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17042 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, United States

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REVIEWS OF Wildwater Express Carwash IN California

Lxs Mnz

6 Good wash, 8 Better Wash, 10 Best wash, I usually go for the better and get the 20 $ subscription, I wash my car roughly every 3-8 days and this place has never let me down, free vacuum is a plus even though it needs a little extra suction but no complaints.

Jolie Levine

Fast really good service! Our truck was so dirty that we had to drive through twice! They were great about it and didn't charge us for two car washes.

nadya Moon

James Alley

These folks really know what they're doing, even on a busy day you get in and out quickly. Sometimes the the vacuum stations get backed up but I usually skip them unless it's slow. The employees are friendly and always work with a sense of urgency. I usually get the $8 better wash and don't have any complaints about the quality of the wash.

Alejandro Sanchez

stefanie oldham

Kim Nguyen

Alica Corrales

Good value but could do without guy who raised his voice because it was my first time through car wash.

Denise Johnson

Quick and inexpensive car wash with free vacuums!

Lacy Jay

Parker car wash drive thru

Ryan Mcdonald

Trena Dowell

Great price for car wash! You don't even have to get out of your car. Get the basic $5 car wash, pay attendant in the drive through, and proceed through the car washing tunnel. The vacuum is do it yourself and included in the $5. Has vacuums running on both sides of your vehicle so you don't have to struggle with the hose. I only vacuum every few times...because the outside always gets dirtier faster here.

Francisco Arenas

(Translated by Google) A good car wash (Original) Un buen lavado de Auto

Dave McMullen

2nd best $6 car wash around!

Bill Stayart

Best $6 dollar wash in town and opens early!

Cristina Bean

Rhonda Poston

This Express Carwash is actually my favorite but I don't live over there anymore but if anyone does live off of Beach and Warner it's a really good one.

Robert Sage

Good prices

Joshua Rico

Ron Luebbert

Fastest carwash ever - and does a nice job!

Angela Wilkerson-Kernozek

Great place just needed a few more minutes to vacum and finish up. Very busy place. You can get a towel for $2 if you forgot yours. Love the dash wile thy give you makes your car smell great.

Chris Morryson

Good service!

Mark Mendoza

This place has good wash all the workers are nice a guy named Zack helped me out and addressed my concerns regarding my side mirrors and the carwash scratching my paint, and they were right, my car ended up clean compared to the she'll carwash I usually go to probably since the machines looked all new or is properly serviced. This place even has a free vacuum at the end that gives you plenty of time to vacuum your car.

Clifton Maxwell

Rika Shivetts

Great car wash, only 6


Amner Divas

Linda Contreras

Great price and good wash. They also have monthly packages for unlimited washes.only down side is peak hours. Have to wait for vacuums.

John C


Convenient, but should give you instructions if you are a first timer. Felt lost. Won't return.

Eileen Menchaca

Great car wash packages. I brought $ 8.00 which gave me wash and wax. Great that you can vacuum your car your self.

Roland Henderson

Always a solid value. The Six Buck carwash. Used them for years. It's the only way to go.

Jammed Guglplusdownmythroat

Don't be afraid of the lines here. They keep this place moving quickly for the most part. I use this place regularly for my older car and occasionally for my wife's newer car, but it's obviously better to let the new stuff go thru a hand wash n dry with inside service. The spotless rinse isn't always so spotless, but it basically gets the job done. The different washes cost $6, $8 and $10. Truly I don't really notice a huge difference between them, but supposedly there is spray wax that somehow magically clings to your paint without physically being buffed in. I only see it rinse off, but I still chance it occasionally. Maybe every 4 or 5 washes I'll throw an $8 or $10 wash. I've never had a problem getting a rewash if some of the tougher dirty and grime doesn't come clean the first time around.

Parszywy Zachód

Cons : no mirror for accurate enter on rail No towel dry after wash Just basic vacuum with few stations outside Old brummers or cheap one Pros: Good localization Results: One star and I give half just for existing.

Darren Chen

Its convenient but not as thorough as a hand wash.

Angela Randolph

Greg Pyatt

Dee L

Good deal on car washes. Very busy however.

Kim Westerbeck

Convenient place to get a car wash for $6.

Good value

Chris Schilpp

Cheap and fast, while doing a good job.

Hiren Dave

Didn't clean my vehicle very well and totally scratched up the hood of my car with deep scratches. Also, it states that the water will dry without spots because it is distilled or reverse osmosis or something but that's a complete lie. My car is covered in water spots. Terrible experience. If you have a lease or something then it might be acceptable but if you care about your paintwork then avoid at all costs.



Not good for high profile vehicles

valeria inga

Jeff Hampton

Good car wash at reasonable cost and time spent. Vacuums are free but hard to get. Nice people!

Noemi Cardoso

Easy Nd quick car wash with free vaccum.

Jane Messex

Good service, very affordable

marie Smith

This place is awesome....

Matthew Page

The one I use is the better wash at $9. It’s worth it for the double super dry and extra layer of wax you can see up close. You also get a dashboard wipe and free vacuum if spots are open. This is the best wash for the money I have found in HB.

hobbit dark

I accidentally posted a pic of a huge scratch on my car, that was there before I got the wash. sorry wildwater carwash, I didn't mean to geotag you to a no context scratch pic. this place does a nice clean and has good suction they also give free air fresheners and wet wipes.

J P Sanchez

Tam Nguyen

Unlimited car washes for $20 a month is a bargain!

Daniel Sangiorgio

Fast and easy carwash with free vacuum

Brad Martin

Good car wash

Alex Balansay

Coming from Washington where we just ‘let the rain get it’, car wash culture is a new thing to me but I’ve been very happy with the times I’ve been to this wash on Beach Blvd. Friendly staff and the wash is faster and does a better job than some other, more expensive washes I’ve used.

Bill Cohen

A fast adequate carwash experience. The three levels of carwash pricing all produce a clean exterior. The issue that is commonly encountered is lack of access to the free vacuums needed to finish the cleaning process. Unfortunately freeloaders and slow patrons hog often the vacuums on busy days resulting in non-acessable vacuum stations. Overall a very satisfactory car wash.

Michael Hudson

I thought the $6 car wash I got was very good. The attendant was polite and helpful. Free vacuum after the wash.

Jason Bowles

Dose the job on my Burban , professional staff

William Naylor


Joanne Bright

Not bad but a little rough on the paint

S Araki

Great car wash. Fast, easy. Great price $8 for wash,wax, and free vacuum

George Pass

Dan C

Good car wash for a small price

Jane Doe

Do not give air freshener at all the times


Decent car wash for a reasonable cost. Do not go on weekends if you plan to use the free vacuums after the wash, since it is always packed.

Jeanna Weisman

Very nice people and customer service

Michael P

Free air freshener with any wash

Mike Williams

Berlin Broders

Love that I can get a decent car wash n free vacuum for 5 bucks. However their customer service SUCKS! Why?? Well a Car was waiting for a spot to vacuum their car so the car in front of me was not moving and I was being pushed out so I was blaring my horn trying to hold down my brake as my car is going clunk clunk clunk up n down cause the tire roller n another car was coming behind me from the car wash The first car moved a lil to the side then the car moved in front of me finally (even though they had plenty of space in the first place) n the space that opened up I quickly went straight into it and the first car was honking her horn at me so I looked at her she said I was waiting so I was like sorry I didn't know I wiped down my half way dried car, vacuumed it out then went to talk to employees and I asked if the car wash had an emergency shut down system, I told him what just happened and how I was upset because I don't want to get into an accident that's not my fault he just joked like ya it has one so I was like hey maybe you guys can have a person standing at the end monitoring traffic backing up and incase that happens shut it down he kept laughing in an optimistic way because I wasn't showing how upset n serious I was he said there cameras on the monitor but he wasn't there watching it. I didn't even get a sorry! Very disappointed and won't go again I fear of that happening again.

Patrick Harris

Good, well priced car wash. Seemed to do a good job on a Honda Civic including the wheels. Free vacuum available for short time period.

Kou-Feng Chu

Shoko Araki

Affordable price at $8 for wash, wax , free vacuum and air freshener. So easy just pay, put in neutral and ride your way to a clean car. Love it. Recommended.

Khang Tran

Good price

Kennedy Law

Only way you will receive a decent wash is if you go with the "better or best" package. The "good" is not good at all. As for the vacuuming, sometimes there's great suction and other times very effy, it's a roll of the dice, but its FREE, therefore no need for complaints. The customer service is always good and I do love their air fresheners! I will continue to use their service, just will stick with the higher wash.

Brenda Smith

They have free vacuum

Tom White

Carl Weaver

The carwash is affordable but I guess you get what you pay for. The wash did not even clean the bug splattered on the hood or windshield. Free vacuums to use is a nice extra.

Douglas DiGiore




aaron clark

Great car wash

Danny Walch

Free vacumms cheep wash

Amber Haworth

Great price for a very nice car wash!

el atomico

Tass Adune

I enjoy the monthly subscription. I like to keep my vehicle clean and being able to stop by as needed means it always is.

Andy C.

Great budget wash for $6. Free vacuum parking is located when you get out of the tunnel. It can get kind of crowded as some people ignore the sign to limit their time and just stay there. Otherwise, pretty decent place.

Philip Schafer

NICE place free vacuum's

John Thomas

Open late


Good for a quick car wash

Phil Wilcox

It's very quick and you don't always have time to spend 30 to 40 minutes for a car wash.

Ian Klumpp

Not a bad for a self-service car wash.

Alexis V.

It's a car wash that looks cool

Rick Rendon

Awesome place to wash your car and very reasonable

Isabella Ford

Quick, cheap and better than having all the grime go into our ocean

Richard Meddings

Great quick car wash with free customer vacuum stations. The two vacuums I tried didn't have much suction but they did get the job done.

David Fin

Fast and cheap. Very helpful.

Tom Barry

Nice employees and quick car wash

Eric Bottomley

They need to do something about people parking in the vacuum spots for 15 minutes.

Dan Miller

I got the $9 wash over the weekend So So wash back of the car was steel a little dirty and bugs were left on the windshield and hood. I vacuumed and wiped down the inside and was just starting to clean the bugs of the windows when the attendant informed me i was taking to long and i would have to finish cleaning my car elsewhere. HOW RUDE IS THAT. I WILL NEVER EVER GO TO THAT PLACE AGAIN.

Tony Hernandez

J.B. Adkins

Great Quick way to get my car washed and vacuum since I am not allowed at my apartment complex.

Eric Mancini

The dryer leaves lots of water on your car. Vacuums are not always in the best shape and are usually clogged. Last time the vacuum smelled like urine and I had a hard time removing that smell from my car afterwards.

Desiree Garcia

Fave car wash location!

Donna Pulver

Great wash and wax job. My boyfriend's Infinity sparkled like a new car when I was done and ten bucks is all it was

Mike Le

Decent car wash

Ernest K.

Justin Maneri

I always washed my car here! Super cheap, you can get away with $6 for everything!

Cecy Lopez

Very good service.

Mary Gallo

P. Edward Geocent

Convenient, quick, and free vacuum.

Leslie Spezziale

Highly recommend for a quick and good car wash! The $12 wash even puts tire shine on the cars tires. Free vacuuming is included..Happy customer here!!

Alicia Alvarado

amazing car wash

Johnny Dang

$5 for a quick carwash, and free self vacuum. Cheap, got the job done.

Roberto Schafer

It's ok but it doesn't clean a car very well. The bushes/strips miss half the trunk on an MX-5, the rear half of a Suburban hood and half the roof of my Mazda6 wagon because the roof rails keep the wide strips from touching. Forget about the back of the wagon and Suburban and any low spots in the body. For a quick drive thru car wash it gets most of the grime off. However, for the price, if you have time, a place with people wiping it off at the end is much better.

Matt Brown

Sarah Hanks

Love, love, love this carwash. So easy, car gets clean for only $5 and free vacuum too! Just bring a towel.

Meg Sweets

Love this place for a quick carwash. Self-serve vacuum is included. They give you a free air freshener and wipe for your dash with their second tier service (i think $8 could be more now). Plus theyre always friendly and ive never had any type of incident there, aside from one time my car was extremely dirty and didnt come out very clean, but they ran me through the wash again for free, so totally cool! Also Id only been there in during the day until recently, so i never knew this, but a couple months back, it was later in the evening, i had my kids with me, and they always get a kick out of going through the wash. We kinda have fun and enjoy the brief 2 min underwater adventure

Jack Mitchell

Quality car was for what you pay

Stacy Gorgie

6.00 carwash and free vacuam

Bryan Thunders

Water spots, soap spots, scratches and I used the most expensive wash. Never returning here again only come if you don't mind your car getting a tiny bit beat up

Aleks Vino

Went here on recommendation, however sat next to our car(that was already washed/finished) for Hal an hour without being called upon. Circumstantially didn't mind since I was there with friends, but does diminish perceived business efficiency

Chip Midboe

Does a great job

marisela santos


Good wash at a reasonable price! Offers spot free rinse too!

Sam Parsley

Conveinent, fast and free vacuum!

Miguel Gonzalez

I like it

Vinh Ha

my favorite express car wash

Robin Steelman

Great experience, good prices, quick and efficient service.

Joe Chambers

Peter Nee

6 dollar wash

larry sackett


Arif Habib

Quick and has free vacuuming

Abe Salah

It's a car wash.

Michele Duckworth

My car wasn't cleaned. The bottom 16+ inches of the car including the wheels didn't get touched.

Happy BOB

Great car wash, prices are cheap and good. car gets out clean perfectly. plus unlimited vacuum cleaner what is better than that. absolutely magnificent plus the the employees there i see them running all around all the time. great car wash best in Huntington beach

Nick Lundy

Michael Wilson

Great carwash

An Nguyen

Great car wash, and cheap too. You get free car freshener and few vacuum. I drive about 500mi a week, and wash my car every month. This place hasn't disappointed me once.

Rick Barrett

Great place! Fast an easy

Kevin Nickel


Kim Salas


Robyn Beisswanger

Great for a quick wash plus free vacuuming!

Jim Jim

Vassiliy Yegorov

5$ perfect clean cAr free unlimited vacuum one happy camper!

Eddie Hakim

This place has machines that work well

joey waters

Cheap carwash, the carwash did a decent wash but was a bit rough with taller full size trucks, fold your mirrors in.

Kevin Blue

Keith Lowe

Best price and great results.

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