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1510 Space Center Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80915, United States Located in: Palmer Park Supercenter

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REVIEWS OF 5 Star Car Wash & Dog Wash IN Colorado

Dave P

I've used a fair number of car washes in Colorado Springs, but I like this one best. Everything works, and the place is not cluttered.

Keisha Way

The timer on the car wash is too fast so you have to keep adding quarters. So now, I only use the vacuum. I'll find another place that's a lot more reasonable to wash my car.

Traumanick Dooper

Everything works great and well lit at night.

Courier Warrior

I love where this wash and vac is located. The owner is super helpful and I certainly won't hesitate revisiting this wash for a my vehicle needs

William Connor

N the Springs Best carwash

David Torweihe

Doesn't take cards

zac davis

Equipment is in good shape, and theres no shortage of hot water. Good spot if you like to wash your car yourself.

Ken Klimas

A lot of money for an inferior Clean

Shanelle Williams

Love this car wash!!

Peter Eastman

Was not impressed with the wash. Car was still dirty.

Mark Ledesma

Nice place to wash cars. Credit/debit cards accepted for washing. Would be nice if cards were accepted for vaccuuming.

Stephen Gurgon

One of my favorite car washes to use in Colorado springs. Powerful sprayers and powerful vacuums. Great value as well

Vicky Strong

It works great and gives plenty of time to bathe and wash off dog!

Cody Butrymowicz

Did exactly clean my truck off

Jerry Gilliam

The best car wash place I only go to .I've been going since they opened. Met the owner one time he seen me wearing my Dallas cowboys Jersey found out he is a ex cowboys player that was cool. But anyway the car wash place is the best place I taken both my new cars here and always will awesome place

Joe Vareberg

Awesome place to clean the pups! My 2 Golden's retrievers love it there and haven't had any skin problems etc from products and have thick coats I can get then both washed and dried for 20$!


Best place ever to wash your dogs!! Owner very friendly too! I always get noth my dogs washed for $10!

Michele Shaw

It was efficient

Wendy Havens

Did drive through & it actually took off dirt on the back end of car. For those of u who live on dirt roads you know how hard it is to get back of car clean. I also got a free vacuum with wash but did not use. Will come here again.

Carmen Sara

Was not too impressed.

Xavier Pedigo

Super clean. Super fast. And my dog loves her dog washes!! It's great!!

Owen DeVore-Gieseman

mark schelling

Always nice and clean!

Allan Hodgson

Good place to wash the dog clean and easy

Stephen Shaw

Love it! Great place. Everything was clean and up to date. 4 stars because one of the vacuum machines was jammed other than that overall a great place !

Daniel Egdahl

Quick easy & great prices

Mike G

Very well kept carwash... Have not used the dogwash but its pretty brilliant to say the least!

Rafael Juarros

I like the dog wash

Michael Curran

Washed my car here 1 time and the rinse was nothing but soap. Wax is horrible and the owner is extremely rude! Customer service isn’t his specialty, use any other car was

Jeremy Trumbo

Nice place

Matt W

I give this car wash 1 star. It left noticeable streaks and there was so much dust and dirt left on my car that it almost looked like it did nothing at all.

Matthew Wellborn

It did not dry my car as much as I would like. However I am picky

Earnie Humes

My wife and i bring our 133lb malamute here and its great. Normally we wash him at our house but he makes a huge mess with the soap and water. Its nice to have a place to go. Only suggestion is to put some sort of lock on doors incase of a big dog, he pushed door open on last visit before getting leash on him. Other then that great place.

Marinette Cheng cat

It's a great car/dog wash, been coming for years now.

Aimee Polom

Automatic wash is probably good for cars, not so great for a pickup with an open bed. My bed was left full of soap and I had to spend another $2 in the self wash rinsing it out. Then they fail to tell you that the "free" vacuum use that comes with your wash is only 4 minutes. My truck is brand new and not very dirty, but I still couldn't get all four foot wells done in four minutes. I didn't have quarters on me, so I was out of luck. Won't go back.

Ann Salladay

I take my car and my dog there all the time and it's a great idea that they actually have a pet wash

Beau Harris

Good spot. Stuff always works got...ample space works right for my low low

Ryan Mccloy

Great place

Richard Clark

Easy in easy out

Brian Mead

Nice car wash good equipment

MissM T

Great place to wash your dog. All the voices are hilarious and make it more fun. Treats available for purchase

ariane pennington

I went there to wash my dog. Everything was really clean. Instructions were simple and the dog treats made everything so much more comfortable for my dog 'hazel'' & I. Great place.

Mark Burris

The amount of time received for the money wasn't as good as other places I have been, but the facilities and equipment were great. It's a good place, just work quick!

David Edinger

No waiting

Rick Cheever

One of the best. Gets busy easy, only a few cars in line and you're in the street

Chris Skinner

Had a small issue on one of the dog baths. They made it right and made sure we didn't have y issues on our next visit.

Latoya Haley

Expensive! But worth it.


Everything worked place was clean even at night

Donald Spaw

Clean, affordable, and well maintained. You have the option for self service washing or a drive in washer which is not a no touch if that's what you desire. Auto wash packages include a vacuum voucher to complete your clean or you can choose to use the odor sprayer as well. Coin changer works well and none of the machines have issues. Timing on the self wash, vacuum, and odor machines is a bit short so bring some spare change to finish off you vehicle. Good place to treat your ride.

Tony Shaffer

Good pressure, takes debit/credit cards

Dustin Fay

High quality pressure, high quality soap, super busy for a reason!

Sarah Woods

Stole 2 $ from me

Kyle P

Update: Got in touch with them, they gave me a couple free washes until I was satisfied. Also something to consider is that I have a Lexus that's kind of aggressively shaped, so cars without unusual body lines might have better luck with the auto wash. Got the 12 dollar wash, car was still dirty afterwards. It was pretty filthy after that snowstorm a few days ago but I wash my car every week, it's not like it was caked on. Front lip and rear bumper were still dirty, sides have streaks. Next time I'll wash by hand.

Mommies Joy

Awesome place to wash your car. The back windshield is always cleaned in the auto service wash. Worth it.

Robert Bremer

Great car wash

Bev Frisbie

Such a great idea, convenient easy to use, clean great.

Matt Jones

Cheap and very well maintained. Great pressure and strong suction on the vacuums. It's my car wash of choice.

Alexander TorresValle

Always the best and most well taken care of car wash. Everything works to a T and I've never once had a complaint about this spot. Plus the price, in my opinion, is better than others since they have a reasonable amount of soap and wax.

Jessi Jameson



Don’t waste your time with the automatic wash.... you also have to pay for vacuums. This is just a standard car wash, no bells and whistles.

jesse Bee

Always nice friendly attendees


Good pressure

Breanne Escobar

I've been visiting this place for the dog wash about a year now and I think it's the best. It's always clean and at a comfortable temperature. Love how it's open until 9pm and as long as you get in the door by 9, you can still use the machine. Water temp and features are great (e.g. shampoo, conditioner, flea shampoo, and etc) can be sprayed by the hose. I hope they either have more pop up, or never shut down. The price is fantastic for what you get!

Aisha Trujillo

Best place for the price and what you get.

David Dew

Clean and easy to use


Using the hand wash it seems less expensive than other places.

Mz Diamond


Timothy Burton

Would be 4 stars if the vacuums lasted twice as long for big vans and SUVs and it dried the vehicle a bit better.

Anthony bujak

Went for the dog wash and not the car wash. Very impressed as I took two of my dogs there. $10 per dog but cheaper compared to the other places. Self service with a touch screen. Everything is automated and you can even pick funny voices like Morgan Freeman or Steve Madden. I was very impressed because my dogs hate baths and they actually we're calm through the whole process. The motor for the "blow dryer" is on the outside so it keeps it quiet. The tub door swivels out so it's easy to load big dogs. You can even disinfect the tub from the last pooch for free. It has a false floor so the water runs off and they are not sitting in a puddle of mud. It has shampoo, rinse, flea & tick killer built in, as well as a leave in conditioner after the rinse. The only thing i would like to see is a scented spray for when they are dry. Will go back for sure.

Ron Prentice

Very friendly family ♥️ & socially beautiful surrounding area thanks May God bless yall

Sergio Tapia

(Translated by Google) Excellent place to bathe my dogs (Original) Excelente lugar para bañar a mis perros


Great Concepts! My rides clean do is my Dozer

chaz earp

Very nice and well kept. The equipment works great


It's clean and not terribly expensive

Michael Van Den Heuvel

The $7 Car Wash doesn't even dry your car I've never been to a car wash without a dry cycle now I'm driving down the road wet be aware

Steven Kilgore

Too xpensive

George Carrington II

Powerful was!

Andy Gough

One of the best automatic car washes


So freash and so clean

Leia Dixon

It's a car wash

Donna Piper

Used the self aerve dog wash and "coincidentally" had my debit card info stolen. My bank is super vigilant and caught 2 erroneous atm withdrawals. I would definitely use cash ONLY here if I ever go back.

Don Melton

What I guess was customers now think they can just camp out in the stalls and can't get the car washed. Was a 1. Finally somebody moved to be able to wash. This is a place of business, not your private garage.

Queen B

Very clean and nicely kept.

Brandi Mitchell

Very clean and self-explanatory. If I were you I'd just use cash and prevent the credit card reader, it did take too much money but it very well could have been used error. My pup is happy and clean. She is 50 lbs and had plenty of room to move around.

Jason Kollars

I like this car wash because it has a full wash, including underbody, without any "protective coatings" that can seal in residue, etc.

Rebecca Schabel

We had so much help and I am very impressed with the manager here. He helped us when we needed it washing our vehicles. I will be glad to come here just because of his help today. Also I really recommend it as a car wash as it’s safe, clean, with very big hays to wash your vehicles. I’m also going to recommend the dog wash as my friends had no problem washing their dog there after we recommended it to them this weekend! He is a huge lab and had gotten quite muddy today and they will be customers for life! Thanks to your manager today and I appreciate someone who is full service when there are so many options in Colorado Springs! I look forward to coming back with my car, suv, or truck to wash it here when we need it!

Bobby Butler

After yesterday's trip through i have to change good to Great carwash! my truck came out clean. ThankX

Richard Clay

Enjoyed the experience but word of caution, if you have a pet that isn't looking forward to it then put them first my 120 pd dog watched the smaller pet through the windshield take a bath (shhhh ) and was fore warned as to what was coming, it was fun trying to catch him in the jeep. Thanks I will be using you service again

Joe Joe


Harry Balasagna

This place should be renamed 1 Star Car wash, it's a great place to go if you want nails in your tires.

Marie Barber

Much easier here then in the bathtub at home. Easier to clean up and they do most of the clean up for you.

springs mechanic

I got wet

Melissa Neipert

Gregory Walker

This place is awesome! Wash my car here all the time and it's great. Really nice ownership!

millard foster

Clean and efficent.

Dan McMahon

Great car wash and what makes it better is their customer service. I had an issue with one of their machines, call the manager and was hooked up for my inconvenience. It will definitely be coming back.

Austin Martz

Nice and easy self service car wash. Where the soap flows like wine...

Michelle Nyquist

affordable and great!

michael hornbuckle

Very good car wash. A lot of soap suds and good hot water pressure.

Shelly Nash

Best car was in the springs.

Ben Turner

You'd think for $9 it would dry the car completely.

Benjamin Huelle

My card wasn't working and the owner/manager hooked me up and saved my afternoon! Also have been here several times and the car gets a great wash, reliable as well!

Dane U

Do it yourself car wash

Grayson Swanner

Really nice carwash. Always clean and easy access. I always go here when I'm on this side of town

Shawn Banks

A good car wash but a little busy on the weekends.

Kazimierz Warszawski


Charla Jones

Who would have thought wash your car and dog at the same time!

Douglas Palmer

Cool dog wash and good vacuums

Jacob N Alison Wilson

Unfortunately I will never go to this car wash and dog wash again. They unceremoniously stole $5 from me. I went to the dog wash and the card reader wouldn't work. I understood the dog wash would cost me $10, however I couldn't use my card. I had a $5 bill with me and I decided a $5 dog wash would work. Once I inserted my money I realized I had to put another $5 in cash in, which I didn't have. So I hit the return button about fifty times and I never got my money back. I went to the attendant's office and rang the bell twice with no response. I went to the website to see if I could contact them and couldn't find any contact info. I used to go there quite often for car washes, but never again. I do not trust this company.

Michael Becker

Charged me two different amounts on my debit card.

Sandi Archer

The dog wash was great! It even has a sanitizing cycle before and after use. You open the door and put your dog in the metal tub. You select the services you want, and pay the minimum fee. Which was $10. You then select soap, rinse, conditioner, or flea and tick preventative. The water is warm but not hot. You can blow dry your animal or purchase a towel or bring your own. I would suggest bringing your own. Overtime my dog might get used to the process. But she did not enjoy it. She was trying to get out the whole time. Being in a strange place, the strange noise of the pump. She just wanted to get out of there. The pump is quite noisy in May startled some dogs.

William Hightower

I like going to this car wash

Jason Meservey

Gotta love the free vacuum! Nice and clean establishment.

James Jensen

Very nice and clean great water pressure and vacuum work very well.

Angela Guerrero

Love this car and dog wash!

Kim Jenkins

Convenient and free vacuum, and I had left over time on vacuum

Tech Lancer

Would rate zero if I could. Automated wash left visible dust and dirt on car. Not nearly enough time on vacuum.

dirty randy

Clean and well lit,not too expensive.

Kayle Dickson

Nice for touchless wash however, only the front of my car recieved a wash. The back of my car was left with dirt. After leaving this review someone from the wash reached out to me, apologized, and offered me another car wash at no cost to make sure I recieved the service I purchased. Awesome customer service and I will be returning!

jake F

Free stars because it is an okay car wash it's nice but to wash your own car it's way too expensive it's insane I never seen the car wash so expensive.

Daniela Parra

Good wash, the automatic car wash is a little confusing if you don’t pull in perfectly. You might find yourself going forward and in reverse until you adjust yourself enough for the wash to start

Elva Campos

Like it

Laurel Barrett

I go here often because they have a touchless wash for a good price

Vedette Forney

Loved the conditioner this wash uses for my puppy.

Rockelle Reindl

Way cheaper than wag n wash and just as good! Super clean too!

Bigg Bully

Always clean and machines in good working order.. I always come here when it comes time to cleaning a ride!

Gary Hook

Dog wash and car wash? Cant beat it

shane jeff

Clean location good price will go back

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