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2510 E Boulder St, Colorado Springs, CO 80909, United States

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REVIEWS OF 7th Wave Carwash and Detail Center IN Colorado

Mark Regan

The best in Colorado! Always friendly, great service, oversize vehicles and big tires OK! Craig will not let you leave unless its perfect. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Nicole Caro

Worth the drive

Aneudy Martinez

Brendon Hamacher

Just a solid operation. Super fast, good service.

David Vlottes

Not bad, a little pricey hough

Mark Hillard

The worst car wash I've ever been to. Water spots on the inside of the seats and the door panels,.

Ibrahim Gonzalez

Mary J. Hoffman

Good service, owner helped me...only complaint is the guy who gave me my keys was kind of unfriendly. Had to get someone else to wipe the muddy areas by the door as had been written on the ticket.

Sylvia Rodriguez

I have taken my car here three times and the third was the last. The tall slim guy is always so rude

andrea walton

Always get a great job from these guys when I bring my car in.

Corygirl713 C

Sometimes they do less than 100% on the interior of my car, but I still keep going here bc I have been going for more than 10 years and I like the people and for the most part do a really really good job on my car. The woman who works inside is super nice. Love their puppy. I know if I had a real issue and approached the owner he would fix whatever was wrong. Really dont get my car washed anywhere else.

heather bartlett

I've been coming here for a few years. They are the only ones I trust in town to wash and detail my Jeep and Camaro. If it isn't done right, they make it right. Staff are friendly, and it is nice to see the same people consistently. They definitely build relationships with their regulars! Cannot say enough good things about 7th Wave!

Marlene Cox

They do the best job with my Car.

Amanda Goodall

Everyone does a great job! I have been here many times and I am always happy with the cleanliness of my car! The staff work very hard to get the cars done quickly! The staff is incredibly friendly! There are comfortable seating and a tv to enjoy, while you wait. They sells snacks, cold drinks, and some Knick knacks.


Best car wash in town!

Vickie Revels


Jamie Whitworth

Roger Johnson

Fast service

Betty Turner

Nicole Muller

Always happy with a Car Wash.

Thomas Hardy

These guys have had my actual review removed twice! Dishonest! 3/1/13 - Just an update: the product they used to clean my interior has caused half the surfaces to transition from a matte dark grey to a sickly white dry surface. They ruined my interior.

julio a. Colon

Mary Thompson

Quick and thourough


fair quality service. polite employees.


Ursula Lamb

Great car wash and customer service

Jessica Anderson

Best service hands down


Greg Swartz

Always a good carwash. If there is a problem, just go to Craig, the owner. He makes it right. Always satisfied.

Clifton Ekkert

Took my '91 Corvette convertible there and it left in worse shape than when it showed up. The car had no smudges prior to the wash but after it looked like a herd of children had put their greasy hands all over the sides. There was over spray from tire cleaner/shine across the vehicle, the windows were smudged and not cleaned, and the little bit of dirt that was on the air damn was there after the wash. I was blown away how quick the handwash was (less than 15 min) until I took a closer look, then I was pissed. Spent an hour cleaning it to fix the mess. I won't use their service again.

Dougie HAO

Great service and value! Definitely recommend it ! The staff are so friendly and helpful

Alessandra Blair

Hands down the BEST car wash in the State.... The best deal, service and experience!


2nd time at this place. Thought I would give it another try. Won't be coming back again $33 bucks later inside floor mates soaking wet. Driver side seat wet. Mirrors still wet. Windows had a film on the inside. I could have done a better job for $15 at a power wash station.

Jonathan Lee

Awesome experience in every way. Got the full detailing job, and my car came back looking like it did the very first day I bought it 9 years ago. Service could not have been more courteous or professional. They worked with my schedule for an early drop off and late pick up. I definitely highly recommend 7th Wave!!

Tara Fischer

I love this place because they do the absolute best with vehicles even if you don't spend the absolute most on a wash package. They truly take care of your vehicle and it's nice to see a place that is different from the touch free locations. Worth every penny!!!

Matt Mueller

Very good experience.

Deborah Ellsworth

Always does a beautiful job on my car! People are friendly and professional and my GMC TERRAIN looks fantastic every time! Thank you! Deborah Ellsworth

Aimee Bishop

Always a pleasure doing business with Seventh Wave! Great attention to detail and wow they do an incredible vacuum. I have a black interior car and they always take the extra time to make it look great!

Michael Tamayo

Scratched both the hood and roof of a brand new Silverado, watched employees regularly throw drying towels on the ground and pick them back up, please stay away from this place if you value your car!!!

Leno Fernandez

Very nice company

Dan Ayzenberg

This business is more likely to damage your car than wash it. I have been taking my car here for two years, but after recent washes will never do so again. Perhaps new and untrained staff is to blame, or the owner has just become complacent; whatever the reason, this car-wash does not deserve your business.They have consistently neglected to wipe down and vacuum the cargo area. The cabin is left no cleaner than before the wash at best, and a greasy/smudged affair at worst. I would have let these things go if not for the outright damage they have done to my vehicle. Previously their staff broke a fog-light, and just today they broke a taillight. If you value your vehicle, take your money somewhere else.


Oh ok this place was awesome it had alot things they'd do to get your satisfaction one of the best places in Colorado Springs, Colorado to go get your car washed and yes it may be near what some consider it "The Ghetto" but if that's so I know some kids that'll clean your car for $30

Ralph Brandhorst

Fast service. Good results

John Davis

I got the cheapest inside and out wash that had and they did a phenomenal job. They even emptied you my trash bag. I'm going there from now on. Every car I have I recommend it to everyone.

Doug Randolph

Shinhwan Roh

Michael Maness

Excellent customer service, attention to detail, impressive experience!

randall zallar

I take my truck and my corvette and my bikes to them all the time and they always do a great job. Also a great bunch of guys. I would not take anything i drive or ride anywhere else period.

Rachel Tovar

Fantastic service. Even better people! My car looks great and I'll definitely be back. Thanks guys!

Heather B

Always good service they have long time employees who care. The owner is there most of the time. Inside waiting area with snacks. They also detail motorcycles.

Patrick Richardson

Dan Shigley

Hadn't been here in forever. It's just not on my way to work/home/etc. Thought the price for a basic wash was a little high at first until I got the car back. For about ~16 dollars it was the best wash I've had in the springs. They did a great job wiping down the interior. Will try to go out of my way to hit this indy car wash again. The dog that hangs out by the counter is cool. Be sure to introduce yourself.

Derrick Brooks

Daniel Metzger

Good experience. Decently friendly and well priced. Just wish they did a better vacuum job and wiped some obvious muddy spots on the seats.

Lisa Ortega


I went once last year for an interior detail, was able to get in in a timely fashion, and enjoyed the results. I then called about 3 months ago, left a message and never got a call back. Also, no one picked up when I called again. I then just called and was told WITH NO APOLOGY that they don't have openings until mid October.... What kind of customer service and availability is this?? The 2 stars is for the good work on the interior the one time I came by.

Shanay Evans

& my tires are NOT too big. They put it under that same washer as all other cars so don't try to justify attempts to take advantage. This is solely about the price inconsistency. I feel like it's taking advantage. The point IS my vehicle is NOT oversized. They did not take anything on the side. They put mine on that same conveyer they do all other cars. The old dude just tried to charge more plus that's not the only instance. I simply do not go here anymore. I have not had trouble at ANY other wash contrary to what you implied, as my vehicle isn't OS. He simply upcharged.



Peter Galle

My Boss Robbie has been using these guys for at least a decade I think. He introduced me to them recently and I'll always be a satissfied customer at Seventh Wave. I had to park my car under a group of Aspen trees during the summer on night, I came out and my whole car felt like sand paper from the sap. They buffed and cleaned all the wax off like it never happened and the cost was very minimal for the work.

Brennon Stacy

Cheery Terry

Eric Sutton

Carla Kenyon

JA Brat

Great job, great price!

Adam West

Best hand wash you can get in all of Colorado Springs.

Michael Tamosaitis


Lisa Gallardo

curtis Teter

Tonya Huyter



I looked at reviews before deciding to go there and maybe I went on a wrong day but I felt rush after I arrived and there wasn't anyone behind me. I strictly asked about the rust under my car and later found out the guy picked out the bronze which did not have the option to wash away the rust which was my main concern but instead a chassis one. The price for them hand washing it before it goes into the small tunnel was not worth it and afterwards a bunch of guys wiped it down and let me know when they were done. I should have taken a look closer since they missed spots where dirt is more common like near the emblem and under the light near the license plate. Most people would assume it was clean after we drive it off but I was not impress and sadly that was my first and last time going there. Waste of 25+ and I left them a tip inside their box.

Elly Morris

Denise Leyba

Love love love...

Christopher Bryan

They did a great job on my extremely dirty F-450 dually.

Gabriel Cordova


Had a couple good details here but now it seems like they hate money. Last time I came in at 10 am and I was "too early" and they couldn't wax the exterior of my truck because the wax guy doesn't come in until 1pm. This time I came in at 4 pm and I was "too late" to get the leather conditioned in my small SUV and said it takes an hour and a half. Surely a staff of 8 or so people that are working can rub some Lexol on my seats in an hour when there's only one other customer there. Oh well, there are plenty of other places that will do it.


Never a worry at this professional car wash. Friendly staff and the wait times aren't bad if you call ahead. They take great care of my truck & Vette.


Darn it they got me again. I do the same thing after, every time I get a $40 hand wash at 7th wave. I go home and finish washing the truck. They do an ok job on the exterior but don’t even wipe down the interior. If you want your dash and center console wiped down when you spend $40 go somewhere else. So I guess I got the Full Service Wash. However either your QC needs work or we have different definitions of Full Service. If you would like I can post pictures of the interior of the truck right now just a few hours after it was “washed”.

Nancy Nell

Richie Newberry

It's quick. And the wash is actually pretty good. Not perfect, but if you don't feel like washing yourself, these guys do a pretty good job.

Monica Alvarez

I went today for a interior clean and wash and let me tell you something the day before I went to waterworks on chelton and wasted $17 on garbage after leaving their wash I got home and removed my mats dude to me noticing they didn’t even wash them and had soda still on them! Guess what? They didn’t even vacuum under my mats!!! Disgusting! So today I went to 7th wave who I have gone with before and within half the time the other car wash took my truck was spotless!!! 7th wave you guys have a loyal customer from now on and I will be telling all my family and friends about how great you guys are!! Don’t go anywhere else guys if you actually want the job done go here!!!


Service was quick and friendly, they also give military discounts as well which was nice. Prices are very fair and they offer inside and outside cleaning. They have a little lounge you can hang out in with some comfy couches and tv with drinks and snacks. Would for sure recommend this place. They also expect all major credit cards.

David Kile

Paul Otis

Great car wash, great crew detailing.

Elizabeth Kennedy

Terrible they wouldnt even take my trash!

Ericka Delamora

I went for the first time to wash my car yesterday there . I paid for one of the highest prices packages and they did a bad job for what I paid. When they gave me the car I noticed it was dripping water which means they did not hand dry like they said they would. Also they did not fully vacuum my vehicle correctly. They also spayed some kind of oily thing in my windows leaving a residue. I normally take it to a car wash that I have to vacuum the car myself and only pay $5 but honestly I do a much better job vacuuming the car and they car was is only $5 versus $25 that they charged. Definitely not worth what you pay for and I will not take my car there again.

Matthew Springer

Best car wash in the area. Full wash is a great value.

Greg N Kim Swartz

Always a good carwash... or rather truck wash. The owner is even on site most days working with the crew.

Tim Romines

Cristina Espinosa

Brandi Vandergriff

Ive been coming to this particular establishment for 8 years now and I've had the best experience in the past. I recently moved 60 miles from here and I've been going out of my way to come to 7th wave. Unfortunately today they refused to wash my vehicle due to a little mudd on my fenders. Im extremely disappointed I drove 60 miles for them to refuse me service. I would no longer recommend this carwash. Terrible customer service!!

Rachel Trujillo

Very rude manager.

Crystal Putnam

Great folks and excellent service. My truck always looks terrific when nice and clean.

AL Peterson

Best car wash on Colorado Springs. Very friendly, fast.

Kim Cruz

Scratched our truck. Still dirty. Mirrors/ windows spotted. Bugs on front. Worse car wash ever!

kody k


Joe Duran

Kenny Adams


John Guidoni

Friendly....workers really pay attention to detail

Vicky Bingham

Had bugs from 4 states, they cleaned my car really well. Matthew took car of rock chip in my windshield, great work guys!!

Felicia Williams

Terrible experience. The older man that checks people in was astonishingly rude. He asked me what service I wanted, and I said the Full Service Wash. He States "the basic Full Service Wash", I assumed he was just talking out loud because he circled Full Service Wash on the slip of paper he had, but then he looked at me again and said "Basic Full Service Wash?" . And I was asked him, there are different options for a this service, I only saw one Full Service Wash. He literally says "Look at the wall". There weren't any other options so I said, sir, I want what the wall says , a Full Service Wash. He doesn't say anything and walks away. At this time, another guy walks up and begins to ask me questions. I'm watching the older man and he walks up to my car and tries to open the door. I'm behind him and I'm about to hand him my keys but then he goes nuts yanking on my door as hard as he can over and over. At this time I tell him to get away from my car. The other guy watching this whispers an apology and shakes his head. I then ask him for the owner.the owner, Craig is nice and tells me he will take care of it, and the wash for free. I go into the building to give the attendant my receipt, and she says " im so glad you said something to the owner, that guy is a dick and most people won't tell on him". So that's now two other co-workers who have apologized and told me the guy is always like this. But then I wait, and I get my car back. And I'm not sure if they even touched the inside of my car because I didn't look like it had been vacuumed or cleaned. I'll never go back, and I literally wasted an hour of my life for someone to be rude to me and to walk away with my car in the same condition it was in when I arrived.

Daniel Wiedrick

Great place! Friendly staff with an attention to detail to make sure your car is done properly.

Jaala Wotruba

Aurora Skye

I asked for my car's seats to be cleaned. I have had my car since 2008 and it has never been shampooed. It has been through horses, dogs, beach trips, road trips, my daughter from 0-7 years, etc. I spent an hour and a half at 7th Wave and my seats look brand new. My car smells brand new. They included a car wash, vacuum, and interior wipe down with the shampooing. The owner brought me my drinks that had been left in the car, asked me which seats to cover, and even explained why one stain (horse foot polish) was the only thing not coming out. I was walked to and from my car while having the process and results explained to me. The waiting room was comfortable and there was a friendly dog to pet. The price was very reasonable for what I received. I will never go to another car wash. This place earned a lifetime customer today!

David Clavette

Awesome staff

Sylvia Salazar

Tommy Shank

The Hardwood Guys

Great place to get your car washed

Carmen Palmer

They brought my car back to life after a previous car wash ruined it. They were so helpful and I should've just went there in the first place. Affordable prices and great customer service!

Stephen Davis

They are always grate. I moved to utah and miss seventh wave so much. Everytime I'm back home I stop off and get a good car wash.

Alba Vidaca

They are pretty thorough and don't cost that much. They even repaired a crack in my window.


Used to get a good wash, they have gone down hill.


Had gum on my seat, called and went to multiple places, with little to no help. This place cleaned it out perfectly in like 10 minutes!

Darren Stritzinger

Friendly staff who do a great job washing and cleaning your car. Monthly and annual pricing as well!

Steve Bartley

Greatest car wash for 500 miles any direction. These guys walk on water and eat fire when it comes to customer satisfaction! Worth every penny and more for a hand-washed and total interior cleaning every single time. The owner, Craig, is there 7 days a week making sure his customers get the BEST. And they do. I'll be back, so will my wife, and my kids too as they now have cars that need 7th Wave awesome care.


The service is good and I love their doggo. And they do a fantastic job in whatever fashion they clean your car. They make it look great, smell nice, and ready to be shown off with every single car.

Alex Reyes

Sol Odonnell

I don’t even know what they really cleaned. All I could smell was the fragarance. Seriously I still went and cleaned my car afterwards myself hahaha. Crappy crappy place!

shirley linn


Hershey Kisser

Do not go there!!! I had a black "mirror finish mercedes" . Now its all micro scratched up. I told them I justed wanted to go through the water jets and not to cloth wash my car. They did anyways and now its all scratched up. ********BE WARE****************

Michael Rhodes

This is only place I will have my Teslas washed. Not only do they do good work, they fix their mistakes. I had tire treatment somehow wind up splattered all over the inside of the car. They use water based chemicals, so they were able to get it out. They never blinked about fixing it or acted bothered. Their customer service is outstanding. Not that they make mistakes often. I come a few times a week and only had the one incident. I do follow up to make sure the crew didn't miss anything after each wash.

Jenn G

These guys are amazing and my truck comes out nearly show room perfect every time. I have four dogs and the clean the interior so well that you can't even tell I have one dog

Brent Hassler

Brought my truck in to get it washed before selling it. All the staff were very courteous, especially the owner, who was working the register. They did a great job - especially for the money. When I noticed that one grease spot didn't get washed all the way they touched it up quickly and willingly. Very pleased!

Dona Stines

They do such a great job on my vehicle every time I take there. The intake guys could be a little friendlier, but everyone else is great.

Mike Blickenstaff

Best car wash in town. Prices are good and they're quick without lowering quality.

Shannon Johnson

amy fedde

My go to for a great carwash or detail

Alan Lewis

Military discounts

Donta Styles

Great service!

Jerry Faughn

Get the premium service for $29.99, it's worth a lot more!! Hand detailed!!

sandy temple

Great place in-and-out really quick wonderful staff

Melissa Mack

Perfect for GSA vehicles!! In and out, great service, friendly people :)

Anthony Alston

lee popwell

adam gutierrez

Awesome carwash. I take my truck at least twice a month. I get the backout wash, because I dont like automated brushes washing my truck, and it comes out perfect. They do an amazing job and I highly recommend you check them out.

Todd Barker

Good service, just a bit pricey though.

Shana Maguire

Cody Fecteau

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