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maggie meyers

Getting my car detailed

Jesus Loya

Vincent Roberts

Took my Black Jeep there to get washed keep in mind its black and water spots show rather quick so you'd think you'd start wiping it off as soon as it comes out... well that didn't happen my car sat out in the sun for 20 mins before anyone started drying it. Keeping in mind I've asked 2 guys to wipe the spots... so I continue to watch them and not only did they miss more spots but left finger prints all over the spots they used to wipe off the roof.. Needless to say I'm NEVER going back there ever and I've been a long time customer. Soapy Joes does a better job then this place and its cheaper!!! Hope this helps someone

Andrew Sodestrom

Windows were clean but that's about it. I spent another 20 minutes cleaning the stuff on the body of my car that they missed.

Amy Mitchell

Worst place ever! Avoid this place

Donna Tomczek


I didn't like it. I got the platinum one because I went to the beach and my car was horrible.. well, there is still sand in my car, the dashboard wasn't cleaned and neither were the doors.. really contemplaining on going back to ask for my money back so I can take it to a good car wash place.


The staff refused to honor my birthday club discount because it wasn’t printed off from my email. I think they should have honored this promotion. I even had it pulled up on my phone. I drove out of my way to get my car wash and give this business a chance and couldn’t have been more disappointed.

Phil G

Did the wash and mini detail Good price, excellent attention to detail for the price

Kimberlae Narcisse

This is really a full service car wash! From beginning to end the washed my car u babe to go to experience may how well they clean ur car, I'm very impressed by the wash and the excellent customer service. Prices may seem a little high, but belive me well worth it. Recommend this car wash when ur in tyne area. The Best in Town!!!!

Renee Magerkurth

This place did a really nice job cleaning my car. It was really dirty from traveling in the rain! Nice, professional staff. I'll go back again!

Diane Diaz

Terrier Robin

Jessica Buuck

Claire Gilbert

Efficient, friendly and popular

Global Barrier Coatings

Eduardo M

Brenda Hovis

My car is dirty still! The inside of the windshield is filthy, as is the right headlight and entire bumper. There is also a 5x7 inch area where my roof meets the windshield. Go to Shell in Encinitas, they do. Great job.

Abraham Betancourt

Dakota Castilleja

Barbara Velivis

Alisi Marks

Horrible do NOT waste your money

Morgan Callanan

Its was ok they missed cleaning my doors

Doug Alman

Disappointing experience and quality...First time visit for the Platinum wash, with the additional $1 charge for medium vehicle (Honda CRV - $34.99). After leaving the business I noticed a wet spot on the passenger seat that discolored the …

Jesse Munoz

Linda D

They do a nice job and are very courteous.

Denise Sicairos

I am beyond disappointed. I am new to town and chose this place because I love hand car washes... But definitely, disappointed. They didn't vacuum my seats. There was cleaning product flooding my cup holders with dirt still in them. They even left mud on my roof. I honestly couldn't believe how ridiculous this service was. I am currently cleaning up the rest of what they didn't do. After paying so much, I definitely don't think I should be cleaning my own car...... Will be talking bad about this place forever.

Rob L

This is a busy place for good reason. They are very good and everyone from start to finish pays attention to detail. This is truly a hand wash car wash however they do use the brushes with handles allthoug you can ask them not to. We have …

John N

Quick service for standard wash.

James Downing

Angelos Papazis

Too many reasons to mention.

Katherine Jackson

Rude and crappy. I paid for the silver bc I had a plant spill and some peanuts in my drink cup holder. As I was trying to explain what I wanted done - the guy literally said “que madre” !!!! Then the peanuts were not even cleaned so they closed the cup holder top- why - to hide the fact they didn’t clean it and told me when I asked - they went at it for 20 mins!!!! Bs. I was there only 35 mins and could see them. No thanks - I will avoid going back.

Jesse Carrasco

Love there services

greg bown

Hand wax takes about an hour and its always done right!

catherine vidal

But car still dirty inside

Rebecca Acosta

I paid for a car wash that included vacuuming and after the job was completed there were dog hairs still stuck to the sealing from when I purchased the car last week. I don't even own a dog and I was hoping this place could help me with the basics. It was disappointing, my leather seats were not even touched...I don't think.

Kevyn Sanchez

(Translated by Google) I have been to this car wash several times and lately they have been charging everything separately I raise the price and it is not clean the car does not clean well TERRIBLE SERVICE (Original) He ido varias veces a este car wash y últimamente han esta do cobrando todo por separado yo suben el precio y no queda limpio el carro no limpian bien PÉSIMO SERVICIO

Dahflow Gee

Great wash and detail for your car. Best deal in town

David Joffre

These guys do a great job, with every penny

Diana Emerson

Stole my handicap placard scratched car. Don't go here

Joshua Wolfgramm


Got my car detailed very nicely, until my husband spilled soda on the carpet the next day. ☹

Sariah Cantrell

Highly recommend. Fast, professional, and they have an area you can sit and wait. It's also neat to watch you car go through the tunnel. Very pleased and will return .

Jose sanchez

First time getting a hand wax from them and it will be the last. They ruined the paint. Didnt wash it well. They managed to scratch the hood and broke a piece of the fender. Not impressed by the service. I would give 0 stars if i could. Save your time and money.

Di Bvski

They pay no attention to detail whatsoever lately,not happy with this place at all, definitely lost me as a customer, it used to be great, it's either lack of training to their employees or poor management.

Janet Hernandez


Sarah Gailey

This place WILL take advantage of you. I paid full price for the Gold Wash, interior and exterior detailing and waxing, and vacuum. First, I ATTEMPTED to look the worker in the eye and explain what I would like, but he had no intention of focusing and was instead shouting to various co workers. When I received my car 1 hour later, I was rushed off by the workers and had little time for self inspection. 1 minute down the street I see week old finger prints, crumbs, dust, and hair. They didn’t touch the inside of my trunk AT ALL. Hair, crumbs, dirt still perfectly in place. My backseats also had noticeable crumbs and debris on it. My glovebox was covered with residue they didn’t bother to look at. All they had to do was take a wet rag to it and they couldn’t even do that. My PLASTIC sun visors had smudges on it still. When I asked why the sun visors weren’t clean the lead worker said “they will fall off if we clean them.” I told him they were plastic. He said “ no whole thing fall off” When I went back to get the service I paid for, they rushed it AGAIN. I had to babysit them and point to the areas that weren’t clean. This establishment is a joke.

Johnathan Pyles

Denise Cabrera-Leal

Every time I go to this car wash, the line atendant always has to come with some "why don't you get this carwash instead"? I wanted to get the PLATINUM car wash (30.00dlls) and he offered me the GOLDEN car wash (20.00dlls). Not ONLY that, but he is always talking crap about how dirty cars are and stuff. No matter what car wash package I get, my car is NEVER properly clean anyway. Not coming back to this place!

Aimee Schultz

Always pleased with the service and my car is always done right! No drips, no streaks, no scratches!

Gideon Shuster

Price says one thing and if you want them to clean your car well they upcharge.

Bobb Graziano


Backyard Dharma

They do what they promise with good quality control

Brent Williams

Landon's Channel

My mom and I like to go to that place because they are always friendly and if you aren't satisfied with their job(never a problem) they will re-wash it again for free.

John Mickus

Good prices, fast service, with an area to sit & wait. Easily the best full-service carwash in the area

Bruce Page

Lousy. They scratched the entire roof of my car and when I called the Manger on it he just gave me grief and talked back. I would nor recommend this place.

Randy H.

I paid to have the interior of my car detailed ($110 with tip) which included a "free" car wash. They did a very nice job cleaning the interior of the car, so no complaints there. But as I was driving home I could tell the windshield was not just streaked, but the lower portion had oily squirt marks all over it. I assume it was from whatever they wiped on the dash, but they did not reclean the windshield after doing the interior. It was annoying to pay $110 then have to go home and break out the Windex. I called (the manager, Jimmy ?) and asked for a comp car wash the next time I came in and he said if I came in, maybe we could talk about a "discount" on a car wash. I told him I didn't want $5 or whatever off an $11 car wash, I just thought a free car wash was in order. He said no. So I felt really, really bad service on his part. So I won't be back.

Hussein M.

Horrible wash. They scratch your car so bad when drying. No free air freshener with a hand wash. Which makes absolutely no sense since the was is 29.99. Horrible horrible management. Worst car wash ever.


Of all the car wash in the area this is the best, They do a quick job so sometimes they miss certain areas, they leave some water stains nothing that big, had to have them vacuum the trunk one more time it was really dirty. But for certain are going back

Joyce Hornaday

Just took my car for a wash. There was still dirt on the outside of my car and the inside has dust. I paid for the Gold package plus more. Definitely not worth it. It was a slow process, waited and watched my car drying in the sun. Will not return. Poor quality and not worth it.

Fernando Withe

I believe in second chances I'm over this place they push you get up grade and you get the same for the basics really!!

Alex Nikole

The guys working here are so rude. When i said i just wanted the "Bronze" wash which is the basic package he tried upgrading me to the most expensive. When i said no he wiped his fingers across my dash, showed them to me and made a disgusted face(the wash i wanted didnt include the interior being wiped down). My car was not that dirty. Sure enough when it was done it still had bugs all over the front and sand in the floor boards. Why would i want the more expensive wash when they cant even handle a simple one? This place is right down the street from my house but i wont be going back, its over priced and definitely poor quality.

brad wiscons

Good choice for a great car wash

Jade Young

Super happy with the results. I got a full detail/shampoo/car wash for like $90. It’s the cheapest place I found in my area. The only downfall is they didn’t park my car under anything and a bird pooped on the top right after they washed it

Alyssa Espinoza

ISMAEL did a great job detailing my car and was very friendly! This car wash is my go to place, and will continue to be.

Ethan Hughes

Be careful getting your car washed here I have a brand new car not even a week old and they scratched the hood of my car and won't take responsibility for it. It was not there before I got my car washed. They basically called me a lair saying it wasn't them. Just check your car well before you leave if you get your car washed here. Will not be going back and will be telling family and friends not to come here. Check Yelp to you will see a lot of other people who have gotten there car scratched up there.

Christopher White

Great clean , spot on attention .. guys worked hard , I'll be back weekly

Jonathan Lane

I did a terrible job the last time we went there

Danielle Barclay

I love how well they wash and vacuum my car. Everybody is so nice too.

Shelly LaPointe

Great car wash! Loved the Encinitas location, and this one is even better :-)

Catherine Schulte

Good service!

Jesus Medeles

Tom Lewis

Goid price and great job.

Debbie Tobiya

Aderianna Reyes

James Floyd

They do a great job of getting my car clean. I have kids and it gets messy! They do the inside and outside plus all the windows and tires. My car looks awesome when I leave there. They aren't the fastest but getting the details right takes time so I am happy to wait. They have a nice little ice cream/snack/sandwich shop on site where you can get some yummy treats while you wait. My daughter likes coming with me because she can see the car in the machine and then have a tasty snack.

Masoud Wakili

The worst car wash I have ever experienced. Not recommended at all. They never vacuum your car properly & clean interior unless you ask them again. I used this car wash for couple of times & I am done with it.

Tabitha Valderaz

NOT WORTH IT!!!! Been here for over 2 hours for the car wash and “express” interior. Super annoyed by the service of their staff very rude. Never again!

James Allyn

Soapy Joe's car wash has the best deal 15 bucks a month and wash your car all you want as many times as you want whenever you want. If you want to buy the extras you can


Excellent Detailing...

Caroline Bernard

Very fast and efficient

Sheryl Rydelski

Great price. Good car wash. Employee's are very helpful. They care about their jobs. I have to say a very nice young man wearing red top jeans spanish with facial hair helped an elderly gentleman to his car on Saturday the 15 of July around 3:15. Had a tan car with an a lift attachment on back. So nice to see. I hope owner sees this post.

Roberto Ramirez

to pricy for the kind of service obtained!

Bruce Sheinberg

Great job, but they are slow.

Merle Chick

One of the few good full service car washes around.

Ashley ketcham

Found this place on random and so glad I did very inexpensive in my opinion. It was great service and they did a GREAT job.


To busy long wait


Takes a little long but do pretty good work

Heike Hubach

The worst car wash ever - you have to make sure they really have the services running, you paid for, when your car goes through the washing street. A lot of times people complained about that and they were right. The crew apologized many times and the cars went through there again, but is this the right way to treat your customers?

Adam France

They try and sell you on a big car wash, like a strip joint. And when you say you want the normal wash they look at you like you are a real jerk. No customer service and they make you print out all the coupons in this digital world. They are trying to bleed you for every penny. I will find a new car wash place.

Carlos Martinez

Luis Arcena

Good service but sometimes you have to let them know that they missed wiping on part of the car and armor all the tires

Alexandria Rae

Supposed to be open but doors are locked and there are no signs saying closed.

Steve Jensen

Did a nice job in a timely fashion

Ayman Hatem

tony Inlow

Beware of their upselling tactics, and low quality work. Reserve your tip until you inspect your car

Peggy Stackle

These guys always take good care of me and my car and I always take my $2 off coupon.

Maggie Liu

It has been such an exceptionally experience to me to have my car washed at San Marcos Car Wash. Especially, the Manager, he is always watching out to see if customers are being serviced in a prompt and professional care. The entire staff team are so professional and attend to the detail with exceptional car wash services. I was so happy with their service and then brought my whole family to be their loyal customers. Good prices and Exceptional services. Check it out and see your self.

liao ming

Sonja Lisenby

I have been going to this car wash for years and they almost always do a great job and the price is best when you get your coupon on the back of the local Vons grocery store

Mary Faith

The gold option seems to be the best deal. I chose that one and unfortunately, they did not do a good job for $22. There were bugs and debris left all over the front of my car. There was still dirt around both exhaust pipes. There were bugs on mirrors and spots on my hood. I was there at a busy time but this is no excuse in my opinion. I've always gone to , now Under New Management, they have done a good job consistently. Unfortunately I won't be going back here again. I tried calling and talking to the manager but when I called it sounded like someone answered the phone and then I just got silence. I left a message. Who knows. Maybe somebody will call me back

Tina Lovelace

I had driven to Arizona and recently moved, so my truck was in desperate need of a GOOD cleaning. We paid approximately $100, because we knew it needed the extra time and care, and these guys did an EXCELLENT job! Very happy!

Old Broncos Rule

Dont expect full service.. They don't even wash down your dash- ...or your wheels!!

Asif Hameed

7E2508: They do a decent job everytime we bring our car here.

Julie Kercher

Reliable service and good discounted coupons

David Gonzales

Oscar Salazar

My first time at this car wash purchase the gold. Was looking for something as good as If I would have done the job if I washed the exterior of my car and vacuumed interior. There was still spots on my wind shield and crumbs in my cup holder area and my name tag was crushed wasn’t such a great job as I thought it would be. Only good thing I could say was the guy who helped me immidiately assisted me.

Jason Jordan

Great service, clean car.

presley ruben

Tiffani Mauro, MAS

Terrible service. If you own anything larger than a Prius expect an up charge and double the wait time for subpar quality.

castro c

First time was alright. Second time I paid a little more for upgraded services and it was poor work with some new scratches. I guess it depends which day you go.

Jose Mendez-Mejia

They Don't Do Everything You Pay For

Reynaldo Castro

I love getting my car wash there they do a really good jobs . I prefer to get my car hand washed.

sandro robledo

Work for a company that washes its vehicles here, I always find myself asking for a rag to Dry where they missed!

Chris Castiglione

Place is too busy. Quality is slipping

Jules Martin hard is it to wash a car???? Slow as crap. Just get the job done. There are like 25 cars backed up....and they ALL are working in slow motion. It's like they have no clue what to do. I will never come here again.

Dominic Stevens

Care and attention to detail are found here. Speed of wash is variable given how busy the line is, but it's always quick. Prices are reasonable, options are available, and the result has been universally impressive on my visits. I recommend using them.

D Dougherty

Skyvalley Higher Praise

Good wash, Good value. The service is second to none. Your ride will sparkle. Plus they offer printable coupons on their website!

Michael Pettinato

Brought my car in at 8:45am and told them I would pick it up at 1:00pm. Thinking that would be plenty of time, I called at 1:00pm to make sure it would be ready and they sounded like they hadn't even really started on my car yet. They definitely did a really good job, but if you drop your car off and don't wait around they won't do your car till the last second. But it's a great wash.

John Paquette

They do a great job

Chris Merideth

Great service

Rj Ben

Sigh.....just don't waste your time or gas. You're better off washing your cars yourselves.

Daniel Santiago

Efficient and nice co-customers

Jennifer Camanyag

They did a fantastic job! My car looked like new again! Definitely going back!

Ahmed Yasin

for the second time they don't clean the trunk from inside price: reasonable with 2$ off through coupon time : the are very fast 15 minutes approx.

Pat McKeon

I just had my car washed and was VERY DISAPPOINTED!! ☹ I have gone to this place in the past, but the quality of their work has really gone downhill, while their prices $$$ have gone up. This visit found that my car wasn't completely cleaned on the inside. Side mirrors weren't cleaned. Inside dashboard was only partially dusted, the control panel wasn't cleaned, and all the side door panels weren't cleaned (they used to always do these things)!!!☹☹

ernei lopez

I went to get my car clean and I got the full detail service for $174.99 and it came out good. They washed all the sets, carpet, interior work, exterior work and the rims looked like new. I recomed this to a lot people. I tell my family and friends. It's a 5 star place.

Krissy Raghina

Mike Lindenberg

Matt Tuck

Very average car wash. If you have time go thru a gas station wash. Probably get a better wash.

Evan Zynkian

I've been here twice, the first impression was good but I got their gold wash (2nd from the best) and was charged an additional $10 for dog hair totaling $31. Half of the soaps didnt dispense and they had to run my car through a 2nd time because the water failed to dispense and remove the remaining soap. Unfortunately not a consistent car wash. Should have just done it myself. EDIT: I should have waited until they finished. My center console wasn't even dusted and there are still smudges on my window. You have been warned.

Karla Gladwill

First and last time coming here. Got the Platinum package for $29.99. They only vuccumed the front they didn't wipe the inside of the windows every well and they did not wipe it dry all the way. I saw dirty on the car trunk and asked that they clean it and all I got was a quick wipe which didn't clean it all the way. No pride in they're work at all. It would have gotten the same wash going to a gas station car wash for $5.

Mayra Pacheco

Paige Feddersohn

If you have radial tires do not take your car here. Their machine they take your car though popped my tire and they let me leave with a flat tire and messed up my rim!

Patrick Berg

Get a great car wash for great value at San Marcos Car Wash. The staff is super knowledgeable and friendly. Plus, they offer coupons on their website.

Roger Rines

Good place to get the dirty car looking great again.

Jim Hines

Gianni Furiosi

Nazario Salazar

Tip: there is no difference between the Platinum $29.99 and the regular $12.99 wash. I'm not trying to be a cheapskate but they spend the same amount of time on both and they go through the same process down the line. I was not expecting a full on car detail but I was expecting a little bit more than a regular $12.99 carwash that I have had gotten several times in past. Further, I was mostly disappointed by the level of customer service when I brought it up to the attention of the person identifying himself as the supervisor on duty. I pointed out that there were many areas interior and exterior that appeared to have had just a quick simple wipe. I pointed out that it was the same amount of time on every car, and he responded with an unprofessional and arrogant reply asking me if had counted down the minutes when at no time did I speak to him in disrespectful way or come off with a perceived sense of entitlement. When I told him that yes as matter if fact I did count the minutes he told his employee to stop and he just walked away with complete disregard for my concerns. At no point did I ask for a price adjustment or any type of refund. I just wanted to give him the opportunity correct the situation. As a matter of fact I had already paid for and tipped the guy cleaning the car. I'm not one to cause a scene because there were many people there and the guys washing cars work hard. This is not a reflection on them but rather the management and the process. Needless to say of the many times I have gone there before I have been more than satisfied with their $12.99 regular wash. I know loosing 1 customer in the grand scheme of things doesn't matter much but I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

Michael T

I'm satisfied on every visit.

Michael Napolitano

Fast quality service, wide range of options from basic washes to detailing. Cheapest wash is $15, and they'll vacuum and clean your interior. I recommend the middle wash though, with the wheel and tire shine! Nice if you are in need of quick wash or don't have time to do it yourself. December 2016

rudi martinez

Tobi Fell

They close up early and when I asked why they just said “were closed”. Bad business!

chuliz Cerna Vázquez

(Translated by Google) Super especially the details

Shahbaz Khan

Terrible service, stay away.

Yatanveer Singh

Every cent you pay here is worth.

Christopher O'Connor

This guys did a great job. I got in about 10 minutes before closing and there was a decent amount of vehicles ahead of me. The manager there conducted a good quality check which was the first I have ever seen. So it's a hand wash mixed with a brushless rinse and blow dry then a physical group dry at the end.

Ricardo alonzo

They did a fantastic job on my car

Monica Jimenez

(Translated by Google) Very good service (Original) Muy buen servisio

Mark D'Andrea

June T

Eh, they get the cleaning job done. I drove up there and the guy went to every car But mine, and other cars behind me. They left smudge marks for the premium option. Oh and I had to go inside to be told hes your only way to get a ticket to get a car wash ordered. They also half tried with vaccuming and only had 3 workers for 8 cars, during a busy time of day.

Austin Mann

Good service and timely

Dan Lukerchine

All Hand wash and done right. I'm never in this area but will make sure I hit this car wash as often as I can, they know their stuff.

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