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10159 South Park Glenn Way, Parker, CO 80138, United States

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At the moment this firm gets a score of 2.9 stars over 5 and this rating was based on 61 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Magic Rabbit Car Wash & Detail at Parker IN Colorado

Kathryn McPherson

Just got home from my car wash and rewashed all my windows myself. Pretty sad, that was an expensive car wash.

adam hermes

This is not worth a crap!!! Or in the language they understand mierda de perro!

Davis Gomez

E Abry

DO NOT GET YOUR CAR DETAILED HERE!!! Unless of course you like getting ripped off. They will quote you a low ball price to get your commitment but they won't honor that quote. EXPECT TO PAY MUCH, MUCH MORE. My vehicle is less than 2 years old with a clean leather interior, rubber floor matts, clean dashboard and I vacuumed the whole thing before I brought it in so there was hardly a crumb on the floor. I rearranged my schedule and secured a ride to work. When I went to drop it off, the price was suddenly much higher. Admittedly, my two cup holders were pretty dirty. YOU ARE A DETAIL SHOP! Dirty cup holders should not raise the price through the roof. Unless you like being inconvenienced, lied to, and ripped off by scam artists, AVOID THE MAGIC RABBIT AT ALL COSTS!!!!

Krista birchfield

Decent place to my staff get a good job

Colter Hess

Not much for selection of road snacks at all

Kyle Hartman

Don't go here. Save yourself time, money, and a huge headache by running your car through puddles of mud. It'll come out cleaner than the Magic Rabbit "professionals" cleaning. I paid $41 for their best wash. The vehicle wasn't cleaned after half an hour. I had to help them dry it myself because all but one of their crew left before the job was done. The one who stayed had no idea what he was doing. Waste of every dollar spent.

Liza Summers

Good service!


Very low quality job. These pictures taken after interior cleaning has been completed

Trevor Richards

I pretty much only get my car washed here. Although it sometimes takes a bit long, it's because they care about the quality. The value can't be beaten especially since they hand dry the outside. Much better than these air-dry drive thru car washes that still leaves water stains everywhere. Also- Carlos is the man! Always greets you with a smile and does a fantastic job.

Katherine Shirley

Things are looking up ... they agreed to fix the damage. I will update my review after completion If I could give them negative stars I would!!!! I bought my car 9 days ago and incurred damage while being washed here!!! The "manager" sent pictures to the owner said the owner would call me back in a couple hours... that didn't happen and when I called back the "manager" then said he "was just a worker here". When the owner called me back there was no apology for the experience I had... only deny ability of responsibility... I asked to see the video the "manager" said he would look at and the owner said they would "have to find it".... they would not set a time I could come meet them and discuss this matter. ..

Jason Preston

It was a very cold day but I really needed my car detailed because my friend threw up after a Broncos game party on Sunday night. They did a great job cleaning up the mess in my car. My seats and carpet are now spotless as if the problem has never existed. I don’t have to wait there for the detail because the owner gave me a ride back to my office. People there are very friendly even though many do not speak good English. I would definitely go back again!

Rich Rizzuti

Great personalized service. Awesome car wash.

Trisha Crain

Horrible place I paid 65 dollars for detail outside and inside when I got my car they didn't even wipe the dash or doors when I asked them about it they said not their problem I asked to speak to a manager and was told he left and they don't give out this number I called him today and was told I would have to pay again to get my dash cleaned Stay way from this place also the guy that pulled my car around was driving way to fast

Tracy Mills

Great job detailing the inside!

David Karber

Car looked Good, was nice and clean

Michael Gordon

Overall I was not very happy. They had to wash my car twice to get it clean, that is okay but their staff seemed to be a little angry that I would not accept a moderately clean car. Especially for the price I paid!

Cleveland Holmes

Always very professional and Jose has great customer service

John Taylor

Worst car wash.

Betty Andersen

Bryan Thompson

Troy Stockman

Come with basic expectations. Nice people

Sharon Peters

Car wash kinda jank


Made an appointment for Saturday at 8AM. I called to confirm and two people confirmed that I had an appointment and that it would take about 1-1.5 hours to complete. When I arrived I was told that I did not have an appointment and it would take 3 hours. After grabbing his tablet that has his schedule he said it would not be done until 2PM (6 hours). After the attendant said "I have an appointment before your car, it's not fair to them" I told him I was leaving and repeated that I had an appointment that was confirmed by two people the day before. He attempted to go back to the 3 hour quote. I will not be using such a disorganized company.

Gaylene Neill

Pogisa Faumuina

Called to see if they had availability for today and someone named Ryan picked up. Horrible customer service! He just said no and didn't bother offering another time to come in and then hung up.

Rosie Henning

Horrible experience the people who worked there were rude. The car was not cleaned at all on the inside. Saw so many people complain to the staff about how dirty the cars were. It took forever by the time we got our truck back we just wanted to get out of there. We will never go back. You pay for horrible service!

Chris Hemerson

Very average, at best, but the only place in Parker who hand dries the vehicle. I actually wipe down all the missed places myself while they finish drying my car. Now the owner says he doesn't want me to do that while my car is here. He told me to go elsewhere if I didn't like it. Nice business practices, and customer service, I wish I could go elsewhere.

Sussy Su

Did a full service for a sedan. Internior was mediocrely cleaned could have done a better job.

Erika Ursich

Deborah Kolassa

The only time I went to Magic Rabbit was if I drove to Denver from the Kiowa County. They were so worth the extra stop. The fellows always gave me an extra help by pumping my gas when I got a car wash. I usually got their best wash, the interior supreme and they vacuumed my car pretty thoroughly and quickly! They even vacuumed underneath my mats, or so they claimed, I didn't really check. After it went through a conveyor belt of water, soap and wax, a few guys started scrubbing the car pretty quickly. They did put in a lot of care into it. I did not think they missed anything. After I left the car wash, the weather changed and actually rained a little later that day, On my way back, I used the rain guarantee to have a free exterior wash. No question asked. Great experience!


Took my van in a few weeks ago. They a did a great job cleaning the inside and outside.

Latino Velvet

Drove by

Caleb Adams

With amount of workers, they are good quick and reliable

Fatima Masetic

Britt Orgill

I hadn't had my car washed for a long long time, so I took it in to be detailed after a trip to the mountains. The staff was polite and did a great job cleaning my very dirty car. They were fast and fair priced.

Beverly Camden

Friendly people and great services! My dog made a mess three days before Thanksgiving and I needed my car cleaned well to pick up my relatives at the airport the same day. They were bending backwards to get it done for me. Shirley dropped me home so I could clean the house and picked me up while my vehicle was done. The smell was gone and the car looked wonderful. I am grateful for what they did to save me from an embarrassment with a horrible looking car. Thanks!

garrett muller

Was not as good as it should've been

E Paynter

I don't know about any of the other locations, but the Parker one is horrible. First the place is a dump, there is trash everywhere. It is hard to get a straight answer from anyone and they are difficult to understand. As soon as I mentioned that I had dogs (nose marks on the windows and foot prints on the seats) the price increased by $50 and I have leather seats and nonshedding dogs. If I didn't have a gift certificate I would not have left my car there.

Jordan Fuller

I got a full detail when I was home from out of state. At first glance the car looked great. The seats were soaking wet when I picked up the car but I opened the windows and let it air dry out. The next day there was a horrible mildew smell and it still has not gone away. When calling they told me there was nothing that they could do since I was not willing to drive the 6 hours to them. Horrible customer service with no suggestions on getting the smell out and the lady on the phone was rude just saying to drive it back down if it was really a big deal. Note to self Ill pay the dealer the extra $150 bucks that I am now going to have to pay to get the smell taken out.

Kimberly Kingston

Evan Driscoll

$65 for a hand wash. No thanks Jeff.

Doris LeDue

Johnny was very fast and did a GREAT job detailing my car. He was so friendly I look forward to returning and hope that he will clean my car again. He is a keeper!!

John Byon

Brandon Chavez

I made an appointment yesterday to take my car in at 8am the next day. While on the phone they quoted me $280 for interior, exterior, and engine clean. When I showed up the guys working there had no idea I was even coming. They also told me the price was going to be $325 now and when I complained they told me that if I didn't like the price I could go somewhere else.

Luke Farley

Tina Millard

It was okay.

Shawn Gaal

I have tried numerous car washes and they always miss something. You wont have that issue with Magic Rabbit.

Avigail Garcia

Christina Aldridge



Need to have my car washed by hand. The Owner/Manager has no idea what he's charging. Last 3 times were different prices, all increasing. Way too expensive for a hand wash now. Should be cheaper in reality for them to hand wash since they don't have to fire up the whole system and takes just as long using a couple of guys standing around. Also pulled one of my floor mats and did not put back in. Luckily they still had it in a stack of other mats never put back in customers cars.

Jennie Linet Bonilla

Clint Schaeffer

Good results for the price; fast lite detailing, and options for much more. My van took extra effort as we'd killed many bugs going across Kansas, but they got them off.

Jeff Myers

This place rocks. Very organized and great cleaning for the price. I have been to several around town and Magic Rabbit has

Azalea Bell

I called and scheduled a detailing for my minivan. When I showed up the man who 'greeted' me was totally rude. He said he didn't have an appointment scheduled and asked if I called the Parker location, which I did! I even showed him the number in my phone. I was quoted $145 for an interior detailing and he told me it would be at least $225! He was completely rude from the moment I parked. I left and will not return.

Dave Proffit

I called and talked to William. I explained that I needed a spot shampoo on the backseat. I was told it would be $65 and to bring in the car. When I got there, a guy in a cowboy hat said he was too busy and couldn't do it today. I went in to talk to William and he said it was an express detail and they should have time. He went outside and the guy with the hat said he could do it today for an extra $65 ( double the price). What a waste of my time and gas getting there!

Jason Hanneman

Had 3 vehicles detailed here first one was great no problems truck was cleaned very nice. The second went thru the wash and they didn’t pay attention so my truck hit a car on the way out of the wash and pushed it in to the parking lot and the truck was not cleaned very well. The third truck the guy had all kinds of attitude and they did a really bad job of cleaning it. I won’t be back.

Eric Peterson

I was given a price over the phone for carpet and seat cleaning of $45, this seemed reasonable so I had my wife drive down as they said they could take us right away. When my wife got there they said that they had given us the wrong price and that they would do it for $90. No attempt to compromise or make it right. Just take it or leave it. We left it and found another detailer in town that did it for $70.

Jamie Butler

I love having my car detailed by Johny! He is AWESOME!!! Not only is he polite, courteous and professional, but I like how he calls me Lady! Love you, Johny!

Tony Murphy

HyperThreat Sound LLC

Damaged my vehicle. I paid for a simple Drive through, it took 15 min so I looked down the opposite end and my car was stopped at the other end. I had multiple scratches on the hood of my car, and it looked like someone had tried to rub it out. I want the insurance information immediately!!!

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