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9640 Federal Blvd, Federal Heights, CO 80260, United States

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REVIEWS OF Ocean Express Car Wash IN Colorado

Denver Colorado

Got a free wash from Auto Nation Honda. Wash was pretty good and the spotless rinse was great no spots at all. Vacuums free but wash mat machine isn't which is a bummer. The wash material looks pretty harsh compared to express wash . I would not go back due to just charging for wash mat machine.

Andrew Jarbouh

This car wash is awesome. They have a great option that lets you re wash your car if the weather gets bad the day after your wash and they have great vacuum stations. During the summertime they get very busy and sometimes it can be hard to find a vacant vacuum, so plan accordingly! This is definitely the best car wash for miles around though!

Ron K

Fairly decent car wash but far from where I live. Came here for many years until the day I found new scratches on my cat's car's side rearview mirror. Those scratches from going through the car wash. Have not returned since.

Bryson Rast

Best automatic car wash in Denver. For $10 it gets everything clean that gas station washes miss. Free vacuums that are super strong and work awesome.

Gary Simon

I had a free car wash coupon (no expiration date) from AutoNation/Larry Miller Nissan, was told the dealership canceled the contract with the car wash so they wouldn't accept the coupon. I understand this is partially the fault of the dealership for canceling the contract but this would have been a prime opportunity to retain clients. A little "hey sorry we stopped that program with them, but since you are here we'll honor it. But in the future..." Especially since you just stopped the program a month ago.

Sherry Brace

I really love the car wash. It cleans my car like I drove it off the car lot!! If I know the lines are long I know I’m at a good car wash! It Exceeds my expectations. The lot is always clean and the GM is very very Humble and much of a servant to the customers. I recommend this car wash to all my friends!!

Candy Hucklebee

Best $5 car wash you will ever get!! Be sure to tip the dryer! They hand dry every car. You won't get service anywhere else, that is as good as it is here.

Anthony Borruso

A quick wash at a reasonable price

John Boyer

They make me ask for the fragrance and token every time.

sonja monroe

Nice staff, lots of vacuum spots. A good wash, but I agree with the others, bring towels to dry off.

Steve Trujillo

Bumped up to the Fifteen dollar wash just for allowing someone in front of me. Not bad for being courteous!

Donna Rawson

Best place to get your car washed here

Eric Lightfoot

Ok price. Good service.

Landry Chamberlain

free vacuums?!?! 5 stars indeed. :)

Jessica Garcia

Free vaccum


Good Wash free Vaccums, can get packed but moves right along.

B Goddard

Great! I love the vacuums and the people are always well mannered for such a jumping place.

Mark Firkins

Always does a great job worth the money

Juan Gonzalez

Very nice place to go and wash your car and there are free vacuums and mat cleaning!

Danny Adams

The place is a great looking facility. I got a punch car from them. Since it was the first time there, I asked questions. I did like the FREE vaccums. Some of them get clogged but have seen the staff walk around them to snake them out or could move to another one if doesn't have the power that you need. I liked the mat washer but only give one token per punch. The sign said FREE mat washer and not one token per wash. They told me I can get more tokens for $3 per token (the machine is only $2). The second time I was there, the top wash was down, but let us run our car for free at bottom wash. That was nice of them. We took our other vehicle the next day. We used another punch on our card. Again only got one token to wash five floor mats and only one air freshener. They told us that we would have to pay more if we want extra time for floor mat machine or more air fresheners. We took it through the wash and used the free vaccum again. When the vehicle was dry there was water spots on the body. I asked the staff if we could take it through again. The staff wanted to see the spots and started to acting if I was out of line for asking this. A staff member came over and told me that we have to use a towel after the wash due to there air dryer doesnt get every thing. The customer service that I received wasn't given is most professional manner. We looked into other car washes in the area and found a smaller one with unlimited washes for $28 monthly.

Christopher Wilkinson

It did a very good job on my car today always enjoy free vacume

Kurt Haserodt

Great place if you don‘t want the insides washed for you. Greeting employees were great. Price of deluxe wash is better than some. Dryer always pulls up my back wiper and sometimes brushes adjust my mirrors. Still, I‘ll continue to come here.

Michael Chavez

This car wash is a good one early bird special in and out seven buck

Janie Ortiz

I love this car wash, good customer service. Clean place

Joshua Howarth

In short, my car was not fully cleaned and bits were damaged. The long version: there are two lanes for the car wash, which is a good idea, but this place doesn't direct traffic neither are there signs at the beginning of the lanes telling drivers to use both, so one lane backed up while the other was nearly empty. It wasn't until the line of cars reached out of the lot and nearly to the street that an employee arrived to direct traffic. When the lanes merged to form the line for the car wash, again there was no direction, so a mini bottleneck formed and backed up both lanes again. I purchased the Crystal Clean option and the brushes knocked loose a piece from the roof. Fortunately, there seemed to be no damage and I was able to reattach the piece. I have a plastic shield under the front of my car that is designed to protect the radiator, but that was some how damaged and torn. The worst part of it all, is that my car was not completely cleaned. There was still some dirt on the C pillars and the rear doors. Never again will I was my car here.

elias Thomase

Hello, I went to this location yesterday to get my truck washed. I usually get the top wash when I go there. I like how they offer to take my antenna off my Tacoma. The staff is always good. It is clean. Vacuums are free and get a token with car freshener after purchase. This is a good place. I will be back in the near future.

Cameron Morton

Don't go to this place. Paid for a basic car wash. Missed almost the entire back of my car. Asked the attendant of I could run it through again. He said no as there is always a chance it will miss some no matter which level you purchase. #fail


I want to thank whoever was on duty last week that secured my belongings for me. After a car wash, I took advantage of the free vacuums. I had a big scent-lock box of very nice hunting gear that I set beside my car. When I was finished, I drove away, completely forgetting about my box. Six hours later I realised I had left it. My husband and I hurried back before they closed to find my box safe in the office. I can't thank you guys enough! Great place to get a good wash, love the staff too.

Adrian Mendoza

Apart from my rear view mirror always being flipped back my car always comes out looking great.

Bruce Douglas

Big automatic car wash system provides an easy clean for patrons. Vaccuums are plenty. Washes never get all the spots so if you're picky about your car washes I suggest skipping this place. Friendly staff. Easy to see from road.

She_ Just_iss

Reasonably priced car wash with 3 different options/packages with the most expensive costing $14. There was a human operating the drive-thru machine, which seemed redundant, but I'm sure they have their reasons. Swooped thru in no time even though there was a small line. Car was clean upon exit, not spotless but clean enough for $14. Wondered about a monthly membership, but saw no signage indicating that was available.

Shelli Dore

Have had good experiences at this car wash. On my last visit I noticed I had a ton of bugs on the front of my car (took me a while to get to the car wash after a road trip). I noticed this after the wash, vacuuming and cleaning my mats so I figured I would try to clean the bugs off after I got home. The manager came up as I was getting ready to drive away to talk to me about the bugs. He let me know that it was important to remove them asap and pointed out that there was a product you could buy in their vending machine . He gave me one for free and helped me remove the bugs and sent me thru the car wash. Very nice! And he likely saved me from damage to my car. Realistically, I probably would have forgotten to try to remove the bugs once I got home! :p He really went way above and beyond to help me and I am very grateful!

Jenny Locicero

For an automatic car wash, I've never found one better. From start to finish, it's quick - just a few minutes and you're pushed through. While it can't quite get all of the caked-on bug guts off, it gets pretty close! The dryer exceeded my expectations. It is not a touchless wash but I haven't noticed anything in the way of clearcoat scratches on my midnight blue car. The free vacuums are good too - the attachment they have gets into small spaces for that occasional rogue french fry.

Arikka Jitendranath

I've always received such friendly service here!

Mark Zeidlik

Great place to clean your vehicle. Free vacuums that actually work. Busy during weekends when the Weather is nice.

Robert Jourdain

First of all the people there act like they're on drugs it's full of Mexican gang Bangerz their machine broke the antenna off of my vehicle their floor mat machine is good I recommend just washing your vehicle by hand it's safer and not only that but I had water spots all over the finish on my car so I might as well just done it myself

anthony baca

Good car wash and free vacuums $14 bucks but you do get a 3 day weather and Matt wash

Timothy Tice

Easy in, easy out. Great staff. Good carwash. Vacuum in Matt wash included.

Tad Amore

FREE Vacuum! I have stopped here just to use them and yes they are free always no wash required! The wash good and fast, prices are average but the free Vacuum makes up for this. 4 stars ver 5 is do to there vending machine only takes cash? Who cares cask now a days? Want to get a sent or something to clean the inside of your car you better have cash or bring the stuff you need with you.

Anny Lee

I've been here many times, and every employee I've talked to has been happy, nice and helpful. It's an automatic car wash, so yes, a few spots might get missed... so yes, you're going to get the best result by doing a quick wipe down of your car with a drying towel of some sort after going through the wash. The free vacuums work great, and I always leave there feeling very satisfied. Marc, the owner, is a nice guy and strives to be an honest business owner. I had a minor issue going through the wash once and he was very responsive and willing to work with me to correct it. I'd highly recommend this place.

Jester Lupine

Helpful staff usually and the wash itself is quite good. I honestly love the quality. The tire shine is a nice bonus at the end. While the mechanical side of things is great (till a customer damages it) and the price is reasonable especially during happy hour, I cannot say that management shines as brightly at times. At least one manager has used drugs on the premises, and two have used racial slurs on the job. Management also plays favorites at times with some employees over others, even to the point of influencing their pay bumps or starting wage. But hey, the wash is great and well placed. This review was revised after being convinced that I shouldn't pull punches on a review just because an employee of the establishment was a roommate. This revised post is now 100% unbiased.

Erin Marine

I have frequented this car wash MANY times. I used to really like it, and loved the convenience of the vacuums. After the car wash damaged my vehicle, though, I obviously have a new opinion of this place. I filed a report with one of the workers who agreed with me that it looks like the damage came from this car wash (multiple dings on both sides of my vehicle and in the same locations on both sides). The guy I originally spoke with was super cool, took really detailed pictures of the car, and promised that I would receive a phone call from management within 24 hours. I didn't. I ended up calling and leaving a phone message 5 days later. Still no returned phone call. Called again and left a message saying I was taking my car in for repair and sending him the bill. Finally returned a returned phone call that day from manager saying he's sorry that he's been so busy, but that he wasn't responsible for the OBVIOUS damage on my vehicle, and that he wouldn't be paying for anything. I used to visit this car wash every week, and hadn't had a problem until this, but I assured him that I don't visit any other car wash, and that I was positive the damage happened at this car wash. He didn't care, but did invite me to come into his office to review EVERY FREAKING video of me driving into and out of his car wash to pinpoint the exact day that this damage occurred. I work full time and don't have time for this crap. He knows that and is counting on that, I'm sure, so on this instance he wins. I will pay for the damage myself, and let the car dealership that originally referred me (Honda) to this car wash when we purchased our vehicle know that they're doing their customers a disservice by referring their customers to this establishments. This place is poorly managed, and has terrible customer service.

rosalie garcia

Good car wash but its ita so strong it knocked several small pieces off my car

Matt McKay

It's one of the best car washes around. It gets busy at times, but the line moves fairly quickly. The free vacuums are a nice feature. The staff is pleasant. I go there a couple of times a month.


I'm cheap - I give this 4 stars because of the free vacuums... The car wash is okay, though a little pricey, but we often go and just use the vacuums for free, so that's great

Monica Padilla

The people here are amazing always putting customers first

Glenn Axelson

I purchased a 5 car wash card a while ago. Since then they had a price increase and it doesn't apply to the card I bought. :) Should be more like the post office and the forever stamp. not sure I will come back the owner getting too greedy

Yogis Forrest

Fast even when there's a line...

Daniel Bala

They won't wash your truck if you have a fuel cell. What a joke.

Corey Zaborski

Good wash not bad price next time just bring towels to dry off better

Mary Obrien

I've been to alot of car washes but nothing compares to how my car looks then this place

Le Elda Means

Of course this carwash is fast. I feel the dryers are too powerful. And they are not drying the back end of my Nissan.

Talia Valdez-Martinez

Best car wash around. Affordable, quick and easy. Early Bird specials are a plus, as well as vacuum and mat cleaning machines.

MOMOTube Hammouma

Affordable , good service

Joelene Sinclair

Greay prices and wonderful service

Denise Romero

This is one of 2 car washes we'll go to. Although they dont have staff to dry off cars which I prefer because I dont like water/soap spots, this place has a super nice staff & top of the line car wash along with a place for many vehicles to clean and wash their cars/mats inside. The grounds are well kept as well. I would definitely recommend.

Carisa Olson

Great car wash convieniently located. The midrange car wash, for 10$ regular price, is pretty good and gets my car nice and sparkly. They have great vacuums, which are free with car wash. The nozzels are the slender kind that fit well in the nooks and crannies, with good suction. Also, between 4 and 6 they have Happy Hour, 2 bucks off all washes. I think this only on the weekdays, since it was 5pm on a Monday that I was there.

Jo Ann Kelley

My winter floor mat was damaged when I put it through machine. Attendant told me I put it in wrong. He tried and it was damaged even more. He put "do not use" on machine. Did not offer compensation on my mats. I do not use the brushes in the car wash anymore since I see brush marks that have damaged. the paint. Just get cheapest car wash.

Michele Marrs

Friendly employees an autowash with vacuums and mat wash but sometimes auto wash misses back middle of car and I wish they had air compressor to blast dust. They do offer weather guarantee that is nice


Avoid this car wash all together unless you only plan to come to use their free vacuums. Their machine has trashed two of my side view mirrors on different vehicles in the last two weeks. Management could care less. Promised to have the GM call me the next day, a week later, no call. When I called them they basically said I am out of luck. Dryer does not dry your car well either. Terrible customer service/attitude.

Carol Pitts

They do good work but kind of expensive.

Anna Nelson

Very nice people here! I had a tire blowout and had to park overnight in there parking lot. I called first thing in morning to let them know I would be there to get van not to tow it away. They were so nice n understanding! Free vaccuums too!!

Vincent D'Orio

This is my go to car wash, mostly due to proximity but also the quality of the wash. If you buy the top wash they have ($14) they also include an air freshener and a token to wash your floor mats. The wash itself is pretty darn good. Everything works as it should which is nice. My only complaint with the wash itself is that every single time it flips my passenger side mirror out so before I can leave I have to fix it. Not a big deal as I usually hand dry after the wash anyhow but it would be nice if that didn't happen. The only thing that keeps me from giving this wash five stars is that they do not offer any sort of monthly or unlimited wash "card" or anything like that. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would rather pay a monthly charge and be able to wash whenever I want. As minute as this may be to some, I see no reason why it shouldn't exist here. Hands down, I use this wash regularly and would happily recommend it to anyone in need of a wash in the area!

paul c

Good wash. Could clean wheels better. Very fast.

Richard Gonzales

Would never go there again equipment damaged my vehicle and so called general manager said it was my fault repaired my vehicle with no word from company or owner never even returned my call

Robbie Stage

You really can't beat this car wash because it leaves your car looking beautiful and you get the weather guarantee for three days. Can't beat that!

Louis Zona

They do a good job; but should an automatic car wash cost an arm and a leg.

Siddith Xiaim

Amazing service, everyone was extreamly friendly. Charlie was a great greeter. Had to go through for under carrage wash again. No issues they gladly ran my car through again. 10/10 would visit again in future

Marcia Medina

Amazing service !!! Will go here every time I need a wash. Employees are nice and understanding and just incredible (:

Simon Huerena

Having the monthly subscription is the best way to go especially if you have multiple cars in the family

Connie Minter

I really like this place. Free vaccum and very clean.

Ramona Kimmett

Love this place. No where else can I get my car washed, my mats power washed, and vacuum as long as I want for such a good price.

Jared Seiders

free vacuums, it's fast and popular.

Steven Kirby

The staff is really friendly! Plus free vacuums is awesome service to add and on top of that the car wash is so fast! Super quick and really good quality as well

Jonathan Murdoch-Kitt

Good car wash.

Annmarie Sandoval

Best carwash in town. They dont have the windshield chip repair guys going car to car trying to sell to you. The big package comes with 3 day rain guarantee. Prices are reasonable, plus there's discounted happy hour in the early morning and closing hours.

Charles damp

Strong vacumes nice place

Kate Vardiman

I don't even want to give them one star. Pulled in with a regular size diesel truck and they said that it is too big to go through their wash. We have been to many other similar places and never had an issue. Be warned, if you drive a truck Ocean Express can't help you.

Heather Zertuche

The employees are fun,and treat their job like yhey enjoy being there. Which makes it great for customers to know that they care.

Jaila Hallett

Probably great for getting the salt off your car, but the bugs stuck to the front of my car didn't come off after two of their best washes.

David Patz

Great car wash!

Brad Garrett

Awesome Place and People!!! Mark, the owner, knew what a good investment looked like when he researched this operation. His vision of treating customers as he wants to be treated really shines through his business model and customer service. Way to be Mark!!! I drive from further away than most because I know how my truck will look everytime I go there....clean and polished looking.

Tiffini Balderas

Such a nice place to vacuum or get a car wash

jasmine owens

Worst customer service ever! Waited in line for 10 min got to the front of the line waited behind a “new” customer for another 10 min because she had so many questions. At that point I tapped on the horn to get her moving the line is out of their lot and she and him are just chatting up at least 5 other cars from the other one went. When it’s my turn the guy Jared is already giving me hassle for tapping on the horn I try an explain that we are all waiting and that we simply tapped the horn to at least get acknowledged. He then cuts me off throws my payment back in my lap and tells me to leave. I kept my spot in line because how unfair to kick me out because I honked he didn’t even understand why he thought I was being rude I think it’s rude to hold up a line like that. Got up to the wash one gentleman come up acts fine with me tells me everything is fine sends me through with no wash. BS waiste of time he knew what he was doing. Worst customer service ever. Jarred needs to learn how to talk to customers and give out efficient information!!!

Michael Zamora

The car wash was okay. The dryers were not working when I went through the car wash and did not dry my car at all. Came out dripping wet. Didn’t say anything because I was just going to come back and get it re washed another day. Come to find out they don’t honor their 3 day wash guarantee unless it’s rained or snowed. Just a little funny since I still have water marks on my car which would be the same thing if it rained. Would not recommend for anyone to go to.

Mr. R

This, hands down, is the best car wash in town. I had a roof bike rack that was protruding in the front. For this reason I couldn't go through the car wash because the brush that moves up the windshield might have ripped it off. No problem though, one of the employees helped me unscrew the bike rack, reverse it -& then put it back on (I think I actually put it on wrong from the get go). Later as I was vacuuming and detailing the leather my battery died because the dome lights were on. Again, no problem - they cheerfully brought out a battery defibrillator - jumped me, and sent me on my way. Seriously, these guys have got your back. I cant recommend them enough!

Donna Green

Free vacs and a good deal.

Eagle Adler

Been coming here for four+ years. Today that ends. My car was not clean after the wash. Asked the manager for a rewash. He declined claiming that everything left over was tree sap, and yes there was sap, but not all of it. There was spots that I used my hand to wash dirt off. Very courteous, but not very helpful. Update Tried to come through again so could at least honor their rain day guarantee. Nope. Not honored.

Adrian Nagle

I think their car wash is great quality. I use their free vacuums. Only once did I have a vacuum hose that was not sucking properly. I get frustrated with the mat cleaning machine to keep my mats straight as they go in. I think their prices are decent. Watch for happy hours prices or deals on grocery receipts.

Cody Dent

The car wash here always gets my car super clean and way more dry then any car wash ive been too and its right by my house so very convenient. Staff is friendly and free vaccuums!!! 3 day rain or snow guarantee is awesome as well.

Sina G

Had my worst experience with the wash and staff! I always noticed that the back of my car doesn't get washed as well as the rest, so I initially asked the operator in front if I could pay for a basic wash as sort of a pre-wash and then use my prepaid full deluxe wash afterwards. They said that's not possible and sent me through. Afterwards as I suspected both the bugs in front and dirt in back were still there. The manager came over and said that they can't do anything and said that I could pay for the basic wash, as I had previously requested. The only thing was that after getting my deluxe wash, the second round washed off all of the coating and finish I got with my full deluxe wash. VERY DISAPPOINTED with Incompetent manager and staff!! Their cleaning spinning cloths/ bristles also need replacement, since after years of washing their pores I'm sure can no longer grab the dirt as they should!!

Sharalyn Wirick

It does a good job and the people are friendly

Denise Gonzales

First time trying this place and certainly my last! Wash did not clean my car thorough and they would not rewash. My car wasn’t very dirty to begin with but leaves were still present after the wash and a few dirty spots so any place with good customer service would satisfy the customer AND provide quality work! Taking my business back to the 6 dollar wash where it actually cleans the entire car not just the front half! I have five vehicles and wash them often so they lost a potentially great customer plus I will tell everyone about the poor service!! Save your money and go where there’s good service!

Alejandra Valles

Great customer service, fast and they have affordable prices i always get the $7 wash and it leaves me car polished

Tara Smith

The automatic carwash is great. My kids love it. An my truck has never been so clean.

Madelyn Davey

Great car wash it does a great job. The owner is always on site to ensure that everyone is happy. They have a floor mat machine to run your mats through and it does a great job. Vacums work great.

Christian Young

Good service and early bird discount.

Jenni Beery

Love this place, friendly helpful staff

Sean Monroe

Does not rinse your car or dry well

Elizabeth Lane

There prices are what you'd expect for not wanting to wash it yourself. But my car usually still has one or two dirty spots left on the exterior after going through there "best wash. Other than that, the customer service is good and they still have free vacuums which is nice

Alexaner Torre

I came here to clean my car out. The vacuums were free which is awesome. I then paid to get my car mat cleaned and their machine did nothing. I then paid for the Express car which was a horrible idea. My car is now all scratched up and I am sitting here waiting for the manager to look at the cameras. If you need your car washed then please go somewhere else. This place is only good for the free vacuum Update: Manager now says he can't find my car on their cameras. This is definitely sketchy in my book

Tristan Van Tine

This is a nice car wash. Free vacuums available before you was your car, and the wash it self is the best I have seen from a fully automated wash. It go the back of the minivan fairly clean, something that doesn't happen at other automated washes.

Jordan Dane

Cool place nice vacuums and if it rains on my car before 3 days i can bring it in for a free wash also cool matt washers

Terry Yarbrough

One of my favorite car washes I enjoy going there little expensive


Decent job washing. Nice that you can vacuum for free with wash.

mike Stettenbenz

I went there for the 1st time on 06/22/2016 and I will be back. Free vacuums! My car came out looking like new (and trust me a wash was LONG over due). Received a free air freshener which smells really nice. My only negative is the wash did push my passenger mirror in. It didn't break it, but I did have to push it back in place and readjust. I will be back soon to get my car washed again, hopefully the mirror was just a fluke.


This place is great, they have free vaccums and a mat cleaner. A machine with all your needs, air fresheners, leather cleaner, glass cleaner and what not. The staff is always super nice at the car wash. And if you look at the back of your grocery receipts sometimes they give you three bucks off. Which is awesome! I come here regularly.

Julee Pariseau

Such nice friendly staff - it was a great experience from start to finish!

no potential

Didn’t even get the snow off the hood and bed rails of a pick up, asked manager or a rerun and was refused. Will not return.

Nancy Donovan

I like the free vacuums. It's a little expensive but ghee car looks great after.

Dez Camacho

Vacuums are not very powerful... my car looked great though


Great vacuums, good wash and mat wash!

Sue Wainwright

Love this place. Easy

Jessica Campos

The best car wash!


Good car wash. Has a rain policy too.

Aaron Villarreal

Great value for seven dollars to get my truck really well scrubbed. Definitely coming back here. Josh had exceptional service for me.

Tommy Jones

Hit and miss. The top wash up as a tire shine at the end, and doesn't seem to be working lately. Bummer

KLandK Rand

The car wash is good; vacuuming is free and uniquely designed to be convenient, powerful, and mostly hassle free; there is a machine for cleaning floor mats and an attendant on duty.

Rb Liebendorfer

Good place to get the ole buggy clean again.


Great location. A lot of spaces for cars - ive never waited in a line at this location.

Dianna Vong

I like this car wash. It's close to home and the free vacuums are a huge plus. However, the last couple of times I've gone the center base of the "brushes" seem to hit my car almost everytime. The first time it hit my driver side mirror and scratched it. The second time it did it again. I stopped going for a while then decided to give it another go. It worked great and didn't have any issues so i figured they fixed the problem. I then purchased a card with them. I just went through 2 days ago and this time the brush hit the left side of my car.... I have a 2019 Honda CR-V... it's not absurdly wide so I don't know why this is happening. I don't know how the wash works but something needs to be looked at if others an myself are having the same issue with different cars. I like this car wash so please fix this issue.

Mary Scheldt

This car was is the BEST!! Always friendly, and helpful service! The property is clean end meticulously cared for. The prices can’t be beat. Management (Eugene in particular) obviously cares about the customer and their product. He was so helpful and congenial when helping us figure out care for our new cars finish. We will always go to Ocean Express !!

Jason J

Always free vacuums, rain guarantee and I really like the way the staff seems to care about my vehicles.

Jared Shoemaker

Great, quick car wash. Does get a little busy in the middle of the day. But has $2 off deal when they open and close everyday.

Desiree Marye

I love this car wash. Especially there 3 day guarantee, but also there mat cleaning machine and free vacuums! I always have coupons on-hand. On nice sunny days, there wait is long but the line moves at a decent pace.

Andrea Beacham

This place is legit. I've been going here for a year. Today their wash took off a piece of my side mirror and I had to return. They immediately stopped the wash, retrieved my part and fixed it for me in minutes. Free vacuums and pina colada air fresheners... Love this place!

jb dalvit

Be prepared to remove antennas & any appendages on your vehicle-or they won't let them through due to liability. This wash is on a track system, so put your vehicle in neutral when you pull in. Push your mirrors in if you have a wide truck. This is NOT a touchless wash-it has several brushes once inside. Put your car in gear immediately following the dryers to avoid the car behind from running into you. Friendly customer service, but I prefer a touclesss/track-less wash myself.

Sherri MacLean

This is a great place to get your car washed. It's fast, the staff is friendly, and the prices are great.

Salwa Qadeer

Busy but really good! They even drew a smiley on my kids window

will trulock

Great wash!

David Riemenschneider

Great wash the extreme wash always gets my truck clean and there are free vaccums if you get a wash or not.

Cristina Colmenero

Great washes bit would like if they had more deals to buy cards to wash my car

Angela Mocca

Always friendly, fast and better price then others! Why do people complain about customer service at a car wash unless they just complain about everything!

Branden Conley

A really good version of an automated car wash. About the same price as a dinky gas-station one, but much better. Free vacuums, and a vending machine for little stuff like interior wipes, air fresheners, etc. I'm never going to a gas station car wash again!

Edris Afzaly

Most of the dirt is on the inside of the vehicles in this season. I can wash my car for 3 dollars on one of those self car washes. I came here and paid 15 to clean the inside and their vacuums are useless. Do yourself a favor and find some place else people.


You have to have a clean ride inside and out that says alot about you ocean express is the place to go

Franklin Roos

Happened to be on this side of town and needed to clean the car 7.00 for outside only no towell dry of any kind and my vehicle actually came out dirtier than when I went in. All along the drivers side was grease and on the tail and roof as well...I noticed an employee walking around I attempted to notify him there was an issue he looked over and me and threw his hands up to shoe me away because he didnt care enough to even check it out. I have a black car that is waxed monthly and when it's got a little dirt on it I clean it..........i know that it came from there as i never send my car into the scratch o matic style wash by the time I knew it was a touch wash too late to back up so I went in and washed it with grease from your poorly maintained scratch maker wash. Boo to the wash and staff for p poor service and such low quality cleaning I mean making things worse

Alfred Allyson Drago

Best car wash place in the area with free vacuums

Jason Bach

Not bad. My car hadn’t been washed in sometime and I had a wash coupon from Autonation. Got the full service which included mat washing. When done, a small area around was not cleaned. The top and sides were looking great. But the back... not so good. I drive a Honda Fit and the back window looked untouched. The free vacuums were good and the mat washer did a good job. I know Car Wash USA Express will have an employee give that area a quick soap wash as you enter the car wash. Guess this is why. Ocean needs to add this.

Jamie Campbell

Never had a bad experience

robert Louie

Love the free vacuums

Lyndsi Wendler

LOVE! So much better than any other car wash and if your car comes out looking bad still they will let you go back through! Wonderful and kind management!

John Ramos

I’ve gone through so many car washes and never had my car damaged! It scratched up my windshield frame and mirror. I go back and speak with Eugene the manager and made him aware that the machine did damage. He said it never damages vehicles and that I’m lying. He was so disrespectful to us and wasn’t working to help the concern I had. Keep in my my car was brand new and had nothing wrong with it tell I came to this car wash! Never again will I do business there. What made it worse he just laughed about the whole thing in our faces.

Tom Ziegelbauer

Great free vacuums! I've met the owner and chatted with him on several occasions. Workers are very attentive and there is a certain pride keeping this a diamond in the rough.

Lynne Gilbert Page

Convenient and priced right. I like the weather warranty.

Angela Bernice Barraza

It is very nice to wash and vacuum my vehicles in a timely manner.

Rene Lepire

Service is very good. I had a small issue and the manager bent over backwards to make sure I was happy. I recommend this carwash highly.

Anton Postnov

One of the best car washes around! Car looks pretty clean even after few days off-roading. And their free of charge vacuums is a great add-on.

Screaming Salamander

This is a fantastic carwash. They have free vacuums and are very nice people. They even had a dog treat for my dog. I get the 7 dollar wash and it cleans my jeep perfectly. Excellent customer service.

Michelle Martinez

We being our truck here at least once a week.. Awesome staff..

Reckless XVI


Brandon Ai

Good wash. No tire shine. A little pricey

Rodrigo Baez

Ok price. Not good drying, bring towels.

Megan Howard

Friendly staff members and a great prices and a terrific wash!

HighAF_Fishing TV

I was denied a re-wash for the Ultimate Extreme clean even though I was rained on for several minutes the very next day just 20 miles north of their location. The receipt doesn't say you have to be rained on for any certain amount of time or at any certain location. This Is Fraud and I have witnesses to verify that we did indeed get rained on in Firestone on Saturday 4/5/19. There was no need to deny a guaranteed service that's on the receipt.

John Kriete

Nice place free vacum

Amber Alarid

Best car wash in town!

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