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REVIEWS OF Shine-N-Seal Car Wash IN California

Daniel Barros

Worse wash per $20 box and doesn’t have free vacuum!

Melanie Still

Great clean drive through car wash

Brennan Hartich

Loved this place, but I'm not able to cancel the monthly membership on their website!

Toufik selmane

I really regret going with this suck company This is my car after wash Wasted my money in the membership I always say maybe next time will be better but never be I really don’t recommend it to anyone

Gigi Munoz

Good place to do a little cleaning on your car yourself. They take debit/credit cards and minimum for vacuum is $3.00 and a $1.00 each additional minute. Careful...time passes quickly.

Deborah Smock

Great Deal on Groupon

Whitey Bulger

Doesnt dry well. Vacumes are expensive and not included in monthly deal.

Trim Mai

The lads at this place make sure you leave clean, respectable work. Will keep coming back.

Lisa King

They did an excellent job on my car. Came in on Father's Day and they were packed but i was in and out within 45 minutes. Chose the $21.99 package and my car is spotless! Will be back.

Mark Hogan

Great light show but it missed a few spots on our car.

munkh altankhuyag

This man is very rude, this car wash place does not always clean everything. The service is bad. The manager was very rude to me when he was speaking to me. The employees do not have manners when treating customers.

Rocio Escobar

Vacuum too expensive

Christine Melody Price

Those vacuums work wonders, and the carwash is super fun and colorful!

Stephen Wong

Good car wash! Finally a speedy automated car wash in the city. The gas station ones don't compare (long waits, not as clean or dry).

Ray Sutton

Good modern car wash

Jessica Romero

Oh my God I can't believe this place charges $11 for a basic carwash they don't even bother to wipe down your car OK there's not even towels provided in the vacuum area and they charge their customers extra to vacuum the sucking car. No way will I come back. However I'm grateful that the manager was gracious enough to give me a free vacuum but he only gave me 3 minutes which didn't last very long so I have to wait longer an extra 5 minutes just to for him to get me additional time which was only 3 minutes. No thank you I'll never come back

Nemanja Spasojevic

Ok service. Nice and new facility however service quality is just average. Price on higher side .

Sharlene Dillon

Best monthly prices in town

Tha BamB

Does a great job. Has a vacuum station too. $1/minute to vacuum but does a great job. Splurge on the $20 car wash, it's worth it! And save your saves you $5 off your next car wash within 30 days

Alex Valencia

Fast lines. Get to clean inside of car too.

Korean M

Very nice staff quick and detail cleaning

zhongmou huang

Happy Mexicans wash like new ones.

Brandon Smyth

Reasonably priced. The car came out clean. Pretty much what I was looking for.

Ben Velasquez

Great service for the monthly price

Jeannine Pollock

Jus bring ya rants yo wipe inside doors and mirrors .always little water on windows and hood but car is always cleaned well!! Coupon on internet

Daniel Zayas

Chaotic, free-for-all car wash location because cars cut the line at will. I spoke to the on-site employees about the issue, but they had no interest in attempting to improve the experience. Too bad.

Dennis Golomazov

Good quality automatic car wash. The vacuum is $1/min, with $3 minimum. I drive a convertible, and there were no issues so far.

Jillian S.

Great place to wash your car. The colored lights in the car wash make you feel like you're at a party while your car is getting cleaned. They have vacuums which take credit cards. Just make sure you hit the button when you're done with vacuum or you'll continue to get charged per minute until someone else hits the button for you.

MissTris Bliss

Purty colors

Marc Upton/ Senechek

Very fast and efficiently organized.

Michael Gardner

All of my experiences here have been first rate.

Chris Flippen

This place is awesome! Brand new state of the art facility and an all star staff to match. I have a Toyota Sequoia and immediately saw the value their monthly membership program. You can't go wrong with evew

Matt Lampe

Don't spend on the more expensive packages. They're not worth it.

Ashley Ferg

They over charge DO NOT VACUUM YOUR CAR THERE I'll never make that mistake again I got charged $18 don't use anything that only charge a card.... Scam

Jacob Spider-Man

Decent car wash for the price.

Jessie Margolis

Great place to do a good and quick car refresh!! Takes credit card and has great service. when I vacuumed the left side vacuum head was clogged and a guy came by and noticed I was going to pay for another round and asked me if I needed anything. I’m a very friendly manner, he unclogged it right away and gave me a free session to be able to finish up thoroughly. There can be long lines, but it moves pretty quickly

bryan ocumen

Nice car wash

Fannie Adams

Really pleased with the service. They arrived within the specified time. The car was pretty dirty as I had not washed it in at least 6 months. They must have used a magic solution as it came out sparkly new. And the inside of the car was well vacuumed too. Will definitely use them again and recommend to my friends. Great value at only $50 + tip.

David Glusic

Car wash was a convenient location but had pricing to match (high). The machine wash isn't as accurate as a hand wash.

boyletsgo vlogs

The Car wash service months is good can't complain!!!!about the vacuum is super expensive.,, ONE DOLLAR- ONE MINUTE This crazy I make 9 dollars per hour in my job .,

Coach Karl

Me & my car love this place, totally worth the monthly payments.

Carl Stuart

Excellent Service

Dwain C

My car ALWAYS looks new because of this place! However, it is busy or a lot of cars durning peek hours.


This place is great - it's exactly what SF has needed. Shine-N-Seal offers an amazing deal: unlimited washes for a monthly price less than that of a single wash at Divisadero. True, it's just for the exterior here, but they also have the most powerful vacuums I've ever used. Those allow anyone to clean the inside by themselves in less than 5 minutes.

Andrew Watson

One of the most fun car washes you can go to

Stephanie Lawson

Excellent service . Tried them a couple of times. They come to your door to open the car. You chill out at home. 40 min they are done without a drop of water and the car is clean as new.

hana sayles

Best vacuum stations in town! And the neon color car wash is so fun! Super friendly staff :)

Alexandre Barros

New car wash with new machines and vacuns. Totally sustainable place

Santiago Mejia

I have the monthly subscription and it feels great getting a wash anytime my car is dirty. I get one every other day. Can’t beat the monthly price. About half the time I take a wash, the power seems to temporarily cut off and it might skip some of the car wash. I wish they would fix that.

Caleb Goodew

Great wash! Don’t forget to bring towels to dry.

Samuel Hernandez

the best car wash in the city. super fast and well clean

Evgeny Ovsyannikov

Just say that you open at 9, because you never open at 8.

Evelyn Henderson

We just had our car washed with Shine-N-Seal Car Wash. They came to our house. Detailed the car. It looks amazingly new and smells great. Best car wash I have ever had. And for $35, they came to us and detailed it. Best of all, they barely use any water.

Frankethia Johnson

Fast and friendly service

Nael Morones

Car is so shiny

Mike Manuel

Too crowded with TNC cars. Other than that, it's a great car wash.

Chase Dawkins

Not many car washes in SF, this is one of the better ones. However, the staff are rude and they advertise 7pm as a closing time... in reality it’s 6:45.

Tuuli & Patrick Almgren

Nice fast wash, BUT unfortunately leaves the car pretty dirty.


In the site say all include so enter directly to use but when I go out the vacuum is not included and it's very very expensive, I ask the guy to cancel because dont work for me like this and without ask he cancel and request directly 20$ and after do all say that is 35days to refund my money! Dont recommend this place!

Venkat Melkote

Nice affordable car clean. I got the 4 express washes for the price of 3 deal which was worth it!

Naval Shah

This is probably the best automatic car wash. The standard wash is $11 but is very reasonable and thorough. There isn't usually a wait.

kelli martin

I always leave with my car not totally clean, but it's cool for a quick run through

Daniel Real

Best car wash in San Francisco! Also has great vacuums that clean great.

Erin Romine

This is a very busy place to get your car wash but the line goes quicker then anywhere else I’ve been to. Especially if you buy the pass that lasts for a month. You pull up and the gate scans the bar code on your windshield and you’re through the gate. Best deal in town for a good car wash. They brush your tires and windows by hand before going into the wash machine. Tip them first and you’ll come out smelling like a

Tammie Brady

What can I say it's a car wash you have lights and different colors it's old fashioned car wash it was pretty fun to have that experience once again in my lifetime. You pay at the machines you roll up onto the little conveyor belt you put your car in neutral or on the N. they will wash your car down you go through its soaps it up the little wiper things wish up against your car and your car gets clean I just thought it was kind of neat that they had lights that change color. When you get to the end it's a blower that blow dries your car and then you're on your way.

zaki nijem

Love $50 all month once a day complete package wash clear coat I mean the works. So worth it. That was my review 10 months ago but since i got a new car a little more than a month ago the carwash has done nothing but destroy my clear coat and put swirls all over the car. I couldnt see it before because my other car was gray but i can see the damage that carwash causes because the burgandy paint on my new car. The peerson i contacted told me that the only way to prevent that from happening is to wax and polish after every wash but they dont tell you that

paul hays

Probably great if your car is already clean. My admittedly filthy truck came out only mostly clean- the lack of any hand work means that stuck on spots don't get dealt with. They also didn't honor the full discount for a coupon downloaded from their website.

Brayden Sullivan

Watch the sales machine you can get double charged real easy here

Theresa Roselli

Great deal if you get the monthly pass. Kept very clean. Vacuums hoses are clean to touch and two people can do each side at the same time.

Geoff Overlee

Car wash is legit. Need to fix drying system. They also charge for vacums even with monthly plan.

Erkan Balaban

Really good car wash. Affordable monthly membership. Strong vacuums. Friendly people. 5 star.

Sylvia Brooks

Vacuums work great..

Cheng Yu

I think this is one of the best places for car wash. Good amount of wax applied to your car. One wash will last a good month or two if weather permitted.

hameed zabih

This the worst car wash of my life, they charge for vaccum 1 $ per min. I do not recommend this to anyone.

Jaunita Soller

I don't write reviews, but the amount of effort Vlad put in persuaded me to give him 4 stars. My old car sparkles now! Literally! I discovered Vlad's services last month and love everything from the customer service, to scheduling and detailing! Car was washed, waxed and cleaned inside and out.

Pablo Ramirez

Service and price are great. I pay for monthl long washs, my only complaint is that rainy days I cannot get car cleaned.

Froilan Guinoo

It's my 1st time in unlimited car wash.. this carwah is very excelent and people who work here is very helpful..

marco maas

Fast and cheap. Easy access. Easy wash

Kathy B

Just a simple drive through, but the monthly plan is wonderful for my needs. I can drive my car through whenever I feel like it. I park in an uncovered area so it needs to be touched up often. AND my tires actually shine with the treatment that is done in the drive through.


Lousy and expensive wash, some of the staff is extremely rude, good but expensive vacuums. As a rural Michigander the line waiting to get their wash was unreal. It wrapped out into the street and had aggressive drivers forcing their way in blocking additional lanes in the process. If I had to wash a rental again I would drive to a smaller city, this was traumatizing.

G. Louie

Newest car wash service in the City. Better cleaning job than any other auto Car wash service in SF. Not perfect though (not completely dry when exiting the tunnel and lower portion of car are often still visibly dirty). Still, it's the best game in (this) town

Jose Suarez

Very good place to wash you car

Carstius Carstius

Came here during open hours. Shut down. No information why. How about you post online when you close?

Angie Garza

My car stays clean for over a week when I get my car washed here. I wish the vacuums were free like other places but it's still affordable. This is my go to and i dont live far from it

Mike Segen

Bad Customer service! Specially the Manager, his name is Eric Radcliffe he have big attitude. He shouldn't work there.


Dryers are bad but really good car wash

Jolee Nebert

What an awesome car wash. My car was a mess after a cross country camping trip- I figured I'd need to drive through a couple times. Nope! Just one was perfect. The car wash was also very well managed and modern. I also went through with a lock-box on top, it didn't cause any trouble.


Love it

Cheryl Franklin

Great place

eskimo dodgers

The colors Duke THE COLORS!!!!!

Pamela Day

$$ but does the trick. Bays for vacuuming yourself. Wish there was an option to have the staff wash inside windows. Very few options left in SF. Facility is new, clean and kept tidy

Kazuhiro Ando

The cheapest automatic car wash in San Francisco. $12 for basic clean.

slim dude

Good place to get your car washed fast

lattakia 88

Nice and friendly employees. Helpful. Good service

amrit pal Singh

very rude people.. i will never go back there..

Eric Bertram

Good value for service provided. Vacuums take credit cards. Unlimited wash memberships available. Car flow can be problematic when long trucks are using the vacuum stalls or a self centered prick decides to cut the line of people waiting.

Order Studios

like this place because its really fast

luis torres

I was the 4th vehicle in when it opened. I love this spot! Definitely a God send when it chose Bayshore as its home... The kids love the light show!

Valerie Mora

Amazing staff, with great customer service, very friendly and logical. Quite the entertaining wash, not your average car wash. Incredible shine even after the rain. Also I had a ton of bird droppings. Came out beautifully. I'm very pleased and will be continuous customer.

Christopher Uribe

Terrible place, for 17$ you can get 1/2 of your car washed and water spots all over after not to mention their overpriced vacuums!! You can easily spend a lot of money there.

Mikkel 250

For a mechanical washer, does a pretty good job. They have doubled the price since the last time I went when they first opened. I wouldn't personally recommend getting the 'mid level' option, I didn't really notice a difference between that and the basic wash I've gotten previously, and it's an extra five bucks. Save your money and apply your own wax and wheel cleaner, imo.

Alex Rothera

Nice car wash but expensive! And not the best deep clean. Didn’t get the highway bugs off our car.

Gary Branson

This place is in desperate need of some competition. Their vacuum stall payment system is cheap and doesn't read cards very well. There are usually no vacuum stalls even available because people hang out and detail their cars for twenty minutes even though people are waiting to use the vacuums. And they take down the vacuum hoses 15 minutes before they close.

Jeanee Beauchamp

Every time I go and pay for tires $20 , they dont clean them.. it's annoying THEY RUSH I have to go through twice. It u go get the $11 or $14 wash. Might as well go to touchless car wash.

Alma V

It scratched my car really Bad


It is very cool inside the car wash.

Gautam Bhat

Not recommended if you have a black car. I have a massive area of scratches after going through the car wash. Should have expected it.

Lisa Morales

Extremely clean and well maintained business. The car wash service was fast and the vacuums worked very well. There is always an employee, if not the owner, onsite. I accidentally locked my keys in my car and the owner, Eric, was kind enough to locate and call roadside assistance on his cell phone. He even brought me a water while I waited on hold. I highly recommend Shine-N-Seal Express. Not only because of the quality of service, but because the owner is a great guy!

Jordan Blake

Best automatic car wash in SF (that I’ve found so far)

Sean Cummings

Very simple and fast. If you want to wash your car, go here. I came with an extremely dirty car and there was a little dirt on the back after the wash, but the car was filthy. So if you come with an ordinarily dirty car, you will be fine.

Steven Hanna

The best self-service interior car wash in San Francisco! The vacuum stalls at shine& seal put all other vacuums to shame! I don't know how much horse power those motors have but

Gabriel Jacks

I like the vacuums. But the wash itself is basically paying for it to just rain on your car....not at all a clean car after that $18 wash cycle

Brandon Agranovich

Solid car wash - newest and highest quality in the city! They have a drive through wash (way better than a gas station car wash) and vacuums on site

Ralph Nas

great place for wash your car, unlimited plans is the best.

Jayson Vizcarra

Just want through it just now and paid for 39.99 monthly membership, it was quite a very nice automated car wash very colorful indeed, was very happy and satisfied how clean my car looks, thank you.

Larry Betts

Car comes out clean. Used to have coupon for deep discount if you return in 30 days or less. That ship has sailed. A bit overpriced without the coupon. Prices went up and coupons went away. I guess its all about the money.

Angela Baker

Nice car wash, automated, and the vacuums work well.

Bhanu Vikram

Excellent place for a car wash. The cheapest wash is $12. They have monthly unlimited plans as well.

Brave Adapt

Broke my windshield

billy h

Decent touch wash service with self service paid vacuum service

Tsetsegmaa Tsenddorj

The car wash itself is okay, however the manager on call today was rude hang up without even give me chance to finish my question :(

Aung Win

More clean than gas station wash

Jonata Alves

If you’re a Rideshare driver run away from this scam! Supposedly you can use it everyday but out off the sudden it’s just 10 times a month. I’m canceling my membership, costumer service is horrible.

María Campos

Love the service and the fast car cleaning equipment. Always leave my car looking new.

howard koenig

Great car wash. Look for coupons.

Mike Richardson

I can’t say enough good things about this place. As with most things in SF, car washes are over priced, and you don’t get a good clean. This place is self service, so you won’t find anyone vacuuming your car. Bring a few towels with you. I pay $40 a month for unlimited car washes. I wash my Audi A4 Avant there once a week. It’s not a touch less wash but it’s pretty non-abrasive. There are stalls for you to pull in and vacuum your vehicle, it costs about $5-$8 extra but there are vacuums on each side of your vehicle so it’s really nice and efficient. It does get busy with Uber and Lyft drivers so plan to go when it’s busy ride share times (not at 1pm on a weekday). Be sure to tip the service guys and they take good care of your rims and give your car extra attention.

Roz Bolds

Expensive credit card use only wash n vacuum

Certainly Cee Caldwell

I had to get my A to B washed it was overdue. A to B means this is the car that's not luxury boy but it's gets me from A to B everywhere l need to go small enough to fit into any parking space and don't cost much to repair. I ordered the $20 wash wax job it's been four weeks my tires are still shiney but it's way time for another wash it was worth the money. Great quick wash wax and go.


i left my wallet there at 5pm yesterday with $250 in it. I got it back today day with all the cash.


cool wash shiny


Beware of the exorbitant prices as you exit the car wash and use the vacuum system that will take your credit card and run up a 7 to $8 bill when you are not looking!

Dnzn Lkha

Stuffs not really friendly!!!

Moad Dakhil

Vacuum socks It didn't work first min and they charged me $5.75

Lois Cotton

Good location and cleaning service.

Askar Talantbek uulu

I had monthly plan for 6 months. I liked the quality of wash, but vacuums are pricy. If you dont stop manually, it will keep charging you. I decided to cancel my account because I am moving a little far. Manager didnt want me to help on the phone, he kept saying you can do it online. I spent 15 minutes trying to find cancel button, but I couldnt.

Joey Huller

Unlimited wash club is awesome. Staff is friendly and chill, whenever I have had any issue they are quick to help me find a solution.

Eric Greatwood

Definitely the newest car wash. They offer a monthly service which I love. I love my car to be clean! Though 2016 model priuses should be warned. Due to the angle of the rear wiper blade, the car wash will eventually rip it off. I have opted to replace my wiper with a plug (my design) so that I can continue here without an issue. Anyone else is good

shauna Adams

Always too crowded... And they charged my card twice in 1 month for automatic payment

Marc Upton Smith

very good service. Reasonably fast.

mike connor

I have paid for other car washes a dozen times but not anything like the seal and wash on bayshore. As you enter they are there to guide you into this elaborate eco friendly car wash. Not saying that as you enter and your journey through they have a rainbow of colors that aluminate. There soap is even rainbow colored! I would definitely suggest this place to anyone that wants to have a great fun time cleaning there car.

Ronnie Clayton

You can't beat this price you can go everyday one time for 3995 about it cost that for one car wash here in the Bay area so I love this car wash and my car stays shiny and clean

Carlin DeCato

so happy to finally have a fancy working car wash nearby! it's DIY on the interior but oh so efficient with long reach, high powered vacuum hoses. then it's drive through for the exterior. can pre-purchase several washes at discount rates.

المريسي المريسي

Good service nice people

Justine Quintana

Good for a quick wash but they don't offer any type of hand drying or hand window cleaning. Plenty of vaccuum stalls but it's $3 just for 3 min and a $1 a minute thereafter....if money is not an issue and you don't mind drying your own windows (they just have a blowdryer at the end of the car wash) I would recommend this place. It's quick and newer looking and I think they offer a monthly subscription you can pay online. Of course this is just about the drive through wash.

Chris TechSav

Subscribe and have a clean car everyday!

Timothy C

Best automatic car wash in San Francisco. It's new, fast, modern & efficient -- and leaves my car cleaner and shinier than it had ever been before I first visited Shine 'N Seal. The vacuums are very powerful and the vacuuming bays are attractive and designed for efficiency. The monthly unlimited wash plans are a great deal and the employees are helpful and friendly.

joesph coronado

You think it's a great deal but wait it scratches your paint then they blame you. Take a before and after video and pics of your car and find out for yourself. You've been warned

raul morones

I like the place for cleaning up my car it's faster than the other

Daniel Lau

Clean car in 5 minutes

Bryan Machowsky

I liked the car monthly car wash club, but I sold my car and they are still charging me my $34.99 a month on credit card. I tried canceling via the website and after I entered all my info, unable to process and said they will call me to process. Never called me back. I had to call my credit card to cancel the charge and now this car wash is charging me again. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. On the website they say, you cannot call and cancel. Update Oct 2019. I am still getting charged every month. I have left messages and tried again to cancel online. Still no call backs. I have my credit card, reverse the charges. This car wash is THE WORST.

caryn liau

Cheap, fast, good

Rebecca Wotawa

Fast and does a great job

luls moran

Never cleans your car good always leave dirty spots specially on the roof and next to your license plate area.

Shiho Yoshida

Everywhere except the back of my SUV was cleaned. They completely forgot the back.

Amanda Kirdulis

I love this place. It's quick and convenient, gets the job done. I have been going here for a few years now

Hassan Muhanna

My car so clean and shiny in few minutes, I love you guys.


Line moves fast and its a good quality wash and good price.

Akshay Thakker

Well priced and quick. That's about as good as a car wash can get. Use the coupons on their website :)

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