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REVIEWS OF Living Water Express Car Wash IN Colorado

Christopher Tredennick

The machine did not clean my car well.

Timothy Cordova

Great place. I do wish they would space cars out further, you always feel rushed because someone is 2 feet behind you.

Jesse Smith

Fast service, great price, access to free vacuums. I will definitely be washing my car here in the future.

Stephan Eden

Great wash and great staff. Manager gave me a free wash after the back end of the car was improperly cleaned. Free vacuums too.

Alexander Ramsey

Great car wash with affordable prices. They have a bug station, free vacuum and floor mat cleaner. Always a spot for vacuuming available and never a line. This is my go-to for a wash.

Jeff Bishop

Great place to get your vehicle cleaned up with Monthly memberships!

Alexa Ashmore

Signed up for monthly membership, staff was extremely friendly. Cancelled after a month as my side mirror cover broke off in the car wash and scratched up the clear bra, thankfully not my paint. They informed me there is a current issue with their car wash that they are trying to fix but this happens often. Informed me that fixing the clear bra is not covered and it was “probably from rocks” anyway. My car is brand new, have had it for 2 months, with no scratches. They would also not refund my next monthly payment.

Evan B

Apparently you aren't able to vacuum your car before you wash it, as I was told the vacuums were for customers only. So instead of giving this place an opportunity, I went to bubble bay, forget this place.

Daniel Reichwein

I usually go to Metro Wash in Riverpoint, but just visited this car wash for the first time. Unfortunately, I am pretty disappointed with the quality of the wash. The staff was very friendly and helpful, vacuums and mat wash are included with all washes, and the place is clean and inviting. However, the car wash itself didn't do a very good job of cleaning bug debris from the front of my Hyundai Elantra and the automatic drying left alot of water on the car.

George Sechrist

Wow! An amazing car wash. I've never seen so many clean sparkling cars in one place as I did noticing the cars were rolling out of the wash. Its nice to see all the smiling friendly employees. After working so hard, I am glad that they can take Sunday off to be with their families, worship God and rest up for another week of service.

Gary Sinner

Great place to wash your dog, cost is $10 buck, seems worth it.


Good car wash, our RAM 2500 fits, but the mirrors have to be pulled in.

Catherine Robbins

Wow ! What an amazing car wash ! I am especially impressed with the professionalism and the friendliness of the staff ... Daniel leads with integrity and the other employees ( I met Brianna and Alessandra ), are very kind and helpful. Oh ! And not only is the car wash fun to go through, but at the end, my vehicle was "sparkling" !

Erin Chavez

I was happy with my overall experience. Free do it yourself bug prep station, vacuums and a mat cleaner. They had staff helping you with purchasing your wash and pulling into the car wash. They even checked the suction on the hoses while I was their. Be careful in the parking lot with traffic from the auto store. I will take my car here again!

Billy Phillips

This place is awesome they have attendants to help you through the wash and they have 20 vacuums for you to use for free. There is a vending machine that accepts credit cards for cleaning supplies. The dog was is by far the best part about …

Gabrielle Garzon

Got attendants to help and free vacuuming afterwards

Austin Harris

Good deals and unique features/experience. Will be back!

Tammy Sechrist

We had just bought a used car on Craigslist and didn't realize what a good looking car it was until we ran it through the free, grand opening wash yesterday. There was such an exciting, friendly atmosphere there and we look forward to many more great washes at this new place in the neighborhood!

Andre Martinez

love this place! the unlimited vacuum time (with vacuums that actually work!!!) and the free mat cleaner makes this place my go to place for washing my cars and trucks

Craig Farthing

Quick and easy carwash. No waiting. Could dry the vehicle better

Derrick Vander Meulen

Stopped at Living Water Car Wash several times and am very pleased. The van is clean and the vacuums are included in the wash. The employees are friendly and courteous.

Jessica Sorensen

I had something sticky on my truck. The wash didn't get it off but my advertising magnet came off. They saved it for me and were super nice the whole time!

Selina Brinck

My kids love this car wash, they beg me on a weekly bias to take them. lol But besides my kids liking this place, I really like this place as well. For a hands free car wash I feel like it does a good job. They have free vacuum hoses, a bug brush, a light show as you go through, and the prices are not to bad (the very basic wash was around 7.00 then a step up from that was 11.00 then the top notch price is 15.00). You can purchase a membership for 15.00 then after that they charge your card 30.00 a month. During late fall through to early spring it might be worth your money because you can take your car unlimited times.

Pauly B

This is the biggest scam since property taxes. Bump up the prices for a car wash that doesn't work. Reeeal smart. I don't see them lasting through the next year

Taylor Otis

My car was cleaned well. Lots of amenities for cleaning as well. Car wash, vacuums, floor mat cleaner. Great place. Wish the place was opened Sunday though. Regardless great car wash.

Norvan Massey

Great wash...long line.

Rebecca Joy Kerr

Clean as a whistle!

Sara Rogers

The property is well maintained and everything you need to keep your car clean.Top notch!!

Kevin Fox

Not Responsible For Damage? Apparently not accountable either? On Christmas Eve my wife took her beautiful GMC Denali HD through the wash (as she’s done hundreds of times). This time upon exiting there was a car stopped in the exit lane. As she approached the exit it became apparent that something was wrong. My wife began frantically honking the horn and flashing her lights to no avail. There was nothing else she could do as there was another vehicle directly behind her 7,500 lb. truck. The conveyor belt that moves cars through the wash used my wife’s truck as a wrecking ball to clear the exit lane pushing the other vehicle out of the way. While the other vehicle sustained significantly more damage my wife’s painted front bumper with parking sensors still took a direct hit. Under the assumption that the car wash would take care of the damage my wife filled out an incident report and left. Later in the evening we received an email declining to assume any responsibility for the incident. (Attached in profile Pictures). The email CC’d the other party as well, sharing our contact information without our permission or consent. Looking at this from another angle I see a significant safety hazard. In winter months the exit lane is perpetually covered in a sheet of ice as water has a tendency to freeze in a cold, windy environment. The exit lane is where pedestrians frequently cross to bring floor mats to the floor mat washing area. A film of water over a sheet of ice is extremely slippery (I’ve wiped out there myself). So what happens when someone slips and falls in the exit lane? The driver of the exiting car gets out to help only to get killed when their own vehicle is pushed over them while attempting to assist the fallen patron. There is also heavy cross-traffic in front of the exit lane as this is the main entrance from Wadsworth for two other businesses (Discount Tire & Advance Auto Parts). Aside from business traffic the vacuum bays are directly in front of the exit creating even more stop and go as vehicles are constantly backing out and pulling in straight. So on the busy days when there is heavy traffic I can see how a collision would not only be possible but likely as exiting vehicles wouldn’t be able exit. What happens when a vehicle stalls due water? I don’t understand how a car wash of this scale can operate without anti-collision safety measures. Surely with all of today’s technology there is a way to slow or stop the progress of the wash. Henry Ford did it a century ago, ski resorts don’t seem to have an issue slowing or stopping the lifts when danger arises, even a cannery or a plant boxing bubble wrap has this capability. The attendant told my wife that he heard all of the honking but didn’t know what was going on so he did nothing. I can understand not wanting to pay for a customer’s mirror that gets knocked off or a broken antenna, rack, magnetic sign, etc. but when your wash makes two vehicles collide it’s time to take responsibility. What if the front vehicle just doesn’t move? Are car wash patrons required to carry uninsured/underinsured car wash coverage? I’m quite sure that there are attorneys out there who love raking business over the coals for their gross negligence, especially if this is a known problem. (I Checked). I spent a few hours on Christmas buffing and polishing my wife’s bumper to an acceptable level. Not exactly what I had in mind but a happy wife....... With the non-pology, figure it out yourself, email we got on Christmas Eve I felt obligated to expose this clear safety hazard. We have four vehicles signed up on the member’s wash plan but in light of this experience we are looking for other options. The wash is affordable and convenient but at what price. Often times we pre-wash at the self wash on Yukon St. to avoid scratching. And lately (last several months) there have been more and more water spots/dirty mirrors/windows upon exit. I will say the staff is very friendly though and the only reason we haven’t cancelled yet. Thanks for taking the time to read this book.

Rick Madlom

Fantastic car wash and service! Went through and amazingly the car doesn't need to be towel dried after the wash. Even the left behind water droplets dry without streaks. Friendly staff and a cool pet bath as well. Liked it, so I bought a membership:)

Rebecca Kreski

Car wash is great, it gets all the dirt and grime off one time through but the vacuums need some help. It's like they're whispering to the dirt in my car not sucking it up!

Adam Duran

Love this car wash! Great deal, awesome and friendly staff, they do an excellent job, and very quick! Perfect!! Highly recommend!

Jessie Vonesh

Awesome Manager! Amazing wash, my car came out so clean! Great service and fast!

Eleanor Archuleta

I have a membership and it's such a fast in and out. Staff is always friendly and my car is clean and shiny.

Bobby Snyder

Car wash does a great job and staff is awesome!

Kevin Mchale

Very well run. Great, fast service. Vacuums and mat cleaner are great.

Bethany Sollenberger

The customer service alone earns a 5 star review for this car wash! The staff are welcoming, professional, and quick to respond to customer needs. The car wash is a wonderful, colorful experience that also provides a quality clean. The monthly subscription option makes the cost per wash incredibly low. Even the free amenities (vacuum stations, floor mat cleaning machine, etc.) are always exceptionally clean and well-maintained. I am a pretty picky car wash customer, and I can honestly say this place has significantly exceeded my expectations!

Jacob Fogg

Great wash, free vacuums, I just wish I didn't have to vacuum myself.

Joshua Sáenz

Love this place. Christian value company

Bethany Janzen

I loved the car wash! The staff are friendly and supper helpful also!

Kevin Milner

Good wash. Logan’s the man!

Jamie Hudson

Edit - This issue was covered by warranty. Thank you for your comprehensive response and service.


I went through the free wash last week and the first thing I noticed was how many sparkly clean cars were rolling off the line. And next was how fast the wash was. I honestly was doubtful that it could clean my car that fast, but on inspection, it had done its job. I think for anybody like me who needs a quick and efficient wash a few times a month, this place is more than worth it! It's got a really cool blue acrylic ceiling and a cool logo, which adds to the wash experience. The vacuum was adequate but could use more power. The manager came up as I was vacuuming and informed me that new more powerful vacuum motors are coming to replace the initial set as they were not spec'd to Colorado altitude. I wasn't expecting that kind of instant attention to detail.. At a car wash ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jeffrey Lumpkins

I forgot my paint had metal flake till I came here.

Brad S

Purchased the $11 wash on 2/24/18. I like the concept behind this car wash and for the most part it was a satisfying purchase. The staff is helpful and they are able to move you through the process fairly quickly, even when busy. The brushes seem to get certain surfaces that other automatic washes aren't able to clean up as nearly as well. The one negative is that I did come out of the wash with a fair amount of soap residue. My Wrangler being boxy is likely partly to blame but the final rinse / drying was probably a little too quick.

Kristi Evans

I signed up for the yearly unlimited car washes at this location and it's wonderful. And the personal are fantastic! If you have any problems they are really quick to help. One day the vacuum hose came undone from the pole way above my head and as I was turning around to get someone's attention he was already running towards me to fix it.


Great job! Able to get the difficult spots!!

John Douglas

Love the coin op dog wash!

Ryan Moore

I had to fold the side mirrors so they didn't get washed. Kind of the point in going there. Won't be back.

Sandee B

Unlimited ultimate car washes for $30. Can't beat that!

Charles damp

Strong vacs and cleane cars

Jordan Weber

I love the service. The crew knows how to clean cars and save water.

Kelly Bailey

The people here are always helpful and always have a smile for you!

Vic Lou

We have a membership. Today 10/28/19 the day started off with awful weather however towards 11am it was sunny and the roads were absolutely fine to drive on. I went to the car wash at 5pm when all snow was almost melted and sun was shining …

Tattooed Lady

Inexpensive and friendly! I have a monthly membership here, and I wash my car every other day. They just recently changed out the hoses on their vacuums, so there's way more suction than before. And once, when my membership lapsed, they ran me through the super-bitchin-ultimate-grand-supreme wash for free!

jonelle Esposito

Pricey but my cars always look good.

Dave Breggin

Thorough wash. Friendly people. Accommodates my large SUV.

Arianna Nöelle

My favorite car wash to date.

Stefanie Husemann

I HATE cleaning my car and this place will make me hate it way less. Great prices, very fast, and the vacuums actually work really well!

angelica montero

Average price within the city, nothing special or extraordinary

Kara Ullrich

Really friendly, wash works well. Free vacuums, mat cleaner, and pet wash. The membership is well with it.

Samantha Campbell

Car wash does an ok job, the back of my car is usually could use a lil more love. (I have the cheapest plan) Plus I've hit 3 different cars coming out of the wash. 1 - People don't know how to utilize the wash 2 - they pile cars on top of each other on busy days. SO, I would suggest if you have a newer/nicer car then DO NOT GO TO THIS CAR WASH - or go when it's empty!!!! The pass is inexpensive and convenient and employees are nice. But hitting people on my way out is SO ANNOYING!!!!!! But - I do still have my pass bc I can't beat the deal I have.

Joe Buescher

Pretty good automated car wash. Did great on my truck.

Lauren Polasek

Pretty nice car wash and it got all the heavy mud from a hunting trip off my jeep. I tried cleaning my dog at the doggy wash but probably won't use it again. The water was very cold at first and took a few minutes to warm up (you're paying by the minute) and the chain they have to attach to your dog's collar to prevent them from moving around too much is a safety hazard. It's too long so my dog was able to jump out (even though I was right by him and using the blow dryer) and it was choking him until I could get the chain off. Also wish they included a brush to use on them after. So It's Safer and better to just wash your dog at home.

Adam Wills

Who closes a car wash on Sunday? That’s the day to wash cars.

Cameron Walker

Very friendly staff and powerful vacuums.

Lydia Blumer

This is the best car wash I've been to in the entire Denver area! My car came out looking brand new (it's a 2001) in about 3 minutes. I love that they have free vacuums and free mat wash. My car looks amazing inside and out and it barely took any time (the price is good too!). The staff was very friendly and helpful. I will definitely be back to Living Water!

Metanoia Nebula

Its busy as hell but it's all inclusive. Love that I can vacuum my car and wash it all in one stop and prices for every budget.

Steve B

I pay for their unlimited service and have really liked it. I definitely appreciate their reason for being closed on Sundays, however that's the day I'm always in the area and wish I could wash my car.

Lindie A

Great customer service. Went through one time and was disappointed with the remaining bug guts. Daniel informed me that there was a pretreatment bucket to use on concern areas before washing. He even came out and scrubbed my car for me before letting me go through again at no charge. Car is so sparkly clean! I'll be back! Thanks Daniel. You made my day!

Jim Medlock

Great car wash, look into the monthly unlimited wash plan. Free vacuums and floor mat washer available.

Matt Nielsen

My experience here when as followed, I pulled up gave a machine some money. I got a free car and now my car looks fresh!

Alexis Stamatis

High tech and innovative car wash. Alert and friendly employees. Superb management.

Katie Collins

The hood and front windshield were still dirty after paying $15. Why pay $15 when you will have to go to another wash to clean up after?

Michelle Vice

Great place for a wash! Employees are very friendly and helpful

Carissa Janitell

Amazing service and superior cleaning. It’s so wonderful that such a great service is rooted in the Lord.

Emerson Willis

It was busy, but they handled the traffic very well and our car is sparkly clean! Great car wash! Highly recommended!

brian dill

Pretty colored light show during wash but had to wash truck 2x just get clean

Terry Anderson

I really hate to do this, considering I received my car wash for free yesterday. The facility is really clean and looks amazing from the outside! I was so excited when I got in line in my blue 4runner. I was hoping that it would be sparkly clean, but it left streaks of dirt running down the sides, like little streams. The dryers sounded great but also did not dry. I'm sorry, but if this is how the wash works brand new, I cannot recommend it at all.

Aileen Jimenez

Highly recommend this Car Wash. Great technology, clean environment, and friendly customer service. Shout out to Daniel for being great!

Thomas Clark Fenner

Amazing car wash experience. Car is cleaner and shinneyer then if I hand washed myself. Also the automated wash is almost like an amusement park ride with the colored lighting and cleaning products.

Jill S

Terrible Experience and HORRIBLE customer service!!! After receiving a post card in the mail from them stating I could get a Free 1 month unlimited car wash pass, I decided to try them out. When I arrived on Monday 4.11.17, the attendant stated that I could not use the card as it expired on the 8th of April, when there is not an expiration date on it. (See picture 1) He then informed me that the date is on the other side (See picture 2) nothing on the side with any date reference makes any reference to the unlimited pass. The attendant then said there was nothing he could do for me and wanted me to pay 15dollars for a car wash. NO THANKS!!! I'll support businesses that have much better personnel and advertising!

Justin Trobec

Best drive through car wash I've used!


I've been washing my vehicles here for years. For small vehicles and oversized vehicles. Their equipment is always in functioning order and a facility is cleaned. It can be a little pricey but it's worth it.

Traitorous Syn

Really nice car wash, various prices and all automated. Got the ultimate at $19, you pull up and put your car in neutral and it pulls your car through and washes it. Pushes my mirror around if I don't fold them but cleans everything pretty …

Melissa Roberts

Paid $15 for top of the line wash and free vacuum. Truck looks amazing! Great job, friendly staff!

Kaviera Rose

Love the car floor mats washer. Very useful for after snow and rain.

Linda Hatch

I bought a monthly pass for $25. It's the monthly price for the $11 Car wash if you were to buy just one. I can run my car through this car wash as many times a month as I want. My car is always clean. The vacuums are free. The automatic wash does a great job! My car comes out clean and dry.


Place was awesome! Very clean and extremely good car wash!!

luke Schultz

This place is a scam they offer an unlimited wash membership but monitor how many times you use the wash and only let you wash your vehicle as many times as they feel necessary. Staff is rude and wash isn't that great anyway. When asked if I could speak with the owner I was told I would not be given the contact information. I know a lot of people. They just lost a lot of business

Steve Membership

Average car wash center. Nothing that stood out. I regularly go to Carwash Express so I use it as a benchmark. Decided to try it out since there was a coupon in the mail. Unfortunately, the coupon code doesn't work at the kiosk (no attendant). Gives you an 'invalid account' error. There was a car behind me so I couldn't back-out for assistance. Bought the Ultimate wash regardless. Drove around the corner to the wash entrance. The wash itself was as expected. Guy directs you in and everything else is automatic. Carwash Express has a person that will 'presoak' any problem areas as you enter the wash. This place didnt have that. Parked to use the vacuum machine. Noticed that the far left one only has a vacuum for the right side of your vehicle. Other spots had 1 vacuum station between each parking spot, which is pretty standard. Carwash Express now has 2 per parking spot, so no waiting for your neighbor. Vacuum hose nozzle was wider than Carwash Express so I couldnt get to the narrow areas of my car. I also tried the Mat Cleaner. No option to use it without water. The knob to turn off the water is just an empty hole. Quality of the cleaner was normal. Only 1 machine near the vending machine. Pricing is similar to Carwash Express but service here wasnt as good. As a Christian, I appreciate the fact that they are closed Sundays.

Tessa Staples

The dog wash is great. Multiple shampoos & keeps the pooch contained well. Bring your own towel.

Katie Biersmith

I got in and out really quick the one time I have been here. Automated pay system worked well. Free vacuums, separate machines for washing mats and vending machines with towels/specialty wipes for windows and inside your car that I didn't notice until later. I still miss my favorite car wash up in Broomfield, but I will definitely be coming back here. Marking down some points because they are closed on Sundays. There have been three times now that I have wanted to go but then realized they were closed. :( It's the opposite direction from my work so the only day I can go any given week would be a Saturday.

Greg Gieseler

Best car wash (better exterior wash than Bear's & 1/2 the price) in SW Littleton, but SUPER annoying that they are not open on Sundays (not sure what religion has to do with a car wash...hear that, Chick Filet??)...

Dan johnson

Nice people, little bit pricey, does a good job, but it doesn't clean the wheels too good

Kyle King

Awesome car wash and their monthly plans cannot be beat! Great value and an awesome wash experience.

J Tilton

Good quick wash Everytime

Richard Harrell

Liked the car wash a lot at first and had even purchased the monthly pass last month and this month however they are now CLOSED on Sunday's (I believe this just started as I seem to remember washing it on sundays several times before) which is an awful day to have a car wash closed as you can imagine the amount of people coming back from weekend trips that would like to wash their car on Sunday or just customers that would like to have a clean car for the week. Working overnights and having a small time frame for these things makes it very difficult when now the only day I can wash my car, without extremely inconveniencing myself, is Saturdays after work... no thank you. Will be looking for a monthly membership elsewhere... very sad, they were brand new and close to home...

Melanie Haas

Love the free vacuums, free mat wash, and the car wash was nice! Like most car washes I do wish I dried slightly better

Michael Burdick

Fantastic management

Big 7P77

Best car wash I have been too friendly staff and Awesome service keep up the good work

Jasmyne Painter

Great wash! Fast and easy and every wash comes with free vacuums which is nice. Friendly employees.


Did a fantastic job on my car and gave the pooches a bath at the self service dog wash. Staff is very friendly!

Gary Snyder

I can wash my car once a day if necessary for only $30 per month in and out quickly and free vacuums

Hunter S

Wish you guys were open on Sunday's.

Anna P

Great wash!! Very fast and easy and for how clean my car was afterwards, great value!! Will come again.

ron collins

Cleans car nicely. Only draw back is not brushless

Trudy Jones

Great car wash!

Matthew Stevens

Love the place. Love the friendly staff. Bought a membership. The suggestion I have would be to add an employee at the beginning of the wash with a foaming brush to hit the area that they know the car washes not going to get like under the wiper blades and in recessed areas and running boards

Mike Ferguson

Good wash and we will be back. We got great, attentive service (I suspect they were staffed extra-heavy since they just opened) and the track used in the wash is a new style I've never seen before--and we love it. Your car ride across the top of a belt vs. your tires being dropped into a track. It's far less "invasive" and I don't feel like my tires are being smacked around or beat up; sometimes exiting the traditional style car washes can feel like your tread is being left behind. Vacuums work great and the price is fair/competitive. Really like the unlimited use membership option too--especially for winter months when cars are just perpetually dirty.

Eve Manzanares


Christian serrano

Really like the people working here and the car wash. But unfortunately it broke my car atena, I know I’m supposed to take it off but I’ve been to tons of different car washes and this is the only one to break it. So over all pretty good car wash but the people always have a smile so that’s a plus. **** Edit: Daniel took care of me and replaced it for me, like i said earlier this place has amazing customer service!!

Katie Chapin

The staff is so friendly and fun!! Always smiling and willing to help if you need anything!

John Tommy

Not bad for a drive thru car wash. Cheapest wash was $8 and it did a pretty decent job. Vacuums worked good and they even supply towels for drying.

David VanderJagt

No waiting, get the Super wash at minimum

Kayla Koons

We had a great experience at Living Water car wash today! We were impressed with the quality of both the wash and the self serve vacuum. Also, the speed of the wash was convenient. We signed up for a monthly membership and we are excited to keep coming back.

Kelsey Kiernan

I really love the pet wash idea! The car Wash part was a quick and easy proccess felt very taken care of! THANK YOU!

Carrie Donatelli

This car wash does a great job! The guys who work here are super helpful and my car always looks great after!

Akshay Pradhan

Brady was exceptional. He was very respectful, friendly, and responsive. Fantastic service!

Tim B

The service is great and the monthly all-you-can-wash is only 30 bucks. I have a hatchback and always had soap on the back window so it did not work for me but minus that is was a good wash and the vacuums work great.

Josh Wolfe

I’ve washed here multiple times and compared to some of the other washes in the area, it’s just OK. My pickup is usually “mostly” clean and dry when done. It’s the extra services that other car washes offer that make them better. A Mat wash, dash wipes, and paper towels or micro fiber rags to dry and clean your vehicle. If I am really doing a thorough clean, I’ll bring my own stuff. But when you’re doing a quick wash, it’s be nice to have those on-hand.

Jeremy Black

This is one excellent carwash, strong vacuums, a floor mat scrubber machine, a doggy wash, and you can't beat the pricing especially for a member pass. I must also give complements to the way they concealed their cell tower

Zackery Hauptman

frendly services. great quality wash blown away by the dog wash.

Will Pearson

This place will get your car clean, but you will have to dry it yourself if you don't want water spots depending on the shape of your car.

Scott Sherepita

Great car wash, I went in the other day and was greeted with a smile on employees faces, explained how it all worked got a free wash and my dirty truck came out cleaner that any other car wash i have been to in the area. so happy with my experience, I already bought a membership. Thank you

Alex Arkhangelskiy

Best car wash I've tried on Wadsworth. The car came out clean the 3 times I've been here. We got the $15 option every time and the car came out great. I think their machine even washed the undercarriage. They offer free floor mat cleaning (special machine you insert mats into) and vacuum station use with a wash. Overall, great place, cheery and helpful staff and most importantly the car looks great afterwards.

Nathan Seldomridge

Great car wash at a great new facility! Vacuums are free and convenient, too.

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