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REVIEWS OF City Horizon Car Wash, LLC IN Colorado

Teresa Rankin

Devin Gibney

Best car wash around my family comes to this car wash they have heated water the owner is very helpful and truly cares about his carwash and his customers!! Highly recommend this car wash over any others around!

Divine Renaissance

Not enough spots

gina gina

Very nice car wash with an attendant!!

Friz Business

I was surprised to have an interaction with an employee at this location. Generally there is no one around at these types of car washes. How nice! Will be coming back!

Chris Ballard

Quick and easy

Giselle Rowe

I have been eagerly waiting for this place to open as it is close by where I work. It's self serve or automated. The place is clean and well kept, brand new equipment, and everything works great. The automated was is completely touchless...easy on the finish! I highly recommend.

c paul

Good car wash I came after reading reviews the only issue was the second bay air dry was not working so I lost money.

Kourtney Oglesbee

Super clean and they have a touchless wash so you don't even have to get out of the car. Not even to pay!

Mario Chavez

Everything works as described.

Chad Gutersohn

Get your fleet or personal rigs in here, owners are great, wash charge fleet cards available, always on point, wash equipment is perfect everytime.

W.M. Jenkins

Outstanding! Great prices. C.C. Accepted! Clean! Fast

David Dedig Jr

It's clean well-lit everything works

Bogdan Ciuciui

Great carwash. Automated and self wash available. Because of being a busy day, a personnel member was present providing all the information needed. This will become my regular car wash. Prices between $7 and $11.

Baron Eric

Great place

Paul B.

This automatic car wash is unlike any other I've been to in my life. Both auto wash bays are always impeccably maintained, and are running machines that appear to be very new - the PDQ LaserWash 360. What really sets this wash apart from the others is the owner - every time I have been (aside from my really late night washes) he is actually there, attending the washes. He is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and caring, and you leave feeling that he truly does value your business. I applaud you for your fantastic customer service and impeccable wash offering to the area. You can expect my repeated patronage for as long as I live anywhere nearby.

Daniel Schneider

Stan ThePieMan

Great place to get the car washed. Self service or drive through. I usually get the Silver service drive through. Saves time and is a good wash.

Gene Tanas

I absolutely love this car wash! I use it all the time it's convenient and affordable. It does a really good job only had a problem once someone was here cleaning up and doing maintenance work they help me out they got me my money back and help me out with the carwash it was a really good experience definitely recommend this car wash.

Gabriel Sisneros

The owners are always on hand and great help. They keep it clean.

Bud Thompson

Great car wash

Paul Lovato

Justin Morton

The Norwegian guy that works here is way too nice. He deserves a promotion!!- a fairly regular customer

Ryan Ayers

The BEST self-service car wash in the greater Denver area.

Hung Do

Daniel Macias

Very efficient car wash. Wish they had free vacuums though

Stephan Doan

Used the automated wash. Doesn’t clean your car great and dryer sucks.

Fast A7

Great wash bays. They sell Adams car care products and Adams polishes ROCKS!

Joe Duran

Super awesome workers. Always eager to help out.

Scott mcfeley

Very disappointed had no change so used credit card made sure and hit stop button machine said 3.50 but my card was charged 15.00$ whats up with that

Desmond Atencio

Great service..Highly recommend touchless car wash.

Bryan Kelly

Extremely clean bays! Attendant was incredibly friendly and gave me a handful of things from the vending machine because it was my first time in. Wound up here before an appointment at a tint shop by chance but the customer service and awesome state of the facility blew me away, I will be back for sure. Also, touch less! Finally found a non swirl-matic near my work. Update 7/17/17 I went and looked in their vending machine, it's full of Adams products!!! This is hands down the best car wash in Denver.

Renee F

Great wash but if prices get raised again better off going to 84th same price better wash

Adam Bartolo

Ciancio Ciancio Brown

Great facility! Super clean car wash that has individual bays and a bunch of vacuum stations so you don’t have to wait. Also touch free automatic station so you can stay right in the car. One of the greatest qualities is that it takes quarters, bills, or credit cards rather than making you purchase tokens. Inexpensive to clean your car but with all the features you’d expect. Top notch and locally family owned business!!!

WhisperJet America

Super high pressure for really beating dirt into submission. Now, they have a pistol air gun to dry your vehicle in the bay. The automatic wash bays are large enough for a 4 door long box pickup. The staff is super friendly and they sell quality accessories, polishes and air fresheners. The brushes are soft enoght for a Bentley.

Michael Walton

Always excellent service and a superb wash. You can really tell the owner cares about his customers, and he is always on site going above and beyond to ensure the quality of service they receive.

Jason Boltz

It's the perfect place for me to bring my Harley. They have an air dryer it's hard to find a carwash with such.

Chris Sanchez

Very well maintained car wash

marcus laguardia

Victoria Turner

One of the few places that will get my car clean in the automatic wash!

Zane Conyers

Samantha Greco

E Moore

I came here because its self service, 24 hours and for the air dry option. Just wanted to rinse off my car and dry it since it snowed recently. It was cold but I was wearing shorts (a lazy day). Rinse and dry... I won't be outside that long right? Hell no, I was was outside for a while once I saw all of the options for washing. I used most of them! Ended up having to do my wash in 2 parts because I was freezing and needed to thaw out before drying my car off. I was impressed with the description of each option. Although they are self explanatory for the most part I still wanted to know the why, when and what to do next. I will be back to check out the automatic wash and see how it is.

Wesley Sorensen

Richard Moser

Leslie Record

Automatic wash is touchless and always works great.

Theron Wesanko

Best car wash in town! They partnered up with Adams Polishes so you get the best of the best. If you ever have a problem for some reason the customer service is great.

Alma Vazquez

The car wash is very clean and well maintained. I usually come on Saturdays and there's a very nice gentleman always friendly and available to help.

Rich Stone

When it's clear I wash the car

Christina Tennyson

A little pricy but fair. I thought that the area was well kept and the equipment was very well maintained. As far as competition goes there isn’t much difference between other car washes...but maybe offer a rewards program or coupon book buy for a free wash once in awhile. Thank you for asking though. I really like that you care for your customers.

Allie LeRoy

Brittany Nelson

The gentleman that was working was very polite. The car is was did a great job on my truck that was covered in mud. Thanks

George Del Nigro

The place is expensive car washes with broke did the automatic wash your butt truck it washed both sides but only rinsed one so I had to drive it into the do-it-yourself one it's been another $3

Monica Barrionuevo


Leonel Diaz

guillermo lopez

Manager is friendly, makes sure he jandwashes parts that te automated car wash doesnt get


The place was very dark , change machine out of order , blood splatter in parking lot and there were boxes of computer parts laying all over, I realize that someone probably dumped it there and isn't owners fault , but more lighting could definetly help ! Over all it got the job done as you'd expect a car wash to do

Heavy Hitta

Clean, cheap, and quick place to go wash your car! Owners are really friendly and keep the place up and looking nice!

Robert Koenig

Cody Raines

Nancy Pattison

Emma Sullivan

Amy Rudder

Cleanest car wash around

KodyWulf Videography

Worked a job nearby on dirty and muddy roads, the undercarriage really showed the caked mud in the wheel wells who's boss. Great wash!

Sean McClain

I had a little time before I went to work on Christmas Eve. So I stop at this car wash. This was my first time here. When I pulled in I noticed someone working there doing trash and stuff. When I got out to get change my dollar wasn't going in and he helped me. He was very polite and helpful. He told me if I ever had any trouble to call this number, website or Facebook page. He thank me for stopping by and that made my night. I Recommend this place and I'll for sure go back. Great Prices and a Dedicated owner.

Gabriel Gonzales

There's many car wash locations in Thornton but nothing like this place. I've been washing my cars here for months now and I'm always satisfied with the service. I've never had a problem with the equipment and you can't beat the price. The owners are so nice and respectful that it's always awesome to see them greeting everyone and keeping this place spotless. Definitely would recommend anyone & everyone to stop by.

Robert Navarro

Brett Arnold

armando garcia

Maria Ayala

Amber-skye Tumblin

Stopped by this morning to use a self-service car wash and vacuum ran into a small issue with the bay not working. I called the number but no answer so I left. shortly after I received a return phone call from the owner. He was extremely nice, understanding and apologetic for the issue. He said he was on the way to the carwash now he will take a look at it to see what happened. He gave me a call back shortly and again I apologize for the incident and gave me a gift card for the car wash. I just want to say thank you so much for being so courteous and kind it really means a lot to know that their are business owners out there they're still like this and care about the customers. I would highly recommend this car wash to everyone! And the vaccumes actually work here! I hope you and yours have a wonderful and blessed weekend! Thanks again! - Amber Skye.

Jonathan Isburgh

Joshuah Riffe

Love this car wash because it gives u the right amount of time for the cheapest price around.

Fara Novin

Great car wash. Very reasonable. It cost half what I normally pay elsewhere and my car was cleaner than ever... That's not all! *What's more, these are stand up people. I realized later that I left my credit card there. Contacted the business via their website. Not one but two people responded promptly. Went out of their way to look for my card. Turns out someone used it to get more car washes. They Reversed All the charges on my account including the one for my wash! How is that for amazing customer service? Above and beyond expected. Thank you Sean and Brett!

Paula Wood

Great washes at good price. Very friendly courteous and customer oriented staff!

Anthony Nilsson

Brooke Wymer

The owners are nice and car the car wash is great

Brandon Kemp

Met the owner when I went to this car wash amazing service super friendly and my car came out looking amazing!!

J Burke

It's a good little car wash if their isn't 47 people trying to use the 2 bays.


Landon Bontrager

Good place to wash your car. Always clean and friendly staff managing. Takes credit cards if you don't have quarters and equipment is well maintained.

Calvin Burns

Excellent customer service. Well kept and greatly maintained facility. The silver was is a steal of a deal. I thought it was hand washed and waxed upon completion. Next time I'm trying the Gold because the price is affordable. The automatic wash is great and is not too noisy or overly loud. The auto dryer is great also and the attendant is polite and informative. "I'll be back"

savannah Johnson

Aaron Raymond

Best self service wash in town!!

Ron Reeves

Great Modern Car Wash with touchless Laserwash and self serve car wash bays with plenty of vacuums and amenities to keep your car nice and pretty. Thor makes you feel like a valued and appreciated customer and is more than happy to help you get clean. Only wish they were closer to me and we could have enjoyed a utepils.

Julio Dominguez

This carwash has been located here for quite a wild and has gone through several changes, so far the new management has kept it in top shape after the previous owner build up the carwash. It's very affordable and the equipment is kept clean, the only downside would be the cleaning products, the previous owner had Adam's polish products, but now they have the crappy armor ones

Nicole Spencer

Jallal Elouad

Halo Lopez

Jacob Jones

Arturo Garza

Isaiah Romero

Love this car wash so much.!

Donald Seigler

Always clean with powerful vacuums. You get good wash time for the price. They also have the highest pressure spotless rinse. The only downside is the blue soap (which smells good btw) can stain your hands during the washing process.

Ed Sullivan

Automatic does great job

Ryan Nyberg

Great automatic washes, I don't like touch car washes because they leave scratches and these washes are brand new and do an AWESOME job. I will not wash my Mercedes anywhere else!

paul raby

Jethro Olarte

The BEST car wash in Colorado. No brushes or any sort of re-used cloth touching your car. Shawn was a great help for my first time there and I will definitely be back. Their pricing options are perfect, and the wash is a really awesome experience. Try it out for sure!

Rozi Horn

On-site help. Great customer service.

Chew Chavez

Best car wash up north actually has great water pressure .

Mitch Marrison

Great mix of self-wash bays and touchless auto wash options at a decent price. A bit out of the way so there's seldom a wait (in my experience).

Michael Chavez

Great automatic car wash and self service is good. The customer service is really good

Chris Camacho

Only car wash I'll use. They use professional detailing products by Adams, in all their machine's. The auto bays do a great job and are brushless, so they won't damage your paint. The owners are great to talk to you, provide excellent customer, and will assist in washing and drying when the have the time. I visit this place 2-3 times a week and never had an issue

Judi Barr

This is the BEST car wash. I've been very impressed with them right from the start. The owners are there quite often and always with a thank you and a smile. The one time I had something happen (which was not permanent damage, just gunk) I let them know and even being out of town at the time they were right on top of it. In my opinion that kind of customer care and appreciation is quite rare these days. I flat refuse to take my car anywhere else, and recommend this wash to everyone who cares about not getting their car damaged while its getting washed. It is a touch-free wash and actually does a very good job getting my car clean.

Lakeisha F.

Hunter Anderson

Washed my car with the highest priced package and it didn’t remove bug splatter from the car. Feel like I wasted $12.

Marcus Isakson

Nice place. Very clean and not too busy when I went. All options had the chemical it needed and wasn't out or running out, this was a very pleasant surprise. Lots of other placed seem too water down or just have nothing but the bottom of the barrel and runs out as you are in the middle of washing. Not here though. It is very well managed. Seen someone picking up the lot even though it was raining. It also was getting dark but the area was well lit. I would recomend this as the place to go and wash your vehicles. It was also high enough of a bay for my work service truck which is over 9ft tall... will be returning for sure!

Maggy Bjork

Isaac Badgerow

Kimberly Yamagiwa

Kurtis Smalley

Let me start by saying this is my first time leaving a review on maps and I use it ALL the time. I feel like this place has great potential however showing up today for my first time I went to get the gold wash paid my $12 after it took my money and said that it was starting nothing ever happened. I even drove through the bay where the door was already open nothing started. I assume this is just a technical issue. I hope that I will be contacted as soon as possible because the car I'm trying to wash I'm selling tomorrow. I called the number that is given several times with no answer and apparently an unrecognized mailbox. That part is what really bothers me if you have problems and there's no staff here to take care of them you should at least have a number that works or that is answered. I know I'm not the only person that lost their money today because I was kind of questioning the guy that was driving backwards out of the entryway when I pulled in. However if this problem is solved today I will fix this review and give a good or bad one after being able to use the wash. Update: So they were able to get back to me as soon as possible which was same day and resolve the issue to the best of their abilities which I might add was very satisfactory. The wash was about as good as you can get from a touchless wash don't expect to lose the stubborn bugs but otherwise a great wash and even left the inside smelling great with the strong cleaners they use! Will be using them in the future!

Gregory L. Smith

I was driving through Denver on my way to California and wanted to get an excessive amount of bugs off my car before I contunued...I stopped by your place at 5 am. I'm 66 years old and I must say that your car wash is by far and away the BEST I have ever used! Well lit, immaculately clean and everything worked...thanks!

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