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Here we offer you all the feddbacks of people who use the services of Magic Rabbit Car Wash & Detail Aurora (Car Wash) in the area close to the state of Colorado.

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REVIEWS OF Magic Rabbit Car Wash & Detail Aurora IN Colorado

Nataly Mahoney

Best car wash in town... affordable and fast...

Shelly Fitzgerald

My husband's Toyota Tacoma truck had old spots on the cloth seats both in front & back. I had tried a few times with various products to get them out without success. Magic Rabbit staff did an OUTSTANDING JOB getting all spots out and detailed his truck like brand new. Highly recommend this service.

Scott Walmsley

Actually a pretty good little car wash with actual service attendant / cashier that actually speaks to you and not just run your card and wave you on to the washing machine. Your car actually gets wiped dry in the end also. We usually just get a basic car wash.

Debra Johnson

My car needed washed and I hate car washes. Most apartments here in Denver don't let you wash on site. This place is amazing. A thorough job indeed. I walk dogs out here 4 days a week and will be back. There is a place where they vacuum that you CAN TIP IN CASH.

David Schneider

For $26 one would think they would vacuum out the ashtray that was already pulled out from the dash and get all of the dirt off of the rims. But the kicker was taking the front mats out last and soaking them in God knows what and throwing them back into the truck soaking wet. I almost got into a couple of accidents because my foot was soaked and kept slipping off the pedal. NOT going back


Don’t waste your money and time! They are so expensive and they didn’t do good job for detailing my car. I have to go back and let them clean in it from inside again. They told me it’s on the package I choose! It was over $400 to clean it !

Michelle Nguyen

I love this place so much. John is absolutely the sweetest and is always so funny and nice whenever I come to get my car washed. I’ve only been there a handful of times over six months, but they somehow manage to remember me.


I paid for the top of the line car wash for my car, it was so dirty and they did a great job even though my car interior was covered with dog hair and dirt. The last time I tried to have my car cleaned the place charged me extra for the dog hair, Magic Rabbit did not and I really appreciate it! Thank you!

Catherine Denney

I was very impressed by the leavel of customer service. I was selling my car and needed a deep clean in my car. I had dog hair in the back seats which was a pain to get out. I believe the gentleman’s name was John I truly cant remember. He came out to check once my car was finished to see if everything was up to my satisfaction. There was still a bit of dog hair in the back seat I said I would take care of it but he insisted that he himself would take care of it for me. This place is so nice I will definitely be coming back. Thank you to all the staff at this location.

Andrea Carter

I definitely give this establishment a 10 stars... I'm a Lyft driver and I've tried MANY full service car wash locations. Hands down, this is the BEST and only place that I will use to clean my car. The staff is very friendly and the service is extraordinary. Thank you for always doing such an amazing job on my vehicle.

5280 Boyz

Honestly i was blown away my husband talked to the manager John about a surprise birthday gift to detail my car and it was maybe the worst car he ever seen well thats what my husband said lol i come home from work and my car looked like i didnt have a dog or two kids i mean all the dog hair was out all of the writing on the doors and melted crayons and stains even all the make up that i put on my visor every morning was gone i mean literally spotless i was so impressed an i even went back to the place to thank john personally i recommend this place to everyone honestly if you come thru the weekdays you dont even have to make an appointment what can i say but thank you john you and your team are professionals

Gary Boyd

Darren Bullock

Ended up going elsewhere due to high price and less than friendly people.

David Cossio Arango

Mary Hebert

Went on a road trip to Lake Tahoe. Had the bugs of 5 States on my car. Only $8 extra to get them off. So worth it! The 2 guys did a great job on it, even though it was close to closing time.

Jenn Macey

Went to Magic Rabbit Car Wash and they were really easy-going. I told them what I wanted done, and they gave me some options. A full on detail would have cost $250 - yikes, I am a girl on a budget. I went with a "mini detail" - this was $100. They cleaned and waxed the outside of my car, cleaned my mats, cleaned the interior, conditioned my leather seats, etc. It looked very nice. There were a few things I wish could have been done a little better (cleaning the lining of my leather seats a little more) but I'm assuming I would have had to pay the $250 for it. All in all, it looks great. I am happy. My leather looks beautiful and I am really happy about that.

Erin Chandler

Fair prices for solid diligent work, much appreciated!

F Blue Manzanares

Dont waist your money at this place. I specifically asked that my rims be "CLEAN" when I returned; not only was there still mud on them but the worker copped an attitude when I asked they clean them again.... TWICE!!! What happened to Getting what you pay for?

Lauren Otto

Crystal Reyes

Excellent service, they went above and beyond for me!

Dane Swanson

First time I had tried this company/location out. I have a dog that sheds like hundreds of dandelions going off at once and needed it gone. These guys got the hair out of my SUV as well as washed and spruced my car up in just a couple of hours. Very happy with the results.

Kelly Schmich

I have been using Magic Rabbit on Parker Rd for several years now and would highly recommend. For the price its a great value and its nice to be able to essentially get a "mini detail" for under $40. I usually do the Super Wash every month to every other month and have also done the full detail. Staff is always super friendly qnd has always done a great job

Hector Guitron

Very good and fast work. Definitely worth every penny for what they do. Every guy involved made sure to go twice over his own work.

Benjamin Kluge


James Fogle

DONT GO HERE!!! I did big mistake. So I paid for a exterior car wash the so called wheel deal and an exterior trim dressing. $28 in total. I went through the car wash and on the other side they spent maybe 5 min on the out side. All they did on the wheel deal is spray some kind of chemical on the rims and tires and a quick dry and said your done. Did not even get the trim I paid for done. Wow what a rip off. It's so hard to find a good car wash. And I am even willing to pay good $ for one.

Adventure Camper

WOW! In our business we see all kinds of things happen to our rental trailers, vans and SUVs. After having not one, not two, not three...but FOUR of our rental vans returned in, let's just say a less than desirable condition, we were able to call Magic Rabbit for emergency carpet/upholstery cleaning. John was able to get us in right away and get all the vans back to us within a day! This was amazing as we thought they would be out for a few days, considering the amount of deep cleaning that needed to be done. Magic Rabbit you DEFINITELY gained a regular customer out of us and we will be returning to you as well as letting anyone and everyone know how well you treated us! Can't thank you enough for helping us keep our rental vehicles in top notch condition!

Patricia Guzman

If you need a deep clean for your car this is the place. I take my dog with me everywhere I go so there is a lot of dog hair, well that's all gone. Jeff and his team are the best, outstanding customer service and my car was left spotless. Thank you so much highly recommended.

Charles W. Jones

David Feldman

Jeff and his staff are really good. Amazing and fast service and I always leave the car wash impressed at the level of detail and attention to my car. I would highly recommend.

craig bernard

Lydia Rasputina

Not sure about the price, didn't really have time to compare but the stuff, in particular guy that did handcleaning of the interior has some major attitude! Refused to wipe some white spots that was left from his cleaning liquids and was trying to make a fool out of me saying that apparently I haven't purchased that service. I was shoked form laziness of that guy, he clearly is the slacker, hope the owner will pay attention to him. Such poor quality of service made my mind up about coming back nor refer anyone I know there.

Stephanie Draper

Fantastic service and staff.

Kammie B

I came here today and boy I should of listened to the reviews. I paid $64 for a hand car wash and small detail. They literally didn’t wipe my car down and barely vacuumed it. The mats were thrown all over the place and the car was a mess. I went in and complained and they fixed it but never again.

Michael Gardner

Mike Williams

Great job, good prices.

Brenda Heyman

Had a gift certificate for here from my wonderful mother-in-law, including enough to deal with pet hair. I am a veterinarian and my car looked like it. Not only were they able to get every bit of the fur out, but the interior looks and smells fantastic otherwise. My car looks like new, and I couldn’ happier!

Tammy Jimenez

I spilled paint, literally an entire gallon of paint, in the backseat of my brand new car last year. In a near panic, I went directly to this carwash, which was super close to where I was. The manager, who happens to be the sweetest guy ever, told me not to worry and took my keys. A few hours later, he presented my super clean car, sparkling and paint-free. They did an outstanding job. I haven't gone anywhere else since then. They consistently do a great job—never cutting corners. And they are priced fairly. Not to mention, they can do an entire detail fairly last minute. Trust me and trust them, you won't be disappointed.

wayne meacham

They always do a good job on my 18 year old Escalade. Usually get the wash and hand dry, but got the wheels done awhile back and it looked brand new again.

Jose Rivas

Good service, fair pricing, friendly staff

Shawna Downs

My son spilled milk in my car which caused a sour milk smell. I had the carpet cleaned with minimal better results. I brought the car into Magic Rabbit in Aurora, CO and the manager could not have been more accommodating in helping solve the problem. I would recommend anyone who has this same issue to use them. They have the right professionals for the job.

Queen La'Joi

Great work! My car was a wreck. Inside and out. They made it like new. I was able to sell it with no problems!

T. H.

I'm not sure if this is under new ownership, but the quality sure has gone down hill. I haven't been for probably six or eight months (maybe longer). The entire staff is not the same at all. My car was left with blue spray residue all over it and the interior smelled like mildewed rags. This will be the last time I go. It sucks because this place used to be the very best with amazing attention to detail and great service.

Kortney K

I am VERY disappointed in car wash service. There was still dirt on the bra of my car. They didn't even clean the interior of my back window, which was filthy. They left lint from their rag on my inside windows. I just wasnt happy and could have done a way better job myself.

Sandra Collins

Hard workers and they do a Good job! Can't beat the fair prices for the quality!

Chelsea VanBuskirk

Amazing service and super friendly staff. I felt so embarrassed dropping my mom mobile off to get detailed with all the debris my kids have left behind and filled the crevices. But when I picked it up I was super impressed that my car looked like it did when I first bought it! Every detail was cleaned. I highly recommend these guys! I’ll definitely be back!

Zachary Lund

Don't waste your money. Paid for an exterior wash with wheel detail and tire dressing. This was the result. Their drying towels also left fibers that are painfully obvious on my gloss black car.

David Norman

I've watched the worker's detail cars, trucks, SUV's and vans always that personal touch. Conversation with Customers is always there to answer any questions you may have about your vehicle. Excellent work crew of worker's come in and see how it's done the right way, ask questions check it out for yourself.

Linda Miller

My car was pretty sticky inside and they did a great job getting it clean

Kyli Jesus

James Tygart

These guys over here do awesome job. Last week they Waxed and Washed my wifes and my vehicle this week went in for a quick dust off. Awesome having a car wash close to home that takes pride in what they do and always does a good job.

Virginia Walsh

Fantastic Job! I planning to sell my little SUV, so I brought it to Magic Rabbit for an interior detail. They were able to get all the dirt and grime out of the smallest of crevices, remove stains from the headliner and the carpet. My car hasn’t looked this good since I drove it home from the dealership. These guys did a great job!

Jonathan Markey

Josh M

These guys are great! Tuned my work truck right up. Did a thorough deep clean on the interior and is like new. 4 door 2005 F-150. Will use them in the future. Got me in right away, just happened in when they wernt too busy. Was there for like 2 hours (mind you my truck was a wreck!). Well worth the price. Zack and the guys knocked it out of the park.

Stan Fossum

First time customer, so I was naturally a little skeptical. My son had dropped off his SUV for an inside/outside complete detail. They have two little kids and the vehicle was in definite need of some cleanup. I was given the job of picking up the vehicle, so I really didn’t know what to expect, other than I was paying for the work. So, when I asked the cashier if I could have a brief explanation of what they had done, she was more than willing to get the manager (Jon), so that he could explain their work on this vehicle. All I can say is “WOW!!” …what a professional and thorough explanation. The vehicle looked and smelled like new. When I showed my son the completed work later that night..we were both absolutely impressed with the results that Magic Rabbit had been able to accomplish. Thank You....we will be using you again and recommending your services to all of our friends.

M2travels Agency

Well with the expense for my quarterly carwash - inside and out! They give a military discount, too!

Bryn Markey

AMAZING service and the people are so so kind and hard working. My car is always so clean when I leave :)

Joan Griffith

The wash and cleaning of the interior and exterior of my car was good. That's where it stops. It was my first time there. Not really sure of the exit process. Waited for about five minutes before anyone even came out to guide me inside. Then when exiting I slowly pulled around to the detail area. I asked do I just wait inside he barked yes. I'm sitting with my back to the door using my gmail. I hear HEY I think nothing of it thinking they are talking amongst themselves. Boy was I WRONG. Then BANG on the window that makes me jump. Whatever happened to coming inside to say it's ready. This was my first and last time here. Should have known the experience to expect when the person taking my payment couldn't stay off the phone. Poor attitude all around . I also had to go home and reclean the inside front windshield as it appears they used the same oily towel as they did on my dashboard. Save your money and go elsewhere

Steven Stott



these people really clean your car.

William Cobb

For the most part they do an excellent job

Bruce Carter

Mediocre carwash. The car wash is generic in nature. I give them a C- for their car wash equipment.

Robert Donovan

Not enough employees, it took forever!!!!!!!!!

julia noel

Magic rabbit is a great place to go to. My car just recently got vandalized and somebody spray painted the side of it. I didn’t know what to do, so I took to it into their detail shop they took care of it super quickly and were very generous about the price. I definitely recommend going here! The guys here are very very nice. Victor did the job and he did it super well and the managers name is John, they helped me out and were very sweet! 10/10 recommend.

Victoria Reid

I spent over $50(with tip) for the worst car wash ever. When I got home and saw what they DIDN'T bother to clean or vacuum, I was appalled. Try other places before this on

Victoria Jewell

Really great deep clean! I wanted the inside of my car to look like when I bought it and after their Ultimate Wash they didn’t disappoint! It was only about 40 minutes and now I have a beautiful like-new car :)!

kathie mcdaniel

My car was so dirty after they were done, I had to ask to have it revacumned and wiped with cleaner. The manager agreed but it was still dirty after they redid it plus they lost my keys, found them after 15 minutes and they tried to blame me for it. Not apologetic at all. Will never go here again

Michael Roloff

Ryan Urbanski

My current go to wash for about a year now. They do a great job, and does not take an hour to wait for the car to be returned. Have also used their detailing services and won't take my cars anywhere else, great attention to detail.

Fieren X

Brought my new legacy here for her first bath. Ordered the interior complete wash. They were very caring from start to finish, and she came out sparkling inside and out. Will definitely be returning for a full detail in the near future!

Baylee C

Benjamin Berry

Tyler Gramelspacher

Excellent job.

Eric Parman

Attendants did a subpar job. For $39.99 I would expect a lot more. Rags used to clean my car must have been used immediately after a previous vehicle, whose owner must have had a dog. My car had a lot of dog hair when they were done, and I don't own a dog. There were also several streaks on my windows, lower exterior of the vehicle, and obvious areas on the interior which where never touched. However, they did an excellent job with the vacuum.

JustAnother Stupidchannel78

Can't beat the low prices for washing and detailing these are some of the best people I've ever met they will take care of your car. Please give them a try you won't regret it

Jigna Hammers

Paid $47 for an interior detail wash and it’s like they even didn’t wipe or vacuum anything. There were large spots and streak marks everywhere.

Anthony Herrera

Needed to take a few minutes and give kudos when it's deserved. I has minivan in this Spring ans they did a really good full detail. I recently purchased another van to replace my work vehicle. Being used it needed a good cleaning on the inside. They estimated a price for a mini interior clean. What i recievd was a detail for the interior and exterior. John did such a brilliant job! If you're needing a car wash or detailing, this is the place to go!!!


Victoria Muncy

Tried this place to get the interior of my vehicle completely clean and they did such an amazing job! They got out every stain and it looks brand new! The staff was very friendly and made me feel like an important and wanted customer. I won't be taking my car anywhere else but here for cleaning and detailing

Jim Weekes

They did a great job detailing my trashed out car. Pricy but reasonable for the mess they got clean.

Jeff Cann

We had a great experience with the "complete detail" package.

Dave Proffit

Ultimate bait and switch. I drive for lyft and a passenger threw up in my car. I called and asked about a spot shampoo for the back seat. Jeffery said they would prefer to shampoo the whole back seat for $150 but they could do a spot shampoo of the seat where the mess was for $65. I took it in and a guy named Jon said they could do it but it would cost $250. I went inside to talk to Jeffery and Jon came in and those 2 got into an argument about who would do it and what it would cost. Obviously I didn't have these clowns clean my car

Brianna T

1st my hubby took his car in for a wash and wax, i was so impressed that i took mine in ! The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and not looking to get over on you. I drive Uber/Lyft and got so many compliments from passengers about how great my car looked and smelled!! Best $100 i spent for a lasting car wash.

Anthony Pachelli

Jacqueline Gardner

Spend your money elsewhere! First off, I want to say I never leave bad reviews and anyone that knows me knows I am a fairly calm, level-headed person. I called on Wed to make an appt for 8am Friday morning at the Aurora location. My husband drove with me to take to me drop the car and I was to drive him to work from there. We sat outside for 30 minutes and no one was there to open the shop. Finally we saw a man in the detail shop and he called his manager only to find out they were opening at 9:30a that day. No phone call or voicemail to let us know, and their website states clearly they open at 8am AND my appointment was at 8am. Needless to say, my husband was very late to work. We tried calling the main line a few times and someone finally answered at 8:30a - I explained my situation and the man I spoke to had a major attitude and wouldn't even write down my number until I had to ask him to multiple times. Finally, I received a phone call from a woman who tried to make things right and said they never even had me in their system. She ensured a discount and made another reservation for me at 8am the next morning. I took my car in the next morning and the employees didn't unlock the door until 8:15a - in which I was greeted with immediate attitude and confrontation from the man at the desk. He questioned me about the quote AND the discount that was promised to me the day before and was being extremely rude right off the bat. After trying to explain myself I was at the ultimate point of frustration and I decided not to give this place my business. I recommend you spend your money elsewhere!!

Julie Revers

Way overpriced. There's a bike rack on my car and dog hair inside...less than a moderate amount. There's even a cargo liner in the back, so getting rid of dog hair wasn't difficult. They offered to hand wash the car and clean the interior for $94!!! Outrageous. I needed the dog hair out so passed on the hand wash, but still paid $35 to have the car interior vacuumed and wiped down. That service took a whopping 10 minutes. The wipe down was good but definitely not worth $35. Total rip-off. I appreciate a job well done, but can't stand greed.

Tiff Torr

I paid $36 for their supreme interior wash. I left feeling unimpressed and offended. When I drove up to pull in to the car wash the man in the wash had me roll down my window and asked if I was aware that my bumper was missing. I stated yes I was aware and that my little car was pretty banged up. He then asked if there was anything else wrong because he needed to make note of it in case I claimed they did it. I understand making note of it but after paying a good chunk of change to have my car washed I found how he approached it extremely rude and offensive. Then when I got in my car I was disappointed. It wasn't worth the money. I'd recommend going down the street to Stream Line. More affordable and they've never made me feel bad for having an old beat up car.

francis mejia

The crews did a great job detailing and wash my car! Highly recommended!

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