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Monthly program well worth it

Rick Angeles

The Best Car Wash. Their associates and management team are 'second to none' and 'go above and beyond' to take care of all my vehicle needs. They're really good folks, and they take pride in their work.

Edwin Nakasone

Hey if you have not tried this place you don't know what you are missing. I found this place by accident made an appointment and had my SUV detailed...what a job they did (that is Isreal did). Being from out of town, I remained in their clean waiting room and caught up with my reading with out distraction. In addition, as I was waiting I was impressed with the number of people going through the automatic carwash and how beautiful the cars/trucks looked after going through the auto wash... Thanks Eric for my new looking SUV :-} ed nakasone


Overall comes out looking good staff is always nice and polite.

Nick Segura

I have been using the car wash for over 2 years and Julie decided today that she was going to be extra picky on my truck and not let me go through the car wash when before I arrived I had already washed the mud off, I told here I come here about 15 times a month and have never had an issue with any of the other people that work there. She proceeded to tell me that she was the trainer and that I was lying. Super disappointed in washing and gloss. I canceled my membership immediately. Sounds like Julie herself needs more training if she is going to be a trainer. Be consistent or train better! From an Ex loyal Customer

Chassidy Clelland

Love this car wash! My vehicles always look brand new after leaving here. The best vacuums I’ve ever used!

David Scott Hoppal

(Translated by Google) If (Original) Om

George & Meg Mar

My kids love the colored bubbles and the "octopus" at this car wash. Then we all get out and use 2-3 vacuums at the same time to get it all cleaned fast! I won't pay to go anywhere else. If the car doesn't get cleaned the first time, the staff always takes care of it too.

Paul Brownell

Matthew Libert

Neil Guzman

Didn't get a lot of the bugs off the front of my vehicle. Rest of the car looked good.

Brunza LaBore

This is a great car wash, the car wash does a great job cleaning your vehicle and drying it too. The waxing tunnel is very nice for your vehicle to shine it up and protect the paint from the elements. They have free vacuums and offer interior detailing and deep cleanings.

dylan maxon

quality was 10x better when it was wash and gloss. they sprayed the trucks off before the tunnel washed them Now there is 20 employees walking around worried about what’s in the bed of everyone’s pickups before they run you through the tunnel for your mediocre wash

Mandy Johnson

Marjorie Adams

Not worth the membership that they offer. One time thru the wash you will understand. Cars still dirty and coming out damaged. Antonio the manager of wash not returning calls to customers and refusing to fix damages.

Staci Fuentes

Tony Bets

nice laundromat

LaTasha Ontiveros

They did an amazing job on my car. I think this is my new favorite car wash

Peggy Martin

I Like my gold unlimited and out. & Wes is my go to person!

Melton Nelson

Presten's RC Racing and Bashing

Super Mark

Rudy Reyes

Took my truck to get detailed, ended up with items missing from the inside and my window scratched. No one bothered to return my call, go somewhere else.

Jordan O'Connor

I have previously had the wash pass and when we got a new debit card I had to sign up again. The new girl who was working put new stickers on my car and sent me on my way. I went through and realized I did not get the Gold wash which I had signed up for, then looking at my bank account later realized she just charged me for a single Gold wash not the pro-rated amount for the month as it was already 21 days into the month. I had called several times, several days in a row and sent several emails. At one point I received one response from a Jennifer. She assured me someone would get back to me the next day as the manager was out. I never received anything back. Called and emailed again, still nothing. I tried to go through the wash and the girl who started my membership said something was wrong with my membership so she would take my info and talk to the manager. I STILL never heard anything and my pass does not work! Whoever is running this place must never be around or not care. I have recommended so many people here and even my husband has a wash pass but after this issue still hasn't been resolved and it's been a month, we will be purchasing a pass elsewhere. Really disappointing.

Z Vollmar

Good wash. I recommend.

Ray Cullen

Nice facility, poor service, if you have a generally clean vehicle, it will come out cleaner, but not great. Best in town, but that's not a high benchmark to reach in Greeley. Have to clean wheels when I get home to remove excessive tire shine that looks good day one, but is a break dust magnet after that. It's a pity, big investment, modern equipment, poor service and lack of training. Get out your bucket and hose!

Linda stilwell

Convenient to me. Sometimes the lines are really long. I have a small SUV and the car wash doesn't do the greatest job on the very back of my vehicle, where the lift gate and back window are.

Steve O

The $15/month wash is not good at all. I recently moved to Greeley and switched my car wash service to this one. The $20/month wash at my last place is far superior to this one. Both times that I used the wash here it left my car dirty in spots. My car really wasn't that dirty to begin with, so I'm a little disappointed.

Kristi Hansen

Have went there several times within the last few weeks and the same spot never gets cleaned and one older guy has been rude when I've been there otherwise ok

Travis Skoglund

I scheduled a full detail and was told to be there at 8 am. The day of the scheduled detail it rained. Regardless of rain or not I needed the detail done. I showed up at 7:45, no big deal that nobody was there yet. I waited until 9 for someone to show, which no one did show or even call...ever. I will not be taking any of my vehicles there ever again.

Chris Dahl

Dean Herl

Brad Woods

Nat Romero

Horrible!!!!!!! I am never going through the car wash again due to my tires and when I try calling about my complaints, I receive no answers. However, I love the detail center and the folks working that. Unfortunately, for yourself, I will not be going back because I found out today the detail center will be shut down. It upsets me that the good working folks, that I trust and enjoy working my car, are being fired. There's always another shop.

Patrick Lucero

Josh Stout

I tried the wash and gloss once when they first opened. Horrible experience. When I saw that Breeze Thru bought it I was excited because I usually drive across town to the one on 34th. Always been very pleased with everything at the 34th location so I figured this one is way closer to my house so I'll give it a try. At first glance it seems like the employees are undertrained because they were running around in a panic when 5 cars pulled in at the same time. I paid $26 for the buff and polish or whatever it's called. Wash was poor. Still had bird poop on truck. The hand dry was poor. Still a lot of film left on multiple parts of truck. Bugs still on back of mirrors and grill. Film left on windshield. Tire shine was absolutely worthless. All around a waste of $26. I will not use this facility again. Once again I will drive across town to the one where I know I will get exactly what I pay for. So you'll still get my money and it will cost me more in time and fuel. Honestly I'd like a refund or in house credit so I can go to the one that does a good job.

Lane/Audrey Mauch

I love wash and gloss! It is convenient and fast. The people are so friendly. I signed up for the monthly pass. They are open even when I think it might be to cold.

keith newton

I have been to this wash 3 times and am really mad they keep putting tire shine on my wheels the last 2 times I have asked strictly for them not too and every time there is tire shine on my wheels I have low profile tires and it gets the messy black shine all over them and it's super hard to get off and it takes re washing my wheels to clean and I am so fed up with it do not go there and get a top was I'd you have low profile tires on your car

James Korotko

This place has gone downhill with the new owners. They no longer pre wash the vehicle, this causes bugs not to be removed. I also only went to this car wash for the detail place which is now closed.

Amber Deines

They were awesome! All very friendly and fast too. They even put up with my crazy little dog. Great guys and gals working over there #lifesavers

paulette haggan

Best in town.

Ray Pfalzgraff / R team

Ben Ramsey


Mark Martinez

Car wash doesn't do as good of a job as when it was wash and gloss.

Mica McGaha

andrew fraire

This place is the worst!!! Becareful for the manager (antonino) hes a lair, back stabber and he will cheat you out of your money. The wash constantly break parts off of vehicles and he will never help you. Of you take your car to this wash your just asking to get scratches they send muddy cars throu then other cars gets scraped from the mud on the rollers. Please I advice you to think twice about going here . Its beyond sketchy

Sue Eatmon

Queen Martinez

They are closing the detail part and let go a lot of good people that cared for the cars as if they were theirs. The manger Antonio is a hateful, rude, person who just wants money. He could care less about the people or their vehicles

Jorge Arriaga

(Translated by Google) I like it for cheap and I can wash my truck every day if I want (Original) Me gusta por barato y puedo lavar mi troca todos los días si yo quiero

Tina Fagan

The wash broke my windshield wiper so $9 for my wash plus $26 for my wiper thanks wash and gloss

Robyn Hendershot

I was in a really tight spot time wise and needed a car detailed on my only day off in forever. I needed to trade this car in TODAY. They worked me in, put the whole team on it, and did an AMAZING job!!! Taking my other cars as soon as possible. Right price. Excellent results!!

Eric Stoffel

John Scholl

The car wash used to be good not sure what's happened over the last few months but I will no longer be using this car wash. They seem to close without warning and not even due to weather at times when we pay for an unlimited pass you expect to be able to go there whenever you need to and not show up to closed doors. Management doesn't return phone calls either and this has added to a lot of my frustration over the past few months.

J.D. Schmidt

The best car wash in Greeley!! They have great prices. Buying a monthly wash package is the best offer. Their vacuums are awesome and there is so many you'll never have to wait. You park and have a vacuum on each side, it's nice. They have an extra polish wax and retailers on site.

teresa puente

this place is a joke to bad I couldn't give 0 stars they don't even deserve the one star you're better off washing your own car I DO NOT recommend this place at all I used to come here several times a month & just found out they're closing detail service due to firing of the detail team with no real reason those detailers did a great job were super friendly & always cared about the customers needs I WILL NOT BE GOIN HERE AGAIN GLAD THERES OTHER CAR WASHES & DETAIL SHOP IN GREELEY Antonio not doin a good job managing if he fired a perfect detail team You ask me he should be the one to be fired!!!

Karen Johnson

Loraine Mattson

Despite the fact that that their detail center is expensive, I still like how they cleaned everything in my car.

Maribel Castro

Chris Villalobos

Terrible service. Girl at the beginning was no help at all. Paid for a 14 service and they failed to mention everything that was included, she just showed me a paper and called it good. So I missed to go through the wax portion of the wash. I recommend going else where.

Brenden Johnson

I dont know what happened to Wash and Gloss but even though they went down hill before closing and becoming a Breeze Thru wash it was still better than Breeze Thru today. The only thing that separated Wash and Gloss form everyone else is they offered Bug remover and they always had at least one or two people pre-washing while entering the wash. This always left my vehicle cleaner than all the other fully automated washes INCLUDING what its known as today, Breeze Thru. I asked if they still did that and the answer I got from the young man was "we dont need to because the car wash will do it instead, it was part of the rebuild" he went on to say "If it misses a spot you can just keep going through until its gone". I purchased the polish upgrade because i thought at least the guys wiping it down at the end wont leave me leave with bugs all over my grill and windshield and dirt running down the sides. I only assumed that because thats what i come to expect from wash and gloss. But i was most certainly mistaken. the wash was so bad even after the polish i had to ask my self what the heck I paid for. I really hope Breeze Thru is paying attention because i really wanted to like them. Right now it seems like Greeley is back to nothing but mediocre at best car washes. nothing separates this place from any other fully automated wash. Even the one across the street behind Coral Bay.

Raj Sitaula

Quick and friendly service.

Tania Eberly

I made the mistake of trying to call and ask questions

Kinsley Salazar

1st time going to this car wash. The customer service was terrible the people are not friendly and there was an older gentleman working that seemed more irritated customers were there than interested in helping them through the line. I will not be back.

Alexia Peake

I came in with an expired gift card so they put me in touch with management AND gave me a free wash! So impressed! I will be back again and again!

Ryan Wernsman

NoCo Speech

5 stars for employee Attitude & friendliness 3 stars for effectiveness 1 star for value *$26 for simply a hand dry that includes wipe down and wipe on wax is grossly overpriced and under-delivering. They should charge $30 and have it include wiping down the interior and vacuum.

albert ramos

Lisa Meis

Love the car wash and the vac

Tonya Vinatieri

THIS IS NOT A FULL SERVICE CAR WASH! Drove all the way from Severance looking to get my INTERIOR cleaned as well as exterior the way the stupid commercial says and this place is strictly a car wash just like the one at your local gas station just takes longer.

Charles Murphy

Fist time here. I paid $20.00 and recieved half a wash. The polish tunnel closed down and other recieved partial refunds. I got a piece of paper hand written for a free polish next time. So to make the situation right I have to spend more money here? I'm not very happy about that at all. I just got done rewashing half of my pickup in my drive way. I feel fully ripped off.

Michael Diaz

Have a Toyota sienna and got the $6 wash, after I got out to see how it looked and the front and back were dirty. Went around and they sent me through again, but didn't really help. Will not use again.

sheala martinez

I am soooo happy that breeze thru bought wash n gloss! They ducked and breeze thru is amazing

Melissa Parra

One star might be too much. My car was returned with soaking wet carpet so now there’s a muggy smell. Can’t roll down one of my windows now. The knob to adjust my side mirrors was missing. This was in November. Since then I’ve called many times and left messages, have talked to employees there about my concerns. Went in person (since the person in charge never returned my calls) and scheduled an appointment to get this done right and then my appointment was rescheduled. They told me they would pick up my car from work the next day instead so that they can work on it and have it done by the time I was off work. No one ever showed up. I called and left a message that same day and once again no one returned my call. I called again today and no one returned my call. I’m being completely ignored! I paid to get my car returned in a worse condition. I’m extremely disappointed. No respect for the customer! Absolutely ridiculous!

C Nemejc


Tyler Weaver

Amanda Gardner

Did good job. They missed the trunk and when I pointed it out they cleaned it without any qualms. Nice guys!

Breann Isbell

I had my SUV-mommy car get the full works this week. And if you know what a car looks like with kids, you know how nasty it gets. Anyway, I picked up my SUV looking better than when I drove it off the lot. I highly recommend Andrew! He did a phenomenal job and I dont want my kids to get back inside the car!

Saul Fisher-Sosa

Friendly employees and they get the job done.

Jeannie Atteberry

Mark Terry

It gets the car wet that’s about. The detail shop dose a nice job but th wash is horrible I went through 3 times and still looked terrible . The staff was polite enough to send me through a couple more times to try it but it didn’t help

Jaymie Sinicki

Didn't get my car very clean, left it very streaky. I purchased the $15 wash, I guess I needed to get the $20 one even though my car was only dusty.

Dick Riner

Monthly pass with UNLIMITED WASHES is great! I always have a clean Jeep!

Nightmaric Pain

I'll admit the wash is amazing but not worth the money for the buff and wax. $26 bucks for a buff and wax is ridiculous especially since you just get two attendants that wipe down your car to prepare it to be sprayed with wax .Than someone sprays your car down with wax and you go through machines. BE CAREFUL because that wax can leave white residue behind. Thankfully you can take it off with soap and water on a towel or I recommend going to a self service car wash with the guns. I recommend going to the other Breeze Thru on 35th because $26 dollars goes a long way at that location. The only thing I recommend at this location is the washes.

Laurie Carlson

Arelly Esparza

My favorite car wash !

Gilberto Flores

I've been a customer for over 2 years now and have always loved it till the recent management Antonio my brand new rims have a scratch he has not followed up on it and there little kids that are working there are lazy...close to cancelling my membership

Steve Estrada

Horrible wash. I have used Breeze Thru for many years, and at different locations. Always got a great wash. I was excited about this one because it was located closer to my home. I was going to purchase the package, but not now. Its too bad that Breeze Thru can not standardize each facility. May have to go back to letting the wife wash the car. :( 2 stars are for having water, and getting at least part of the front washed.


Dominic Perez

The wash quality was pretty good but wasn't for me.

Valerie Simons

This car wash does the best job around. Their detailing department is really great and the price is just right.

Patricia Moellmer

Had the interior vacuumed and interior windows washed. Driving West at 10 i did not notice until the sun fully came out. The windshield was so gross. Oily residue that would not wash off. Driving through RMNP is not like you can buy windex. Finally in town bought windex. Didn't make a dent in that oil. Nasty. Will never go there again

bob murphy

only had great experiences, and the location is great

Glenn White

Elliott Williams

Poor excuse of a car wash. I use my truck for work it gets dirty. My truck wasn't dirty towards where you couldn't see the paint job. The manager Eric tells the attendant that my truck was to dirty for the car wash. Like I'm paying you to wash my truck not hear how dirty it is. They seem to accept cars with only a smudge of dirt on them. I even said I'll go through twice and was denied.

kevin barnhill

Beth Hillebrand

We have the unlimited pass. My husband went through with his truck and the antenna was damaged during the wash. He filled out a form and waited for a call back. He never received one. My husband made several calls for Antonio, the manager, and Antonio never was available. A friend went through the car wash and saw Antonio. My husband called immediately and after someone finally picked up, Antonio “left for the day.” Not true. Someone had eyes on him the entire time. A week later, we were finally able to get ahold of Antonio. We found out the antenna came in. Antonio insisted he be the one to install it. My husband said no because you have to remove the dash and pull out the stereo in order to install it. My husband wanted Ford to do the installation. Antonio refused. He said he knows enough about working on trucks that he can do it and will not allow a professional to install it. He flat out refuses. This needs to be resolved. If anyone reads these reviews (and you should because you’ve had an astonishing amount of 1 star reviews in the past 6 months) please contact me.

Susan Amen

I went here for the first time ever. They offered to detail my car inside and out! When they washed the outside of my vehicle they snapped my rear windshield wiper. They took my info and had another one by noon! My car is perfect and I will ONLY take my car here from here on out! Thank you!!!

Libby Sewell

If you have the time, this wash has everything you need. And it does a great job

cathy dougherty


This is the fastest in and out automatic car wash in Greeley!

Dustin Gibson

A little confused on weather or not I was supposed to go through the second building.

Mike Falls

After arriving back in Greeley, from Texas, my truck really needed washed. It had bugs everywhere. My truck is too large to fit through the automatic wash and required hand washing. After paying the $45.00 for the job I waited for the job to be completed. The first time the young man came and informed me that my truck was ready...he sat back down with his ear buds on like that was all that was important to him. The truck looked as bad as when I brought it in. I pointed out the bugs for the second time and requested that he also includes the top of the vehicle in the wash. The second time he told me it was ready was the last opportunity I was willing to oblige him. The top had still not been touched and the front was still covered in bugs and bug streaks. The owner couldn't have cared less about his slothful employee. I wouldn't take a bicycle to them for cleaning. I had taken my truck to a church parking lot, where a group of kids were washing cars for donations,spent half the time and donated $30.00. I owe them an apology and, at least, another $30.00. They did a great job and their youth pastor cared about the job they did.

Mary-Kay Deveraux

They are friendly, quick and efficient

Traci Klovdahl

Jon Hicks

Rachelle Garner

Santos Alvarez

Mandie Lorge

This place has a very convenient location right next to King Soopers and the gas station. Definitely always always busy! I always wait when I come here for sure. Tonight we tried to do the self wash and it took forever! Of course that's just because people took a long time washing their cars by themselves. I wish they had a few more stalls that you could go into though!

Dennis Adams

Was a little confusing for 1st time customer, attendant was not that helpful, maybe next time will be better. Wash job was excellent and wax in separate garage was good too. But almost missed getting wax done because of lack a directions and signage

CJ Mizner

Doesn't get the whole car clean. Every the rear of the vehicle. They do at least have actual people "trying" to hit it but they still come up short. So I gave them 3 stars instead of 2 because at least they are trying.

felisha mondragon

Ben McEwen

Don Hohmann

Kimberly Burke

Bill H

Bernadette Blevins

Like that they get you through at a timely manner.

Robert Miller II


I don't know why I keep giving this place a try? They no longer get your car clean. Spray some water and off you go. I asked to have bug cleaner sprayed on the front of my car and was told they no longer do that or scrub the front of your car as you enter the wash. So how do they differ from every other car wash in Greeley? They charge more for the same type of wash across the street. I left wash, checked my car and front of car was full of bugs and back of car had dirt and grime all over it. What is the point of going there if it doesn't clean your car? What a waste. Do not waste your time......

Erin Palmer

Received a gift card for Christmas from my husband for a full detail ($195). I was 45minutes late for my appointment but called and asked if they needed me to reschedule and was told no - dropped car off at 9am. I called shop around 330p and was told it would be done at 530p. When I picked up the car at 630pm they were still working on the car and car interior was sopping wet. Several Compartments hadn’t been cleaned. Floor mats were wet and stacked in back area of van. Next morning there was a puddle there. I had to sit on towel for 2 days. Poor job on exterior. Brought car back and was told to bring it back to have job redone. They had car another full day. When I called to see when it would be done I could hear there was confusion about what car and what was to be done. Car was still being worked on when I purposely gave them an extra 45 minutes for the job. Nothing had been done on interior but exterior looked better - windows had not been washed. Was very disappointed with the experience.

Kari Warren


Micki Thomsen

Nice place to wash your vehicles.

Tonja Sparks

Great service. Good vacuums! Love the wash your car as much as you want deal!

Kerry Dougherty

Really good wash, but pretty pricey compared to other places

heather behring

The people who work there are very friendly so cheers to that but it is a car wash and expect for your car to be clean after you pay $14 dollars. So unimpressed. The whole right side of my vehicle is smeared and cloudy.


Awesome place for fundraising, go Rush!!!

Michael Oswald

Joshua Anderson

Car wash was recently bought out by Breeze Thru. Prices have gone way up, the top wash rushing from $20 to $26; but here's the kicker, they've REMOVED wash features and services. I can't believe it, I will not be returning. Such a shame, really.

Carrie Cudworth

I pay for an unlimited pass, so I go yesterday to get a car wash and see a sign they are closed until July 15th!! I don't pay for an unlimited pass only to find out you can't go for a whole month! I'll be cancelling!

Shannon Meek

Great car wash!

deb Schoneck

Love this car wash, great wash

Rebekah Wilhelm

This is my was my first time at trying your facility. I got out of the car wash and went to the detail center. One door had a green arrow which is where I was told to go. Set out side for a few minutes no one opened the door. So I got out and there is a kid sitting in a chair playing on his phone in side the garage, i knocked on the door he opened up the garage, i got back into my car to pull it in, another gentleman with a beard and glass also showed up.I was impressed with service till I got to the detailing center. I usually go to the other detailing place across town, i am no sure if I will be back.

Joseph Cole

Was pretty cool

Art Art

Spot free!!

Ahmad Syed

Cindy Switzer


Admittedly most important characteristic for me is that it's convenient. Using this as a simple carwash is fine and the lowest level wash keeps my car well maintained.

Jodie Dunhill

Absolutely love this place! It was my first trip in today and I did the big wash for my mustang. The employees were excellent and I will definitely be coming back and have cash to tip them! Great wash and even better customer service.

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