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REVIEWS OF Scripps Poway Hand Car Wash & Detailing IN California

Juan Barrientos


Closed at 4

ha pham

Poor service. I pay 21.99 . Vacuum job wasn’t good at all, still have sand, hair in floor mat, seats. Complaining and still having a lot of dusk sticking in the windshield and sunroof. Never ever come back

Alex S

Rich A

Quick thorough wash and detail. Would have been 5 stars except for the floor mat shine they use left the inside of my truck slick as ice.


Brought my Tacoma with a soft top in and asked they give it a wash without getting the soft top wet. They did exactly that and gave me a great price despite it being a 'custom' wash. I definitely recommend bringing your car here!

Sami Rogan


Amanda Grays

Did a great job! They cleaned dried oatmeL from my passenger seat that had been there for months for only $29 and gave me a deal on a carwash too. The lady at the checkout counter was really nice. I will be back to get a full car detail!

Sara Sutalo

No Comment

nude yoga

OMG... paid $85 for a detail that my 5 year old could have done for free! I guess its an $85 learning experience !

Wes Wolfram

Heard good things about this place at work, but I am very disappointed. They used dirty rags when cleaning my windows, and now I have many deep, fresh scratches on each window.

Carole Meek

Paid $45.00 for service and carpets were dirty, center seat was never lifted so underneath was dirty, very disappointed.

Ben Jameson

If you actually want a “100% hand wash” it’s $50 they don’t share that, even called to check that all options were full hand wash and was told yes, after driving to the place I was told if I wanted that I had to do theiwas “custom wash” which is 49.99. Will not go back, no different than a cheap gas station wash

Robin Antonucci

Fred Yang

Favio Saenz

This place has a bunch of THIEFS working for them they've taken my brothers hooka pen & my rayband sunglasses. So check your car for your belongings

MooreBoy Built

This place sucks! Terrible service. Paid 250$ and my truck doesn’t even look halfway clean. They also stood on top of my tool box and bent the lid and the manager is lying to my face saying he doesn’t see that it’s bent. There’s clearly foot prints on it to. Won’t do anything for me. DO NOT BRING YOUR CAR TO THIS PLACE!!! They even stole my change out of my center console. Owner replied 18 hours ago and I still haven’t received a call email or even a text message. I can’t believe people do business like this

jacob Watson

I've been coming here for years, and they usually do an OK job, for the price it should be a lot better. Usually leave parts on the dash with wax not fully wiped off and there's always areas they seem to completely miss. Thats not why I'm leaving a bad review. I just watched them roll out a classic aged Rolls Royce and they left wet spots on the doors and rims. Its not even my car and it had me pretty upset. I know I wont be bringing any car of high value here should I ever get one. That's the type of service I see that makes me sick. Especially when i saw the owner hand them a 20 and more bills as tip. Seeing that made me keep my wallet closed when it came time to pick up my car. Note to management, you're buisness wont suffer due to the high volume and high end area of your location, but you're employees that are content with doing an OK job on a car like that is going to lose you many long time customers. I wasn't the only one that saw it, and I'm certain its not the first or last time something like that will happen. Pathetic. I paid for the full $100+ wash and will not be coming back due to seeing that.

tate justus

Sat here for 2 hours and payed $60 for my truck to be washed and waxed left with water spots all over my truck. Place is garbage. Worth less than a $7 wash a costco

Altaeus Sueatla

I really wanted to put up a good review. I was told it would take 45 minutes to have my car done, I paid 70$ to have my car done. It took an hour and twenty minutes. It was pretty messy so I understood plus one guy did the work while 5 other workers sat down doing nothing. Initially I loved it, looked better than when i bought it. Upon closer inspection i noticed two white stains on the floor of my car and the two mats I had in the back were never returned. I called them and they asked me to come by. I showed up and they said the stains couldn't have come from them. I explained that I'm not trying to get free service I make enough and I have enough ethics to not screw someone over. They then said there were no mats In the back. I just drove cross country and took them out to avoid sliding, I put them back when I unpacked my car. So instead of saying hey maybe something or we could have made a mistake they treated me like I was trying to screw them over. They offered to remove the stains and I would have happily accepted had they been willing to say could of been a mistake we'll fix it they said this is not our fault but we'll fix it to shut you up. So now I paid 70 bucks to have two stains put in my car and my floor mats taken. I was going to go into Nevada in two weeks and get the same detailing done again plus some scratch removal done, safe to say they lost my business and a good chunk of change. I get some people will try to screw you over, but not all customers should be treated like that. Sorry to say I won't be back.

Claudia Rengifo

Great service..great staff everyone took care of my car. Affordable...will definitely be back to try detailing.

Amarantine Yao

Vance Van Velzer

john cawvey

Better than average

lee khemm

I paid $100 for a wash/wax. I came home and notice he missed the whole driver side of the car!. Don't waste your time with these people! Business is a fraud! Go else where and get your money's worth. All the cars come out the wash with soap still stuck on the car and they wait for it to dry than wipe it down.

Luke Suder

Careful of extra charges and fees.

samo nageib

Wrong advertising with high prices

Andrew Sautkulis

Frank Giancola

This place is terrible. The attendant was rude, insisting that the "special" price was $80, although the signs indicate the most expensive wash available was $50. I think they try to scam people. They would not allow me to get a $20 wash. The hustling was aggravating and the parking was inconvenient. The gas station by there too is bad. A confusing credit card reader set-up. Again, I would not recommend this place. Sadly, you car dealership will probably give a better deal than this place.


Fantastic customer service they were very detailed cleaning my car. Multiple people checked the car before they were done. Very satisfied, I’d go back!

Jennah Lee Bolosan

Love this place! They do an excellent job. It's the only car wash place I frequent because their service is so consistent. Go on Yelp for their car wash deals.


I have been a customer of this place for 5 years but guess not anymore. Paid a $49.99 Jade package but received a worse than basic wash job. Pics tell it all. Talked to the on site manager and told him we are not coming back but it seems that he couldn't care less.

Cheyne Austin

Meili Hau

They do a much better shampooing job than Convoy Hand Carwash, which I tried just recently, and have deep regrets. I should have gone to Scripps Poway Hand Car Wash and Detailing--they have far more integrity than Convoy Hand Carwash and actually detail your vehicle when that's the expected service.

Alex Ferguson

If you want a quick car wash, they are ok. If you want attention to detail. Not so much. Last two car washes, I was cleaning the car at home afterwards. Meh.


Great service and friendly. Car always looks great leaving this place. Highly recommend coming here. Been coming here for years.

Melissa w

Paid for an opal service, got home and noticed the wheelcap on two of the tires was still black with dirt. The dash was also still dusty in areas. Not worth the cost. Was not a busy day either so not sure why the basic details were overlooked.

Eric Edelman

Good hand car wash. $15.00 basic wash includes some detailing. They definitely do a great job of vacuuming out your car and will do a very basic detail on the dash and console area. If you pay a little more they'll do a very nice deep detail. Great way to keep the car looking good.


Cheap car wash at a high price in and out less then 15min $25 no detail at all

Parita Patel

Great service

Chris Berrier

Check out how clean my ride is after this wonderful place!!

Mohit Bhushan

Very good auto cleaning and detailing service at the AM PM location in Scripps Ranch. They offer multiple cleaning packages. Can take care of minor dings and paint scrapes through detailing service. Service is fast and good. The Donut Touch is onsite and very convenient for Scripps residents to grab their morning coffee and donuts while getting the automobile cleaned.

jeff rodriguez

Great place for carwash or retail! Always busy so call ahead if your having a detail.

Steven Dunlap

You get what you pay for I guess, poor service, I got the $8.99 basic wash which comes with vacuum, that day they had a sign for it conveniently it’s not in their photos anymore. Now the price is $10.99 so I am now wrong haha. First the vacuum job was not good they left sand in the car and on the center console! I know the price is cheap, but if you don’t think it’s a fair price charge more, don’t give poor service instead. Second they charged my bank account $10.99 which was not the advertised price that day! Third the guy who took my order was not friendly at all and for my first time going here he did not instruct me what to do I had to ask another employee what they need Don’t go here my favorite wash is in Mira Mesa by papa Johns over there is a little more but worth it and they will charge you what they advertise!

Marley Gaspar

(Translated by Google) Excellent service in the detail that was made to my car by a new person there thanks (Original) Excelente servicio en el detalle que se hizo a mí carro por una persona nueva allí gracias

Ivan Kurilov

They do a good job, reasonably priced

Mike Herbst

Avoid the "Interior Wipe Down" unless you want everything to be greasy for days. I opted for the full package with hand-waxing, etc., but I wish I had just done a wash, because the "interior treatment" involved a heavy spray of some Armor-All type product over every hard surface (and some of the leather). I'm not sure the crew knows that the stuff can be used sparingly, and more importantly that it should be wiped off after spraying. It was *literally* oozing down the vertical dashboard pieces as I drove away, it had be sprayed so thick. I've been going after it with a towel every time I'm in the car for several days now, and it's still got a thin sheen that leaves my hands feeling slippery if I touch it with bare skin. It's also evaporating off the dash and leaving a haze on the inside of the windscreen. Lovely.

Amy Grady

Always have to remind them to do something that I'm paying extra for like wiping down the doors, dash etc.

Chris Seay

A really well done hand car wash spot. They did a great job with a lot of small details that are frequently missed (door jams, wheel wells, etc). Since they are thorough they aren’t quick however. Not knocking them for the time, but if you are in a big hurry this wouldn’t be the place for you.

Jayt Btla

Dont waste your money here they did a pretty bad job on my car I just took it home and wash it myself I never understood why they are so busy


Great experience

Hussam Uchi

Denny Dongsung Yang

My car wash was done today but i couldn't get my key after store hours. Looking for a way to fine my car. :(

Ken Icardi

John Salinas

Payed for medium grade car wash received a basic wash I also found a dent in my car never going again if you do happen to go check your car before you leave I'm probably not the only one that this has happened to

Debbie Salisbury

I've been coming here since they opened and have been happy with the service. The basic car wash always included cleaning the interior, but today I noticed that it doesn't. It was probably that way the last time I was here, but I didn’t notice. That would explain the snarky comment by the person doing my car when I pointed out that the dashboard was still dusty. If you want the interior done, it will cost you $22. I will be finding a new car wash.

Eric Shuey

A little expensive and need to negotiate the details of what is going to be done but the final product is as clean and good looking of a car as you can reasonably get.

Gary Tanner

Guy left me waiting even though I was there 1st to run over and help the pretty girl that pulled in behind me, and then told me he was going to have to charge me extra for my "oversize" mazda CX-5. This is my 3rd bad experience here, but it is right by my house so I kept giving them chances. Not anymore! My friends told me they quit going there because they "vacuumed" up their coach key chain and then said they couldn't get it back.

Ronak Maniar

Zachary Fellows

Ghaleb Hamdan

Steve Perttula

Brought my Audi S8 in this morning & they do a phenomenal job there! I used to spend 8 hours spot detailing a car but the old back won’t let me anymore. A little pricey but well worth it! Keep it up!

Mike Thompson

I love this car wash I bought jade wash Sam took great care of my car love coming here. Also a great candy selection.

Siva Kumar Jujaray

Donna Lynn

Great hand wash.


when they finished with my car (cloth seats shampoo) it came out very nice. but my car smelled like chemicals for weeks after that. whatever, seats looked brand new again. here's the bad part. they parked my car and backed up into the cement base of a light post! I was like hey check this out... and they said it didn't scratch it I was like LOL Moved the car and hell yea it was scratched. haven't been back here. never will go back. donut shop is good though.

Danielle Lelek

David Almario

Chris Filio

[TLDR: If you love your car, then go somewhere else. If you thrash your car and just need it hosed down once in a while, then this is your place. But be warned, pay for the top of the line package, or a hose down is probably all you're getting.] ***edit after reply, A company doesn't get bad reviews regularly if there isn't a real problem. Some of these scratches will buff out (some won't), but a paint correction to remove swirl makes and minor scratches alone is $200-$300 or more. I don't have the time, nor should I have to, go back to tell your guys they missed some spots. I also don't want to waste my time going back just for you to review your cameras and not see proof of swirl marks in black paint from a camera that is a dozen or more feet away. I'd rather just spend my money elsewhere. It seems as if you're making enough money to not actually care, but i'll give you one more star for taking the time to reply. Baby steps... I also just noticed that you asked me to contact you for a resolution without giving me any contact information or directing me somewhere. Also, I was in Black 4Runner around 1PM, but I doubt you'll even read this. *** My car was only rinsed off and wiped down. It wasn't very dirty; just some dust and road grime from 2 days of rain. I can tell from all the swirl marks and scratches left on my black paint, and didn't even wipe the door handles! They have caused hundreds of dollars in paint correction. Avoid this place at all costs. If they can't handle a simple car wash, then why should anyone trust them to detail their car? Just trust all the bad reviews, and find a good mobile guy and stick with him.

Alan Krahenbuhl

Nina Suomi

Suresh Naidu

They did decent job but it's expensive and weird that they charge 5 dollar more for Tesla car. As they say they need someone inside to avoid getting it locked. Which is not true. I asked for airfreshner and protectectant but definitely car don't smell anything and not sure about the protectectant.

Teddy Murray

For a good wash for a fair price this is the place to go. Check your car before you leave to have the best experience. Just so you don't get home and see something they missed. If you find it before you leave they are happy to correct it. It will make you happier when you get in your car the next day and it is clean and smells good. Thanks for the good service, T M

Yvonne Penate

bertha patton


The guy who greeted me was a bit pushy. In a way that he was trying to sell me a service that I clearly didn’t want. But the car got washed super quick. They did the job as I would expect them

Peter Botani

The best hand car wash in all of San Diego

Aryeh Brami

average cleaning

Melanie C

With the price and time given, they are pretty decent.

Kyle Wijayatilleke

Good Exterior Job!!! Ok Interior Job Overall Great Job

Claudia Hertzog

So slow. Took two hours on a weekday mid-morning. I sat watching them take their sweet time, chatting with each other. Painful.

Roger Parrish

Terrific auto hand wash. None the less, this wash is generally more expensive than most. But, you get what you pay for.

Lee Abrenilla

Very satisfied. Good job i will be your normal customer for now on. NO MORE THAT MIRAMAR CARWASH PLACE. Thank you guys

Jose Pallares

I've been coming here for over 10+yrs! Love this place! My cars, my wife's and some friends and family hit this place up and they also enjoy it. I will admit a very few amount of times a spot here or there is missed, they are only human. Again if they do miss something, I wipe it down real quick. No big deal.

Garrett Fern

Chris Gripp

Average wash. Above average retail store. I had an hour to kill and my Challenger needed a bath so I took it here for a wash. I have always washed it by hand but was hoping to save a couple of hours in my weekend to relax. First the store and the people are very nice. They have turned their retail space into a great little candy store/greeting card/sports TV area. If I was rating them solely on that it would be a solid 4. However, the wash was mediocre at best. Windows and mirrors were left spotty and streaky. Even after explicitly discussing my dislike of most interior dressing with the manager and explaining they were going to be the first people to ever touch my car besides me, they still used some shiny greasy stuff just like everywhere else. And they put it EVERYWHERE but somehow managed to leave the seats, door jams, and floors dirty. I watched in horror as they used a stiff plastic brush on my gloss black rims and then proceeded to apply more trim dressing to my PAINTED matte black spoiler. And where they applied it to exterior trim they got it all over the surrounding paint. The wash gets a 2. I don't expect to have to tell someone they missed such obvious things for $35. Apparently I have to learn this lesson every few years. If you care at all about your car...DO IT YOURSELF!!!!

Fred Sieg

I always get great service here. Pay for their hand was service and you won't be sorry. Seriously, pay for something a little extra to make your car's good looks last a little longer. They do have VIP packages for people who want to get extra value via bulk purchasing too. The workers are friendly, their service is great. and I can see little details put into each type of car to make things look a little nicer for the owner. I come in about once a month for a fresh clean and hand wash it at home the rest of the time. Money well spent.

Dylan James

I got the $24 wash and it came out looking awesome. It was the perfect way to celebrate finally having my car paid off. I'm not sure how long it took to be honest because I was stupid and waited inside (where I couldn't see the cars) so it was done way before I even realized, but it wasn't long that's for sure. Will definitely go again.

Aaron Wyant

Amber Suerto

They do OK. Check for coupon on the website to save $3.

Arasu I

Billy Harris

Brandon Kelley

I got the $70 detail and they did a pretty decent job. Took about an hour and a half to do. My truck has specialty paint that shines really well when hand washed and waxed. The interior of the truck was done very well. My weather tech floor mats were spotless, and they were pretty thrashed before the washed. (I’m a construction worker) they missed a few spots on the grill, which I wasn’t too stoked about but overall they did a good job.

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