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REVIEWS OF Autawash Car Wash IN Colorado

Family Reading

Economical and good service

Mickey Olsberg

Loving this place!

Shane W

They do a great job here. Full service prices are reasonable and they are always fairly quick.

Paula Sue

If you like the basics, they do a good job, but if you have anything to add, like a request for a little special care to clean the windshield as there's too many bugs from a road trip, or ask for a little care with trim(added detail service all carte), or asking them to apply the tire shine evenly and not sloppily... The attitude is very apparent. I don't get the feeling anyone likes their job here and they certainly aren't thrilled to have to deal with customers. I've come here a lot over the years. I don't mind paying extra for extra services, and I tip very well, but I won't be back. This is one of those places that reminds me how much the service industry has fallen. I have had one too many frustrations with the attitude and miscommunication with the employees here. A car wash is one of my favorite "treats", but today, I left this place really having to shake it off.

Melissa D

Always do a great job and wide variety to choose from

Kevin Micke

Good service, pretty quick, and the prices aren't bad, so I've been very happy with them. If you get there before 10 am for "early bird pricing" it makes any service $2 cheaper.

Serah Scholl

Autawash did an amazing job detailing the inside of my car. They were able to get me an appointment the same day I called and were also cheaper then any other detailing place I could find. I would definitely recommend this car wash.

Hayden Ricci

I bet if you spent a fortune to get a wash it'd be worth it but if you get the wash you can get from a gas station, go to the gas station because you spend half of what it costs here.

Rajev S

Fast service, reasonably priced. Right side of car always seems to have dirty spots after a wash though

Karim Sirgi

Excellent and efficient car wash and detailing service, reasonably priced

Rowan Clifford

Fast and friendly service, also the detailing is top notch.


I've been coming here for about 6 years and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my car. I've had every kind of service done here from regular car washes, to details, to having my cloth seats cleaned about a million times, thanks to my messy dog. I cannot say enough good things about the staff and management. Every time I have been there everyone has been incredibly helpful and friendly. They are always willing to listen to my concerns and address them beyond my expectations. I am not exaggerating when I say that the detail shop has literally worked miracles on my interior, for which I am beyond grateful. I have been here more times than I can count and figured they finally deserved some praise for all of their amazing work.David, Arturo, and Leticya really know how to take customer service to the next level and I am a forever customer because of them. Do not hesitate to give them a try!

David Phillips

Annie Heath

Love being a monthly customer, my car is always clean and sparkly! They all do a great job

Matthew Sounik

They did a great job and the service was on point. I was pretty impressed about how thorough they cleaned my vehicle. I was in and out in a lunch break, and rolled away happy with the results. Thank you, I will definitely be back soon!

Michael Guillot

Don’t go here unless you want your truck scratched to hell. You’ve been warned.

Mike D

Great car wash. These guys spray the wheel wells, sides and lift-gate lips to pre-soak and the wash does the rest. Absolutely spotless. Friendly staff does an excellent job wiping things down as well.

Julie Merrild

Staff friendly and attentive thier monthly pass is a steal if you like a clean car

Chris Mospaw

Great prices and excellent service. They pay attention to the small details and aren't lazy about making sure my car is done the way I want it done..

Daniel Hidalgo

Harley Helterhoff

Only one car wash. It turned into a total traffic jam when one truck got stuck. Took me nearly 35 minutes to wash my car, and i was only 7th in line behind the F-150 that got stuck. Cars were backed-up significantly and i felt bad for the people a few cars back, who at that time couldn't change their mind due to a very congested setting. There is a very tight turn at the back of the lot, into the car wash, and their solution seems to be a white trash can that three out of six cars dragged across their paint. Avoid taking larger SUVs and trucks here, would be my suggestion. They should be constantly dirty anyways, from all of the off-roading you're doing ;-)

Terry May

Not worth the $28 plus $8 for Armor All. I have a sub compact. It took 50 minutes to do the work and I still had to bust out my own towel to dry the areas they missed even after taking the time to do the Armor All. The Windows inside needed to be cleaned again and there were still bugs on the grill and front bumper as well. Can anyone tell me if there is a true hand card wash in the S Denver area? Maybe being from Cali I expected more than a wham-bam-thank you... sir service. If I wanted this kind of job I would have spent $10 for a "Premium" drive through was from a Conoco-Phillips station.


Good price, clean car !

Jason Fleer

Machine took my $ and when i tried to call the service number it just rang and rang with no answer.

connie yoder

Consistantly good service. My favorite carwash for 20 years. Early Bird special - save $2.00 off any wash.

Carter Gwinn

This place is great. I rented a vehicle and ended up covering the interior with dog hair. Autawash returned the vehicles to perfect condition for me.

Doug Hanks

Great service

pradeep kumar samudrala

Annika Klibo

Inexpensive hand dry car wash.

EC Forbes

Fast and good. Hard to beat for the money.

Madi Schroeder

I typically don’t rave about any car washes especially since my two pups shed an immense amount of fur and justifiably the car wash techs can rarely get even 60% of it out of my carpets. That all changed this morning when I got my car cleaned again. I wasn’t expecting anything as usual but I tried a new car wash off Arapahoe road and Syracuse called AutaWash. I never and I mean never, have seen my car so clean. There isn’t even one dog hair left in my car ANYWHERE. I am absolutely stunned because my huskies (like all huskies do) blow their coat 24/7 and most of which ends up in my car since we travel so much. This car wash truly got every hair out and I didn’t even get the premium package! I recommend 100%!!

Justin Shockley

Horrible car wash. I paid for the $27 most expensive inside and out wash. I pointed out that they didn’t clean mirrors, missed spots on windshield, back window especially, as well as several places around my Jeep. I don’t expect a detail but I expect it to be properly cleaned and if pointed out corrected. I would never recommend this place. Customer service cost 3 stars and poor quality an additional 1.

Julie Armstrong

Good car wash place, not easy to navigate when exiting

Jester Lupine

Came in to wash my car just after A customer had vomited all over the back driver's side. After going through their automated wash, I inspected it to see only most of the mess had been washed off. I was not very impressed and had to clean the rest off at a self serve wash down the street.

Gabriel Abrahamsson

I felt they didn't do a very good job for the price paid

Oscar Rojo

Good people. Very awesome prices. Fast service

Laura Chapdelaine

Fast , great prices and good service

Sherryl Meister

I go here to get my car cleaned once every few months. They are thorough. My windows look nicer. I recommend going before 11 as they tend to get busier around then

Jerry Dollar

Good car wash, but had to point out spotting for touch up

Alan H

TL;DR - Avoid this place. The staff is lazy. They will break things in your car. They will nickel and dime you for extras. There are plenty of better places that will value your business. I have been going to this location on and off for about 20 years. Today was my last visit. I paid $26 + a $5 tip for an "ultimate" wash. My windshield was still dirty, my dashboard was still dusty, the area around the cup holder was still dirty, there were bug stains on the grille, and many places where the car was still dirty. I had some road grime behind my right front and right rear wheels that I did not notice until I walked past my car after leaving. I went back and spoke to the person taking people's money. He didn't know what to do, so he sent me through the wash again. I spoke to the assistant manager when I got to the drying station. He quickly wiped a dirty towel over the grime and said I would have to pay $40 to have it removed. I explained to him that I just paid $31 for a carwash and it seemed unreasonable to pay another $40 for something other carwashes have happily done for free and without me even having to ask them. I just said to forget it and I will take care of it myself. I can go pick up a bottle of tar remover for a few bucks at Walmart and do it myself. In the past, they have also ruined a rear facing dash cam that I had installed on my rear window. I watched the worker rip the cable out of it because it was in his way, ruining a $100 dash cam. There is no reason to go back to this place when I can go to the gas station and get the same quality car wash for 1/2 to 1/3 the price. If I am going to pay people to clean my car, I will be going somewhere else from now on.

Brian Sandoval

They do a great job!

Chuck Nicholson

Great prices and great prices for full service! Owner is very nice.

Bill Bistrican

Super smooth and easy to use. No long waiting time! Fair prices.

alicia fuentes

Pretreatment needs to do both sides of the vehicle

Taylor Alexander

Friendly staff, helpful and efficient.

Alaura Butler

I had to go wash my car right afterI went here to wash my car. Why even offer basic if it doesn’t do anything?


Kinda pricey for the wash in comparison to other carwash facilities the same size.

Norm Solomon

Quick service, variety of cleaning options, friendly staff

Bob Bauer

Could do a much better job for what they charge.


I would never go to this place again. I paid to have upholstery cleaned and asked if they would be able to get two spots off of the upholstery on the inside of the roof of my car with out any issues, they said yes and I said great. I got my car back and the upholstery on the inside of my roof had been scratched leaving it raised above the other areas in the car and the spots were worse. When I complained to the management he wrote everything down gave me a incident report and said the owner would call me within 5 days, he also told the cleaners they are never to clean that area of the car because they had other complaints. I never received a call, I called many times and left messages, when I finally spoke to an employee I was told they didn't have any report. The entire situation was sketchy, go somewhere else.

CJ Rapp

They do a great job!

Ellie Hunt

I just purchased a BMW and took my car to the car wash. When I got home, I noticed there was a large dull spot on my back passenger side. It looks like they used the wrong cloth to dry the outside of my car and it stripped the paint. DO NOT GO HERE.

Sathvik K S

Cheap and best car wash in the area. They have $6 early bird too if you are going before 10am.

Ron Garcia

Always attention to detail

Bryan Higgins

Zeus Bojorquez

Quick good service.

Jessi Swafford

Love that they have free vacuums

Erin R.

Love this place. Always do a great job. They do offer a free do it yourself vacuum before you get a carwash

Luc Arnaud


Sukhjit Singh

Paid $16 dollars for the "ultimate" exterior wash. Guy wiping down the car misses most of the back, driver front mirror. I get home and give the car a once over, still grime on the wheels, still dirt clinging on the trunk that would have been easily removed by wiping it properly. Save your money and get the basic $8 if you need anything from this place, you'll save your money.

hangwei zhang

I paid $8 for the basic one. I think it is still overpriced. The automatic car wash machine worked just fine but what I didn't expect was the attitude the employee had. She was not patient at all. Maybe she was in the bad mood that day. But this is not the excuse for how you treat your customers. I suggest this place and I suggest just get a basic exterior one. However, don't expect the employee will have nice attitude.

Aaron Fincher

Newsha Makooi

Good service and prices. Staff broke an air vent during a visit, but manager helped us get it repaired.

Norene Re

Traveling in from AZ regularly, lots of bugs and road grime to clean off my new car. This location has been my "go-to" car wash for 4 years. Love the quality!!

Tom Horne

This is one of the pricier car washes I go to so that's why I give it 4 stars, there are others I go to that don't do as well but are cheaper so I go more often and have given 5 stars. THAT SAID, these guys are great and do as good a job …

Elizabeth Stormer

Staff is great. Service is quick and the detail is professional.

Asif Allauddin

Amazing staff and amazing service

Joy Love

Not powerful.. car is still not clean

Rose Rodriguez

Will you get a car wash? Sure. Interior is abysmal to wait in. Low light, stuff is old looking. It just feels yuck. Oh, water smells like it was poorly recycled and car smells like it afterwards.

Ani Cho

Great service

Anthony Castillo

This is a weekly go to place before the weekend. The crew is friendly and remember you on a personal basis! Can't find a better place to wash your car. A true one stop shop!

Steven Barnes

Paul Spotts

Doesn't hit the gaps in panels well enough. Nothing special over any other auto wash at a gas station.


It generally takes a lot for me to leave a review, whether it's a stupendous review or a bad one. Unfortunately, this is a bad one. I've had the ultimate membership since August and I wash my car 2-4 times a month. Originally my service was …

Ashlie Ward

One of the few car wash places that is quick and actually does what I ask! Cup holders... they actually clean them. They always touch up what I ask them too, and they offer military discount. Love this place.

The Evans Firm

Always clean - everywhere, they check for folding seats and hidden areas that might be dirty. Never have to worry about them skimping on the job. Great value - best in the metro area. These guys are great.

Rose Sorenson

I've gotten the basic interior and exterior wash twice now and have been impressed both times. My car is much cleaner than the expensive washes other places. Good customer service too.

Sankar Datta

Exterior wash and interior vaccume at 15 bucks. Might not be super clean but get the job done well.

Rod Hardin

Quick and affordable.

Topher Eliot

The basic wash is somewhat better and a few bucks more expensive than a gas station car wash.

William D

Great place. Great staff

Sofiya K

Nice and quick

Jordan Ashton

They do a good job, (sometimes), unfortunately their lack of consistency with standards are to their detriment.

Patty Mullett

My favorite car wash for many years and for many cars

Povi R

Good for a quick exterior wash!


Хорошая стандартная мойка самообслуживания. Всё функционирует. Лучше разменять мелочь, банковской картой не рассчитываться. В целом доволен.

Dianna Hankel

Great place to get your vehicle taken care of inside and out. I have been coming here for over 2 years and have never had a bad experience!!

Dylan Trafford

Car wash and service were nice enough until I got home and found paint stripped off the left and right side of my bumper on a newer vehicle. This is something you do not expect to come across in a "people in the loop" car wash. I cannot recommend using this wash. Take before and after photos if you go there.

John Clark

Open on Saturday

Tyler Dolph

Best carwash in the business never go anywhere else

Jason August

Excellent wash. Always. I've had at least three account issues here but it's still a great place to get my car cleaned. Friendly staff.


I got the $59.99 Carpet Special and they said it was all the interior and exterior plus carpets. They covered over a carpet spot that was easy to take out with a couple extra swipes with the mats. But the interior was filthy and no one helped me or offered. They just stared. Never again here. Sad!

Michael Stanton

Good work

Reshard Gougis

Great people.

Lori Chavez

Very friendly service!

Nathan Reed

A good selection of services on many price ranges I was pleased how clean they got my car after a winter's worth of grime.

Steve Sniadach

Mike Atwell

The person suggest the Wheel Brite service to remove the break dust from my wheels. After the car wash and clean, I then point out that the wheels are not clean and wipe my finger on the wheel and it is all black. The guy at the end tells me I paid for a wheel spray and not something that will clean the wheels. Things guys need to get their story straight before I return.

It's Us

Nice so it yourself car wash

Margaret Owen-Keister

These guys did a kickass job washing my car exterior and interior!

WC Leitner

This place does a good job getting you car clean.

George Williams

Paid for an armor all of dash console. They parked the car around the back of the building where it sat for 20-more minutes. In the meantime the employees stood around smoking cigarettes and playing in their Halloween costumes. Manager was apathetic when I asked him to find out what was going on. Tall young African American gentleman finally assisted me. He was very helpful walked over and got some people on the car. He apologized and was very professional. My suggestion-fire the manager and promote him!

Greg Cotton

Autawash is aweful. Watch out. Not only did they bend my antenna, the guy got mad at me for saying something and wouldn’t give me his name.

Mohammed Khojah

Better than regular auto wash stations.


Early bird special is great. Especially because the detailing crew sometimes lacks

Ivan Volodkin

lazy lazy lazy people work there. They do not towel almost at all just make looking like they do something. Plus very tricky entrance even for me, I'm a very experienced driver. and I really don't like that entrance. I gave them chance didn't cancel my membership after the first month. but this second one is will be the end. Don't go there. they have to fix their STUFF and QUALITY of SERVICE bottom line I didn't like the end point when towel guys don't towel.

Christopher Jones

They do a great job with the wash bring my truck every 6 months for a deep clean

Nick Wojdak

Most over priced car wash I've ever been to. Sure the sign say $6 but don't expect to pay just $6. I signed up for the ultimate $27 car wash. When I'll got in my car there were still dirt spots on the dash... For that price I expected at least better than usual effort from the place. It's the closest to my office and house but I won't be back.

Brandon Marley

If you don't ask them to wash the back of your car it will get missed!

Susan Zumwalt

Very CLEAN & EVERYTHING in working order!!! Manager[I assumed] was onsite upon my arrival & greeted with a smile & wave as he carried on his preventative maintenance, checks & services.

Brian Klein

9 out of 10. Save 2 bucks early bird.

David Epperson

Do good job when I don't have time to clean my SUV.

The Drone Factory USA

Great during the early bird and late hours.

Zachary Williams

Been coming here for a year now. Great people and great service. I finaly signed up for the monthly package, totaly worth it.

Kevin Klotz

Great service, quick, fair prices,

Krishna Katakam

Good service uses recycled water

Scott Winter

I paid to have the full service car was this last Sunday. I would have been better off doing it my self, in fact I went to the self car was and spent even more money to vacuum and whip out the inside of my car. The full service wash is not worth the money.

Patty Kelley

Your basic drive through car wash. Expensive and the brushes scratched my car and ripped the antenna off. Won't go back.

Jon Crowther

Great services and Everyone is helpful and polite!

Tiger Soupe

these guys do an average job.... The auto wash takes the least amount of water .. the interior wipe is about average at best! these mexican guys do average job.. if you are okay with that dont spend 26.99 for the ultimate wash... use the cheapest price!

Olga Topitges

Fast and friendly service. Car was cleaned in 10 minutes I was very happy

Nicolas Farkas

Great Job!! Inside and out will return for sure!! Staff was very attentive to detail

Alex Coe

The car wash opens at 8, just wanted to leave that information as they didn't have it on the Google Maps info

Andy Andrews

Great place. Quality service.

Tom Chandler

Early bird prices are good. Service is acceptable, but the wash its self needs updating.

Sean Brahe

Great price, great staff!


Great customer service, wide variety of wash options with good pricing

Andy Linss

I suppose this is okay for a quick wash if you aren't worried about your paint. Boy those brushes beat down on the car though. My car came our pretty clean for the money and I saw some upscale cars going through. I'm just a bit concerned about the long term effects.

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