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Capistrano Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, United States

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Here you have the reviews of people who purchased the products of Ventura West Hand Car Wash & Detail Center (Car Wash) near California.

To this day the firm gets a rating of 3.7 out of 5 and the score has been based on 102 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Ventura West Hand Car Wash & Detail Center IN California

Dawn Forgash

Justin Dorfman

Jesse Johnson

OK deal for a good car wash.

Alexander D.

This is a nice car wash, it's usually busy so it might take a while. Waiting outside or inside with AC.

Leslie Porter

I've been going to this car wash now for over 10 years and am just soooo disappointed in the new management that has taken over. At first it wasn't too bad, things kind of stayed the same but ever since they've added the waiting room, extra coffee bar/snacks, etc.., the service has gone down hill. I went last week before the rain and my car was put behind three other cars that came in "after" me! When I told the manager he just said "Oh sorry"! Then today the same thing happened again. When I told him he tried to tell me that the car was there before me. I explained that NO, he was wrong and that he knew he let the car in, because I heard the asked if he could be in and out in 25 minutes. "He say yes". Now the place was busy and we all wanted OUT, but he didn't care he let the guy in before me and one other car. Then he said he'd put two guys on my car for drying and get me out fast too, but he didn't! Two guys worked on my car to 3 1/2 minutes then 1 guy left and worked on the car behind me, which already had a guy on it. It took over 50 minutes to get my car done and it's still NOT very clean! But I had spend enough time and $$$ for today, only to be frustrated, "AGAIN"! Guess its time to move on, as from the customers side, the price has gone up, the service gone down, it's time to find a carwash that CARES!

Dan Neff

conrad frankowski

Carol Cutting

Good but raised their prices too high now

Doug Taylor

Brittany Lopa

They do a good job, but if you want you car in less than an hour don't come here. The guy told me 20-25 min and it took over twice as long. What happened to all the drive thrus?!

Satpal Mac

Great place good people, free WiFi etc

Michael Martyn

It's gets pricey but they're good

Darryl Tanner

Philip Burch

I will not be coming back to this car wash because spending $29 plus tip for a car wash is ridiculous. Their prices have gone up so much and they do not even do a great job. Every time I have gone there & paid for Armorall on the tires, they conveniently do not put it on & I have to ask them to do it. The last time I went and found out the price I wish I had turned around and left. I will be trying a new car wash in Tarzana in the future for less than half the cost.

Heber Lopez

Benjamin Vallens

A bit over priced

Evelyn Nguyen

Excellent services. Very nice people. Should go during the week. It is too crowded during the weekend

Olaya Vanesa Velez Garcia

I went there for the first time and I wasn't pleased with the results. I requested the basic car wash. When I received my car i could see dirt all over.

Jean B. A. Smit

James L

Good place for hand washing you car

jamie wiley

Jacques Prickett

Poor customer service

Scott Linton

Best car wash ever. I have been coming here for 10 years now, no joke, once every 3 weeks and my cars have never had a paint issue. Great staff, great work. Will be coming back for another 10 years and more!

Mike Martinez

Nice place ,about $27 bucks for an SUV. That doesn't include tire dressing or air freshener. There is a massage chair.

Barnaby Go

Verizon Phone

Todd William Worden

I've been a chauffeur for the biggest limousine companies in L.A. therefore I've been to many a car wash all over the town, everywhere. This one is over priced. The coupon they offer is only a dollar off from, $12.99 to $11.99, before tax, of course. And that's a bare bones wash with no tire dressing, they charge, $4.99 for that when most places, it's a $2 extra deal. I won't go back.

Danielle Santilli

Nader Balady

Shahar Ferber

Highly recommended! From check-in to check-out, Jose, the Ticket Writer, and his team made sure the car shines. Also, a big thank you to Alexander, who worked on the car, for taking the time with those harder to reach places. I’ll be back.

Dana Kern

The best

Jaime Hourihane


Desent job and reasonable price that will consider coming again. Cashier lady was VERY helpful. Few small tables inside and two sitting area outside. Inside you can buy a snack or drink, or walk to really close by Starbucks. Not very fast and probably you will have few cars before you so bring a book.

Steven Seed

Decent wash, but pricey.

Nana Thomas

High prices and unfriendly staff


Amir Saed Motamedi

Good car wash

Ayla Joy

The Team does a great job!

Bryan Gagnon

Terrible terrible terrible. Stole my pepper spray and sunglasses and get this...took out the trey out from my center console, dumped out the change and didn't even put it back correctly so maybe I wouldn't notice. My fault for being in a hurry and not checking everything first before driving away ;-(

David Campbell

Expensive beyond belief! I have been coming here for years. They used to be reasonable with the pricing but now prices are out of control. $60 for a compact SUV for lexol (leather) rubber mats to be washed and an exterior wash. Completely outrageous. They do a great job and service is good, but it is always busy, always a long wait, and now completely overpriced. I will be going elsewhere from now on when it can be helped.

Gordon Polk

I have been coming here since I moved back home (Woodland Hills). I have refered many to this car wash. Even a few weeks ago the manager asked if I would post a "positive" post because many were upset at the prices the raised. So today I came in for (I think) the 3rd wash with my new jeep Sahara. Honestly today wasn't one of the better vacuum/wash jobs but that happens. I left and went to the bank. On my way out I saw scratches on my rear driver side window. They appeared to be razor blades and since they use them to clean windows it made sense. So I came back and saw Paul who agreed and also acknowledged that they were not there when I came in. Long story short. The manager who previously asked me to post a "positive" remark (because I go there almost weekly and sometimes twice a week) said that it wasn't a razor blade and they weren't responsible for the damage. Really? Really? Even his employee told him that they weren't there when I came in. So if you want to spend almost $50 (with tip) for a car wash and get it damaged...come on in. As for me they lost a good customer and I will make sure everyone I know what happened. Great job today #venturawestcarwash.

Ben Bayan

Rude, pricy, unorganized. .dont waste your time in line . Work isn't even all that good

Jennifer G

Tracey Revis

Not thorough with finishing car, saw water stains and dirt on car. I had to clean several areas of my car. Manager didn't care about my concerns. DONE with this place. For the same price I now have a Auto Detailer coming to my home!

Kim M

Although the prices have increased, they always do a great job with our cars!

Davinderpal Singh

it is really a nice car wash specially there is a guy name gurmeet he always give you a decent price

Dr. B

I love the way my car is cared for, and treated here. I voiced my concern with a previous wash they did, and they made sure it was corrected when I went back.

RamaMohan Lavidi

Nikolai Cook

My go-to place for washing the car.

Rocco Kwali

Nice clean car wash with a fiery friendly staff and a great location. My car always leaves spotless!

Mark Weiss

Laszlo Domotor

I like this place. I'm happy coming here, BUT, the price of a basic car wash has doubled in the last 18 months and today is the last time I'll be here. Too bad, as I did like this place.

yossi liani

Great place

lexi kile

Jimmy Faas

Great service. Great truck/car wash

Stephanie Morgan

I’ve been coming to this location for many years but in the past couple it has changed. The prices are very high and the work is inferior. It’s $27 before tip for the cheapest wash for my small SUV and I always find spots where bugs hit the hood that weren’t cleaned all the way. I’m going to start shopping around for a new place.

Omar Duh

Roller Wilcoxen

What a enormous wash and customer servive that you will not find anywhere else. Where else can you get this done automatically.

Narintr Ruengsamutr

high price, interior still dirty. they don't clean well at all.., I have to come back to let them clean

Sean BG

Best service

Parker Green

My car looks as good as new! I’m very pleased with the quality of service that I received here. I was spending the day in the Woodland Hills area and realized my car needed a good cleaning, so I found this location nearby and brought it in for the full service wash and hand waxing service that they offer for $70. I was impressed with the efficient and quality of their work. They got started right away with cleaning out the interior of the car before putting it through the wash and then waxing it and drying it off and doing other detailing work. There’s waiting areas both inside and outside, so you can see them working on your car while you sit and wait if you want. I was pleased with the amount of effort they put in, and how fast they did it as well. My car was spotless when they finished! I’m happy with the work that was done and feel it was well worth the price. My car looks brand new again! I’ll come to them if I ever want a thorough detailing.

Tiffany Gwyther

John Saunders

From out of state. I needed to get my daughter's car washed and was looking for a reputable quality business. After searching and reviewing the many washes around the local area i chose this place based on the ratings and the notice of management change. I noticed $100k porches and BMWs here so i felt comfortable. My daughter's car had some yellow paint scuffs on it. The attendant was able to remove all of it with some minor buffing. I will not complain about the staff. They were all friendly. I will return to this facility frequently. Thank you!

Brandy McDaniels

They do a great job. They get very busy, so plan for an hour to hour half trip. Worth the wait for sure.

access lock & key

Good service


Always super friendly and professional. Great air conditioned, clean waiting room where u can watch ur car being cleaned. Not the cheapest but u get what u pay for. Highly recommend!

Rajesh Bahadur

Best place for a car wash. Staff is very friendly, efficient workers.

Yotam Ben-Ami

Made the mistake of leaving my car here without checking their prices. Turns out their cheapest wash is $25, and that doesn’t even include a scent freshener.... that’s easily 40% more than I usually pay. Still waiting for them to clean my car. Unless I get it back with 30k less miles on it, this place is ridiculously overpriced.

Wes Hawk

Friendly staff and adequate vacuum and wash. Went with standard wash, and they got all the easily visible places, but missed under seats, and few spots on outside not cleaned. But overall for price, good job and nice people. If went with more expensive option here I would hope they would not miss any spots inside and out, but again for the price a decent job.

Oscar Silvestre Mendoza

(Translated by Google) Excellent service with qualified staff and good prices (Original) Excelente servicio con personal calificado y buenos precios

Lost Ship Recordings

Everything seemed over priced and the wash was pretty mediocre


Everything goes except the price

sylvia lowe

Gaurav Chaudhary

Mr Bautista today is 09/07/12 . Car wash is under new management now .

Lizzy 82

Good service fast and friendly employees

David Lawrence Official

Great service. Great staff. Great value.

John M. Valdez

Kevin Anderson

There is steating inside and out. They do a good job here. There is a snack/juice bar inside. This place can get very busy, so definitely have some patience.

Mark Stipkovich

GOT MY CAR STOLEN! (THAT IS NOT THE BEST PART!) Been going there for over 20 years. The owner after leading me on for months claims that the car wash was not liable for the theft even though it was on video. I was forced to take him to court and sue for my personal property and out of pocket expenses. The best part is in court he tries to frame the theft on me. His case was that I had my wife's new car stolen to commit insurance fraud!!! So much time and energy wasted over a few K. The judge even recognized him so apparently he is a regular in small claims court. Shady, Slimy, Dirty Ownership. Take your money elsewhere!

Leah Guevara

Convenient and efficient but expensive

Victorya Apelian

Very expensive and not good service

Cynthia Antonucci

They did a great job cleaning the car. Pleasant waiting area. Good service

Pejman Zeraat

This place is way OVER PRICED and EXPENSIVE , they charge 22 dollars for a regular wash which you could do that in any other places for 10 dollars or cheaper.

Fred Burns

Kyle Kushman


Joginder Bhathal

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT AS OF 9/1/2012 This Is On Behalf Of New Management ,,,1st of all We would like to thank all user for there reviews which will help us to better understand our customers. we have taken those comments /reviews seriously and worked on it as you will see new well trained and better employees hired . we have on duty manager to resolve all your issue . we are also working on website where you will receive coupons and and n submit your complaints. And Would Like See You Back And please give us One More Try Under New management . Thanks Management Of Ventura West Car wash

Marty McGinnis

Good deal and great service. Pretty fast also. My new car wash place.

Shunyu Liang

Desiree Kinney

I took my car in today and told the guy there is trash in between the seats and that he needs to get that place. I come back home and open the back door and there is a pile of trash sitting under my seat. Never going back. Waste of money!!!

henry bautista

Do not used I went on 8/28/12 to get my car wash and they damage my tire and 2 rims were scracht as far of the tire they said they will fix now they are given me the run around I have used this car wash in the past and they do a dicent job when it comes to washing the car and I have know the manager name arsen he ussually gives me good deals but if ur car ever get damages they said they will fixe so you go home and next day you will get run around they even send me to tire shop to wasted my time they never gave ok to fix I have been calling for 3 days now same BS that they will get back to me and never do this will end up in court will keep posted

John Cooper

This is a great car wash. Nice waiting area with a small cafe. Free wifi. The washing department has solutions from $20 to $120+ I get the "Manager's SPecial" for $30 and the car looks and smells great in about 30-40 minutes.

Lauretta Mich

Great service, good prices.

Robert Amerian Jr

Ashkan Imanzahrai

Mediocre at best. Spent $190 it took them 4 hrs to do it. The front and back window still had spots on it which I cleaned my self. They don't have any treatment for vinyl windows to clean beside windex which leaves them cloudy. I know there are cleaning agent made for vinyl windows.

Jose Rincon

Patrick Parry

The price to wash my SUV went UP by 40% to $35. There are better options to get my SUV washed. I have been going to this place for many years, but not anymore.

Brad Reardon

Incredible wash for the price. Service was very fast.

Barry Litzer

I Can't believe they have the nerve to charge $25.00 for a lousy car wash.

james mcdaniel

Overpriced and difficult to communicate with the staff. It's close to where I live but I'll find someplace else. Not a great job for the price.

Flora Young-Jones

Nothing nice to say,, I especially did not like the demand for tips from the Cashier. The waiting area is crappy and I honestly don't know what I paid $21.00 for.

AC John

Way overpriced, 25 for a basic car wash. Avoid.

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