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1601 San Fernando Rd, San Fernando, CA 91340, United States

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To this day the firm gets a score of 3.2 stars out of 5 and this score is based on 210 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Sparkling Image Car Wash IN California

Jorge Banuelos

Paid for full service detailing... gave them over an hour to finish and the job was very unsatisfying. In very disappointed and shocked that the place didn't stand up to its 100+ years of experience. I would like to speak to the owners. Worst experience ever!!!!!

Jaime Pantoja

Brenda Lara

David Garcia

Good work performed here

jose arellano

Terrible service, I paid 64 dollars for a full service and they did a an absolutely mediocre job to say the least. I'll never spend my money there again.

Rocio De Leon

(Translated by Google) Very attentive (Original) Muy atentos

James Lewis

Alicia Sati

Daniel Altamirano

A great car wash place. People argue about the place leaving the cars to dry because they don’t know how much it takes to clean and dry a car good. Plus, not every car wash is perfect. You also need to keep in mind that your car is not the only car washing. When the car wash is full is uneasy to clean the cars right away because the workers try their best in every car. Plus is hot, at least you gotta give credit who works there because they don’t have something to cover the sun over them. (THIS GOES TO THE PEOPLE WHO COMPLANES ABOUT LEAVING CARS TO DRY ON THE SUN)

Giselle Chirino

Francis LeCain

Quick and complete

Superhero Velasquez

Did not vaccum my car rushed it to the was machine horrible service

John Goodlett

Again great staff and friendly they make it hard to be loyal a particular location

Mr Bigg Stuff

Stopped at this car wash on my way back home from the Los Angeles area. Needless to say, my car needed a wash. After a long trip in LA my car went through it all. Dirt , bugs, bird droppings and oversrpay from water puddles. The members of their team were all kind and polite to me. A nice day outside allowed me to sit and observe the two gentlemen dry and clan my car. They got every nook of my car and left it shining like new. I would recommend this place. Plus an eatery inside I will try next wash. 5 stars!

Marcos Garcia

(Translated by Google) Good attention (Original) Buena atencion

Jose Rangel

Beware: if they're unhappy with you voicing a complaint the MANAGER MICHAEL will ask you to leave and threaten to call the police on you. I took my truck to be washed and they damaged the Father's Day gift I had just purchased and left inside the truck. When I noticed it and went back to complain the following day Michael the manager was dismissive about what had happened. I explained that I had just purchased the gift and it was perfectly fine before visiting the car wash, and upon leaving I left the gift in my truck and didn't touch it again until the following day. Michael swore up and down that it couldn't have been any of the employees there, that they don't have malicious intentions. I understand accidents happen. None the less, GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE would have been to replace what was damaged or at the very least refund the cost of my car wash. Neither option ever came up or out of his mouth. Instead I was asked to leave because I wasn't settling for his answers or I'd have the police called on me. This car wash has been going downhill for years. Officially done with this place.

Nancy Serrano

So I've been bringing my cars here for oil changes for a few years now. Decent oil change, nothing special and it comes with a basic wash. So I decided to get the 60$ wash and wax as a treat and honestly it was worse than the basic one. There was still a bunch of dirt on my car and steaks of the black wax that I didn't notice until I got home but the more I checked the worse it looked. It also looked like they barely even dusted off the inside which they usually wipe down. Overall just a shoddy job and I will no longer be reconnecting this place. Will not be going back.

Virgie Kimball

Fast and affordable

Alexis Gonzalez

Jaime garcia

Joshua Rojas

The fact that they asked me for my address to save in their system for a simple oil change with out giving me a proper reason other than "We need it for your recipe." is concerning. I don't know about you but I will not put myself in a situation where my identity is at risk. They didn't even have a paper to state that my information will be safe and will not be sold to 3rd party companies. I left! Don't become a victim of possible identity theft at this place.

THR33_L inc.

horrible service coming from the manager himself... didn't even allow his employees to finish the job had to go to the other car wash to finish the job.

Richard perez

Karla Sanche

Paid 30$ for shitttt !!!!! The guy washing my truck more sleep than awake! Cheking out girls instead of washing my truck , never again waist time and money for a ghetto car wash

Ashlie Walker

Alfredo Lopez

Good service have Little food carts good

Jerome Bernardo

Very disappointed...never getting a car wash from this place ever again. Got home and saw that my car was not wiped down dry even the inside was not wiped clean. Regretted giving $5 tip so I went back to complain and supervisor called 2 guys to fix what the 1st guy failed to do. No apologies and saw supervisor laughing with 1st guy who never did his job.

Brian Delgado

The detailing came out great but the manager chris or watever his name krissy thinks hes god not good as a manager very Dis respectfull .. Rather go to tge carwash same area but on White lane i recommend there a+++

Arturo Covarrubias

Edit: went back talked to assistant manager after i spoke with mario car was redone and came out better then it was before they still missed a few spots but nothing i couldnt fix 4stars just because i know they did try and was good customer service from managers/owners wouldve 5 stared if was done right first time around Original reason for 1 star:So i show up ask for the 160 detail car wash. ofcourse get upsold for a "clay bar and wax" special for 200 shouldve left then. But hey while i was waiting they tried to re upsell me for the 280 detail car wash turned it down. Then they kept coming back and telling me i should do it. Shouldve left by then so many red flags. So They do the "200" special when i come back my car seats feel soapy and wet still a stain my passanger seat,cupholder is dirty they got something into a crack of my buttons next to ac. Thats what was wrong with the interior now the exterior. It had waterspots and dirt so much for $40 extra for clay bar and wax

decomee pitts

For $30. I expected way more.. and at least some car freshener..

Francico Pacana

Dead crazy Flogs gaming Gaming

eloy ruiz Morales

My car was not cleaned

yonas haile

Luz Lima

(Translated by Google) Pesimo service charges dearly and badly. Where is the manager of this place, (Original) Pesimo servicio cobra caro y mal travajo. Donde esta el manager de este lugar,


Just paid $50 for a car wash and there is still cheap allnober the floor windows are streaked. Poor job to say the least. Had to go down the street to finish it at the self-service car wash.

Dana Gleason

Full service carwash AND they have real food here!

Ezekiel Jara

Best wash and detail in town.

patricia ramos

Good deal for a monthly payment!! Sometimes they don't clean it good

Familia Briseno

Worst service ever they suck!!!!!!! Won't ever go back again!!! They do a horrible vacuuming job!!! Whats the point of spending $30 dollars for????

Luciano Delgado

Never go back again

Michael Adams

The worst place ever taken my car there paid fifty for full service got my car back with scratches the inside was like they took a wet rag to it they didn’t even vacuum I will never waste money here or recommend

Karen Gilkerson

They have every service imaginable. Love it.

carlos mata

Love working here

Lisa Ruozi

A good job and friendly service

adriana orozco

I paid 45 dollars for wax job and some spots had white stuff on them still and the inside of my car looked like it wasn't cleaned at all. And instead of throwing out my trash they put it all under my seats and my cup holders were still dirty with trash in them. Disappointed and won't go there again. The sales person in the beginning was super pushy and no one likes that. Tried to sell me first some package for 100 dollars that's not the way how unless I ask for something like that.

Audra Ethridge

Jake Kountz

Got a #2 full which costs over $20. Was told my rims would be detailed. Funny thing is, they only detailed the side where you are sitting on. In other words they detailed my left exterior and my right rims were disgusting. Interestingly enough, the same car next to mine got the same wash but their car was detailed better. They are very ambiguous and choosey to who gets a better detailed job. The interior job was worth $3, they left smudges and the only thing they didn't mess up on was the steering wheel, the first thing they clean. Gave a tip before I spectated the entire car, my fault. Called to speak to manager, was on hold for 10 minutes so I hung up. Manger not available, pride in work not available. Great job Sparkling Image on Wible, hope you will shape that ship soon.

Nickie Skoog

I was visiting my mom and wanted to get her car detailed as a surprise. I chose this location because it was close. The guy who greeted me was very friendly. He talked me into the $55 detail which I was fine paying for. As I waited I saw my mom car parked on the edge (not where they dry). The guy gets out and puts the keys in the area where the other dryer worker were. Then it sat there. I was waiting for someone to wave a towel or come up to me but no one did. So I walked up to them. They sent me to the detail area and the guy there said he didn’t have the key. So we walked back to the dry area and off I went. There was an overwhelming smell of chemicals in the car. When I got to my moms I went to the back seat to get my bags. As I bent over I noticed that there was still a bunch of crumbs and junk under the drivers seat. It was never cleaned! This made me look around a bit more. The middle area was not wiped down. The trunk was never even looked at. I called and returned to the place. The same man greeted me. He was apologetic and nice enough to do the parts they missed. I gave 1 star because of his positive attitude. I will have my mom swing by this place again for a quick wash but will definitely have her go else where for detailing.

Nelson Figueroa

Mark Livingston

Amber Perkinson

Jonathan Villalvazo

It's cheap but they miss some places

Pursuit Life

Jaime Diaz

Great job.. good prices. Good service

Bruce Henkin

Did a bad job. Failed to vacuum car period. I Had to do it when I got home.

Ursus Luxton

It's reasonably priced and convenient. They usually do a pretty good job of cleaning both interior and exterior of the car. I would recommend this business to everyone in the area.

Saer El-Farra

Wilson Montevilla

Ok service

adrian munoz

Too expensive

From LA

Fast service, but not so detailed cleaning. Now lowering my previous rating because the ladies at the registers were rude and not welcoming. They need to be trained to be respectful to customers.

james barbour

This place does A great job.

Douglas James

Rachel Funes

Excellent work. Great customer service. Reasonable prices. I will keep going. And recommend it to people i know and meet

Brad Stephenson

Pedro Perales

I like coming here it’s cheap for oil changes I actually need one soon so you’ll be having me there soon

Olga Samayoa

Great place to take your car! I took my car for a oil service and detail. they did a great job and were very nice. The manager came and talk to me to explain everything that my car had so I was aware and was very nice.

Nancy Martinez

Never coming here again, very sloppy job.

Larry Layton

Isabel Sumuano

Alex Herrerajr

Carlos De Leon

Been going here for about 10 years I love this place

Avi Yona

Great service and price. RV cleaning in&out after burning man. No appointment. Fast and pro Thx

Lupe Cortez

The workers are friendly. They're quick and quick to redo anything you need redone.

Jon smith

Raf M.

. Derated to one star from three stars about a year ago. Hadn't gone back in quite a while. Now I remember why. Place is going downhill like it's on the Mexican overdrive. Go somewhere else. You will get a higher quality wash from those automated do-it-yourself car wash. Most of the employees look like they are not happy.

Val Hoag

William Dean

Will become a member very soon

Anthony Loko

(Translated by Google) They sell expired things and tell them and no fabrics change until the manager is in charge (Original) Venden cosas expiradas y les dices y no telas cambian asta que está el encargado

Gina J

I Loved the job these guys did on my car! My car was sparkling when it was done!

Wendy Andrade

I love this place! I have the monthly membership! And I tip the guys because they always do such a great job.

Max Evans

They are good


Letty Ramirez

Nice customer service especially from the cashier mayra and amazing job on my car

Candice Ludwig

I came here for my first time today and was surprised at the manner in which you get your car washed. (They do everything for you). I figured the car wash would be really great and the windows very clean since they wash them inside and out. Well, I was sadly disappointed. The windows were still dirty and the service took forever! I'm sticking to the drive through car washes from now on. On the plus side they were very friendly.

Alondra Villa

Marisol1997 Cruz

They do a great wash my car is so shiny❤

Glen Dela Rosa

I wasted $59 for a $8 value carwash. Dont go to this place.

Balwinder Grewal

Silver Fox

Got a monthly subscription! Great place and great work

adolfo paz

I was a very loyal and happy customer here at Mission Car Wash for years. This morning I took my car to get a car wash it was about $20 when I was called that my car was ready I got into my car and I noticed that the dash was not clean I asked the guy for a towel so I could do it myself the manager notice that I was cleaning it myself and asked if there was a problem I responded with no problem they just forgot to clean the dash. His response to me was that the $20 car wash that I had gotten doesn't include Dash cleaning and that for another $10.99 they can shampoo my Dash. I told the manager that I have been going there for years and they have always wipe down my Dash I did not like his respond as a customer his job as a manager is to keep me happy and the way he handled the situation was completely wrong I'm not asking for anything free I was just asking for them to clean my Dash like they have for many years so I hope this review can help you make a decision

Alejandra Perez

Mayte Leyva

Always friendly staff.

Faith Espinoza

Not the best but not the worse

JJ Figueroa

Gabby Chacon


Scott Chance

LeLe Garza

They always leave the inside of your car dirty

Coralia Del Carmen Lozano

Ruth Sanchez

Its ok I guess, I wasn't having my car washed, my daughter was having her car detailed, it took awhile but I reckon that's a good thing. The waiting area is ok, I mean its a car wash. They have a few recliner type seats that are comfy and some that are not. All in all, not too bad.

Norma Padron

bill wheeler

Edward Moore

Outstanding Detailing Service

Warrick Chin

Let's u leave with a clean car feeling

אוביידו אדריאנה

The don't do a good job, you have to supervise they clean the car good.

Ms.Juan Austin

It was okay, I felt for the price of $23.99, they could of done a better job on my car. My cupholders were not clean. I didn't get any car freshener, and i also had to wipe certain areas on my car when I got home.

maximo roque

(Translated by Google) They do not clean well they do not spend well the vacum they leave it almost the same you pay more but it is the same basic service .. do not pay more than $ 16 if it is the same service that the 50 (Original) No limpian bien no pasan bien la vacum lo dejan casi igual pagas mas pero es el mismo servicio basico.. no paguen mas de $16 si es el mismo servicio q el de 50

Rayshelle Reed

Cee Jae

Adan Villatoro

Estuardo Orellana

Love it

Max Ortega

Worst car wash ever I paid $60 to wash car and clean leather seats, dashboard was scratched, water spots everywhere don't come here drive away


I went here and I paid for a service where they are supposed to wash inside and outside they missed a lot of spots outside and they didn’t even clean the inside this is terrible service I’m never coming here again

John Farrell

Watching the crew try to keep up with the cars was funny if it was not my car being sun dried. They need a good manager but no manager could be seen out there giving directions because they were in a cluster trying to dry the cars. You can sit there and watch they will dry a car just out from the wash while leaving 7 cars to be exact to sun dry .then by the time they get to them, the job gets done half ass after we just paid good amount of money to get our car washed.should of done my car at home if I knew it was going to be dried by the sun.Myself and my family will not be going to this car wash on wible and white ln anymore.

Javier Delgado

(Translated by Google) It is better than others and the service is good (Original) Es mejor que otros y el servicio es bueno

M. J. Lee

Maria Viramontes

Hand carwash. They always do a great job.

Hilda Morales

Ana Lilia

Ness Hernandez

My car came out looking way better than I expected. They have great specials.

ileana farrell

This place is a joke, they don't clean your car right, they leave it in the hot sun to dry cause they are too busy drying others.if you can't clean and dry that many cars then why put them thru at the same time.NO MANAGER supervising, everyone was every where.2 to 3 workers drying and detailing one car when they had like 7 waiting. Meanwhile I'm sitting there looking at more cars and trucks coming out and all they did was park them, didn't touch them right away our nothing.I felt like going around letting the car owners know that their car dried in the sun and that they hardly touched it. Next time I will go and let the owners know and take pictures.

jose ramirez

I want I go back to the car wash anymore I have some issues with a manager on Sunday afternoon I was not happy with the service all this started because did they are washed of my seats last week and they live a bunch of stain dirty water everywhere play under the plastic mode that way how he treat me on sunday I will not go back anymore you guys would do the same thing customer come first I was not happy with the service and the manager name if Michael I hear his not from California now I will get a different car wash


I was at the car wash washing my car So I went to the restroom and the handle was off So I got stuck in their didn't realize The handle wasn't on till after

Ginger Jaramillo

Love the work they left on my two cars I took there for a seat detailed and they are fast at their work. I always go here.

Leo Rodriguez

Raul Mata Martinez

(Translated by Google) First time I come, I can not wait for the workers to be very customer-oriented. Good service. (Original) Primera ves que vengo no puedo que garme los trabajadores muy a tentos al cliente

Miklo The Great

Time runs out kindda fast. Be on the lookout for the time... You can add more time by adding quarters right before time runs out. If you wait to add time after the countdown finishes, you will have to pay full price again.

Rory Wills

Victor Garcia

The best car wash in the San Fernando valley! The reason why i love this car wash is because the workers clean every single part such as the cup holders and the trunk of my car and if they miss a spot then the manager has them clean them again. And it's also quick because two workers dry and clean each car. The perfect car wash to go to =D

Roby Worster

Very casual work, no sense of urgency, that is unless you come in with a muscle car, then you'll get all hands on deck as they stop working on all other cars. I warn people to not come here unless you want a shabby job done for waiting for four hours.

Rocio Ramirez

sickest crew

Payed 80 bucks for a detail in my interior. It was just drenched in dressing. Found my rear carpet still with trash. Rear cup holder with trash. Dirt and dust left on edge of air vents. Rear bumper was left with dirt on is step. I left couple things on the rear behind my seat for storage and everything is missing. Sons legos and some other expensive stuff are missing. Searched my truck and nothing. I would understand if I payed twenty or thirty bucks for the wash. But I payed 80. Could of just done a half ass job self

Jose Paramo

Good car wash

Ray Paulson

My local car wash, I come here all the time. They have an unlimited wash program that us well worth it if you use it. The only issue I see is that they sometimes rush through the drying of the cars. But other then that, they get the job done

zen thepoet

Jason Rhodes

Was there today at the location on wible road. I have been here plenty of times and never wanted to complain once until my wife said she had enough. From what she tells me the manager who is always in the vaccum area (red shirt) looks at her in a way (creepy) that makes her feel very uncomfortable and I don't appreciate it. With that being said we will not be returning.

Enedina Fuentes

Kinda of liked it until my rings came up missing after having a car wash here .

Gregory Haynes

Really cool down to earth guys, did a good job cleaning up my car.

Mel Martinez

I paid $65 for water spot removal and none of my water spots were taken away. I do not recommend this place. They don't put effort into drying your car.

Manuel Del Valle

Israel is a nice employee,oriented to customers service. I'm coming back! in 3000 miles.

Morph Marcus

corrine anchondo

Took 2 times to wash to wash my 2017 one month old car. And still not cleaned. This place charges way to much for crappy service. Waited over one hour. I should have washed it myself. Next time I know....

corall dawson



Never going back again. 1st time I went to the one on White Lane because my fiance used to take all the work trucks there to wash but they didn't do a good job with my car and I asked for the manager and he was sooo rude. He was the short dark skin guy. [Sorry, sounds mean but I never got his name] So then I came to the one on Wible yeah, they're really nice but for $29.99 I think it is good price for a good wash and dry but they left all the water stains like they didn't even dry it my car had some orangish stain from the tree infront of my house and IT WAS STILL THERE. I mean at least a decent wash and dry but never wasting my money there again.

Bob Copeland

Its got the best bugers un town know better i guve it a 10 +

Ronda Vaughn

Poor results everytime, cancelling my membership. I dont have time to point out the obvious all the time.

Ralph Chavez

Good place reasonable pricing.

Miguel Mora

paulette eagan

Jesdogg 818

Good car wash

Jesse D Lopez

Used to like this carwash but not the same anymore.

Michelle K


Kevin Cooper

Jesus Maya

Great car wash for the price. Became a member for unlimited washes and just love it. The Challenger is now always clean.

Oscar Garcia

got a cheap oil change here. not bad at all.

Safiyyah Smythe

My car was still dirty after a $30.00 car wash.

Blanca C


Sandy Sosa

It's over price for the job they do, I paid extra to have my car totally hand wash n I still had to asked for them to clean my rims n they really don't clean the inside of my car. I honestly don't recommend them.

YT onlin3

Good wash. Bad oil change

Casey Rocke

Staff is very nice, place is well kept... but I spent $125 for a #1 wash & Super Shine Detail waxing and when I got home (2.8 miles away) I had to redo the windows, clean old bird poop from high on the back window, wipe down the floor mats, clean around the edges of the trunk and vacuum the hard to reach area between the seat & the door. I just get really frustrated that I can never go to a business near my house in Sylmar because they all seem to be staffed by people that are overworked, treated poorly and are miserable at their jobs because of poor management.

Charles Smith

Wish they were better but I gave 2 star's because it's not Cruz Thru

Sandra Duarte

White Ranger

Country music is sad and boring. Need something more upbeat.

Bob Mestmaker

Alma Aldrete

Excellent work. Friendly service. Professional.

Helder Rivera

Gurpreet Singh

This place is fast.

Filiberto Ocampo

(Translated by Google) Prices and good service are reasonable. (Original) Son razonables los precios y buen servicio.

Tracie Glasoe

Great service and amazing people!

Elizabeth Campos

They do a good job but $$$ plus u feel obligated to tip 2 ppl that dried ur car.

Brenda Hernandez

I took my car in for a wash. The cover of my spare tire somehow fell off my car. I’m not sure how it happened because I paying at the register and when I walked over to the window, my cover was in the floor. I should have inspected the cover a bit closer. Instead of them telling me it cracked they choose to just put it on and not tell me. No reason to go back to dispute, I noticed the huge crack on the cover 3 days later. Never again will I set foot in that place.

jordan blue

Jose Talamantes

Worst place to get your car washed management is the worst full of excuses.would not recommend if your car is black.

Christina Galindo

At times they do a good job but others they don't pay attention to detail

Islas Maria

Left my car dirty

Corey D

Andres Gonzalez

They do a fare job

Jackie Shepherd

Mildred Pierce

The deli should be open longer

Michael Cordero

It a bit pricey and they don't do a good wash even after running my truck thru twice

Yitzhak A

Wow this place washes your Vehicle in great depth. I got the full service car wash for only $15.99 with that I got my car vaccumned, car washed by the machine they have and my car hand dried by the workers there. They left my car spotless and everything was in perfect condition. I would definitely come back her again.

Sharon Gross

Louisa Polin

Cece Curtis

Car washes are ok. They don't allow you to put gratuity on your credit card. I find that to be very poor business. So, these hard working guys go without a tip. Not cool. It was suggest we buy something on our debit card and then they can do cash back. Really?! Well, that's convenient for the owner, but not the customer or these hard workers. Smh.

Baron Bacon

No vacuum cleaning, the windows and mirrors were dirty. Cheap but you get what you pay for.

Maria Sarabia

(Translated by Google) They lack dirty details left inside the truck

Ronald Williams

I work for Lyft and a passenger threw up in my backseat. I went in to get my seats cleaned and the manager told me that it will cost me $500. I told him you have signs all around stating that it's only $52. I don't know if it was the fact that he didn't want his workers cleaning up throw up but either way it's bad for business when you turn away a customer and lie about the price. I worked as a janitor and I've clean things worse than throw up. It's a shame that you treat customers this way and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Michele Jackson

These guys work hard and dont mind special instructions. They treat my Mustang well

Louie Castellanos

I had a 2 car monthly pass but they got really sloppy so I cansoled my membership. They can use better management to inspect the finished product.sometimes the car will dry it self just by sitting in the sun and hasn't been dry so you have to tell them get all the water spots off your car .not good that tells you they are not paying attention to what they are doing...


Johnny Cotton

Johnny Acosta

By far the worst car wash I have been to. Staff has no consideration for your vehicle. Purchased a $49.99 wash special with my hard earned money. My carpet was already clean before I handed them the keys to my vehicle. I Waited 40 minutes to what it looked like to be a basic wash that I could have done myself. I Ended up leaving the car wash with dirt stains and mud stains from the detailing crew. I will no longer be washing my vehicle there. I will be taking my business elsewhere from now on. They are lucky I didn’t ask for my money back. A waste of money and time on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Definitely Two thumbs down.

Catrina Garcia

First off if I could have given 0 stars I would have! Took my car to have a regular wash, I was then convinced by one of their workers to have it detailed and waxed for 59.99 which I agreed to. Being that the job was done so quickly and by the looks of it (still had dirt and smudge marks) I questioned what exactly was done to it. The worker couldn't seem to give me a direct answer and just said it had been put through the machine. After regretfully giving a generous tip I came and realized the "wash and so called wax job" was worse than I thought. Clearly upset I called to speak to the manager although I was unable to speak to him I explained the situation and was told if I left a my name and number a manager by the name of Mario would get back to me. A whole day after and still no phone call. I regret taking my car in for a "wash" at Mission car wash, and I should have known better due to the fact that this was not the first time I've dealt with something similar at this same car wash. I feel that I was taken advantage of and do not appreciate how unprofessional they are, and could not even return my call. Super dissatisfied and will never have my business again.

Denny Truman

Always quick and friendly

Aracely Torres Gutierrez

The Santamarias

Bryan Almeida

They do an ok job here and its prices are moderate. Not one of the best places to get a car wash but not 1 of the worst either

Joe Sosa

Norm Jacobovitz

The friendliest cashiers around.

Alma Dueñas

Dee Wade

David Alonzo

(Translated by Google) Today, Sunday, July 22nd, I brought my regular car, washed and told me if I would like a wax with a machine that would look great. I asked him the price and he told me $ 60, I got a good price. to wash it comes out of the tunnel I see that they are drying it after they change it to another place I look out and the machine passes it 10 minutes maximum was there already they tell me I am approaching the glasses all stained distilling water they did not suck it well fly stains x Wherever and I ask xq did not throw wax and tells me if we miss him I do not think when a car has wax is smooth and looks bright total I do not go back just let them dry and they already work better q q go home have an excellent day and here I share my experience (Original) Hoy domingo 22 de julio lleve mi carro pedi lavada regular y me comenta q si gustaria un wax con máquina que iva a quedar muy bien Y le pregunto el precio y me dice $60 se me hizo buen precio le digo ok ya le ace falta la meten a lavar sale del túnel miro q la están secando despues la cambian a otro lugar me asomo y gamas le pasan la máquina máximo 10 minutos estuvo allí ya me dicen ya esta me acerco los vidrios todos manchados destilando de agua no la aspiraron bien manchas de mosca x donde quiera y le pregunto x q no le echaron wax y me dice si le echamos no creo cuando un carro tiene wax esta liso y se mira brilloso total no vuelvo a ir solo las dejan secar y ya acen mejor trabajo los q van a domicilio q tengan un exelente dia y aqui les comparto mi experiencia

Raquel Ortega

Arecelia Lopez

What a great car wash with some helpful and kind employees all around


Army G.

Paid for the monthly inside and out wash $39.99 and I'm not very happy for many reasons one thing they don't clean your tires unless you pay three extra dollars, they don't clean very well on the hard to get to spots and they like to lag ... probably going to look to take my business elsewhere hope to find something better around here

Amanda De La Cruz

Rene correa

Your in and out time is pretty good but the downside is that theyre in such a rush to get your vehicle out that they forget to wipe everything down inside youre vehicle,so it doesnt get as clean as youd like,and its a bit pricey


this place cleaned my car very good. yet the guys that work there need stop profiling people that aren't homeless!!! they took my car across the street, to complete cleaning and assumed i was a random person

Tammy Stephenson

Fast and efficient.

Lucy Villarreal

WARNING: Inspect your vehicle prior to tipping! The greeting staff gets 5 stars since they tried to help me close my van back window that suddenly got stuck. They went ahead and sealed it with removable tape. Worked out perfectly! I had to instruct the employee who wiped it down to remove the tape from one of the windows. Because it was hot and I assumed he did a great job with the interior I tipped him $10. Once I looked at the interior I noticed he only did a rush job and didn't use ArmorAll which I paid for. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to discuss it and had to leave. I won't be going back. I'd forgotten their wiper dudes usually do a rush job.

mario de la garza

The have me waiting for over 90 minutes

Amber Poole

Scratched window!! I had an unfortunate experience with this car wash group this morning. I went for a car wash because my windshield wipers don't have the rubber on the blade. I specifically told them NOT TO USE the windshields for that reason. Now, I don't know if that information was relayed to the other men outside (there were about 5), but upon driving I started to notice specks and white looking smears--at first I thought it was just because it was not cleaned properly, but upon gazing closer, I realized that they were indeed scratches and little specs of glass were falling. Now, I understand things happen, and perhaps it was an accident, but the manager very defensively straight out said, "there's nothing we can do..." Ummmmm very rude and highly unprofessional. There are more things I can critique him on, but perhaps that would be unprofessional of me as well. Feedback however, should never be taken and responded with a, "there's nothing we can do". Not even an apology was inserted in the repetitious words the manager was using. I asked my boyfriend, who comes here religiously, if he's ever noticed workers using windshields to clean the windows and his reply was yes, they have used them in the past. SO now I'm very upset at and distrusting of them because I strongly suspect this was done as a result of taking it to people that I specifically instructed and unfortunately trusted them. Once again, I specifically made it clear not to use them but I don't know if this was said to the rest of the "team". In addition, they tried to tell me that perhaps the automatic windshield wipers went off. My model year is a 2009 and I have it set on manual (the right side of the flickering switch not the left switch where automatic lights are).....that was the second strike because that was their attempt to present their alternative cause to the problem. As a behavior analyst, I see this as poor communication and a lack of set contingencies on their workers (this reflects the manager, not the workers). This wasn't my first time being dissatisfied with their services, but this truly is a big disturbance, as evidence of this post. I hope to get in touch with their superior to talk about the manager and his response. Nonetheless, I hope they change for the better.

Jeff Ybarra

Worst car wash ever. I will not be returning.and recommend you go somewhere else.

Janet Gomez

Aguila Construction, Inc.

This place is a good place to get a oil change and they give you a free car wash nor bad at all

Greg Thompson

If they damage your car, they won't take responsibility for it. Watch your car from the second it leaves you till you get it back.

Steve Yusim

They sell me exterior washes five 4:25 in the month of December I buy enough every year to get me through the whole year they wash my truck I give them a $2 tip I'm done in 10 minutes what a deal

Jose Aguilar

(Translated by Google) Muibuen work (Original) Muibuen trabajo

Richard Torres

The attention to detail is crazy here

Evair Pineda

Is good car wash but it take too long for a regular car wash is better the one in 24 and H st

Jonathan Rodriguez

Mando Garcia

It's so much of junk and there's no way to get a car wash here

Donna Kennedy

Luiz Espino

The cost of a car wash is exaggerated plain and simple too expensive, and they don't do a good job they rush to get the next car to get the tip, I took my BMW and to be honest they didn't do a good job with the vacuum nor the wipe down on the seats or the center compartment I paid for lotion on the seats in the seeds came out looking the same as they do without lotion my final words it's wash the car yourself it'll probably turn out better or simply take it to a different car wash where they take Pride on what they do

Adonay Amaya


Alexandria Medrano

Unlimited wash is the best!


I wont return now that they have brushes I only went and recommended this place for hand wash but as usual it's all about the Benjamin's so they replaced hands with brushes that scratch your paint just picture that dirty oil field truck being washed right before your black Mercedes goes through the sander

Rene Zendejas

TERRIBLE CAR WASH. First and last time going, did a car wash “full service”. First they press you hard on getting a membership that is $65!! Monthly, then they dont even do a good job, they did vacuum the car well but my plastics in the car were just as i left them before the wash DUSTY as hell, my rims werent even cleaned they were just washed with water and wished cleaned. POS car wash

Death Placebo

They do a good job at a reasonable price. Know what you want when you pull up, as the initial people you speak to try their hardest to get you to drop a lot of cash on detailing services regardless of what shape your car is in or what you ask for.

Leeshawn Farmer

DO NOT GO HERE!!!!! MIKE the manager is a complete douche bag!!!! Super racist, they messed up car and won't fix it. Been coming here for years but will NEVER come back!!!

Danielle Hughes

Goyo Villegas

(Translated by Google) We serve fast and is very comfortable waiting place. (Original) Te atienden rapido y esta muy comodo el lugar de espera.

Monique Monique

Fast and Clean service

Queen KCB

Andy Hernandez

They've been great gave me a good deal definitely coming back

Ana Carolina

The worst car wash. They can never leave the car clean enough from inside. Or the windows. Horrible job. Car wash owners please put attention to the reviews cause you might think we are just upset clients. For real your employees are lazy very lazy

Susan S.

Great job that they are doing


59.99 and is super bad detail on wax service

Rafa Romero

They don't even take time to take the mats out. Terrible service for the 24 bucks.

Oscar ascencio

They get the job done.

Patricia Guerra

Osmin Vasquez

Just today I got a bad vacuum work I like to tip but not today it was bad thanks. Ill be back. The wash is great

Edward Ramirez

Getting a little pricey

Jesse Larroque

Not enough staff water spots and dirty wheels plus the guys who drive my car stench stayed with it all the way home had to buy extra air freshener and clean the windshield over again

Sebi Roks

Luis Virgen

Jay E Raigoza

Car wasn't cleaned well. There were white spots inside the car and my seats had wet spots when they said my car was ready.

Ernie Sandoval Jr

They have plenty of workers, but they take too long to get on a car so needless to say good service other than the time they spend between cars, My Wifes Brand New Car had Water Spots car dried prior to getting it cleaned & dried

Carlos Vasquez

This is the best ripoff ever from a job done the worst way possible. This is the 1ST and LAST time I take my truck to this place call car wash. It's more like car trash. I pay $30+tax to clean my truck and ended up like a $10 car wash or worst. Please don't take you car to this place if U want the job done well. And the people that work there not friendly at all.

FeelMyPain 121

I like this place.


Good wash and the best burgers in town.

Isael Escobar

I just paid 160 dollars for an exterior and interior wash that came with a wax job. I was told the car had water spots that weren't gonna be able to be removed unless I paid 70 more for something they had to do with acid in order to remove the stains when I refused he brought it down to 50 in the end I said no and was given the car with the water stains in the front bumper. I went home to simply get some wax I had and removed the stains myself.

Jason Sewell

Terrible. My windows are way worse than before I went in. Not only are they dirty still now they are all swirled and streaked. Not to mention there was about a foot long section down the entire center of my car that didn't even seem to get washed. Never again. Avoid this place at all costs

Cynthia Miller2


Michael Matice


16.00 basic car wash.

Johnny Rodriguez

Ruben Thornton

They did great on the outside but did not vacuum the back interior part of my car !!

Tracy Anthony

Fast and friendly.

Pedro Contreras

Esperanza Martin-Juarez

They don't clean it well

Mario Lua

Keep an eye on when your turn is , that car will dry by itself under the sun. Overpriced for the services

Ignacio Ramirez

This place use to have great service at reasonable prices. I stopped today for a car wash and man, what a mistake. $50.00 for a manual car wash because I had a truck. Fine, no problem. Does that include washing my mats and cleaning the inside? No, thats $50.00 more. Huh? I declined and only got my truck washed. Last time Im showing up.

ernie fregozo

Not a good wash, especially for $24.00 actually it was pretty bad. After 5 minutes off the wash Line they said ready. Road grime, bugs on bumper still on dude don't even bother raising the wipers to clean under them. Asked to get cleaned and was told I need a wax service. Manager tried to make it right but honestly even then, still not good. This is my first and last. This wash was as good as a $3.00 gas station automated wash. But with ArmorAll'd tires. Don't waste your time.

Ivonne Ferrer

Cheung Nelms

Sometimes you need a quality rinse and other times you need a more thorough wash and detail. I'm impressed.

Mario Mendoza

Went to get my car wash and see seat cleaning to for 54.99 so I did it the 1st time like the job they did so I went back paid the same amount didnt do a good job when I got home check it out was poor job this time I went to get my whole car detail. wasnt happy, I was there at 12:55 till 3:00pm was very frustrated and car wasnt clean well. The guy ask for my recipe gave it to him and told me that I had a 5 day I told him to keep it because I'm not going there again. Sad to say.

Glenn Seavey

I'm so impressed. I work in the Oilfield and occasionally my truck gets extremely muddy. I brought my truck to the Wible Rd. Sparkling Image car wash and wow! Without hesitation and me even asking, they ran my truck back through the wash 3 times. I thought I was OCD. The gentleman drying my truck thought it needed some extra attention. Every other car wash seems to think " Its good enough " and I end up pleading why it needs to be ran through again. I truly appreciate their Attention to Detail. New happy customer!

Kim Wyatt


Very good

Julian Espinoza

Cyndi Reyes

Did a great job on my car. Over priced for their larger packages. I paid $50+ for the top package.

Laura Paboucek

Jesus Gurrola

Kathy Harper


So after talking to the guy for the best price for my car since I only really needed a clean in the inside of the vehicle since it’s A NEW CAR CLEANED I go to the cash register for the guy to tell me that he suggested for me to get a package that cost $24.99 instead AFTER HE CHARGED ME ALMOST $40 FOR THE CAR WASH I DIDNT NEED! THEY WASHED IT ANYWAYS! WHEN I ASKED IT HE COULD CHANGE HE JUST SORRY I ALREADY CHARGED YOU CANT DO NOTHING. “OH OK THANK YOU LAST TIME I GO HERE” FIRST AND LAST TIME I GO!!!!

Charles Collier

The best

Tanisha Elijah

They did a ok job payed for them to wipe down the inside and they didnt still dusty a half job smh

Abraham Robles

A little pricey and really depends on who washes ur car and details it to get a good wash

Hector Carrillo

Guille T Valencia

So expensive $$$$$ bad cleaning

manpreet maan


luis Aguilar

Hector G

Very unsatisfied with the work they did, was charged 55 for a hand wash which was still dirty inside out.

Shirley Durden

decent place to get a quick car wash

Tj Natural

(Translated by Google) They do a great job of cleaning and maintenance of your car. With attentive and professional. (Original) Hacen un gran trabajo de limpieza y mantenimiento de tu auto. Con personal atento y profesional.

Andrea Batiste

UPDATE .Today I decided to give this place a second try, I was offered a free was by their GM and I'm so glad I took the offer. Mike was extremely considerate and friendly and his customer service skills is amazing. He assured me that the everything would be to my liking and it definitely was. THANK YOU MIKE , I'm coming to you next time. My car is 100% clean. First time coming here and will never come back, I paid $54.00 for something I could have done myself. I had to bring my car back 10 minutes later because of the sloppy job they did. What happened to doing the job correctly the first time, my car was not vacuumed correctly, my seats still had crumbs on it and the outside still had mud splashing from the rain.

Rodrigo Torres jr

Very friendly and always leave my car looking plus smelling good !

Pablo Hernandez

(Translated by Google) Great service (Original) Buen servicio

Joseph Irving

Horrible experience. I have my car shampooed 6 months ago and paid 110 dollars I was told the moldy smell was from the wet shampoo and would go away the next day it never did I figured I would give them an opportunity to rectify the problem and I brought the car back again to have it shampooed I asked for some kind of leniency and was told sorry this is the price if you do not like it you can go down the street and have your car wash somewhere else never spend your money where it is not unappreciated stay away from this place.

crystal andreotti

Rana Sneed

Alex Ramirez

Great location but a little pricey

Ronnie Daniel

Excellent full service car wash! With a great Caffè inside wy you weight!


Quick friendly service, great job.

Eduardo Campos

Satisfaction Yo

carlos salazar

(Translated by Google) If you want to have a good day, do not go there the service is lousy, try to sell full service and if you just take the regular bother, my car and left it wet when you claim you seek any exusa, the manager is the same. Unfortunately people do not care much need your work there !!! Ojala and try to improve but there will not ever return. (Original) Si quieren tener un buen dia, no vayas ahi el servicio es pesimo, tratan de venderte full service y si solo tomas el regular se molestan, mi auto lo dejaron mojado y cuando les reclamas buscan cualquier exusa, el manager es igual. Lamentablemente la gente no cuida su trabajo con tanta necesidad que hay!!! Ojala y traten de mejorar pero ahi no regreso nunca.

Marilyn Manuel

Gary Bishop

DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU WISH YOUR CAR TO BE DAMAGED !!! So I can only wish Yelp allowed us to assign 0 (zero) stars. This car wash uses antiquated machinery and does not use hand wash methods like high quality car washes. Despite the use of old machinery - they charge as much as better hand wash - and worse yet they do not stand behind their service. I took my Cayenne into their facility and the old machinery pulled out the gasket trim around my left head light assembly. The gasket was left in pieces - now please understand it went into the Mission Car Wash intact, and had been through hundreds or car washes without a problem - yet Mission's equipment ripped it apart. When I showed the evidence to the store manager - he said I had a faulty car and the trim/gasket was rotted. He then said he would have a representative from the corporation in Bakersfield call me. That person was the Regional Manager (RM) who called me 3 days later. Well RM was no customer service guy - he claimed the gasket was rotted - and scoffed when I said it went in to his machinery fine and come out damaged. THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO FOR YOU. He even refused to refund my $20+ bucks despite my promise to post on Yelp. He said - we don't care what customers say on YELP. Well all I can say is the RM certainly could care less about customers. DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU WISH YOUR CAR TO BE DAMAGED and do not expect the high-paid Regional Manager to give 2 cents!

Dionne Diaz

Love the unlimited special they have, just wish more inside detail was done

vincent jauregui

Car still dirty....inside windows not cleaned....

Robert Romero

I spent $110 for a hand wash & wax, all I got was water spots & scratches with a dirty bed of my truck. I have 4 deep scratches on my truck now, & it looks dirtier me leaving than coming in. I want my money back

Duane Seaton

They do a good job, but you have to stay vigilant.

Jorge Ortiz

They did a terrible job. The red towels they use leave lint all over the place. The windows are as if they weren't cleaned at all. I don't recommend this place

Victor Ramirez

En verdad no lo dejan bien..... por lo que cobran ...... al momento cuando lo están secando manual mente lo dejan sucio con sus trapos partes de la carrocería en lo que estaba esperando mi carro regresaron dos carros otraves a lavar por qué no lo dejaron bien pongan más atención cambien más seguido sus trapos sucios por limpios para que den mal imagen

Mark Barrett

Kevin Crocker

Rudy Torrez

Great service

Erika Fleming

The worse car wash I ever had! I paid $22 + tip to get in my car & see my third row seat folded down and my stuff I had organized thrown about. Then I open the hatch and it was full of trash and not vacuumed. Windows smeared AND THEN I realize my entire truck is covered with watermarks and dust! It looks like they let the sun dry it and left it that way. Not to mention they forgot my air freshener. I am so upset and will NEVER EVER waste my time or money here again. I want a refund and and I will never be back. Your workers know better than this, this is extremely offensive and upsetting to be taken for granted this way. Lousy service!

Jose olivas

Great service

Kathleen Gallardo

Tbey did not clean my tires at all (rims) ...i did not notice it when i left...saw it maybe 2 hours later . .i will NOT go back there again

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