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REVIEWS OF Walnut Creek Car Wash IN California

Toby P

Hand washed so never get swirl marks. Best detail in WC/Concord

Rhea Yohn

One of the best car wash in the area. Everyone works very hard here. They thoroughly wipe down the cars and ensure no smudges can be seen.

Noelle Boring

They do an okayish job on your car. Waiting area could use improvement. Was better when there was a restaurant and less day time TV blasting. Cheap though.

James Clarkson

Folke Lemaitre

Sam Sedighian

They are fast and they do a decent job on the car. The price is $29.95 for the most basic car wash they offer which is contains vacuuming as well. Make sure to tell them to vacuum the trunk otherwise they won't. I found out when I check at the end and they took it around and did it. Overall everything is ok not more not less

Brian Faulkner


J.D. Angle

Clean car, but very expensive.

_ E _

I would say a huge plus for this place is convenient and the staff inside is extremely nice. As for the cleaning and speed it’s not the best. The time I was there was more than an hour. Granted they were somewhat busy but then again I saw guys taking multiple breaks while busy and kept counting their tips. For vacuuming, they don’t move carpets around and don’t get any corners where most dust and rocks would be. Car wash was ok but they really don’t get all the cracks so if you have a black car water marks will be there from left over water. Also for you rims, they were not cleaned and break dust wast on them. Over all, I would try other places and only come here for the convenience. Note: make sure to bring extra rag to wipe water and probably vacuum your car again when you get home.

James B

Gourav Nayyar

They are good but they can do better. After wash I can still see some of the areas are not cleaned.

V.O. Epperson

Great service

tom anthony

Cindy Navarro

By far the worse experience ever! I went in for a car wash waited over 45 minutes once i got my car back it was wet and dirt spots around the body mind you my car is white so it was very noticeable and they did not vacuum it properly there was still small pieces of trash on the mats I went back to talk to the manager saul which was awful he offered me a coupon for free wash I explained to him that I'd like my money back because I was a paying customer and did not receive the services I paid for then he proceeded to tell me not to ever come back I told him he couldnt tell me to not come back I am a paying customer and if I was unsatisfied with the service that I had all right to let him know then he proceeded to go outside by the drying area to talk to the men outside and when I came out from getting my refund I got mugged and stare down by the employees. I would think twice about going here.

Stephen Serra

these guys close before their posted hours say they're closed. what a joke.

Nick Farrell

Good car wash. Fast and reasonably priced.

Adam Renner

Gore Shade

Brand new black car got a brand new big white scratch along driver side door.

Peter Callos

I took two vehicles there today. One vehicle I paid for an interior detail $135 so I haven’t picked it up yet. However for the other auto we just paid a decent rate of $35 and there was no detailing done at all on the passenger side interior. So far I’d say this place doesn’t want to provide the quality of work that they want to charge for.

Amina Okoro

This place is more expensive than nearby car washes but I wouldn't mind had they done a good job. I found they cut major corners (parts of my car were still dirty) and they carelessly ripped one of the rubber guards off my door (and didn't bother to inform me). I'm never coming back.

Jeremy Wall

Dana Peevy

Nigina Tillabaeva

Been taking my car there for few years now. I like the job they do, but not the wait time. You can easily kill an hour waiting for your car to be washed.

Peter Beshay

I went there to clean the interior of my car and specifically one seat for my son has thrown up, they charged me $30 and asked for extra $20 to clean it up. I paid a total of $50 and the car still not clean and smells and when I complained about it they said that’s all what we can do

alyce bond

none none

Lindsay W

I was SHOCKED cause I payed over $80 for a car wash and wax and honestly it was one of the WORST car washes EVER! First of all the inside windshield wasn't cleaned then all the other windows weren't cleaned very well either plus none of the cup holders were cleaned, the seats weren't vacuumed and some tracks on the floor weren't cleaned either. I'M REALLY UPSET AND I WILL NEVER GO BACK, PLUS I'LL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW TO NEVER GO HERE EITHER!!!!

Russell Millison

gerson canaver


Mohammad Shelbayeh


Sha Rio

Sarah Christopherson

David Cates

Great service pricey though

Melvin Smith

Henry Fanger

Michael Librizzi

Great car wash

Lia Finau

Greg Winn

Good staff, sometimes not quite as diligent about getting your car clean as they could be.

Rezwanul Azim

Julius Timmy James

Charles Gooch

This Car Wash has become a part of my Sunday ritual the Car Wash opens at 9:00AM, I'm usually in line by 8:45AM because it gets real busy, real quick however I must say its an organized busy with an attendant guiding you into the line. Once in line it goes rather quickly usually 30 minutes. Its so busy because its a great Hand Wash at a great price, and they pay attention to all the details of the wash making sure your car is clean inside and out windows, dash, bumpers, and tires. Nothing like a Sunday drive in a super clean car.

Will Ulitsky

Ruined the paint on my car. Will be taking them to court as the owner here is rude and terrible to deal with.

Wilson Lui

They did a good job on washing and cleaning but failed to vacuum the trunk otherwise should've been 5 ⛤

Rick Hopkins

Nina Reyes


Ian Arcolas

Fast but no quality of work!!! Still a lot of dirt that have not washed off!!!

Peter Connolly

Very thorough cleaning. Expect at least 30 minutes.

Melissa Coath

Abdul Wali

Michon Blount

Great service and did well on Car.

Chavdar Keremidchiev

JC Jones

Best car wash around. I have a new Black on Black Cadillac SRX and tried each car wash in or near Walnut Creek and these guys are the best. It's cleaner and an amazing shine after. I get positive looks after using them compared to the others. The only place I will go unless I do it myself with Griots Garage products, talk about a shine, WOWSZA

Higgs Boson

Yesenia Sanchez

Jazmin C

Great job !!everything done by hand avoiding scratches on the cars. Except for long lines on weekends

Stephanie Ann

First time trying their service. They did a good job - could have paid a little more detail to the "detail" of the interior. It wasn't clean clean. I'd go again to see if detail service improves.

Leroy Holland

Joshua Romero

I have been going here for the past few years twice a month on the summer days, good car wash for the price you pay.

Katie Sakellariou

They didn't vacuum between the seats, they didn't vacuum the floor of the third row seat. They didn't wipe out the cup holders or the dash. They missed a huge spot of dirt on the hood. They left my car unlocked with the key inside next to the street. They suck!

Val Fullove Smith

Incredible attention to cleaning every area! I love it!!

Gerard Barnes

First time just now, tried the $12 instead of $7 or $10, let's see how my car looks In a couple of days? Today it is clean and the wash was fast. The free vacuums are strong. If my car looks good In a couple of days then I will return. The staff was kind at almost 7pm near the end of their day.

Cecilia Martignoni

They did a good job in cleaning the car. I always walk around the car and if they miss something I tell them and they take care of it. They are very nice.

Priscilla McCastle

Peter Barnett

These guys do a great job, but it takes an hour+. Being a book

John Davidson

Great job

Melissa vG

Tried to give them the benefit of the doubt however this morning I had similar experience to another reviewer. The exterior was clean. The interior looks like they barely ran a rag over surfaces. My mistake for paying for the hand wax service.

Andrew Smith

They always seem to miss parts of my car. I won't be going back

Jeffrey P Brogan

earl ansley

Drove 15 miles to get my truck washed to find they close an hour before their advertised 6 pm closing. Tried to speak with the Manager; told he'd already gone home also. Asked an employee to relay my complaint to the Manager. He said 6 PM was their "Summer" closing time. They just don't bother to tell prospective customers. I see from this review section that a prior would be customer already complained about this problem which wasn't corrected. See: (Stephen Serra in the last week these guys close before their posted hours say they're closed. what a joke.) Perhaps they should work for the government.

Patrick Barney

Go somewhere else. There is plenty of competition around. Everyone has an attitude. On top of that they are a bit more expensive then everyone else. Edit Response to Owner on 8/30/19: The issue was that I was asking about an exterior wash only and both the cashier woman would not take time to answer basic questions and was dismissive of any attempt to talk to her. The gentleman that I dropped my keys off with did not speak enough English to understand what I was asking. As a result I ended up paying more money for something I didnt want... that I could get cheaper 5 min away.


Not good for hand wash

Lyubomir Lefterov

One of the best places in town to get your vehicle washed. Car washes are notorious for leaving customers dissatisfied. This place is definitely better than most others within reasonable driving distance. Still, it's not perfect as they try to get your car in and out fast. You give up some attention to detail in that process.

Aadya Vig

The place is pretty good and so is the car wash. It takes too much time

David Wittig

Elle Forrest

I wouldn't take my baby anywhere else, great wash and wax, no scratches

Alexa Green

Unfortunately wasn’t worth the price, imo. Paid $40 including tip for inside/outside wash but parts of my car were still dirty. The inside panels where people get mud from stepping in the car as well as the center console and cup holders (Pics are post-wash). Went home and finished up myself!

Michel Charest

Robert Williams

Andrey Fedorov

Good wash, not perfect, but not overly pricey, either.

Matt Sorrow


Charles Doutriaux

went to have car wash because it had spots from sprinklers. You can barely notice any difference... Plus they added their foot prints all over the step to get in cars.... Horrible!

Jeremey Fleischer

More expensive than other comparable car washes, and it always takes about 25-30 min.

Candace Roberts

Paid $30 for a full service car wash and they did not clean the inside of my consuls. Which was the main part I wanted clean

Malcolm Curry

Excellent service truck looks like it did when I brought it 4 years ago!

Caitlyn Karabensh

Susana Rosales

Love the work they did to my car .

Mik Hamilton

RIP-OFF ALERT Got a car wash and they charged me twice on my card. When I realized it from viewing my account, I called and asked them to credit my card. I had all the information about the transaction. I was told I had to bring the card and the bank statement back to them or they could not credit my account. I am also a merchant and know for a fact that you can credit any card through your POS. All you need is the card number.

John Sanford

These guys do good work.


Timothy White

Frank Chen

Ok job. Takes 1 hour to get a basic wash. Very crowded.

Shawn Sterling

Don’t come on a Sunday. Always understaffed and wait times well over 1 hour.

Melinda O'Day

Way too expensive but it looks like they do a good job.

Jeff Carvell

Ruzica Ninkovic

I'm impressed by the work they done. They did detailed interior wash and regular outside wash, now a used car that I bought look like the new one. And they were nice enough to keep my car until I came from school in the afternoon. Thank you for amazing job. Now I will even more enjoy the ride. In future I will be using your services again.

Souvik Ghosh

These guys are good at what they do. They clean up the car pretty good. I've only done an auto wash which is $28 - I find that quite reasonable for a hand wash place. I'd suggest going on a weekday if possible. It's too crowded on the weekends.

J. F.

When you're waxing a car, it's completely appropriate to continue using the same applicator you just dropped on the ground, right? Well, it just happened to me. I spoke to the manager, Saul, and he seemed more concerned with telling me about matting on the ground and the like. I just wanted him to instruct his employees not to reuse towels that touched the ground because you could scratch the paint. I had to tell the guy myself (after he lied when confronted, even after I pulled some trash off the applicator's side he was using on my car) to change it out. I will never come here again.

Enrique Castillo

Not a very good place to get you car wash when there are full they didn't vacuum underneath my mats.

Christian Loleng

Justin Maneri

They do a really really good job here! I always leave feeling satisfied

Soledad Gomez

(Translated by Google) If it's good I like (Original) Si es bueno me gusta

Evan Fitzsimmons

At least your car is cleaned when there done. I like this place

Robert Collins

Always satisfied with the finish.

Hillary Lee

It took a while it seemed, but I had a ton of bugs from a cross country trip on my car so I understand! I paid $30 and they vacuumed, wiped down the interior (general stuff no detailing) and hand washed the exterior. It looks great! Very happy with their organization and service!

Maria Pettit

They do great work. I always get compliments after getting my car washed here. Beware it is very crowded on the weekends. If at all possible, go there on a week day. There's a viewing window inside the cashier building where you can see your car getting washed. The little kids love that! Inside the building, you can also buy greeting cards and browse other little trinkets like key chains.

James Khau

John Foster

Good service

Mohankumar Natarajan

Tami Zachary

They do a great job!

Gary Goldstein

Nolan Perry

It's hard to find a GOOD car wash these days. I feel like they all use the excuse that you're not paying for a detail job to justify things they miss. But this place did reasonably well. They have seating available for when the wait is long on a Saturday, and only kissed a few spots. However, it was like they didn't even wipe the interior, which they said they would do.

Frank Azcuy

Norman Gee

I like the hand wash.

shawn huff

Paid $30 for a wash I could have gotten at a gas station. Still had bugs and bird droppings when I took a look at home.

David Fujii

Jesy Chandler

They scrubbed some hard core bugs guts off and wiped down my whole car inside and out thoroughly. Very satisfied with the job they did. Not normally in the price range I pay for a wash, but we'll worth it.

imani vernon

Top 5 Kids Toys

Terrible job for $50. I keep having to ask them to vacuum a second or third time each time I come here, which has been 5 or 6 times. Dirt and dust on seats, some parts were clean and other parts entirely overlooked. Extremely disappointing. The. I get an attitude for pointing it out.

Pat Curran

Nice staff, hard workers.

Rob Melrose

Changed rating to 1 star. I am looking for a new car wash. Going on Wednesdays when they are not busy has been a total disaster. Car not vacuumed, trash basket not emptied and finger prints on the inside of the windows. For $35 plus tip, it should be spotless. Last time I was there, it was only $35 b/c no tip for shoddy work AND they do not give Senior discounts. This update has been here awhile and Saul hasn't noticed the feedback on how they have gone downhill

Nancy Rodelander



It's worth the price to have such a terrific carwash. The use of filtered water means the car looks waxed (when it isn't) and the paint isn't subjected to all the chemicals that leave water-spots. A very real and additional bonus is the staff that works there; they obviously enjoy each other's company and that is both rare and very welcome. They're the very epitome of "service with a smile"! I'm very happy to support such a great business and highly recommend it.

Tow GodEastBay

The guys that work here , work hard , and they do a nice job The guys here clean my car better inside and out than any place I have ever been to , I always tip them $10.00 on every visit , Everytime I go there . Troy I. Walnut Creek Ca.

Robert Sullivan

Only place in the East Bay to take a black car!

YeJin Chun

$35 for a basic car wash, plus couple extra dollars for tip. Vacuumed and wiped down a little inside. It was pretty busy when i went on Monday around 1pm. Probably waited around 30 minutes total. If you want a thorough cleaning for your car, I do not recommend this place. But if you're like me and do not mind missed spots here and there, try out this place!

Stacy VanAbrahams

Musaed Alawdi

Is not worth the money you pay

Nazih Fino


Sarvar Tillabaev

Great service and hardworking guys.

zahid aziz

Robert James

Excellent hand wash and wax

Ashley Knight

I would strongly advise you not come to this car wash! It is absolutely deplorable. My first and only experience here ended up with a crack in my windshield that was initially denied by the workers! They said I came there with the slit in my windshield. After I adamantly let them know that there was no crack prior, they nonchalantly dismissed me. I called the manager, Saul Valencia within minutes of leaving & finally after getting a hold of him, he hurriedly agreed that the crack was there prior after reviewing the video at the car wash. I asked him what kind of car was it & what time did it occur. His answer was, “I don’t know”. Baffled, I asked him how he was able to see the crack but not know the model of my car. He then defeatedly admitted that he had not watched the video. Mind you, I live in San Jose & was only in Walnut Creek to take my mother in law to her cancer treatment at the hospital. I returned the same day to view the tape for myself. Once we watched it together, he admitted that he did not see a crack upon my arrival. He accepted his guilt in the matter & offered to pay $250 which is half of my deductible & referred me to a friend of his that specializes in windshields. (Why I would allow him or anyone he knows to work on my car is beyond my understanding). **I was ambushed by his “friend” who relentlessly blamed me for the entire scenario. To the point where he was arguing with me. I felt extremely uncomfortable as a woman & intimidated. Also, I would be left paying $250 for damages that I am not responsible for. I of course refused and insisted that the full amount be paid. I asked for the owner’s contact information in which he denied me. He then later raised the offer to $300 in which I denied again. I will be taking this matter to small claims court. In addition, the car wash was unacceptable. Spots, crumbs, & soap were left in my car. $40 including tip before examining the damages to my car. Never again in life will I come here again. The next time I will see anyone from this business will be in court.

Satyan Sharma

Terrible job. They didn't even vacuum the back. Came home and did myself. Tired to get and credit but they refused. The offered to reclean in 48 hours which I didn't need after having cleaned it myself. No time to be running back and forth with 3 kids in school. Awful customer service and crappy work for $30 plus tip. Do not go. Try another wash.

Rod White

They did an excellent job! Even worked on the floor mats.

Roberto Mendez Perez

Phenomenal customer service and attention to detail! This will always be my “go to” car wash when I’m in the Bay Area. Highly recommend!

Cliff Martin

Best Carwash around!!

Ronald Lugo

Your better off going to a gas station car wash for the money.Had to bring car back did not vacuum car or wipe any of the intierior center console door panels.Not very helpful when I went back.

Allison See

Terrible car wash. The inside wasn't cleaned at all, and there was still dirt on the outside of my car. I had to take a cloth after and wipe everything down. Not worth the cost or time.

Russ Orlando

Excellent service. They did a great job. Cars looked fantastic after I brought them in. I like that there is just a flat price. No packages to pay for. Great Job!!!!

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