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2959 Broad St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, United States

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fed sannders

The new car wash on 2959 Broad street by Westpac Investments which the owner is Hamish Marshal that he put on 2959 Broad street in San Luis Obispo is a complete joke! He has no idea how he has upset the neighborhood with his new noisy car wash but yet he doesn’t care, nobody except for himself and his money. The owner Hamish Marshal from Westpac Management thought he could slip in a car wash in a quiet residential section by ignoring the complaints surrounded by the neighborhood in arms over the extreme noise, carbon monoxide from the vehicles driving up along aside the residential homes (pouring carbon monoxide & smelly dirty diesel fuel into people's homes where windows have to be shut 7 days a week), the bright outside parking lights left on all night long (having to pull your screens down in order to sleep all the time now), the loud radio noise of people thumbing their car radios from 7:00am to 7:00pm or longer, then eliminating the public street parking that left neighbors stranded to park, 19 noisy vacuums running all day long, also having more than 100 cars look into your property daily while waiting in line (it is like we have to keep our screens down because of people starring into our property) and etc. How are we supposed to put up with this Mr. Hamish Marshal? The guy is a billionaire because of his family back business in Australia, 2nd largest bank and he is spending money to buy political advantage in San Luis Obispo, like buying out the Planning department and setting up meetings without the public being notified, sounds fishy but is part of the things how Hamish operates. Second after a year in business after the noise complaints, what do he do next, he places more blowers at the end of the tunnel, making it over 65 decimals now. The wind just swarms the noise in the back house now, he didn’t even bother discussing this with the neighbors or asking the city, I guess money can buy you anything. Hopefully this place will be out of business, not must business since May 21, 2012, yes remember the day it opened.

Andrew Cauthen

First time here. Driving from Oregon/ Dirty car. I had bought the $10.99 deal w tires cleaned. Tires weren’t cleaned as I’d hoped. Dane the manager was very helpful. Offered some tire wipes. Great service. Powerful free vacuums w wash purchase. Car looks fantastic now. Thank you :-)

Anderson Eike

Good staff. Handy place

Walter Cullop

Nice quick drive through.

Julio Moreno

Fast and easy

Scott Hicok

Pam Anagnos

Not a place to take your "autos with expensive paint jobs". You will leave with water spots, and possible scratches. We had to park on the side and use our towels to re-set, and spray window cleaner on the rear window. Furthermore, the vacuums were very weak in suction. This definitely is not a good car wash.

Steven Long

Good low cost service especially if you buy the monthly passes.

Kaite Leavitt

Cindi Willams

It's ok

John Reeves


Mac Trainer

Robert Crase

Tanya Thomas

I always bring my baby to be cleaned here. The staff has always been super nice and attentive. They do a really good job and my car always comes looking like new

Jim Kearns

Was good before but now it doesn't clean verywell. UPDATE: 'Mea Culpa' I confused this wash with another chain. Quiky was was quirky but fine. I screwed up there system a bit as the signage did not indicate I should go through the was and then use the vacuums. I hit the vacuums first. Sorry. They cleaned the rear bumper well enough to remove a magnet I had there (Share the Road with Cyclists!!!) which no other wash had ever done.

Bud Light

Don't have to deal with anybody

Brian Angles

Friendly people and excellent customer service! I hope they hire that guy Hayden he was very knowledgeable and before I knew it I bought a two car pass! Awesome. Thanks Hayden. You rock!! I sure hope they hire you I'm going to tell all my friends to come their if they do hire you!!


Dave Hicks

ruth Spierling

Inexpensive (about 7.99 for the lowest cost option) self-serve car wash place. Free vacuums and a dash wipe. They will give your doggos a bone before going through the car wash. Bring towels etc for drying and detailing.

Sonia B.

James Lowrie

Excellent service at Calle Joaquin. The vacuum is much better there.

Katie Brum

Great place to go to get a quick, good quality car wash. Great vacuums with plenty of room to accommodate several cars. I live that they have towels available for purchase as well

Neal Breton

An inexpensive and quick way to keep your car looking nice. They recycle their water, too, so you can feel a little less guilty for the satisfaction of having a spotless ride.

Bernard Gordon

Cynthia Wildman

I like the car wash, it has a monthly membership, pay one price and wash your car as many times as needed through the month. They have one of best and powerful vacuum systems. Plenty of vacuum stalls.

Daniel Streb

Prices are reasonable, and the staff are nice. Free vacuums after service is a thoughtful touch and appreciated. They accept cash and debit/credit for convenience.

Ruckus the old English Bulldog

Absolutely worthless

Kim B

Great price

Teresa Rempe

Quick, Fast, Efficient.

Thor Larsen

This is a fantastic service, the price is right and 80% of the water is recycled. The staff is friendly and the vacuum cleaners really suck!

Paul Murray

Fast service!

Todd Pearson

Jon Pierre Girod

They've really stepped up their game in the past 6 months. Service has always been friendly and now they're self-service vacuums stations are all working consistently. There's no long waiting time. My company pays for the wash since I have a company truck and because I don't have any idea on the price I gave it four stars.

Jarrod Plevel

Jessica Cruise

Gina Boyd

Teryn Kelley

Love it. Quick easy and friendly!!

andrew savedra

Rail system messed up my rims (which they did nothing about) and my car was still dirty after the most expensive wash.

Brett Husband

Quick and efficient

Jessica Chapman

Maribel Acedo

I have been coming here since it opened and when they first opened they had better drying and they even had someone towel drying the car as you pulled out. However over time the was no person drying the car off and the dryers were reduced and today they have moved them in more so even less drying. I do know that the neighbors complain about the noise and this business is trying to be good neighbors however you should also try to keep your same service to your customers. Also too many times I pull in and the people working there stand around and by the time I get my own swipe they get to the car. Really there was nothing else you were doing but standing there! I did see some of the other reviews and I agree the inconsistency of when they are open or if they close for some reason there is not always notice and there is no where to pull out or turn easily at the Broad location.

Alec Hardy

Terrible job, very overpriced and missed a lot of spots. Edit: Owner/Employee contacted me after reading this review. Will contact them back and update review accordingly.

Eddie d. jr espino

Shittiest cuatomer service... their machines f*** up all the cars that go in wash...

Tim Huynh

Get the unlimited plan if you visit their locations more than twice a month, it pays for itself over time. What I dig about Quiky is that it offers free DIY vacuuming. Complimentary dashboard wipes is great too but often times they forget to give it to you and have to ask for it. FYI those wipes aren't made for felt like dash cuz it leaves white particles afterwards (not noticeable with naked eyes but very visable with shades on a sunny day)

Daniel Lopez

Car wash is ok, my car never comes out completely clean but that's ok. What really irritated me was that they don't open at their posted hours of operation.

Jesse Miller

So quick and easy ant the employees are always so helpful.

Brian Kerr

We love Quiky! They have a very friendly staff and great wash facility. I always appreciate the unlimited free vacuums and interior wipe.

Liana Parish

I love this car problem with it stems from how many times I go by, during their normal business hours, only to find they're closed.

Rusty Roquet

This is my car wash my wife and I both have memberships and go often, so worth it, best quality express car wash in the central coast!

Kim Arre

Very respectful greeters, the carwash is fast and effective, and the vacuums are fantastic! Most powerful vacuums I've ever used at a drive-thru carwash. As for the other reviews, I used to live a street or two down from the carwash and I never noticed the noise, so the complaints aren't completely from the *whole* neighborhood.

Mike Lehane

since the wash was free, the best i can say is you get what you pay for.

Mabel Jaramillo

Wonderful Service!

Megan LeBlanc

Such a good deal $9 for a basic wash and strong vacuums.

Emily Phelan

Ken Orvick

Quick and simple at a good price. I really love the free use of their vacuums after as well!

Jordan Bridgman

Like the name suggests, you can get a quick (but quality) car wash. A little pricier than a gas station car wash, but far, far more effective, and well-worth the extra couple bucks.

James Davison

Quick and easy

Steve Hilstein

This has been the best way to get my cars washed - ever! Fast and easy. I pay by the month for my own car and our company van. For about $1 a day they are always clean!

Ellen Corob

Phil Davis

Do not purchase a car wash better than the cheapest one they never applied any rain x to my vehicle

Kimberly Umana

Great price for monthly membership and quick line. Free vacuum, wet wipes and air fresheners!

Amanda Trede

The people here are amazing! Always smiling and super friendly. Best prices for unlimited car washes....and the vacuums are a huge plus, too!

Gabriel Stevens

Great customer service!

Mihai Pana


Rena Vargas

Last week I parked under a tree at work, when I got off worky car was a mess! I went over to Quiky Car Wash on Broad St and just got there in time, they were closing in 10 min! Went through the car wash and my car looked great! I won't be parking under that tree anytime soon!

Patrick Perl

Fast, convenient, reasonably priced, unlimited car wash.

Shelia Harlan

This place is a complete rip off. The machine pulled my car through so fast the brushes didn't even have time to turn. It almost ran my car into the one ahead. I could have gotten my car cleaner if I had spit on it. Don't waste your money onthe these thieves

Treasure Hammond

Richard Lovato

Excellent service and car is super clean....

Joe Ison

I love being able to take my car In to be washed all the time. As I do not garage my car like most people in this area. With the heavy morning moister being in a coastal town I can go in every day and not have to worry about the dirt left behind by the dew.

Troy Fredriks

For what it is, it's great. It gets my car 95% clean for only 5% effort. I never have to wait more than 5 minutes to get my turn.

yuqing liu

Maxim Dahan

Noah Hawthorne

Fast, easy, does a great job cleaning without scratching the car. Free vacuums after!

aya !

Bad service, manager was very disrespectful and rude, they charged me on my card and cash.

Alison Rupe

Great place to stop, gets my car clean and fairly dry, free vacuums. Worth the price

bryan wunsch

Cheap fast car wash. They have sold service vacuum to use for free.

Jason Bridges

AJ Fite

Best car wash in town

Dental Marketing Guy

It's a brilliant concept. Well worth the monthly rates!

Michael McCreary

Geoffrey Chaney

Offering unlimited monthly memberships and 2 locations in SLO, they Are really the best deal in town and not to mention do a great job for an automated tunnel wash.

Sandra Vargas

Love it

Kelsie Rodriguez

Casey Helmick

Quick and convenient

Cory Douglas

Alesia hunt

LauraAnn Ibison

Thomas Wright

Worth the money every time...

Pete Ayer

Graciela Ornelas


Freddie Viscara

alicia ruiz

Had a great experience at the wash on calle joaquin. Thought I would try the one on broad street and I had a terrible experience there the girl at the front just seemed annoyed with everything barely even acknowledged the fact I was right in front of her. Then after paying for the wash I was getting ready to drive through and the guy who was supposed to be spraying the car as you pull in want even paying attention didn't even look up once so that part of the wash never happened I had tried to express my disappointment in the service I was given to the young lady at the front which I got nothing but an eyeroll and very annoyed "sorry I don't know what to tell you" I love this car wash and hate to complain but this is by far the worst customer service I have experienced at your facilities and my car didn't even get cleaned except for the carpets which I did myself with the awesome vacuumswhichbis always a plus.

Maria Anguiano

Romano Verlengia

It's a decent place to go for a fast car wash, but their equipment is not maintained properly, and does not wash my smaller SUV type vehicle properly. If you take the time to complain they let you run it through a second time, but what a hastle. The vacuum cleaners are usually plugged up with dirt, but they work great after they empty them.

Richard Syracuse

Love it! A great wash, friendly staff, and free vacuums at the end?! That's amazing!

Jesse Troili

The monthly program is great


Everytime I come to the Broad Street location there is an issue? I pull up into the "Members Only" and another car in front of me paying for there car wash? If your paying each visit get in the other entrance! Your holding up the line? Take better care of your MEMBERS who are paying $19.99 a month

Jack Lisec

Anthony Foster

I have a monthly membership that allows me to get my car washed as many times I lukeand I can use their vaaccum cleaners as well

Sierra Phillips

Willow Waddell

Extremely friendly customer service. They even have dog treats for your dogs. It's a great place.

Grant Terris

These guys are awesome. I had a lot of dirt built up on the inside of my tire well, so I ran my car through the wash and it missed most of it. I went up to tell the attendant and with no hesitation, he offered me a free wash and let me run it through again. When I pulled up I asked the man spraying down the car to focus on the well and he really went to town getting it off. Five stars because the attendants and manager were all nice and respectful, they performed the service as expected, and have a clean and friendly atmosphere. Also, they went above and beyond to help me get the real sticky dirt which wasn't really their problem in the first place. Referred friends and am definatly going back.

Gigi Brock

DO NOT GET A MEMBERSHIP HERE!!!! The lack of service is so frustrating. The wash experience is okay. I showed up to 2 LOCATIONS both closed or not operating. What is the point of paying the highest membership if I can even wash my car when I needed to. I came back the next day, still closed. SOOO disappointed. I tried canceling my membership. THEY DONT ANSWER THEIR PHONES. The website "cancel membership option" didnt recognized my number. I Called noone answers. They said they would reach out. They never did.

Nanyeli Mendoza

Carlotta Herbstreit

Easy in and out along with free vaccum.

Jessica Delaney

Long line and even after the 2nd best wash option it barely did anything! Don't go here

Juan Benjamin

Sarah Judson

Love the quiky wash. I have the membership and my car has never been so clean. The vacuums are good quality and it's quick.

Brian Baumgardner

Wash me!

Edwin Reyes

Awesome Place quick and easy especially the free vacuum cleaning included


Andrew Longabaugh

Great car wash with friendly people running the ship.

Lydia Gong

Great service, super friendly staff. I love being able to get a quick car wash and vacuum. I wish they offered locations in AG!

Pat-Carole Wong

Michelle Morrison

Nice staff and never a long wait

John Hollander

Inexplicably closed at 2pm on a Friday when their opening hours say they should be open until 5:30... a note on the door would be nice folks

Augustin Naudin

(Translated by Google) It costs $ 8 the basic benefit. Get on the course. Follow the visual instructions (you have to go to N as Neutrial so that the car advances alone on the course). A hand Karcher stroke and hop off. Your car is first mossed and then rubbed, and finally, mega fans dry the car in 10 seconds. Then you have vacuum cleaners available for free. You are in the car all along the course. For a Frenchman it's a kind of ride. (Original) Ca coute 8 dollars la prestation basique. Engagez vous sur le parcours. Suivez les instructions visuelles (il faut se mettre en N comme Neutrial pour que la voiture avance toute seule sur le parcours). Un coup de Karcher manuel et hop c'est parti. Votre voiture est d'abord moussee puis frottee, et pour finir, des mégas ventilateurs sèchent la voiture en 10 secondes. Ensuite vous avez des aspirateurs mis à votre disposition gratuitement. Vous êtes dans la voiture tout le long du parcours. Pour un français c'est une sorte de tour de manège.

Matt Berry

Private User

Great when it was new, but frequent mechanical issues with the washer detract. Hours are tight, too late opening, missing the morning rush.

Mike Johnson

I'm an Uber driver and every time I get an opportunity and they haven't run out, I always get one of their air freshener: pina colada. The women love it in my Uber car.

Eric Rand

Great service and hard working employees. Car is always cleaned well.

Cindy Jenkins

Quick and clean

Keith Schachtell

Fast and reasonable pricing for unlimited car wash

Clay Hall

Very convenient. Usually easy to get in and out. Wish they would turn up their jet drivers a bit

jeff rowan

lori maraviglia

Garrett Brown

My car came out soaking wet still, the vacuumed broke while I was cleaning the interior of my car and then the vending machine was broke. I essentially paid $9 for them to hose my car down.


Very much love this place we caught a glitch , soap and no rinse, lol gave us a free Supreme to make up for the mishap

Graciela A. Mendez

Laure Goode

Erfan Hettini

Nothing special about this place.

Zachary Griffith

Elleana Lea Mohsenian

Brigett she is tall and has curly hair...I requested that my around my tires be spray ..due to the mud rain. ..she did .u can tell she cares...congrats on hiring this employee...see u soon..

Kimmy Carter

Drive through exterior wash followed by parking lot with access to vacuums and trash cans.

Karlina Plant

Evan Hatton

Free vacuuming! Best value in town!

Madison Montoya

The l o v r location is great. I was greeted by Dane, who was super helpful and friendly. He was knowledgeable and I really enjoyed that he took the time to offer my dog a treat. Thanks!

Chris M

matt Ryan

Mark Mantel

Solid establishment

Eniko Nagy

Good service, great subscription options. Lines are always long.

Ja Ol

Pretty good carwash for lazy folks.

Mukesh Giri

Travis Pryor

Jason Allen

I've been a member since they opened the last few months the wash has gone down hill. After the wash theres a film on the windows that's impossible to remove have you noticed they increased there prices but the tire shine does not work. Not sure if it's new owners or what has happened. I'm not going to be a member much longer The Broad St location would recive a 2 star for customer service with a bad wash. The LOVR Location receives 4 Star nice customer service with a decent wash.

Charles Chester

Best choice for a drive through car wash.

Frank De Porra

bad car wash

Melanie L

Really love this car wash, I feel that it does a much more thorough job than any other drive thru car washes. & the employees here are really friendly which is a plus

Jackki HB

Roz Montgomery

Siddharth Sharma

Pay for the cheapest option because it’s all machine. The more expensive options have the same result.


Super customer service and great prices (only about $16 a month for unlimited washes on auto-pay!).

Luis Gordon

cool place 2 dollar towel club

Tami Righetti

Eleanor Williamson

Edwin Robledo

Wash my van

Matthew Vaughn

Quick and easy

Lloyd Johnson

Reasonable rates, cleans car good

Jeff Ernst

Randy R

Erin Hoffman

Very convenient

Kenneth Warner

is too expensive for the quality, dryers don't even dry your mirrors off, if they added the air blowers that most other car washes have it would then at least be a 4⭐ wash but I was totally disappointed when I found out it did not dry the mirrors at all cost me an extra $5 so I could get a towel to dry my rearview mirros

fun chanel

Michael Heller

Great place for a "quick" car wash

Tommy Shoemaker

It's a quicky, in and out, free vacuum. Pretty smooth.


Gary Clatterbuck

Worth being a member


Great to get your car washed but you would need to stay in your car

Jeremy Ramin

Edit: I've started to notice scratches all over my windshield and car after my most recent car wash. I haven't driven anywhere that would put gravel or sand on my windshield wipers, so I do not believe that I did it myself. I checked other reviews on Yelp, and I'm not the only one who has experienced scratches after getting a car wash from here. I should have listened to the reviews and not gone here. Original: An average place to get a car wash. The cheapest option costs $9. My car always comes out mostly dry but still wet. If you don't wipe the leftover droplets yourself, you will end up with water spots. I've also come out of a wash with stuff still stuck to my car. I was able to remove whatever it was with a towel. The following is a description of what happens: 1. You pull up to the cashier. 2. The cashier asks you which package you'd like. 3. You select a package and pay for it. 4. They pass you a dashboard wipe (WARNING: This wipe leaves lint everywhere) and allow you to pass. 5. You turn left and drive through to the actual car washer. 6. An attendant will tell you to keep driving forward until your two left wheels drive on top of a mechanical belt that holds your car in place. 7. You put the car in neutral and turn off any automated windshield wipers. 8. The attendant hoses your car with pressurized water for a bit (he or she doesn't always hose everything). 9. The belt pulls your car through the track. 10. Standard car washing: water, soap, sponges smack your car, water, dryer. 11. Your car comes off the belt and a green light signals you to drive.

Alex White

beverly rowe

I like being able to wash my car whenever

Marc Townsend

Friendly and fast. The subscription service is a must.

Gary Simpson

Kyle Handley

Decent value. Mostly for the vaccumes. My car doesn't always come out clean on the standard wash, especially if there are bugs

Steven Arnold

I get my car washed at least twice a month... Makes it cheaper than a regular car wash and it does a decent job.

Kenzie Rempe

Dont waste your money. Doesnt get the bugs off and leaves water spots. I took a spray bottle and a wash cloth to my car and it came out cleaner in 10 minutes than this overpriced car wash. Take your car to a pay n spray.

cheryl soto

Best place to wash your car love it

david Houghton

Quick and simple

E Campbell

Quick cheap and great service. Free vacuum and a dash wipe.

Aurelio Contreras

Lea Bro

You can buy a pass for unlimited washes for a month. Free vacuums. Never drive a dirty car.

Zoltan Nagy

Best automatic car wash.

Loni S.

Kerry King

Logan Lossing

Ramesh Dhanasekaran

Awesome place.

Ryan Caldera

Decent washes for cheap, sometimes leaves behind soap or other stuck on dirt but great deal if you do the monthly pass

Sandro & Jacqui Juno

A Li

Staffs are friendly and helpful. I took the most expensive option but I was not completely satisfied with the body wash as it was not completely clean. I showed it to them and they gave me wipes but I had to clean it myself. Also, I aksed them to use anitbug spray and they forgot it. The complementary vacum is a great bonus.

Brian Hellwig

Amy Hartman/Wright

rhonda todd

Big smilies from staff, clean environment, shiny car.

Joey Cecchini

Quiky Car Wash is the fastest and best valued car wash in San Luis Obispo. That is exactly why I am proud to be apart of this establishment. My wife and I moved to SLO about two months ago from Manhattan Beach - and we love it here already! The people are amazing and the town is a perfect blend of country and commerce. As the newly appointed Business Development Manager of Quiky Car Wash, I plan to reach out to the community and provide a more cost saving alternative to washing your car, truck, or van. The comments below are well received and i'm personally looking into making Quiky the best neighbor it can be! Please come visit Quiky Car Wash today and ask about our QuikyPass - Unlimited Washing for only $19! Cheers, Joey

Robyn Miller

Have been trying to cancel my monthly membership now for 3 months and am still being charged!! Just get the run around, I have moved out of state!! Horrible customer service!!

Nancy O

Great deal if you buy the unlimited washes. My car come out pretty wet though and I have to spend quite a bit of time drying it down.

harold mesick

Nice place good vacuums

EndDivision NOW!

Not worth it, unless you have a monthly pass. Great for Uber drivers.

Keaten Tuttle

Pretty good! Cheap but they don't give the free coupon on their website

keenan hartig

I went in there and cancelled my membership asked to have the manager call to confirm and they did. Promised I wouldn’t be charged again the day after that they charge me another day. I’m now not even in the area and they won’t answer the phone they want me to send an email. Lying cheats

General Jefferson G. Burbank

Outstanding offers, quick service, friendly staff & your car comes out looking great!

Tres Clements

Stephanie bianchi

Jerry Maes

Victoria Murtagh

It is your basic drive through car wash. We had to wait for what seemed an unusual amount of time for our turn to go through... My visit was not so Quiky!

Jason Macutay

Definitely an awesome place to wash your vehicle. Staff was great and help a few military service members to get their vehicles cleaned

Paint Saint

I love the fact that I can go every day and keeps all my vehicles looking great.

Ann Howland

Best carwash in SLO

Marco A Martinez

Thomas Bruner

Clean car wash with included vacuums for interior detailing. Fast, friendly service.

John Langley

Great for a quick wash! Sorry for the pun. The vacuums are really fantastic, they really suck, once again sorry for the pun.

Ted Seeley

Quick, convenient and cleans my truck well.

Lindsey P

The car washes here are very reasonably priced and they always offer a dashboard cleaning wipe and air freshener when you pay. Their free vacuums are also super great! My car always looks brand new after going here.

Susan McKisson

Candice Arenas

I like that you get to vacuum for free

Showtime Ventures

Great service, fast wash, clean machines. They have free vacuum use, with free wet towels.

Taylor Hamil

Julie Weaver

Edgar Villareal

Hippie Chic

It depends who's working on whether or not your car will need a 2nd go around. Their gate service needs improvement, but they have free vacuums and are conveniently located off the 101 so stopping on my way home works out. If the staff were more consistent, I'd have given them a 4/5 rating.

Tobias Shirts

Smooth, professional and effective. Always a pleasure.

Kisha Bradley

Natasha Bala

William Bordeaux

Christa Lam

This place is great! I especially enjoy the unlimited vacuum because I take a very long time to clean out everything. There is also a mat cleaning machine which I have yet to try. Remember to check in on Yelp to get $2 off!

Michael Hoskison

Ryan Frawley

Dodi Champion

Alex Kim

Pat Wong

Inexpensive car washing


Mark Brostman


Its so easy and fast

Dawn Toste

I love everything about it. It's fast, easy and convenient. Doesn't get the bugs off always, but guess what if you pay monthly you can go in as many times as needed. Love that you can get towels to dry off your car. The attendants are always helpful and courteous.


Good place to get a car wash, and I like the vaccums after so you clean do the inside.

bekah bradley

Celina Montgomery

Great 2 for $20 deal here for the usual wash i get. Your average drive through wash, I come here for the vacuums, they’re fantastic.


Patrick Maguire

Nice car wash, a little expensive but offers a monthly subscription option for unlimited washes.

jackie S

Easy, fast and very nice employees

Colours Hair Studio Volpe

Well worth it

Derrek Fawcett

Clean excellent plus has dog wash and free vacuums


Good deal, great service

Jeff Andrews

Great place for a car wash. They have a monthly plan which can cover the cost of going to other car washes in town just 2 times. And you can go daily if you want! Vacuums are free afterwards!


Just moved to the area and was hoping to get a membership but after today no thanks. The gentleman in the front was just quiet but nice, not very helpful when we asked how does this work, it is our first time here, but he at least smiled. Then we went to get the carwash and the lady only sprayed one side of the car, then when we got out the wash the car still had soap. And when we came back to tell them, the lady gave so much attitude and said well your car is dirty. Well yeah that's why we came to the carwash lol. Anyhow even the 2nd time around there was still soap on the car and the dryers don't really work. I feel as if you are better off at a gas station car wash.

Verena & Antonin van der Lely

Fast and easy and gets the car clean. The staff is always friendly and willing to help. Definitely a Class A business. Keep it coming!

Fernanda Lucas

I really like this place. The only reason I'm giving 4 stars is because sometimes my car come out with soap and the spot free rise doesn't work that's well and now they are charging you extra for the air freshener.

Linda Muccianti

Got almost all bugs not bad for not being a hand wash.

Cooper Hadaway

Doug Girouard

Alexa Espinoza

Offers everything

Shawn Ison

As a large SUV owner, paying the reasonable monthly rate for unlimited washes and vacuuming has been a life-changer! So worth it!

Quinton Brown

I’m going to start this review by saying the negative comments have nothing to do with ownership the owners of this company are very kind and have shown me nothing but the best with that being said I have read of this by far the worst company I’ve ever worked for due to the hostel environment that is created by the current general manager in my opinion he is a narcissist you go to Stic i’m going to start this review by saying the negative comments have nothing to do with ownership the owners of this company are very kind and have shown me nothing but the best with that being said I have read of this by far the worst company I have ever worked for due to the hostel environment that is created by the current general manager in my opinion he is a narcissist Eegotistical Micromanaging control freak this person is the exact opposite of what I have seen the ownership is this company will continue to tank until they pull the plug

Patwove Martin

I am getting frustrated! Three days in a row where all lines are backed up and the cars are not moving. What gives?

Susan Epp

The people who work here are helpful. The car gets cleaned fast and goid.

Bw rkw

It does NOT pay to have a pass at Quickwash. I am a montly prepaid customers whohas to wait in line? Why? They are so busy helping the custoner who pays for each wash that you have to help yourself to a towel? It happens everytime. At the Broad location too. POOR service!

Debra Holt

Thank you to all the nice people at Quiky, San Luis Obispo. Just as I was about to go through the wash, my driver's side window stuck in the down position. I was so embarrassed for the delay I was causing. The attendants were very kind and helpful, managed to get the window up and were very patient about the entire episode. I was so grateful for their attitude (and the clean truck I drove away in).

Deborah Davidson

Brett RadventureDad

No nonsense, all-you-can wash place with great monthly membership pricing. Friendly staff, powerful vacuums and the free dash wipe every time you go thru is sweet!

Lee Johnson

Great price.

Zay Chacon

I had 2 run it through twice... I might stop coming here sense they raised their prices.

Bas van Eijk

Antonio Martinez

No lines and fast service

debbie mattos

Great place to get your

Globie Handen

This car wash is flawed in its design. The developer assured there was going to be mininal noise turned out completely the opposite. Going through the car wash, the washers will damaged your mirrors and antenna but more so to hear the buzzard noise constantly going and going without any concern to the people living next door. Second when they agreed to control the radio noise and lights after hours has not been agreed to. The overall complaint I think every neighbor is the constant buffer noise that starts daily from 8am or 7am all the way to 7pm. When I go outside I hear nothing but the buffer noise from Rockview street and to Broad street, it is really bad. Those people living next door, I feel sorry for them but living in back of this place, my kitchen is nothing but a noise circus where I used to have people over I can no longer entertain guest anymore. However with what I have seen business opened on May 21, 2012 and from now, I personally do not think this car wash is going to stay open. As much as the noise is unbearable the business is really not bringing in any business when they have plenty of signage and have advertised every venue that can think of but it is not helping. So with that said I am sure this business will have to decide when is it when to say its not going to work. Yes I am a resident living within a short distance of this car wash and have not been pleased with this car wash since it opened.

David Baker

Employees are helpful and the wash is super quick even with a line.

Gunther Kastenholz

What a novel idea to sell car wash subscriptions in California. Totally worth it, and there doesn't appear to be a limit on the number or frequency of car washes. This is great if you park outdoors and your car always seems to get dirty fast. Excited for one to eventually open in North County.

Christopher Gray

After a weekend at the dunes, the unlimited time vacuum was just what I needed. No line and no wait. Bring a drying towel though if you don't want spots.

Ronnie French

Jason Gingrich

Sarah De Los Reyes

It is hard to navigate the small lot during peak hours. I prefer going to the one on broad

Howard Butlar

Brett Signore


Went here with my son and I was impressed to be honest but I do miss the old Denny's that was there for years and always a great place to have french fries

Cari Shaw

It's very quick & convenient and the staff is always very friendly.

Savannah Flowers

Great service! Was greeted cheerfully and received a good wash. Lots of options and wasnt pressured to get the most expensive.

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