the lovely people doing a great job. They appreciate the gesture and they will take extra care on the details. Don't be cheap! Give them at least $5, $1 won't do, they have to share. Never hurts to be human!

Christopher Sandoval

Great Car Wash inside and out for a good price

David Leue

Wow. Best carwash for $10 anywhere in Colorado.

Chris Sosnowski

Great deal for a car wash! $26 for The Works and a interior dusting and wipe down (car wash levels are basic, works, supreme, ultimate). Vacuum and hand dry are included! Highly recommend. Get here early before the lines run onto Colfax (literally).

Lupe Bueno

THUMBS DOWN....I went for the first time to this car wash to get my car detailed in which they charged a pretty penny ($165). I left my car at 10:00 a.m and picked it up after 3:00 p.m. which gave them plenty of time to get it cleaned...better said to get all the details. WELL I WAS VERY DISAPPOINTED...I HAD TO POINT OUT THE DIRT AND ALL THE MANAGER SAID SHOW ME AND I WILL HAVE THEM CLEAN IT FOR YOU. That is not what a detail wash pointing out the error (which were many). I would not recommend this place for any type of detail. The manager didn't even try to work with me to get this resolved...not even a discount. THUMBS DOWN

Zachary Howard

They dented my vehicle. I brought my vehicle in for a wash and a seat cleaning. While the man was grabbing the air hose during the seat cleaning he tried to 'shake' the hose off of its hook. The hose fell and the nozzle struck my door. I was outside at the time and he looked right at me and said don't worry nothing happened. I should have double checked because it made a significant dent on my passenger door. Unfortunately I didn't see the dent until I got home.

Kristopher Escobar

If I could give half a star I would. It is the worst car wash place you can go to. You are better off going to a quarter self cleaning car wash and you will get better results. Not worth the time or money as I had to point all the sections of the car missed. There was still bird poop on my hood when they handed me my vehicle, saying it was clean. Their cleaning service is a joke would not advise anyone to go to this car wash. This car wash is always busy too so be prepared to wait if you go.

Nancy Franz

Does a great job for a very good price.

Collin Donahue-Oponski

They lost a piece of my interior trim! It took me about 1/2 a second to notice it after the wash & vacuum, because it was a super obvious place around the door lock where I look every time I lock or unlock the doors. I drove straight back and wasted about 30 mins looking around for it myself and waiting for them to check their security cameras for evidence that they lost it. I’m sure it was an accident, but they claimed innocence and sent me on my way. It was only a $15 part, but a huge waste of time, especially since the whole reason for going here was to clean up my car so I can sell it! Not to mention that I also needed to find the right part to order, wait for it, and install it. The least they could have done is refunded my car wash or given me a free one next time. At least then I’d financially break even. But I’ll never get my time back. Also... my back seats were folded down during the vacuum so they took the opportunity to skip over the seats and the floor underneath. So lame...

John Lindsay

They do a pretty good job for the price I take it there because I'm handicapped and I have a hard time doing my own cars watching them and stuff so I'll get it done for the price it's great

Carissa Flanagain

I have been coming here for years and tell everyone about it. But now I’m paying more and getting less. They barely vacuumed, didn’t wipe anything down and smashed my hat. Really disappointed. Don’t get your hopes up. They must have changed management or something

Kenny Stilson

Come on!!! What's so damn hard about making sure you wiped all the wheels and windows? The workers were more interested in splitting the tips rhan earning them. I used ro go here because I would be too lazy to wash my car inside and out, to pay for someone else to be lazier come on.


This car wash was referred to me by a friend. Bad mistake! I always use Bears in Littleton and thought that I would try this one. I own a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trail Hawk and is in awesome condition. Which means they didn't have to do much. I am completely unimpressed! Streaks on my windows, debris that absolutely could have been vacuumed up, streaks on most all my chrome, fingerprints still all over my Nav screen, my cargo mat not placed properly it was pretty much thrown in there and going up the side walls, water droplets that were not washed off the side doors (both), my leather not even wiped down, my dash was not wiped down. Oh my gosh there's so much more but really? Do I have to go on! I showed them all this and you know what the guy said...."oh we only do a light dusting". Seriously!!! You can't take a wet washcloth and wipe stuff down! I paid $31 for this half #*$*! job. When I drove up, the guy said to me, " You can pick which level of wash you want. Whichever one you choose we do the same on the inside as well". I picked their most expensive which was Octopus something or other and paid for extra stuff. I will NEVER come to this place again! I don't do a whole lot of reviews, like 2 or 3 a year, but I was so mad that I had to share. Today is March 27th, 2019.

Peter Dunn

Best full service car wash i’ve ever used. Not much more than the automated one down the street.

Aaron Johnston

It's actually really fast and thorough.

Joe Savedra

The owner don't care went back to get my car Vacuum right after i paid 42 dollars and he did not care place is a joke i was told it was a good place but i was lied to lol will never go back if i could give them 1/2a star people don't go there don't waste your money

Deano Eugene Smith

It's a carwash. As little as possible effort for barely good enough for too much money.

Carol Byrd

Rude employees, I just stopped to inquire about a price for interior cleaning. Once you get in line it's very difficult to get out. Several employees refused to move for me to leave. I will not return

Teo Lucero

Paid for top notch car wash , got a rush job, didn’t vacuum crumbs still on the seats, didn’t clean my car , dirt still on the bottom of my doors, didn’t dry the grill at all, didn’t cover my wheels, and no tire dressing at all. Piss poor job , don’t go here if you want a complete wash, not worth 22 dollars

Winnie Williams

Octopus Car Wash windshield repair, and repair person, Chance, rock! Plain and simple. My daughter and I were moving her from Minnesota to California, and on the outskirts of Denver a rock hit our windshield and put a 4-5 inch crack in it. The crack began to spread, so we stopped at a Home Depot to see if they had any type of kit that might help prevent the spread. They didn't, but an employee suggested Octopus car wash for the repair. Who knew car washes did windshield repair? My daughter called the car wash and was able to talk directly with the person that would do the repair, while I called our insurance agent. Octopus participates in State Farm's repair program, so the repair was even covered. By the time we got to Octopus, Chance, the repair person, was outside waiting for us, the crack was about 10-11 inches long and into the field of vision. Officially, it was a crack that should not have been repaired but rather replaced, but because of the need to order a windshield, that couldn't happen very quickly. We really needed to get to California before that happened, and so both State Farm and Chance agreed that we would try the repair. After Chance's careful work, the crack was barely visible, and I can now report that it held all the way to California. Chance was clearly a man that takes pride in his work, and he clearly is a very good windshield repair person. We went through crazy terrain, really strong winds across Utah and Nevada, had other debris hit our windshield in the winds, and through it all, the windshield held. Thank you so much for a rapid and well done repair! We aren't local to continue our patronage, so we hope our strong review brings you other work!

Melissa Chick

I had my car interior detailed today and they did a wonderful job! I am so happy with the results! I wish I could post pictures, because I have a light interior, and they were able to get the stains and all the dog hair up off my seats. I do have to say that it did take quite a bit longer than expected. I was the first vehicle there this morning. I arrived just before 8am, and my car wasn’t finished until 12:30. I had been advised if I arrived early it would take 2-3 hours, so plan accordingly!

Jeff Pence

Great full service car wash. Even on busy days it doesn't take long to have a freshly clean and vacuumed car.

Luis Mojardin

Entered with high expectations. Left 90 minutes later with a car i had to clean myself. I paid EXTRA for interior cleaning. I ended up having to clean it myself. I asked for supervisor and took 15 minutes to get one to me and she said “sorry we miss things when were busy” ??? She then proceeded to help me clean what I paid for!! Didn’t offer a refund or maybe a free car wash for next time. Nothing. She was cold about it and rude. Clearly overwhelmed but that’s not my fault. I’m a paying customer. Almost 90 minutes waiting for a dirty car. I’ll never visit this place again.

Marlene Rose -Vigil

Always do a good job

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