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Here you will be able to see the feddbacks of real people who are consuming the products and services of H2O Car Wash (Car Wash) in the area close to the state of Colorado.

Nowadays the firm receives a score of 3.8 out of 5 and that rating was based on 165 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF H2O Car Wash IN Colorado

Keegan Hathaway

Ever since I bought my Grand Cherokee about 2 years ago, I've been going to this wash, the guys always take care of you, and I feel like this is one of the friendliest businesses you will meet. I wish more were this friendly because that's how businesses should be. It's a good was, my Jeep is always shiny, I have no complaints regarding the full service or self serve portions of the wash. (Both of which I have done) I read through all of the comments, and I was shocked to see a few low ratings, but after reading them, I realized the issues were ones that could have been prevented, and the guys there are always happy to help with any unsatisfaction. I know Hayden will always do his best to provide satisfaction to his customers, as he has done for me in the past, and I have seen that's he inspires that same mentality in all of his full service techs. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a good wash.


Tony Frey

We had a less than wonderful experience here for a few reasons: - First, the line moves very slowly. We went on a Sunday and there was a significant line so I expected a wait. But this was much longer than I thought it would be, well over 30 Min. Didn't have time for the vacuums, etc., because the wait was so long. -Second, it bent the front license plate. I saw the owner's response to a previous complaint about this where he claims that this is inevitable if you have the proper equipment to clean the front of the car and only 2 screws holding the plate on. The competition up the road hasn't bent my plate in more than a dozen trips and the front of the car has been cleaned just fine. - Finally, the car wasn't very clean. There was a dirt strip along the top and the back was still pretty dirty. None of the automated machines do a good job on the back of my car so maybe that is just the nature of it. Note: I appreciate the owner's response. He clearly is passionate about his business and I respect that greatly.

Bobby Harmon

The staff are always willing to focus on particularly dirty or hard to reach spots on your car if you ask.

Amber Everhart

The fact that I just spent $23 and my car looks brand new just blew my mind. Totally worth the money for the detail. They weren't even mad or rude about how much dog hair was inside and there was a lot! Great job and I love that they recycle.

Jeff Baker

Excellent car wash! Very friendly attendants. They did a great job.

Cara McNamara

Slit my tire open and really messed up my rim.... not good....

Hokker Van Der Heegan

Does a decent job.

Michael Cortes

Avoid peak times. Otherwise, you can easily wait 15 minutes in line just to get to the front. Staff are always polite and very helpful.

Dan Groves

Cheap as a gas station wash, car came out much cleaner and free vacuum and floormat wash.

Rach Campbell

Worth the money and they provide a 2 day rain guarantee. Free vacuum

Jacob Vigil

It was a good carwash for $9. It says the vacuums are free, but I had to pay for the car wash to gain access to the vacuums. If I did it wrong, they should add some additional signage.

Keith Vinzant

The place just felt old and worn down. Not sure how well the car wash pads were on my car's finish.

Sheri Ovitt

With the express pass I'm in and out and the wash does a great job!

Joseph Magoffin

Better than a gas station car wash.

Jon Thurmond

I continually come back to H2O beacuse of the price, short wait, and free vacs.

Mason Seay

Outstanding facility, my wife and I were so impressed we purchased the VIP monthly membership several years ago and could not be happier! Very friendly staff and never a line with the dedicated VIP lane.

Jim Smith

Great job really took the time to get the mud off my car and clean the bugs of the front end

Michael Petruccelli

The staff are always happy to help. Though their top tier service didn't come with shampoo/leather care with their detailing service, the price is hard to beat. Their general car wash service is fast, thorough and knocks the socks off of any gas station car wash. They offer a 30 dollar/mo "all you can wash" service which is awesome.

Jayson Autenrieth

Great job for the price. Full service going away?

Luis Morales

Great for the price

Jon Memsic

After reading about car washes in the Highlands Ranch area on line, my wife and I decided to give the H2O wash a try since their rating was 4.2 out of 5. This was our first visit to this establishment since we recently returned to Colorado after being away five years. Upon entering we were greeted by Haydan the owner who thanked us for coming in. Bottom line is "this was the best car wash I have ever had". Our SUV was cleaner than the day we picked it up from the dealer. The attention to detail was incredible inside and out, and the wheels shined. The entire staff was very friendly and took turns petting our Yellow Lab, Rufus who loved the attention. Upon completion we were asked if we had any special requests. The price was very fair for the "white glove" treatment we received. We will return to the H2O wash again and again and recommend them to our friends. Great job Haydan!

Ryan West

Great locally owned business

Deb Jenner

No detailing, sometimes recycled water smells

Nick Culbert

Great staff, great wash

Shawn Reed

Full service including hand wax, great job!

Jake Billings

Excellent car wash

Greg Jensen

My favorite car wash in the area!

Sustainable Mtnhighlivin

Not sure why all the whiners. I've been nothing but satisfied here. The younger crew is a huge plus in my book. They are always eager and hard working. Only advice would be for the sake of image move the picnic table out of sight from customers. Other than that Rock on.

Kim Amen

We've had at least 2 cars with the monthly unlimited deal at H20 since they first opened. We've loved the convenience of location, the ability to get in and out quickly, and the wash has always been great! We added two Jeeps a short time later and put both of them on the unlimited as well. While one Jeep is just like any other car, the other Jeep has seen its days of brown, thick mud. On the worst of days, the staff has not only spent more time working to get the mud off (no easy task), but then has sent me back through a second time to get any remaining film off as well. The unlimited pass has been excellent for all of our family and is definitely an incredible deal! I can't say enough about Hayden and the staff at H20 as well. We've been there MANY times over the years and no matter which group of employees has been working, they've always been very attentive and extremely courteous. Whenever Hayden has been there, he's always gone out of his way to say a quick hello and make sure that we're being well taken care of. My husband and I both continue to be very happy with the wash and impressed by the staff at H20. Thanks Hayden!

Chris Galvan

Horrible wait time. In line now for about 20 min. If you want a good car wash go to Car Wash Express they got it down good!

Mike McCollum

Hayden and the Guys have done a great job for all of my vehicles for several years. Every time I go in is a great experience. Thanks for the impeccable service!

Sheila Tomasek

Great car wash

Roberta Watson

Just happened upon this car wash. Would have liked to give five stars but can not. Bought the best wash, didn't get the car as clean as other car washes and didn't dry as well as other washes. Not in my neighborhood so can't say for certain would use again.

Christopher Moots

Pretty good membership costs and the staff was very helpful. Hope to have a long relationship with them.

jason carr

A little complicated but a great result

Bryan Moats

This is the type of car wash where you stay in your car and drive through the machine. It is not a brushless touchless car wash. They do offer free Vacuums at the end. I believe wash it started $11

andrea bradbury

I highly recommend H2O car wash in Highlands Ranch. The guys that work there are polite, hard working and always greet me with a smile. The pre-scrub that they do before my car actually enters the automatic wash is worth choosing this car wash. Additionally, I absolutely love the vacuum system there. The strong suction vacuum hoses are conveniently located on both sides for hassle free cleaning (and there are so many too!!). And lastly this car wash is a strong supporter of local businesses so I encourage you to support their business.

Dylan Randall

Place is a joke why can’t u just vacuum without washing? Car wash express let’s you! Also ran my car through twice bugs never came off

Lulu Rodriguez

In and out, I have the VIP pass for $30 a month I go as much as I want and includes free vacuuming. The employees are very welcoming and have a smile on their face

Linda Leighton

All I expected, did a good job.

cruz Tino


Craig Ciancio

Automated car was

Keith O'Neal

Been in twice this last week and this car wash leaves water spots all over the car!

Nickolas Wells

Nice clean for reasonable price

Renee Schneider

Got the most expensive wash at $17. Very disappointed in the amount of soap used for the price paid. Almost seemed like the machine was struggling

Brandon Kaplan

Tyler Tobin

Short, short dry tunnel so you will wipe down your car. Wish they still had service after wash. But, the owners expected us to to pay their salaries which didn't work, on tips. Other washes in the area will do inside and out for about $35 a month. Plus, they offer real services like WaterWorks....inside and out for $6 extra dollars a month. Sorry. The place is ok. External only and very rarely will they scrub your rim prongs upon request. 1/100 chance they will. Downhill company....good luck

Shlome Grach

No difference low end wash to high end.

Student Jacob Egan

Great car wash, workers are very friendly, prices are very good, service was great I felt wanted there, my car came out spotless and no scratches!! And that’s surprising cause I drive an fj cruiser and almost 99% of the other car washes leave some sort of water spots on my car! 10/10 would recommend I’ll be back again

sonia brocko

There was still dirt on the car. Other automated washes are better.

Paul Dover

Close to home. Quick in and out.

Kenna Real Estate

Fast and easy car wash

Cameron Waits

Best car wash ever!!!

Ismael Arellano

VIP service is great

Jimmy Kinley

I was super surprised to see any negative reviews on H2O. I am a nut about my blacked out Sierra Denali and cant stand it to be dirty for long. I have used this place for years and it is the only place I can drive thru and leave and my truck looks perfect. No wipe down needed unless you drive thru the construction site afterwards. Hayden is amazing and really cares about his clients. The staff really believes that every customer shouldn't leave unless they are happy. I would recommend to anyone!

Anthony Rotundo

It's ok for a quick wash. Don't expect a detailed wash. Also they don't have rages to wipe the areas that didn't get clean only vacuums we available after the wash. Probably won't get the $16 wash again.

Chris Mahoney

Fairly disappointing. First off when I pulled up to the non-VIP entrance, no one was there, someone had to come from inside, no hustle what so ever. Second, when I let them know I had never been here before and asked for some guidance, I was told to put my truck in reverse to read the sign. I pulled back up and requested the most expensive wash. I then pulled up and the 2 staff members in the wash area were super helpful. Once the wash was over, my truck was pushed out the dryer fairly quickly and wasn’t adequately dried. I then drove out and stopped to see where I was supposed to go next. There was no one in the full service area, so I wasn't sure if I was supposed to go there or not. I then proceeded to the vacuums. I got out and looked at my truck, there are spots all over the sides, front, and back of my truck which didn't get cleaned. On top of that, there were no towels for me to use. I was expecting full service and now my truck has water spots all over it and I still need to clean my windows inside and out along with my mirrors since the wash hardly touched them. I should have gone to my normal wash and paid $5 more for a true full service wash or save $5 and gone through the wash at the gas station. Ultimately I feel this was a fail because of the staff working at the wash, the equipment seemed fine, but it needs a human touch at the end. The value just wasn’t there.

Chad Manis

A little expensive but drive thru works great with vacuums available to use after the wash. Also has a full service option.

Brian Svilar

Jill Myers

Line moves quickly...but they need to improve the dryers and fix the mat cleaner

rama krishna

Basic 8$ car wash is good. There not much difference between 8$ and 11$ car wash...!

Rob Tuttle

Lori Moore

The last 2 times we went here some piece of machinery doesn't work and does a half a** job on the car. Havent been at all happy with results and now that they raised the prices, I'm not going back. Not worth it. But I will give kudos to the staff they get 5 stars!!

Cody Dent

My car still had dirt all over it and it wasnt dry. A bunch of young rude kids work here. And the vacuums did not work very well if not at all. I payed alot of money for a good car wash and got totally ripped off.

Mark Duckworth

Pros: Monthly membership is a good deal for Denver in the winter. A low pressure rinse option is really nice, especially for cars with sunroofs. Staff was helpful. Cons: The brushes used by the wash bent the license plate on my car and the car behind me. Not sure if this is a frequent issue, but it made me concerned about the damage that these brushes could do over time.

Brenda Fletcher

Terrific Vaccuums

Drew Lawrence

Strong Vaccuums and car mat washer are worth coming here. You'll pay what you'd expect, $16 for the deluxe and $8 for a splash of water.

Chris Scott

Good, but cost moderate to expensive amount.

Jonathan Gordon

I've been to this car wash a number of times and the morning of 10/30/16 was by far the worst. The teenage crew were clearly more interested in sitting around the picnic bench goofing around than doing their job. The kid with the hose thought it better to spray the ceiling of the bay than my car, and didn't fold the mirror before sending me through the machine. No spraying for dead bugs, no brushing, and they completely neglected the back of my car. Time to find another place.

Brody Ellingson

Staff was amazing!!! I love this car wash. Car came out cleaner than a baby’s bottom!

Jeremie Martinez

Just a so so wash for the money.

Carol Bennett

A little more expensive than some others.

Lacey Fischer

sucks the management is awful

Eric Rysner

Great place with a lot of super nice people there to help!

Anderson Lancheros

They have a program that for $30 /month let's you wash your car unlimited times, the washer machines are good and they have a policy of recycling most of the water which is very important. The bad side is: they close too early so is basically impossible to wash your car after work.

Alex Erben

Unmotivated employees, mediocre car wash result, vacuum stations with defect equipment - never again!

Brad S

I really appreciate the type of employees they hire and the attention to detail they provide. I also very much appreciate the fact that the kids are always polite and make sure we are always happy when we get into our car. Very different from any other full serve carwash I have been to. Thanks!

Jenn Rollins

Student Thomas Nevens

Best car wash in the state

Jim Farrell

It used to be good, but not any more. I have been to H20 at least thirty times with our three cars, since they first opened. The automated wash does not get the back of the cars clean. I asked the people with the sprayers at the entrance to the car wash to spray the back of the cars, but they will only do that for a few seconds. The vacuum nozzles are often not attached to the hoses. The last time I was there, one of my mats got stuck in the scrubber and the staff acted like it was my fault, although that had never happened before. There are better, cheaper car washes not far from this one, with more courteous employees.

Nicholas Jackson

Good price for washes, plus free vacuums. Makes cleaning up your car easy breezy.

Maria Michler

4 Stars for price increase. It's a nice and quiet car wash though.

Stephen Kier

I drive professionally. My vehicle always looks great after I bring it here.

Andy Cochran

This car wash got the dirt off my car and their vacuums were free to use. Raindrops still bead on my car after a month or so, so I guess the wax layer their machines apply is of decent resiliency.

Kyle King

For not being very old, it is very rundown and it did an okay job. The floorboard cleaner was broken as well. I would most likely never come back again.

Abby Bradbury

I love this car wash! The membership is 100% worth the money every month. Everyone who works there is always so sweet and helpful :)

Randy James

Nice modern facility and the owner Hayden is almost always present and attentive to his customers. He has earned my business. The wash always gets my vehicle clean and I have never had any damage. The vacuum is powerful and the wands are narrow enough to get between the seats. If you wash your care more than once a month the VIP pass is worth it, plus you get to skip the line on the rare occasion they are super busy.

Renee Beaupre-Sublette

These guys went above and beyond even getting shoe polish of the back window! Impressive service for a drive through.

Griselda Lopez

I love this place to clean my car is big!!

Steve P

Average car wash. Missed a lot of spots. I ended up doing a lot of wipe down afterwards. I expected a better car wash for the price I paid.

Steven Saunders

Been waiting 20 minutes. Cannot back out. The guys in the office said I have to wait. Will update if I get through.

Benjamin Goetzman

Had to go thru twice and still wasn't clean.. Not expecting perfection from an automated car wash but the one right down the street at the gas station does a far better job for cheaper... And no undercarriage wash?? Whats up with that?? I will say the staff was very friendly and willing to help me go thru again at no additional charge.. Its not their fault the actual car wash is sub par. Funny how the owner doesn't respond when the reviews are done by actual customers :) now i get a response haha car is a stock subaru impreza.. no racks or custom anything.. simple sedan that couldn't be cleaned correctly after two washes.. and i purchased the top wash.. second time was given a lower wash since you dont recommend the paint treatment wax or whatever twice in one month. Dont turn this around and put the blame on me guy.... Poor business practice

Ned Schvaneveldt

They always get my 05 Honda Pilot sparkling clean. They always pay attention to detail. Highly recommend

Rachel Ellis

I like this car wash. I typically hate going to car washes but they make it easy and quick. They are the only car wash I go to now.

Ted Meyerhoff

Good clean wash and great price

Kris Childers

I love the high quality service they provide, along with the "80% recycled water" part. Car washes are the number one household water user, and this place does a great job at countering that.

Luke Downer

Tried calling for just under an hour and no answer, just a generic voice mail saying to leave message. Stopped by and the teenager out front said they could apply a leather treatment and til me to talk to teenage girl inside who said they couldn't. Website had no useful info like services and pricing.

Paul Flotten

This place has consistently rated 4+STARS from my experience. This past week, however I was disappointed - my antennae snapped off, not from the machines but from one of the employees who, in using a soap brush, whacked it; I know this because I was listening to the radio at the time and it went to static right at the start. I initially thought it was from some interference inside the wash but it was not. I went back later on to complain, not about breaking the antennae, but instead about an employee not owning up right away to the mistake. The person in charge said he would look into it but did not ask my name or get my phone number. I was not looking for a replacement or remuneration but rather some reasonable assurance that this would be addressed and remedied. Not so Joe.

Craig Beeler

Long lines whenever I go and car never comes out totally dirt free. There are other area car washes that offer similar prices for better washed car.

David Barrett

Always friendly and thorough.

Karen Hitchcock

I spent ~$50 on the detailed car wash. It was my first detailing job at this shop. While I didn't expect the level of clean I've had from pricier, more professional detail shops, I did expect a lot better than what I initially saw when I walked out to my car. When I got to my car, there was still a significant amount of wax remaining on my car. I'd already tipped the kids quite generously. When they saw me come back to them to request a towel to wipe the wax off myself, they were quick to take care of it. One kid was very detailed-oriented and took initiative to take care of things quickly...the other was just there wiping. Thing is...I should not have had to even go back to the kids given the amount of wax remaining on the car. Don't they want to do it right the first time? Wax is pretty noticeable. The kids were nice enough and apologized, but come on. I also pointed out that the seats still had stuff on them (popcorn and misc dirt). They didn't bother fixing that. I just took the towel from one of the kids and wiped one seat, trying to make a point. I guess seat cleaning or seat vacuuming isn't included in the detail job. Nonetheless, I would not waste my money on the detail job again. I'll just stick with the basic $7 and $10 car wash and do-it-yourself vacuuming.

Bob Bello

Good carwash. Free vacuums available after the wash. Would recommend.

Steph McMillan

Pretty much the only car wash that ACTUALLY clean my car, extra helpful that they have kids spray down your car before the wash, that is a great bonus.

Jane Cilo

The car gets cleaned, the staff is very friendly and the vacuums are incredibly powerful!

Chris Jones

I don't get it

Brandon Forman

They used to have a great full service wash but now it's just the standard machine operation. Nothing to differentiate it for the common consumer now :/


Awful car wash. There was this one lazy guy in the corner that just looked pathetic really killed the experience. I think his name started with m. He looked like he gave up on life.

Birgit Moran Schafer

Easy, choices, affordable

Josh Wolfe

Less than mediocre for $13. It left my truck with dirty spots all over. Very corporate to charge for towels when your vehicle is still wet and dirty. So in summary, pay $13 for a car wash which a teenager with a bucket and garden hose could do better, and then charge people $3 for towels so they can finish your lackluster performance.

Sean Gooden

Alex Wirz

Always busy but always a great car wash

Michael Drewek

The kids working there always have a very positive attitude and smile. Love to see that

Kuldeep Saini

Wick and easy

Kristen McConnell

We tried this car wash for the first time today and had a couple issues. First, the wash bent our front license plate in a tri-fold. Second, the front ski rack is still quite muddy. However, the guys working were very nice and did refund my money after asking, but since my plates cost $50 and an $11 car wash bent them, I gave two stars.

Joe King

Great place

Matt Adams

My go to carwash great prices, great staff, and love free vacuums

Shannon Oleson

Why is this place always closed for first 48 hours after most snow storms when every other location is open for business? It's disappointing for monthly members who are forced to either wait or go somewhere else.

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