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2434 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702, United States

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REVIEWS OF Solar Car Wash (San Pablo Ave, Berkeley) IN California

robert early

Lots of bays to wash the blood from your trunk.

Rey Cosmic

Cheap, very cheap if you work fast.

Freyja gunnar

this car wash is very professional from the other car wash that is found across berkeley,Ca and affordable at $7.00 with foam wheel/tire brush.

Tae Jones

They give you enough time to wash your car when you add money.

Max Biz

It is my weekly car wash. Cheap, reliable, nice and clean.

Chris Thomas

Raquel Ramsey

My car is nice and clean. It's do it yourself.

Christo Rosa

Steve Winkles

Only place u can wash your rv or big truck thank you

Dwight Daniels

Bander Snatch

Good self service car wash.

Alex Kang

Steven Curry

Justin Lee


Ronald Glover

Salome S

Joanna Lemon

This was a joke!!! Horrible service stains still present

mouath mutaher

Rakesh Kumar

Sergey Novo


Good place to wash your vehicle....

Melinda Burroughs

Diana Flores

Eliz May B Griffintwo

Great place for self service car wash. Working equipment is a plus. Clean all around. No one hanging around asking for change. Friendly customers too.

Benson Wong

Guillermo Pie Belmonte


Mirwes Hakimi

alberto cervantes

Super fast car wash

Tracey Baldridge

yurik riegel

Daniel C. Ramos

Mose White

Sir Robinson

siggy fraud

Eddie Johnson

Vanessa Mosely

Always clean a bit small but there is another on Dwight much bigger

Guglielmo Pagliccia

Bobby Eddins

Michelle Moore

Willie Burgess

Randy Daves


Rachel OFlaherty

Alex Warring

Affordable and low key

Good day Bay area

Herbalucious Reeferton, II

justin randall

Mariah N. Pasco

Slava Balashov

Pat Allen

Convenient and helpful that it takes credit cards. Takes quarters but not dollars.

Brandon de los Reyes

Matthew Barrows

On the expensive side to self wash, save by using drive thru wash

Richard Couch

carl temple

Best wash for not much, you do the work if course!

Anwaya Aras

Amazing service, there’s a guy here on Sundays and he’s super helpful! He helped us understand the controls, wash our car, vacuum etc! Quite a personal touch! We loved the place!

Sandoe Slim

I go here all the time to wash my car it is cheap and reliable and they have everything you need from towels to air fresheners to vacuum the only thing I wouldn't do is use the soap brush on a brand new paint job because it will cause you to have scratches you're better off using that power soap gun then rinsing it off

Michael Hagler

Devin Cooper

If you use the value bay its a great deal and you don't have to rush! Only negative thing to say is their card machines like to go down often enough that I always just bring cash now.

Jeff Lerman

Good for what it is: No wait on a Sunday for a stall, had enough space for me to wash/wax my car at leisure without taking up a stall the whole time. No solicitors while I was there. Takes credit cards for wash, which is a little expensive ($3 fit first 4 minutes of water). One complaint: no low-pressure water option to easily fill a bucket, which I needed to assist with my car-cleaning regimen.

Antoine Carriere

Guillermo G

I'll just say that I will not be returning to this car wash.

Shannon Kibby

Does the job

J.J. Howard

It washes your car. There are self serve vacuums. That's it.

fuad yafai

Nurcan Sonmez


Ferenc Borondics

Nice, quick, cheap.

Emily Estus

Coin-op vacuums are easy to use, owners are nice

Vernon Teal

Ian Larry

Don't go there at all.

Rosa Obregon

I went on a Sunday morning and I didn't have to wait to get a stall . Everything worked well (including vacuums) and it did the job for a $3 car wash and $2 vacuum.

Cynthia Simon

Needed a quick car wash and I was in and out within 20 minutes

paxton krone

There is a bargain on Fridays, last station on the left. Great car wash

John Harris

Gina Ferrara

Jose Arroyo

Machine weerc graet

Davier Mayes

Marcus Destouet

This place has been around forever...solid self coin operated car wash on a busy Ave. The machines have always worked and place clean and maintained.Wash your car!


Gets it done...

Jerome Hart

The wait is not long and the pricr is good

Beomjin Kim

It is a good place to car wash. Not that clean and organized but it is still fine for just washing a car

Randy Roche

Use the value bay!

Tracy Hamer

Come here only if your car is already pretty clean or you enjoy being yelled at. My husband and I just used this place to wash off our truck. The truck had some leaves and pine needles stuck at the bottom of the windshield by the wiper blades and we used the pressure washer to blow them out, maybe two handfuls worth of leaves altogether. The owner/attendant came over and yelled at us because of the leaves. He said it was illegal to have leaves on the truck and to wash them off (???). My husband apologized and said we hadn't known it was a problem and this guy said it didn't matter if we were sorry, we were doing something we knew was wrong (uh, were not) and insisted we sweep up the leaves when we were done. We did start sweeping the leaves when the wash was done, and as we were sweeping, the guy came back over and yelled at us again and said all the leaves plugged up his system so he had to get it pumped out. He said we needed to take care of the mess before we came to the car wash (surprisingly, that was WHY we went to the car wash). He said he tried to keep it clean and we were just making a mess and making it dirty. While I sympathize with the idea that he puts work into keeping the place clean, there's a certain amount of inherent mess associated with cleaning off cars. By the way, there are zero signs saying "no leaves allowed" at the car wash. Also, if it's illegal to have leaves on your car, who is responsible, the car owner or the trees? Why aren't more trees getting fined for dropping leaves?

Nicolas MORANT

lex T

Joseph Roselius

Na'Jee White

Ok pricing. Wash and clean your car.

billie 4work

Love the 10 minute stall for $5.00.

La B

Love taking my car here and cleaning it out! Everything always works, I can use debit card and it's easy to find on San Pablo Ave.

Edward Moody


Catherine's gmail

Safe, cheap and easy place to clean your car

Peoples Champ

Shoukat Ali

Beautiful Harris

Favorite $5 car wash HEYYYYYY

Philip Ly

The value wash is really worth it. You have more than enough time to wash even two cars. The high pressure hose works really well.

Magnolia Osborne

J J Cuff

Willard Birts

Cleaned up my vehicle

Geoff White

Great DIY car wash in South Berkeley on San Pablo and Dwight. The stall on the far left is the "value stall" you get like 10 mins for $5 but be careful, the cleaning hoses are a little unwieldy .

orion jensen

Joshua Davis

There's soap and water.

Mike Bounds

Payam Shahbod

Self serve coin op car wash

Andres Placencia

Mandeep J

i must lol

Richard Elliott

Andrés plascencia

Douglas Bernardo

Very shady and dishonest. I picked the 5 dollars option, it charged 10 on my card. I won't be returning here and I don't recommend it. May, 10.

Markus Barth

Vigneshwer Vaidyanathan

Homer Stephens

Joseph Talentino-Delucchi

It's a good place ..

Jamal Cole

Use the value bay if you can. $5 for 10 minutes

spencer walters

Jeremy Scidmore

Good for cleaning your own car.

Carolyn Hudson

Dinna Lake

Local self serve car wash. Clean and well attended

Aaron Olden

I wash my car at least once a week great place

Justin Randall

Donald Blair

Kasey chaney

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