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2378 Old Middlefield Way, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States

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REVIEWS OF SV Express Car Wash IN California

Pavan Bannu

Worst ever washer.... the soap brush doesn't release soap well

Walter De Oliveira

Good service

Abhijit Sharang

Cheap and quick


Today I had a full-service hand wash that was excellent. They were detailed and did q great job inside and out. They had a Grand Opening sign up so it might be under new ownership/mgmt.

Jeff Hong

I only go here for the automated car wash. It costs $8 for the basic car wash and it does an ok job. I have a mid sized SUV and it doesn't dry off the back of the car... Bring a towel to dry off the spots that the dryer misses


Wash my car really clean.

shreya animesh

Paul Irish

Mina Nadi

its 24 hours its clean they offer free towels to dry car with

650 Beast

Raja Sekar

Automatic car wash , good on the go for a express and easy wash.


I needed a car wash and remembered this place was close to my work. Headed over at lunch hour and used the self-service wash. I was impressed with the operation, cleanliness, and value of the wash. The wash has a credit card option for paying, as well as a drying area, vacuums, and vending machine for cleaning supplies. There is also an automatic car wash if needed.

Igor Mysak

Cheap and good. But dry was not full enough.

Terry Koo

Alan Szeto

Generally I avoid automatic car washes with the brushes slapping against the car--I won't take that risk. But I have an old car that hadn't been washed in over a year. For that, this place got the job done well and quickly. The equipment looked rather new or at least well-maintained. The prices are on par with gas station washers, but with two bays there's less likely to be a wait here. There are also a couple bays for self-service wash.



Liat Chobadi

Friendly and cheap place. The car wash was great. Their is also vacuum machine

Sunny Goyal

Great service. I took my car to Monterey for scuba. The trunk and the seats were full of sand. They cleaned and vacuumed it pretty well.

Tevita F

Very affordable, quick, and very good quality.

Zona QR Marketing

(Translated by Google) Carwash. (Original) Auto lavado.

Gaurav Varma

Love the automatic car wash. Vacuum is a hassle and expensive here.

Himanshu Samadhiya

Jeff Frick

$7 for a quick car wash.


The self service initial car wash requires an initial deposit of $5. None of the Chang machines for coins worked.

Miguel Guzman

John Kuhn

Good place for a quick car wash

Shane Guthrie

Good equipment. Drive thru and self wash options. Credit card reader on all bays.

Hemanth Aditya

The automatic carwash is just okay.

Igor Podkhodov

Great place with automatic robotic wash. Works pretty good, but I recommend taking at least Silver wash option which is the minimal but already includes soap and costs $8.

Yash Doshi

very old kinda washing shop but it's 24 hours so definitely worth comign here

German Delacruz

(Translated by Google) SV Express ... (Original) SV Express...

Wang Justin


Chris Ontiveros

If this place is gonna charge 5$ to hand wash for 4 min at least have some nice equipment, soft bristles on the foam brush, the soap/wax gun, a blower, as old as this place is an the equipment they have should only be a 2$ hand wash at that, I travel from TX - CA for work been to some really nice car washes this one is so over priced, at least put some nice stuff into your place if your gonna gouge ppl for a wash

Vikas Vadlapatla

24 hours, automatic, and cheap. Can't really go wrong.

Gowri Thampi

Car was squeaky clean for a small price and it was a fun experience.

Sean Sullivan

Only one robo-washer, and a couple self-service washers. Not enough of either in my opinion. I waited about 15 minutes to use the robo-washer. The place was a bit dirty as well.

Barbara Burbach

Not as good as before. Drying doesn't work as well.

Celeste Ma

I used to come here for car wash. But they raised price this year. And the soap was all over when the machine was drying the car. Guess I need to find a new car wash place

Jason Alaura

Been waiting for a refund

Luke Francis

Denis Voskoboinikov

Deluxe wash out of soap. Just water shower. Please fix it!

Susan Burnett

Quick quality car wash. I hope their prices stay low. Usually crowded on Saturday morning after 9, so go early.


U need at least 10 dollars to wash your car by yourself. 5 dollars 6 minutes. But maybe only 4 minutes. vacuum cleaner is 2 dollars. It is so weak. Won't go there anymore....

Terran Protoss

Says open 24 hours so I paid $12 for Ultimate. Then pulled in for the wash but the system did not do anything. I called the number here and left a voicemail. Erik of SV Express called after a day and gave me the option of getting my $12 back or a wash code. I opted to get the car wash code and all is good for me. Thanks!

diana ruiz

geethu s.das

Axel Bethke

Complete ripp off, do not come here! Their machine takes your cash but doesn't give change and you can't cancel and their "Service Line" asks you to leave a message for malfunctions but the mailbox is full!

William George

Not bad for what it is. I've never had to wait for vacuums (2) which are very good. First trip I bought the $10 wash and was satisfied. Recently purchased the $12 wash which left water marks all over the windows, won't be buying that again.


No waiting and does decent cleaning.

Mark Allen

OK place to Wash ur vehicle

Roman M

Great clean for good price and always open. May not work well for fancy cars

Leo Lohmann

Just a normal car wash machine. Not as good as hand wash but also not that expensive. Satisfied with the result.

Carey Hijmans

The High pressure rinse was the only thing that worked. I recommend avoiding this car wash

Enrique Santos

(Translated by Google) Nobody is pressing you (Original) Nadie te está presionando

Victor Inno

Realy bad place, since no one is there to guide you where to stop, you may stop at the wrong place and get your car scrached by the automatc wash machine. my car's side mirror was just broked by it.

Jonas Meyer

It's cheaper than other options by far. I got my wash for $10. However, it's fully automated, and the brushes might mess up your paint. It also missed the nooks and crannies on the rear end of my car. Of course, it also can't vacuum your mats. But it was cheap. There is another self service option that I didn't use.

Andrew Noske


Dan Schwarz

Not offering service.

Olga S

Not perfect as hand wash, but good enough and saves time. Will use it again.

David Brawn

Can't really beat it for the price. For $12 you get a solid wash, but it doesn't do the best job of drying the car, so I would recommend bringing a towel and wiping it down after if you care.

Rajesh Patel

Cheap and quick car wash.


You don’t have to drive through the dryer like other car wash. That is why I like it

Jonathan Rudolph

Bay Aerial Drone

Good wash for cheap

Alexander Gotsis

Automatic wash did not clean the wheels or fully dry the car. During the dry cycle the system was spouting water...

Robert Rowan


Jessie Peh

Keivan Zolfaghari

Great drive through car wash. Vacuums also available onsite. Sadly lacks tire air pumps.

Celeste Temple

Better than doing it myself and spending more than $14 bucks for the self wash. They also added another auto wash station so not likely to need to wait to use one. I also, like the multiple levels of wash/price you can choose. Sometimes I just want the $6 dollar basic dirt wash.

Aniket Jain

Cheap, fast easy. Cleans pretty well. YOU NEED QUARTERS FOR THE VACUUM.

sree batta

Hoshi Yoshi

Edward Dorsey

Quick and easy!

Ilian Georgiev

$4 carwash with the -$2 discount you can find on their website.

Sylvia Martin

$2.00 to vacuum the car. $10.00 wash.

Norma Viana

Is ok, but I rather pay to have my car clean inside and out.

Muse Numsin

My go-to car wash place! It is a quick service with 3 different wash options. The car doesn't come out completely dry but they have area for you to wipe and vacuum your car. There are now two drive-in for the automatic wash. I would avoid afternoon because there could be long line!

Danielle Marie

Love it easy to use and go!

Maria Rosales

My car was not very well done!

Sergey K

The owner is very helpful!

Amanda Wooten

Very good automatic car wash.

Deepak Merugu

Brian Bulkowski

Hey! Not just self serve, they have two lanes of auto-wash. Lowest amouint of time to get the sap off my car. Plusses all around. And since it's just a car wash, no gas, the owner is always minding to make sure everything's in working order. Will wash again!

Gilbert Siegel

Great for a quick, inexpensive car wash.

Alvin Cura

The cleaning chemicals are usually well stocked. This is my go to self wash establishment

Keja Rowe

Inexpensive, reliable machines with a good credit card interface

Sally Smith

I actually love this place. Super easy, and the automated car wash takes credit cards. Only $10 for the 'Ultimate,' which triple-washes your car! There are also $6 and $8 options as well.

Gian Jr, III

Quick $6 automatic wash. Not touch less.

Gautam Heble

Nice place to get a quick automatic car wash. There are 2 automatic wash bays and 2 self hand wash bays

Gloria DeFelix

The drive-thru robot car wash works good enough. It's getting popular though. Yesterday there were 3 cars ahead of me and cars piling up behind me. One car struggled to get started and I had to get out of my car to help him troubleshoot - and ended up waiting 30+ minutes for my turn. I've been going here 2+ years and that was the first time I've waited that long. Next time I'll consider paying $3 more down the street just to save on the wait time. My personal time is worth WAY MORE than the savings I'm getting. The Business Owner should consider expanding and adding another robot car wash port. Business is booming!

Kelli Noel

It works if you want a quick, semi-automatic car wash. You may want to bring a towel to dry your car yourself, as the spot free rinse isn't all that "spot-free". The vacuum has good pressure, as long as someone else isn't using the other vacuum next to it, and the vacuums only take quarters.

Satya Siva Kiran Nanduri

Hridu Jain

Fast, easy, doesn't scratch up the car.

Ersin Civanlar

Best cleaning for an automatic spot

Ajith Kumar

Convenient, easy to operate, automatic car wash. Hardly any wait time

Daniel Lenaghan

Terrible quality. Doesn't matter how thorough you are or how much time and money you feed the machine. Dries to a streaked, mineral puddle finish. Do not recommend. Two stars for ease of access and the use of a card reader, which are the only upshots here.

James Parivash

You'll be pleased with seamless and friendly systems we have set up for you.

S.Maria Priyanka

I bought the ultimate wash and drove in and the water sprayed and stopped working. I called the number for support and no one picked the call. This is not the first time I’ve faced this issue. The owner doesn’t seem to care to return back people’s money. This place is horrible, avoid going here!

Pascal Elpabre

5 $ lost!

Matias Heinrich

Convenient and inexpensive. The rubber brushes seem to beat on the car and the runs are never really clean.

Amir Shevat


Olga Malahova

My car still looked dirty even after I used auto $10 washing.

HurriKane the Poet

jayshree y

Vikram Purbia

Fully automatic car wash place. Not that busy during weekdays...

nafeesa F

Good and cheap car wash for $12. The equipment is in good condition.

Scott Cunningham

Car vacuums are powerful

Francine M

Dirty water left on car. Not the best

kenneth watanabe

2 automatic washes now

Aviv Shani

Automatic wash machine has stopped to work in the middle. No one there to help. Waste of money.

Yvonne Wu

$5 for 5 minutes

Joe Kanegan

Do it yourself. Can use a credit card to pay and add minutes. Good power spray.

D Gillies

I have coming here since 1984. Believe it or not, the car wash hasn't changed much since that time, it was yucky blue, corrugated steel, all self-serve, and perhaps, even the self-serve equipment is the same as it was, in 1984. They have a great location and low prices, and what can I say? It's a do-it-yourself car wash, undiscovered by many, and so you never have to wait for a stall. I can't think of any disadvantages, so I'll give them 5 stars. Oh they could probably spruce the place up, but that might attract more customers, and aren't the very best car washes the ones where you don't have to wait in line?

Heriberto Avila

Keith Jurek

Dave Moloney

Simple to access and use. In and out in ten minutes flat.

Justina Moore

Fast and eazy

Hang Ung

Cheap ans fast place to get your car cleaned

Izak Kapi

Good car wash fairly fast and cleans pretty good. The dry cycle is also good. I tried the med level wash it was ok which leads me to think the basic wash will not be sufficient. If your car is clean and just lightly dusty the basic may suffice but otherwise get the 10$ wash.

PD Sharma

Sal. Chava Mancilla

No waiting reasonable prices

Sandeep Haridasula

Very nice car wash for $10. Good quality.

Sara N

Stole my money, would not let me cancel selection - crappy service

Max P

Solid spot for both automatic and self-service car washes.

Brian Aspland

Quick and priced right. Good for SUV’s

Mike Xu

José Quintana

Eryn Thornton

Katie Ortin

My favorite car wash

Spencer Simonides

Sprayer and brush worked exceptionally (hasn't always been the case in my experience with self-service washes). As we were finishing up rinsing we came up a little short on time. Couldn't figure out how to add just a minute or two more. Owner of the wash noticed we were struggling, came over and helped us figure it out so we didn't end up buying surplus time. Friendly guy who actually wants to make sure people get good car washes. Highly recommend.

Ehsan Gholami

used deluxe wash. came out extremely poor. there was soap on the hood even after dryer (check photos)! let alone the stains on the body left unclean. Also, only accepts cash.

Les Lee

Al Man

gregory morales

Chris Lang

Convenient and quick, and good customer service. One of the automatic wash bays stopped midway through the washing process, requiring that I go through a second time. I called the service number, and credits were quickly arranged for.

Yuval Gnessin

Picked up the car late at night completely covered in 3 weeks worth of tree sap. What was almost a disaster ended up fine thanks to this 24-hour car wash. The Ultimate automatic wash did the trick for only $10. Good as new!

Alex 4

Cheap. Low quality. Look at the attached photos - my car after Delux wash option.

Cindy Guo


Gbolahan Adesoye

I have enjoyed using them twice now. The last time, the machine wouldn't work, and all they did was put up a cone right in front of the main wash entrance. They left the payment system fuctional. I paid later to realize I couldn't go in. They should at least put the cone in front of the payment machine to prevent this kind of issues. I called and all I hear is mailbox full, so no way to complain.

Dan Marshall

I like this car wash. It's only $5 for 6 minutes (I think). I like the way I can control my car wash. For example, on this trip I mostly wanted to wash the engine of a used car I just purchased. On other occasions I've wanted to give the wheels a good washing. They've added the ability to pay with a credit card since my last visit. This is a huge convenience because I never had the correct change to pay with cash.

Lauren Lahrman

Aurélien Ribon

Fast, convenient, not too expensive.

Bruce Alder

Fast and easy

Fernando G

(Translated by Google) You have two options, automatic or clean. In the area of the vacuum cleaners one was broken. Reasonable price. Two options, automatic or cleaning yourself. One of the vaccum was broken. Cheap price. (Original) Tienes dos opciones, automático o lo limpias tu. En la zona de las aspiradoras una estaba averiada. Precio razonable. Two options, automatic or cleaning yourself. One of the vaccum was broken. Cheap price.

Denis Renn

It's cheap, it does a good job, and it's open 24 hours. What else can you ask for?

Rachel Frei

Eben Bedford


Fast and no scratches, but doesn't clean the wheels very well. Maybe my expectations are too high.

emanuel ccastro

Great car wash awesome price and it has a self wash station

Rishita Patel

Don't forget the online discount code!

Dan Dascalescu

The automatic car wash should be shut down! As a Yelp reviewer posted, it scratched my car (see pictures).

Christina Zhang

Very easy to use. Cheap and self sufficient. Car is clean!

La Morena Galindo

(Translated by Google) Xk always k boy I don't expect much (Original) Xk siempre k boy no espero mucho

Mukund G

Decent car wash

Anand Rao

Vacuum cleaner was weak and the nozzle was mostly blocked with debris. Oh, and they charge $2 for four minutes. But it hardly matters since that vacuum wasn't strong enough to clean a car even if you gave it an hour.

Igor Shalar

Good. 10$ for ultimate wash

Ryan Schabel

I live close to this wash and it’s very convenient to get to. I like to use self wash stations as the towels smacking your car will hurt the paint over time. I was there today after giving my car a $5 rinse and I stayed to detail my car for a couple of hours. It was raining on and off so there weren’t many cars and the sun had set at least a half hour prior when one of the workers told me I can’t be there more than 20 minutes (there were signs I had never noticed before) and he claimed I didn’t use the facilities per his video recording. He didn’t believe me as there was debris from the overhanging light that fell onto the roof while I was detailing. Although I certainly maxed out the 20 minute time limit, it was already dark and raining. I highly doubt my presence would deter anyone to was their car while there were open wash stations and all other spots were open for parking, aside from the fact that their car was parked in the “no parking” spot and it was taking up half of the space next to them. The main reason I was there in bad weather was to sell the car the next day. I would have put my car through again for another $5 to give it a final rinse but at that point I didn’t feel like it would be a good idea and wasn’t sure if I would be allowed another 20 minutes or not. Now my car is half detailed and I’m searching for a spot to finish it up.

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