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REVIEWS OF TLC Hand Car Wash & Detail IN California

Hollie Anderson

Fast, friendly and accurate!

Tequila M.

This is the cooliest car wash ever free coffee and wifi and the early bird special is the way to go Mon-Thursday 8am-10am $3 off Thanks TLC car wash

Alex Garcia

Irvin Ray

Christopher Wolven

Great service

Mike Gonzales

The worst car wash,I ever came to, car wasn't dried properly, windows still dirty, they don't care for your car treat it like junk. Caught them turning my wheel well my car was turned off.

drewsky 100

cesar esquite

(Translated by Google) Lacks a few q staff they have paid them bad and the service is so lousy and the owner or care I'm not back by or given away. ..... (Original) Le falta personal los pocos q tienen les pagan mal y el servicio así es pésimo y al dueño ni le importa yo no vuelvo por ni de regalado. .....

Jasmine Navarro

tom park

Know the car wash very well. Very busy at times. Overall good service. Good wash for the money. I like The Works wash with $4 off and the Express Hand Wax with $10 off. Sometimes there are a few spots left but they have no problem taking care of me. I hate the Express Drive-thru Car Washes!

Lawrence Shields

Venise Mercado

Tim Marples

Ban Ban

Quick place to get a hand wiped car wash

Emily Dorantes

It’s so hard to find a good car wash, Nicole at TLC car wash listened to what I wanted and helped me choose the right package. They did a great job. I will certainly be returning.

carlos Hernandez

Been coming here for years. They do a decent job


Used to go all the time when the service was great, seems like in the last couple of years the service has declined since the last manager ( the younger Korean man) moved to NY. It seems like they are understaffed, which relates to a no so good of job since everyone is in a big rush. They miss alot of spots on your vehicle. This along with not being able to purchase my carwash tickets through Costco, has left me no choice to go else where :(

Carl T Smith Jr

Make sure clean inside well

Andre Jackson

Nuria Vega

spray wax is the way to go. Very nice & friendly staff.. Prices are affordable

Tony Park

Read all the bad reviews but had to try this place because it's so close to where I stay. The car wash was surprisingly clean and well maintained when I was expecting a dump. Pulled up to the vacuum line and was greeted by a friendly ticket writer. I was sold on the Blue Coral express wax special for $27.99 (better deal than their best wash). Took care of my business and was out of there in 20 minutes. Thought they did a pretty good job for the price and time. No complaints. I will be back again. Best part was the cashier who was a nice, young girl with a great smile. She took my payment quickly and made me feel comfortable to come back.

Celeste Rivera

I highly recommend their spray wax special.. my car came out looking like new

lester wolford

Had my Ford Focus brought in and was met with a very nice gentleman at 1st. Was looking to get my car detailed so I could sale it. Things were very slow and it looked like you could use the business and your staff was eager to please and even offered me a discount. It was around 12:00 pm on a Monday. Your staff said they would need a few hours. Around 4:30pm, I got a call from your cashier saying that my car needed more time but I needed to come pick it up and bring it back tomorrow, or I would be charged a $20 overnight storage fee. So long story I had to come pick up my car Monday before 5pm just to bring it back the next day when they opened. Now mind you, I was paying for the "ULTIMATE DETAIL", and I wanted to sale my car so I wanted to make sure it looked great and I did convey that to the staff. So when I returned the vehicle that Tuesday morning, I dropped it off so they could pick up where they had left off. Mind you, the car had only been vacuumed, washed and shampooed, no detailed work was performed yet that I could see. Needless to say, I dropped it off that Tuesday morning at the open of business and returned when called around 4pm. Excited to see it and take pictures to start placing adds for it, I returned only to be met with great disappointed. 1. Still had road grime and bugs on front of car and around mud flaps. 2. The rims still had dirt on them but yet very soaked in Armor All (I was able to wipe it with my finger and dirt slid off) 3. Lots of engine degreaser over spray and dirt still inside engine compartment.( again, you could wipe the dirt and grease with ease with your hand) 4. Lots of spots on the floor mats, and seats even after being shampooed, so they say. (Took it home later and got it out with a Bissell) 5. When you open the doors, the jams had the same dirt and scuff marks on them. 6. The inside windows still had streaks and that dirty film on them. So when I tried to find the gentleman that sold me the detail package, he was nowhere to be found. They said they had no management on site. The cashier claims that she called him, but would not let me talk to him, but I could return on Wednesday and speak to him if I liked. So I returned on Wednesday and met with the gentleman that sold me the detail package. I pointed out the issues and he agreed that they had not done the best job possible. I asked for a partial refund of the $156.97 that I was charged up front for, and they refused. I was willing to meet them 1/2 way. I agreed that they did do some hard work and the car was somewhat cleaner then when I had brought it in, but by no means was it worth the so called "ULTIMATE DETAIL " package that I had paid for. So on that note. I will be notifying the BBB, make my reviews, let all my friends and colleagues at NBC/Universal know and see about taking my pictures to small claims court along with Yelp and Facebook. So now you decide if you want to give them 3 days or even 3 chances.

Kevin Weist

Best carwashes

David Maciel

Joselyn Duarte

My car was wax by an employee and i was more than satisfied.. will recomend this place to my friends

Charles Donley



Carol Sackal


Shirleen Gradford

This used to be a great car wash. The half done work on my vehicle was the last straw. I NEVER write reviews but TODAY is the day! I went back so they can finish the work but AGAIN, half done. Thanks. Windows Body Vacuum....horrible

Chrys M

This is my cars Favorite spot!.. How I like this place alot;)

Amanda Gonzalez

Loved going back

Manuel Parravicini

horrible car wash not coming any more


Steffany Caceres

Don't take your car within the last business hour. Overpriced for an extremely crappy wash.

John Muro

The worst car wash I've ever been to waited 10 minutes to pay for the wash and then the car wash barely worked lots of soap left on my car wheels were not washed would not go there again had to take my car to another car wash to get it done right

Michael morgan-el

This place is affordable even on my small budget. Nice and clean. Can't be beat.

Denny Potter

Rob Jenkins

Laura Arismendi

I love how the guys take care if my car. Thank you TLC CAR WASH

Joie Monleon, BSN, RN, PHN

fidel cortez

Definitley would not go back nor recommend. Poor service as well as quality of wash for the price you pay

Anna Barbara

TLC Car Wash made my car almost new looking with the carnauba wax.. affordable price and excellent job performed

Alexis Chavez

I loved the 29.99 spray wax special Monse recomended me... guys made an awesome job...keep it up

Selene Martinez

This car wash is one of my favorite ones. The employees are always on top of their game and the most I've waited was 10 min. I recommend this one to my friends and family all the time.

Hope Corrales

Desiree Sanchez

The cashier sabrina was such a helpful, friendly lad and the service all together was amazing. TLC CAR WASH ROCKS!

francisco magdaleno

Poor quality job for the price we pay I won't comeback no more.

Cat D.

I'm definitely going back for a detailed car was

Thomas Sturgill

Terrible job, worst car wasg ever. Should have went to the drive thru.

ron woods

Bought wife a $210 'Ultimate detail' also described as "SHOWROOM". You've heard the saying where a 1000 monkeys with a 1000 typewriters could eventually come up with "WAR AND PEACE" Well it won't happen here, Two days and still got a amateur [at best] detail job. My advice, hire your lazy incompetent kids, nephews, maybe a grandma, pay them, at least your keeping the money in the family and stand a better chance of getting a good job.

Arthur Robles

Loretta Spearman

BEWARE!!! OWNER WILL AVOID TALKING WITH YOU IF ANY DAMAGE OCCURS WHILE HERE!!! I took my convertible Mercedes here because of brushless, water PSI is too high and it ripped my canvas convertible top along with worker who used a brush on it! Owner refused to speak with me, instead told workers to ignore me! LAWYERED UP

Rmedia 09

Defintely great service. Good pricing. One of the best. Highly recommend for everyone

lolita soto

tim johansen

I took my truck in and they didn't clean the hood good so I ask to have the truck ran through again but ..... Instead he just took a rag and wiped the hood with no soup or water ! REALY !! That will scratch the paint they needed to re wash the truck , get it right ! What's so hard about doing the right thing , even with a coupon I don't want my paint scratched , never again with my truck , maybe with my daily beater which I only drive back and fourth the work and who cares about that car .

Ernesto Gonzalez

Terrible Service! They Don't believe in customer service, didn't even bother to wipe down my vehicle properly! This was during the week & it was slow, no other cars, No excuse for the terrible job!

Andrew De La Torre

Highly recommend this auto detail spot. Team is very respectful & professional, most of all the washers are incredibly detailed on their work. Guaranteed a 5 star wash service.

Jose Ruiz

Really slow at washing cars and pricey

Irene Duckery

Love the carwash walking distance from my house. I haven't had a issue or complaint since they been washing my car.

Darcy Bormann

Robert Miranda

Amazing service from you guys well recommend from marlene

Elias Munoz

Anthony Strode

Georgia Hennessy

It is close to home and they almost always do a great job.

deborah williams

Do not go when they are 1 hour before closing. I assume that is why the service was awful. All the services I paid for I did not get and the ones I did were done poorly. I had them re-vacuum the car because they never moved the seat. I knew I spilled sunflower seeds and once he moved the seats it was obvious they did not fully vacuum. The tire treatment I paid for was done poorly and rim's still dirty. I have a BMW and I like to keep it clean. The air freshener was never given. I won't be back. I paid 20 bucks for a job worst than I could have done at home.

Gagan Malhotra

Mark Faustino

E.L. Joan

Brian Yabur

Great service from Marlene

Kai Abel

The most shadiest place to wash your car.

amanda bloch

Samantha Guzman

Been here a total of five times and sip far I am impressed thank you guys!

Stan Bradshaw

They do a nice job on the wipe down after the wash.I also love the fact that they are a real hand wash spot.


David Chanes

Jong Uk Bae

excellent services with a good price tickets from a local Costco give you more discount. Tue-Thu 8-10, $3 down


Sean Keone

Christy Schlegel

Service was friendly and fast but my car had spray spots on the windows and floors weren't vacuumed very good. They were pretty busy my first visit so I thought I'd give them a second chance but was it was worse than my first visit. There was so much stuff missed in my carpets it didn't even looked vacuumed.

Paul Campbell

Not very Friendly somewhat deceitful couldn't give the discount on an extra service from the previous one not very Happy with the service My Son could have done a better job


this is my favorite spot

Ashok Patel

Efren Xavala

carlos pineda

Nannette Birrell

I took my car to get a wash and the seats washed today. I was called to come and get it, when I got there the seats had not been washed. I had to wait another 2 hrs. when i finally got my car, the inside had not been completely vacuumed. it was a disaster. I called to come and have it done again. cashier said she had to ask supervisor, I asked for their name and the owners name. she she it was not public information

Kris Arleta

The early bird special is the best! nice car wash

superman batman

Aurora Garcia

Always a great job! Been coming here for years!

Chai Dawn

Horrible customer service. Left spots all over the car. There were spots left uncleaned on the console. They did a poor vacuum job also.They would not honor a raincheck because I took advantage of the earlybird special. The price of pkg A was $16.99. the Earlybird special was $3 off. It rained the same day I got my car washed. I was turned down for a raincheck because I only paid $13.99 for pkg A. If I would have paid $16.99 I could have gotten a raincheck. I even asked if they could just washed the outside. The manager refused. That was my first visit and last. They don't value their customers

Leslie De Vries

karen lopez

awesome service

Jose Valdez

Elizabet Luna



(Translated by Google) Quick attention and very pleasant people working there .. (Original) atención rápida y muy aagradable las personas que trabajan ahi..

samuel Faj ijjuhyyyuu uhgfrfdzddfder dwwevela

Marlene was awesome

Gricelda Magana-Tillman

Best car wash place ever! Very polite well mannered young man Miguel Garcia helped me he's is a real salesman and my girls always want to go there cuz they have a crush on him. #supercute #5starspot

Natalie Jenkins

Kia Gaither

TLC is my go to when I get my cars washed. My cars look phenomenal when they are done!!

Christi Hays

Great place. They go the extra mile. Professional and courteous.

Ivette Ramirez

I love this place they always do a great job on my car.

Leo Prieto

Used to be a good car wash. They don't wash your car very well and they're expensive now

Angel Hefflin

Zuleima Mojica

Great service!

Isaac Ybarra

Juan Vasquez

Didn't vacuum seats, wipe center console or inside door panels, floor maps just thrown in back seat. Guy drying stood around and followed me for tip. Outside is clean though. Inside could've definitely had more effort.

Austin Dickson

Used TlC Car wash for my corvette and audi, never disappointed. Recently returned from a 2000 Mile trip hit every bug On Highway 5 Going north and south, Took to tlc For detailing when i picked up the car it looked show-room fresh. Thank You tlc for Past 15+ years and many more to come From Christopher

Michael Boyd

This is the worst car wash I have ever received. Areas of the car were not vacuumed. Other areas were never wiped down. The outside of the vehicle had dirty hand prints that weren't there before the wash. When I asked for them to please wipe down and vacume the missed area, they suggested I buy an interior detail.

Jessica Calderon

Love this place, fast service and reasonable prices

Alex Rosales

Horrible car wash...staff don't give a RIP about any complaints. They left my v8 running for over 10 minutes before someone actually got to it. This is with only 4 cars in lot. They use the same smelly rags on all cars, my E class smelled like egg afterwards. Save yourself the 15 dollars...the cheapest wash they got. Worst wash ever

Carol C Smith

Today we paid $95 to have the truck washed and hand waxed to remove water marks. Returned to a dirty truck and still water marks all over it and they refused to do anything about. I have spent lots of dollars in this place and now finding out that means nothing. I WILL BE LOOKING TO TAKE MY BUSINESS ELSE WHERE!!

John Park

Carolina Peña

Saturday and they are close!!! I have not idea if this is still open but I can’t believe a car wash are close on Saturday 0 Star

Cali Colombia

No good, the owner is weird, the workers too complain, I never will be back!


Yenny Sanchez

Budget friendly and very nice staff.

David Stephens

Miguel Soares

Looks nice... But at the end bad service. Just quit after a couple of times going there. For the same price you got many other options. Just did wax spray. 15 dollars. Doesn't worth it. Look exactly the same before doing it.

Matt Sainz

Best car wash in town

Ramon Loopez

Ralph Nissley

Abigail woods

Rafael Martinez

Came in after work on a friday, no long wait time. I was in and out in 10 mins. Will be coming back.

Addie Mojica

Stopped by the other day while I was driving by. Great spot to get your car washed. Staff works quickly and they do a good job. Will come back if I'm in the area and I need a wash.

Nicole Vandermolen

This was my first time coming to get my car washed here . The customer service was great I'll definitely be back

Yoel Iribe

Always a great, fast and job well done!

Omar Cortez

Cashier was really nice. Service is fast and the prices are affordable

Kathy Garcia

Absolutely the worst car wash and service! First the manager lied and sold me a car wash package that didn't contain what I wanted. So at the end when I saw my car it didn't have the dressing on the outside of the car. I went to find the manager but he was at lunch. The girl that told me they could not even put the dressing on afterwards. All she had to say was I'm sorry your not happy with your car wash. I pointed to her that the rims still had dirt all on them as well. She didn't even care. I told her I was never coming back to this car wash again and all she had to say was yes I agree your car is still dirty. She still did nothing about it. Worst costumer service I have ever had!!!

Maricela Cortez

(Translated by Google) They always leave my car very clean thanks guys (Original) Siempre me dejan mi carro muy limpio gracias muchachos

Richard Blosat

They do a good job.

Jennifer Carrillo

This place is great. Sometimes they get really busy and I have to wait maybe 45 minutes for my car, but the guys do a great job.

kattie Patricio

this place is the best! customer service is very nice.. the guys do a high quality job

Ana Perez

Nice hard working people

Chuck Sammis

Always a good deal and specials make it better. Good service and complete satisfaction.

Dun Dyan

Arnold smith

I highly recommend this place.. awsome customer service

Marcos Diaz

Worst experience ever. Went in to get my vehicle washed. Took them 20min just to get to it. One hour later they finally tell me it's ready and when I saw it, it had scratches all over. You could clearly see the hand waves on the paint where they used a what seemed like a dirty rag. When I complained to the employee. He stated that it was like that when first started washing it. I explain to him that it was not like that when I brought it in and that there was no way he could have seen it under one the water spots from the rain we just had and two the the low light inside the building. I then tried to explain to him that I had just gotten my car detailed two weeks ago prior to the rain and that there were no scratches. He then told me that it was like that and that if I had a problem to go inside and complain. I then requested to speak to the manager and he would not speak to me at first. The girl at the counter said that she would file a report and they would get back to me. She then asked the employee what had happen and came back to tell me that "he said it was like that" there is nothing we can do if that's the case. I then insisted to speak to the manager. When he finally came out he told me that it wasn't their fault and that it was caused by buffing from the detail I got. I explained to him that they guy used liquid wax and sealant not clay or a bar. Not to mention that if he had used a buffing machine or even a hand wax, it would leave a circular scratch when done incorrectly. The scratches were of a wave pattern. The owne/manager who identified himself as Tom Park refused to listen to reason and said it was my problem and that I could take it to small claims. The service was horrible and the manager was even worst. I clearly should have listen to the reviews. BEWARE and take your business elsewhere.

Robin Lane

I spent $29 to get a wax and Carwash! My car was so dirty and I spent an hour-and-a-half waiting for them to finish it! When I got home I inspected the car and was extremely upset! Therefore, I took the car back expecting to get a coupon or something for a free wash next time! However, nobody was there that had the authority to do so. They were extremely slow and basically said oh so sorry too bad!



Daniel Sanchez

It used to be a very nice car wash 10 years or so ago when it first opened now just mediocre very run down needs to be spiced up

Debbie Chan

El Misfit

brian vanherwaarden

Just did not like it.....

Simone Green

Alright service

Fredie J. Sacramento

I have made a few calls to them since the service guy tore off a part of my roof on my camper. I'm trying to be patient, but still I only get one call back in two weeks. I give zero stars if I could because they damage my property and now is waisting my time to get it fix. It already rain, so more damage and more time waisted. I think I need a lawyer.

Fernando Cortez

I waited out where thay vacuum for over 10 minutes for someone to come out and help me but no one came so I left. Gave it 3 stars because they actually did an okay job one day. Haven't returned since I was left hanging though.

Shelby Barron

I was in there today to have my car washed, I try and go every 2 to 3 weeks as I have a new car. The last few times I've been there they have done a fair job but not as great as they used to, car still had bird poop left, the windows had fabric fibers left all over them inside and out and our back window on the button half was left dirty (now I know this is a hard angle to get too but isn't this your job). My biggest concern is the amount of fabric fibers and dust left on the inside, when it goes to first station for vacuuming they take the rugs out and hit them to get dirt out inside the door and all the dirt and dust goes inside the car, I mentioned this to the man who writes the tickets and he said he'd take care of it. When my car was done it was still wet in places, the front grill was still dirty and the window was dirty and bird poo I showed the guy he barley did anything and walked away, after all his tip was in his hand. I had someone get him so he could redo my front window and he did, streaky. When N I called to complain they said they would issue a refund, after several more allspice I said I'd be back Friday. A while later the girl, no even the manager, I never spoke to him only through the girl I was to,double Friday was considered a weekend so a refund would not be able to be issued. Are you kidding me, I'll never go back.

Vanilla face


Susana Ramirez

Good place to get a carwash very friendly employees too

Amanda Lopez

jatziry cortez

Great customer service, highly recommend this car wash. My experiences have been great so far.

ignacio bermudez

Angel Roybal


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