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REVIEWS OF Gleam Car Wash IN Colorado

Adam Tesalona

Five star customer service goes a long way. I will always be a Gleam car wash customer. Quality service!

Mark Harris

Beware of this place. The wash is extremely rough on cars. It ripped off my Mercedes emblem which the staff found in their filter and did not offer to repair. It also physically ripped of a piece of my car next to the windshield. On top of all this, their staff is rude. I will only use a touch free wash from now on. If you drive a luxury auto, this place will damage your car.

Carmel Maddox

Love this place. Definitely my go- to car wash in town!

Aaron Duncan

I was very impressed with the results! Super eco-friendly! Called for a reservation and it was super easy. Cleaning was quick and the employees are very down to earth.

Sophina Taitano

Love Gleam!! Came back from a road trip with a lot of bug guts and they srcubbed my windshield and grill before going through the car wash so it really got everything off!!

robert mote

The outside of my car looked great and they did an excellent job detailing the interior

Phil McAllister

Amazing place! My car interior and exterior were a mess, and the fantastic crew at Gleam got it looking like a brand new car!

jesse maassel

Fast and friendly. They do a great job!


Always friendly, always helpful. These guys even cleaned my trailer.

Andrea S.

This is definitely my favorite place to get my car washed, I have to drive half an hour and it is totally worth the drive! Jimmy was especially helpful, I recommend coming here to everyone

- 1hundr3dwh!t3

It’s was great the man at the counter was great thank you for his service I will be back gleeming fresh now

John Stueve

Can’t say enough good things about this place. Staff is always super friendly. The wash and clean is better than I would do myself... almost. They have cold brew and other local treats inside. And they are about as green as a car wash can get with recycling water, definitely better than I could do myself. Awesome place!!!

Nicholas Wininger

It is fast, professional, and they do good work. It’s also no overly priced like some good car washes downtown. The coffee is great too. But he customer service here is above and beyond. Lastly, I’d say I’ve never waited longer than 10-15 minutes for my car. Downtown places I have waited over 45 minutes at times.

Jim Phillips

Had to go back through for a second pass as the car was still dirty, but the service was excellent. The basic wash just didn't cut it.

Corey Smith

I got an interior detailing done and my car looks and smells brand new! I didn’t have an appointment today but they were able to squeeze me in. The staff was very friendly too! Awesome car wash :)


Worst car wash I've ever had and the worst $59 I've spent on anything all year. I spent so much time wiping surfaces all over the car doors still covered in dust and pollen. They didn't even seem to care I was sitting there cleaning it after it they handed me the key. Horrible horrible service. Still have to clean the interiors which I didn't have time to do while there dust still everywhere all it needed was a good vaccum

Jon Rezler

Wash was ok dam kids that work here play around more then they work. I paid for interior cleaning and I got streaks on the Windows on my Dash no vacuum under the floor mats floor mats in wrong spots wet floor mats. Probably won't be going back.

Carly Dykeman

Quite possibly the kindest human beings I’ve ever met. Service was quick and and done well. The amenities this place has is unreal. Cold brew, dog treats, greeting cards, all things that are good. Super dog friendly. 10/10 do recommend.

Mia Gonzales

Paid for a total interior cleaning and the only thing that was vacuumed was the top mats and I don’t even think they vacuumed them they just washed them. The wiping of the interior was poorly done and the staff wasn’t that helpful. Extremely disappointed in the service I received

Jase Rohde

I experienced friendly and professional staff and an excellent exterior and interior carwash. The waiting area was comfortable with many local products available for purchase. I also had a chance to meet the owners and they were lovely people. Their unlimited plans are an affordable way to maintain a clean car all the time.

Janel Possiel

People here are so very nice. Welcoming, fast, and professional. We go pretty regularly- however when we got home this time we were a little under impressed w the cleanliness of the interior. Every other time has been a 5 Star experience, this time a 3. We’ll go back bc it’s been dependable.

Sarita Nunez

This was the only place open on a cold day. Entrance is very confusing. My car required a lot of cleaning so I left it there for a few hours, I got a call that it was ready. When I went to pick it up it was'nt really done. I pointed out the dirty parts and they were promped to clean it, however for the amount of time the car was left there it should of been completely done. I think is a little overpriced. Response: I did talked with your staff and they made it right. The review is based on my experience at your carwash as a first timer.

Merritt Compton

This review is only for exterior and interior cleaning and should not be taking into consideration regarding detailing services. For reference I drive a Subaru hatchback and have tried most levels of interior and exterior washes. TLDR: This is a fine place for a quick in-between wash. Primarily during winter. I would not recommend it for routine cleaning or if you haven't washed in a while. If you don't really care about maintaining a clean car then it's ok. Exterior: After every visit I find several large areas on my car are missed. The front bumper under the grill, lower front bumper in front of the tires, and rear hatch always appear to be missed. The air dry isn't efficient and leaves a lot of water droplets remaining as you leave the wash. (Pictured) This wouldn't be too much of an issue if there was a spot you could wipe the car down yourself. However, after exiting the exterior wash you have the option to either enter for interior cleaning or exit to the street. If you're exceedingly lucky someone will be there to wipe your car down and pop your side mirrors back. (They fold them in while spraying the vehicle down when you enter the wash.) Not only is this a major inconvenience, it's a liability to be prompted to exit to a street and not have you're mirrors available. You can't stop after before exiting to the street because there is a car right behind you. I've found it to be rare that someone is there; if I'm being generous maybe 20% of the time. Interior: Perfectly fine. If there were self-service bays you could do a better job in half the time. There have been several instances where my floor mats are still dirty despite vacuuming being included in their lowest price up. Price: I would never recommend a $6 gas station car wash, but you don't get what you pay for in this situation. Final verdict: If you are going to risk the scratches from an automated car wash there are far better washing options with better prices. If I visit again I will update with additional pictures.

yuri saenz

being a driver I find myself here every other day! I love The Whole environment and staff is always awesome!! And their Free Burritos are delicious!! Perks of being a member!!

Ben Feigert

Clean car, happy earth. We like this place.

Michael Morris

Great place! They do an amazing job and keep my car looking great!

Ryan Ashby

Took vehicle through wash, it destroyed my new 2019 vehicle. Upon asking for some sort of discount for the obviously damaged vehicle the associate insulted the car manufacturer and said it’s their fault. Joke of a car wash, charging too much for lousy equipment.

Quentin Holden

My husband and I have been going here since it opened and it has gone down hill over the last two years. We went in today to have our truck washed, half of the car wash wasn’t working. When we asked the employee at the end of the wash what was going on he had no answer for us. When we got home there was still mud on the running boards. We had memberships, they are now cancelled. Hopefully management can get the wash and their people cleaned up!

Mike Schmidt

By far the best car wash experience I’ve ever had. Really great place. Friendly service. Dog friendly.

Wang Yahping

Very bad interior cleaning. A total waste of money on that. But, exterior washing is good.

Christian Lewis

The gentleman at the car wash was super sweet and very helpful.This place is truly a dream coming true!!

Nicole O'Hallaron

I'm obsessed with this place. You have the option of just an exterior wash or exterior + interior (with all sorts of options). The staff is friendly. They are fast but don't rush with the interior cleaning and they do an awesome job. The waiting area is super nice and they have nitro coffee on tap! Would recommend and will definitely go back.

Anjelina Trujillo

Friendly & fast!

Steven Metz

Mass confusion with the people working. Terrible car wash and a good place to go if you have about 2 hours to burn for a basic car wash and interior clean.

Meynard Alconis

Always good for a nice quick wash or more when needed. Staff is super friendly and professional.

Juanita S. Lopez

It was important to me to get the undercarriage of my truck cleaned from the mag chloride on the streets. I discussed that with the man & took the upsell to $18. The 2nd man with the sprayer never got a chance to go around the vehicle or fold in my passenger side mirror which ended up getting pushed all the way back and pushed all the way in again. I drove a mile home and put truck in the garage. As I opened the garage the next morning, I noticed the underneath was not cleaned. I took it back & the woman cheerfully sent me through again free with the same $18. GleamTotal. I told the man with the sprayer & kept pointing out I want the front sprayed to get it clean. He did get soap on it. I went through the car wash and looked at the front end again and there was soap all over the underneath of the front end of the truck & the dirt was still there. I give up! They’re really nice people working there but I don’t think the undercarriage spray is working or it is just totally not effective. I will not return.

Dawn Billiot

I was hoping to give 5 stars b/c the customer service was nice upon entering. Nice smile from the attendant. However I was unsure as to the pricing and services. I needed inside and out clean including wheels and communicated this. And my car while it was wiped down it was not vacuumed and I specifically asked for that as I had minor dog hair and normal weekly stuff that needed vacuuming. I am new to the area and needed to find a new car wash and was hoping I found my new car wash home. Now I’m not so sure. Everyone was kind and polite.

Nathan Macaluso

Great service, quick outside wash, detailed inside wash, and the waiting area is set up like a fun coffee bar.

Julie Payne

Best car wash

Jesse Showalter

Both times I've been to Gleam (once for exterior and interior, once just for interior) they've done a great job! I really appreciate their quick service and their relatively comfortable waiting area.

Mike Roberts

Great service. Consistently. Love the cafe area while you wait for your car if you’re getting serviced done. I do most of my card shopping here too because it’s very convenient. Monthly pass is the way to go.

Matthew MacLeod

This car wash scratched my car in multiple places along the sides. I would not recommend going here.

Computer Works

Been going here for some time, was a decent car wash, last time the girl running the pressure washer was having a bad day and decided to really smack the mirrors on my car to fold them in... Not going back again... Really the straw that broke the camel's back though, interior wouldn't get wiped down sometimes, wax left on car, need to up their quality assurance...

Tricia Namasté

First time experiencing a detail on my car. I told the manager who seemed to be in charge of running the site exactly what I wanted focused on and the max I was looking to pay. He definitely exceeded my expectations. First I pick my plan and pay. I gave the first stage my keys and waited outside at the table, inside to view the car washing window, or the counter where you can purchase items. I got overwhelmed inside due to a waiting lobby that seems like it should expand. I then watched them pull my car up and wait for second stage. The person backed my car in ( 4 cars fit at a time) where they vacuumed and detailed my car better. I also received the clay and wax. It was amazing to watch the 2 main people focus on my exterior/interior while giving my car that brand new car feel. I paid $200 for my goal to be reached, I also gave the crew people a $40 tip. I have NEVER received customer service the way I did here. I was there for give or take 2.5 hrs. It started to rain toward the end of my clean. Yet the gentlemen were cleaning off my car and windows lol. Definitely went out of the way to provide me the best service. I am moving to Bennett Co and will surely make the commute to this business. Inside I did take photos. They even have cool signs on the walls explaining about their water usage and how to help save water. Even a cool coloring board for kids that is water based so it clears up

Thomas Davis

Horrible service had to argue about car interior. Bought the $59 total. They washed mats and that's it. Still have fingerprints on windows. Wanted to surprise wife with clean car. A toddler could of did a better job. I repeat do not get your car done here if your looking for job well done. I am running and never coming back. I usually give great reviews, I totally understand mistakes happen but this place is making money for not doing their job. Next is channel 7 investigates then BBB. I am total offended by paying so much for a wipe down.

Scotty McLovin Ammon

They are almost completely automated and put a good shine on my car & tires for only $14

Sam Marks

After running my car through the first time, I received the cheapest wash instead of the nicest one (the one I paid for), the car was still pretty dirty. I asked them to run it a second time - a little better but still dirty. If you’re getting the cheapest wash this might be a good deal, but to leave with a dirty car for $22 after tip seems kind of like a rip off.

Kristin Hamlin

First time i took my car there and paid for inside and out car wash the inside wasn’t touched - haha i was in such a hurry that i just didn’t want to deal w it, so i chalked it up to they were having an off day. Took my car there again abt 3 weeks ago and they did such a terrible job again. How the heck this place has such good reviews is beyond me.

Lindsey Pletta

Amazing car wash!! Basic wash, for any size car, $6. Clean, easy, new facility and super friendly staff. For sure my new go-to!!!

Sarah Fredrick

This place is quick and convenient. The waiting room is comfortable with some nice drinks and snacks. You get a great clean for the price. I recommend it if you want both the interior and exterior.

Lexi Dunnells

Everyone is so friendly and helpful, the aesthetic is so cute and comfortable and enjoyable to be in when you’re waiting, and they did an UNBELIEVABLE job cleaning my seats!!

Diane Dunn

Took 30 minutes for basic in and out cleaning. Uncomfortable chairs in waiting room. Lost my trash bag and chapstick in process. Not a biggie, but is annoying. Expensive.

John P. Hamilton

Get in shape and wash your own vehicle. That way you'll know it's clean and your personal belongings won't be broken by their employees SEE MY REVIEW ON GLEAM'S PERSONAL WEBSITE . TERRIBLE BUSINESS ETHIC AND 0 CUSTOMER SERVICE ! SAVE YOUR MONEY GET IN SHAPE WASH YOUR OWN VEHICLE SAVE YOUR PERSONAL BELONGINGS !

Mallory M.

Love this place, seriously won't go anywhere else. Easy, affordable and has an awesome little waiting area while the car is getting washed with fun snacks and even beer!

Leigh MacDonald

Gleam always gets my car super clean and everyone there is very nice! Even when something extremely odd and unlikely happened (one of my mirror caps blew off in the wash even though it hadn't happened the other 1000 times I had been threw) they reviewed the incident made it right by replacing the part for my car! Gleam is a honest and hard working business - give them a try!

Valerie Connelly

Full detail in 2.5 hrs. Car was filthy and now it's sparkling

Cat Kokoszka

Great car wash! Fast service, friendly staff and nice waiting area.


Friendly staff, quick and the car was spotless. definitely will be back!

Erik Drumm

Very cool and professional folks. Car always turns out great!

Ethan Lehr

One of the most piss poor places I have ever been too . After your done they say oh well you need a detail. Wouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemy . People are nice but have no clue what a clean car looks like .

Colin Ferrie

Expensive for what it is, interior cleaning is lacking. They ripped my seat and blamed the car. Go to Octopus, better wash for half the price.

Kevin Harriet

Did an ok job on my car for the price I expected a little better.

Brian Newman

Great service with convenient hours and location. Gleam is the best!

Julie Melillo

Coolest car wash I have ever been to - inexpensive, efficient, friendly staff, and they serve kombucha and nitro brew coffee while you wait! Pretty revolutionary and cool. Might come back just to hang and grab coffee....


Clean place, friendly service, and amazing vibes!

Sarah Colley

Absolutely LOVE this place! The Gleam Team always does such a great job and have great attention to detail. Plus, their prices are super competitive!

Ryan Fitzgerald

Great car wash for my big truck after two weeks of skiing! The guys at Gleam are always professional and do a great job.

Danielle Michaud

The team at Gleam did a very thorough job! Even with all the dog hair and nose prints, they got it squeaky clean, inside and out for under $20. They were very friendly and the coffee was delicious too! I will be back!

Lysa Glunt

First time here. Solid pricing. Nice spot. Friendly, modern and a great little shop attached too.

Samantha Gaul

We had a great experience and will definitely be back! Great package options and the staff made everything easy and efficient!

Neil Beatty

Place looks clean and staff is friendly, the was I received was not very good. Waited a bit when 2nd person in line because of some issue with handheld wireless device or training of it( whatever, can be expected because people think we need auto everything these days. The old system of taking your money and writing on your windshield with a bar of soap to let the spray person know what kind of wash you had was just too easy, so we have to have hand held computers to do that) anyway back to my wash, I was put through wash and for some reason there was a malfunction and it didn't wash my car. I was put back through the wash and rewashed, got home and looked at car and it is dirty on the front and back of car. car washes do not really wash that part of your car very well, so in the spray area they should either use brushes on the front and back of your car or the people at the very end of the wash with the hand towels are really there to get those dirty spots on the front and back not only to dry your car. I went back the next day for my credited wash and was sent through and then at the end after the guy's hand dried my car I handed them $4 and asked if they could please dry in the back and front of my car very well because this is my third wash and it is still dirty oh, they took my money said thanks have a nice day. I told across the street into the marijuana dispensary and my car was still dirty so I went and borrowed towels from them and cleaned my car myself. Absolutely the worst and most confusing car Wash ever. But it looks nice

Dawn Chastain

Terrible. Oversold. My car doesn't look clean and I had to wipe down the whole thing because water was dripping from everywhere. Water spots, poor tire dressing even after he did it twice. Didnt wipe down all the interior. I cant believe I paid $30 for this. Will definitely not be going back

Tiffany Bishop

Love this car wash. They have a ton of options and it’s very convenient. They have pretty cheap detailing packages and they do a great job. Took out most of the dog hair in the backseat!

Michelle Swanson

In my opinion, this is the best automated car wash on the northwest side of Denver. For $10 you can get your car sparkling clean in under 5 minutes. The employees are organized and hard-working so even if there’s a line you’ll get through pretty quickly. They also offer various detailing services, which I’ve never used. Definitely a great operation that is well managed and well staffed!

Jamie Lamberski

Great service! They make sure you get what you want without paying for extra stuff you don't want. Fast, quality wash/interior cleaning.

Milko Vasquez

Quality service . An old 2004 looks clean inside and out!

Amy Ernsberger

I could not have been more happy with my experience at Gleam. To the more than plesent (and clean) waiting room and gift shop area to the friendly staff, this car wash pays attention to details. I love how eco friendly they are as well!

Thomas Steed

Great high tech facility with exceptional staff. The monthly membership is well worth it. My only negative encounter has been with their general manager, Pat. Watching him pull in through the clearly marked exit to cut off myself and a row of patiently waiting customers to have his car washed is rude and insulting from any employee, most of all a GM

Martin Garcia

This carwash is one of the best I’ve experienced and one of the cleanest I’ve seen so far. The employees are nice and hardworking, the managers and nice and energetic and have customers that enjoy them working. The detail area is the best, you get what you pay for you just have to know what your paying for and that’s the key of this carwash. And yes there are people who have fun at work and some people might find that unprofessional but you’re suppose to want to go to work and do your best and this carwash is the prime example of modern and fun. Yes there is a few things that need improvement like the tunnel and some customer service along with the retract system. But NOTE: this carwash is NEW probably the youngest carwash I’ve gone to so it’s okay to have bad things. It helps show improvement if the owner is smart.

Nate Hancock

I went to Gleam for the first time yesterday and my new car now has new scratches. I usually hand wash or, if I do use an automatic wash, I use a touch less automatic wash. This is the first time I’ve used Gleam (which uses big “non scratching” brushes) and now there are a bunch of new scratches on my car that were not there before. As I noted, my car is a few months old and as I hand wash I look very carefully to see whether there are any new scratches on the car. These were not there before. If you care about the paint on your car I’d avoid Gleam.

Cody Teagle

Ain't nothing like paying 18$ for a car wash and it looks like this. Tire shine wasn't even barely applied either. Won't be back, wouldn't mind a refund either.

Noah Levinson

Great service, super friendly staff

Sarah Shomaker

Love Gleam! Great service, good for the community & planet. Highly recommended.

Chelsea Carter

For an $18 car wash(nothing on the inside), I expect my car to be completely clean. I called Gleam right after my wash to ask if this was normal and got a vague response and hung up on. I included a photo below of an area where you can see plenty of dirt left- $18 for a 3/4 clean car. Don’t waste your time and money here, ten minutes north you can get a car wash for under $10 and it’s actually clean on the outside!

Joseph Custodio

Great service.


went here for a car wash and wax. paid $59. when I got home I checked my car and it was still dirty. bug stains, inside was not vacuum properly. inside windows were very dirty. I don't recommend it!

Jessie Roth

I paid for the basic interior and showed the owner the poor job that had been done . They did not wipe down the doors or windows well at all, it did not appear they had even attempted to vacuum the interior. The owner gave me a coupon for a free interior cleaning. I was told they will not move any items in your car to clean around it, so make sure your car is completely naked on the inside. Today I am here giving them a second chance using my free offer . I am hoping this time is better than the last .

Rebecca Nolan

Staff are very friendly and prices are on point. My car always leaves sparkling, but my big word of warning is that they use chemicals on the interior that will ruin your touch screen if you have one for your center display--make sure to ask them not to use before!

Matt A.

Best car wash in Denver area that offers membership packages ranging from $34-$55 a month. Wash everyday. $10 hand waxes on Wednesday. Thanks Gleam team! Vanessa did an amazing job with the specialty black paint polish on the hood! Special thanks to Vanessa.

Kelly Thomas

Gleam is amazing! I have two VERY HAIRY dogs and they were able to get that fur all out. I am super impressed with their attention to detail. I plan on bringing my car back on a regular basis.

Oscar Norman

Glad to see they hire convicted felons and give them an opportunity to move into upper management. If anyone has a felony and needs employment consider Gleam Car Wash!

Benjamin Cornali

Best car wash in Fort Collins.

Surf Popoyo

Best car wash in the area. They do a great job and the tunnel wash gets the grime off unlike the other washes in the area.

Bobbi Laski

I liked this place until yesterday. I stopped by yesterday to get a basic car wash at $10. The attendant pre washed my car and flipped my mirrors in and I went through, only I didn’t get a rinse or a dry which I’m pretty sure I received in prior trips. Soap was left on my car and windows. See pics. I had to flip my mirrors back out myself. I called the place to let them know that either their wash was not working properly or I had just received the biggest rip off ever. No response. Not sure I’ll be back.

Patrick Andrade

Very organized and fast. Would be cool if they had color LED lighting.

Steve Samson

I think they’ve got me hooked on the monthly membership. They are quick, thorough, and my car always comes away looking great.

Rachel Blumhagen

Just got home from getting the Total Exterior car wash and there are several areas of the car that are still filthy, mainly on the rear. The customer service was great but 18$ for an incomplete wash is unacceptable.

Tipaporn Supapoj

Good customer service, and my car is clean!

Matt Solomon

Awesome staff and since moving here, the monthly pass is a must (and worth it) when driving around in Colorado conditions to keep the vehicle clean!

Juan Mendez

Always a smile as you take your car through. This is definitely worth the monthly payment. Spectacular client service!!

Valorie Lee

Only reason for the 3 stars is for the service I received before my membership purchase. The first 4 times I was here I was super impressed with the services and the staff. I purchased a membership...55 dollars a month. My expectation at this point is to receive the same exact service I had received previously. I have NOT been happy since I purchased the membership. The mold smell (that didn't used to be an issue) from the carwash comes through my vents and I can still smell it after the interior cleaning. Interior windows need to be redone everytime wither by myself or one of the staff members, today the vacuuming was unacceptable. I was so discouraged I left without complaining. I won't be renewing my membership. I won't be calling to speak with a manager, feeling like it's managements responsibility to reach out to me, if I am a "valued" customer.

Deb Kleinman

I wish I could share before and after photos of my Subaru! Like any respectable Subaru owner, my car gets worked over by dogs, outdoor gear, and driving around dirt roads. These fine folks detailed her today and got it sparkling clean. Also the staff were kind, respectful, and fun. While you wait, you can have an excellent cup of coffee and peruse their great selection of cards, mugs, and other funky gifts. I understand that they employ people with autism, and donate to local environmental nonprofits like Groundwork Denver. Last but not least, it's green - they recycle almost all of their water!

Jim Bernat

My Lincoln Mkz always comes out Gleaming!

Brittaney Martell

Amazing service and always a thorough clean!

Kelsey Lane

Excellent detail job

Scott Accetta

Doesn't get the car very clean even with the more expensive options.

Travis Moore

This is place good but be sure to check the front of the car near the bumper and headlights to make sure its clean. They seem to forget that every time I go. However, they customer service is on point.

Sara E

Love this place so much that I bought a membership!

Shqueebles McKloofin

If you don't wash your car here you're wrong.

Katie Hawkinson

I used to love coming here frequently until my most recent wash on 11/19/18. I opted to have my front rubber mats cleaned for an additional $5, but about 15 minutes after I left I realized they never put my front passenger floor mat back in my car and I called right away. The manager on duty, Marcus, seemed very suspicious of this and said he needed to review the cameras before he could do anything. I could understand that, but he did make me feel criminal with his tone. He called me back to say that yes, they did take my floor mat and put it in another car, but "if it makes you feel any better, they put it in a car just like yours". Nope, didn't make me feel better. He said they would order a pair of them from the dealership and would contact me when they arrived on 11/28. I received a call on 12/5 (a week after promised) that they were in so I made the trip over to pick them up. I waited for at least 10-15 minutes while the on-duty manager, Pat, tried to find them. He finally came to my car with two rear mats. They ordered the wrong ones. I explained that I don't live in the area and I'm really frustrated that I now have to come back a third time for the mats, but was told I don't really have any other options than to wait a couple more weeks. Pat called me about 20 minutes after I had left and asked me to come back and wait while he went to the local auto store to get some for me. I was already long gone and didn't have the time to wait for him to go shopping that day, and told him I wanted the ones ordered from the dealership as I wanted the ones that I had that came with my vehicle when I purchased it. Was blatantly told that I was wrong and no cars ever come with rubber floor mats. Interesting because the other manager specifically told me he was going to order them "from the dealership". Another couple weeks goes by (we are now at about 6 weeks since the initial incident, and 6 weeks of not having a floor mat during the time of year when roads are dirtiest) and I still hadn't heard from them so I called this morning to get an update. I was told by Pat that they "called and left a voicemail" to tell me they were in - they did not and I wonder how long they have been in and/or how long I would have waited had I not followed up. Overall, the situation was handled extremely poorly by management. I will have now made three trips clear to the other side of town to remedy a situation that should have never gotten this far but did because of their lack of good customer service. I can think of several options that would have solved this better than they did, like offer to ship the mats to me directly or even a refund on the service, but they did none of these (I had to request a refund the last time I came and discovered they ordered the wrong mats, which they wouldn't process until I come to pick up the right ones). They have been very flippant about the entire situation. I will not be returning to Gleam Car Wash. It's unfortunate to see a business conduct themselves in this way, especially when there are so few full service car washes in Denver and they could be setting the standard. Do not recommend!

Carl Williams

Super services...good pricing...comfortable waiting area...good customer service

Christina Louise

They claim to not use noxious chemicals but they do. They sprayed aerosol generic glass cleaner all over my leather seats, dash, etc and refused to wash it off after 3 different employees promised me they wouldn't use heavy chemicals in my car. Now Im breathing the fumes in while driving anf have to get it the car detailed properly elsewhere. They use dirty rags and only move dust around on their Total Interior service. To the staff who had to deal with my upset earlier: it's not personal. The management should educate you better so that you can educate customers on what's actually going to happen after we turn over the keys. I apologize if I came off rude or disrespectful to any of you.

Chuck Seymour

Think twice - scratches and bumper dislodged by Gleam car wash.... Gleam offered me a 1-month free car wash trial after my first time wash with them. I returned a few weeks later to take advantage of the trial and ordered an internal and external clean. When I pulled into the garage for the internal clean, I observed Gleam team members arguing and yelling at each other, so, being concerned, I watched the team members clean my *brand new car* from lobby window. I wasn't impressed by the attention to detail, but I didn't focus on that. What angered me was the several new scratches on my front bumper received. To make matters worse, the bumper was also dislodged from the seam with the grill/hood.

Dominic Vigil

This care wash offers excellent customer service and they are fast and efficient

Dan B

Always a thorough clean whenever I stop here. I have never had a bad experience while getting a car wash here. With great local tea and kombucha in the waiting area along with a selection of healthy snacks. Their monthly membership is also a good value if you're someone who wants weekly car washes.

brian brady

Great service and prices.

David Thompson

I'm very impressed with Gleam. I took my car in for a wax and it was returned with some over spray on the fenders which wasn't removed. The manager immediately took ownership of the issue, took it back to get fixed, and offered a free wash. His complete acknowledgement of the issue, integrity, and customer focus has me as a customer for a long time. Kudos to Gleam and the manager for running an honest business.

Anthony Anderson

Great experience here, car is always spotless and the monthly deal is awesome. Works great when car needs to be clean for clients. Friendly staff and short wait times.

Marcus Fryer

Kind and fast. Always check your car before you leave. Even with detailing sometimes stuff gets left on it. Their staff is really nice and works very hard. We go here a ton.

Sawyer Aubuchon

My parents love this place. Cool games for kids while waiting and it's always super fun to watch the cars go through the wash! Highly recommended :)

Leah Kaplan

Great service! Beautiful waiting area

Jimmy B

Best place to wash a vehicle all of the people who work here are very helpful. I have had my truck detailed here a dee times and always have the best experience Perla is a amazing detailer I have found none better and will continue to give them my business. And thank you to Pat Emily and Marcus they all made me feel at home when I was clueless on what to decide to do to my vehicle thank you all again and see you soon!

Sarah Mathews

Super nice and fast! Clean interior as well. Friendly staff. Eco friendly. Highly recommend.

Dave Kates

Best car wash in Denver hands down!!

Bettye Davis

Great car wash!!! Friendly people.

Robert Bronstein

I’ve been a gleam member for 2 years now. I go several times a week. They always leave your car looking squeaky clean! Highly recommended!

Derek Baechler

I was really hoping to like this spot since it’s close to home but will not be back. I purchased the $29 interior/exterior package and had a number of items missing. The biggest were my rear seats weren’t cleaned at all, no tire shine and missed my driver window. Save your money and go else where.

A Villa

This is the best car wash experience you'll get in Denver. Gleam runs so efficiently and quick even on days when everyone is trying to get their car washed. The best part is that they have car detailing starting from about $30 or up to $150+ - perfect to fit any budget! Great job guys!!

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