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REVIEWS OF National Pride Car Wash IN Colorado

Joshua Buchanan

Really consistent and quick car wash with a convenient location. Totally worth the visit and the prices are pretty good as well. Obviously if you have a nicer car you should be hand washing but if you need the quick and dirty with some free vacuuming to get you out then they gotchu fr

Martin Vasilevski

Best hot water & no touch wash out there!

Jeffrey Harris

Really nasty customer service. Went there to wash out my trunk because of an oil spill. Now I would understand if they wanted me to pay for a new brush... but what does the guy working there do? Makes a nasty comment that the next person will have oil all over the brush and then walks away, gives me the cold shoulder, and proceeds to shut down the cell I was in. Customer service award of the year, my toe. You won’t catch me dead here ever again.

kelley allender

I got the $12 wash, which is supposed to be their best & it was terrible. Got the sides of my car clean but that's it. Didn't touch the wheels & despite looking like it did a good job on the front & back, I was disappointed to find out it did nothing. I know there's mixed reviews but I don't recommend it to anyone & I won't be going back.

G.T. Harris

Does a great job, even on our tiny Smart!

Kathy Kerner

I don't have to talk to anyone. 13/10 would go again.

Doug Stuver

High quality automatic wash. No guide rails any more, which avoids rim damage. Exit to new seasons is open but owner now polices usage and tries to deny its use ??? Reversing onto busy road is not a good option.

Ben Osen

nicole wertz

alexander males

P Dub

Jackson Vandervest

Russell Loewe

Cheryl Turner

Vector Sprint

The soap brush works.

Dave Clements

Hb Kim

Open 24 hours. Touch free automatic car wash!!

Missy & Jay

Bit pricey and the water bay (chamois station) was not operating...

Melor Striefentier

Mmmmm, cheap high pressure soap.

Ronald Buchanan


Christopher Boyd

David Lechner

Auggie Vela

Owner of this business is extremely condescending. No longer washing my car here due to his rude behavior.

Ugaas Mohamed

good car wash

Elizabeth Tate

Tyler Bell

Best automatic car wash in Beaverton.

Tali Contreras

Increased self washing service charge 1 dollar 3 mins isnt enough time for 3 dollars.

Carl D. Mark

Dennis Yu

Clean place always has people using the facility. The Lazer touch less wash is clean if you just have light dirt on your car.

J Hicks

Reliable scrub zone. Beats many of the do-it-yourself wash bays in the metro area

Shad Martin


Ryan Clevinger

Have pre soak and all the settings to get your car spotless! Needs updating but it's very functional

Parker Bell

Sarah Salazar


Equipment worked good, no complaints

James Haberski

Shawn Brown

Coley Cole

Alex Acosta

Wash stations are pretty good. Vacuums are ok, but could use a little more power. All in all, an above average self-wash station.

Fred Rosa

It's ok

Brian Akins

Touchless car wash, plus the regular do it your self kind and vacuums.

Daniel BigDog Luevano

Brittany Farmer

Wish they had brushes

j awesome

Great place to wash your car, yourself. Only place I know of around here. Only thing I wish they had was free vacuums.

ray davanzo

Tom Knapp

They clean cars.

Nicholas Mora

Chad Parker

Joshua Nelson

Car wash and vac place. needs to empty the trashcans more often.

AJ Koenes

Scam. Took my money and the worthlessness tokens do not work in the machine.

Natasha Taylor

Larry Lam

D McAllister

RIP wash wizard.. you shall be missed!!

Alex Crum

Got a clean car and didn't have to wait long. Prices are average.

Denise Benner

"Touch Free" drive thru car wash- does not quite do a decent enough job as it's just water and soap. Doesn't really get the grime off like those with the big brush like cleaners

Rick Slossen

I use this car wash regularly, it has everything you need to make your car sparkle. It is safe and well cared for. Good job by the owner. You will not be disappointed.

Brian Lingenfelter

Brian Grimm

Usually a line to get through to the bays, popular place

Zaj Dub

Rude owner

Jeffry Fleischer

Conald Frostig-Miller

Wayyy over priced and sometimes the location is dirty like someone needs to take out the trash but didn't do it.. But it's the only 24 hour location and has some wetvac like tools.

Sheldon Kreger

Only DIY wash in the area.

Alex Koeppen

The cleanest and well kept carwash in the area. It seems like the managers and employees work extra hard to keep it in the best condition because I have never seen such a clean facility in such a heavily trafficked area. I always use the touchless car wash because I get better results ( a cleaner car ) then when I do it myself and I don't have to get out of my car so I can listen to my audio book while it runs.

Travis Diskin

Odd name.... Makes one uneasy. Okay self wash with $2 minimum, touchless wash has a maximum 7ft ht and a wicked turn to back out plus no refund so I was out $12. Mostly my bad, but can't even go here again.

ryan jones

Good do-it-yourself car wash place, but more expensive than a kaady carwash

Jim Walsh

Drove by it


The pressure washer doesn't work but the machine will take your debit card and charge you the minimum 3.00 $ and nothing happens. If you do find a stall that works, good luck getting the different settings to work. Plus there's nobody around or a phone number to call.

Jess Andrade

If o could give 0 stars I would. This place is fraud and they steal your credit card information. I have 38 charges on my account for $11.00, from a 3 minute car wash. Plus another change for $10. I will be calling the BBB and all resources to have this place shut down for participating in fraud. This place has no valid phone number, or anyone to hold accountable. STAY AWAY AT ALL COST BEFORE THEY GET YOU TOO!! IF YOU HAVE EVER BEEN HERE, CANCEL YOUR CARDS AND ISSUE A NEW ONE!

Rafael Valencia

The card swiper malfunctioned halfway through adding credits and left me very confused. I called the number, during "staffed" hours and was told I needed to return the following day to receive reimbursement. I went out of my way to give them my business, I will not go out of my way again...

David Dixon

Convenient location for those who work in Beaverton! 12 dollars for the most advanced wash isn't bad, and you get the rain-X coat which helps in Oregon.

J Lyness


Self service is great!

Rob Muse

Worked great

Kristin Schatz

Benjamin Cecil


Terrific car wash for either the automatic car wash (does not touch your car) or the self service ones. Very good vacuums too. Great manager. Prices are reasonable and it is open all night which is good for my schedule.

Nicky Wyatt

dooobo doofus

Touchless car wash took my money and froze up at the "wait for your turn" screen. Waited for 10 minutes, screen was still frozen. This place will literally steal your money, don't go. It's overpriced anyway.

lenny Santa Ana

Good prices on the yoga mats.had a good selection!

Tim Hickey

Christopher Harmon

It's kept clean, and well stocked

Robert Lopez

Cut my hand on damaged hoses.

John Nethery

Kate J

The owner is RUDE. He wont be getting my business anymore. I've had issues with him multiple times.

Justin Koeppen

Rachael 'Raye' Griffin

The harder u scrub-the cleaner the vehicle... It worx!

john monteiro

Charlie W

Amazing job for a touch free car wash! (the automatic wash) There was a period of time (about a year) where they had a bad manager, and things rapidly went down hill. Now that has been corrected, and everything works great again. So if you went there and had a bad experience, I would highly recommend trying it again. They definitely righted the ship. I will come back again and again now. They also just put in credit card acceptors in the self serve bays too. That's super convenient for me, as sometimes I like to do it myself.

Ben Rippel

Good quick alternative when the other drive through washes are closed or if you want to do it yourself. Self service car washes are few and far between around here.

James Shaver

Previn Marquez

If your car's dirty, go there

Bailey Kose

Over priced. Coin machine only gives tokens not quarters-I pressed cancel as soon as I read that and it was too late; then 3 of the 5 tokens I bought would not be accepted by the machine. Time lengths of both vacuum and wash were too short for the price. Highly disapointed. Will not return.

Nicole S

Mercedes Martinez

SivaGanesh Madhavan

Self wash n make sure you take quarters

Lily Noize

Julie Ledbetter

AT Adams

Ok. The vacuums suck

Rodney Larson

I just stepped into the 21st century! My PREVIOUS wash spot was sufficient, but after losing $2 first thing on a Sat morn due to non-functioning equipment, I came here. I've not been here in 15- 20 years and I will come back. This place takes debit cards!!!! I don't have to make a prior stop to get cash back in 1's anymore!!!! A good selection of wash cycles are offered and the place is clean. All in all, a proper car wash bay!

kevin Smith

Touch free is the way to go

Sheila Conlon

Really great pressure. The large stall wouldn't take any type of money so lost out on making revenue from RV but for the following car was great.

peter elliott

russell landor

Jonathan Miller

Best Bay car wash around. Touch free wash is good if you're feeling lazy but expensive


Marco Roberti

Get's your vehicle thoroughly washed. Better than all the other places. Customer service could use a bit more care. But hands down the best touches car wash around.

Spencer McNown

necro maniac

One of my favorites, I hope they keep the brushes and the lliquids topped up

Anne Arnold

Good wash


Genny Kennedy

Pam Winklesky

Kaady carwash has changed over time. They used to do an excellent job of washing the car. They've added vacuums for free so that's awesome but the automatic sprayers seem to miss some spots. It's a good mini cleaning but it's not for you if you want the inside cleaned It's pretty inexpensive and environmentally friendly (recycled water) so it's better than washing your car yourself

Jerome Taylor

Waste of money if you are washing your car. If you put $1.25 in you get 1:30.

Mitch Church

There are zero touchless car wash options where I live, but I work near this place so decided to go for the first time today. Overall, I'm happy with the experience. There were no issues with payment, and the instructions are clear. The wash itself was very light pressure, which for me is a plus. I don't want harsh water pressure. As you can see, there are a few spots on the lower part of my car that it didn't quite clean. The rest looks great. The drying part is imperfect, since the system doesn't involve a conveyer.

Ryan Satterthwaite

Great touch free car wash. I wish it cleaned the rims better but other than that it’s great. I’d recommend cleaning the rims before or just wiping them down after.

Tony Furfari

Good Car Wash for Do it Yourselfers.

Ttam Nosnaws

Strange occurrence when I get my car washed here through the automatic lane - my credit card gets charged more than I approve. I opt for a $15 wash, it not only gives me an $8 wash, but also claims on the receipt to have only charged $8.. however, my credit card statement shows I was charged the $15. Initially I wasn't concerned about it, having chosen the most expensive wash, I was fine with getting the lesser wash so long as I wasn't being charged for the most expensive one that I had initially chosen.. and the receipt claimed to have not charged me more, so I gave it no thought. A month later when I see my CC statement.. alarms go off. Unfortunately I no longer have that receipt since I thought nothing had happened at the time and threw it away; I cannot bring it to the attention of whomever owns that place. So be sure to compare your fake receipt with the actual charge as they don't seem to line up with what you might be getting in return. The inaccurate receipt raises a red flag for me.

Adrian Castillo

Clean stalls friendly owner

Tami Whigham

Got to do my own thing but with about $15 in quarters i was only able to soap my car and half way wash it. The soap also stained my shoes blue.

David Burns

You can pay in advance for 3 car washes and get a 4th for free.

Dana Silk

This was one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve ever had. I was so excited to find a self service car wash close by, but the instructions for the car wash weren’t particularly clear and I accidentally added more time than I’d intended to. I went to find the attendant and asked for his help and he made me feel like a complete idiot; he spelled out the process as if I were 5 years old and then said there was nothing he could do about it. But here’s the kicker...when I asked for his help, he turned off the car wash, which left my husband standing next to a soapy car. When my husband asked the attendant why it wasn’t working, the guy actually started hassling him...”I turned it off, is that a problem? Do you have some kind of an issue?” The guy was right up in his face, even after my husband tried to ignore him and go back to washing the car. We both stood there in shock...completely speechless. I would never go again, just on principle, and I can’t believe that anyone does.

Lea Sanchez

I've been using this car wash for 13 years. Easy to use. Beware the chemicals from the wash will oxidize your headlights and strip your clear coat. The drive through wash frequently breaks down at night, and the owner does not return calls for a refund.

Mersades Daffer

Best car wash in Beaverton, one of the few self wash places with a good price.

Justin Reynolds

Great carwash. Warm water rinse

Gina Liz M

Samantha Torres

Rod Grebb

David Collin

The manager is a jerk. He called me an "a**hole" for leaving some wet pine needles on the ground. Poorly handled customer interaction.

jonel stingu

Finally! A touchless car wash!

James Archibald

Automatic wash didn't get the grime off


I've used this "non-contact" car wash for ~4 years ever since another "contact" car wash scratched my car. A constant frustration i however encounter is having to pay separately for vacuuming using quarters. Most times i don't have enough quarters mostly because my my visit was unplanned. It'll be great they can consolidate the vacuuming charge into a single billing system for the entire car wash so people like me don't have to deal with the frustration of realizing too late that they don't have enough quarters.

Eric Time

Ignacio Vargas

Axel Popoka

I Am

Kelly Hammack

Stephanie Peterson

C Landrum

Lizbeth Valdez

Lupita Fernandez

John Thomson

vaddi nagabhushana Rao


Jeremiah Erickson

Nice and clean and everything worked.

Brady Prigg

This car wash has self-wash stalls and an auto-wash lane. Prices are okay; neither cheap nor overly expensive. It's never been very busy when I've gone in and I don't think I've ever had to wait for a self-wash stall.

Tony D'Apolito


K. Lynch

Best carwash in PDX. Wish they had more locations!!!

Alexander Sage

Alex Bertolucci

This car wash has self wash services but it also has a touch free car wash that's really affordable. They have lots of vacuums and I have never had to wait!

Robyn Harmon

Justin Keeler

Brushless, baby!

Jeremie Burhans

Bob Levin

Long lines sometimes.


I don't know what the issue is. But the automatic (drive thru) car wash is INCREDIBLY slow. Been here 15 minutes already. Big line of us waiting and only 2 cars have gone thru so far. I wouldn't come back.

chandel cross

matthew smith

Nice self wash car wash.

Tammy Martinez

Lilian Davila Martinez Davila

Frederick Garcia

Adriana Garcia

Gina Hanna

Chris Jarvis

Will charge 11 dollars instead of 4.


Jamie Niederkorn

They keep it clean and are always doing maintenance on their stuff just wish we could get a reicept for using their place so my work would reimburse me

Diana Thompson

Auto wash doesn't clean!

Chris H

It's a car wash. What do you expect. Decent size and not expensive

Priscilla Komlofske

Just moved to the cedar hills area, had been looking for a do it yourself car wash, since I would much rather wash my own vehicle. Although for those who prefer driving through a car wash they actually have a pretty awesome one! The prices are reasonable to go through the car wash and, the do it yourself ports, I believe charge 3$ for a good 5 minutes, I'm only guessing so I do apologize. They have conveniently placed card readers to make it easier for us but, if you happen to have cash they still take cash and coins! Oh and they also have high powered vacuums! Happy cleaning!

George Shepherd

Equipment is well maintained

Monique Sparks/Davidson

Horrible the exit in the back is an accident waiting to happen and people were driving in the exit meeting the while line up.. crazy full people cutting in front of others it was more than the usual self serve car wash not as great... If you can catch a different one on the way home i would and skip the hassle... they did have a big selection of air freshners though.

Ahsan Aziz

The main attendant/owner is a very rude and likely a racist person. The machines didn't work and took my money and he said "are you sure it's your money?" When i was waiting for my money he said -what do you want ? I said my money - he took 2 tokens and angrily put that on the ground. I told him it doesn't hurt to be nice to people, he said "yes it does around here". The gentleman next to me heard all these and another Hispanic person said he also got racist remarks from this owner.. "you people come here and...etc. " When the gentleman (white) asked the owner why he is behaving so rude, he literally pushed him out and said who the hell are you? This place has very bad customer service. Even after all these, when he realized all his customers are mixed race and they all saw this event, he came to me and said" i am sorry, but even if i say sorry i get called a racist". I told him please review all of what happened and you be the judge, you know your behavior and intentions best.

Jennifer Wall

There is NOT a 0 star button. ZERO STARS FOR THIS PLACE. Don't waste your time or money. ALL machines are broken in one way or another. Need I say more. Go down the road.....

Danielle Caldeira

Touchless which is useful if u have a rack on top..but a bit pricey given it also doesnt clean as well after a lot of rain and city driving grime

Jonathon Jomwe

Raised prices and staff is rude when present

Charles Hughes

Great place to wash your vehicle, either by hand or a touch less drive through. Only downsides are some of the wands leak while washing and a couple of times charged my card for extended time but didn't work... Still a solid 4.

Ashley Morgan

Sam Mukhin


Have visited a few times. The washing covered area usually has mud or dirt on the ground that spalshes onto your car. Brushes dont do a good job. So after i paid $12 to wash my car by hand i was washing it with a rag i had and the gentleman told me I couldn't. I explained the brushes were awful . He explained that if im gonna dry my car i need yo do it by the vacuums. I understand if someone was waiting but no one was. If only there was another car wash open 24 hours for those of ys who work odd hours.

katherine ryan

a l

Joshua Kim

24-hours is great. I've never used the automated wash but the self wash is always great. The lines aren't too long unless you go during peak hours. The most important question for self car washes is the quality of the brushes. I've grown to not use the brushes for fear of scratching my clear coat. My car gets pretty clean with a brushless wash.

Sheri Cocquio

This was our first ever touchless car wash and it was awesome! We just shipped our truck over from Hawaii, so it was covered in salt water spots. We also live in an area where we can’t wash our car, so this was the next best option. For $15, it washed the underside, cleaned, soaped, added polish and rinsed a few times. We brought our own chamois to dry off after running through the dryers. Our truck is sparkly again. Very impressed with this car wash!

Jesse Sowell

A truly brushless car wash. I like it, and the car cleaning area.

logan lanni

The washing tools provided are worn out and will put swirl marks in your paint. Attendee will reprimand you for bringing tools that do not damage paint.

Sarah Burwell

Automatic car wash was eating money and not working.

Karl Peffer

Card reader didn't work. Use of own supplies not allowed. Instructions not easy to understand.

Richard Gritman

Chato Blanco

Could be updated, but got the job done in and out with no hassles.

Sara Jimenez

Good place to go if you DONT want your car washed. Nobody to even get ahold of. No soap even came out. Got the most expensive wash and water barely sprinkled in my car. My car still has bird poop on it. Dont waste your money. So annoyed.

Dan White

Russ Cortez

Like the amount of soap that the car wash has.

Madhukar S

Good place for self car wash

Suyash Khandwe

The new touch less wash they installed is pretty nice. Price is reasonable and 24 hour service really helps. Air drier doesn't really dry though.

Pete Ruiz



Brandon Ferguson

No Spot Free Rinse

Donnie Pike


great service friendly staff

Ronald Phillips

Convenient drive through. But they don't brush the dried on spots so it leaves some residue

Johnathan Tate

The deluxe touch fee wash didn't rinse all of the soap off of my car and when I went through the dryer/blower on the way out it blew the soap all across my hood, roof, and sides of my car instantly drying it and leaving it looking awful. I had to take it home and hand wash it to get all of the dried soap off. I called and left a message for a refund but have yet to receive a call back. Don't use the automatic wash.

debby alvarenga

At least one of the wash stations has a clearance guaranteed for 12ft. Our truck camper is 11ft. The soapy water could be a bit more concentrated.


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