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REVIEWS OF All Seasons Auto Wash IN Colorado

Robert Smith

If I could give them a 0 star rating I would. I rarely ever give any business a bad rating, however they deserve this one. I am not sure what has happened to this business but they are not the same! I purchased a $ 21 car wash for my 4 Runner, and the wheels came out dirty. I showed them, and they ran it through again. The wheels were still dirty. I complained to the assistant manager and he told me that their cleaning machines could only accommodate a certain types of automobile shapes and wheels. Really? I asked them why then do they sell a bright wheels and tires as an option, if they cannot clean it? And if they cannot clean, it then I should at least get a portion of my money back. The 4-Runner was clean and I am fair. He then told me I could get a rag and clean them myself. Really? For a $ 21 car wash, I can clean the wheels with a rag myself!!! I could also go to a DIY car wash as well and would have not paid $ 21 for a full service car wash! He then said that was all he could do! DO NOT GO HERE!

Bethan Jesse

Totally worth $6! It does a great job and the vacuums work great. Attendees are nice a helpful. AutoZone being right there is great too for any little need.

Dangerous Dragon7

Not worth the money. This place used to be good. $5 for a basic wash, with 2 staff members brushing your car, including wheels, before you entered the wash. Now it's $9 and 1 guy just brushing your windshield. Wash itself is okay; soap and rinse and blow dry. About what you get at a gas station wash. Free vacuums so weak would barely suck up basic dirt. Only half we're even on. Seems like owners stopped caring about excellent service and focused only on bottom line. Will not return.

Myra Patin

Nice staff, reasonable basic wash price. Good facilities to vacuum after wash

rcn rcf

Expensive as hell if you consider their packages that are beyond the basic. If you want the undercarriage washed, you will have to pay $15 compared to $7 or $8 elsewhere.

Kerri Huffman

I came to this place not really knowing what kind of a place it was, but I was more than pleasantly surprised! I spent $15 and got a debugging scrub, wash, rinse, wax, under carriage wash and a rain repellant, plus all the vacuuming time I needed (45 minutes) to get all the dog hair out of my carpet after having 2 dogs on a road trip. Vacuum has super suction and my car looks almost brand new!! Sparkling! You can spend as little as $5 and still get unlimited vacuuming! My new go to car wash! Try it!

Meggy Watkins

Free vacuums! My God I tried looking everywhere that had a friendly staff and this was it!

Daniel Cortez

Drive through car wash. A little expensive but, free vacuums to use and a good wash.

Amber-joy Tacey

I come here once a week for a car wash and vacuum, I can use the vacuums as long as I want, no time limit!

Logan Richards

This place has a really good machine wash, probably one of the best I've been to. The service is good in the office. And the cherry on top is that the vacuums are free after the wash. I hate having to deal with change machines so that's actually a big deal to me.

Danielle Morgan

I would give zero stars and will not be going back. They are very expensive, did not clean my car well, and the machine broke my passenger side mirror. They were able to retrieve a large part of it, and I filed a claim with them. The manager never called me back to address this issue or offer any financial assistance to repair my car. The assistant manager told me it was the risk I take by using their wash. I've never had a wash destroy my car until this. Also, I was told they typically don't pay for damages to cars older than 5 years old. Consider yourselves warned.

Aaron Scott

Great place to get your car washed. Has lots of options and prices. I'd suggest the monthly deal, though. I bring my car in after every snow storm so I don't have the de-icer corroding my car. The prices are generally high and the dryer brushes tend to not work, but my car does get clean. Expect to bring a towel to dry your car and remove spots. Vacuums work well. Can be busy.

Brian A

Can no longer recommend this place. It used to be the best car wash in town but they have now significantly increased pricing. $9 for a basic wash is ridiculous for what is actually done. Used to be $5 a few years ago, then this year it went to $6, which was fair, but $9!?

Carmen Sara

Its a good car wash but $9 for a basic wash is a little high.. I think $6 is what the basic wash deserves. For $9 it barely dried my car too.

Scott McCreery

They've been having some issues and bad luck making the ownership transition. They wash no longer seems to clean my car like it used to and the end buffer part has not been working correctly for 6 months. When I come out the back of my car is still always covered with silt. It seems to have a decent new management and has always had a good team. They just need better quality control on the actual wash itself and keep it mechanically running correctly. I hope that that changes with the new management and ownership. Thank you for the extra free car washes you through my way even though the hardships you're going through we're not Management's fault. But, for some reason they have given me faith that they will turn that around.

Brian Dollar

Gets it squeaky clean

Mark VanGampleare

They always do a good job getting my car clean and looking its best.

Rob Marshall

$6 Basic and hand scrubbed! Great value.

Amanda Skolnicki

Love the unlimited carwash pass and the employees really make my car shine!!! Love that they are there and hope they stay there!!!!

Larry Brian

Wheels had brake dust after the works wash! Took it back next day and they took care of it! Nobody's perfect I guess!

Richard Lorenzen

The best. Go and see for yourself

Ashlee Debuf

Been going here for over a year and I'm always satisfied. Affordable, quick and easy, plus the vacuums actually work. Great business.

Kasey Riskey

Went here because of the vaccuums. Bought the $6 Basic wash, it did a decent job. The vacuums are strong.

Anita Pacheco

I like that they have free mat washing station

Micah Ellis

Great service and reasonably priced ($6 is the basic wash)

Kristin Bailey

Better than the ones in woodland park. I avoid them like the plague

Christy Carter

Easy to use and fast service. I am always in and out quickly even when they are busy.

Scott Barron

Could not believe it. I almost had the place to myself yesterday. It is always easy in and out. Friendly peeps too.

Robin Campbell

Even giving one star is a huge courtesy Took my car into the car wash where it smashed into the front of the lady due to their machine malfunction and instead of them fixing the vehicle they tell me it's not their fault it's the car washes fault so they're not Liable for anything that happens not to mention this car washes extremely overpriced I would never ever ever go here I'm encouraging you not to go here because you're be ical will be damaged and they will not pay for it!!!!!!!

John McCarron

Best $6 car wash in town!

Amy Scheppach

great car wash, fast and easy, free vacuums with the purchase of the wash.

Johnny Bs

This carwash is awesome - always very pleased with how clean my car comes out. Great customer service too!

Kimberly Woofter Hussein

My van looks like a completely different vehicle. Prices are much better than other places I've been. I would recommend it without hesitation.

John H Gregory

CAUTION!! AN UPDATE TO MY ORIGINAL REVIEW (which is below): OK, so I've been customers of theirs for years now. But several Saturdays ago, the car wash rumbled and rocked my wife's SUV in an unfamiliar way, and I heard a bad sound. Sure enough, the misaligned brushes (?) snapped off her antenna. I filled out an incident report with the attendant (who found her antenna in the car wash, btw) and was told the manager would get back with me sometime during the following week to work something out. But as I said, it's been 3 weeks now. Nothing. SO... though I used to be able to absolutely recommend them, now I can only say PROCEED WITH CAUTION. :-( * * * * * Best Value Car Wash in Colorado Springs. And they're very nice, too. Purchase a card with 4 washes on it and you get a free wash.

Stephen Austin

Good, not great. Sometimes whole spinning brushes are missing/inop without notice. I then wonder if I'm getting other things I paid for, like wax, tire shine and bug remover, etc. They do a hand pre-brush before you go in the wash cave which is good, and if you tell them to pay special attention to an area they will.

Andog 609

This place is a joke, I saw the video on the website for the manager special and in the video they scrub the entire vehicle before sending it thru the car wash. When I pull up the guy literally dipped the brush in the bucket once and cleaned my Toyota emblem and sent me in the carwash. When I got to the other side my truck wasn't clean. So I went back to the guy helping out front at the pay box and he let me go threw again, and the guy made him swipe his own credit card to get me thru. After that the two guys acted like they were made they had to do their job. When my truck came out it was slightly better still had bug spots on the truck, but I gave up. The worst part is I would of went somewhere and paid more but it looked like a nice carwash, but I'll go somewhere else, first impressions are everything and you lost the money I would of brought in with my return business

Repent and GOD will forgive you

Awesome cleans our car

Curtis Colons

Best wash for the money and free vacuum makes it my go detail pckg is worth $2

Sandy Smith

Quick and easy, $9 for basic wash, and available year round. I've never had to wait long here and have never had any problems.

lance pixley

Upped the prices even more not worth it. Can go somewhere on academy for a cheaper wash that does the same things.

Anil Pant

Love this place. Free vacuum with every car wash.

Regina Remsberg

I love this place. My favorite car wash

Wayne VanderPol II

Great car wash. It does a great job. Many options on what style wash you desire.


My favorite car wash in town. Cleans my vehicle throughly even when you get the cheapest car wash option. The staff is courteous and friendly. They have a machine to wash your mats and free vacuums that suck really good <--- see what I did there. Definitely recommend this wash.

Brandon Adamson

Out standing management, and staff, experience, top shelf..

nicole pudi

Excellent!! This car wash was very helpful I messed up by getting off the tracks and they let me re do my wash without any attitude and was very kind about helping out! Definitely recommend this car wash! Very kind employees!

Jerry Welch

Reasonably priced and free vacuuming. Can't beat this deal!

William Juarez

Great place when it gets full they wait a little to open up when you need to vaccuam

Don Adams

Amazing car wash. I was not so sure I liked it when I first started going there but it has hard working friendly employee's and they do a great job. It keeps my car looking great in between waxes. Some of the best in the carwash business . I Stop by several times a week. Get the 29.99 a month deal and your car will always be spotless and tires super shiny!

Bill H

You can wash for as little as $6 or as much as $20. Whatever wash you choose, the process gives the same result - a very clean car. The attendants are great and do a thorough prep job. The free vacuums have some of the strongest suction I have seen at a cae wash.

seppopovich smith

Pricey but good quality, good vacuums and quality guy at front to give car a good scrub.

Samuel Desai

Free vacuums, cool owner

Jared Livingston

Very thorough automatic car wash.

Yvette Mayes

Awesome spot free results loved it!!!

Bobby Jones

My preferred car wash in northern CS. Attendants are proficient and professional. Do a good job of brushing areas that may not be cleaned thoroughly by the way itself. Vacuums and mat wash complete a thorough wash.

Dave Levy

This gives my Jeep Renegade a great wash. There's rarely any wait so it is easy to get in and out quickly. It is easy to get to so it makes for a pleasant experience all around. Prices seem to be the same as their competition. I prefer this place to most of the others in the area.

Amanda Maneck

Never has enough section for vacuum cleaners.

Melissa Drawdy

Best car wash in town!

Tad Denton

Impressive amount of pre-wash attention. Maybe the best drive thru I've been to


Quick and efficient

Tykog McNuggett

Decent wash, never really cleans the back of the car though.

Erich M

Auto wash with initial hand wash. Car looks great. Free vacuum!

Louella Acuna

Fast clean cars

Josh Murphy

Best deal in town!

Heidi Gravert

Always a great service. Sorry the price couldn't have stayed lower. $9.00 for basic wash.

Carmen Collins

Did not clean my car all the way. There was way to much dirt left for the $20.00 I paid. Should have taken pictures


Good price for fast service.

Nakia Jones

Love this place....Automatic carwash with free vacs


Worst car wash experience on many trips. Friendly staff, but they get it wrong every time. In line now on my 4th trip though (today) trying to get it right. I have to wait in line all over again after every mishap. Terrible and unfortunate. How do you make it right??

Chris Urenda

Very upset canceled membership about the 15th of last month told them I moved to fountain and wont be up this way at all so in the last 4 months of membership at 39.99 we have only had around 5 car washes so no need to pay went in and canceled the worker said okay all canceled and you wont be charged anymore and woke up this morning to another charge of 39.99 and now cant reach them on the phone and have to drive all the way over there to talk to them do not use there membership service very unhappy with this company right now.

Carol Roberts

After driving from Alabama through several states and the great big buggie state of Kansas I desperately needed my car washed. I chose this establishment because it was near my hotel and had good reviews. The good ratings are well deserved. I wish I could pick up this car wash and move it to my home state. The staff took the extra time to really scrub my windshield, hood, grill and mirrors before I entered the wash. This was the cleanest my car has ever been.

p c

Good wash for only $5 but wish you didn't have to buy the $20 wash to get the buff option.

Christopher Bateman

The wash quality is Amazing!!! They also have Free Vacuums and Mat Washer. Can't get my car that clean and shiny at a self serve bay. Great value for dollar. The staff are great. Really nice and helpful.

John Bramble

Nice car wash, 5 min vacuum

Christy Wawrzynowicz

I had a car wash membership here before moving to Florida. Really nice people. I miss them. I cannot find a car wash that has unlimited vacuums in Florida. I have a dog and found that to be really helpful.

kevin perkins

Nice staff its cheap and it cleans your car pretty good

Whitney Estep

The most spectacular, awesome, magnificent car wash my husband and I have ever seen in our lives!!! The staff is super friendly and efficient. They give almost a deep pre-cleaning prior to the actual wash which covers most of the automatic car wash issues. The tunnel is so fun; so many lights and there's even a buffer made of shammies to dry your car! I suggest bringing a sham towel (or you can buy one for $1) to get parts the auto buffer doesn't get to.

Eric Mokamba

Cheap place to wash your car with enough free vacuums

Joe McNulty

More expensive than same place in other locations.

Maddison Railey

No complaints, besides the trash cans were over filled and looked like they hadn't been emptied in a few days. Was hard to throw trash away anywhere. Otherwise a great little car wash.

CHWC Colo Springs

Best Car Wash, only one i use. Free powerful suction vacuum. The car gets very clean. Wish they had compressed air hose

Amber Livingston

Best car wash around! I actually bought a membership plan cause it's so easy and convenient.

Jonathan Boring

Excellent facility, free vacuums, floor mat washing machine!

Dave Yedid

I paid too much here. I paid $15 and didn't feel any wax or water resistance enhanced after the wash. The staff here is awesome; super friendly and approachable and kind. It is a clean facility, and the unlimited vacuums are a huge plus.

Aaron Mclaury

Vehicle came out dirty.... I always run a pre wash on my truck before going into anyone of a similar style wash around town using any spray it yourself wash. Today i went thru this wash and paid the $21 full wash. An individual was pre washing my bumper when another employee walked up and took the scrubber out of his hand and threw it into the bucket nearby. He had only scrubbed the driver half of the bumper. I went through the wash and proceeded to the vacuums. The truck was still dirty. There was no tire and wheel shine applied and dirt was still visable all over the truck. The one employee did not look friendly at all so i decided to drive away and add this carwash to one i will never return to.

Granville E. Payne

Great place to get your vehicle cleaned and great customer service!


Went to use the vacuums quite a bit. Much appreciated

Jeff Wiese

Best carwash in town. Fair price and always a clean vehicle. Remember to remove your antenna, mine was broken. Didn't offer to replace it!

Mark Westcott

They do a really good job! Comes with free vacuums and mat cleaner

Melanie Steele

It's a decent Car Wash but it doesn't fully get my car clean. The vacuums are free but some of them do not work very well.

Brant Lardie

Our favorite car wash in town. Great job and quick.

Joe H

Under new ownership or management and the wash quality is awful Been going there for a long time and it was the best in town, new owners Manager has done a complete 180, now the worst in town. Today the line was about 10 minutes, In that I saw 3 people were complain. I went through and my not very dirty white car and it came out a total mess, a film so heavy on it I rehand washed it in the lot. I complained and they offered to run it through again, no thanks. Fix the problem.

Ashley Hobbs

The staff was friendly and provided great customer service!

Nicole Walsh

Gentlemen pre-wash your car and are super friendly. Vaccs are free with a wash and it really makes your car clean!

Jennifer Coyne

My go-to spot to get my car washed. The service is fast and friendly. You detail your car for yourself afterwards. It's pretty good. The only thing I want to fuss about is the recent change of prices. I'm not sure if it's due to a change of ownership or something else but, the basic wash jumped from 6 to 9 dollars.

Marc Recine

Monthly wash packages is a great deal

Saif Alotaibi

The staff members are awesome and very friendly.

Megan Maier

Very affordable. Great service. Manager and workers are friendly and helpful.

Rollin Stone

New ownership is greedy. 3 years ago, 5$ for basic. 6 months ago, 6$. Now 9$?! And you don't know it until you are up to the gate. 40$/mo unlimited is also high. Completely out of line for this market. This isn't Cali. C'mon guys, get reasonable and I'll come back.

Daniel Ortega

Stay away if I could give negative stars I would. Terrible customer service!!!! Machine will damage your vehicle

chris martinez

My rims were covered in dirt after a $9 car wash plus they raised the price 40% so this will be my last visit✌️

Karla Kirby

Clean car and friendly and helpful employees!

Ran Davis

This was formerly All Seasons Car Wash but it recently changed management, it is now Car Wash USA. The basic wash went from $6 to $9, and from what I can tell the quality of the wash went from good to awful. I made a visit recently with my car, not overly dirty, and after the first pass through it was still very dirty. I noticed that there was only one, not two people prepping my car with a soapy brush. They touched neither the front bumper or wheels (as was customary with All Seasons). I actually asked for them to run my car through again, which they did, and it still came out out less clean than one pass through the former All Seasons would have provided. I don’t know if they changed soap being used in the automatic wash, they did add some annoying neon lights, and they for sure give a half-effort in prepping your car prior to running through the wash. So that was my last visit to that car wash, it is now overpriced and ineffective. What a shame.

AJ Atcc

Great wash but vacume hoses are not crevice friendly

Irina Riley

If you are looking for high quality car wash, go to All Seasons Auto Wash. Very friendly and hard working stuff will make sure you are happy with the results. Highly recommend.

Granville Payne

Great customer service

Kevin Bersell

Great! The basic was $9. Free vacuums and floor mat washer. Exactly what I wanted with no fuss. I don't think they take cash, credit cards only (but I could be wrong). There was a little bit of a line mid-afternoon on a Wednesday but it was only about a 5 minute wait.

Adam Burnes

Was the best $6 wash in $9?!? A 50% increase? And did the wash get 50% better? Um no. Last time customer.


These guys are amazing. So kind, patient, and understanding. They have outstanding customer service, and truly care about their customers and providing a great service. Whether you get the cheapest or most expensive wash, you will be satisfied with the results. It's also nice to be able to wash your carpets there as well! People there are really kind, professional, and provide outstanding customer service. I would very much recommend this car wash.

Regina Stephens

Thank you for putting up with my messy vehicles. You truly were a great price and cleaned it up great!

Dane U

Really good vacuums

Chris Madla

Great car wash! They even cleaned out my truck bed, wow! I got the package with the microfiber towel, what a nice touch. And of course, my vehicle came out exceptionally clean.


I have consistently driven across town to go to this car wash, and it's the only one in town that I've recommended to many other people. They usually provide great service, plus I like the free vacuum cleaners and my cars come out perfect. BUT...this past week I washed two vehicles, both had been waxed in the last week, and both came out with abrasions. I take meticulous care of my vehicles. This is not acceptable. Both vehicles were also left with soap residue and I had the same experience the last time as well. I don't know what changed, but I'm very unhappy.

Dylan O'Brien

I own a 2016 Buick LaCrosse in one of the custom colors (dark chocolate metallic) and the paint is in great condition, perfect actually, recently clayed and ceramic coated a little over 6 months ago, Lucas speed waxed while drying in between washes........ cared for in other words............. this car wash, for $21 the Managers Special, the best wash they offer and I even tipped the kid 3 bucks, wasn't even able to get the bird poop off of my car, I wash it regularly and it's a gorgeous car, I get told all the time how nice it looks so I put this issue purely on this car wash, I've never spent this much and had so much dirt left on my car I was afraid to finish drying it with my microfiber for fear of scratching it with all the leftover dirt. Please do your vehicle a favor and go to a different car wash. Only reason I broke down and tried it was that my last ceramic and wax job didn't seem to be holding up to my high standards and I wanted some kind of paint protection until the temp is warm enough to do my own, my mistake and I won't be coming back. I started working after school at a detail shop in Denver at 14yo and stayed tere until I graduated being responsible for taking care of our business customer, Len Lyall Chevrolet, I know how to clean a car correctly. This place is of very inferior quality despite thier advertising and nice outward appearance :(

Teren Gabriell

Great car wash

Phil Boyce

Great price and a thorough wash. My go to place.

Steven Lawson

My favorite car wash in town.

marlon johnson

Washed my cat and truck here. Very good car wash.

Leslie Erin

Usually does a good job on the car, though despite ordering the most expensive wash, there were still bugs all over the front of the car. Also, bring a towel, the dryer doesn't do much. All in all, though, one of the better ride-through car washes in town.

Brett Ogden

I like that they spray and scrub down the problem areas before sending your car through the tunnel. Good wash with lots of options. Free vacuums and a mat washer. Prices are on par with other similar car washes in town.

Billy Wiley

Best bang for your buck

Constantine Craig

Pricey but a good wash.

Jeremiah Parnell

Great service.

Ryker Cabler

I was skeptical about how fast it was, but these pics of my car after about a 30 second run through their wash (highest level wash). Before the wash it sat in a dirt parking lot all week at work, it is literally cleaner now than the day I drove it off the lot. Wish we had one of these in Amarillo!

Lisa Wieland

This is by far the best car wash in Colorado Springs! Even after a rain, you'll notice the difference in the way the water beads off your car, making The Manager's Special worth every penny.

Becca langner

I used to go to the crowded hard to get to one down the street , which I hated. Happy this one is here now clean easy

Tami Salazar

Fast friendly and free vacuums.

Dan Roberts

Good place for inexpensive washes with strong free vacuum, and well priced monthly packages that allow you to skip typing in your choice with an RFid sticker on the windshield.

Carl Pfaff

Decent car wash okay price

Shaun Bright

Best $10 car wash, plus free vacuums

jamiscia mcbride

Love getting my car washed here!

Nathan Grass

Goes in dirty, comes out clean! Free vacuum use after the wash ensures you aren't constantly feeding it money.

Corrigan Bowyer

Love this car wash! I go 2 to 3 times a month. Great price, free vacuums, and a floor mat wash! It’s amazing!

Elizabeth Farro

Best car wash, by far! The staff is friendly, the wash was very thorough, and the FREE vacuums work really well. Definitely the only car wash I'll be using! A week later, I'm still getting compliments on how nice my car looks!


Only one star cause the brushes only touched one side of my car. So only one side of my car got washed for full price. When they get the issue fixed I'll try them again this spring.

Gina Bridges

Used to be a great carwash. Used to be $6, now $9...wont be going back

Renee Cinkosky

Love the mat washer

Blake Nielsen

I will NEVER go to this car wash again. I am a gear head and love to keep my car clean. I took my car through the wash and when I parked to vacuum, there where scratches everywhere. I was livid! I was able to buff out most of the scratches, but most of them were to deep to buff out. If you don't care about scratches, than this is the place for you. It really cleans your car up, but leaves you with scratches.

sean thompson

Great new car wash in town

Sheila Barritt

LOVE this place... they spray your car down before you go through the car wash to get the grime off!! Staff are always smiling and very friendly...wish they'd open one in Falcon!!

Carla Mutek

Nice place not sure if i like it , they keep half of it closed? There were alot of people there , when i was allmost done with my car they opened the other half for a bit, other half what i mean is were you vaccum your car after it been washed

Rich Rich

I've been coming here for almost 3 years at least once a week with no problem. Today it didn't quite get all the bugs off so when I went to ask about it they were rude and told me I had to upgrade my wash if I wanted it done better. They just lost my business today.

Kathleen Miller

What has happened? This was the cleanest car wash in town and now the parking lot is filthy! And the area around the mat cleaner is enough to make me vomit. Speaking of the mat wash... DON’T BOTHER!!! It doesn’t do a darn thing anymore!! Used it in the past and had no complaint but this time I saw water coming up but it didn’t do a darn thing to clean my mat. NOTHING!! Hmm something happened and it’s going downhill.


I live about 12 miles away and it is worth the drive, the fellas are friendly and do a great job... plus the 2.00 cleaning kit is legit

Mike Stewart

Since the switch of ownership prices are now to high, I won't be going back. Better places in town.

Daja Parker

Quick and easy! My car looked great after

Summer N

$6 express wash, tons of free vacuums, free floor mat wash.

Jennifer Davis


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