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375 Spectrum Loop, Colorado Springs, CO 80921, United States

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Here you will see the reviews of people like you who are purchasing the products and services of North Gate Car Wash (Car Wash) in the area close to the state of Colorado.

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REVIEWS OF North Gate Car Wash IN Colorado

Porter Gee

The best carwash in the Springs....No touch leaves grime behind.

Matt Inama

Great Car Wash!

Jordan Tackett

Very convenient car wash! Only $7 for the base wash and then free vacuums and a mat washer (super convenient). The vacuums work very well and the car wash is as good as a automatic car wash can do. [They have a lot of really good deals on monthly memberships if you wash your car often.]

Diane and Mark Smith

Vacuums didn't work

James Oliveira

Great place, great owner. They do a great job prepping your vehicle as it enters the car wash.

Michael Hudson

More expensive than other car washes (about $2-3 more) and didn't really seem any better than the usual ones I go to. The music/light show is pretty much a joke but not what I go to a car wash for anyway. The main problem with the music is the FM transmitter they are using puts out so little power I couldn't hear it over the car wash, and I turned my stereo up to 3 times the normal volume. I went here because I read reviews that it is the best "touch free" car wash around but it is NOT touch free, it uses brushes like most other washes. I did like that they sprayed the front and back as I was going in and used a brush to get the bugs and grime off the front. I would go again if I am in the area and need a wash but wouldn't go out of my way or anything.

Kyle Russell

Great car wash and great customer service. Had a billing problem and they resolved it fully and quickly.

Abhay Natu

Great location. Vacuums available but could use a little more power. On/ off switch on hoses will help. Mat washer is nice.

Rebecca Milner

I have the pass for this car wash. The location is great and they have free vaccuums. Only reason it's not 5 stars is because their line gets so bad around 5pm. It's definitely a happening car wash.

Chad Johnson

Love the fact that they participate in local fundraisers for Schools!

Hubert _Son

Brent Hoffbauer

Great drive through car wash for the exterior of your car but at $20 I wish the vacuums worked, this is the 3rd time coming here when the vacuums were absolutely useless..they need to fix this issue..

Bert Fitzpatrick

Cara Rizzo

Great service

Larry Stout


awesome crew and great car wash. Car comes out looking detailed.

Christopher Henninger

The actual car wash works great costs about $10-$15. But the vacuums are terrible and are free for a reason. They have difficulty sucking up small pebbles and don’t really do anything

Tracy Maestas

Awesome experience! I had a ton of bugs on the front of my car from a road trip and the guys scrubbed them off and let me go through the wash twice! Thank you!

James Lewis

Jane Newman

Great place. Vacuums could use some maintenance.

Jenny Wagaman

Marty Nelson

Does a great job of removing road grime from my cars

Timmay Yammit

Fun, easy, and clean!

Todd Peterson

Great place and very convenient!!

John H

Came for the vacuum. Compared to other places, I was in and out really quickly and was able to suck up the dirt in those really tight spaces with ease here.

Dan Cam

A good wash is worth the extra money but it's an excellent deal if you get the monthly pass.

Andrea G

Gina Bellestri

I do really love this car wash for it's convenient location and nice equipment, however, I've been pretty disappointed as of late. I always pay the extra $3 to have my car scrubbed by the gentlemen before going through the wash, but the last three visits it seems as though either all of my windows or the front end of my car get missed. This bums me out because even after the $10 wash I'm still left with bugs all over my car. I'm really hoping next time will be better.

Eric Godelfer

Price is the only thing holding this wash back from 5 stars. I come here at least once a week and for an auto wash it gets my truck about 95% as clean as a hand wash. Wish the prices were closer to other places around town, but for me the location makes it convenient.

Erin Turner

Their service and attention to detail is amazing. They are flexible and responsive.

Sean Lim

chuck sewell

This is the best carwash I've used.

Mary Ann Reichwein

They are closed on Sundays. Sundays seem like they would be a very busy day for them. A lot of people work during the week and run their errands on the weekends. Their vacuums are terrible and have very little suction. The wash is average.

John Morrison

Fast and thorough wash.

Jim Rogers

GREAT wash and friendly employees


they never pick up the call. not sure why do they have a number to contact...and poor service, last time my car was half washed...tried to reach them . Very poor service

Shawn Clark

Long wait times (20-30 minutes) during peak hours

Susie Herz

I love this place and worth all of $29.95 for unlimited washes, clean and super suction vacuums and free mat washer that really works. The staff is always friendly and not hard on the eyes either!

Sean McCarty

The mat cleaners and good vacuums are a nice touch.

Jason Court

Isaac Lopez

I recommend this place for people who loves cars the way I do

Thomas L. Toscano III

Easy to use service. Nothing touches your car but the applications and water. Don't have to worry about potential scratches like other car washes.

Paul Cauley

Chris Sanchez

Great place to wash ur car

Bran B

this carwash is always running quick and does a great job. friendly and professional staff best drive thru wash in town!

Brigitt Bedwell

The car wash works great! They hand spray your car before it goes through the automatic wash. We have a monthly plan that is very reasonable, so our cars stay clean. It's easy and quick.

Kim Janson

Would be 5 stars if the damn thing didn't destroy my driver's side floor mat. :/

Abigail Seidenberg


Erika Serna

I was visiting Colorado Springs and went to this Carwash and it is AMAZING!!

Bread Queen

Ralph Nussbaum

Levi Greb

Need to vacuum your car? Do it here! They provide great vacuums available, for free! (Of course you can't take them with you though). If you accidentally let squirrels go crazy on cheez-its in your car, don't clog your own vacuum! Come here, their vacuum are more than up for the job. On a second note their carwashes seem decent, however as of yet, I have only gotten one.

Chris Mendenhall

Carrie Ardel

Great, thorough, quick wash! Will be back

Jennifer Keoshgerian

Most exciting car wash, ever! Entertained with the music and car was nice and clean. Free vacs, too!

agustin gandara

Laurel Beck

I love your carwash but your bright lights are too much. Any chance you could tone them down? They don't seem nessacay for a good wash. I may be looking for another place to wash my car. :(

Behr & Behr Team

Great car wash! The staff is friendly and they keep the line moving and everything working.

Carmen Collins

Gets your car clean for a decent price. Don't forget your towel and glass cleaner. For after

Alex Solorio

One of my favorite car washes in town. I opt for the $20 wash because my money management skills are horrible, but the shine on the car is fantastic. The wash is really good at getting the tires and wheels clean witch I'm pretty picky about. Free vacuums and a little washer for your all weather matts round this place out nicely. I'd suggest checking how busy it is on Google before showing up. Sometimes the vacuums are all full and washing the outside without cleaning the inside is just like taking a shower and not washing the soap off. Overall not a bad choice if you are short on time and need to get that layer of gunk off your car.

R Fitzgerald

Ok, broke a part on my car and paid for the repair.

Danielle Novotny

Amazing service and great wash!

Daniel N. Hewitt

Very unhelpful staff and my car was still dirty after the wash.

Rene Beshear

Excellent service, awesome wash. I use the monthly plan that is well worth every penny.

Andrew Gough

Maria Smith

Great service!

Brandon Untal

Line takes FOREVER to get through!

Dice L

Courteous young men working there and the complimentary vacuums are nice, no need to rush like crazy to get the carpet clean. Price is reasonable for sure. Hope the brushes don't scratch my finish, guys there said they wouldn't. Inside of car wash is like an alien abduction.

Tashari Gary


Wy Dog

Does a great job washing my large truck.

Brian Gilbert

Tracy Ingle

Danny Gredinberg

Ryan Robison

Best car wash in the area. Not a fan of the brushes. Wish they would pressure washer more. Love free vacuums and matt washer!!

Dan Castleman

Andy Mohr

Great wash!!

Jimmy Anderson

Best wash in cos

Chrystal Short

Machel Keens-Dumas

Nicole Gredinberg

Works great for a quick wash and vacuum.


I have been using this car wash since they opened and have been happy with the service up until last week. I went through the wash and the belt was pushing me through so quickly and did not clean or rinse my car very well. The back window had sud streaks. Never experienced this before. Called two times for a re-wash and never received a call back. Looks like teens run the place! Poor management. Won't be going back

Drew Brandon

Bought a new car less than a month ago, took it to get washed here after the last big snow, the guys at the front pressure washed half of the car briefly then proceeded to use the long soapy brushes. I have about 10 new noticeable scratches after using this car wash. My guess is from not pressure washing my whole car to get the salt and dirt off of it from the road. Rather they rubbed it in with the soapy brush instead. Super frustrating to have a lot of new scratches on your car after using this car wash.

murali mohan

Nice carwash center at colorado springs with best & quick service at $10. Free Vacuums and mat cleaner provided.

Harry Mitchell

Clean and nice. My favorite part is cleaning the mats. This one has good heat for quick drying.

Mike Finn


Great and quick carwash. Excellent customer service!

Chad Bertanzetti

Great service center

Wendy McHenry

Jerad Winsett

Efficient, even when there is a line.

Raj Adhikari

Very good car wash place. I go there once a week .

Marty Kell

This carwash does a great job on your vehicle (as long as you do not try to go through with a quarter ton of mud on your rig. And YOU who do this and then complain KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Jason Slocum

Easy service, worth the time and money

Adam Kesey

Austin Nestlerode

Offer free vacuuming and floor mat cleaner.

Trivian Dickard

Just don't expect much for your basic carwash. We had bird goo stuck to the window that they didn't get off. They said basic wash didn't cover , we could pay to go through again, awesome customer service. We will not be back with our 3 cars !

James Stone

Kevin Comstock

Best $10 car wash, love the vacuums, they operate better than some other free car washes. Tricky location, best wash in a 15 min radious.

Maggie Easton

Mike Robbins

Shaun McNally

A little pricey but does a good job

Danicka Beckley

Like it but it is expensive to wash your car. Like the free vacuums. My kids like the rainbow lights as we go through the wash. Wish prices were a bit more affordable. Also, if you pay for the shami dry thing, the roller comes down to dry the top of your car but they removed the ones to sry the sides. I think that feature is a ripoff. You'd be better served spending the money on a good shami and drying it yourself.

Melonie Marshall

Great personable service costs a little more than what I wanted to pay, but they assured me their quality is worth it.

Colorado Travel Guide

Chris Abeyta

These guys are the best! Get the season or annual pass!

Dione Vazquez

Anurag Chitnis

Great car wash at reasonable price.

Michael Robb

Excellent wash and good vacuums. Whenever I had an issue, Buck (the manager) didn't have a problem taking care of (or helping me) with my situation. I'll definitely be back.

Dennis Dougan

I purchased the basic wash for $7. The front bumper of the car did not get clean. I contacted tan employee and he told me if I wanted the car clean, I would have to at least buy a $10 car wash. He said they do no prep on a basic wash. He said the $7 basic wash is just a rinse and does not use soap on the car. Only an upgraded wash uses soap. So, for $7 I get my car rinsed off. A car wash that doesn’t clean the car. I would stay away.

Logan Brodine

Awesome car was! It is also fairly fast, we always take our cars here and have liked the results every time.

Stephen Scherrer

This is the best automated car wash in the area. Lots of additional options besides the regular wash. There are also vacuums available for use. The lights in the car wash are synchronized to music that you can tun into on your FM radio.

James Lavin

Great service

Israel Donaldson

Not great and NOT OPEN SUNDAYS! Umm washing your car is a weekend thing. Everyone works all week and we have to take care of our personal lives on the weekends and this place decides to be closed for over half the weekend! Ridiculous.

Mark Prettyman

Jeff K

Do a good job it's just every soccer mom minivan in North Springs is there. Plan accordingly

Jeff Anderson


Krissy Hauschild

I had a lot of spots on my car.

Anthony Moore

Very good drive-through car wash. And free vacuums

Christine Gutierrez

A little expensive but ok.

Harrison Bolin

Use this car wash almost every week. Consistent clean, and there are almost always vacuums available. The staff is friendly and helpful, and always willing to help if something is less than satisfactory. My only complaint is the extremely bright flashing lights, but a pair of sunglasses takes care of that for me.

Ann Rivera

Gabriela Edwards

Melissa Verville

Dominique Dagohoy

Great place to get your car wash.

Michael Aigner

Chad Wilson

Jeff Henry

Shawn Mayer

Lady J.

New favorite car wash, for the price and what it does detail wise I'll definitely be making this my go to place. I did with my 2011 Camry & now my 2016.

Adam Marciniak

Ron Barr

Great wash, employees and service. Only complaint is not open on Sundays. Seems odd to me when most people work during the week and the weekends are the only day to wash your car. If Saturday rains you are out of luck. I have the monthly unlimited and I wish they were open on Sundays. New car wash going in down he street and if they are open on Sundays I will be buying my pass from them

Sudhir Kulkarni

Amy Cowden

Nice place for car wash. Free vacuum and matt washing machine.

Damon Mueller

Max McDonald

Good value for the service. No human interaction if that's something you want to avoid. Nice vacuums

Jack Batson

The staff here are the best!

Mike Allred

I love these places around town, good wash, decent prices, free vacuum and mat cleaning.

Patrick Baron

Bob Horner

Ashley Walker

Good car wash, kids loved the light show. Wish the vacuums were just a touch more powerful, I think I was spoiled with the last car wash I went to!

Octavian Avila

Closed on Sunday... lame

Bill Jacobs

Jeremy Adams

Matt Surma

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