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3050 Sunrise Blvd, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742, United States

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REVIEWS OF Quick Quack Car Wash IN California

William Ryan

Never have any issues car always looks great when I'm done with it

Ben Dosanjh

Rude staff at this location, they should spend a day working with staff in roseville they could learn a few manners from them. Take note management!

Len Joe

Basic soap, scrub, rinse and air dry is 7.99. There are more expensive options. Call or check the website. It's a pretty quick service so you can get through quickly. An area is available for free vacuuming. You may want to avoid this washing service as it employs large brushes to aid in the wash. Not sure if it leaves marks or not but take caution using this service excessively as brushes usually leave fine scratches. The basic wash I had used a lot of soap and degreaser and nit enough of a rinse to get rid if it all. Upon opening the doors and trunk there is much soap present that didn't get rinsed. Sign up on their website to get a free basic car wash on your birthday.

frank orienti

Update: I have since gone back, and they bad good on their promise. So I give them a 5 star now!

Bill Darrah

Hey, get there during grand opening and the wash is free.

Sourabh Rattu

Andrew Nelson

Super nice employees

Kristopher Brown

Good location. Just keep in mind, if you wax your vehicle, just like any other car wash that isn't touchless, the scrubbing devices will rip it right off.


What a joke. When you are in line and it breaks down they go to the person that was last in line instead of the front of the line. And cashier has major attitude

Tamara Peters

Vacuum system 5 star

Nazar Boruh

Patsy Pruitt

Quick Quack is always a great place to stop for a quick car wash that's not wasting water or harming Mother Earth!


Service was excellent. However, went through 2 washes and the rims were dirty still. Slightly disappointed.

Michael Hammett

Fast service, signed up for one of the packages with monthly billing here. I recommend it if you frequently get your car washed.

Yuliya Shpynova

The car remains wet after drying.

CaliforniKate Ca

I'm using this car wash during 2years. It's always has good service!

Ekane Branson

Those girls kick butt at the job and there is no cooling off from the heat or cold drinks for them. That's why I try to always bring them something cool to drink. Besides you can't beat that grateful smile.

Jason Singh

Ron Dockswell

I love driving a clean truck and I love the convenience of the monthly pay, if I had absolutely nothing better to do, I could go everyday, but I don't. Usually just twice a week. :)

Silena Constancio

We actually live in Roseville but we're running errands in citrus heights and decided to stop at the quick quack out here. I have never received such amazing customer service from these guys. Joshua and Neil weree really great and went above and beyond. It's so refreshing to see the quality in the employees that quick quack hires. We will be making the trip to go to this location because of how professional and awesome these guys were. Thank you!!

Angel Nickles

Shellie Pattingale

Friendly and helpful staff

Donald Riddle

This location was huge. The customer service was great and the attendant treated us with a smile. The attendant even asked and placed a cover over our rear wiper blade. We were in and out in under about 5 minutes. They also have a lot if stations to clean and vacuum the inside of the vehicle. If didn't live a distance from this location I would be back tomorrow.

Andrey Moroz

Abhinay Bommakanti

Worst place ever !! Very bad experience !! Never want to come back to this place again !! The emloyees are rude and manager too !! I should have given zero

KingSavBolo MobAFHiphop/MobAFOldschool’s

Safe environment, free vacuuming, my paint on my truck looked wet even after it was dry. Free postal card with free carwash on it was sent to me. Nice location. 5 mins from my home.

J. S.

Expensive. The market they used on my windshield didn't come off in the damn carwash, so why are they writing on my windshield??? Frustrating and a waste of money. Just stop being lazy and do it yourself.

Donna Pucilowski

Free carwash for grand openning can't beat that


Allysha N

They recycle water!! What more can I ask for

Venkatesh Patil

Free vacuum and unlimited washes for one fixed price per month

Leah K

I couldn't get back in the wash line after we vacuumed the car out. I had to exit & get back in line. The first few vacuum stations I tried were broke. Out of order signs would have been helpful & saved me time. The drive through carwash was kind of cool but I think my car could have gotten cleaner. I would try going there again but maybe not during a peak time.

Robert Salgado

Of course I always experience a good time here. The lady who helps me all the time is

Bill Culbertson

Was very easy to find, it is different than other Quick Quacks in terms of vaccums and no roof, but my car looked clean.

Carole Beaslin

Joshua (the tendent there) was amazing and freindly, my daughter loves to be silly and asked him for two dash wipes, I giggled nervously , but to my surprise he handed us three. Amazing attitude and a lovely environment to be in. Wouldn't want to take my business anywhere else

Wellington Wong

I went to this car wash because of all the dust after the fire. I got the basic wash and later found out theres swirls scratch mark on top of my car. The wash was also bad. Its more dirty after the wash. My car is only two weeks old. Just got from dealership too. Would not recommend. Go to the sunrise express carwash on citrus height. Its better than this one.

Ronnie Dunn

The staff is always nice and thurough every time i visit. And free vacuuming

Nina Demchik

Wash is horrible, vacumes are all bad but one works good. Always got soap all over. Insane

Heather Hull

Wonderful fun fast...and it smells great!!! What!?!?!

Jerry Webster

Excellent for a drive thru car wash. Very reasonable prices for 30 days of anytime you want to wash your car within 30 days.

Christine VP

If you get lucky and they are not busy, I like it. When busy I drive past. Had a bad experience a year ago and the machines stopped and an suv hit my back bumper. I was shook up and went back through and staff could tell and told me my bumper looked fine. Not so, got home and there were small dents from their license plate and cracked my paint pretty bad. I prefer to go to the one by Howe Ave.

Monika Hoppe

I love this place! Fast and friendly!

The Real Tinkerbell. Dreams

Hit the FREE CAR WASH. What an excellent fun car wash. This is a great place for those children who really love the fun of going in to car wash tunnels. Service for the car was great. But, no one approached me to see about an up grade. Good or bad. I appreciate the fact to let me see if this was a place I would love to come back. The experience was so fun. The carwash experience spoke for it's self. My car is squeaky clean. I will be back and next time will pay for the quack quack package. Super busy but fast. Huge line but in and out under ten min. Amazing. Fun group of people. Some staff stands above the rest. Color bubbles, vending machine for air fresheners, quack quack cleaning supplies for interior wipe down, vacuuming is available. I had a Quacken good time.

Genevieve Salazar

vaccine doesn't work well.

Joey Rich

free vacuum anytime cant beat it

Tim White

It's a car wash. If you sooner think it's clean enough after one trip through just tell them and they'll let you run through again...

Aaron Funk

Quick! Quack! Qleen!

Fred Williams

My wife took my 12 f150 platinum in for a wash. She was instructed by an employee to not fold in the mirrors. As a result my passenger side power folding mirror is now broken by their machine and they refuse to fix.

Jake Immenschuh

Fast. Efficient carwashes. Can't ask for much more.

Wade Casey

Great new car wash. A little bit off Antelope right near interstate 80. Very nice customer service. They not only have lots of vacuums to clean inside your vehicle they also have small air hose blowers to help clean your air vents and any extra water around your door jams. Very helpful tool.

Saher Nafees

Very nice and thorough cleaning.

Sherry Sewell

Hobro Hawks

John is the best employee there. Great service

terry mellott

Bad customer service everybody's in a bad mood had to run my car through twice and still didn't come out clean

Vitaliy Mordovin

I came to this quick quack and I was waiting for some assistance but no one came so I drove up to the entrance of the car wash and there was a man that came out his name was Chris and he was really rude and he made me go back and start all over. I told him i had a member ship he said that he didn't care. There were many cars behind me and he made them all turn back so I can get out and he made stand in line all over again. He had really bad customer service and he rolled his eyes at me a couple times. He has really bad behavior. I had a great day after coming to this place this man ruined my day.

Arianna Oleynik

James Penn

Washed the car real good. Free vacuuming


Great place I have the unlimited monthly membership

harneet samra

Great place.

Lisa Marie Knney-Reyes

I th

dennis ross

This was a surprisingly bad experience considering the reviews. Poor drying left a lot of streaking, and some areas never got cleaned.

veronica shulga

We got ALOT of sap on our car from the trees we left our car under for a few hours , and had no idea what to do with our car being so messed up especially the windows. So decided to buy the $19.99 car wash at quick quack to see if that will do anything. To our surprise about 95% of the sap washed off like a charm. The awesome worker Dijon gave us 5 packs of the wipes for our car. Thank you guys!!!

Mike Smith

uncle grumpy

good place for quick car wash. car does not always come out dry.

olga silva

Thanks to John and Cathrine i had a great experience john was very helpful and friendly and had gone through all the special choices of car wash i could select. Vacuums work Amazinglyyyyy !! Only car wash i go to now is quick quack !!!

Kevin Sellstrom

Fast and easy in and out.

Jern Martz

Cleaned my car and my SUV!! But becare full your mirrors and wheel hubs !!! I got hubs damaged and my SUV driver side broken !!! I am not happy...

Michaele Potter

Great wash

Serge Khrystov

Water stinks really bad. Vacuum area is really diry, trash cans are full, its disgusting. Bad experience.

Greg Miller

Very nice place. The price is great and you get a good car wash in a short period of time.

Roberta Capen

Clean fast , friendly staff

Justin Hirst

I had a basic free wash coupon. I live in the country with lots of dust. My car was filthy. The basic wash got my car clean. There were still some bugs on the lower front bumper, and the windshield still had bugs, but honestly you have to scrub those off to actually clean them, especially after being plastered on for months.

Deborah Cortino

Very nice people and great car wash. I even got a new duck.

Rico A Morotti

For a drive through car wash it's pretty good. All of the vacuums work, which can be rare at these places.

Jeffrey Stiles

Compressed air hoses with the vacuum make this location one of my favorites.


Yay new location aka free car wash today lol. But I have been going to quick quack since I got my car in 2010 in the Rancho Cordova location. Free vacuums are a plus! I had to update my review because I just found out they have the air pressure hose!!! So convenient for my ac vents!

Mark Koutsouradis

Great car wash. Monthly membership is a great value for unlimited washes

Ronda Perry

Kind and courteous employees greet me every time.

Brandie W.

Was so excited when they opened because this Quick Quack is around the corner. (I usually drive to the Watt Ave. location.) We tried them this weekend and was really disappointed. Customer service was awful. We paid $3 more for a wash here than at any other Quck Quack. And it pushes you out the dryer instead of you slowly rolling through. Won't be back. Guess I'm still driving to Watt.

Kome Oriero

Excellent service.

Rebecca Standridge

Love this location. They have compressed air so you can actually get all the little tiny areas inside your car clean

Joe Arguelles

A quick way to get your vehicle clean at a reasonable price

Chris Schoonover

Crystal Fullmore

Kim Hermes

Sean Young

Great service!

Dominic Lucila

Experience wasn't bad at all, the car wash detail just wasn't up to par for myself. The price of the unlimited car wash is almost no brainer if you love keeping your car clean all the time but the quality of the wash isn't all that great. I thought there were going to be employees waiting at the end of the wash to help dry the car for you but instead I just had to drive and leave a bunch of water marks. My car still feels dirty because of that and I cancelled my membership immediately. Again, no talking bad about the experience of the employees but more so the quality of the wash.

Brad Shelton

I should just give up on this place. Quality of washes has always been so so, and now today the roof roller wasn't even working and they think they can charge full price. They think you won't notice. Then they make their underpaid staff cover it up and make excuses. Sad.

Peteris Bigun

Good car wash.

Jack Zurek

Love these guys, clean facilities friendly staff and free vacuums

Bill Keen

The vacuums are a little anemic.

Roxanne E

The car wash was ok. I honestly think for 12$ it could be a lot better plus it smelled like horse poop. It literally smelled like a farm which made me leave. Management should do something about the horse poop smell. Plus I had to go threw the car wash twice just to get my car cleaned. I won’t be returning to this car wash company.

Sara Smith

Great service! I love that vaccuming is free!

Cathy Farris

You vacuum your own car, and then go thru the car wash

Landie Christian


As a Lyft driver, this place is my best friend. 22.99 for unlimited car washes at multiple locations around town, it's the best!


Beautiful colors and keeps your car clean plus they have a vacuum

Zach Moore

Half the vacuums didn't work and had to rewash my car because their brushes didnt do much.

Allie Cat

How many vehicles have to be damaged for them to fix their machines?? My side mirrors were turned in before the wash. Came out with 1 broken off & paint damaged. After that, found out 5 friends have had similar damages at this place in the last 2 months. Maaco across the street gets tons of business from the damages caused by this Quick Quack!

Mary Buttler

It was my first time to go have my car washed. Great location and great staff!

jose marin

I wanted to make this my go to place, it started of great but now half of the vacuums work and alot of the bays are missing the compressed air gun.

Ahmad khaleqzada

Delric Canaday

Great service!

Scott Earl

Quick and easy

Patricia Villanueva

Always busy. Vacuum s suck just not dirt.

Michele Butler

Thanks for the free washes untill 8-10 your awesome I will become a member...john was the best host.....great service and wash

cb fritchie

Awesome, fast and clean.

Tyra Myles

Nice people that work there

Leslie Quenga

I love the people here! They're fast efficiency is what keeps me being the 30 day pkg.

Tracy Sager

So the lady tells me to pull up. I do put my car I neutral. It pulls me up twice and into the car in front of me. Are you serious. Then they tell me it's my fault. Oh hell no...

Brian Wactlar

I have a monthly membership here and I go usually once a week. My car comes out looking great every time. Sometimes the line can be a bit long, but it's worth the wait. The people who work here are super nice too.

Johnny Pena

It's a wonderful location! I love QuickQuack!

Don Morse

Don't always give you a cleaning cloth for your dash

Jordan Del Valle Tonoian

Best value is to do a membership for several cars in your family. Obviously the best way to clean your car is at a self car wash with touchless soap and water sprayers and dry it off with a microfiber cloth... But if you don't care that much about your paint and just want the car to look clean this is a great option! $7.99 basic does the job well but the Tire Shine upgrade is great! If you go through and aren't satisfied they will let you go again which is great if you really need a good wash after not washing your car for a while. Employees are generally competent and direct you fairly well and are willing to answer questions.


Easy, convenient, free vacuums and they secure back window wiper. Drive thru wash and dry. Works for me.

Kshitij Pandya

Amazing experience. Simple and quick. Was out in less than 5 minutes with a super clean car. I don't live in the Sacramento area but do you guys also have a branch or are planning to open one down in San Jose too? If so, how great would that be!

Fernandez Phongmaly

Went through wash came out and the back of my car was still dirty. Went through for a second wash and it still was dirty. Most of the car was clean it was just the back part it didn’t reach the trunk and rear window for me. It was quick and easy but that’s the only bad I had with this location.

Gennadiy USA

The best Quick Quack station what I have used

Brian Thompson

leticia vasquez

Teresa Van Alstine

Great service

Jessica Martinez

Really like this Quick Quack clean ,fast curtious people have been going since they opened highly recommend there vacuums work excellent!!

Danny Bel

Have been washing my cars here for 2 years. It's quick and convinient. My complaint is that the system isn't like the other locations and is a bit outdated, leaving water in easy to reach places and the clear windows create water spots before they are blown off

Emerald Johnson

Last time I went my car didn't get very clean and three of the vacuum stations were broken. Still 4 stars, because I've been satisfied in the past and the staff is always really friendly, and I'm sure next time will be better.

Kimberly White

They have always been very nice to me at this location...

Anon O. Mous

Usually a five to ten minute wait, but almost always receive a good carwash. It's seldom that all of the vacuum cleaners are functioning, and there is usually a line for them as well.

Pamela Jo Andrews

Received a card in the other day for a free carwash. So yesturday 8/31/2018, I went to get my car washed. After looking at their prices I would only get the standard wash. So the car wash reminded me of the ones they have at the gas station. I was expecting a lot more. When I drove up a very nice teen offered the extras. I then pulled around to the carwash. There was another teen there to make sure you drove you car in straight and put you car neutral. One thing she was doing that I didn't understand, she had some sort it water wand in ther hand. I think it was to spray your tires. Well she sprayed my drivers side window and part of my wind shield. Now my windows have some greasy looking smudges and it does not.look like it is going to be a easy task to clean them up. You can see the brush marks that the car wash has a long my window. I have not inspected the body of my car yet. I really hope that stuff is not on it. Okay I have convinced myself to go back so they can make this right. Still giving 3 stars.

Fran Ervin

Nice people that try real hard to keep you happy

Cara Richey

I always have a good experience here, but this morning was exceptional. A gentleman named Neal was working and he was pleasant, energetic, and enthusiastic as he greeted us and prepared cars for the wash.

Alex Wendy

I was here tonight and my daughter has wanted one of the stuffed animals quakers. I was waiting to renew my membership so I could see if I was eligible for one of these guys. If not I was going to buy a 25 gift card. As we pulled up I saw the sign clear as day that said the promotion was still running so I asked the young lady who helped us. She said she had to talk to her manager since it ended on the 1st of May. She came back and said no and I could pay 10 dollars for it. I politely pointed out the sign that was still advertising the promotion. The young lady went back and told her manager who got up and left the office and grabbed the sign. The young lady said it was out by mistake. then said I could buy it for $5. I decided no and didn't want to argue since there was a line. Any place I have been in would have Thanked me an apologized for the confusion and still honored the promotion. To whomever the manager was at this location around 545 on May 7 it was unprofessional and the dirty look you gave me was unnecessary. Not even an apology from you. I have had a membership with you for 3.5 years and this didn't seem right the way she handled the situation.

Stephenie Frank

Great new car qash use the vacuums on the end for best results. I love that they have compressed air and 2 styles if vaccums to really get in the nooks and crannys.

Gary Gill

It's a little overwhelming for a first time visitor but I'll definitely only use this place for my car

Lucky Johnny

Not up to stardard of other Quick Quack locations. Old car wash place that was converted to Quick Quack. My car was not as clean as other places i been too. Seriously need an upgrade to the machines.

Yadirah Sergio

It's quick no doubt. The rinsing could be better.

Leslie Elaine

Can I get a job here!? It looks so amazing!!! I love how the team works and I’ll work just as hard! Hope you concider me!

Full Throttle

Sometimes a wait, but overall friendly staff, and cleans your car better than the gas station ones

barbara shields

Арарат Аранатов

(Translated by Google) Friendly staff, I often leave here an auto. (Original) Привітний персонал, найчастіше мию тут авто.

Jevon Webster

Newer of the Quick Quack car washes around Sacramento and seems to do a better job in my opinion. Not sure if the technology changed from when the other ones were built.

Meghan Snider-Manning

Simply the best invention ever. Irritated about new price increases with simultaneous customer service decline

Marilyn Ramirez

Rude! Poor customer service. I had already gone through the wash and was getting ready to clean out and vacuum my interior. There weren't too many customers using the vac's and I had just pulled in to a stall. My trash can was empty. As soon as I threw a small fed ex box in, she came and took my can away and started sweeping 2 stalls away. I asked why she did that and with an APTITUDE, she said, "I'm going to empty it"! I told her that it was empty. She looked at me and continued sweeping! I had to wait for her to finish so that I could vacuum! Ugh! Horrible Service!


Clean fast and it is a car wash, not a detail shop..

Sharon Thyden

Stefany Simpson

Angelika Kushnirchuk

Wanda Cummings

Not like it used to be. Stop going there because car is still dirty when wash is complete. Bubba is my go to drive thru now!

De Anna Kline

Great employees!!!

Caleb Fountain

Great service! Wash my car every time I pass through here! Love their unlimited plan!

Brad Ruben

Fast and friendly. Car came out spotless.

Linda Yoon

New location. Service and the wash was great!

Jeff Werner

Micah Simmons

Great service

Daniel Ramirez

Megan Lutman

I went and got the $10 wash and my rims were still terribly dirty. I've attached a picture of a wipe I used to clean them myself in the vacuum area (which is inconveniently placed so you have to back out into the line of cars unless you car is SMALL). I had 4 wipes total that I used.

Miss Brownie

Consistently positive just like most in the chain.

dan wells

It was just ok... Made the car look better but machine just wasn't that thorough... Didn't remove the cat prints off of my car... It is inexpensive and does provide free vacuum. Probably great for a weekly rinse.

Evelyn Hardy

It is quick and the monthly plan is reasonable. They can use more car vacuum stalls.

g croyle

A bit slow but a good wash

Jessica Cai

Very quick and love the free vacuum, after the wash my car looked very clean and shiny.

Wyatt Holloway

Sorina summers

I love the concept. But... they say that you can use the car vacuum units for free with car wash; however, more than half do not work. I could not wait for all the other people wanting to vacuum their car so did not get to vacuum my car. As for the car wash it did a ok job. I still had soapy water dripping down my car so it left streeks of soap. But the wash was equivalent to a gas station car wash. But a better price. It's still better thank washing yourself!!


Free vacuums, whats better than that? And high quality washes!

kathlyne Phillipson

I purchased a one-month pass non-renewable, I found out they've charged my card three months in a row for something I've never used.

Mike Pursell

Buy a monthly package. You can use it all over town, at any location.

nancy esparza

stefany simpson

New and nice

Nikki Bart

Kollyn King


Quick Wack! I'd prefer to give it zero stars. I have been a member for quite sometime even though a friend of mine had been rear ended at another location and suggested to not go there but I thought oh that won't happen to me. Well it finally did I got to the end of the car wash and the machine pulled me back pushed me forward then pulled me back again and wasn't pushing me forward. The car behind me hit me at which point I put my car in drive and was able to drive myself out since there weren't any cars in front of me. This happened on a Sunday I was told I'd have to wait for the manager to be in on Tuesday so I waited and still nothing. If you call the number whoever answers can't help you, if you call the location they do not answer. I believe some of their values are be fast which they take to seriously because they push the cars through the car wash WAY to close together. Let's see we have be honest, be accountable, show respect I think all of those things were forgot. I mean being a member you would think they would show some type of decency towards me but no. I took my car to an auto body shop the next day and explained what had happened. The man said "Which car wash, oh wait let me guess Quick Quack" I replied yes and he said yes that is a frequent occurrence there. There have been some good experiences there don't get me wrong but for this to happen is ridiculous now I have to pay for the damage out of my own pocket which for me cancels out any good experience I have had there. UPDATE ! They called had reviewed the cameras and saw my car go back and fourth 2 times and guess what they said its MY fault! I guess i accidentally put my car in reverse then drive and thought hey that was fun lets do it again. (I obviously did not do that) What a joke!!

Misti Pierson keep'em

I use Quick Quak often being a car wash club member. Always well organized and efficient.

lonzo A Hdz

Mark Groene

This place is good for the most part. My constant issue is that the vacuums don't vacuum. The suction is very weak. Also there is always soap left on my vehicle. I also rarely am able to dry the last half of my vehicle because the vehicle behind me is too close. If the vehicles were spaced out a little more and the washing line was slower, than I believe I wouldn't have the extra soap and wet vehicle when leaving.

PJ Laverty

Jean Philson

Was not happy. Payed for the top wash car was still dirty and left scratches on my teunk

Anthony Davis

They are pretty kool. Just recent I had where my membership had expired but, the young person waved me through knowing my membership.had expired. That was real kool being that they didnt have to do that. And I even offered to pay for it.

Jose Ramirez

stephan atoui

Clean not much waiting

Bashar Bakir

I would give it more than 3 if it wasn't for the broke vacume cleaners.

Mark Khammany

Nicholas Schwinger

Andriy kozerev

This is one of the oldest location looks like equipment too. I have better wash in the newest location for sure

Marina Skyi

Usually I have a really good experience. There have been some cases where I get a regular car wash instead of the best, which is what package I have. Employees are really friendly. My one main issue is that my tires, for some reason do not get shined, or only get partially shined.

Carey Gyopyos

Got my car super clean with free vacuums.

Julie Bryson

New and clean

Niklas Henricson

Friendly staff, quick and easy service

debra Wright

Great Experience. Grand Opening FREE CAR WASH August 1st thru 10th. One per customer. They are giving AWAY the TOP VALUE car wash. Cleaned my car like new. My car was covered in ash from fires in outlying area. Really Impressed. Assistant Manager Katherine was very nice! They have 12 covered vacum stalls and 2 handicap spots. Way to GO, Quick Quack.

radu luchian

Very good

synquest Young

Came here this morning to get my dirty car washed and Ashley and Kayla were the sweetest staff I’ve ever met a quick quack! Ashley even let me go through the car wash for second time because my car was not all the way clean just super sweet very friendly! Thank you for your great service ☺️

Eric Swift

The car was is fast and convenient, can't beat the unlimited monthly deals.

Muhammad Usman Tariq

Great service, nice courteous staff.

It is i

Everyday comes with free scented wipes, and they make the car smell greatttttt. This carwash makes my car look sheq and clean

Jathan Good

A couple vacuums didn't seem to be working. But there was no line for the carwash! First time ever. This place is usually very busy. I went at about 5pm on a Friday.

Iolande V Argent

Lots of vacuum stalls, the weight is usually quick.

Chris Andersen

Love this location! Not only are the vacuum stations covered, they also have compressed air blower nozzles at every station, which work great for getting the water off your mirrors (preventing spotting), and all the crevices like the grille and badges, as well as the dash and console inside!

Joe Mann

Two lines out to the street and two workers laughing and taking their sweet time. The check-in booth used to be around the front side so there wouldn't be huge gaps in between cars in the line went a lot faster don't know what these guys are thinking.

Michelle Sommer

Staff here is always and I mean always in slow motion. I don't know why my husband insists on waiting 15 minutes for a carwash everytime. Get a clue rancho Cordova quick quack!

Brandi Daluge

Angeles Angeles

FREE car wash until August 10th! Ooooh yeah!!! Great customer service. Super friendly and fun.

Chris Malysiak

I have their high end monthly plan, and this was my worst experience by far. Pulled in line behind 2 cars and sat there for 10 minutes. In the meantime another 3 cars pulled up in a different lane. Didn't see a single employee at all during this time. Eventually cars started pulling forward and with no one to moderate the 3 cars that just pulled up rushed to the front and the 3 that had been waiting for 10 minutes were in the back, so now I was last in line. I just left, and will never come back to this location. Terrible customer service. Actually, NO customer service.

Johnny Cunningham

I like this location more than all there other locations

Leah Phillippe

This location needs better signage. I went through at dusk and couldn't see the white road arrows on the white cement and almost went in the exit! Then after you pay, two driveways to signs! I chose left, and made it through the carwash. Phew!

ted wilson

Great people at this location! I came in today around 2pm. My Silver Tacoma was filthy and and scratched from brush after 4 wheeling all weekend. I was very surprised at how clean it got given the condition it was in. I am a 3 year annual member and always get treated with VIP service. All QQ's are good but this one is phenomenal!!! Ted W.

iLoveMy CaliSky

Love the free vacuum with air compressor attachment

Lt. Dans Legs

It works. The cool thing is you can go through as many times as you want until you feel your car is clean enough. Most of the employees are excellent! There are a couple who should probably find a different job because customer service and a smile are not there thing. Would be 5 stars if it wasn't for them... I don't know how they got hired as greeters. Overall mostly a good experience.

Carlos Rodriguez

Great deal with a monthly plan

Ephraim Manna - Shea

Troy Stermer

Excellent place to take care of you car

Krishwant Krishna

Its ok for the price but it doesnt clean the car as well for what u pay

Brenda Lampela

Often dirty lots and trash cans over filled so you can not put your garbage from your vehicle in the trash can. The lots where you pull your car to are always sticky etc

Edie Crawford

Love it here, my favorite place

Tommie B

Finally open. Love the covered vacuum area, great idea. Good location, near a busy intersection between businesses and a large median-income neighborhood. Should do well here.

Alex Dolinta

I like this place ! Can vacuum your car for free! And can good wash your car over there!

Mindy Estrada

I love how well my vehicle got cleaned and the people are very friendly. We live close so they will get to know our faces :)

Gary Wright

Best carwash ever

A Couple Of Average Joe's

Cleanest and most effective location in Sacramento. I live by the ghetto facility (Madison Avenue), and I always skip that filthy, drama filled location for this one

Christina Carriere

The staff very friendly

Rheina Boyd

Fast, easy and affordable car wash. I recommend this place if you need a quick exterior wash. Vacuums are available to use as well.

Sherry Long

It's quick, convenient, and the staff is always friendly!

Marshall Kemper

Good prices and free vacuum system for patrons

Mike Cortes

Always go here on lunch

Paul Colbert

This car wash is fast and convenient

Julia Brown


It's an automated car wash. Nothing's broken and the vacuums work. no reason to mark it down at all. Good job.

Walker Pennington

Amazing staff and service.

Marine K-yan

Reasonable prices and appreciate the free vacuuming option

Dave Eric Smith

My positive review starts off a little rocky... last week I had a less than satisfactory car wash at this location where my paint appeared dull/faded after driving through. But here's where it gets better: The staff were very professional, friendly, and concerned about making things right. They professionally detailed/buffed out my car's paint and it looks awesome. Hey, sometimes things happen; it's just part of life/business. But there is much to be said for employees that step up and make you happy to be their customer. Thank you to the Sunrise team! (Kendrick, Araceli, and Brie(?)). :)

Candy Noto

Very clean

Shane Magennis

Aaron Bogard

Good job washing my car and love the free vacuums. They really suck!

Karen Teague

Consistently good, quick in-out service. Clean. Convenient, free self-serve vacuum 16 bays (8 stations with 2 vacuum units each). While, prime summer hours may generate two lines of 4-6 cars each, the actual wash/dry drive-thru only takes 2.15 minutes. [Orig post early July '19, additional info added 7-19-'19]

Ken Norris

Fast service and reasonable prices do a great job

Kimberly H.

My favorite quick quack location. Great vacuums and air compressors. :-)

Becky Blodgett

Good place! There soap smells amazing!

Jasper Allen Jacobs

Always get me in and out in an efficient manner.

Demented Grandpa

Great deal...monthly unlimited washes from $20-$40

Ali Olshan

Great location for such an inexpensive car wash! At times there is a soap residue and car may remain wet in some areas, no carwash can perfect that. Would have given 5 stars if all the vacuums worked properly, because the majority actually don't vacuum. Hope the car wash owners will address that. Vacuuming is much better now 5 stars! Bailey is the best!! Amazing customer service from her!!

Tara M

Showed up for a car wash at 3:35. Sign says open. Hours say they are open. They say they are closed. Cool.

Erik Lehman

Good clean car. Free vacuum too

Sandra Palomo

Love getting my car washed here!

leslie shea

Excellent place to take your car to have it washed

Mark Scammell

Barbara Caesar

Quick & good job, not expensive


Nice car wash.

Almond Brown

I just felt the staff was rude. I locked my keys in my car by accident on a hot day. And after spending money there it would have nice if they were more polite offering a glass of water while I waited for the tow truck. I used to frequent this place often, but after this last experience I don't think I will be again. The staff used to be so courteous.

JoJo Siwa

Basic car wash nothing special

Josephine Jijo

We always love to watch those lovely colors and washing off the dirt. So cool

Daniel Januszko

They do an above average job. The SUV sometimes requires a second pass, that is free however.

Rebecca Rankin

Liked the all you want to wash deal. Don't like that the dryers don't dry your car completely, I have to do it myself every time.

Julie M

Usually go to the one in Folsom, but stopped in quickly. My car still had dirty spots on it when I got home and the vacuum area was packed with people that didn't come out of the wash

Jon Waldrep

The car wash is fine, but their system of having free vacuums is a diaster. People come just to use the vacuum, and often just stay in that spot as they detail the inside of their car. The vacuums are mostly trashed, so it's always a 50-50 proposition that a) you'll find a available one and b) it works. I really only go here to wash my car occasionally as it's near where I work. Most of the time I'm going to the competition (token needed for vacuum) because it's a better experience when everything works.

Jerry Swearingen

Louis J Miller

It was my first time there... the gal at the cashier was good-looking and friendly...

Arnel Baga Silvero

Gas, then wash...perfect pair. And the wash, I would only do at Quick Quack!

Ron Gillespie

This place is amazing, it's a great deal if you pay monthly, I have NOTHING but thank you QUICK QUACK CAR WASH for doing such a wonderful service for the last 2 years since I've been coming to you.

alex neli

Great service and wash!!

Lana M

Paid $17 for shine tires and see what i got... they sprayed the front bumper instead of tires :( overpriced.... this is the first time i took my vehicle to the car wash and very disappointed :(

Sharmila Singh

I love this new car wash place machines r all brand new car comes out shining

Shaunda Jones

Nice people but car didn’t washed that well

Carolyn Galindo

Store hours say they are open until 9 pm. Its 8:56 amd doors are closed and the open sign is off. Must be nice.

Steven Brimer

You get what you pay for, this is cheap, easy and convenient, if you want your car detailed, do it yourself or pay big bucks for a detailer. This location is pretty good compared to the other quick quacks. Nicely done (owner). ^__^

Andrea Smith

One of my favorite quick quack. Awesome customer service. Upbeat.

Elbereth DJ

Can be busy but is usually fine. Doesn't always get everything on the first try but they will let you go threw a second time free of charge. Easy and simple, staff can assist you threw the process.


When your car is dirty, this is a good place to come.


Seems over-priced, but when you factor in their great vacuum system, which you get for free with a wash, and how expensive it would be by the minute elsewhere, it's actually a good deal. And the wash is decent.

John Oldham Jr

Great car wash and you can't beat the monthly club cost with a flock discount.

Anna Marentes

This is the best car wash place that I have ever been. Bailey gave excellent service and asked me if I had ever been there before . Upon hearing that I was a new customer, she expressed excitement and gave me coupons for my next visit. She gave me details of each car wash service and instructed me of how the procedure works. Definitely would recommend this car wash and I am definitely a continued customer.

Tina Hughett

Plenty of stalls for washing your car plus free vaccuums

Dennis R. Martinez

Car was full of bugs and the attendant noticed it. He told me that if the wash didn’t remove the bugs I can go a second round. Sure enough the stubborn bugs weren’t removed. I approached the attendant and he let me go by at no additional cost. Highly recommended

Sommer Lievanos


chris lee

Did a great job washing the car...vacuums didn't work where I parked but o well

Doug Fitzsimmons

Brand new car wash. And Quick Quack is the best!

Natalie C

This is my preferred place to clean out the messy car on a budget. I can get the old minivan washed for less than $10, and use the vacuum for however long it takes to suck out the crushed up week-old goldfish crackers and never ending dog hair. Bonus! They’ll give you a free wash if it rains within 7 days of your wash purchase!

Kristina Bivens

John and Matt were super friendly and kind. With all the faces they must see they still put on a smile. Glad to have a quick quack so close to the freeway.

Robert L

Good place to clean and vacuum ones car.

Tilla Sml

Everyone here is lovely, love how close they are to my job. Always have available vacuums

Philip Parsons

I enjoy all the locations and this one is just fine. It's on my way home to Lodi sometimes. Widh they would open one in Lodi or Elk Grove.

Denise Thomas

There was no line when we went, so there was no waiting. They got us in right away. They gave me a free dash wipe with the car wash purchase. The vacume cleazners worked really well. They also have air hoses so you can blow out the car or clear out dust. That is the cleanest my car has been in a while.

Penelope Robinson

Decent wash, and you can use the vaccums

Nasir Ahmad

There was just one worker, she went back and forth, need to be at least two persons.

lollady lol

Good car wash

Cynthia Whitaker

STOLE $34.99 from my account without my permission!!!!!!!!! Fup everything!

Janet B

David Bambula

Great new car wash, big enough for my truck and good quality for a quick wash

Brandon Rodigo

Like Quick Quack

Sonia Wilkes-Mora

This is the best place to wash your car at of all the quick quacks. The water pressure is great, an d the vacuums are strong and work.

Maria Davis

Shamyia Perkins

I love this location. I visit this location often.

M Roman Khalil

Nice quick machine car wash. Better than the machine car wash at gas stations.

John Wright

This place is cool. The workers are really nice and respectful

Desseree Pritchett

Didn't clean my car very well. Not worth the price!

Fern Walter

Got a free coupon. So it was the regular wash. I did not get a free cloth. I have used these coupons before and always got that free cloth. Wash was good. Vacuums were ok. Did not do good with thick dog hair. But it was free.

Maria Corrasa

People are nice but the vacuums aren't always the best. Some work but most don't exactly suck

Thomas Shankles

Had a small misunderstanding on Sunday and called to speak to the owner and he immediately called me back the next day and we resolved it with no issues. I was happy with the wash of my car and this new location is very nice and clean. I recommend it.

Annette Hollon

I just needed my cat to be cleaner, but ended up thrilled with the quality!

Robert Hall

Good wash!

Bryan Griffin

Don't waste money on tire shine. Marginally worked on one side.

Brad Clinton

Friendly service from Joshua and John, used to go to bubba's and customer service is way better here

Carlos Rodrigues

Added my new truck to the wife's car unlimited wash plan for half price of the first ...way cool deal.

Briana Berry

Taylor Foote

The staff was kind, but had to go through a few Times to get all the bugs off my car after a long road trip.

Victoria Allen

Well priced free vacuums

Anatoliy Kunisovskiy

Very bad service

gaby robles

Great service. We went on Saturday around 1:30pm the girl helping customers was amazing!

omar The Great

As always staff are great but equipment is really bad, no shade if u r going there in a rainy day or a warm day. Company needs to update. Overall rating for quick car wash is 3

Charlotte Howard

super fast and convenient

Josephs RandomGameing

Nice workers and very convenient

Hannah Jones

Literally only washed half of my car and I asked for the protect wash. Waste of $17. I want my money back!

Ricky Smith

gary brinton

Nice new place

William Butler

Nice facility, nice employees!

Michelle Ross

Great staff clean vacuum area, quick

Michael Neeley

Cruised in for quickee..qualified freebe ! Yeah ! Burb looks tons cleaner..thanks

Emmalisa Moralde

Can vacuum your car for free with a car wash. The lines can get long.

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