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REVIEWS OF Mister Car Wash IN Colorado

Stephanie Arnett

Michelle Marston

Car looked brand new, attendants were very nice, was very happy with my visit

Spencer Martinez

So I purchased the platinum monthly pass. When I signed up I asked what it comes with the lady told me the full wash to include the vehicle being dried and vacuumed out. I’ve been there several times not once being charged for the vacuuming. I had my wife take it in now I’m being charged $8 for a vacuuming. Not a good way to have reoccurring customers. I will take my business elsewhere. I cancelled my monthly pass and will no longer take my behicles there again.

Mark Price

Rebekah Salmond

A worker was right there to help assist making our order. Cleaned off salt and grit on my car.

Ryan Roberts

With the price they charged I expected a fantastic cleaning. Extremely well done externally but internally, they broke something on my dash and missed so many spots I specifically pointed it to them on the dash.

Priscilla Vincent

Bryan Dobbs

Good for knocking loose dirt off not much else. I remember when the old place would scrub your windows and grill with the $20 wash. Took my truck through still looks dirty.

Lance Johnston

Been coming here since it opened. 3 Minute Car Wash. Was totally great, cleaned car great. It would roll car though nice and slow to make sure its clean. Now, totally the opposite. Car rolls though three times as fast and never gets completely clean. I pay for a membership so I have to go though twice and it almost cleans it. Still wet and has some soap left on it. Greed from trying to push so many though to make more money will end up loosing more customer's and more money. Not happy, will end my membership if something doesn't change!!!

Richard Merill

Edee Scott

my crystal hummingbird that hung from my rearview mirror was ripped off, string holding it left dangling. No apologies, no replacement.

Sherrie Kinsey

Theres always a young man that receives payment and very kind and helpful.


Michelle Davis

Monthly membership is great I go almost everyday, my 3 year old loves going through the carwash:)

Rachel Bolin

Two sets of neighbors have recently canceled their unlimited plans since new ownership Took over due to the car wash destroying the vehicles. We Had a brand new car completely detailed because we went through here one day and came out with scratches we were positive were from this but not 100%. Took the car back to get the scrapes and dings fixed. After leaving the body shop went back to car wash. Sure enough got two huge scrapes down one side and a huge ding/cut on the back of the car. Immediately canceled two unlimited plans. Would not recommend this place to anyone. Will make sure to spread word also on what is happening to vehicles with pictures and everything.

Chris Price

I paid for the $150 interior detail, left my car there over night and was told they would call me the next day when my car was ready. No one ever called me, so I just drove down to the place at the end of the business day assuming it would be ready. My car was ready but the job they had done was the worst job I’ve ever received when getting my car detailed. There was crumbs all over my carpet still, (they basically shampooed my carpets without vaccumming first) my cup holders were still filthy and sticky, my door panels hadn’t been touch, and dust still on my dash. The manager was kind and apologized so I decided to leave my car there another night for a better job. The next day no one ever called me again to let me know my car was ready, so an hour before closing I head down there and nothing different had been done!! My car was left looking the same as it was the night before. I refused to leave my car there for a fourth day, got my money back and left. I’m still disappointed though. I would have gladly paid the $150 to get the job done correctly. Slow down and give people what they are paying for.

Gina Anderson

Car was still dirty in the front

Eric Haffner

Subscriber for a couple of years and I’ve never had a problem here. Scanner always worked and never had to wait too long.

Tim D

$10 and Not a vacuum to use. New company is no good. Not enough spots with quality vacuums. No value found here. Now I know why the business slowed so drastically. Edit: Lose the attendants. Majority of us know how to work a touch screen. Maybe save a little coin and pass that back to the consumer.

Cynthiana Harper

Always go a great job!

Jennifer Schafroth

Since the change over to Mister the lanes are mass confusion. The gates open so quickly you have 3 to 4 cars trying to go at once. I was never told with the unlimited club, that the price doubled as well.

Matthew Gross

Best car wash

J Pierce

Marc Hadfield

Banker's Hours: I've had the unlimited pass for 2 months now and have only used it twice because every time I go to wash my truck at this place it's closed. They close at 6:00 on weekdays, most people work until 5:00 or 6:00 then have to make a commute home so it's a rush just to squeeze in last minute. The Supersonic in Orem is open until 9:00 which is perfect and always had overflowing usage from customers until at least 8:00 PM. So I guess this pass is a waste unless you work across the street for a quick lunch break wash or if you're a stay at home mom.

Carlos Herrera


Chris Twitty

The monthly membership at Mister is the best deal out there. The wash is premium and the vacuums are free. After 3 visits it has paid for itself.

Michael getrost

Good staff and okay product. What I’m not pleased with is the fact that they no longer honor military with a discount, the new ownership has increased prices while removing the multi car/family discount and no longer provides drying towels. Keep M Clean I was paying $43 per month for 2 cars. $29.99 new price now equals $60 = 40% increase.

Scott Taylor

I went with the monthly option and it is a time saver. You can go anytime to any place as often as you want. Got a drive thru car wash it does a decent job. Nothing like a hand wash but great for getting the grime off when you are on a hurry. And when are we're not in a hurry? Check this place out.

Vic Torres

Spent $42 bucks on their most expansive interior cleaning, and there was nothing cleaned. My carpets were still super dirty, there was still paw prints all over the seats, smudges all over the windows and mirrors.. seriously, they ran a wet rag over everything and called it good.

Kim S

The kid giving directions to get cars in the tunnel was packing them in bumper to bumper. No room for anyone to make a mistake in the tunnel. Guess what happened? Someone made a mistake at the end of the tunnel and the car in front of me …

Roilyn Sarmientos

Kathy Raider

The cashier seems to be pocketing the difference in the service ordered and the service she entered into the system. I ordered the top service, the receipt showed she entered a lower service, but still charged the me for the top service. Cash was paid , so it was very easy for her to pocket the difference .

Dale Sparks

Just tried the new Mister Car Wash, the top of the car brushes now make loud noises on my SUV with the Long Sun Roof. I thought it was going to break the glass. Will not be back, plus the prices went up...



Heather Rader

Mason Ferrari

This car wash is the only car wash I’ve been to that charges $15 and doesn’t towel dry the entire car. They send you through a tunnel then at the end have 2 employees rub some already wet towels on the car and send you on your way. Just because this car wash uses a spot free rinse doesn’t mean the water doesn’t streak. If you are expecting to have a clean car after you run it through the wash tunnel, you may want to consider using a different car wash.

Emilee Thompson

I went through the car wash this morning with my husbands truck and I forgot we had bikes in the back that we needed to take to the dump and they stopped me and asked what was going on with them so I explained it and the guys there were all so sweet they offered to take them out to their dumpster for me! I was so grateful they were all so nice!! I didn't catch any of their names but they were all super sweet! I'm very thankful!

Teena Martinez

B Johnson

Ridiculous! I paid $70 for a detail (the best detail/wash they offer.) I wish I could post pictures. My 7 year old could have done a better job. Zero attention to detail

Adam Holden

I love the Mister Car Wash franchise but the AF one seems to be ran by a management staff that doesn’t care. I spent 8 minutes waiting for an attendant to come out & open the gate after my barcode wasn’t reading. I’m the the winter time the setup within the actual car wash has been horrible if you have a truck. The tailgate never gets washed & when you ask the attendants to spray it before you go in they refused to do so! My most recent trip to this store I had just got back from a road trip so I had a bunch of bugs on my wind shield & the tool bag attendant who ushers you into place to start was to busy picking his nose to pre spray the windshield so when I came out the bug splashed were still there! They refused to let me go through again.

Rita Ortiz

Good service for a quick wash to your vehicle.

Yalitza Freytes Ruiz

Lorrie Arnold

Shaun Johnson

I have had my car detailed three times at this location, and paid the full amount. Each time I got in and there was still dirt on the floor, windows not washed, and my wheels dirty. The last time I went there, there were actual wrappers lying around still and children finger prints all over the windows. They just don't do a good detailed job. Have a fleet of vehicles that we started to take here, but are now canceling our service. The staff is friendly, they just don't provide a good detailed service.

Saquara Winston

Sharelle Silveira

I don't know why there are such low ratings! I love this place! Every time I've gone and gotten my car washed I haven't had a problem. Vacuums are great. Once one of the vacuums was clogged and I let them know, the next time I came it was all better. They were changing the track that pulls your car through the wash a few weeks ago so instead they did a complimentary overhauling on ALL cars. Outside and inside wash. While you waited you were able to go inside and watch tv. Eat popcorn, and actually talk with the workers vs just driving through the wash. I'm very glad I got to experience that. I've got the monthly membership and I will probably keep it forever because I love being able to get my car washed/dried whenever

Debra Mahlstadt

Everything and everyone is great here.

Nakisha Green

Love the car mat cleaner. Wish they offered window cleaner and cloths. Amenities really count!

Brynn Greene

Tony Turner

Love these guys

Alissa R

Workers are very nice and the facilities are nice and clean, as well. However, they could do a better job cleaning both the interior and exterior of cars, especially when one pays $50+. My car was really dirty from off-roading, and should’ve gone through the wash at least 2 times. I even walked through with one of the employees and showed multiple areas that were still dirty. When I looked inside, there was still leather cleaner or carpet shampoo in one area that hadn’t been wiped off. I got to a point where I just drove it back and finished vacuuming and wiping down everything. Also, the grill still had bugs caked on it. Might be within the company’s best interest to re-train the teens so the cleaning game at Mister Car Wash can greatly be improved, and customer’s can get their money’s worth. Once again, everyone was really nice and well-intentioned, just trying to give helpful feedback. Thanks!

Heather Hale

Not a job well done!


Great car wash

Sweet Sweetness

Keeps my car bling belonging, l ol

Jc Oakman

I've had my car washed here since is was firehouse. It used to be great and has gotten consistently worse. I recently brought my new pickup truck in to get washed, I paid $40 for the platinum wash plus my rubber floor mats. The truck wasnt that dirty but we were going on a road trip so I was getting it cleaned up. First thing that happened was I had 4 straps in the bed from work, they were dirty and I understand they cant be in the back through the wash but instead of telling me and letting me move them their personal grabbed them and threw them in on my seats. Muddy straps on my clean seats. Never mind putting them on the floormats I'm paying to clean. Anyways it goes through and mind you im the only truck there, there isnt another vehicle. They tell me my trucks done, I come out there still dirt and road grime all over the side, my rims looked terrible and once inside there's more dirt then it started with! The mud from my straps was still on the seats! They said I didnt pay for the Final touch wash so they dont wipe down doors or clean up seats regardless if they made the mess. My truck looked terrible and I said what did I pay 40 bucks for? I could wash this at the gas station better or at least pay less here and get the same quality. He told me I could go somewhere else if I didnt want to pay and happily gave me the number to cancel my membership for my car. This place is a joke, they dont care and charge way to much for nothing. There's a reason it was busy when it was firehouse but now it's so slow... wonder why!

Dylan Crawford

Your car doesn't get dried well in the machine, but everything else is good

Jonathan Largent

Leon Sekunda

Agree with others..service and quality has gone down and the attitude is so what, go elsewhere...well I am. I even talked with their regional guy, Gilbert Salguero after talking with a local CSA named Debbie and the attitude was the same...don't like it, go elsewhere. Wash misses portions of my hood and does not fully rinse now leaving soap spots that I have to use a spray detailer on to remove. Hope others feel the same way and we can drive this out of state owned car wash out of business.

Jarvis Williams

No towels and you charge detailing prices just so I can detail my own car. Cactus is 25 and they detail cars. Waste of money and time

Focului Zeita

Bronson Cooper

I bought the most expensive interior and exterior wash. The exterior wash was great! Then came the interior... I hope they didn’t vacuum the interior because if they did then that is just sad. Look at the picture of the back ( this is after they “vacuumed” ) I then went to the self serve vacuums and spent another 20 minutes vacuuming out interior. Save yourself $20 bucks and just get the exterior wash and vacuum it yourself.

Brian Frank

The change of ownership made all the difference. I used to be happy to have a membership for both our family vehicles. Since the change, their equipment has been faulty, the lines are quite disorganized, and the staff are struggling with the new systems. Since the change, I haven’t seen any windshield repair in the vacuum area, which I thought was a terrific value to the car wash. And additionally, but very importantly they don’t honor a military discount. In a town with no less than 5 military installations, you would think they would be more aware of their environment and friendlier to the military. I can no longer support this business, we’ll take our vehicles elsewhere.

Adam Colbert

Austin Thacker

This place has completely destroyed the paint on my truck, the swirl marks are so severe, my year old 2017 gmc 2500 looks more like a gray truck rather then a black truck, I know im asking for swirl marks taking it to an automatic car wash, but this car wash has caused swirl marks like I have never seen. One time the stupid kid allowed me to get so close(my hood makes it hard to see where the bumper is) I was so close and I didnt even know, but I was pushed into the jeep in front of me, luckily there was no damage to either vehicles, I have an unlimited wash pass, and one time the automatic gate closed on my hood and cracked the paint. The vacuums work half the time, and when I decide to go have the inside done, they basically vacuum it, and put extremely greasy tire shine that is a dirt magnet and that is it. I would not recommend this place, it is a paint destroyer. Go to quick quack there washes are a lot more gentle.

Santhosh Avva

This place is little expensive but good car wash. I went multiple times and they did it very well. When I came back from bonneville salt flats with all the salt in my car and under the car, they helped me get rid of all the dirty. We have seen some salt above the tires just after wash and they did basic wash again immediately for free. I would give 5 star if they consider the prices

Victoria Omdal

Ever since they switched owners this place sucks prices have gone up and the service is horrible had to go home and re-wash my car myself after paying $18 for a car wash..... Keep-m-clean was so much better

Jenny Morris

This is a review of their $20 "detailing" service. It's a joke. They told me it would be 45 min and they would clean my console and doors. It took 20 min and I can still see dust on the doors and my console wasn't touched. They vacuum …

Alison Ostler Niño

They did a great job! The service was very friendly and helpful!

Melissa Hicks

Vacuums do not work well or at all, and fall apart half the time. Do not supply towels or spray. Caras leave with soap still on the car, and it’s still wet , leaving water marks.

Sergio Oliveira

This place has recently changed its name (and possibly ownership as well) and quality has gone down while prices increased. Last time, my SUV lost its rear wiper in the car wash (I spent $15 to replace it). And my wife's sedan had very dirty wheels (even though I paid for the most expensive wash). Moreover, the vacuum cleaner that I chose was broken and I had to find another spot (there was no sign of any malfunction). Finally, they are pushing memberships, but why would anyone sign up for such poor service? I used to be a loyal customer but am now taking my business elsewhere...

Logan Turner

This place used to be great. They had towels you could use to dry your own car, wipe down the inside, etc. Now it's no different than a Quick Quack, so that's where I go because it's closer to home.

Mark Bainbridge

It was great to be on vacation and have my account work at mister car wash in another state. Nice to be able to wash bugs off.

DOS 1961

Great place

Ronald Mcghee

Tom Havard

I have a membership at this place. I am always satisfied with the results. And the hand drying at the end is icing on the cake. I have tried Quik Quack on a couple of occasions and there is always dirt left over. This is the best car wash in American Fork.

Bradley Sadulski

I've gone through this car wash many times before it changed names, and my most recent attempt at getting a car wash left me with numerous scratches on the rear and roof of my SUV. Steer yourself from worthlessness and choose another car wash.

Steve Cagle

Pay for something too be done and have to it myself.

Felicia Gooden

Drove by

Francisco Alvarez

It's a good carwash, would have given it 5 stars but they did not do a very good job on cleaning the inside of the car and still had a lot of dust on the dash and spots on the window. I am not a complainer but wan to be truthful about my experience. The outside did look amazing.

Will Barton

I’ve never experienced something like this. Automatic wash and a free vacuume for 7.00. -1 star Still some dirt on the car. Minus another star no recycling the amount of plastic bottles that get thrown away here is crazy. With that said I don’t think most of people in Colorado Springs even know what recycling is.

Kevin Dunyon

Chase Hawker

This place could be really good. Paid the $30 for an outside and inside clean.The outside was clean but I was not impressed with the interior. They cut a lot of corners and missed a lot of spots. There were a few other cars in line to be cleaned so I wonder if they felt rushed to move on to those cars? Just slow down and do the job right the first time and make sure people get what they are paying for.

Vanes Tirogene

Eric Joffe

Will echo what most are saying now. They changed ownership and it went from good to bad at a more expensive rate. Less vaccumes. New "upgrades" don't seem to wash my car any better. Shame this place used to be the spot.

Jeremy Hammers

This car wash was better before it changed ownership to Mister. I had to take both my vehicles back and they still were pour quality. They told me they changed some equipment and things to speed it up. Not good!

Rohan Coulton

Ryan J

Never answered phone, went to strange voicemail. I wanted a membership, oh well.

Mike Tuley

Its a good place for cleaning car and detail just need to get mat ckeaners fixed and have more then just 2 of them i have a membership but thinking on ending it if they cant keep thr ewuipment fixed mat cleaners been broke for over a month,

Regina West

Kyle Ivins

Has a fun waiting area with a kids play area, free fountain soda and popcorn. Good service but not a place for a deep deep detail.

Stacyj Stacyj

This car wash makes it quick and easy to get your car shined up. They also care about service, on most days i see employees standing outside helping customers pay or walking through the wash to ensure things are going smoothly. Try it out for sure!


Camille Purtschert

They are good, however I feel they are going in the wrong direction. When it was Firehouse, it was so much better. They've raised prices and they don't dry your car nearly as well anymore. They've changed their machines in the wash and they …

Lance Hill

Chris James

Pros: Cleans most of my car well, fast wash time. Cons: On several occasions, soap was left on my car after wash. My rims and tire side walls could be cleaned better. One time washes and membership packages are priced a little to high. Site location and layout was not planned very well. Just a moderate volume of cars (15+) causes horrible issues with the flow at the entrance/exit. Suggestion: Incentives for customers to bring there car in at non-peak hours might alleviate the entrance/exit congestion.

Rajko Čejnić

Not a very good car wash. Soap left everywhere, bird poop on my bumper still. $16 for a wash I could have got at corgi for $5. Ain’t going back

Jessie Greer

Definitely not worth the price. Paid for the #1 wash, still have bugs on the front of the car and stuff on the windows and a black grease smear on the front from the wash now. Will not be going back!

S.K ThEgEnTlEwOmAn

Cool lil spot, gotta come with towels though. The dryers doesn't dry the whole car

Scherer Style

Henry O

Kaycee Bell

Does a great job cleaning my truck and i love the free vacuums

Edward Escalante

Not very good. My car came out with a lot of steaks and soap. I had to wipe with my own rag. Plus there is a manager that mistreats the boys that work there. I know because someone worked there .

Lexi Maclean

I got the $10 wash instead of the one that’s cheaper. They both clean the same?? Aside from being annoyed about that, the staff is very friendly and I do love how you can have unlimited vacuum time.

James Randsell

Mason Payne

This is a great service. My car gets clean and doesn't get pounded by heavy handed car wash mechanics. They provide a monthly subscription on a a per car basis or you can pay each time you go. My wife and I take both our cars here to make sure they stay nice.

Jeremy Oswald

Just spent $40 plus an additional $12 to have my door mats cleaned. $52 plus a tip I wish I didn’t give. Horrible job. Complete waste of time and money. Going home now to clean my car again. Last time I go to this place.

John Dotson

Easy in easy out

Kyle Robold

Quick and clean

Delores Fields

Master HamBone

Calindy Hayden

I've been going to this car wash for 10 years, the service has slowly been declining over the last few. I took my truck in today and the service was horrible. They failed to vacuum the 3rd row, when I started out was still filthy and had …

Pat Shane

Joy Williams

They are friendly and the car wash is good but the guy directing me in kept sticking his thumb out while pointing with his index finger then switching between the two and it was confusing. It was like when you wave at a toddler and the toddler tries to wave back but ends up waving at himself. I ended up hitting the end of the ramp and almost messing up my tire.

Skip Johnson

Fast reasonably priced drive through car wash

Abby Frank

Ever since this carwash changed ownership, there have been nothing but problems with the mechanics of the thing. Twice I've gotten stuck inside during a malfunction, and one of those times I had to pull through and get back in line because the car was still covered in soap (the overall time spent at the carwash this particular time was 30 minutes!). My husband has been though with his car a few times and didn't it get rinsed so he had to go through a second time to get all the soap off. Luckily, the membership allows you go through a second time without having to go into the office. I can't imagine how frustrating it is for those who pay for a single wash and have this happen to them! I do not recommend this carwash. We will be finding a different carwash with membership benefits.

Chris Rogers

A car wash that doesn’t buff cars. But they have details available.

Nate White

Dario Clena


Rodney OnTheRock

When you have to ask them to perform the level of service 4 times that you paid for, and they still cant/wont/dont want to do it....... priceless

Andi Capes

Does not seem able to clean rear side of car. Been 3 times same issue. The last time, even the roof of my 2000 crown vic did not get cleaned. :/ free vaccuums though.

Christina Wilson

Steve Warner

Update - I have been back here at least 3 times since writing the original review and I have been sorely disappointed each time. The wash misses large areas, particularly on the rear of the car and down low on the sides. The kids wiping the dash and cleaning the windows do very sloppy work. They missed large portions of the dash and left the windows streaky and dirty. The vacuuming was sloppy as well; they didn't even lift the mats. I won't be going back. I purchased their $32, 'Platinum' package. The exterior part of the wash was very good. No drips or water spots. The interior portion was decent. The windows were clean. The vacuuming was good, but the dash\console was still fairly dirty with spots that were missed entirely. Overall a decent wash.

theR Ohio

Wallace Berry

The best car ever,

Wesley Wright

Scott Reign

Hit or miss with this place. Manager is cool and people are nice.

Alyssa Sisomsune

friendly service by roilyn, she was very helpful when choosing the wash i wanted. She knew details of all the washes there and it was easy for me to understand and choose. i’ll definitely be going back. you’ll be lucky if you get her help!

Wendy notsaying

I really like this car wash and the vacuum is free

Dallin Saunders

I love going here! The staff is always super happy and friendly, and they are really good at accommodating your needs to the best of their abilities! The busy days are tough just because there’s so many cars, but they keep their cool and do their best to handle the huge flux of cars!

Catherine Valdez

Mr and Mrs Salazar

Haven’t been in a while because we moved for a while. They no longer wipe down the car and they don’t have a weather guarantee anymore either. When it was supposed to be a clear day it sprinkled and now my car is dirty again. But they’re still more expensive than everyone else. Super disappointed and money wasted.

Jacque Cleveland

My main carwash

BamaLen G.

This place is AWESOME! You sit comfortably in your vehicle, while the wonderful machine pulls you thru the stages. I'm always crazy about my tires and wheels looking clean & shiny! I was a total skeptic, the 1st time! But, my Benz looked HAND WASHED!! NO JOKE! Try it ONE TIME...and you'll be hooked! Their staff doesn't do any wipe down nor vacuming. However, they DO offer NUMEROUS, VERY NICE vacuum stations...FREE to use with every car wash! I L O V E this little car wash! Gotta be a Wonderful money maker!

Nicola N

The one on Woodman is a nicer facility. However, the equipment doesn't do well for cleaning the hatch area of an SUV.

Bobby Reynolds Jr

Steve Lave

The complete service sucks. The exterior wash doesn't touch the front of the car. When I pointed out how much it missed the response was to run it thru again. My grand kids can do a better job on the windows. Not going back.


My husband and I both have unlimited passes to this car wash. It is convenient, the lines move quickly, and it's so nice to have a gleaming car as often as you want it. Especially in the winter. I can wash my car and not care that there is still snow on the ground or it's raining, because I can go again in a few days, all for $24-$36 per month. The attendants up front are also very nice.

Karen Lingefelt

Always professional and courteous

JJ Lund

Never been treated so poorly. Not a good place to go. And I am a super easy going guy. I a Having all my employees cancel there monthly passes here.

Erick Saupe

Since Mister took over from Keep m' Clean, this place has gone downhill. Prices went up, service went down. Had 3 cars on membership there, cancelled all 3 of them. You reap what you sow.

Jesse Hernandez

Dean Weigel

It'll get you mostly clean. Unlimited wash for 20 a month. Can't beat that.

Michael Hogeland

Took my car thru and it didn't come clean that well didn't fully dry my car and left soap on my car. Waste of time and money

Roy Chase

I was very please,

Chelsea Friends

Emily Mecham

I’ve had a membership at this car wash for 5 years. The service has gone steeply downhill for the past year. Today I brought my car to be detailed and they didn’t even vacuum the interior or wash the mats which I paid extra for. Then the girl acted put out when I told her to do what I had paid for. The self serve vacuums are terrible and have almost no suction. Cancelling my membership today.

jer durfee

Love this place... They are so nice.


Jason Diediker

The reason we go here is its location and it's not as busy as other car washes. My husband goes a little over board with washing his truck so he has the unlimited pass which is super nice. You just drive up and they let you right in. The only downs are that I can never figure out when or why they close and then the people who wipe off your car as you exit don't ever get the back window.

Brendan Cusson

Nicole Wood

This last month they double charged me. Once on the 1st (the day I am supposed to be and the 2nd time on the 17th (not supposed to happen). I have yet to see the refund they said they sent on the 21st. Also, when I call and tell them I have not received the refund they make it my banks or my fault. They refuse to make it right. They are rude and disrespectful.

jude nicolas

Justin Scivally

Best car wash place!

Madeleine Sherratt

This is one of the best car washes I've ever been to. Not only do they do a really thorough job, but you get to stay in your car during the actual carwash, minimizing lounge wait time. Although, I must say, this lounge is pretty awesome. They have complementary drinks and popcorn, comfortable lounge chairs, and a place for kids. They are really quick about cleaning the inside, and the price is pretty unbeatable. You can even get unlimited washes for a month for practically the price of your carwash.

Kenyon Petersen

The remodel is nice. There are 3 lanes you can enter in now and you can purchase it all on your own. They even remodeled the inside. There is no desk or register to confuse you. There are still free drinks while you wait for the interior to be done.

Brandon Untal

Jenny Smith

Naomi Moorer

I love this carwash. Friendly staff that gets you in and out fast. Free vacs.

Troy Kump

Been here half a dozen times and never anything but a good experience.

Brittany Satterfield

Caitlyn Olsen

SUPER Frustrated with this company. After being a customer since 2015, I moved and needed to discontinue service. After discontinuing, I then realized that I was still being charged. Looking into it more, come to find out that I was being double billed on my debit AND credit card. And even worse news, an employee at this location put MY CREDIT CARD information on SOMEONE ELSES account. So since July of 2017 I have been paying for someone elses membership. And after discovering this, I of course asked for reimbursement, and the manager told me (after 5 days of back and forth..) that I needed to dispute it with my bank... So I call my bank, and they tell me per Visa policy they can only reimburse me for 60 days, and that this would be a fraud case as they put my credit card information on someone elses account. Very disappointed how this is being handled as it was a HUGE mistake on their end, and telling me I need to contact my bank..

Britton Wagstaff

Very good wash. & Definitely do a good job all very hard workers.

Niokey Niokey

Jessica Christensen

I have gone in multiple times requesting they focus on the inside and wipe things down, I even specifically showed them a side door where a drink spilled, and they didn't event touch it, everything looked the same, crumbs, drink spot residue, its like they didn't even wipe it down at all. I have returned in hopes they will be better the next time but sure enough same issues. I think these kids need to be re-trained and start providing the services promised in the money being spent.

Angela DeJesus

We took our car and SUV through their car was paid for premium wash and we drove away with are cars looking none the cleaner. I will not use them again and not recommended them to anyone. We were completely unsatisfied

High Hopes

I love this place. I have a monthly membership. I go at least once a week. Can get pretty busy on Saturday. I go on Sundays, way less crowded.

Kelly Richardson

Lois Harper

hithere somebody

the general manager is argumentative because he has been doing for 25 years, will not listen to customers concerns. they refuse to brush the front of your car. pictures attaced was build up of dirt from not brushing when asked, when wet manager wiped fingers over it revealing cars color again, claimed that a brush couldnt wipe it clean, but a finger could? also, employes park in first two bays next to handicap, on a busy day, can make it difficult to vaccum, not to mention, the first two bays vacuum cords are long enough where as the others barely reach backseat.

Louie Evans

Mark Khouri

Fast and clean is how much trucks come out. I'm there every week.

Karen Waters

My grandbabies love going thru carwash....and vacuuming memi's van.

Melissa Irvin

I love going there. My daughter told me about and I told my sisters.

Jonathan Hollis

C Geiger

Tyson McMillan

A few days ago I brought in and paid $160 out the door price for a full detail. I have paid 30 to 45 at prev locations that did better on the doors...wheels...and dashboard. they did do the carpets well. in the advice is don't leave the lot without double checking the full car....really a supervisor sgould do a full and final inspection at this price. they were kind enough to do a 2nd extdrior and a touch up interior again at no charge. my advice for attention to every detail...we clients expect and pay for it.

Shaquel Horne


Jeff Smith

Great people, The young men the direct the cars in is very respectful, Overall its a nice place to wash and detail your car. The only reason why I did not give a 5 star is because they do not have any towels to wipe down your car overall its a great place to wash your car and meet people.

Ryan Newton

I dropped my car off for a detail on Saturday and came to pick it up Sunday. When I went to do my inspection the lights in the car were not working and the battery was dead. It looked liked they left my doors open over night. They jumped it and it worked, but now my battery will not hold a charge. Waiting to hear back from the manager.

Brent Reichert

Wife goes here often. We've even had their membership off and on and we've always been impressed. Not sure about the negative reviews as after the car wash they ask you to check it... Anyway, we've tried others and this one they do a great job. (I believe there are people who work for the other ones that could be doing reviews?) I highly recommend it. Give it a try!

Kima Symone

Ryan Moffitt

Was an unlimited member for over a year. Then company was sold. Expressed annoyances to the manager who’s follow up was, well it’s better now. Willing to bet he didn’t frequent the other wash as often as I did. Lots of unlimited wash company’s in town, if you enjoy chaos trying to pile cars in and then leave with a dirty car... this place is for you.

Michael Lyday

Horrible today, unlimited member, platinum plan multiple vehicles, at this location multiple times a week, 5 employees standing around with hands in pockets watching me finish cleaning the vehicle, finally one guy takes initiative and asks he can help...nope all done! Thanks for offering at the end though. Quick Quack is looking better and better. Just want what I pay for is all.

Mark Green

Great service!

Zina Hasan

This place is amazing. Staff is very friendly and the process is always very smooth

Thayne Garner

Horrible experience. They don’t know how to clean inside a vehicle. I asked for them to wipe down part of my seat that had gotten dirty, they refused and said I had to buy a detailing package to do it. I took the rag from the guy, wiped it down in less than 30 seconds. Horrible customer service.

Joseph Graff

Good car wash but car doesn't seem to get as clean as it used to....

Morgan Benavidez

I had my car “detailed” and there were still french fries on the floor of the car when they finished. Enough said.

Michelle McKee

We were loyal customers for 3 years and used to refer everyone here. Then over the past year service gradually declined. We never got a vacuum that worked. We paid for the higher package and frequently watched the person in front of us or behind us get our "hot shine." When we complained to the staff they told us to come through the non-member line so they could put us through the right wash every time. Isn't the point of the membership is that you go through the faster line? Anyway, we moved on to a different company for our membership.

Harley M

This place is great and fast unless you try to use it on a busy Saturday. Bring your own microfiber towel to dry off after the wash, the air blower does not dry the back or bottom half of the car. Their are free vacuums to use after the wash. They used to provide drying towels there, but I guess people ruined it by abusing it. If you don't need to vacuum interior, their is parking for just drying off exterior but when I go in the morning it is never busy at the vacuums.

Vincent Bagnato

Totally satisfied with the car wash it self, I purchased an unlimited package for one of our cars ...great deal.. Only problem I had was I wasn't made aware that this is an automatic monthly renewal, the young man who sold me this was pretty adamant that he told me,I'm pretty sure I would have remembered something like that...he also said it is on the receipt.. my bad I suppose... just know that your card will be hit every month.. The manager was very accommodating and refunded my money immediately... I will still bring my vehicles here for a quick wash..

David Nadal

Great location and service. Inexpensive with free Vacuums.

Sierra Zamora

I am a member of the unlimited wash club and my card was not charged this month, unbeknownst to me. Because it has always happened automatically, I didn’t even think to check. I went in for a car wash all this month without a problem, until yesterday. I went to the car wash yesterday to find out they never processed my payment and my account was turned off. I’ve called repeatedly and never get an answer. I’ll be returning today to cancel. If I sign an agreement for you to charge me at the beginning of the month, that’s precisely when I expect you to charge me. Thanks to this error, I had diesel spilled on the side of my truck that I was unable to get washed off. We will not be back.

Joseph Yerby

Great deal. Wish their drying system worked a little better though

Marvena Clay

Was cars well, have trouble with my wheels getting pulled through.

John Orndorff

If you have a crew cab long bed truck, use the far right lane. Makes it easier to get into the car wash.

Karta K

Really good for getting clean!

Audrey Hart

They give you a great car wash and vacuum out the inside of your car pretty well they don't seem to get everything as much as I would really like but they do a decent job and they have a great waiting room with TVs on and popcorn and a little gift shop you can buy stuff at there's also free drinks which is nice it doesn't seem to take too long. Although it depends how busy they are. I've never quite sure though if I'm supposed to tip what I'm supposed to tip and who I'm supposed to give it to, it's all a little convoluted to me. I also find tipping to be a hard practice because my job requires a lot of technical knowledge which I don't get paid very well for and I don't get tipped when I do something right.

todd white


Great carwash. Gets you through quickly and does a good job getting the car clean.

Charlotte Clark

Nice wash on my car, free vacuums for customers, everyone cordial, nice!

Jonathan L.

Skye Havard

Gets the car super clean! Great job guys!

Anthony Cioffi

Bj Bell

great car wash with really good vacuums. clean place with friendly helpful employees

Robert H

We were using who they took over first. I like the M but the way they allow entry is not good. It creates aggressive entry with people in a hurry. In the old company they didn't allow entry until you could safely clear the entry drop bar. It is a mistake hoping people with duty cars might be nice. Good wash nice monthly plan but bad entry practices.

Cami B

Loved the service and the staff before it changed hands. Things ran VERY smoothly but now with the new owners, things dont seem as effective. I've always done the unlimited carwash club and dont see that prices changed. Overall, service and the process has definitely changed. I cancelled after this month. :(

Monique Camp

Jake Snell

Best car wash!

gladys jones

Carol Gulliford

Car wash

Ryan wilcox

I have been really impressed with how well it washes my car compared to other places. I never notice any spots missed after the wash. Just bring a microfiber towel after to finish some of the drying. I have been twice so far

Dark Tynk

I just tried to use this car wash and drove out of my way to use this location because I they have unlimited vacuums when you get a car wash, but when I pulled up the entrance was chained off with a sign in front saying open 7-7. It is 12:30 pm on a Saturday and there were a couple cars in the lot. Why was it closed then?? Very disappointing.

God's son

Free vacuums nice and clean property. Helpers on property to guide you through machine

Ron Tamir

Janice Suppes

Brenda Roberts

Love this car wash.i have the unlimited membership

Michelle Daniels

daron perry

Lissy M

Good place, service has gone down from when we first started. Have to MAKE sure your car was actually cleaned in areas you asked for. I've found they don't always just automatically clean your dash and console. The hand dryers at the end of wash just barely dry it. Before you'd pull out and 4 people would completely dry it.

Rodney Green

Ms. Bossy

gabrielle Thornton

Friendly staff. Wash is always good

Mike Clement

Great car wash and staff, however, price increased across the board with new owner, prices are not posted until you get to the kiosk so if busy you have little time to make à decision. Prices are not even posted online.

Jada Alexander

Julie L

Exterior wash was amazing! Got the bugs off and even cleaned the back of the SUV too. They even customized my wash since I didn't want tire shine. Fast, efficient and great service!

Sean Jones

I asked to get the bugs off of the windshield and if they had the spray for it. I was told yes they would spray the bug spray on the front windshield before I entered in the wash. That’s why I bought that extra version to do a little more then the basic wash. They were wrong. !!!! As I entered the man there said keep going They don’t spray anything in the windshield And that it was against their policy to do that. I was soo Furious!!!! After I went thru I went back to the front and stated what I was told was NOT the truth and asked for something to get the bugs off the front windshield because they were still there. He looked at me with total confusion Saying he didn’t have anything. I asked to speak to the manager. They said he was busy Yet they always reply here to everyone ....... to ask for the manager ..... Never again !!!!!!!!

Sandra Stout-Caldwell

I love coming here! I pay 60 bucks a month, it for that, I get my car washed, waxed, tires shined, interior cleaned perfectly every time! I go inside while the interior is being cleaned and enjoy free soda and popcorn in comfortable …

Gina Robertson

nice people. best mr car wash in utah

Roger Johnson

Quick convenient wash

kenneth harris

King Brown

Keeps my car clean looking good

Erik Patterson

Paid $160 for a car detail. Not impressed with the quality of the work. Shoddy! I had to ask them to redo several parts, like the shampoo of my upholstery and clean areas they simply overlooked. I won't be back. Go to Veteran Detail in American Fork instead. I've used them and they exceeded my expectations but think ahead because you have to reserve 1week out or more.


Toy get in and out

Liz Newgard

My two year old can vacuum better than your staff. I paid for the platinum package $36.00 and was so disappointed. Not really sure what an upgraded package did for me, but it clearly wasn’t worth the money.

frank caldero

They recently purchased this place from a car wash called Keep-m-Clean. I agreed to the terms of Keep-m-Clean. Upon the changeover they changed their terms from paying on the 1st to paying on the day when I initially got started (8th and 10th). When I noticed these potentially fraudulent charges on 8th and 10th (because I rarely use my credit card) I Google the bank description and seen a health clinic up the road. I called my bank and disputed the charges. Now, my mister car wash account has been canceled and am being told to go in and pay for disputing. They have my payment for July and when I initially went to pay for June after I figured out that they changed my terms, they said I was good and didn't have to pay. Now I'm being pushed around and can't use my payment for July. I call corporate over this terms change and they said go make the payment so we can initiate your account again. Yeah, no thanks I'll take my business elsewhere.

Ashlee Baxter

I paid $200 for the worst interior detail I have ever gotten. I am so pissed about it! I took my husbands truck in to get in detailed. Mind you it wasn't that dirty at all because we cleans it all the time. When I picked it up it looked the exact same as it did when I dropped it off. ! When I called and talked to the manager he says " well wasn't it a work truck?" Um no, not even close. He said we could bring it back in but I wouldn't let them touch it again! When I asked for a refund he told me no. Worst customer service experience ever!!!!!

Lyndsie Kenny

Julie Senamontry

Love this car wash and how convenient it is! Roilyn is so sweet and attentive!

Trenton Smith

Since new ownership the wash quality has improved, and the speed of entry has improved so much so that there’s no longer a ridiculous wait which used to happen all the time. I appreciate that this place has listened to the criticisms of the past, where I personally used to complain that the rear of my car never got properly cleaned. Now not only is that better, but when I come from being out on the back roads and collecting bugs on my front end the attendant will stop me and spray the front with an extra cleaner before I enter the wash. That attention to detail is why I will keep coming back Also I have large brakes that create a lot of dust, the tire/wheel combo cleaner at the end is one of the top reasons I started coming here in the first place and to this day one of my favorite things to not have to get in there with a brush all the time. .

Randy Stoddard

No organization after paying,worse than driving on I-25 traffic. Prices increased with new owners. Stopped going to this one,I liked it better when it was keep m clean.

Jessica Morse

Charged me twice for the month of May. Directed me to call corporate who said they couldn’t fix the issue for 6 months. Between that and not honoring the old owner’s discounts it makes it too easy to cancel.

Oscar Crober

Fast and clean

Charleston Crouch

Sassy Sweet

Was pretty quick and friendly.

Hector Michicoj

Mandy Winters

Went to this car was a couple weeks ago... Had the full service done! My dog could have done a better job! Needless to say I was PISSED! Called and told the manager I was PISSED, he told me to come back... I did... a few days later, after I had redone the job right! He gave me a card for a free full service to make up for it! So I hit it again yesterday. I was the only car there... 4 people on my car... over 25 minutes... the inside windows were not touched. the radio panel was not touched the front seats were not touched... however there was 1 oils streak across the dash... I all but lost my cool! $30+ for a car wash that you do this kind of work!!! How in the hell are you still in business? Can't wait till Supersonic is up and going in Lehi! But I sure as hell wont be back to this place!!!

Krista Nielson

Got the Final Touch for $59.99. I was expecting a much better job for the price then what I got. The dash was still very dusty and I even had to ask for a rag to do it myself. The outside looks great but I hate to say it, I am very disappointed with the interior. I think they focus a lot on the speed and not the quality of their service. Customer Service is great! Next time I will just get the outside done and save the money.

Kortney Harding

Paid for best wash and wipe down. I wish I could show pic. Dirt up in wheel well still and on running boards and the wipe down was just as bad.

Jordan Hardy

Great customer service and an awesome wash! I especially love the dry brush at the end.

Sam Workman

Keny Sewell

Glynn Tate

Staff is friendly and helpful. I was a huge fan of the car wash before it was bought out. But since the new company took over, the overall experience has taken a turn downhill. They’ve taken a whole section of the vacuums out, so you now have to wait in line to use the remaining stations. They also seem to have changed something in the actual wash line that doesn’t wash, rinse, or dry as well. But at least they’ve increased the prices significantly. I’ll be looking elsewhere.

David Gough

Prices have gone up since this place was taken over / renamed. Of course nothing stays the same price forever, but $10 for a wash is still quite expensive. I wish there wasn’t someone at the automated checkout pretending to help, while trying to up sell an even more expensive wash.

M. Duncan

T Rosemore

Great and cheap service

Aspen Nelson

Took my SUV in to this location now three times. Each time it was still dirty when I left. This last time I asked the worker to make sure the back of car was clean and showed him how bad it was just from being their the day before. I also showed him how the vacuuming was not done well and the center console and dash were not even wiped down. He promised he would do it correct and I’d leave with a clean car... Pictures I guess speak louder than words and her is my “clean” car

Kevin Aznaran

I don’t know if this will get deleted because of the fact that they have been deleting reviews so with that being said, let’s begin. After reading many negative reviews and holding back myself from leaving one. I just want to answer some of the questions being asked. I used to be one of the supervisors here and left because of the general manager (Steve L.). At first I wasn’t going to say anything and was just going to ignore this place but people have to know the truth. Some reviews say that they see “many” new faces. Reason being that many of us tried talking to upper management and as well go through the corporate chain when they didn't listen but unfortunately they shrugged us off. They don’t care about there customers or employees. They know very well who is the reason behind this but do absolutely nothing about it. The whole detail stories of cars not getting done or looking horrible have a simple explanation. The reason lays on the GM and he's effort to cut corners when possible to save time and money. Yet not give the service of what the customer paid for and hope no one notices. Now the stories about cars getting to close in the tunnel has a simple explanation, and that Is it is set up intentionally to maximize profit and save on chemical. Plus, we were told countless times to turn up the track speed (conveyor speed) but not calibrate the chemicals for such a speed that it causes multiple cars to come out as if they weren't even washed or multiple missed spots. Therefore, If you care enough about your car and your hard earned money then I will highly suggest to avoid this place like the plague. It’s not worth the time nor your patience. You think that corporate will care how there most profitable store in Utah is being run down. That they will actually do something but no. It’s all a scheme to push the blame on you and to save them a quick buck. P.S.I can go on and even write a book about how horrible this place is ran. Yet, I won't, to save time for whoever will read this. I suggest to tell everyone about moving on to other car washes.

V Henderson

Rio Davies

Not as good as the previous ownership. And HALF the amount of vacuums now. Dissapointed.

Karen B

Pretty good carwash. My back window had a dirt streak left behind, but the rest of the car looked great.

Lacey Bean

Great place

Rich S

When they bought out the old owners the customer service and quality of wash improved substantially. Great prices for truly unlimited washes ( there is no limit to how many washes you can get in a day). All of our interactions with the staff have been incredibly positive and friendly.

Glynda Anderson

Kevin Poole

Not bad. Overpriced for a top level car wash - $18! Wasn't even that great of a wash.

Lauri Armstrong

New ownership. It runs better than ever before. The car scanner is quick and they move the line efficiently. I also love the attendants who are there to help if needed, but also wave and smile at each car. Definitely a nice touch!

Chyann White

Worst money spent! Paid for the best wash they have including a hand wax. I sat and watched them and they didn't do the wax. I asked them about it and they said they did it. I got in my truck and there was dirt all over the back seat. I asked if they could wipe it off and they only wiped the one spot I pointed to! They did manage to clean the mats this time but they put them back in dripping wet! The windows still have finger prints on them! I have a membership here (big mistake) and I keep thinking I'll give them one more chance to maybe do a good job but they never do! It keeps getting worse! I am canceling.

Steve Dorrough

They demonstrate that they care about their customers' opinions and they respond with positive corrections to feedback. A lot of convenient locations in Salt Lake and only one location in Italy County, which is a downside. The only other downside is their hours. They close at 6:30 during the sooner rather than staying open until it starts getting dark, which is something I love about Supersonic Car Wash.

Gary Lamke

One of the best car washes

Bethany Petersen

Weird that the reviews are so bad! I love it. My husband and I have the monthly unlimited pass and just zip in 1-2 times a week during the winter months for a great clean! The vacuums are free for everyone, which is awesome--and they work just as good as any other vacuum from a gas station. At this location (unlike the Salt Lake location) they have employees hand wipe down your car, rather than have the dryer machines only. At this location they also have microfiber clothes on a cart by the vacuums, so you can wipe down the inside of your car, etc. A lot of people miss that little fun fact!


I went last night & it was ok but they run the cars too fast thru the car wash it barely got my car clean. I had to use my own towel to dry off the car when it should of been dried through the end of the wash and had to wipe off the spots that the wash missed. I thought i was gonna end up hitting the car in front of me cuz we were so damn close and going way too fast!! They didn't take my antenna off when they told me to pull through and before they use to do that. Its not like u can get out right there and take it off yourself. Also they use to spray this stuff on front of the car n side and back and they didnt bother doing that either. I liked it when it was the other car wash. This place needs to pay better attention to what their doing before they end up having a lawsuit on their hands for skipping a simple car washing step. Just saying

Alyssa Jeffs

My experience here was fantastic, they were really quick thorough and it's not too expensive for a full service wash. They explained exactly what they did an offer to walk around the vehicle with you when you're done. And there is complementary food and drinks inside of their Lobby that's actually really nice and comfortable to sit in.

Telecia Stanton

Great customer service

Richard Taggart

Good service. Quick and car looks great. There were toys for my 2 year old to be distracted.


Good staff. My car always come out squeaky clean.

joel taylor

Lost a star. For $25 a month you can wash your car as much as you want (vacuuming yourself). Now they don't hand out towels to dry your car while you vacuum. I have to bring my own towels and pay $25 a month?? Why??

Danny Durand

In and out fast VIP is the best way to go . unlimited car wash . 29.99

Dano Ray

Fast affordable and friendly

A.J. Davenport

Horribly over-priced for the end result. You are paying 35 bucks for a full service car wash and they don't even wipe down the dash and they don't even try to get the windows cleaned properly. In L. A. You can pay $16 for a full service wash and EVERYTHING IS CLEANED. Staff was friendly or I would have given 1 star.

Ryan Zaugg

After being bought out by “mister” this car wash has gone down hill, from higher pricing to getting a lower quality wash. I went through once after the switch and everything is just bad now. The scrubbers are also much more violent in their motions and I lost my rear windshield wiper going through there. I miss the old car wash...

Trent Bunnell

Good value!

Michael Staves

Fast service and they do interiors too

Leticia Dorsey

Seth Hall

We have a dog, so needless to say whenever we pull in we always feel a bit guilty about how much TLC our interior needs. These guys pull out all stops and every trip we make here is worth the price + generous tip. They are thorough and we are always pleased with the clean both inside and out!

Brandon Nolast

Great clean fun good prices if you go with the monthly pass

Jaime Ortega

sean thompson

Place is okay, price has gone up with the new owners and half of the vaccuum system was gone as well. Have had problems with this location pulling off my rear wiper in the past

Lisa Stewart

Love this place. I have the Monthly Pass and I'm here every day.

Randall Feuerlein

They are very nice and helpful should you need it.

Lisa Sligh

Washed the car before heading into Atlanta for the day. After we got to Atlanta we noticed streaks of dirt. We went back to the car wash when we got back to town but they refused to run the car back through. Horrible service. We won't use them again.

Iyam Skie

Been coming here for over a year. Paid $18 dollars to go through the car wash. Was vacuuming and it started to rain. I asked to go through the wash even though I just went through just to have it dried once more. A gentleman asked if I was a club member I said no but I have been coming here for a year or more. Then a lady came to us and said “well I can’t just turn the dryer on”. Poor customer service, so disappointing.

Rachael Reasor

A few months ago I would have given them 4 stars but now they could really use some maintenance. The system is definitely not up to par sometimes I have to run my car through twice and it never dries well.

Shanna Hailstock

Mary Railey

Really cleabs my car well. Great vaccum system.

Jeremy Perry

Wash was good. Tire wash left a LOT of dirty residual suds on the wheels even after rinse and dry. They no longer have the free use towels and window spray.

Joe Hicks

Kayelee Campbell

Not a good place to get a thorough clean. Don't pay for one if you need one. If you need a quick clean it's a great place, but if your car is actually dirty it's more worth whipping out the vacuum and doing it yourself.

Justin Illum

Had them do the interior, they did a terrible job, had to ask for the towel to clean it myself and then the worker in the car behind us was honking for us to move. Not impressed.

Dan Butler

As much as I like this place take this warning. The brushes and/or rails will damage your wheels if you have a car with low profile tires. I have a stock size wheel tire on my car so its not "slammed" etc. The system has left little swirl …


Megan Nguyen

Wookiee Mons

Staff are great, facility is so so, but since they no longer honor the military discount and group car deal the price is no longer worth it.

Oliva Toro

Cheap wash, with excellent vacuums. You can also clean your weather mats with a machine.

Wonder Lust

If you want your car “mostly clean” this is the place. Be prepared to pay top dollar and have bugs, dirt and road grim still on your car. Mostly clean = Mister Clean

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