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REVIEWS OF Breeze Thru Car Wash - Main St Longmont IN Colorado

Samantha Gunn

I was in line for the car wash. I realized I forgot my wallet. I opened my window and told the employee and expected that they would just good me to the exit. She said "I will just take care for you for the day" with a smile! So nice of her. Very thankful!

Eric Snygg

Amazing customer service

Christine Shook

Easy and short waits no matter how long the line. North Longmont location does the best on my car.

Christopher Wilkinson

They have washed my car well before

Lis Uh

The only thing that would make them better is if it were a brushless wash.

Josh Hartman

It is my favorite! All the staff is friendly and helpful.

Kara Jostes

No interior detailing available at this location but they were friendly about it.

Roger wisehart

Love it unlimited washes!

cher mancha

Here regularly 2 get my sexy man a bath

Jack Sonol

Expensive considering the low quality wash, but the bonus of free vacuum offsets that somewhat. Employees are excellent, but the wash process must be pretty bad when I just handwashed two weeks ago but after going through here and paying $12 my vehicle is still dirty.

Amanda Lien

I have a membership just nice that I can go to anyone of them any where to wash my car

Sarah Belanger Nava

Fast and efficient. Enjoy the free vacuums after the auto bath.

Shannon Craig

Quick and friendly service

Patricia Emmer

Never have problems here


Great car wash. I use it all the time

Robert Wardle

Great price. Always can get through no matter how busy they are. Very good car wash.

Scott Converse

Better than good, but, not great...

Gary Shields

Love this place

Lyndal Leihsing

They did a good job

Jeremiah Schwartz

love love love these guys they're the best I wouldn't take my car anywhere else I wouldn't trust any other automatic car wash like I do these guys they're just A Cut Above the Rest I can't say enough great things about them

Avram Saunders

Monthly pass is a great bargain.

Campbell cuffaro

Very busy at all times of the day but a great car wash station.

David Johnston

Good wash

Raechelle Sluman

Unlimited washes for 10 bucks a month and free vac.

Carrie Smith

It was quick and someone was there to help navigate. But unless you can use it frequently it was an expensive wash that didn't fully clean the front of my car. But I had traveled from two states away and there were plenty of bug guts to contend with.

Brian Couture

I wash my 2 trucks weekly and not to happy with this place. Staff is very nice and helpful. The track goes to fast. Needs to slow it down. Leaves soap residue and streaking. Also why don't they pre soak the cars. Wheel wells and back bumper doesn't get cleaned at all. You should always pre soak so dry dirt doesn't cause scratches. Also should have vending machines of cleaning products would generate more profit and be helpful to customers.

Haris Mulasmajic

You can get a monthly subscription for unlimited visits, can't beat that type of deal.

Scott Salzman

I have a gift certificate from when this was Main St. Car Wash. Breeze Thru purchased that business but will not honor the gift certificate. When I called, I was told that the old owner received the money. While that's true, Breeze Thru has built itself on the success of old business and its loyal customers. Response to the owner: You can still honor the gift certificates. A simple gesture that costs you basically nothing would generate good will and make a happy customer. Your platitudes show only your lack of willingness to achieve even the basic level of customer service.

Sarah Danzl

Only not giving it a five star because it’s not touchless. Staff is super helpful and friendly. Never have to wait very long, vacuums are included but you have to do it yourself. The monthly membership is perfect!

Steph O

The wash I got at this facility was fine, but they don't offer some of the higher level washes as the Ken Pratt location, so my unlimited wash pass for one of the more thorough options doesn't get me as good of a wash here. It's not bad, it's just not what I paid for. I will probably be sticking to the Ken Pratt location, even though sometimes this location is more convenient for me.

Nicolene Wright

Not too bad for a quick cheap wash but it doesnt do a great job. I do like the free vacuum.

Jerry Gurgens

Good service ! Very busy today. Carwash doesn't clean rims very well .

Juan Beltran

This place is very nice is very convinion tho wash car i recomend

John Williams

decent prices for do it yourself interior and automatic wash. automatic wash has scratch the hood of my truck.

Danielle Perras

If I could give less than one star or give negative stars I would give as many negative stars as I could to the breeze through car wash. I’ve had a membership for three years and I pay $20 a month for “unlimited” washes. Today I go to this location and their Manager Vaughn (? Probably not his real name) says sorry we can’t let you in for a wash cuz theirs a problem with your bank account. Did he not take any lessons in customer service at all? Couldn’t he have seen that I’ve been a member for three years and Never missed a payment? I asked if there’s anyway he could do, perhaps let me get a wash for “free” for the inconvenience? He said “no, I can’t do that!” A business without good, or any for that matter, customer service shouldn’t be in business at all. I’ll take my business elsewhere.

Joel Cook

Great business and good people.

Adam Carheden

Wow! Decent automatic wash plus self service vacuum for $4. Great deal.

Christopher Mooney

Fast and affordable. Unlimited vacuum time, multiple locations, clean facilities and clean vehicles

Ken Reddick

Wash your car as much as you want for 21 a month. Need I say more?

James Levernier

It does a good job of your car or truck

Daniel West

Good car wash with free vaccums. Can be a pain when there's a big line. They need to send someone out there on the weekends because people don't know where to line up and nobody let's people in etc.

Tracy Schulz

I got the unlimited deal my kids love watching the car too get washed while in the car

Jim T

Do it yerself vacuums were powerful and my car was clean when the machine finished.

Chicano Productions

Normal car wash

Kristen Bertolini

I bought their monthly pass and I go twice a week. Love how affordable this car wash is and so easy to use with FREE vacuuming! My car always sparkles.

Theresa Webb

I have only been here twice and purchased the best pass on my first visit. The wash itself does a fine job. The vacuums don't suck!! This is not good thing when talking about vacuums! When I first went, and bought the pass I had a very hard time finding an attendant, I finally saw one walk through a door close to the payment consoles, we I walked in there and stood for a minute. No one asked how I could be helped until I spoke up and asked if someone could please help me. I explained a paid for a membership and the terminal stated I needed to get an attendant to activate it. I was told someone would be with me shortly and to go back my car. I went back to my car and began attempting to vacuum it. I did have a lot of pet hair in the car and I expected that to be difficult to get out. However I did not expect even the debris in the drivers side floor board to not be picked up by the vacuum. I realized then that I had a poorly functioning vacuum and it was very busy so I could not change spots. So I gave up and decided to come back another day Someone did finally come and help and he was very polite and courteous and explained everything that came with the membership. So my first visit while not ideal was okay. The second time I went it was again very busy. There was a young lady working at the payment terminals who was extremely rude and short tempered. Minus 1 star for sub-par vacuums. Minus 1 star for rude employees.

Nelson Garcia

Very convenient and all you have to do is drive thru and pay only a very small fee...

Norma Large

Unlimited washes is a great deal. Free vac! Nice place.

Lyndsi Johnston

Totally worth getting a monthly subscription. The vacuums work great, the staff is friendly. And they're open 7 days a week. I've been using their wash for 3 months and have not been disappointed. They have an unlimited wash pass for 13 dollars

Amberlea Rose

Quick wash and a good system

Juan Grijalva

always nice to have car clean

Amy Clinton

Cheap memberships, friendly and attentive staff AND all the vacuums work every time!

Eric Pierce

Cheap great wash

Grant Beveridge

Great drive through Car-Wash, especially if you buy the Monthly plan.

Phyllis Dalla Betta

Except for rare occasions when there is a line it takes me 10 minutes to drive-thru and come out with a nice very clean car. And using the vacuum is a snap because they have hoses for both sides of the car! Very easy to use and lots of suction. What's not to like?

Victor Bentley

Wish you had more locations

Peggy Deloge

This is the best one of the Breeze thru car washes that we have used! We love our monthly passes. We have one on each vehicle.

Tyler Kulik

Fast, cheap, worth it

Nando Perez

Started out great service was nice and prices where cheap. However over the time that all has changed.

Troy Evatz

Quick and easy

doug schwind

Can't beat the monthly wash pass price. The wash is only ok. I usually go through twice to get clean. Free vacuums are nice.

Amy M.C.

Good prices and love the free vacuums.

Susy Luna

Cheap and there are people helping if you need any assistance

Doug F

No service car came or wet and dirty

Kyle Feldhus

Convenient, fast, does a good job.

Michael Laney

I love the monthly unlimited service plan. I recently went through the car wash and the brushes knocked off the detachable license plate frame on my Jeep. I went back today to see if it was there and Wes was very helpful and prompt in locating and returning the license plate and frame to me. Friendly service at all locations! Special thanks to Wes!

Joseph Rettinghouse

It looked nicer than other car wash places, which is why we gave it a shot. However, this was our first time using it, and it had left a chip in our driver's side window. We noticed the chip as soon as we pulled out onto the street, just outside the car wash itself. There was a little bit of what looked like red filament in the chip. We pulled over as soon as we had the opportunity, so that we could call the car wash. It was around lunch time, so Main St. was really busy, and they had some road work going on which didn't help. One of the employees asked us to come back, so that they could take a picture and we could file a report. There is no good parking, and we were forced to park on an incline across from the car wash. We filled out the report, and the employee took a picture. He then said that they should get back to us within a couple of days, but he wasn't confident with regard to whether or not anything would be done about it. I will post an update (good or bad) as soon as we have heard back from them. 28 Sep 19, Management from the Breeze Thru car wash finally contacted us. They said they could not see the chip in the window via their video footage, neither before or after we excited the car wash. Which you would think would be common sense given the size of the chip (See attached photo). I would have been very surprised if they had spotted it on a security camera. As an IT guy and I can tell u from personal experience that most security cameras aren't designed to capture small details like that. They also tried claiming that there would have been other marks left on our vehicle if there had been something in one of their brushed. Though again, common sense would suggest that the chances of the exact same spot on the rather large spinning brush stricking again within such a short span of time is highly unlikely. Also, there is a very large chance that whatever did the damage was knocked lose after it struck the glass. They did offer for us to come in and review the footage ourselves, but we did not see the point of that. You can not reason with unreasonable people. In either case, if our window had been tempered glass, instead of laminated, it would have simply shattered as we went through and they would have had a much harder time denying responsibility. Though, I'm not surprised by this outcome given that this is only a car wash. It doesn't matter in the long run. Our insurance was able to repair it at the cost of our deductible and life moves on. I would not recommend this car wash to anyone else and will not be making a return visit ourselves. It is smarter and safer to use a brushless system.

Daniel Brewington

I like this one better than the one over on Ken Pratt. It appears to do a better job on my truck.

ethan rosan

Very disappointed in the service at this location, the wash stopped mid way through for a few minutes, and after it restarted the rinse cycle was not completed, leaving soap suds all over the car. When I expressed my concerns with an employee, they went to speak to a manager and I was told that they could not guarantee the cleanliness of a vehicle and that I would need to go to a self serve car wash. Basically telling me I wasted my money on a worthless wash. I would give this business 0 stars if I could. I shall never return.

C Ubstans

I love the convenience and location. When I leave work here in Longmont on the way home to Loveland, I stop and get my Tahoe washed. I joined the wash club membership and i love getting my Tahoe washed any time I want. And the Staff is very friendly also!


Excellent Service they provide in reasonable price


Its good for frequent washes with membership, not sure if they move the settings though they use to be much better washes no missed spots but last couple of times seems it keeps missing the same area.

Aspen Rain

My car got clean, free vacuum is a big bonus!

Bob Melamed

Great value. 10/mo for unlimited washes.

Mary Beth C

I am aware Breeze Thru states that "less than completely dry" is what customers should expect, but I have been to MANY car washes in my day and my expectation is to hold a business to a high standard of service--as should the business hold itself. At least make the drying as good as it was when I signed up for the program. Thanks for your response. Good wash. Dryers blow water drops around and you come out having to hand-dry your vehicle. I have informed them of this at 2 locations but they do not appear to care. Five stars will come when you give me the services I am paying you for or else, charge your customers less than the current price.

Brittny Doran

Love the free vacuuming

Jennifer James

Waste of money!! Doesn't even wash the vehicle properly!! Still have bird poop all over!!

Dana Martinez

Monthly subscription is worth it!

Julie Nelson

Breeze Thru has the best unlimited inside & out monthly deals around!! ☺The staff are always friendly, fast & do a great job on the inside & outside of my car!!

Luna Lindbergh

Good deal!

Tim Burke

This is a great little car wash with great customer service. There's always someone there to help you with maybe your selection and lining up your car. Service is just like the bigger one on Ken Pratt, but quicker. When there is a wait it is very reasonable.

Debbie Brown

Good value. Efficient, friendly and does a good job.

Mark Toussaint

Car wash is good price. Sometimes I have to go through twice to get the dirt off though


Very nice car wash. Today was my first time here and I found their service quick and top notch. Staff also seemed friendly and helpful. I also loved the fact that I didn’t need to throw in additional quarters to use the vacuum. Good thinking. I’ll certainly be back!


Great quick car wash. It’s fairly new business so everything works great. You don’t really interact with the people, but when you do they are nice and friendly.

The Henry House

I like this place, but miss the old one that was here. The $5 wash doesn't get you much and when I do splurge for the $13 or whatever price it is, I still drive away with dirty marks on my car.


Great car wash, fast run-through. I usually do the $8 deal every once a while and it does a good job!

Khadija Hussein

Friendly customer service!

Deb Kaiser

Buy the savings pass and get a great wash any time.

Argie Ruiz

Clean and great place!

Scott M. Woods

Great value with monthly pass. Very friendly staff.

Susan Volkland

Great! I have a subscription...go as often as I would like and relaxing bit as the conveyor carries the vehicle forward! Love it! Never drive a dirty car again!


Good wash, free dash wipes

Britton Johnson

A really nice and convenient car wash if you do not want to clean it yourself. It comes with a free vacuum at the end. It is perfect for after a lot of snow as it has an undercarriage wash. It is great for me being a Lyft driver so I can have a nice clean car for when I want to go on shift.

Lori Carter

I wish it didn't bend the front license plate EVERY SINGLE TIME!!

lindsay locatelli

Great customer service and love their complimentary self-vacuum section but the quality of their car washes are not super great. I was given some gift cards here so I'm just using them up but I have to bring extra towels to wipe down the dirt and bugs after every one of my washes. Sort of the same effect as a heavy rain.. a lot of spots and dirt left but from far away it looks clean!

Tom Havel

The rinsing and dryer aren’t as good as when they first opened. Must have backed off a bit.

Keith Wood

Good Bang for the buck

Jennifer Hein

Best deal for Unlimited Car Wash Pass. FREE Vacumns!!!

Thomas Parker

Best price ever for a wash and vacuum! Starting at $4 for both. I wash my car once a week when possible, and the staff even puts up with my not following their guidance very well when I am getting on the conveyor. I am considering the unlimited wash pass, but since I only wash once a week, I'm not sure if it will make much of a difference in cost. $10 vs. $12-16 for basic washes. Does the pass work at all Breeze Thru Locations?

Steven O'Connor

Super convenient, helpful staff.

Eldon Mast

$4/month gets you unlimited automatic washes

Fernando Padilla

Bad customer service, they charge and then cant use the car wash

Jerolyn Bender

I love Breeze Thru Car Wash! I have a monthly pass and love that I can get my car washed as many times as I want for a monthly price! My car is always spotless when I leave and they have amazing, happy, and helpful employees!

Laddy Gaza

Very popular car wash

Lisa C

I visited Breeze Thur Car Wash for the first time on 1/7/19. While I was inside the car wash, I could smell a strong odor of cleaner. I turned around and saw soap subs coming through my sunroof, which was closed and I have never had any leaks. I now have a water stain on my sunroof shade. I found soap suds in between my window panes and gasket seals. And the car wash bent my license plate, nearly in half. Why would the car wash use this much pressure? And my car came out still dirty. I have not heard back from corporate re: my concerns. I do not recommend Breeze Thur Car Wash and will not use again

Zach Papierski

The color red and big vacuums that work .

Mayra Peña

Friendly staff, I wash my car almost every day with the weather here it gets messy so quick, I love their monthly pass. If you get to have a rental car they can give you a temporary sticker if you have the monthly pass on your personal vehicle.

Christopher Earls

I had to update this review, I went through today and the funny smell the water had before was gone. The wash worked super well and it's just as good as Ken Pratt!! You can't beat the price and it's very fast. I recommend getting a wash pass

mary Orozco


Joseph Camou

So I used to hate this place. But Nick has made this place amazing. He is a great manager with great customer service skills, and he is always out working with his staff to make not only the place better but the experience better. The staff are always in a good mood even on those hot days. It nice to go to a carwash that has great customer service. Thank you for your great work.

Don Cook

New place $10 wash best deal


Easy to go thru!!

Douglas Seay

Stopped in on 12/1/2018 around noon and the staff here is phenomenal. The wash is also really thorough, really knocked the salt off my truck.

Brandon Lambert

Good car wash at a reasonable price. Their monthly pass is is definitely worth it if you live in the area. Unfortunately they don't have extra services like the one on Ken Pratt.

Jenni Kossack this place..great vacuums too....workers are so nice...and if it didnt clean to your liking the first time...i go right back thru. Its unlimited washes too for $10 a worth it

Robert Mitchell

Love there service and pricing

Criminal Karma

Quick, clean, nice Vacuuming area for after the wash. Overall good experience.

Hassie Hurst

Great Monthly Prices! Friendly and Hekpful Staff!

Kristen Dame

Perfect for a good and quick car wash. Got the royal treatment option and the car is all shiny now. Can use vacuums after you go through which also work great.

Red Dragon

Dont go here unless you wanna pay $25 dollars for a real was i went through for the $12 wash and it didnt do anything i literally spit on my finger and cleaned spots off my car better. This place needs to advertise correctly

Alexis Taylor-ross

Have a membership truly and thoroughly enjoy this place. Easy-to-navigate vacuums are free love it everytime $12 a month is worth unlimited car washes.

Vega B

They offer a subscription for 10 dollars a month. As many basic washes and vaccume uses as you need. Polite people and amazing deals.

Diane Hargis

The wash left hugh scratches on my truck. We asked the manager if they can stop the brushes, she said very rudely, that's not possible, because this is not a brushless car wash, even though they have stopped them before for us. We tried to contact the manager above her, No response.

Jill Paton

I go to this wash frequently and always have good service. This last visit my car wouldn't start after the wash. Alan D. (employee) went above and beyond to help me. Without my asking .... he offered assistance in trying to diagnose the problem, make sure I was comfortable while I waited and then helped to get me and my car on our way. He was so friendly, competent and a just real joy to interact with.


In and out fast, good staff, great customer service

Cosmic Beauty

Easy breezy

Neil Montavon

I have a sports car that I like to keep looking good. I use the car wash at least once a week. The car is black and shows any dirt or spots. Be careful with the diagonal parking for the vacuums. I backed up simultaneously with another driver and we had a little fender bender in our freshly cleaned cars. Nobody's fault. We just didn't see each other. Blind spots for both of us.

Ursula Morgan

Love this carwash!

Drew McGhee

Just raised their prices, but I like the wash and free vacuums.

Jeremy Macgregor

So clean here well maintained.

Karen Mitchell

Simple, easy and clean! And their Ken Pratt location has the ONLY full service wash in town! And I am very impressed with their customer service. Than you for opening this location

Elly & Aj

I wouldn’t recommend this car wash to anybody I just moved down here and I had bugs all over my car and paid $12 for a good wash and it hardly cleaned my car I still have dirt all over my car in Idaho at the metro express car wash you can buy the cheapest car wash for $8 and your car is spotless and even when it’s not they over a free rewash until it is clean and the employees at this car wash didn’t offer or let me go back through unless I bought another wash for 15$

Banned of Hammers

Decent price and good wash. Only thing that was a botherwas when the attendant talk to me like I was an idiot when I was just trying to pay for a wash.

K Johns

Great wash! Highly recommend this car wash ♡.

Chaz Lanz

If you been there before they will act like you don't have any clue on how to use a touch button display like it's your first time driving a car if you can't put money in the machine how are you going to put your car on a track but overall if you want 85% of your car washed come here.

Jazmin Ingram

Our number one spot to give our car a nice bath and a very good vacuum

Jean Billings

Beyond grateful for the compassion and assistance I received from the manager yesterday. While vacuuming my car I accidently locked it with the keys inside, as well as purse and cell phone. I was so flustered, I couldn't remember anyone's number to call. But he offered to drive me home to pick up an extra key and drive me back. Unbelievable! He is a very impressive young man, and I know will go far in this world. All the staff was very friendly and helpful.

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