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2865 New Center Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80922, United States Located in: First & Main Town Center

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REVIEWS OF Big Wave Car Wash Inc IN Colorado

Justin Cardenas

Taylor Mathis

This is car wash is well upkept clean and is located in good area. It has both large self wash stalls with scrubbers and pressure washers and automated touchless bays. This is probably the nicest self wash in town.

Tom Borsos

The best touchless car wash in town.

Team Beard

Great car wash and the attendant is very nice and genuinely cares about this location.

Michael Hudson

The automatic "laser wash" was ok but didn't do a great job of washing my truck. The dryers do not work very well at all. If you use the automatic wash you do get a code for the vacuums but beware as the vacuum I used had a head on it that was so worn down that it ripped my seat covers. They need to do a better job maintaining the equipment.

Amanda Whitt

Cory Lemay

It's good enough. Usually pretty packed when you need it though and a bit over priced.

Aaron Tucker

Horrible customer service and bad washing equipment

Doreen Burke

Car wash good, but leaves spots if you don't wipe the car down afterwards.

Miss Sheffield

Gave me free vacuum service because where I washed my car had a huge puddle! (I would've figured that was to be expected but...)I will take my car back here for that reason alone!

shawn pitre

amazing job and touchless

Angelo Cruz

Clean wash and soap is frothy

Calvin Jackson


jarrod marshall

Great DIY carwash with all the amenities you'd expect

DawnCanBeGrumpy InTheMorning

One of the best car washes in town!

Timothy OLeary

Best staff than any car wash EVER! Love this place, I wash all our trucks here. Tim OLeary OLeary and Sons Inc.

Terry Radney

Its ok...

josh bouwkamp

This is my spot! $10 a month gets me unlimited basic carwashes and I definitely get my moneys worth. They have other monthly car wash packages but I find that the basic car wash is all I need.



Jason Hawkins

Good place that accepts credit cards and has foaming brushes to scrub your vehicle clean!

Connie Smith

Great car wash! You are in and out!

Joe Colice

Julia Warner

As far as car washes go, this one is great. The on site attendant really does his job well. He's always checking on customers, maintaining the facility, and he does it with a smile. Sometimes it's like no man's land using a car wash. It can be difficult to get help if equipment malfunctions or something. But this guy is there to help. My vehicle always looks great after I wash it here. Some places leave residue and drip spots. This one does not. They definitely take pride in this car wash.

justin cummings

Overpriced credit card was charged 26 dollars for 16 minutes of wash time. Not a fan

Marissa Esquibel

This place got the car washed that's for sure

cody baker

John Tompkins

Very expensive for what you get. Wish there was some sort of subscription wash. I spend $40-50 month washing my car. Yikes!

Trevor Skibinski

Best place to do a quick touchless wash if in a rush for time

Mary Thompson

Great detailing

Harold Leiter

Good value and you get a free minute of vacuum with the purchase of an auto wash.

Luke Lynch

My go to place. Well maintained and best of all no coins needed for the wash if I elect to use my card.

Stu Andrews

This is the best touchless car wash that I've ever used and I wash my cars quite often. It has gotten more expensive over the years, but to me it's worth it.


Great place the workers are awesome

Michael Vitello

Amazing customer service best car wash I have been to in a long time.

abigail coray

This is the only car wash we will use, does a great job on all of our vehicles and the attendance so is very friendly and helpful. He even gave me tips on how to to pull in without rashing my wheels (they stick out farther than normal)

Ashlei Oliver

Paid 10 dollars for my car wash after I got home the car wash did not even clean the back of my car at all. Not happy.

Matt W

Pros: Great touchless wash Cons: Price is very high, lack of a subscription plan, and the fact that it takes 10 minutes per cycle, so if there is a line you better be set to wait for a while.

Brandon Willhoit

not to good quick and easy

Nathan James

Sloooooow. Don't come if there is a line.

Hatrick Bateman

Charged my bank account 21 dollars for a car wash. Check your bank account if you have been here, they might be doubling charges on ya.

Ramona W

Great customer service! The automatic wash didn't take off all the road chemical film from my car, so the owner gave me some free time in the manual wash and the soft brushes with foam did the trick. I like that the automatic drive-through wash is brushless and won't scratch your car, and the brush in the manual bays is really good quality.

Keith Jackson

This is a great place to wash your car. Heated water makes for an easy time in the winter. The awnings for Big Wave were recently improved, giving the entire facility a clean, finished look. Everyone knows that a clean look improves the quality of the wash. Vaccuums are nice, too.

Jr Weldon

Over on my experience was pretty good the prices were reasonable overall not too badd the service could have been a little better

Mike Carroll

Elray Chips

The best touchless

Nancy Walsh

WOW! I was cleaning my car before the car wash. And a worker came up, very rude and said we are not aloud to use our personal items to wash. What? Never heard of such a thing. I am going to tell all my friends to boycott this wash. And share on Facebook.

William Beckman

Great wash, great clean. Took my musta g here without any worries of scratches from brushes. Didn't have to worry about tipping either! Good price too. They have vacuums and do-it-yourself hoses there too.

Gabe Cooper

Great location. My only complaint is the lines are usually really really long.

Brian Simmons

A very nice and truly touchless car wash...

Robert Cowley


Toby Kragel

Definitely the cleanest and easiest to use car wash in town.


It's pretty good, 15$ for the most expensive. Rainbow wash and wax. I've never had a scratch. I have a 4runner and I've never had a carwash that can get the very back, this one gets close. I'm still looking for one that gets the back! Make sure you fold in your mirrors and put down your antenna.

Damon Petersen

Great automatic wash system. Good undercarriage spaying with it to get that winter salt off

Lindsay Buchanan

Get your car clean and it's a reasonable price

Elin Williams

Tony Shaffer

Good preasure

Ryan Faircloth

Can be pretty busy, but a good car wash.

Nathan Rosen

Wash is always great but the dryer isnt the best. Does a decent jon but you may want to bring a towel.

Drayven Heisenberg

I like this place. Great deal for a car wash. My gripe is they need a better dryer at the end. Should be double than what they have. Only reason not 5 stars.

Tyra Myles

Never have I ever waited 30minutes to almost an hour for a car wash at 2-3pm on a thursday. Its cheap but dang the line is long and you cant back out once your in. you get trapped by the cars around you.


Always gets our vehicles clean

Taylor Burruss

Love their vacuums one of the few car washes that have vacuums that can access between the seats.


Decent car was that does take Credit Cards tho a bit price compared to other similar places in town.

M Langenderfer

Definitively a place to wash cars. Bring a towel as the drying function could use some serious improvement.

Tresia Easom

Lady Margaret

W auto carwash you get free vacuuming


Best soap really cuts the grime looks waxed when your done.

Delila Hill

Sapper Mac

Decent touchless wash. Gets all of the dirt but you need to prescribe the bugs off the front if you want your vehicle completely clean.

Michele Kantak

One of the best no touch washes...

Mike Murphy

This is an "Attendant On Duty" brushless carwash. There is a semi-truck self serve bay; 3 car self serve bays; 2 automated bays; 8 vacuum stations. I recommend for this... The self-serve accepts your CC or debit and has 16 wand-wash options and a brush. Self-serve does not have undercarriage wash. The automated bays accepts your CC or debit and are touchless, high pressure water. This provides your typical waxes and protectants and has undercarriage wash. The automation is pretty cool. It measures the distance between it and you, so there is virtually no way for it to collide with your vehicle. This place is fairly high-tech as car washes go. To think ... my 72yr old mom turned me onto this place.

Eric Finke

Love the fact that I can pay $10.00 per month and wash my car as often as I want it with the membership program. With the weather constantly changing in Colorado it nice to have access to wash it, especially in the winter.

Jeni Henson

Love the automatic wash. Has options and it's open all the time!

Nakia Jones

Quick and easy... no problems and your vehicle will love you everytime you stop. I do recommend

Dan R

Izaiah Thompson


Brennan Patten

They have great pressure and a great setup but the prices are getting steep.

M Levesque

Double charged my card and there is no way to get a refund. No one answers the phone or calls you back. Poor service.


Always get my car washed here. They have plans that save you money plus you can wash your car multiple times during the month. No restrictions. Also has vacuum. Just bring what you need and let Big Wave do the rest.

BENDER tharobot

Nope car still dirty

CharissaNMatt Hartman

Lots if options, friendly staff

Kim Kosina

Joshua Wooden

Needs a dryer or drive-through dryer. Prices are high. But otherwise a good spot with heated water and 24-hour access.

Darcy Hebdon

Good service

Jeffrey Hillard

Nice location.

Michael Hodgdon

Good car wash, free vacume with drive through wash. Drive through washes run from 8-12 dollars and 3 do it yourself bays.

daniel weber

Washed my car there and had no clue a manual car wash would charge so much. $24.00 for about 20 minutes OUTRAGOUS Not only was I overcharged but there was no receipt so I had to wait until the next day to see how much I was charged TERRIBLE SETUP THIS PLACE IS A COMPLETE SCAM AVOID THIS CAR WASH AT ALL COSTS

Dawn Rockett

I stopped here today because my truck had these little brown moth-poop spots on it and they were driving me crazy! I went through the automatic wash because I was wearing a skirt and didn't want to get wet. The brushless wash got all the little spots off my truck and I only bought the basic, $8 wash. As I drove out, I asked the attendant how to use the included vacuum since I had never done it before. He showed me how to do it, gave me some hints on the system and even gave me extra minutes to vacuum. Great customer service and he gained a loyal customer because of it! Thanks!!

Gary Lamke

Nick Weinhardt

Amazing car wash. It doesn't have brushes so it won't damage your car's paint. It cleans off the dirt very well and is by far the best car wash I've used so far

Mike Lee

The bay's are clean and tall enough for my truck and I don't have to worry about having the correct change. This location accepts debit and credit cards

Victor Jacks

Worse place ever got screwed told to come back im leaving town for 6 mths what a screw ball place

Mountain Fresh Carpet Care

Quick cheap and easy

Kristina Nelson

Gotta do it your self.

Mew&New me

Very good touchless carwash


Nice car wash.

Kari Hecker

Clean and everything was working.:). Nice car wash

Kent Peter

Car gets so excited to go here. Two Auto wash stalls and 5 self wash. Everything is maintained and operating like new. Credit cards and change machine available. Auto was gave me a free vacuum, usually wash by hand so I'm not sure if this happens all the time for any choice but it would be nice if the manual bays gave this after spending more that the top auto wash cost is.

Joey Slater

Well maintained.

Andrew Doneson

Best hand wash car wash in the springs

Sally-Ruth Riley

Michael Medina

Awesome carwash not to pricey

The Big Kahuna

Nice place to get your vehicles washed & detailed.


Devin Quigley

Be careful when using the automatic car wash. The part you pull into with your front left tire scratched the hell out of my rims, and I'm careful!

Daniel Countryman

Went through the automatic car wash today and the piece on the left hand side you drive in to scratched the outter edges of my left side rims. Called Doug the owner and explained the situation to which he told me “tough luck there is nothing I can do in your situation my insurance won’t cover this damage if the actual car wash itself damaged your car then I would be able to help” when I explained there was no warning signs that mention possible rim damage if you’re not lined up he stuttered and said “you’re right there is still nothing I can do to help you” he repeatedly told me tough luck and back peddled every time I confronted him about the flaws in him not willing to correct the problem his car wash made. Although his car wash attendant was very polite when I spoke to him about the situation he warned me not to even bother making the phone call because the owner has never been known to pay out when he makes mistakes. He mentioned this has happened several times in the past and he refused to assist them.

Bj Bell

easy to use

eric grueter

Doug thanks for calling me and talking to me about my issue and resolving it.

Merian Foster

Nice car wash.close to home.very conveient

Marti Butcher

Left a streaky film on my black vehicle

Kevin Thomas

Long wait during peak hpurs

First Name Last Name

The gent who owns/maintains this place is top notch. Place is always tip-top. Free vacuum with wash is really nice. 24 hours and plenty of extras!


Open 24 hours which is convenient. It includes $1.00 vacuum.

Yolanda Buchanan

Lines can be long but well worth it.

Maria Michler

Lauren Lucas

The free 1 min vacuum is fun.

jason shelton

Waited for a long time to use the bay but was worth it

Wes Henderson

Avery Ray

The wash was good but the guide is too narrow and damged my sidewall and rims.

Xalium Hill

This car wash is cheap and very effective. All of the cleaning tools seem premium and they even offer vaccuming.

The Hardwood Guys

Nice car wash

Tonyia McC

Jessie Cresterline

WOW! Bad customer service. The dude was upset I was cleaning my car. Wow.

Steve Schulz

My favorite car wash by far.

William Harris


C A Winters

Great car wash

Ben Scott

Surfs up

jeanne Franklin

Make sure you fold your mirrors in.. the sprayers are really strong

John Haven

We have the monthly pass and wash/vaccum as often as needed. It's a good deal.

Patrick Romero

Very bad customer service! I PAID to rinse my car. But, a lot of dirt remained. So I used my personal sponge to remove some dirt, AND PAY AGAIN to rinse. Yet, a guy came up and said. "The owner does not like people using their own supplies." I want a refund, and I will never come again. (No one was waiting behind me, just FYI)

Ray Wilson

John Culhane

Very Poor service

Amanda S.

Really expensive membership which is crazy in a town where yoy can year round go outside and was your car yourself. In Colorado our memberships are half the cost and we legitimately need to wash our cars through this type of service all winter to get the road salt off our cars. Not to mention we can't very well go out and spray them with the hose.

chad hulsey

Good pressure

Final Fantasy

Very bad customer service. I paid to wash my car. Then I added some hand soap and the guy working told me the owner does not allow that. Mind you, no damn person was waiting. Never coming back you greedy business.

sandy temple

The best

Courtney Moya

Horrible car wash.

Casey W

I needed to shampoo carpets after an accident had happened in my car. After calling around for pricing for interior detailing, I decided to save my money and do it myself. This is a GREAT carwash! The shampoo machines worked great and the vacuums were great, too. I needed some mats rinsed and the employee working offered to rinse them for me, free of charge. He was incredibly friendly and helpful. I was glad to get my car clean inside and out for about $20.... a far cry from the $135 I could've spent.

tramanh bui

This is a touchless car wash with about 4 to 5 different cleaning options. There is also a manual car wash with vacuums.

Sonny Espinoza

Ashley Millay

A great wash for a good price and it didn't leave streaks on my car!

Christopher Provolt

Clean, fast, and free vacuums. Wash does not do a good job on under carriage.

CARS AND BARS - Joshua Williams

Good car wash with free vacs.

Will Sargent

Super tall manual wash. Washed 11ft rv no problem. Takes CC on the manual wash

Tim Francis

Love washing my cars and this is my go to place. Highest powered sprayers I've seen in the selve service bays.

NOT Gonna

Great location does a good job on cars and a free vacuum after

Ernest Davila

Mitchell Scott

I drive a 2017 VW GLI with 225 width tires and 40mm sidewalls and yet this wash somehow curved my drivers side two wheels. My previous car had even lower profile tires and never got any damage at other washes in the springs. This is ridiculous. Not sure if their tire guides use sandpaper or what. I know they have notices that they are not responsible for wheel damages but it’s a little over the top. As other reviews state the drying leaves a little to be desired as well, didn’t do a great job and left many streaks down the back.

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