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Kristina Bowman

Nothing quite like a sparkly clean car was!!!!! After the wash there are tons of spots to pull into with free vacuums on either side of the vehicle, and they are powerful vacuums!! Theres a mat washer, garbage cans, air for tires all for one cheap monthly price!!!! There's quite a few locations throughout Denver!

Joe Piotrowski

Place is a joke. The wash ripped my mirror off .The managed blamed it on previous damage. Yes I had a scratch on the mirror, but they would not ever hear about it. I will never go there again. The place sucks .

Timothy Monahan

Does a great job cleaning my Civic

Tom Mills

I got a monthly membership and this is going on my third month, I drive up and the guy who had to scan my barcode on my window seemed irritated that I made him get up off his a** and scan my car sticker. He then gave me a motion to roll down my window and rolled his eyes stating I should be going through their automatic gate. I had no idea they even had one and for him to give me attitude was unnecessary. I am now trying to cancel my monthly membership and there is no way to do it on the web site, nor is anyone answering at their corporate office. I have to spend the time every time after the wash to wipe down the car. I recommend finding another company to wash your car!

Pakrins Krins

Not my first time here but certainly the worst. I did not realize how bad a job until I was well away otherwise I would have gotten a re-do or a refund. A basic wash was less than the equivalent of me using a water hose. Really a waste of 8 bucks.

Rob G

Monthly membership awsome people!

Run-A-Way Bill

Centennial, Colorado --- bath time for "Flo" ... great car wash, a free car mat cleaner & free car vac's that suck-a-riffic! day 096 "DUSA 2017" (Discover USA) "Run-A-Way Bill" was here! #RunAwayBill #DUSA2017 05.30.17

Amy Glines

Really neat rewards plan and package deals. Friendly staff, quality results.

Paul Honnoll

I used to go here all the time when I lived off of Broncos Parkway and the kids that work there are always on top of things.

Anthony Crawford

Even the express wash did a superb job. No scratches! The free self-serve vacuum is a very nice bonus. Thank you!

Jason Letman

Good car wash. I really like the floor may cleaner and free vacuum.

kevin karanja

A little expensive but the vacuums make it worth going

sally weeber

Affordable, quick and easy with self use vacuum stations.

Bounethai Novankham

This is not a touch less carwash, but the brush is soft. I really like this place if you need unlimited vacuum use. While there don't forget to clean your floor mats and also check your tires pressure using their semi automated air pump which lets you dial in the tire pressure and it does the rest.

Cleopatra JBW

I was looking for a quick wash and they had free vacuums. Thats literally the nicest thing I can say. The wash cost more than the typical basic wash even with free vacuums. The wash was so high powered my car was scrached and my spare tire cover came off during the wash. I went to the attendent who told me it happened all the time and they would get the cover back and would call me when they did. Never got a call. When I went back to ask about the tire cover not even a week later, I was told a lie to my face that it had fallen off while vacuuming ( I would have noticed and saved my self the $150+ to replace it... Duh) and was told that they thought that someone called and that it probably had been thrown out by now. I cannot belive I paid to have my car messed up. Worst car wash in town.

Monica Hensen

It's really the only option for a car wash in the area. Conveyor system moves even a long line quickly and $37/mo or an annual pass available in November I believe, is the best deal you'll find.

Dawn Brown

Car has to look it's best, so I take it to the best.

Cost Segregation Software

Great value for the money! The staff is super friendly and helpful. I love the fast pass deal, it's hassle free and my car stays clean and shiny all year long!

Cryptos sotpyrc

Very nice car wash, it is a bit pricey however it does a great job. I drove a Chevy Equinox (SUV) and it was good for a mid sized suv to go through. The vacuums are good, if it goes off on you just look for the button on top of the box and press it. Keep vrooming on!

Jeff Jernigan

Best automatic car wash I've found.

Ryan Hoskins

They do a great job. I like having the ability to vacuum my car for the included price.

Dustin Blank

Went through with my new car, it is scratched everywhere now and it did not have scratches before, do not use this car wash, not only overpriced, it will destroy your vehicle. Then they will claim to fix it by having your car buffed to try to hide the damage, their insurance company thehartford group will say you dont have pictures before and after to prove it was done by the carwash.

JoAnne Roberts

This is a very nice car wash

Phil G

The review with people and swirls is correct, however, this is a problem with all cars, more noticeable on dark cars. It's almost a lose lose situation, with the touchless, you end up with a film on your car that won't come off and they possibly use harsh chemicals to clean it. Touch, you end up with swirls and who knows what gets stuck in those cloth fibers from other cars, home wash, same thing, swirls and other possible issues depending on how you wipe it down and the soap you use. This is a decent car wash, it will get it clean, but it will leave swirls to the point where it has unfortunately even left swirls in my center plastic piece in the back. Being I have a light colored car, I can't see the swirls in the paint itself, but know if it's in the plastic, it's all over the rest of the car. I also have issues with the soap spots on my mirrors and on other parts of the car, mainly the doors where it doesn't come out of the mirrors until I start driving. When I get the tire shine, unless I pull out of there and sit for a moment, it will fling that up on the body of the car. This is a good car wash in terms of getting car clean, even the rims, but it will definitely come with at a cost.

Nick D

Really great wash considering it's a fully automatic wash. Some spots were missed but overall very impressive. Getting 3 stars due the price. There's no reason a fully automatic wash that's always busy is charging so much. In my opinion.

vadim solonenko

best car wash ever

Laura Chamberlain

Tim is amazing. I had trouble canceling my unlimited pass and he not only helped me cancel it, but also verified my wash history and refunded my unused months. Even though I no longer want the unlimited pass, I will definitely use their service on the rare occasion I wash my car.

Troy Jones

They always keep the wise car in nice and clean have no complaints about it

dalambchop Hyde

Best carwash great staff, even windshield repair 2 mat cleaning machines

Bill Hanley

A lot of missed areas that didn't get cleaned for their high dollar wash. Didn't evenly apply shine to the tires.

Maxine Covarrubias

Love this location by far the best one I've been too. Cat always comes out clean and it quick. Love the free vacuum with every wash.

Ria Upad

Fast and easy. My car still has some spots pretty much on all sides. It'll get the job done, but there are probably better places to go.

Christina Chow

I love the free vacuum and mat cleaner, so worth it!

Brandon Carroll

This is a good car wash. My only quibble with them was that after having a membership for 6 months, the process for cancelling it was quite cumbersome.

Sandeep Moras

Best place to wash your cars.

cori white

The wash is just ok. It will still leave some of the magcloride on the vehicle if it's been on the vehicle for a while. Upgrade the chemicals for the wash and the rating will go up.

Samuel Moye

Great Place to wash your car. Vacuums are Great! Service is nice enough for a self service car wash. Cheers.

Justin Grant

I went to this car wash last Thursday. It scraped the paint off of the hood and roof of my 2011 f150. I have to take the truck in tomorrow to get it looked at... hope they do the right thing.

Larry Gomez

Great place for a quick car wash

Kathy Iwanowski

Quick and easy! Newer equipment does a great job on dirty vehicles. Covered areas to vacuum outside.

Mom in Texas

Campus midd

Amanda Brooks

Super lazy staff the poor boy barley touch my car with the scrubber you’re supposed to clean both bumpers and windshield he did nothing. Paid for tire shine didn’t get it and my car was half cleaned

johnny mcmahon

need dryers to actually drive otherwise top notch

Ravi Srivastava

Great car wash and a car wash company with integrity! I was refunded 3 months of charge due to incorrect billing with one single phone call! Thank you!

Ana Karen

The staff here is pretty nice, it’s quick and convenient stop. The vacuums are included in the price and so is a mat-washing machine! You don’t feel rushed to finish because it’s never so packed that they’re pushing you outta there. Great value for the price.

Molly Trujillo

Annual pass makes this car wash an even better value.

Cynthia Bailey

Best place to clean your car!

Scott Smith

Great car wash!!

Brett Walker

Very good car wash although the dryers could be a bit more effective. My biggest issue is sometimes you get a one or two lethargic kids with the hand brushes and they don’t put any effort into brushing the front and back bumpers. I figure they won’t be working there long so everything will work out in the end.

William Albright

They do an excellent job here.

prakash sriram

Take your car here only if you want to put a lot of scratches on your shiny car.

Azaz Ul Haq

Great car was and awesome vacuum cleaner

Mau Un Chilango en Denver

Just a breeze and it is closed. Put some soap in the bucket for the brush. Other location do it better.

Elisa Cruz

When i went through the car wash, my taillight was busted off. Luckily i was able to put it back on my car. However, it’s all scratched up. When i went to Advanced Auto Parts next door to buy a plug for my taillight, the worker there said people end up at Advanced Auto Parts all the time because of damages from the car wash. I hate to agree but it’s too harsh on vehicles. I gave it two stars because the self vacuuming is pretty cool.

Ty Johnson

I love the monthly carwash program!

Brandon Clark

A high quality automated car wash.

Pineal Hilmorst

This place is awful. Not worth the money and it scratched the heck out of my new car.

heidi z

Super fast in and out!

Anna Plummer

Good value, lots of room to wash and clean car. Well taken care of facility.

Michael Farrell

I just went there for my first wash the other day and my 17 Ram 1500 looked pretty awesome. The wheels especially looked cleaner than ever before. It wasn't perfect such as some bug splatter was still noticeable in the front, but it was pretty close. I highly recommend this place. I'll definitely go back at least once a month.

Joseph Argier

Love using this car wash for convenience and quality. Monthly payment for unlimited washes makes complete sense! Thank you!

Desmond Mor

Great place. Good staff and free vacuums.

Virginia Guerrero

Super fast and affordable! The free vacuums are nice but I usually avoid the ones immediately available after exiting the wash. They don't seem to have as much suction as the other ones do.

Helene Wolk

Does a great job. New vaccums

Steven Bunker

40 dollars all you can wash.. multiple locations.. clean car..

John Rogers

Can I open a franchise in Hayden Colorado?? Wonderful staff and great facility.we should be so lucky!

Steph B

I spend the better part of a day here when I wash and clean my car. The detailing-vacuum spaces are kept very clean and never seem to give any patrons issues related to vehicle size. The vacuums are on both sides of the car so scratching the paint is less likely. I've never needed to go through the wash twice despite my often past due washings but I bet if there was a concern, they would send it through again.

Tom O

Great for a once-a-quarter good wash!

Rakesh Raghuveer

Gets the job done. Have complementary vacuum and mat cleaner.

Megan A

Best car wash around I reckon. Cleans my car real well, never had to wait in a long line and their vacuums are powerful and can fit into the small spaces. Also their employees have always been very pleasant. Fair prices too. Thanks guys.

Jesse Varner

Temporarily closed. Temporarily 1 star

Patti C

Left behind water spots and dirt on my camery. Save your money and go to a self wash.

Bob Melamed

Convenient location for my new address. Never too crowded and gets the car clean!

Adam Sterkowicz

Great wash. Would love to see a power wash station for people who have plastic mats.

Rabindra Sah

Got multiple scratches around my car after carwash

stephanie wagner

Love that they added more vacuums at this location. Great service, great staff!

Mimi and Darrin Thomson

Excellent drive through car wash with vacumm cleaner customers can use for free

Hiking WithJeebz

These guys are friendly and I like the car wash machine. They’re vacuums we’re good, but the mat washing machines were not so effective in cleaning my mats. They weren’t spraying out water and were kind of puffing water out slightly- nevertheless, it’s a good car wash and the price isn’t bad for unlimited washes per month

Gaurav Soni

LONG LEAD TIMES ON WEEKEND BUT GOOD SERVICE! When we received our car from the moving services it was extremely dirty, so we had to take it for complete wash. We went ahead with platinum package which included interior cleaning but not Steam washing the seats. The lines to get in the wash were slightly long, maybe because of the weekend. But once we were ahead of the line, the cleaning crew took over. It went through automatic outside cleaning first. Then somebody cleaned the mats and dashboard. The car came out fairly clean. We had few spots left but they attended to it when we pointed them out. Overall, it a good place for getting most out of your bucks!

Mike Scruplez

I showed up here and they were packed like crazy. The line still moved fast. I told the service representative that they were getting people through quick and that I appreciated it. He said the day before they had 1400 cars and this was slow. Great service. Fast. If you go here when they are really busy wait your turn before you pull through and don't cut people off. I saw it happen countless times and that is the only thing that slows down an otherwise extremely great fast car wash.

Robert Edwards

Love this place! It can get super crowded but they always move with haste. The machine is much smoother than the other facility on Qunicy and Buckley. Plus the vacuuming is fantastic! Always a pleasure when I come, and the added convenience of having the electric fast pass lane adds to my visit 3-4 times a week. Keep up the great service!!

GLC Honda

Arrived at 7:27pm on Friday evening. According to Google operation times they close at 8pm. Their are still patrons vacuuming their vehicles. Is his an example of clocking out early and being lazy?

Ryan Hoekstra

Those new vacuums tho, incredible suction. A+

joseph rabiolo

The monthly wash pass is a good value. I used to wash my car once a week, but since getting my pass I go several times a week. Often, it's not perfect, but at $2-3 a wash, I'm happy.

Sandip b

Quick and easy car wash with free vacuum.

Benjamin Briggs

This car was is horrible. It doesn't get my car clean at all and actually left a pretty nice scratch on the front of my hood. I will not be going back.

john mcmahon

Good value

Steve Martin

Bad experience. At end of the wash person in front did not move and I was forced to stand on my brakes so I wouldn't hit this car. All while an attendant stood laughing at the person who would not move.

Dakota LaBarr

i got the member ship with my new 2015 car because i got the car in the winter and i pass this place daily on my way to work the 35$ is not a bad deal but it did scratch my new car also and it knocks my mirrors in ontop of bending my rear plates while not even getting the trunk clean. they offer a great deal of services but now i am getting a new paint job i most likly wont go here anymore,

Rachel Toupin

Really great staff, very friendly.

Evan McClaugherty

My rims end up with scrub marks, not sure from what part of process. Overall happy with the service!

Dave Maestas

I love the unlimited pass for my truck. For $35 per month I can get my truck looking great!


Got scratches on my car from it, deep through the paint scratches.


Best dryers around. One stop shop with vacuums, May washers and nice people.

Ilya Nesterenko

My spare tire cover came off during the air dry and an associate went and grabbed it so I wouldn't have to experience what it feels like to be in a tornado.

Amy Nutt

Great car wash job but expensive compared to similar places. The prep guys had a difficult time directing us onto the drive belt. The brushes smell kind of mildewed. This place does a good job with keeping the vacuums (free for patrons) empty and working. This was all in all a good and quick place for a car wash.

Amit Sharma

The place is having good options of car wash to choose from. For regular goer, monthly or annual pass is good option. Pros- 1. Even on crowded days, it will take less waiting time to get through because of chain system which allows multiple car wash at same time. Much better than other car wash at gas station which cleans only one car at a time. 2. They are exclusive car wash Service provider so it is always functional. Those at gas station like shell are closed half of the time for maintenance. 3. Free vacuum and mat wash


Great place but it rained the next day

S. Ashley Q

We went yesterday to wash our car and once we left we noticed scratched all over our car! Our trunk is brand new and still noticed scratches on it! First time we have gone to this location, also out last. I decided to read the reviews, and apparently this has happened to other cars at this location! Don't waste your money.


I’m sitting in front of the Car Wash Express at 8:18 a.m. on a Wednesday - the website says they open at 7:00 a.m., but they will not answer their phones and the entrance is blocked with cones. Unreliable open times resulting in waisting my time.

John Smith

This place doing pretty good job , car looks great to me !

Yaoxin L.

Very fast, clean well, like that it has a lot of vacuum after getting out of car wash.

FMoneyOfficial Follow On Instagram

Car wash Express has the best vacuums!

WC Leitner

Good place to get your car washed They have awesome vaccuums

Cade Franks

I went to take my car to get washed tonight, and hadn’t realized that my pass had expired. Instead of being rejected or forced to pay, John went out of his way to cut me some slack and waved me through. He was exceedingly polite, moved quickly to greet me, and showed exemplary customer service. I will definitely be getting another annual here.

Phil McConnell

What good Value!

Ryan Pope

I purchased the Ultimate Wash for $14.00 and got my car washed. I stopped at a nearby store afterwards and noticed all the spots that the car wash missed, mostly on the front and back ends of my car. In addition, my rims were still filthy. I bought $15.00 worth of cleaning supplies so that I could give my car a proper cleaning at home. What's the point of going to the car wash if you have to clean by hand afterward?

Branden G

Personally did no better then a gas station car wash , just cost more . will continue searching for something better.

Jared Rice

Good prices great wash free vacuums

Gary Lamke

Very friendly and a good wash with free vacuum.

Daniel Parker

I loved the price of the monthly plan and liked the results on my used blue Jeep. Then I bought a brand new black F150. I used this car wash exclusively from the first day I bought my truck. Eight months later I have really bad scratches in my clear coat from the brushes at this location. I really wish I would have known before I went here. For used cars that aren't dark colored it get's vehicles pretty clean and the vacuums are amazing. However for any car or truck you actually care about stay out of this place.

Rex Horne

Clean as a whistle

Darryl Gomez

Kind of pricey but well worth it. Free vacuums and air, must try super clean people are great.

Emmy Mostoller

Staff is polite, but if they could tuck your mirrors in before the wash... That would be nice

Athena Evans

Quick car wash, cleans well, and don't have to wait in line for vacuuming or to get my car clean. There are some vacuums that have less suction power so I go to the ones that I know are consistently good.

Creative 4Life

Always great service and pretty good specials as well

Glenn Holtzclaw

Best deal for unlimited car wash

Rylie McKinley

They would not let my car go through the wash. I had to reverse with a line of cars behind me safe to say I will never go back here

Paul Wager

The place is busy but honestly one of the best around. You can get your car sparkling clean easy and fast.

Richarrd Kim

Great location and usually get consistent washes. I love that there is wash, vac, mat cleaning, and air for tires. There is usually a wait into the wash but goes pretty fast.

Damion Wright

What do you expect when you go to a car wash? You expect to pay for your wash, go in the wash, get a clean vehicle while you are in the wash, get out the wash, vacuum your vehicle, leave! You can easily make this happen! As well, if you are a savvy shopper like I am, you can find multiple deals (Yelp) to save money on a car wash when you go. OR if you are SUPER SAVVY you will just pay for one year for unlimited washes. That is FRESH! The only thing that may throw the normal consumer off is that you have to vacuum on your own, I don't mind this at all, but it is good to know. Forget these places around the city that charge $20-30 for a full service wash! I am all about CWE!

D.A. M.B.

One of the best of the chain, love the improvements


If I still lived in the area, I'd wash my car here everyday. Highly recommend doing the monthly plan. Lots of space for how busy they get and the vacuums are great! What more could you ask for!

Ketan Maniar

Best car wash...

Stephen White

Its was good, dryers didnt work to well.

Tonie Burgos


Donna Ibbott

This costs less than the self carwash! Employees are really nice.

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