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865 Barranca Drive, Castle Rock, CO 80104, United States

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REVIEWS OF Motospa Car Wash, Detail, & Mobil 1Lube Center IN Colorado

Jennifer Leete

I always come to Mobile One for my car maintenance. Everyone is friendly and forthright with their recommendations for my car. I also love getting my car washed or detailed all in the same visit. Today, the team at Mobile One didn't even charge as much as estimated because they found the transmission fluids could wait until my next visit. I appreciate the genuine service and a team that looks out for their customers long term rather than making an extra buck today. Thank you for great, honest service!

tyler bolton

I've been here numerous times but just keeps getting worse and worse I'm am going on a road trip and I asked them to put air in my tires and when I paid 106$ for a oil change for a gas truck and asked the guy did you fill the tires up to 35 and he says yes we did and then I get to my truck and this is what I see they did nothing at all with anything besides oil I will post the Pic after this post and if I can't post it I have 2 tires at 28 a tire at 29 and a tire at 27 screw this place

Shanolyn Martinez

Love this place

Miss Direct

Windshield fixed

Jac 83

Go here monthly... Fast exterior wash. When I do spend a little more money the wait is always worth it. Super clean on the inside for a full clean and the lobby is so nice. Will keep going back!

Jill Wheeler

Watch that they clean back up cameras

Ted P

So far I have had great experience at this place. I go there regularly for my oil changes as well as car washes. Staff is very helpful, courteous and friendly. Folks washing or detailing the cars are very hard working people. Also, this place might be your best bet in castle rock area as far as car washes are concerned. Definitely recommended.


Aaron and his staff are great! They got me in and out quickly for oil and other fluid changes. Highly recommend both the car wash and lube services.

Jeremy Gamble

Great customer service, good people, best place to get the car washed.

Anthony Curiel

Great place Best wash in town And 4 free washes with oil change cant get any better

Willie Bowers

Friendly service and good job for the price.

Ashley Simcik

There should be free vacuums with a wash. Just an ok wash.

Katie Craig

Favorite car wash. I love the $30 unlimited wash package. It was great to have over the winter. When I get my free monthly detail they always do an amazing job. Very friendly and promy service! I've had my oil changed there too, nothing but great service on that side!

Eric heim

Best car wash in Castle Rock and Denver metro area! Friendly staff, and heir automatic wash performs better than the others anywhere nearby (especially the dryer) and If you are smart enough to buy their top tier unlimited wash plan, you will also get a complimentary detail once per month, which is worth more than the monthly plan itself

Joseph Campbell

Grille and tailgate stayed dirty through two washes, staff couldn't provide refund when I asked. Not worth the $15 for the wash, and not worth the time to go through the line. Pretty sure my truck was scratched by the wash, but I didn't have before pics to prove it.

Wally Wessel

Customer reception ~ courteous Speed ~ great Detail ~ amazing Thoroughness ~ complete My new vendor for car wash, engine oil, and transmission fluids. Thank you Motorspa Staff!

Gene Paris

I have been coming here for years and I think they're terrific. Better than ever!

Fay Porter

I had a fantastic experience. They did a great job of washing my SUV, which gets really messy because I have four kiddos and a dog in the car all of the time. Thanks guys!!

Chris Tracy

You have to take the bad with the good. The lube shop is fast and there's never a wait, but you will be hard sold on upgraded services that are too expensive to begin with. Other lube shops in the area are less expensive but there is rarely an opportunity to just walk in.

Lisa Hanson

Great service

Jeanne Wattles

Could have more courtesy staff

Karen Crowley

Very happy with Motospa! I have been to this car wash numerous times. Very pleased with the car wash and they take great detail to dry off my car and clean the inside. I will continue to go to Motospa!

Scott Smeeton

Been going here for oil changes and service for nearly 3 years. Great service! Kim in lube center is always friendly and remembers all my vehicles. Lube Service Manager- Aaron is dedicated to maintaining a quality shop.

Jim Wolf

We have been members for several years and have appreciated the quality of service and professionalism of the staff, to include management. I would recommend that you give them a shot. Despite our having a membership, the four free car washes with an oil change is a great deal. We let our son use those washes.

Vera Murdock

I never had a bad car wash or interior cleaning complaint. I go pretty often and will continue to go.

Chris Griffiths

Best wash in town hands down!

Tamie Sirney

I decided to go here again after I swore I never would again because of my first experience. The first time the inside of my car was wiped down with such a dirty rag that it smelled for days after. Today I paid for the most expensive car wash and made sure the inside would be wiped down with a protectant spray. When I left it was vacuumed but was not wiped down with anything, just lightly dusted. There was still crude everywhere. For spending the extra $ I thought it would have been done right. Not quality service. I will never go here again. Fool me once shame on you , fool me twice shame me.....

S Martin

We moved here from Phoenix and looked for a good car wash in town. I read the reviews, some good and some bad and figured I'd give them a shot. This place is great. Better than the one we used to go to before we moved. Can't imagine what some people must expect.

finn finney

Aaron was Great! Helpful, knowledgeable, pleasant and did a Wonderful job!

Janie Letterman

Fast quick service

Adam Nichols

Horrible service and poor attitude at the oil change. Do NOT ever go, they rude and do not care about their customers. Lady with the neck tattoo acted like she could care less. Called and was told they were open until 6:00, as it states on their website. Showed up at 5:02 and was told sorry they closed at 5:00 and acted like it was my fault that I could not get an oil change. Bad service and not worthy of giving them your business.

Jason McDonald

Stripped my Oil Pan Plug

Jack Murray

Good car wash and windshield repair too.

Corey Banks

Nice customer service and waiting their waiting area is nice.

Elliott Avery

Best in town.

Jerry Chavez

I am confused by some of the negative reviews, these guys did a killer job on my Mini! Definitely will be coming back!

Kat Aodhageán

My kids love this place! Theyhave neon lights and colorful flashing signs all the way through, and always leave your car sparkling! Also, this is where the 100% street tacos guy parks through the week :)

Alicia Kliber

Great place to come and get your oil changed and car washed! I didn't even know my car CAME with a cabin filter until the lube service girl Kim explained to me about my car! I keep coming back here because she is a familiar face that has always been such a delight and truly cares about real customer service! Thank you! I highly recommend this place!

Matt Pastore

The membership is well worth the money.

Bill Hanley

Paid for their top inside and out $35 wash, not worth the expense.

kim cofield

Very nice people and the lube center where, I get my oil changed is great and I got four free car washes.

Jennifer Arneson

I went to here on 1/30/18 and wanted a car wash. I then realized they could detail the inside of my car so I asked if they could add that on. When I went in to ask, a gentleman approached me about getting an oil change. I normally go to the same place for my oil changes but decided to give them a shot. About 40 minutes later I was told my car was all done. I went out to my car to discover they didn't do the inside and didn't do the towel dry either that I paid additional for. I then had to run around trying to find the correct person to talk to. They told me they would run my car through the wash again and get it taken care of. Well because of that my car got pushed to the back of the line and I had to wait another hour. I then told the man after waiting another hour that I was upset that I paid for everything and they acted like it would be no big deal to add on these services, then they messed up and now I am having to wait. He then has the RUDE manager come out. The Manager doesn't want to listen to what I was trying to say and just says ok we will through in a free interior clean next time. My car was finally done and I left.I since have been going to school full time and leaving before sunrise and getting back before sunset so I didn't notice all these oil stains on my drive way. M husband beet me home on 2/8/18 and thats when he noticed all these stains in the driveway. When I got home he looked at my car and noticed that the filter wasnt tightened and so my care had been leaking oil this whole time and is right at the add line. I called and left a voicemail stating that I wanted a manager to call me ASAP and I want a refund. I never got a call back. They are lucky that my husband caught it in time. NOT HAPPY AND WOULD NEVER THIS PLACE!!! Not worth going here. Will never return and plan on telling everyone I know not to go here.

Aaron Seissiger

Went through the auto wash. I had to apply my brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of me. Two of the rollers had to pass under my tires while jamming on my brakes. The wash did a horrible job leaving soap on my car. No one came out to apologize or offer a second pass to make it right.

Jerry Billings

Never had a problem here, have my oil changed here and vehicle detailed as well great and friendly people.

David Nicholas

Best place in town to get a car wash. There is a person there to pressure wash the front and back of the car as the automated part of the car was does not do the full job. The brushes have a tendency to bend out my front plate, but so do other car washes. With each oil change you get about 5 complimentary car washes.

Whitney Ashby

amazing! love these guys and gals...outstanding work and great service with a short wait!

Thomas Harris

Terrible, Horrible, Customer Service Sucks! Do not go here, wait for a good rain and you will have a better car wash!!!! Been 10 months and tried this place again. Totally sucked! $40 for a filthy vehicle. Only one in line and they rushed, leaving water spots, dirty windows, and crap vacuum job.

Jonathan Reed

Loyal customer at the oil change rack and auto car wash. Car detail shop for those inclined. I am a road warrior so I have too much in the car to have a staff worry about keeping the interior clean. Those are the good things. for those who don't want to hear nit-picking please stop reading. The auto car wash does a fair job. Today was the first day I asked to go through twice. Brake dust on the wheels and gravel could still be seen in the wheel wells. Told the person at the register then also told the employee at the entrance, in English and Spanish, about the brake dust. Its dust. Its in the name, "Brake Dust". The machine doesn't clean it, even after two trips through. But the new light show is very pretty. Came home and hand-washed the car. The mechanic at the lube rack broke the dipstick and cover for the transmission. Had to buy a new one and I had to use vise-grips to extricate the old one.

Aaron Niles

Have frequented this car wash for years. Always to a top job cleaning, but it’s ridiculous that it takes 45 minutes to an hour to have the interior done. Workers are moving at a snales pace! Need to consider adding more employees to the line.

Evan Owen

Great service here.

Chris Cote

Take our vehicles regularly for exterior washes. Even the cheap $10 wash does the job. Recently, my wife took her 2012 Toyota Sienna in to be detailed inside and out. This things was full-on soccer mom dirty. It came back looking like new. I am not kidding. Totally amazed. Thank you Motospa--you do great work!

Landon Edgington

Aaron helped with oil change, transmission fluid flush, coolant, air filter, power steering. Great guy and good service. Recommend it.

Jarrod King

Aaron the service manager was very friendly and the oil change service was completed quickly.

Robert Estes

Great car wash, on the outside. But way too long for full interior. I'm a monthly customer and it takes 45 minutes to get through the inside and out. I have to think twice every time. They need more help.

Joe Racine

If you close at 5:30 than put that on your hours of operation!?!!? Don't put 6pm if you turn anyway people before that.

Elaine Thomas

I bought the card, they do a good job

Angelina Martinez

After yrs spent going to another chain carwash, we decided to try Motospa again. We purchased the monthly membership and it's worth every penny! Great job!!

Jon Thiessen Sr

Quick car wash

Ben Craig

One of the better carwashes around. I enjoy the monthly subscription that includes one free interior detail a month. They always do a great job.

Carrie Carpenter

Car looks great! They were quick and friendly!

Dr. Peggy Henninger

I have been coming for interior and exterior car washes for years. Today they spent more time and got it cleaner inside than they ever have. If I could get the same cleaning quality every time I would come back but not sure if it's worth it in other days.....

Chris plucinski

The owners have terrible customer service and carry themselves poorly. The only reason that this Carwash even stayed in business because it was the only one in Castle Rock. I am glad that there is finally another car wash that has opened up in Castle Rock and I strongly suggest you go there. To the owners competition is coming so you better learn how to treat customers with respect.

E Mueller

I don't know how this place stays in business. Just paid $35 for in/out on brand new car. Made them redo interior and they still couldn't get the windows and mirrors clean. Waterway needs to come into Castle Rock and put these guys out of business. I've brought various cars here over the years and each time I think maybe something has changed. I will go out of my way to take my car to Waterway in Lone Tree. I believe the definition of insanity is: doing the same thing, expecting different results.

Derek Ferro

From car washes to details to having mechanics on site for oil changes and other car repairs and Diagnostics a great one-stop-shop!

Michael Aeling

To good car wash they do a very good job

Lillian Woo

Im just getting into this review thing!! So much fun, and I enjoy telling these wonderful businesses when they do well. I was very pleased with the service here, and would definitely recommend this center for all vehicle related needs!!

Randy Reynard

Sloppy, incomplete work. This location is going downhill.

Deborah Rosenoff

Great service and they always do a good job.

Rell Alexander

My Aaron at the mall. Kool people and hooked me up with the car wash. Great, fast service

Jonathan Diaz

Awesome car wash. Guys are always friendly and do a great job.

Ginger Voorhorst

It's so nice to find Good, Honest Customer Service! I was even called by name when I first pulled up--Nice Personal Touch! Aaron is professional and very helpful. The inside lobby is nice and clean, but the outside waiting area could use some trash clean-up then I would give Motospa a 5 star review!

Bo Sampley

Best car wash in town. Good looking and hard workin lube techs as well.

Bree Walker

I have to say I was very pleased with the services they offer! Aaron and Kim where incredible answered all my answers and didn't mind I had a lot of questions. The customer service was amazing! The detail crew did a good job too. Thank you for taking care of my car!

Donna C

Great customer service! The girl in the lube center is awesome and very helpful! She always keeps me up to date on my vehicle maintenance schedule and makes helpful recommendations.

Cheyenne Yeggy

Being a woman I don’t claim to know anything about cars. I went in for an oil change, they offered me two different options but didn’t bother to explain the difference between either one. Receptionist/cashier was very short with me. However, I got in at a great time and was literally in and out within 20 minutes. Very fast service, not great customer service.

Sexist Spaghettios

I like your guys car wash but one suggestion. In case I missed it disregard but I think you guys would do well if you marked your detailing bays. Several times I've come up now and I get in line for just a towel dry and by the time the guys are done with the interior cleaning and outside drying of other vehicles my truck is dry. Maybe make one of the lanes towel dry only. Hang signs or something indicating which lane is which. Doesnt seem to take long for your guys to towel dry so i think it would also speed up things. Like i said i like your services and especially like the tire shine you guys give with the drying but I thought I'd make a suggestion. Please if I missed signs or something just disregard this constructive criticism.

Mark Ewing

VERY RUDE so called owner! If I could give them a no start I would. I used to, and the term there is "used to" have the unlimited car was package until... this problem continued to happen. About twice a month I will have them do the interior also. The last three times when I get back into my vehicle after cleaning, both seats in the front are re-programmed all the way back as far as it will go and laid back to almost being in the back seat. My stereo was set to a FM Latino station. I never listen to local stations, only Sirius XM . The first two times I let it go and did not say anything but today after it happened again I called and asked for an owner to call me back and this so called manager / owner Jason called and after I told him what happened he immediately said he did not believe me! He then proceeded to make every excuse in the book as to what may have happened on MY behalf to cause this to happen. I have had the vehicle for almost a year and I am very familiar with it and this has never happened as a mistake on my behalf, especially changing the radio to a station that I would never listen to. After thinking about this, I called Jason back and told him since he chose to blame me and not accept responsibility for what was his employees fault, rather than saying "I'm sorry about that Sir, what can I do to make it right" , he just continued to say I was at fault and saying his staff did not do it,. I told him to cancel my membership and refund my $30 monthly fee and he refused to do so. Huge mistake on his behalf as I have already called my credit card company and cancelled everything and was told a refund will show on my next statement and they have blocked him from trying to charge anything else. They agreed, no business should ever treat a paying client like this like this and that is the reason for the quick refund. Also, so Jason can't reply and attempt to make me look bad, he said I've already used the service I paid the $30 for... It was just charged to my card Saturday. Jason, you say you have been in the business for 17 years, I've been in mine for 33 years and here is a little tip you really need to learn, "the customer is always right" You also should learn a few customer service skills too... you really need them! There is a new car wash being built beside of the new King Soopers and they will have all of my business from here on out! Jason certainly has no business running a business! I will let everyone know to avoid Motospa in Castle Rock!

Scott Webb

Great car wash, lots of friendly people. They have popcorn and a big ass TV. They are remodeling now, so the lobby is going to look great. Will return often.

Jenny L

I absolutely love this car wash! The owners are fantastic and I trust them with my car. Cant wait to go back!

shelley peterson

The membership rocks! So fast to zip through and end up with a sparkly car. Highly recommended! (And my nephews love the lights and colors in the car wash)

Easton Eisele

Horrible job on cleaning interior. Not worth the money.

Frank Nicholson

Slow and wasn't very well clean inside

Scott May

Nice car wash

Rai Hankins

They do a great job

BondSquad BailBonds

I rated these guys "Poor" only because "They Totally Suck" wasn't available. I had Moto Spa change the oil in my wife's Celica. I dropped it off along with 6 quarts of Amsoil synthetic oil for them to use. My wife picked up the car, drove it for a couple of days and then told me it was making a weird noise. I checked it out and found it had about 1 quart of oil in it. When I took it back to them, they just topped it off and said the Manager would call me. Never heard from him. I guarantee the Amsoil wound up in one of the techs' cars. Another time, I had them change the oil in my 4Runner. After I got home, I popped the hood and saw that they hadn't replaced the oil cap. I went back there and they told me I had to go and get a new one, bring them the receipt and they'd reimburse me. I drove all the way to Toyota on Arapahoe, with no oil cap, got a new one and went back with the receipt. Again, they said the Mgr. would send me a check. Still nothing.

Courtney Yamada

It's amazing!!! One of the coolest car washes I've been to

Ed Read

Great service from Motospa. No problems with the wash or the oil change shop. The free washes from the oil changes is like having your oil change for free.

Keith Bramer

Had an accident going through their car wash they either don't have insurance or don't want to use it would not recommend this car wash if you use it be sure nothing happens to your car The problem was that there was no instruction, Two of us in the car with windows up. No one said anything to us. The owner can say what he wants. He was not there! Why would he offer to send us to a body shop if he wasn't responsible. The bottom line is the issue. BE CAREFUL PUBLIC! HE OBVIOUSLY HAD NEW PEOPLE WORKING THAT DAY AS MY MOTHER AND I HAD NO INSTRUCTIONS FROM ANYONE. FIRST AND LAST TIME THROUGH. WINDOWS UP THE WHOLE TIME.

Ed K

Quick and friendly.. Stop there 2 times a month since July 2015

May Chan

A bit too far for me but was in a rush an d they Did a fair job for 20bucks

Anita Mae Aguilar

Like the senior center discount thank you for caring about seniors! Awesome

Fred Radtke

Very quick and efficient

joe smith

Paid for top car wash, didn't get full service, staff rude and doesn't care.

Mark Critchfield

Love bringing my fleet and personal vehicles here. Oil, tires rotated and 4 free washes. I’d give 5 stars, but the last two times I’ve been, first time oil filter was loose. Made a mess of my undercarriage and driveway. You guys cleaned under the truck and checked it after I tightened it up. But this last time same good service but I was over 1 gallon low on wiper fluid. It’s like my fluids didn’t even get checked. I had to buy a gallon of wiper fluid the day after my oil change. Hopefully this can be changed to 5 stars moving forward. I will try once more before giving up. Otherwise, grease guys were great, fast and very friendly.

Terry Tomlinson

Good service, in and out quickly

Mary Burcham - Richardson

This place ROCKS! I cannot express how awesome this place is! Last time I came here I got a full synthetic oil change and a new air filter! From entrance to exit it took 15 minutes!! They mean it when they say express! Today I got a car wash and interior cleaning. What an amazing job. My car was trashed! I feel so bad for the gentlemen cleaning it! They did a great job and deserved a huge tip! I continue to be impressed every time I come here and I can’t say that about many places! I see why they call it a motoSPA because I really feel pampered!

carolina ramirez

DON'T GO THERE !!! . I wasted 20 dollars for auto detail. Manager and employes all have a terrible attitude and service . They did a terrible HORRIBLE JOB!!

Allen Hild

the detailer locked the keys in the car, then scratched the door jam paint in multiple spots when using a slim jim to get the door open. didn't disclose pricing upfront. Won't ever go back here for service. the automated wash was fine.

Lindsey Grinde

Great car wash. They do a pretty good job detailing your car. Sometimes it does take a lot longer than you would expect it to take; otherwise it is so worth going here to get your car nice and clean.

Eric G.

This place is a joke. Their guys in the front do not help fold back your mirrors upon entering and when you ask they state it is not their problem. Rude and unhelpful. Will not return!

RJ 56

Just okay. I only go here when i can’t go somewhere else. The detail services are average. Nothing stands out here. If Castle Rock had another full service car wash I wonder how long Motorsport would stay in business.

Thomas Moorhead

Poor value for the car wash. $15 gets you a drive through the machine after a few splashes with the pressure wash hose. No wiping or toweling at the end...unless you pay another $5. My first, last and only trip.

Andrew Read

Motospa is the best. Always done great work for me.

Rajiv Dighe

monthly pass is totally worth it, especially in winter when cars get dirty often.

Gregory Feltman

Great service!

Robert Rajotte

I’ve had multiple oil changes, car washes, differential work, etc service done at this location. I had multiple issues with my latest work which was a differential fluid change. After it was done it continual leaked. Causing stains on my new garage floor and 4 separate visits to correct the issue. The manager apologized each time and told me they would make it up to me. Finally telling me they would give me an oil change for free. I wasn’t happy, but they seemed persistent and willing to do better in the future. Today I stopped in for my “free” oil change. First, I get treated very poorly when I even bring up the subject. They say that that manager was fired months ago because all the issues they had with him. Obviously they would not honor anything he said without something in writing. I bring up the obvious part of me being a multiple time customer who paid quite of bit of money for a service that I didn’t get. They get the manager, Jason who tells me the same thing. Offers me reduced price oil change instead, also treats me poorly. I tell them they lost my business. Really don’t care about the money just want some honesty for once, or good service I guess. Just another dishonest business that does bad service, my only recourse is Google and BBB. Bummer...... *********** REPLY TO MOTOSPA's STATEMENT ************* Thank you for showing your true colors in your reply. I have attached my photos below. 2 oil changes, 1 differential service, 9 car washes, and an additional 3 visits to fix the differential work from before. I know there is another oil change and more car washes, but I cannot find the receipts, I can understand if you doubt me on those. I count 15 visits to your location, not counting my alleged other visits. Seems like you would be better off using that negative energy to try to make a positive change to your business. We all make mistakes, but its how you react to those mistakes that really matter. I really would have used your service for life if you just would have just followed thru on your word. Looks like the premium service oil change is only $91.00 for my truck too, with tax, not the $125 that you posted in your reply. I'm not the expert but quoting an inaccurate, and very high, price for that service might not be in your best interest. Oh yeah, you offered me half price. Thats $62.00 off. It wasn't the money, it was your word. Went somewhere else and they did a great job. Good Luck

Steve Alford

You get 4 basic car washes with the purchase of am oil change so... 4 stars it is. Friendly service.

Angela Ford

Windshield repair fast!

Jennifer Dattolo

They pay you and your car great attention to make sure you're satisfied. Their detailing work is high quality.

Katarina Wright

This morning I had the fastest oil change I've ever had in my life! Took 10 minutes and done. Plus, I got 4 free car washes that does not expire. Couldn't be happier :)

Richard Quintana


Stephanie Ju

I was given a free coupon for a full service interior exterior car wash i was very happy to recive this coupon and have been wanting to try this place out and conveniently enoph a soda had exploded in my car when i went the exterior car wash went by real quick and well my car was very clean on the outside but when it came to cleaning the inside i was very disapointed i felt very ignored by the staff when i had asked about what happend next i was very concerned about getting the roof of my car cleaned and was told they did not do that i did not wait very long for my car to be cleaned at the same time i feel like they rushed through it to get my car out of the way to get to the next one my windows were still a sticky mess aournd the edges and there were a few spots that did not look like they even touched them granted it was free and i did not have to pay for it this shows me that if i had i would be wasteing my money i will not be returning for another wash instead will go and hope to get my moneys worth elsewhere

Stephanie Clarkson

Only place our family goes. Free car washes with an oil change makes that chore practically free. Best in Castle Rock. And we just signed up for the membership and the fast lane takes like 4 MINUTES. WE LOVE YOU MOTOSPA!

Alyssa Ringstad

Love this place! Oil change was super fast, car wash is great. Great customer service and my 7 year old was super happy about the popcorn in the lobby. Will definitely come here from now on!

Joseph Wall

Best Car Wash in Castle Rock!

Erikka Keefer

Love the unlimited monthly car washes!!!

Dale Casares

Clean enough, didn’t get the back of my SUV clean

Lisa Tokuyama

Customer service was the best part of this place and it wasn't even that great. Nothing special. I purchased the most expensive wash to ensure a clean car without questions. I was in a hurry after to go get my daughter from school so I didn't have time to really sit there and correct anything that was not to my standard... that's why I purchased the most expensive wash.... anyway there were smudges all over the back window and bug gut residue on my windshield. Dashboard wipedown was shoddy... actually most of the interior wipedown was shoddy. Just not worth 35 bucks. Totally not impressed. I've been going to Bears car wash in lakewood for years and I guess I will continue to do so. I moved to the Castle Rock area this year and hoped to find a good full service wash that I could start giving my business to. I don't mind driving to Lakewood for a good car wash. Quality is important.

Stacy Thoutt

I have been going here for years. I will not go back after my experience this week. My premium car wash took an hour and fifteen minutes. The cleaning process is flawed. Cars that arrive after you can be done before you based on how fast the workers are in the line you chose. They need to establish a first in first out process. I explained the situation to the person working behind the counter and he stated there was no manager on site. I was instructed to call the next day to talk to a manager, I did, and was told they could not locate the manager? They took a message and I never received a call back. Poor customer service. A simple car cleaning should not take over an hour. It has never taken that long in the past and they were not extraordinarily busy. Workers were taking coffee breaks. Guess that is to be expected since there was no supervision on site. I do not have time to wait that long for car cleaning, I could have done it myself at that point. If it is going to be that long (normally I wait around half an hour) you might want to inform customers. Very disappointed and I will not be returning since I don’t have that kind of time to waste because the business set up is poor.

Kellee Kath

The owner is a jerk I have an account there but I will no longer do business there I called and talked to the owner and he does not care about customers being satisfied with there work he actually told me I was wasteing his time and he didn't care about my business I simply asked him to honor there work and he refused to do the right thing so I will go to castle pines now that do a much more detailed job and they honor there work this business is going down hill the owner cares about money not customer service horrible rude and disrespectful to his customers do your self a favor and clean your car elsewhere like castle pines car wash they are more affordable and polite looks like they just got another account this morning good job moto spa of castle rock you will not be getting any more of mine or my files business

Troy Williams

My truck was filthy. So filthy in fact that I didn't want to wash it myself and I own a car detailing business. This wash was cost effective, very streamlined and they did an amazing job on my beast. Thank you for the wash Scott.

Dragon Ryder

It's hit and miss. Sometimes they do a great job on your car, and sometimes it's just average.

Jimmy Vegas

I cant believe anyone gets good service form these ripoff artist, after spending 35 dollars and waiting 90 minutes my truck was till filthy inside and out they left trash in the truck that wasn't in it when i got there! a milk jug from they carwash worker! And again not clean not even close to clean and the manager told me . Also my truck is now covered in swirl marks, it is less than 30 days old! They weren't there before i went! That i could have a refund but i have to fill out a form and they will send it to me. What????!!!!!!!!! I will never use this place again! Now i havre to get my truck buffed! great i love spending money to fix there screw up!

Basil Blume

Great service, great people, great car washes nothing more to say.


Just got an oil change and car wash. Aaron and everyone I worked with were friendly and super helpful.

Dave Couchman

Excellent service. One of the friendliest, most professional staff you could ask for. Excellent wash quality. The windshield chip repairs are amazing. Oil changes are fast and include four free car washes. They wash thousands of cars, with only a handful of bad reviews, which is amazing. I would highly recommend MotoSpa.

Alex Cottle

Conveniently close to the Burger King. So I grab a shake and crispy chicken Jr, drive here, pay the fifteen bucks, let the carwash drag my car through while I dine. Car comes out clean, my appetite satisfied, and I drive away happy.

Antoinette Varoz

Awesome service! Aaron was very friendly and helpful. Everyone there was pleasant. Thanks for the great service!

Tiffany Brown

Don’t waste your money. This is after a interior “premiere” job.

Brandon Opsahl

Aaron in the lube center did a great job and was kind and courteous!

David Smit

Basic wash is now $10. Supposedly has an underbody wash. Not sure that’s true. You can’t hear one and it doesn’t clean the bottom of the vehicle at all. Poor way to spend $10.

Peter Magen

They do a great job and accommodate their customers perfectly. I especially like how they got rid of that teddy bear pirate mural thingy. Great place nice people and awesome lobby setup.

Bob Borkovec

I always want a clean car, they provide me this

Jena Rutan

Pretty good detail work but prices are higher than I prefer to spend. Regardless, they fit us into their busy day and were very friendly.

Richelle McKim

Love this place! The car wash is awesome and I always have them change my oil. There's no appt needed and I get 4 free car washes with the service!

Pam Herre

Aaron had me done and out of there in a Jiffy. Amazing customer service. I love that my oil change includes four free car washes, too.

Josh Kinkelaar

Very good car wash. Do great interior woek as well.

Jeff Bellamy

So frustrated, love the place normally. Busted my butt to get over for a full clean as I have the VP coming in tomorrow and they closed early, I know because I watched my phone all the way. The cones were put infornt if he entrance early as well. There was a guy closing the door, I waved at him and he smiled and closed the roll up door. SOL tonight.

Bruce Bacon

Put an expensive oil and added services without authorization. The manager is "out" so we're told there is nothing they can do to make this right. Looks like a scam to me. Be careful in dealing with them. There is clearly a ethics and management issue here.

Tony Adair

You can't beat the value! I always have a clean truck now.


Very nice place! I went in to get a couple dings in my windshield repaired and was greeted by Gio, the young man at the front desk. He did a fantastic job on repairing my windshield! I'll definitely be recommending you guys to my friends.

Camille Pihourova

The wash broke with me and my car inside. They told me to drive out, which was scary, but not the end of the world. What made me mad was that they were perfectly fine with me leaving with my car completely covered in soap and my mirror was broken as I had to drive out through the equipment. I had to search the whole dang place for someone to rinse off my car and help me with my mirror. They still didn't get all the soap off my car. I understand that things are going to happen, but they were very apathetic about the whole thing. Leaving a customer's car like that was unacceptable. They literally all disappeared to avoid having to rinse my car by hand.

Robert S

Usually faster service, even if there is a line.

Jason Clarkson

Awesome!!!! Most through exterior car wash in Castle Rock.

Dixie Ricker

Car was muddy and even with the pressure wash not all dirt was removed

Eric Sherwood

Friendly staff. A little disappointed that they took the car detailing away when purchasing an oil change

Robert Martinez

I have been going here for years and love this place. I have 6 cars and every time I take them here they are clean when I get them back. The women and men who dry the cars do a fantastic job!!!! Looks like my car gets detailed every time a get them done.

Tom Stone

Brought my wife’s vehicle in to have it detailed as a Valentine’s Day present, Rear view mirror was broken the stereo speakers did not work and they did not clean the interior efficiently. Service was awkward and very unpleasant definitely wouldn’t take my vehicle back there again.

Monica Mc

Need an oil change? No need for an appointment. They are super quick. They have plenty of seating in their lobby, where you can wait while your car is being worked on. They also have a vending machine, free coffee and sometimes popcorn.

Jeremy Eaton

Good carwash

Jim Minter

Lube Manager Aaron Harmon provides "World Class Service" and truly cares about his customers and their vehicle. It was so refreshing to be treated so nicely by a Lube Service person. Great job Aaron.....I will definitely be back!!!

Dave Hunter

Save your money !! they did a horrible job for $35. Rims where left very dirty, etc.

Elizabeth Lively

Repaired my window chip quickly and with attention to detail. Will come back for other small items to be fixed. Clean waiting room. Kids loved the free popcorn.

laurence campbell

Unfortunately they do not offer a military or Vers discount, straight and easy. Sure, if I "buy" so many oil changes up front, then yes but that's dishonest IMHO. Midas of Castle Rock and Les Schwab offer an across the board discount on all products and services. Your loss motospa and mobile 1 oil change.

Ron Vogt

In from San Diego to move family here. Had a oil change and wash on May 26 and went to change my air filter the next day and found my air box had a broken bracket and went back to talk with them. All I got was that yes it was broken and when I told them it was not that way when I came in all I got was a stupid look. They said that it was like that but I told them that they took my filter out to show me and then put it back in but never said anything to me then. I just closed my hood and told them I will never go back.

Amy Warner

We've had the unlimited wash package since the beginning of March, and I'm so glad we got it! It's nice to be able to just zip in and out of the car wash whenever we happen to be going by. The once a month detail is really nice as well. I love having a car that is now always clean, for such a great deal.

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