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REVIEWS OF Simi Auto Spa & Speed Wash IN California

Jayesh Patel

Great monthly unlimited car washes for $13.

Jasmine Johnson

Larger sized drive through car wash. Most times you only wait less than 5 min to get your car vacuumed and into the car wash bay area. On the weekends or after work hours, can be a much longer wait, but employees normally work quickly and efficiently. This location has various pricing pkgs for car wash, detailing etc. Also has just an external wash only, no vacuum, stay in your car and drive out without them drying your vehicle for a reasonably low price. Adequate seating and patio area while you wait for your car. Store has snack and trinket items for sale. Also has a nice aquarium and Simi Valley city information area. Tip the employee who dries your car upon pick up of vehicle.

David Schmidt

Excellent crews here. They do a very good job

AnnMichelle Dumais

Fast and friendly, free coffee, reasonable price this is the only place I use. Weekends are very busy try going during the week. They have a speed wash if you are in a rush.

Lisa Coe

Great car wash

D and M Haines

Best car wash service! management and staff best in the entire Ventura county area.

Edwin Meghana

Never thought there would be unlimited was for a monthly subscription. Great machine, cleans well and nice staff

Ryan M.

This place can get pretty busy but the workers are fast and the wash is good. Also they have a really nice place to sit and wait for your car.

Jennifer Inman

Best car wash in town

Michael Vermilion

This place practices Bait and Switch. I signed my work truck up 2 months ago for a monthly subscription and I come in for a regular washing today and all of a sudden My truck is no longer acceptable to go through their machine and they want to charge me an additional $15 to hand wash it. Unacceptable of your teamed F’d up and sold the wrong stuff you don’t just switch it on the customer you hold to the agreement. Even if you’re forced to do more work for the price previously promised. It’s not my fault their machine can’t handle my type of truck just because it has a ladder rack. I was very specific when I brought it in 2 months ago on what i wanted.

Paul Cazalet

Been there twice, both times dirt left in car... Not returning.

Richard Ochsmann

Good wash

Peter Carrube

I've been coming here for years ... today is my last time. Their prices are now just way out there.. No added service, just higher prices. Too bad, i liked this place. Lowest wash is $20.. rediculous.

Soumita Dutta


Lisa Davis

Ive been getting my car washed there for years. After today 5-8-14 I will NEVER go back. And I will find a new place to get my oil changed too on 3 cars. I did the express wash about 1/2 through my car was jolted hard after I went tot the vacumes and there I noticed a scratch on the right front fender towards the bottom. I showed the manger and he said"you did it outside of here, you hit a curb" The paint was peeling off. Dont you think that if it had happened BEFORE the wash the brushes would have taken off the peeling paint !!!!!!! I will be posting all over Facebook and Twitter. And telling all my friends to NEVER go there. I will now be going to else where.........


Excellent customer service. The service that was provided to wash our car was outstanding. Will be back over and over again.

Eric Haugen

Massage chairs


I only frequent the monthly wash deal at the second tier as I do not want to get out of my car. Considering a wash at the mobile would cost 5-9$ my 15$ monthly payment has been well worth it. If you live on that side of town especially. If you come late in the day there may be less people in line BUT there also may be fewer " hand Dyer's" as well as it's end shift. Worth the money imo (& I'm cheap).

Diana Southern Norman

I've been coming here for the $5 washes for years, but I just brought my car in for an oil change for the first time last week. It took five minutes for the oil change, and then a full interior and exterior cleaning was included with the price of the oil change. Lots of stuff to do while you wait -- multiple waiting rooms/areas. Car looks like new. Definitely will return here for future oil changes!

cesar aceituno

Gena Quarantello

Great job

Lloyd Reed Jr


Fantastic job for the price. Great deatail work.

Frederick Jones

Pleasant customer service. Part hand-wash , part drive-in. Enourmous car wash! best l have seen in this area. l wiil come back.

Queen Casshy

Great low monthly fee for unlimited car washes

Linda Freund

I get the all you want to wash where you stay in the car. No interior cleaning. I'm happy with it.

Larry Ruckman

Its gotten better since it first opened, will try again

Patricia Miller

We have monthly unlimited car washes. Continously good service and thorough car cleaning!

Robert Castaneda

Had to go through 2 times and then just gave up.

Mari Kate Jones

Excellent job excellent service friendly staff. Work done in a timely manner.

T as

(Translated by Google) Automatic car wash (Original) مغسلة سيارات اوتوماتيكية

ryan robison


The workers are nice and they take care of you.

Maryam Stickell

Good service and descent prices.


Rishab Gupta

Great place to get your car washed. I love getting the coffee and sitting outside by the waterfall. Make sure you ask specifically to get specific parts of the inside of your car cleaned.

Avishek Mukhopadhyay


Debbie Juul Ryan

I love the quick autowash option, didn't have to get out of my car and was done in less than 10 minutes!

Todd Daskal

Mannix C

Great Service!

Hugh Fisher

They normally do a pretty comprehensive job

T Rini

Yeah, fast service but poor quality!! In and out in 10 do the math!

Ivan Zepeda

Good service my cars always clean

Momena Aman

Always friendly staff when I come in for a car wash

Monica Bahena

Went yesterday..Paid 155 for full interior shampoo abd detail plus hand wax .. The headliner was still dirty.. Dirty spots in the interior.. The back of my car the bumper inside the truck area has dirt still stuck on the back.. Really 2 hours of waiting and all the money spent for nothing..a waste

Ana Valle

(Translated by Google) Ohhh for years eh had bn service are excellent thanks very helpful

Doreen Isaacs

Purchased the works, which is whole pkg; interior, exterior, Vacuum, trim detail etc., PLUS upped it to include hand wax = $50 Well..... he brought car out, called me over AND the trim was not done, the seats were not vacuumed (or just not well done) the door jams still had dust, dirt and water.... WTH? I had taken everything out of the car, I keep it pretty clean normally, (so it's not like I brought in a disgustingly dirty car). I gave him a tip but doubt I'll purchase another $50 pkg + $10 tip. I get better service with the $29 pkg.

Steve Nicoletti

Caren Maneker

More on the expensive side but they have one of a kind beautiful purses here.

Steve Jones

Nice car wash but I prefer their sister company on Tapo St....hand wash.

Phelony Ink

It's ok bunch of cool stuff to look at while waiting. I've been going here off and on for years haven't really had any other problems I can remember but this time I paid extra to make sure that my rooms were clean and when I went to get the car the rims weren't really done it all. I told the guy that I had paid extra at the register to make sure that that was done and he seemed kind of annoyed and drove the car off somewhere for so long that I ended up walking back there whether I was allowed back there or not to make sure the car was okay. I was driving my fiance's now husbands newer convertible Camaro.

Rick Hopkins

Great place

candice cordileone

Ted Okerson

Kelly Maldonado

Always take great care of my car

Grace Kim

Literally a week after I got my new BMW came and got a deluxe car wash here. I came with my roommate who had also just purchased a new car. We both came home to find multiple scratches all along the panes and water spots all over. Called in and they said they'd give us both a free car wash if we came back. Wanting to give them another chance, came back and asked if it'd be possible to get it hand washed (not wanting to get more scratches). Even offered to pay the difference for the hand wash... but expected the same package that I had originally paid for (which includes the wax)! After paying the difference, spoke to the general manager Ali who said only way for them to do that is to put my car through the machine... why did I pay for my 'free car wash' if they aren't even giving me what I had originally paid for?? Not to mention... they still didn't do a good job cleaning my car again. Grease spots on the wheels, water/soap still dripping from the windows. For $35 hand wash, definitely don't recommend this place!

alan oransky

They have gone down hill since Norman left. No pride in the workers. Push them in and get them out mentality. So what if your car still looks dirty. What a shame, because they use to be the best in Simi Valley

Jeffrey Anderson

I had visited Simi Auto spa from time to time and was OK with the service. When I got my Audi decided to get the unlimited service Deluxe wash package. After 6 months of washes with inconsistent outcomes decided to ask about detailing. When I spoke to the cashier was told that there is a discount to add the full detail service, however when I added it was told a lower discount. I spoke with the manager and got an attitude of indifference to the two different quotes. When I brought up ending my monthly service he responded with "that's OK". Needless to say, I no longer go there. My car has been detailed since and no longer has swirls in the paint. I wont be back as the service is inconsistent, their machines leave swirls in the paint and dirty water runoff coming out. Usually had to go back over the car when I got home because the mirrors continued to drip down the sides of the car... They didn't consistently blow out the mirrors. Save your money and visit a place that values your patronage and takes car of your vehicle.

Paul Klein

Love this place. $5 for a good wash. Takes minutes. Free self vaccum.

Vikram Jonavada

Quick wash didn't remove all the stains

david dolivek

They just raised the price by $3. Not paying that I am going else where. Rip off

Connor Morse

Benjamin Winokur

They do a really good job most of the time. They don't always get into all the nooks and crannies of the interior, but if you point something out, they're quick to jump on it and take care of it for you.

Phillip Olsen

Great service

Gabriela Savage

It's just that..a car wash - They do a nice job outside.. Inside, not so good.. Everyone is very friendly - It's a busy car wash ...I find I get a better wash if I go during the non peak hours ....

f K

This place is sucks. Paid 260 bucks for full detail. The seats still had stain on it. The floor mate we wet and soapy. The tires dirty. They polish one head light and forgot the other one. I went back to clear the head light polish it. They said pay another 40 dollars. I had to bring back home and clean my self. Never go back there

Jaimie Conroy

Affordable self wash and free vacuums. One caveat, the automatic wash is not as thorough as a hand wash.

Corey Miller

Horrible, I used to go their when it was Lenny Dykstras and the service was great. I went in this morning and my windows barely got touched, the rims were still dirty, they didn't even touch the seats which I specifically asked them to use armorall. I get a better wash going through the gas station car wash. What was the $35 I paid for going to?

Jeff & Cheryl Perkins

Since the prices increased several months ago, we've noticed a steady decline in the quality of the cleaning we've recieved at this car wash. Vacuuming is poorly completed (almost always find a significant volume of debris which makes me wonder if certain areas were even vacuumed). The guys doing the finish cleaning in the waiting area seem to move thru vehicles much quicker too, which leaves me to wonder if they are being as thorough as they use to be. Windows seem to show streaks much more quickly... you get the picture. I've also noticed the volume of vehicles visiting this establishment has declined recently, which is likely due to the price increase coupled with declining quality.

Martha Siping

I highly recommend Simi Auto Spa for my oil change! I am confused by the reviews. I have never had a bad experience at Simi Auto Spa and I have been going there since it was Lenny Dykstra's. The people in the oil change department are always friendly and helpful. They don't try to sell me things I don't need. The also put my car back the way I gave it to them. I have been to oil change places in the past that ruined my oil pan because they didn't put it back correctly. I highly recommend them!

Tammy C Hoggan

Tracy Carrillo

Rank FFFF---- The owner is a dishonest and an unfair salesman who pushes you to purchase a higher package! Those stickers SUCK and their workers don't know anything else than to dry the car, a job not even close to being done well. They ruined my front window tint by butchering the sticker that was on there and never brought it to my attention. Although I never went to use my "membership", the place wouldn't even give me a refund!!! Just total BAD customer relations. Money, Money and Money is all they care about. Crooks!!!!!!!!

Joe Bene

Great owner .

Adal Monteagudo

John karkiewicz

it's ok

Summer B

Great service. Friendly and respectful workers. Just wish they would stay open longer... (close at 5)

chelsey morton

Have been to this car wash before and each time they do not clean my car all the way. My 3rd row wasn't vacuumed all the way there was crumbs in the door and center console. I paid $30 for the works wash and now I have to take it somewhere else and pay for the inside to be properly cleaned. I called to complain and was left on hold for over 7 minutes to be told a manager wouldn't answer the call they would have to call me back.

Lori Gildow

I was disappointed in the vacuuming and they took back for a redo with no problem.

Mike Schmidt

Was not very thorough, they missed a lot of spots. Would not go back for detail again

Scott Keiter


Javier Velez

is a great place

Cesar Nunez

Unlimited washes inside and out $40. Love it.

Jason Komut

Fast great service. I got the monthly pass and I always have a clean car.

Ryan Gallagher

Just get the cheap wash and you'll be fine. It's quick and easy but can be expensive. Other options tend to be cheaper but it's still a good place to get the carwashed and detailed.

Tony Marcus

Great job. Every time.

Paul Fanning

Really quick and inexpensive on the Express Option or get a regular car wash with regular car wash pricing. Your choice. Express option includes self vacuuming. Express option is better than a gas station car wash but not as thorough a job as a regular car wash. I haven’t tried the regular car wash but notice they have a steady stream of customers.

Jaclynn Nelson

This place gives you what you pay for. If you want a cheap quick wash, they have it. If you want a detailed clean scrub and polish, they will do it for you. It's quick and easy every time.

Hasnain Quettawala

Excellent service n friendly people. Great value for your money. Would reccomend to friends.

Nikesh Kapur

Manic Jamitty

Speedy carwash, always leaving car clean and shinny and no scratches

Rodney Volkmar

Great job, reasonable price

Georgin Mathew

Best one in Simi.

Prescott Bayne

Had my car cleaned and was well vacuumed. It was my first time and I can say that it was not bad for the first experience. I would definitely be back.

Lucia Castellanos

(Translated by Google) While not clean cars are better ... but not 10 points (Original) No limpia bien los autos... Quedan mejor pero no 10 puntos

Carlos Azucena

Very pleased!

Greg Saul

Amazing service and fair pricing. They are very good at what they do.

Robert Joynt

Always a great wash, wax and TLC


Leave your car nice and clean

Samantha Pickels

Horrible place. I’ve gone multiple times just to see if it’s the person i got that day that was horrible.. nope everytime i have gone it’s the same. My car is never clean and they cracked my windshield and just refused to talk to me about it!! Would not recommend at all.

Geno Juarez

Friendly and hardworking staff. Worth the wait time.

Sarah Horton

Brandy Stolley

Pricey but they do a great job.

William Dougherty

This visit was the second time Jesús at the Service desk has given me wonderful advice when I asked him how worn down my tires were (while I was getting an oil change). He even showed me how to look for the “worn” sign on my treads! He is the sweetest, most compassionate man who always treats this lady like his own family. I would never go anywhere else for an oil change or car wash! You guys are so lucky to have him!! - Deidre

Access Control

Today I spend with tips $80 to shampoo my seat. They did the worst job ever. Still dirty as it was before. Just outside clean a little bit. My seat still dirty.

Alan Nordstrom

Reasonable price and they do a good job.

Alex Gandel

They always do a great job! One of my billboards are located at this site.

Daniel Iglesias Sr

Just average.

Carla Isaac

Best , fastest friendly employees!

Tracey Rapp

My favorite place to go to give my car a bath. They do a fantastic job and all the workers are so kind. Never disappointed!!

Joe Tambunga


Jose Alcala

I like because has everything for your car in order to have this in a good shape

Betty Santis

Okay customer service, horrible job every time is worse it's just convenient car wash

Jessica Perez

Please do not take your car here. For the price it is they don't do a very good job. You pay $25 for the works wash and they do a 5 dollar job. All my windows had water spots and dirt still left on them. The inside of my car was not wiped down. Your better off going to the gas station next door and doing the wash yourself.

Sha P

The employees went the "extra mile" to get my mini van extra clean. There were bug splats all over the front after driving through the desert. Inside, outside, and all around the edges were cleaned like new. Hasn't looked this good in years. Thank you for the gift of a clean van!

rob herr

Was not impressed. When you have to rewash dishes after the dishwasher, you replace it. When you have wipe down all the spots that the car detailer missed when you get home, you find a new place or do it yourself. It was a $5 carwash that I paid $40 for.

Harley Galipeau

l am so pleased with how my car turned out. lt was dirt free in places that l did not even realize needed to be clean.

Rod Dugar


Stellar service and exceptional waiting area inside & out. Enjoyable fish tank and TV to entertain yourself and a fountain/waterfall outside. Been taking my car here for a few years now in the summertime and have never been disappointed.

Brad S

They do a good job, but this place always looks like it's going out of business. Sort of dumpy and run down.

Jeff Cohn

These people go out of their way after your car is through the watch to make sure it is clean on the exteriour at the drying area.

Michael Napal

No such thing as a 5star carwash place, at least none that I have been to... however, this place offers an above average experience by way of friendly and helpful staff, quality service and nicely appointed setting. A bit pricey, ranging from $20-35, but worth it for the difference.

douglas kennedy

Not a hand car wash use the dreaded brush if like scratches on your car

Kevin Tarlowski

Great place!

Luis Cornejo

Clean car happy customers

Cathelene Roberts

Awesome job very detailed work Employees were very nice

Cody Evans

Michael Dalby

Good car wash

Sahara Wilcox

Tanner Sadowsky


negar radfar

Love the service

Colin Cassuto

Cheap at $5 for a wash, sometimes cars still dirty and windshield stuck on gook

David Young


Good value for a job well done. They are always equipped for a big crowd. They can move a lot of cars and still do a good job.

Gary Scott

Great service. Can be busy.

Dillon Hurt

This place is good. On a slow day

Dan Carter

Thanks for the good job cleaning my interior! It was time for a deep cleaning inside and out!

Elaine Pugh

Ron Smith

Fastest full service car wash I've ever gotten. Great Job.

Cheryl Zamora

Not as good as it used to be. They rush through without the good inside cleaning they used to do

Daria Rico

I love taking my car here. they're fast and do an awesome job! price is reasonable, they do different levels, depending what u want. I highly recommend it! 20 bucks for a basic

Jesse Jackson II

The wash was ok but the price was awesome

Steve Landgraf

I had my1969 GTO Judge undercarriage steamed cleaned and they did a wonderful job, William supervised the job and followed up after and made sure I was satisfied, What a wonderful place to have your car washed also!

Steven Booth

Always liked this place since the Lenny Dykstra days. Tried others, this is tops.


Simi Valley Auto Spa and wash is a great place to go to get your car washed fast and quick staff is helpful sometimes they don't know how to hose down a car without being on their phone which kind of sucks I highly recommend it but don't expect the best wash in the world for 5 minutes for 5 bucks or whatever get your car a little bit better looking at it did before highly recommended all the other stuff except for one person on his phone constantly and not doing his job

Karen Okey

I have been to this carwash before and I've been happy. But today I was just wowed!! First off they did an impeccable job with the detail. The wait time was reasonable. But the thing that stood out was when one of the guys working on the car handed me an old debit card he found at the bottom of my seat. That just made me so happy. It renewed my faith in humanity. I wanted to let the manager know but he was not there and I had to go. So this is my way of letting everybody know that they have people with honesty and integrity working at this location. Good job guys!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Joe Burg

Carlos Rodriguez

This is the 3rd time I get the top of the line car wash for 40 bucks and they did such a horrible job ! This time before I gave them the keys I told them all the problems I had last time. Even like that they failed again. I take both my cars there and my moms car and they have lost our business. Never again will I go there

Steven Waggoner

1st time since new owner. Complete auto and truck care detail and mechanical repair. Was impressed would recommend to anyone thst loves to take care of there vehicle. They have a $5.00 machine wash with actual people dry the vehicle while your in it. And pull around left free spot to vacuum your vehicle multiple vacuums on either side. Or you can have a complete hand wash and detail price's go up accordingly reasonably. Large facility.

Brandon Zarrahy

This place sucks, not only did they scratch my brand new car (brushless - yeah right!), I paid for deluxe package and they didnt use the air freshener and my windows and car was still dirty in spots... I would not recommend or go back to this place EVER!!! What happened to people doing quality work?

Chris Skinner

Speed Pass is the way to go. Easy, efficient and clean.

Jason Merrick

Great monthly unlimited wash plans that still give you one full service wash, inside & out, per month. Friendly staff who do a very good job.

Mari Luyet

The cashier always has a smile and is quick to greet you.

Marisa Sheppard

Linda Baker

Danielle Thornhill

Edwin Raj

Cheap yet great place to get your car done

Gus T. Estravit

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