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4095 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, United States

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REVIEWS OF Classic Car Wash IN Colorado

It's me Dave

Worst car wash ever you would be better off throwing your money in the trash an hoping that magically cleans your car

Ronald Houghton

The worst! Do not trust your car to them! Payed for Windows to be cleaned inside and never did them.

Jordan Tackett

Minimum is $3.00 - enough time to knock the salt off during winter! Perfect manual car wash.

Sammy Zapata

Love this car wash. Regular washes are 9 dollars and for 1 dollar more they make ur wheels shiny!!

skyler koeneke

candi panda

Brian Anderson

Convenient and does a good job

hailee meeks

Audra Farkaly

Nice crew- the car is clean. Easy 5 stars-

Juan Palermo

Brought all of my cars here place does great workkk super happy

John Goode

SUSAN Hudson

Corygirl713 C

Went there today for a car wash. Paid five dollars for automatic wash. The machine got to the point of spraying soap on my car and then broke down. The number they give to call is actually a number to a sex hotline and the number listed under google is disconnected. I am so angry. Never ever use this place!!!!!!

Haris Usmani

I used the touch-less wash at this location for my car, it’s outdated and doesn’t do a good job. Hardly washes or dries, mostly just rinses the car — not worth it. The self bays might be better.

John Shen

Oliver Heart

Nice place to wash your car a little expensive

Larisa Trevino

Larry Hunt

Everything Except Nothing - Blake Ely

Inexpensive and good value. Everything worked as expected.

kenneth lazar

Washed for 4 minutes and got an 11$ charge, bunch of scumbags

Frechelle Wilson

Mark Shellrude

Yurdelis Ortiz

Tabitha Sharpe

Nic Casey

Over priced

Jason Ellis

Erik Ern


Frank McAfee

Christopher Kelley

LaShawn Harvison

Johnny Dangerously


Willy's Life

Honest people great vibe

Rou Chaltier

Minimum price for automatic is $6.00 - for this you get the undercarriage, one-pass low-pressure soap, one-pass low-pressure rinse. Takes about 90 seconds, less water than what you would get with $1.25 in a manual wash stall. I literally paid six dollars to make my truck even dirtier than it was to begin with.

Thomas Dittmer

busy and congested and the manual washes only have 3 selections

Jim Hadayia

The best car wash and oil change in around

Scott Brundage

Julian Lake

The best people very helpful

krulos zzz

Hella classic

Tom Finnell

Reasonably decent manual car wash with very helpful attendant

Connie Belesiotis

Convenient self service and full service car wash , not expensive

Rachel Dj


Took my money and didn't wash my car. Never going there again!

Imenott Chris

Ana Martin

Amazing Customer Service along with Superb Workmanship! Classic Car Wash Is The BEST! A Couple of weeks ago, I took my Car to have a Detailing done inside and out for my Honda CRV. A couple hours later, they brought my car out and It honestly looked SHOWROOM NEW and... still does today! The folks there Really care about what they do when they Detail your Vehicle, and I would Definitely Recommend Their other services too: Services such as: An Oil Change, Brake Service, Tire inspection , Gas Fill up, And of course the amazing Car Wash ! Thank You Classic Car Wash for your Friendly Demeanor, Superb Service and for your skilled workmanship! Sincerely, Ana and John Martin

Joel Fisher

Vacuums hardly work, and the self service wash payment interface displays are broken. Wasted a couple dollars and took my business elsewhere.

Chixsboy Gomes

Keith Jackson

This place has stalls where one can wash their car. It also has vaccuums. It does what it is supposed to.

Gary Hickenlooper

Time to come clean

Josh Thurman

Marjorie Tauber

Nancy Walsh

Some things may have issues. But, they do fix them in time. Also, can take my time here and not have Rude workers like BIG WAVE CARWASH tell us to hurry.

Victoria Kjeldgaard

I usually use quarters and they seem to work fine, but today the quarters would not work and I had to get my car clean. I reluctantly used the debit/credit card, washed as quickly as possible and turned it off. I came home to find an $11.00 charge for an appx. 4 minute wash (this would have cost around $2.00 in quarters). Phone number is disconnected and can't find a way to contact company. GREAT BIG RIP OFF. I will not use a Classic Car Wash again. I only clicked one star because in order to post I had to.

SR Helpers

Good friendly servuce

Joshua Becktold

This is my go to place in Colorado Springs.

John H. Naylor IV

Tye M

Very nice location also very clean. The vacuums are free and it has multiple locations so your not waiting. Other then that the only reason I gave it 4 stars is 2 of the 3 vacuums I tried out where been full and the 3rd spot had nozzle that kept coming off.

Ruben Ruiz

Uriel Ontiveros

Much bubbles such wow

Lee Espino

Just your standard coin operated car wash. Not cheapest place but it is usually clean and everything works like it should.

brenda shupe

Faria Usaf

This people took $40 and it was suppose to be car wash and interior / exterior detailing. It was the worst one I ever had my seats were still dirty and I still had dirt on the floor and mats in the car. My trunk was left untouched, there was still garbage inside the seats they didn’t put the seats back to clean inside. Sorry but but Really bad service


Stephanie Snow

The car wash does not get in under the tire well what so ever. Other than that, my car was looking good, and the virtully unlimited vacuum use is very nice!

Kid's Show


Fred Mcgaughan

They did an amazing job. What more can you ask of a car wash.

Dallis Butler

I was there on 3/14/2015. I had a $5 bill, so I went to use their change machine. It quickly took my money, with no change given back. There is no number anywhere to call them about it and get my money back. Very irritating

Mike Walsh

Demetrius Rice

Simple car wash

Kevin Dowd

Sheldon Martinez

I enjoy washing and cleaning my own car, so it's perfect and the vacuums works exvellent.

Marino Salcedo

Brenda Clark

Manouchka joseph

Jane Bunn

Mucho Gusto

Good service Propane tanks filled

Danny Jones

channing laird

Enrique Vargas

Sharon Maes

Horrible went threw That automatic for $7.00. And it was still dirty after it was done never. again again.

Lauren Dumican

Has anyone noticed dents in their car after going through this car wash? My boyfriend had a huge dent in his truck that was not there before he went through the wash.

Clelia Ross

Halima Akhtar

After the wash my car looks dirty because of the soap spots

Hunter Vanderwall

Got charged for a wash that never happened. Never got money back and never got car wash. The guy kept putting me off and is not reliable. AVOID AVOID!!! Waste of my $8.

cwilson football girl

Rip Savage

D Money

Colby Kelley

wendy nordstrom

G Coop

I've been going here for years because its so close. Spray wash takes forever to switch to the next setting so they can squeeze more money out of you, low pressure spot free for the same reason, and no hot wax option. Twice over the years i've got a stall where the mechanism up top was broken and spewing soap all over the car as you washed it, making it impossible to get it clean. Every stall has a little placard that states they are happy to give a 100% refund if you call this number, and every single one has no number listed. Even the number listed on google is disconnected. Avoid this scam.

Andy Dolan

Decent place to clean out your car and wash it , if you are looking for a quiet area to clean your car this is a good place to go after 9pm

Allen Charles

Jo Fa

Bostons Hatter

AcemanX Ace Wolf™

Got a nice new Genesis and there's no way in hell Im going through a traditional carwash, why so it can scratch the paint? No ty, I use the touchless system with the powerful hose that you can switch from soap, pressure wash, tire protectant and do it myself, plus the best part? No need for change!! The bays accept debit/ credit cards so I get cash back on my car wash, woot!

bendy I'm here at work

Jana Quintana

Put money in change machine, didn't give me coins. Of course no phone number on the wash , found one on the internet and number is disconnected.

Tommy Cuevas

Deonte Alexander

This has been my car wash spot for years now. It's so hard to go anywhere else.

Moaz Lehaibi

sleepy one

Phillip Rozakis

Nice and clean. Everything worked.

All Political

Pretty decent place to get your car cleaned, inside and out. Though I've lost a few dollars to their vacuum machines and wasn't too happy about it. If they had better vacuums I would give it 4 stars. 5 stars if their main entrance wasn't so hard to get through without scraping the bottom of your bumper every time you went through it. Low-rider cars beware.

Chris Venuti

David Dornbrack

Jackson Baker

newton bailey

rose m

Used my card. Left with it saying $3.87 and pressed end but yet they charged me $11. And theres no number to call. $11?! For 4 minutes of wash? That's a joke

Neill Kohler

Angela Atencio

Jlm Jlm

Been going here for years

Jean Jocelin

Very terrible car wash, don't even waste your money have them details your car, they detailed a car for me it's like the worst detail ever no more. They don't even deserve 1 star but there's no less them that

Samuel Black

This car wash is terrible. Monthly wash plan is a rip off. Isn’t open every day to get a wash.

Mcsf Mcsf

Bj Bell

Easy. Good dependable equipment

Michael Kovalko

David Cannon

Cristi Dozeman

Love the free vacuum

James Hadayia

Tanya Arthur

Wanda C

Ken Basse

Lester Brooks

First time liked it

John Hicks

Loved it

Chichi WooD

Francis Lara

Larry Struble

Felix Padial

Savannah Trujillo

I used this company’s car wash service in Colorado Springs colorado and the change machine took ten dollars from me and gave no change back, the light wasn’t on either. I tried to call the number on google maps for this car wash and the line is disconnected, I tried to use the website but the location I need doesn’t even show there.. all I’m asking is for a good phone number to this car wash or the owner, or my 10$.



Yvette Garcia

Went to the car wash yesterday, used my credit card it charged me $11 for a 3-minute wash I tried to stop it and the stop button did not work. I tried to call somebody and the phone is disconnected!!!!


Albert Arriaga

No minimum amount necessary to use car wash. 0.25 cents gets you 30 seconds of HOT/HIGH pressure water and or soap.

Robert Shwarts

Rebecca Leone

The automatic car wash I'd a joke. 7.00 for a spray off. Smh

Rodrigo Monfardini

May-Day Bartending Service LLC May

Do it your self car wash nice cheap could have a little bit better of vacuum

Thomas Soares

This place sucks


Ahmed Mohamed

Jewell Burke

Excellent car wash and detailing

Rick DeBaca


Excellent detail and customer service. I was in a real bind after someone vomited in my car. I called around to numerous places and no one could get me in for another 3-4 days despite the situation. Then I found Classic Car Wash. They were very accommodating and fit me in right away. All hands were on deck and they did an amazing job, inside and outside the vehicle. They will be my go to spot from now on for any detail work. I highly recommend them.

Jessie Cresterline

Kaveh Zehtab

Quick and convenient. Also you get a discount on gas.

Jowell Garci

Alex Velazquez

ASH Boston

Awesome... Had my oil change n got a free carwash.. Self wash vacuum available.. I would recommend you to go..

Aaron Funny

Justin Cacciatore

Hot water and clean trash cans

John Bruggemann

chevelle luver

I like the price.. and it's usually not too buzy

Tony Chamoun

i brought my Wives Pathfinder to them after my kids tortured it and they made it look like BRAND NEW right off the showroom floor!! the best i've seen QUALITY and PRICE !!!

John Cramm

Jennifer Jesmer

Renee Lewis

Disappointed that auto car wash wouldn't take my bank card so I pulled cash and went back to find that it would not take a $20 bill and no change machine for twenties only ones and fives. I found another car wash that took my $20 bill.

Miguelito USA

Crow Gee

Great place

Carol Dower

O k

David McIntyre

William Stanley

Best car wash

Rox Dot

Great spot for car wash

mai telesford

Anytime I need to get oil change, I go here. I'm afraid to go to any auto shop but I trust here. Oil change only takes about 10 minutes. Nice waiting area, even easy to go with my child.

Mark Abber

Good car wash with hand dry at end. Reasonable prices too.

Randy Filkin

Vacuums dont work very well

B Snit

Great car wash with very friendly staff and nice deals.

Roberto J. Lizardo

Steven McGuire

Pablo Faria

matt druker

Marcus John

You really have to demand good customer service, like getting out the car before entering the wash tunnel and requesting your car be scrubbed. Other than the people the machines are reliable, can't complain. Decent location.


Rick McMahon

Shelly Walt

Completely over the fact that the change machine NEVER works! 10/8/19 ... 2 months later SAME DAMN ISSUE! Can't get coins to wash at night... AND it's interesting that I was not given the option to submit a NEW REVIEW... had to edit the review I left 2 months ago... These guys own SEVERAL Car Washes here in town and THIS PARTICULAR ONE is notorious for sucking!

Madilynn Hemphill

Nothing was good about this carwash. It only took my money, and has no one there to talk to about it. Do not go there.

Strong247again. thrive2point0

Melissa Goldman

DO NOT go to this car wash! They advertise a soft cloth wash which is the only reason I took my new car here, and then right after going through the soft cloth portion (when you can't do anything about it), my car was hit by brushes that completely destroyed my paint! There are little scratches EVERYWHERE and some bigger ones too. Now I'm going to have to pay to get my car detailed and pray that all of the damage can be fixed.


Nice carwash not to expensive, good traffic not to slow

Brad Gibbs

I put $10 in the change machine yesterday and no change came out. The phone numbers are all faded on the machines and the one posted online is disconnected. If you like giving away money and driving away w a dirty car, this is the place for you.

Kenneth O'Neill


Chris Frampton

This car wash is great because you can start the soap brush for only $0.25 and typically puts out enough soap to get the whole car a good scrub. Then wash off the soap for about $1.25 and you just got a clean car for only $2. Check the brush to see if there is lots of dirt on it before activating. It's usually a good idea to take $0.25 and spray off the brush and wet the car with bit of moisture before activating the brush. Don't put all the money in at one time.

Angie Williams

Tonechi Da Real1

Used a coupon that was worth 90 bucks and my car was still dirty.

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