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REVIEWS OF Colorado Auto Wash IN Colorado

Leanndra Manke

Quick easy auto wash did a great job and free vacuums

Brittney Mattson

Awesome and affordable! Awesome staff.

Brian Fox

Great wash, great service. Very fair price!

Kennie Snyder

Good powerful car wash good people clean

Zachary Gamblin

Best carwash on the west side of town. Super affordable and a quality job done even when paying the lowest price.

Tyler Richey

Lydia Rice

Rude woman directing traffic into car wash. Indifferent manager.

Brandy Garcia

My car always comes out looking brand new and free vaccums amazing place for sure ❤

Mallory Foughty

Mark Schymanski

Very nice people I had some junk in the back of my truck they cleaned it out no questions asked. It was just a couple small things

Scott Stringham

Great car wash. Best bet in the winter to get the monthly pass. Get rid of all of that Mag chloride off of your car. You can go up to twice a day if you need to. Some days when the snows melting, you need to.

Craig Palmer

Zach Borders

Been going here since it opened love it

Brian Hooper

Gabriel Negri

Great, fast, cheap and fun!

Margene Morris

I have been going here at least twice a week, ever since they came to our neighborhood. I I'll not be going back. I went last Saturday, paid $14, went through the wash and there was so much soap left all over my truck. I pulled around and asked one of the guys to come look, and he said it is because of my trucks bed, it blows all the soap around. I said, I have been coming here this whole time with my truck, and this has never happened with my truck. I asked if we could just run it through again to rinse it off, and he said "no reason, it will just do the same thing." I said ok, I will never come here again, and he said "ok, have a nice day." Poorest customer service, especially for a local establishment. Very sad. I will pass it on

April Frey

One of the guys noticed that my tire needed service and helped me avoid a blow out! I love this place.

Kimberly Pasco

Awesome! I was able to get car washed, I had a little body damage but had manager look at it first. So happy to find you guys!! My car looks great!

Cameron Ivey

Jean-Pierre Smith

Friendly and well priced. Nice facility.

Ryan Neilson

Free vacuums, carwash that is just okay. It doesn't wash the rear of the vehicle properly. Also the dryer is barely adequate so a hand dry is a must to keep from water spotting all over. Staff are nice....except for one guy. Worth the money? I guess.


I call this the psychedelic car wash because of the light show.

Stuart Wright

This is the best automated carwash I have ever been to. Get their top-of-the-line wash and you won't believe how good it is. Every other automated wash I've ever been through has left some sort of dirt film/residue on the car and this one cleans as thoroughly as you could do it by hand. Phenomenal and worth the money.

Norma Lopez Ingle

The entrance and exit are way too close together and it causes a jam up. It was not thought though.

Michael Pavlich

Great car wash experience and the staff is very friendly. Their vacuums are super easy to use!

Jay Bonnell

Gretchen Sherlock

I love this carwash, easy access, great wash, friendly staff (they always wave hi to my kid in the backseat). It gets really busy on weekends, and the line can be a bit cumbersome when the church next door is in service. Overall, great experience every time.

Aran Raz

Pretty good place. Enough so I did the monthly membership. $30 unlimited for me and $20 for my lady's add on. Staff it nice and let us run through twice when the car was very dirty (even before my membership). Nothing is perfect but does a pretty damn good job. Again, very nice and helpful staff. Maybe you get a day when one of the guys aren't super social but who cares? They have never been rude. If you like keeping your car clean and don't feel like hand washing anymore (can't do undercarriage) the monthly may be your bet. $14 adds up but $30 unlimited in Colorado winters is an awesome deal. Especially with undercarriage.

Tjader Harris

This place is awesome! Its fast, fair priced, and nice car friendly as long as you don't mind drying it yourself. Coming from California that was a new thing for me but now I just keep a clean towel in my trunk and tip myself for a job well done!

Jeff Lewallen

The wash itself does a great job. The attendants are always helpful and spray down the car to help with bug and road grime removal.

M Buller

Nice car wash with good prices but the vacuum didn't have much suction. Wish they had compressed air and rags to wipe off you vehicle. I've been to one like that in Phoenix and I was very impressed. And it was the same price as here.

debra arguijo

Love this place. Great staff and great car wash for a good price.

Mike Whalen

Rocky mountain high, indeed! This psychedelic car wash is reasonably priced and is fun to go through. The lights inside the wash turn from blue to green to red. Very relaxing. And this location offers vacumes for your car. It's a standard stop on payday for me.

Carlos Barillas

One of the owners was super cool, very clean clean place, the best car wash in town!!

Colin McCollor

Reasonable prices, good wash always get my car clean and free vacuuming when you're done.

Will Harris

Good wash

nicole wheeler

Katelynn Wallace

I really like this place! My car always seems shiny and clean after! I also like the free vaccum use with car wash.

Tammy Martin

5 bucks to wash, and free vacuuming!

Pearl Shelly

Jenny Lake

$5 dollar car wash with free vacuums.

Kody Olin

Isaiah Haley

Hassle free, lots of options, and free vaccums.

Linda Smidt

Great express wash - not only do you get a clean car, you get a light show! High powered vacuums are free with a wash.

Andrea Kevin

Great deal for a car wash!

Jean Maez

Susan Cloyd

Long line moved quickly!

Aaron S.

Cool place to wash the ride, kids get a kick out of the neon lights and washes the care clean plus free vacuums to use. Only 4 stars due to the not dryers use air not heat thus leaving the still wet and no option for wet look on the tires.

Molly Dewitt

Sharon Wilson

Amy Atkinson

This car wash is amazing and the customer service can’t be beat! Austin is professional, kind, and always has a smile on his face!

Sandra Lambert

The $5 wash doesn’t get the back tailgate and window clean on either of our vehicles, even with the extra spray they give it before entering the wash. The $14 wash does good but it’s $14 and overpriced. Their vacuums are great though. Still looking for a good reasonable wash in Arvada because this isn’t it.

Bishop Hahn

Best price and monthly pay for cars and trucks!!!!

Joseph Graber

I absolutely love this car wash- it does a great job. And the boys want to come along for the 'show'.

Dale Peart

Very convenient. Much Faster than others I've used. Drying cycle could be better.

J.R. Greer

Cleanest car wash I've ever been to. Highly recommend this place. Great value for the unlimited month to month plan. Nice people.

Jeff Lucci

Must be good always busy

Cindy Miller

I love this car wash. $5 washes, free vacuums, recycle bins and very nice employees.

Ryan K.

Great car wash and friendly staff as well, i don't have a problem so far with my car.. Thank you.

Shirley Voorhies

Sean Gaynor

Jeff Loving

A great small business that serves our community very well! The owners and staff are doing a great job offering their product to us with consistency and a good price! Thank you! Jeff Arvada, CO

n despain

Great car wash, free vacuums and variety of price options

John Bortscheller

I see the owner here every time I visit. His crew stays consistent and the customers keep lining up to wash... I think he's doing it Right - great service at a great price!

Tom Christy

Auto washes are convenient, but don't get the car really clean.

Susan Bonvillain

Traveling from Louisiana, we picked up many bugs along the way. Drove through this car wash and still had a few to wash off. Think it was the owner, but not positive, but he was very helpful. Offered a bug remover, which we used. He then sent us back through the wash and the car looked so much better. Highly recommend this car wash! Great people.

ConstanceWorldwide Armijo

Jesus Leyva

Just excelente I'm so happy to have so good car wash. I just suggest for them to install a mad cleaner bust is only a suggestion. The best option is buy a monthly pass and you can take your car 2 times a day. Just excelente keep that way.

TJ Burr

Good quality car wash at the right price and super fast! If you value your time, this is the fastest car wash around. They also have free vacuums for customers. It is also safe and secure. There is seldom a waiting line, except during peak use times.

Jennifer Zuhlke


Thomas O

Gregorita Vaughn

Ryan Kapple

I just have to express how great this Arvada addition has been! Of course, there is the prerequisite that people look for; a really good value for a quality car wash. Beyond that, however, the operation is so easy to use, the vacuums are plentiful and powerful, and the owners are actively involved. It ensures reliable operations and gives a personal touch to their exceptional customer service.

Kelly Crenshaw

My purpose in writing today is to extend our gratitude and reinforce the importance of customer service. The owner a great example of providing amazing customer service. He executed the principal that the “customer is number one!” His commitment and service to us and getting our vehicles clean are greatly appreciated. Arvada Car Wash is amazing at getting your vehicle clean and leads as an example of what customer service should always be! Great job!

Kristyn Roe

Excellent service. I had an issue and they promptly resolved it giving me another wash at the top level. I am so impressed.

Maria Archuleta

Tyler Roots

DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! Total crap. Paid $14 and was promised clean wheels and truck. Neither happened. It's $14 for a full service wash where the guy's actually wipe down your vehicle at Arvada Car Wash. I could have paid $6 at a gas station and got a better wash. The guy even agreed. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

adrienne pederson

Clean and quick

Jaime L

Terrible customer service! Kyle will blame anything on you and your car. Then tell you he isnt comfortable with you using the car wash anymore.

Elias Safadi

Robert Gioia

Fast and very high quality. Their membership plan is a great value, especially during winter

Dustyn Adams

By far the best car wash I've found in the Denver metro, reasonably priced (they have a $5 option which is also the cheapest I've found for this type of car wash), cleans my car well and the vacuums (which are free!) work great. Dryers could definitely do a better job which is why a ding it a star.

Bryan Kennedy

Quick, easy, free vacuums. If you do the monthly plan if you go more than twice a month its definatly worth it.

norman rankin

Good service for the price

Tom Parsley

This is good automated car wash, although it doesn't do a good job of cleaning the back of the car. They offer free vacuums, which is nice. Be aware that it can get very busy at times, and can turn a quick car wash into a 30+ minute ordeal.

Jason Gallion

Did a great job

Bykr DooD

Visiting from out of town I had mud all over my 2011 Ford F250. I paid $14 for a wash. As I entered I saw the power wash hose to knock off exessive debris... but Kyle did not use it AT ALL even though it was clear there was excessive mud on my running boards, wheel wells, and mud flaps. I ran it through and OF COURSE it did not all come off. I parked and walked to the front of the line and asked if I could run it back through. As I was speaking to Kyle, the other employee (Austin) was using the power wash hose on a brand new Corvette that was hardly dirty at all. Kyle said I could not run it back through. In anticipation of what I was going to ask, Kyle said, "we don't do wheel wells". I told him it's not just the wheel wells and asked him to at least look at it. He continued, "we don't do running boards, wheel wells or mud flaps". He DIDN'T EVEN TRY!! He sprayed NOTHING with the power washer and was completely happy to let me leave with mud still caked onto my truck although they were all too willing to help out the guy in the new, clean Corvette. Kyle quite clearly did not even try to satisfy a customer and went out of his way to make me angry... that was his goal over customer satisfaction. At this point I completely lost my cool because Kyle just ripped me off for $14 and DID NOT EVEN TRY to help me get the clumps of mud off my truck. This is likely the only job Kyle can even get and he has a need to feel some level of power... at your expense... at a freakin' car wash. Kyle does not deserve a job and this car wash has clearly created a culture where this treatment of customers is ok. It does not deserve your business. Update: After contacting the owner I went back the following day. Austin apologized profusely for his co-worker and did a very good job cleaning my truck. This is what Kyle should have done the day before. Why he still has a job is beyond my ability to comprehend. My review will remain a "1".

Cameron Schultze

Brappy vacuums

Deborah Erickson

Easy peasy lemon squeezee.... we r monthly members for our SUV and such a nice service to have a crazy Colorado weather!

Storm Walker

Best carwash in town and only $5.00

William Schroeder

Great new business car wash works awesome and the free vacuum's and express pass make it ideal for keeping a clean car

Mark Steinbach

Quick and efficient way to get a start on cleaning your car, leave the dirt and dust behind. Very friendly people

Hether Champlain

Quick and easy!!!

Paul Giese

Cleaned my car, free vacuums. Not touchless.

Ihor Bohdanov

Brett Brotherton

Christopher Bateman

Simply the BEST Car Wash In Arvada, CO. Top notch wash quality. Even my wheels and rims came out shiny and clean. Vacuums are crazy powerful.....and FREE!!! Why go to another car wash and pay more for less? Best value for dollar. Did I say Fast? Really fast. No more waiting in line for an hour to go through a slow a** car wash that just sprays the car with water. Thank you for bringing a far better car wash to West Arvada.

Jon Barton

Wonderful carwash. Great customer service they really aim to please and it's at an affordable price that can't be beat. I go once to twice a month and will continue to do business with them.

Thomas Steed

Great carwash but Austin is completely void of any pragmatic customer service skills. From the moment you pull in, you are nothing more than a burden to him.

Zane Story

Robert Donner

Darren Martinez

Fiorella M. Julia

Amie Lynn

Pretty cool place

Shawn Setelin

mandy r

Love this car wash. Free vacuums and the employees are always polite.

Robert Abeyta


Workers are COMPLETELY inept at customer relations and have no tact, but god damn they have a good wash for the small size, thus the average rating. My Rally Armor mudflaps sort of don't like the backward-rotating side scrubbers, but that isn't their problem (although I wish they would consider tons of Colorado drivers have mudflaps DUH).

Elizabeth Holloway

Carina Ley

I'm all about the $5 car wash with self vacuum. Just what I need to tidy up.

William McKinney

I got the unlimited wash package because I'm OCD about my car and get it washed almost every single day. I love it. This place is awesome. I'm in and out in 6 mins or less every time. Unlimited wash package is very inexpensive too. Like a dollar a day or something

Chad Dollinger

Unlimited car wash pass and free vacuums

Jamie A

Love the free vacuums. Cheap Wash was just that... Not very thorough.

Brian Yost

Top notch!!

Lisa Fulton

Tyler Mary Casias

Larry Niemiec

Clean, efficient good job

Mayn Haas

Great service and clean, vacuums included made the car smell nice and looked nice and the vacuum has high suck wich clear ed alot of dirt would go back

kris collinsworth

Absolute worst car wash I have ever been to. I have gone here twice. The 1st time an EMPLOYEE not the car wash, but an employee snapped my mirror off while trying to fold it in b fore going through the wash. That was an 80$ fix. Then the second time the "owner" goes to take my antenna off and he snaps that in half. I call to talk to him and he says there is nothing he can do and hangs up on me. What a great customer service. I will never go back and I will make sure none of my customers or family and friends never visit this money pit they call a "car wash"

Kerry Olme

Roberta Girrafez

I wanted to share a really scary experience I just had at the Colorado Auto Wash off Ward and 64th. There is a very scary man working there that got aggressive with me today. In the past, I've had a membership with them. So today, with all the snow lately, I decided to stop by to renew my membership. I parked right in front of the office and thought, "I'll clean out my car, stop in the office, renew my membership, and go through the carwash". Efficient, easy peasy. When I picked up the hose, the nozzle thing fell off. I tried to screw it back on a couple of times but gave up and decided I would tell them when I went in to pay for my membership. A man came up behind me, I didn't hear him at first, and he reprimanded me for not washing my car first. That's fine, I said, OK I'll do that next time. Then he spotted the nozzle and freaked out. He shoved his way between me and my car (where my baby was sitting), yanked the nozzle from my hand, and reprimanded me. I tried to be nice because he was starting to scare me and I didn't want to escalate his angry behavior. So I said "Oh, sorry, it was broken when I pulled it out, I was going to come tell you about it when I came in." He yelled back at me "this is not to be used this way!" This time I wasn't quite so nice and told him that if it wasn't meant to be used that way, he shouldn't have broken equipment. He stomped off towards the front of my car, opened his arms up, and started full of screaming at me. He hit the sign that said "customers only". And then "well you were using it anyway!" Assuming that I wasn't a customer. I quickly got into the car, locked the doors, and turned on the ignition. Him hitting the sign scared me, and his yelling scared me. He screamed again something as I started to back out and he followed me for a minute, arms open, continuing to yell. By now I was in tears, shaking, and my baby was crying from all the aggression. This was not OK. I felt very unsafe. I had never had a man be so aggressive with me in public. I no longer feel safe here, and wanted other people (especially women) to be aware.

Trish Brunot

Tony Rodaway

Was originally happy with this place, we bought the $50 unlimited wash. When they found out that we drove for Lyft they told us we could only get one was a day. This we had no problem with that seemed fair. But today get an email telling us we can only now get 8 washes a month. So I want to know why it is that we buy an unlimited wash plan and are now told we can only wash 8 times a month. This seems like false advertising to me. So if drive for a ride share dont let them know, that is if you plan on buying the unlimited wash plan. They will screw you over within a month. Totally disappointed and won't be returning. I'll find some place that will honor it agreement.

Vadim S

This place is convenient but that's about the only good thing about it. I used it a few time and the results are the same - spotty wash & disappointment. I tried $5, $10 & $14 - there's no difference. So if you need a quick $5 was and vacuum- it's ok. If you are trying to get a good car wash - go elsewhere.


$5 car wash is a great deal.

David Carson

What a great car wash, I subscribed to there service, what a great value.

Daneen Gauthier

Nick Maratas

Best wash

Witte Fam

Great price. The way the wash is set up it gets a lot of cars through quickly. Sometimes doesn't clean everything off the car. I love the free and plentiful vacuums.

Nora L

Great car wash, great prices! Free vacuum too I love that when I have the time!

Richard Woldridge

Very reasonable prices hardly ever a wait and excellent wash

Clara Gomez

This car wash is so fun! The Colorado theme is great. I just wish the passes were more affordable.

Corinne Riggins

brent goforth

$14.00 and truck still needs washed. It's no better and possibly worse than any random $5.00 automated wash I've previously used.

Natasha Akers

Easy. Free vacuums. And treats for your dogs.

Rhett Male

David Fischer

Doesn't dry completely but for $5 you get a pretty good car wash and get too use the vacuums

John Ellis

Good wash, quick and easy. I do the monthly pre paid deal and run through whenever I drive past.

Jose Coto

Free vacuums

Trevis Gause

great car wash great prices

Nicholas Long

$10 wash is perfect for most cases.

Dan Padilla

This car wash never gets the front or rear of car clean when it's been snowing.

Timothy Warrington

Deb Arguijo

Ivonne Garcia

Good prices.

Robert Chartier

This places is so awesome!!! You can get a great $5 car wash then free vacuumes to clean out your car, the vacuum suction is amazing!!!

Stephanie Delgado

Friendly service, but I spent $14 on a car wash and when I got home there was a big square that wasn’t even touched! I appreciate good service but at the end of the day all I’m really looking for is a clean car and this did not deliver.

mallorie knight

Steve Hoag

If you need the look of a hand wash but do not have the time or energy to do it yourself... Well this is the place for you. My only issue is the Dryer is not long enough and occasionally I end up with some soap still on the mirrors because I have to fold them in... but still a star even with those issues.

Brian Starck

Really quick car wash and free vacuums!

Caroline Payte

Fun !

Jeff R

Good car wash.

Amanda Brewer

Joe Lewis

Sonia Schwartz

For 5 bucks you get a great car wash and a free vacuum, can't beat that. My only gripe is if you drive an SUV you probably leave there with a bent license plate. Best to go early in the day to avoid the crowdiness. Although, even when it's busy it tends to go fast but you may have to wait for a vacuum. It can also get a little tricky going in and out of there when cars back up while waiting. All in all, worth it.

thomas williams

Always washes the car perfectly

Rita Lawrence

Best car wash I've been to! I like that it isn't touch less and the vacuums are nice and strong to get all the stuff out of my interior! Highly suggest this place!

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