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7711 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA 95610, United States Located in: Sunrise Plaza Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Sunrise Express Car Wash IN California

Scott Whittlesey

since the first time going there, I keep going..... it's the Best Wash, and sorry Quick Quak, better then yours.....

Anne Merino

Extremely nice manager named Mathew. Really affordable and user friendly.

John FariasSr

Dana Dawson

Natalia McAyeal

We have been coming here for years, and absolutely love it! They have the best vacuums I've ever used, but my favorite part is the amazing, and friendly staff! Big shout out to the guy that helped us today!

Kiona Brown

The customer service here is amazing I love the people they have here. I have been going here for like two years and always recommend lol.

Nicholas Ortwein

Love it need a few more this good and put the duck to rest for good

Jose Aguilar

Andydacurly !

Mark Gates

Nick Wright

I pay a monthly rate for the manager special but the last 2 times the car wash dryer brush wasnt working .

Duy Le

Sarah Stone

Great Car Wash obviously you don't get out of your car at all unless you want to once your car wash is done they have great vacuum areas and not only do that comes with a vacuum comes with the air hose so you can blow dirt out a tiny crevices they have places to hang up your car mats great value

Misty K Hutchings

The Ape Squad

Only place that actually cleans your car.

It’s games Here

Alicia Sansing

No more hand drying which was the ONE thing that set them apart from the QuackQuacks and Bubbas around me. They said they have a new "spot free" rinse. But my car has spots all over it!! I guess it's back to Kelly's Car Wash in Antelope.

Lori Reed

My car turns out amazing every time! They dry it with clean soft cloths and are always nice and helpful. It $6 for the basic!

Steven Mikol

It's only 1$ for a wash! Includes free vacuums do it yourself and no wait.

Szabolcs Nemethy

Great car wash

Stephen Cook

I started doing Lyft about 3 weeks ago and came to this car wash because of it's convenience. Would come and use the free vacuums which work wonders for hard to reach crevices. A few days ago they suddenly decided not to allow anyone to use the vacuums unless they purchase a car wash which I did occasionally. Be warned....they have a sign that clearly states that the vacuums are free but it doesn't state that a car wash must be purchased. They also have a hard time directing people onto the conveyor belt when preping your vehicle for the tunnel. My drivers side hubcap is stripped and wobbly and makes noise when I drive...

Debby Hurst

Been going here since they opened and now they don't towel dry. I sat there waiting and nobody came, employee told me the owner won't have that service anymore. :(

Genevieve Salazar

really clean car good

the super family fabulous

Pat-Kim Lew

Better than quick quack.


joe pryor

It took me a little while to figure out these self pay system, the carwash with decent for the price.

Robert Mathis

David Wismar

Carl Peterson

A great place to hang out. Especially after hours.

Rosa Webber

Great carwash place & good prices!!

Barbara Toro

Good service and priced right. We will be back

Ray Ward

Liked them better when they hand dried the cars

Kristian Demy Brazil

Antonio Salazar

Insert coin please

Suzzette MacKay

This car wash is great. A little more costly than others, but they do a good job and the vacuums are free with wash and it doesn't shut off mid cleaning.

Jimmy Ripp

Hands down one of the most amazing easy places to have repetitive car washes with their monthly plans and stuff never too crowded and always quick never takes too long

Giezel Banyas

Easy fast service

J Allen

Love the $5 wash!

Dana Fucci

Cleaned the windshield but not the trunk lid.

Raymond Williams

Sharee Russell

Love the $5 spec6

Roysha Dheer

This was an amazing car wash up until about a week ago when they stopped hand drying your car. The attendants are great especially Jacob he goes out of his way to make sure my car looks exceptional. Unfortunately I will be cancelling my membership regretfully.

Arturo Roman

Alex Herman

Love this place. Good car wash and their vacuum is one of it's kind.

Tracy Sager

John Koval

Great wash, good vaca for free

Kathi Clark

I love this car wash. It is quick and easy. The vacuums are excellent. The staff is friendly. Unfortunately, the wash didn't like my front license plate, which is annoying, as I see all kinds of vehicles go through there with no issue. But, on my 2014 Outback, it kept trying to rip the thing off my car. The staff were very kind and accommodating, but in the end it just wasn't going to work with me. If I ever get a different car, I will definitely go back and try again!

Pamela Prince

Very nice, the attendents are always very helpful. Great wash for the price.

Nels Jensen

Sweet deal. 5 exterior wash and free vacuums for interior.

Penny Wood

Edward Roman

Good place to clean your cat

Valentin Albu

No more hand drying which i really liked

Justin Galindez


Easy in and out

Julia Reinking

This wash got my car cleaner than any wash around my area. Didn't know they changed but thought I'd try it. I was pleasantly surprised! Even the vacuum's in addition to the air compressors for the floor mats gave my car the best clean- removed 98% of my dog's hair when others only get 45%. Manager's special price was the way to go! I will return.


I absolutely love this car wash they have hands down the best vacuums and cleaning accessories in town. Beach out Quick Quack 10 times over and a much better monthly unlimited deals I highly recommend this place you will not be disappointed


The best in town

Crystal Corbin

Quick and easy way to keep my car clean, nice attendants as well.

g croyle

Just a carwash. Not great not bad

Jill Bullinger

Christina Gilliam

Car wash is good, what irritates me is there is almost always one to two young girls manning the kiosk, the self serve kiosk that customers are perfectly capable of using with no help, instead of helping the older woman scrubbing cars at the entrance who is left there to do the hard work alone. I'm sure most customers would prefer to get their own carwash and have an extra person at the entrance so both sides of the car could get pre-scrubbed.

Thomas Nellis

Great value and service. Love the free vacuums.

Jasmine Driskill

I'm a Lyft driver and I used to go to the Quick Quack on Greenback everyday. Unfortunately the staff seemed to genuinely hate their lives and it reflected in their crappy service. This place however is a better was, with way more space, and I've never had to wait! Carlos was awesome and gave me 50% off for the first month. The vaccums are powerful and narrow enough to fit between my seats unlike the wide bulky vaccums at Quick Quack. I am much happier with this car wash and the pleasant staff.

Vivian Raymond

The car wash was ok. When they brush windows they did poor job they left dirt all around edges of the window

Marcus Smith

Rose L

They're always good their vacuum system is the best since they have a hose on both sides of your car! $5 is a steal

Vadim Afonin

Marcos the best!

Sharon McGinty

Nephele Samuelson

Love the great car wash. The mud was gone. Good unlimited time vacuum let me get my van completely cleaned out without looking for more quarters.

michael harrison

Love this place no quick Quack for me

Alisa Rosco

The best car wash out there. Better than turbo shine on walerga. Waaayyy better than quick quack! The employees here are super sweet and will help you with any questions.

Rana Sabeh

Everything about this business is 5 star. The employees are all fabulous and I love that there is an attendant to help you decide which wash you want. So fast and easy! You can't beat the great deal of a $5 car wash and upgrading is still way affordable. There were three cars ahead of me but moved so quickly we were in and out so fast and the car came out so clean. Love the unlimited vacuum! This business is a jewel and so well run it shows the owner really cares. I've only been here a few times so far and it's now my go to car wash!

Emily Davis

Tony Tone

Gina Washington

Great car wash

Chriss Johansen

Dylan Watermolen

Mrs. Adrianne Hall-Clay Baker

Mercedes Estrada

Steve Frost

While a bit pricey, car wash is very, very good!!!

Khadijah Rush

Dan Zamarripa

Dennis Allen Trucking

Best little car wash around



Irma Miranda

Very very good

sharika johnson

Very nice hard-working friendly wonderful place clean your car great

Mary Beesley

Very clean and only $19.99 a month(two seperate vehicles)for that price.Great value.They also have matt cleaners.

Lynette Garcia

Brian Mock

Shawnee McGee

The low stars originally was by accident. Always love this place and convenient unlimited plan for reasonable price! Thank you!

Dakota Werner

Maria Lipscomb

Not sure what I can add about a car wash except that they have covered areas where you can vacuum your car out and clean your mats. Here in California because of the heat this is ideal to have a Covered place so that you can get all the water off before they become Spots.

Latoya Williams

Best express car wash I've been to. Automated car wash more thorough than most others. The vacuums are amazing also has air blaster for hard to reach places and car mat cleaner.

ChrisBarbara Williams

I love this car wash!!!

Dean Luther

Best car wash ever!!!

Pamela Mansfield

Best car wash around- I drive from Natomas because it is such a good value and good vacuums!


Joseph Rivas

This has gotta be one of the best autotype car washes I've ever been to only surpassed by the reasonable cost for a basic wash

Zhanna Alniyaz

Very fast and professional cleaning

tammie simons

Cheryl Boyd

I love this place

Andre Lup

Not very happy with the wash. My car had bugs on it from a drive to LA and back so it needed a wash. This wash didn't do almost anything for my car. Here are pictures of the front of my car after I got home from the wash. I would if given a 1 star, but the vaccums were good.

justin wold

Kaufusi Mataele

Jesse Ponder

Not at all impressed with my experience. The wash is a brush type wash that scratches my beautiful black paint. The vacuums work good but you have to buy an entire wash just to use the vacuum. They will not accept payment just for using the vacuum, and could care less about their dirty brushes damaging my shiny black paint on my car. When i tried to just pay to use the vacuum they informed me that I would have to buy an entire wash or I would have to leave.

Catherine Clark

Good fair pricing if you like detailing your car yourself...

Dave North

Paul Bailey

My favorite place to take my car for a wash. The lava wash is worth the 20 bucks. Leaves your vehicle looking so clean. And cleans the tires and wheels very well. They have a rug beater, and a sink with a very handy rollers on a crank to wash your floormats. They also have air blowers to make sure your ride is completely dry. The vacuums they have are so power too. Oh and there cleaning supplies in the vending machines is plentiful. If you baby your ride I would highly recommend this war wash facility.

Lorna Herlache

Didn't know we were supposed to wipe our own car down as well as vacuum

Margie Stiles

Best one in town... Reasonable, quick and gets the car clean! Great vacuum's too.

Connie Calvo

Great people and good service.

Joshua Rozenberg

Jeffrey Schmidt

Top shelf car wash.


Good car wash but service is bad. Don't dry car well, and if something gets sucked up they keep it. Unprofessional. Will not visit here again. Cancelled my monthly membership.

Cindy lou Rich

Xtra cool vacuums, 5$-can't beat it

Ronnie Mattila

Love this place! Great car wash & awesome vacuums!

Kris Flachman

Great employees and great car wash !

Jamonica Cauley

Ira Wharry

A good car wash at a good price $5.00

Valentina C

Best in the town

Bonita Wireman

Kate DH

Kept in great shape,lots of staff,free vacuums,and I you can get free car wash coupons in the mail.

creative soul

Tracy Sewell


Fern Walter

It cheap and they have vacuums but u need to bring your own cleaning supply's. They do sell some stuff there as well.

Craig Burns

Ahmed Alismail

Best car wash for $5 only wooow

Deborah JB

Janis Sebastian

Excellent service, but most importantly how clean and pristine the two Hispanic ladies keep the place, they work really hard every time I come. Yes 5 dollars to wash your car not bad, but going to a car wash with everything so clean and well maintained from the inside out is really refreshing. Thank you ladies, and owner take note now a days is really hard to find hard and dedicated workers even if it’s a car wash.workers like them should be taken care off and valued. I’m sorry I can’t help it to point them out, I live in Rocklin and driving to Citrus Heights is worthwhile as I have tried other car washes and no comparison.

Carlos Rodrigues

Can't go wrong for a $3 car wash

Alyssa Alger

Overpriced. The car wash is expensive for both one time and monthly. And if you want a monthly car wash you have to set your card up for automatic payment. The car wash itself seems to be good but not for the price.

Erinn Kruse


E Sanchez

Always a great wash

Tiffany Nelson

Fast and easy

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