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ruta victoria jodis

Where else can you go, get great coffee, a fab car wash, and sit in a massage chair while waiting for your car? Owner is a gem!

Mary Jane

Very friendly and efficient. Vacuum job wasn't the greatest but I'll be back

Foster Marcelin

perry Price

Pretty good but expensive

Carolyn Valencia

Ruoyu Li

Matt McDannel

Updated: they let you sit in the express lane for 10 min and ignore you. Then when you finally get help, the guys that work there try to cut you off with other cars that got there after you and yell for you to wait. When you are finally out, they do half of a half ass job drying it. Water spots everywhere. This is 2 star because the express wash is good value, but don't expect it to be express speed.

Melisa Monts

Brett Freitas

If anything goes wrong don't expect for them to care about the customer. Good luck.

Del Barns

Damaged my car on the passenger side and they didn't say anything, never going back

Carlos Manuel Jimenez

Jorge Betan

Hamid Sharafatian

Damage my seat belt. I spent $195 for full detail and they somehow got some cleaning substance inside the front seat belt receptacle and shorted the sensor and cost me $500 with BMW to get it fixed

Christopher Tolbert

L Brown

I usually prefer hand auto washes Well staffed but can get crowded Great deal for the price !!!

Chinatsu Shimanaka

got “the works” car wash which supposedly has internal covered as well as an air freshner. I cannot smell the air freshner nor was my inside properly cleaned - trunk was the way i left it with still pieces of leaves in it, and my seat still was left with a stain, with new pieces of trash on the floor. never. again.

Moses Lira

Mx La

Took about 20 minutes for attendant to start wiping car down. Lots of dried water spots

Sohrab Vahedi

Don't wast your money here they don't even know how to vacuum your car.... .

Albert Pinheiro

Best in town always good service


Not happy with my car wash experience, I paid over $ 49.99 for a deluxe car wash with all kinds of different types of wax to maximize the color of my car and by the time I got home you can see all the water stains by the doors both sides had water stains on them. And the wheels where full of Break residue and I can believe I tip the guy who hand dry my car. well if we can call it a dry my car is black so you can just imagine how much those water stains were openly showing for the naked eye to see. Please make sure you deliver what you charge for. Lesson learned won’t happen again because I won’t go there no more...

Ivria Doloboff

Colton Cooper

AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COST!!!! First month when i signed up for a membership it was just $34.99 and no complain for the whole month but i realized on my card statement the second month charge jumped up $10 more without giving me a notice. Since it's located to close to my partner's office and the female cashier was super nice so i decided to continue the membership. My partner and i are planning to travel outside the country for the whole two months so a few days ago we left a notice to the male cashier to stop the membership temporarily for month of September + October and were thinking to continue again once we get back to US. Today, Aug 31...the last day, i brought my car here. The latino guy approached my car and asked what kind of wash? i told him just regular as usual but soon after he scanned the barcode he said that my car was too dirty and it's required handwash only that costs $15 more. I asked him why? and he said because of the dirt will damage the car....i know my car was dusty and there was a little rain last night, that why it looked dirty but it was NOT dirty from the mud. I told him that's fine it won't damage the car it's just dust and he kept talking with his words to charge $15 more. I was like ok nevermind then and he let me go without even offer me to talk to manager (BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE)....i talked to my partner about this and we decided not to continue the membership for our cars here. I have attached the picture and you'll be the judge.

Jeffrey Harvey

Went here to get the basic wash and tire dressing. The cashier gets 5 stars for her positive attitude the guys who do tires 5 stars the guys who are supposed to scrub the bottom of the car 0 stars and the guys who dry the car leave all kinds of water all over your car. Have been here before and they always do a mediocre job. The manager gets 0 stars for the way he handled the car wash taking the emblem off my car . He treated me as though the emblem was already off when I got there. Who would do that? He was a jerk about it. That is why I will never go back again his name is Keven or at least that's what he wrote down on the card. I will get the come to your house car wash from now on . More expensive but customer service is worth it .

John Merrifield

Love this place

Michael Bernstein

I have come back here a couple times since I wrote my first review. I have decided to stop coming here. My car now looks worse than when I brought it. It is covered in soap scum and spots. I had to take my car to another car wash just to get it cleaned. It is now my last choice when it comes to getting a car wash. Previous Review: I came here because I got a free car wash from Nissani Brothers next door. They did a great job cleaning my car. The wait area was a bit sunny and hot - it could use some more shade. The checkout area was a bit awkward. It was in a big open space at the end of what felt like a series of hallways. The car wash was free and the people there were kind. This place gets the job done. It would not be my first choice, but it is still a good choice.

Nancy Vasquez

Shatoune Shepard

Antoniie Jimenez

Let's just start with the monthly car wash was $29.99 it was pretty decent now owner wants us to pay $44.99 pretty high isn't.. Ok quick wash used to be $6.00 now $10.00 and that is just towel dry you don't get nothing and btw you will be in the car wash waiting for your car at least an 1hour because two guys are cleaning one car... So be prepared to be waiting... I like the old prices and good people before...

Lyn Wulf


Julia Young

Susan McHaney-Bray

Vacuum was useless, my four year old grandson could do a better job! A car wash that should take only 25 minutes took 45/50 minutes, because my car set for 25/30 minutes after it went through the wash and only did someone start to dry my vehicle after I complained (but then there was nothing to dry). Several other cars were handled before mine, is that because I paid for the unlimited monthly washes for $45.99 or whatever the price is? Window cleaning was smeared and dirt was still on my car. When I went to leave, the towels were left on the hood of my car, no one removed them, they just looked at me, I had to exit my vehicle to remove them. I attempted to back out of the location, the employees just stood behind my car, knowing that I was trying to leave. Called the nice lady at the reception desk and told her I wanted to be removed from the monthly service. She told me that I would have to come in to do so. Ridiculous, I am not taking my car back there for another wash.

Ben Franklin

You guys are the best And by the way i like your choice color in the restroom

Ralph Davis Jr.

Lester Walters

maggie b.

Lucas Gerbeaux

The guy talked me into having the full service that was 39.99 instead of a lot more blablabla. I really regret cause if the car looks clean, it's poorly done, the side mirrors got stains all around close to the borders, the windshield still got stains that would have required a little more scrubbing, so yeah, 3 stars, not one more. For 40$ I'd have expected a little more! I'll probably return and try the simple wash for 18$! Probably the same level of details for half the price!

Alex Lansky

They have express line, which is not work at all!!!! You are waiting everybody with details. And you stuck in line and no possibility drive away, you just stuck!!! Manager ate stupid and truing to hide from you. One more time: NO EXPRESS LINE!!!!



Pricey, Decent car wash - nothing special or worth their price. They claim hand wash service and charge more than nearby locations for the same service, but it is still a spray wash from a machine. No hands touching the car until the wiping, drying stage. Won't go there ever again. Not worth the price.

Eddie Curi

La Toya Morris

Oh, I will never return! I am a female in a brand new Mercedes paid to get the car waxed, a convertible Rolls Royce which I see pulling up as I come out the door to go to the gas station to get a snack has pulled up to get their car washed. As my car comes around and finished getting washed, they park it in an open garage, then I see this Rolls Royce shortly after trying to also park it in the garage so my car was moved over to the left to make room for the RR. My car is just sitting there while 3 workers are working on the Rolls Royce and my car is left alone...Really? Oh you're messing with the wrong lady. I asked to speak to the person in charge and I can't remember his name but he was Bald headed and not very tall. I told him, this was not right and I didn't appreciate the way I was being treated. He kept looking at the services to be done in each car until he came up with an excuse in his mind. The guy in the RR was a ball player vs myself a healthcare professional. Then he told his workers to start on my car probably because my next step was to get a refund and take my car elsewhere. Long story short. There was no excuse for this and although I have been coming here before there was a change in new ownership, I will not come back. I am no ball player but I am educated and certainly spent more money getting a bachelors and medical degree. I refuse to accept less. To the owners, be careful who you have running your business because there will not be any business if your management team doesn't provide customer satisfaction. Well you have lost an excellent customer who gave superb business. When the owners are away the employees do play and the business will take a lost.

Joel Azzopardi

Nice place, but avoid the express wash on busier days. Ended up with a lot of water spots all over the car. Their other services are much better.

Daniel Flores

How is a car to dirty for a car wash and how does getting a wax on top of the car wash going to solve the problem? I literally always go to this location and for the first time ever I was told my car was to dirty to be washed and I would need to pay extra. I knew these people were snakes but this is a totally different level now. I'm extremely upset because it is close to my house and I did put up with it until now. If you think your car is to dirty, be prepared to get a wax I guess.

Eddy Lord

fast, clean, right next to the airport when I needed to get my dirty car looking impressive before picking up some important people. Even the Samsung pay works, and it freaked out the cashier in a good way.

molly shepherd

This place was amazing! They spent so much time on my car and it only was $18.99! Roberto was the best! He did such a good job

Miguel Ramos

Horrible monthly service and service Paid monthly and cancel on the 1 st of the month and they still charge you have to cancel 15 days in advance rip off. Better off calling mobil car wash service I will be calling BBB and see what they have to say about there business practices.

Brenda T

Juan Erlig

Only one person in the vacuum area. I did it myself and when I complaint to owner, he got mad at Me!!

Aramex body shop

Bad customer service

Georgina Ramirez

I decided to pay for the monthly package but not worth it at all. The dash, the center , the shift changer, between the seats and door look like they just passed a rag and moved along. I called to cancel my service and wasn’t asked why and they gladly cancel and when I called back to speak to a manager they asked to leave a message. I’m not a picky person and I understand that my car won’t be cleaning or detailed as I would if I did it on my own, but at least have the decency to attempt to clean it or vacuum so that it looks somewhat decent. I’m not happy with the service at all.

Mishari AlQatami

Very very bad service don't take your car there

Rachel Zhang

I INJURED in this car wash shop, and they are NOT responsible for the matter! ! I use the massage chair when I am waiting my car wash finished, and the massage chair in the shop are DAMAGED!! My hair is caught up in the gear, and rolling into the machine. The manager give me an ice bag, the he just gone! I leave my phone number and go to see doctor. The manager said he will call me and responsive for my HURT. But in the past two months, NO ONE CALL ME an NO ONE RESPONSIBLE for my hurt and Medical bills. I went to the shop one day after I injured, the chair which makes me hurt disappeared, they didn't admit the existence of this chair. This is a outrageous shop, I will never come again!!

ronnie graves

The worst. Was a member, however they never washed the left side of my car. None of the equipment works, none of it. I actually like the employees. I don't like the fact that they are beating people. And tell your supervisor, the people that get their car washed there help pay your salary, and you should always be respectful, and engaging especially because you guys know your taking people's money, and you don't even have the equipment to do the service. Hopefully a lil criticism helps. At least the egos..

Frank Garcia

This is by far, THE BEST CAR WASH in Los Angeles county. Friendly staff, great facility and they always leave my car like new. I expect nothing but the best for my car and so should everyone else. Thank you so much Playa Vista Car Wash!

Mex Jimenez

Business going down!!! I hope the owner knows why don't they open on time as the business hours says!!!

Steve B

This carwash is packed on the weekend. Staff are friendly and courteous. I am impressed with cleanliness of the inside waiting lounge. It has 3 massage chairs and regular sofa chair. It is well lit and smelled good. The outside waiting area is not as clean as the inside waiting lounge but you have ample comfortable oversized seats with tables. If you really wanted 100% car wash then don't come to this place. They clean my car with no issue. They don't take your empty water bottles not like the other place i usually go. Also. The best way to get in is the entrance at Major Street

Charles Pinkett

Great Service

Leyla Leyla

Alex Carrasco-Cabrera

Irvin Arzu

Great service , always nice

Jesus Hernandez

Wow just wow. Talk about a car wash. The place has a great staff good prices and. The best waiting area I've ever seen. And an uber driver i have been to a lot of car washes and hands down this is the best. this place rocks i highly recommend this place.

Kenya Scott

I asked for a hand wash since my 2018 Challenger has matte paint and I am disappointed to say that the job was subpar. I will be washing my own car for now on or either find a better car wash.

Mvp Paniagua

Valarie Jackson

Friendly place

Natalya Fainkina

Slower than I would have liked it to be but what did I exact for a free car wash. Too long of a line and too many cars

Halfbreed Susan

Omg. If you have a headache don't come here, there's a weird smell that is just making my head throb so much, I almost want to puke. The service is great though, but the smell. Lord have mercy the smell.

Shonte Thomas

They do great work and fast service!

Brooklyn Danae

I live at Fountain Park in playa vista and received a coupon in the mail to this car wash. My baby desperately needed a bath so I brought her into this place which is also conveniently on my way to work. Everyone was really cool and quick. Washed my car really good and did a really good job on my interior. Prices are really low and they do an incredible job.

Michael Fein

Expensive but they are good.

Yimeng Zheng

Car washes always tell me I need a hand wash. this place is a little more expensive than other car washes I've been to in the area. They left bird poo in multiple places, water spots and dust debris on the seats. Never coming here again

Sabrina Jackson


John O'Connor

These people are great. They do a very good job generally & are always a pleasure to deal with. Their monthly car wash subscription is a super value!!

Ada Scott

Nice carwash


Carla Renee Baquet-Justice

Quick and clean....

Justin Torbati

Totally love this car wash! Its super fast and easy, plus they have lots of stuff to do while waiting to get your car washed! cheap pricing too! :)

Jean-Christophe Dick

Went in at after lunch to get the car washed, it took an hour and a half for the car to go through the tunnel. The place was severely understaffed as washers had to run to get cars through the wash tunnel. Once through the tunnel cars would dry under the sun while waiting for someone to dry them. I couldn't wait for my car to be dried so I asked one of the car wash staff to give me the keys to my car as it was nearing two hours. Still gave him a tip as he was working as hard as he could. Simply not enough staff.

Harold Kessee

Good service

Clint Davis

Service here appeared ok but underneath was horrible. There's apparently a new group of managers, owners. Oil changes are no longer available. I understand construction is going on but if you sell and represent a service you need to complete that service. Stop there on Saturday for the $74 Express detail. Even paid $5 extra advising them I wanted to make sure all of the interior was thoroughly cleaned and armor all. This was also supposed to include a carpet shampoo. Apparently their definition of shampoo is placing a wet sponge with a little soap on the carpet then using a shop vac, not even a portable shampoo and extractor, and considering this is a shampoo. The carpet still appear dirty I thought it was just sweat, but when the dirt started to rise through the water even so picking through the paper protectors they left behind staining them brown I knew I had been duped. They wet the dirt and basically left it in the carpet as they didn't properly shampoo. Now the car smells and the paper sheets are stained Brown. There were spots behind the steering wheel and the gear shift knob with obvious dirt items had spilled. In a regular car wash perhaps it's understandable but for a detail especially when I pointed it out to the person ahead of time it's inexcusable. I want these items redone or my money back. I will post this review and photographic evidence on every site I can find.

Andrea Hudson

It's okay, but they don't clean the tires rims good enough for my likings.

Ryan Salmons

If I could give 0 stars I would. These guys run a scam. First of all the car wash was mediocre at best. Second, if you pay with a credit card, they continue to try and charge you on a monthly basis. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE

Christopher Myers

If you're in the Area this is a good wash. But they are very slow. Plan to have lunch or shop cars next door.

chisom uzondu

Best carwash ever!!!!

Michelle Elliree

They do a good job


Second time there, it's very busy on weekends, as expected. Nice waiting area, and with the gas station right there, you can grab a drink or snack. I enjoyed sitting in the shade reading while waiting. But I always feel bad for these poor guys working in the sun... Don't forget to tip!

Emily Fang

On October 3rd at approximately 12:20pm, my vehicle was damaged after using the Playa Vista Car Wash service. The damage caused was a large scratch on the hood of my car, which I did not notice until I had returned to park at work. Upon seeing this scratch, I returned to Playa Vista Car Wash in order to file a claim. I was told by Manager Luis Diaz that I could not do this unless General Manager Kevin Shaw was present. In the mean time, Playa Vista Car Wash workers attempted to buff out the scratch, which was kind of them, but ultimately did not solve the problem. Dorothy Roble told me that Kevin Shaw would be at work on Tuesday (10/4) at 8:00am. I showed up at that time and the woman at the front desk informed me that Kevin Shaw was not at the car wash and would not give me his email address to contact him. On October 4th, I took my vehicle into an auto body shop for an estimate of the damage, which came out to $750. The top of the hood is a difficult place to scratch by normal driving means; I believe there is no denying that the damage was caused as a result of a machine within the car wash -possibly a faulty one. I have time-stamped photos of my car before and after the car wash. I have asked to meet with the Kevin Shaw to civilly negotiate reparations. I do not recommend this car wash to anyone at this point in time. Please see the photos I have posted on Yelp for reference of my negative experience at the Playa Vista Car Wash.

Minoo Eshaghian

went there yesterday, they are amazing and with all smiles! my car looked great and fast service, they are now my new car wash! thank you guys!

Carrie Casparian

This was my first visit to Playa Vista Car Wash. The staff and team were great and very cordial. I would however recommend checking your car thoroughly before driving off. Once home, I realized the back (hatchback) was not vacuumed at all and there were spots all over the car that were completely untouched/uncleaned. Leaves/debris were still in the hood seams as well. The service was for 'The Works' at $29.95

Ryan Bennett

eva perez

I always have to re-dry my car. If you drive an expensive car, they go out of their way for you.

Shirley Carrizales

This is a good place to get your car washed the employees are Very nice we get the express car wash the nice men at the end always finish. Hand drying our car with towels we always tip them 5 dollars at the end

Raul Gutierrez

They say that they open at 8:00am however the manager does not show up until 8:15 or later most of the time on weekends. As for the work and workers, GREAT Job on my car for the majority of the time.

Elizabeth Vasquez

They really have a good price for you to pick from and the best vacuums afterwords!!

Marvin Enng

Jonny Yashar

Best car wash hands down! Super professional, quick and detailed cleanings. I came as I needed a cleaning last minute, got their deluxe wash and it was definitely worth it! Definitely recommended!:)

Julie Scott

Quick easy..clean

Lesia McKenzie

Horrible service by the Supervisor when cleaning your car.

Justin Lazard

Irving Saucedo

Really bad, got a regular car wash(me and my girlfriends car) both were not clean or vacuumed correctly. The trunk was still filthy, dnt go here.

Patricia Barlow

Jerrold DeShong

Steve Okoli

Quick service.

Joy Bradley

Terrible car wash. Ever since it was taken over by we owners I think in 2017 it has gone down hill. I was there recently and waited for my car to come out. It finally arrived to be dried by hand towels and it was first in line with 3 cars following behind my car. It sat for over 15 mins before anyone came to work on the new line of cars. (Most staff we’re working on the cars getting custom cleaned). In any event they skipped my car in front to dry the car behind mine. That car was a luxury vehicle. So in order to get that car to drive off after, they had to move my car to the curb. I spoke up and said why are you cleaning cars behind mine first? And moving mine out of the way. The guy shrugged. And said no understand. BS I said. They didnt even go a good job inside cleaning my car and that peeped me over even more. They have lost my business for good. I had been going there for several years. New management sucks and they need good customer service or will lose more customers. DO NOT use this car wash.

Vito Bello

Review from service on May 6, 2018 - Most expensive car wash (when you add in the repair work necessary to fix my car) I've ever had. My wife and I took my car in this morning for a simple wash. When my Maxima came out to be dried I noted the fuel door was open. It was jammed open and was now in contact with body of the car scraping against the paint every time one of the staff tried to wrench it open or closed. Justin ("the manager on duty") courteously reminded me that they offer car washes at "users risk" and suggested "I brought it in that way". He offered to review cameras BUT not until Tuesday when the real manager Kevin came in. The fuel door in now shut but will no longer open. Long story short my new (leased) Maxima is now at the dealership with a repair bill. To top it all off, they didn't even do a good job with the car wash! Seats still dirty and wax dried in all the crevices. My advice... keep driving, you can do better. UPDATE: Responding to the management contact. I realized that Kevin was the "manager" that we had to communicate when the pricing for the unlimited plan was changed without notice. Communicating with him, has already proven to be unhelpful. Repair costs from Nissani Bros. Nissan exceeded $280. They commented that the door had been bent out of place and that someone had tried to bend it back. I made sure they were aware of where the damage occurred. My original review stands... go one more day with a dirty car, Playa Vista Carwash isn't worth your time. Response to Management: Hi Melissa as noted in our Yelp Communication, at this point I'm only interested in discussing the matter further with guaranteed reimbursement for the damage on my vehicle. Your onsite team was unwilling/unable to assist at the time of the incident and given my past communication with your team related to over charging/lack of notification for your VIP membership services, I have little reason to believe continued conversations will be a fruitful use of my time. Thank you.

Joseph August

Awesome fast car wash. $10 for the express wash is great if you're running short on time. They now offer a 100% hand wash service as well. This is definitely my go to place for car washes. They also have massage chairs for while you wait which is super nice when it's a busy day.

Lucas Peyrache

Love this car wash! Always get my car super clean!

Billy Smith

Tony C

Good price and fast service

Talisha Hicks

The wait is too long and they need to have better skills in washing cars

Kelvin Mason

terrible customer service, i had items missing from my vehicle and all the manager could say was "I'M sorry" and not offer to replace the items or a solution. DONT GO HERE

Wilson Rolim de Oliveira

Brian Chan

Rendon Elizabeth

When I get to this car wash I get to relax and see my car detailed.

Rene Antonio

Don’t bother coming here! Staff is disorganized, horrible car flow, and a basic wash takes over an HOUR! Results are nowhere near decent!

Cristal Montiel

Awful customer service no type of respect. Workers are so disrespectful they didn’t know how to distinguish the difference between a Deluxe car wash with an Express car wash. Especially this bald guy was being really rude while I was explaining what I wanted on my car and his response was “Sorry I don’t understand” in a very rude manner with a laughter while I talked to him both English and Spanish and he walked away. To top it off it was my first time coming to this car wash due to “good reviews”, but now I know it was a mistake. It was a waste of time coming from LA all the way over here. I guess my money was not worth it here.

Nancy Idalia limon

This was my first and last visit. I bought the hand wash package. When I received my car, I noticed my driver door was still dirty ( he cleaned it right away and left). As, I went to put my carseat I noticed they hadn't vacuumed. I told the man that had my car and he said, I'm already working on this one. I told the manager he asked me to take it to the back. At this point I said, isn't it your job since that's what I paid for. He then asked me to wait until he finished a car that had just come out of the wash. I told him I shouldn't have to wait since my car was out first. The manager had someone take it to the back. When I received it back, I noticed none of the side doors had been cleaned. Some of my windows still had bird droppings too.By this time I had already waited 1.5 hours and with a baby in toe decided to drive away.Never again!

Ms Vee Bee

Vacuum waa incomplete but good service

Kate Myers

C. Escobar

Good service

Althea Guillemette

Satisfactory and fast.

Maureen Steinberg

Don’t come here if your in a hurry, expect your wash to take about an hour and the prices $20 for a plan wash.

Jack Yashar

Quality car washes, staff very friendly and professional and prices are fair. Def recommended!

Lenny Gordon

The have a sign that says $10 car wash. They said they wanted $30 because i has some bird poop on my car. So you can only get a $10 car wash if your car is already clean. Lol . This town and its cons.

Paul Bradley

THIS PLACE DOESN'T EVEN DESERVE A ONE STAR RATING. I have been a customer of Playa Vista car wash for many years and take 4 vehicles here every weekend or every 2nd weekend. Recently they changed ownership and the staff has been reduced tremendously since the change of ownership hence the customer service has gone down hill fast with long lines. Today i went to wash my car and my daughters car in the express wash which you drive through and sit in the car. Half way through the wash i feel my car get rear ended and then the car wash stops,my car had come off the rails inside the wash and my daughters car continued until it rear ended my car. I spoke to the floor manager called Andreas and he accused me of steering my car off the rails, i could not believe his attitude for a manager! We had words and then I talked with his manager and explained as long as he has Andreas as a manager i will never set foot in their car wash again!!! LOUSY SERVICE AND LOUSY MANAGEMENT!

Ron Dahan

Great service and very nice staff

Lb Smith

David Trovato

Only 3stars due to price. But did overall good job on the car. Few small details on the inside were'nt totally clean. Like that they opened the trunk and cleaned out the hinge areas that were full of leaves.

Francisco Sedeno

If you want your car looking like new then bring it here. The wait is a bit long but worth it. They have a nice lobby with a/c or you can wait outside on comfortable chairs feeling the ocean breeze. Their location is perfect .

Michael Cohen

Good car wash takes awhile

Charlie Vigue

OK for what it is but the mechanical cloth wash will leave tiny swirl shaped scratches that are visible in bright sunlight on dark colored cars. I hope a detailer can wax/polish them out of my new black car. Will never go back.

Paul Fitzgerald

Nekisha Mowatt

Giselle Ugarte

Great staff, love the area! It has everything you'd want all in one! Gas station, car wash, cafe, play area for kids. Greta way to stay productive while getting your car washed!

Adrienne Bell

Don't go here on your lunch hour they will never have your car ready in one hour. I had to leave without my interior window wash and dash wipe-down. In fact the car was never dried off from the wash when I drove off.

Brittney Hurley

Horrible customer service. They didn't completely clean the car and would not release the car to me unless I paid. The general manager is Kevin Sham is rude and aggressive an employee called me into an area to get the car and then walked off after asking about vaccuuming the car. Next this I know Sham is yelling at me saying that I'm not allowed in the area. I thought he was going to hit me.he said if I wanted more service then I would have to pay but I had already paid for vacuuming. I was afraid and he forced me to pay and wouldn't give me my car. After I paid out of fear he walked off and didn't hand me the keys. I asked nervously for my keys and he replied back you need to show your reciept. This is the type service I received. I will never return and hope that this business gets better works and non aggressive employees. Please beware this is a scary place.

Troy Creamer

Good washing service, but prices have increased, while overall in/out process has slowed.

Dion Smith

Their monthly deal is a great buy.

Scott Wiseman

It's $20 for a car wash but they do a good job although in my car they didn't do such a great job is still needed more washing in the attendant and said that I needed to get my car washed or upgrade my services what do I need 50 to $100 to wash my car I think next time I'll probably wash my car at home save some money if your car is slightly dirty good place to go if you want to spend 20 bucks

Julie Washenik

First time here! I love this place! The guys did a great job detailing the inside after a weekend of camping my car was trashed. Will definitely come back.

SL Com Services

There are some really great people here. Not only the service is wonder, I love that I can get gas, grab some snacks, get my oil changed, or just simply chill out. You should check out Playa Vista Car Wash.

Socal Venice

This place used to do a good job. If your car is actually dirty, take it somewhere else. I pointed out all the yellow/orange spots (bee droppings) left all over my car when they were done, and he grabbed the supervisor who simply said their machine isn't good enough to get those, and that the only way you can get your car totally cleaned is to do a hand wax. Uhhh, what? It wasn't tree sap, or anything difficult to remove. So I took one of their hand rags, and wiped each and every spot off of my car for 5 min or so as they did nothing. So I guess if you want to pay 25 - 30 bucks, and pitch in at the end to make sure your car is actually clean, this place is awesome! I'm giving it two stars only because the staff is generally very nice. Unfortunately, nice doesn't clean your car, but at least the supervisor admitted their automated car wash is garbage and thay their clearly too lazy to use a damp rag like I did.

RichEllie Beale

Open 7 days a week with friendly staff and nice clean waiting area. The guys do a good job on your car and it's good value for money.

Jose Luis

Just amazing service the crew are so great

Carolyn clites

Prices for detailing are outrageous. Did a good job BUT seats were still wet my car charger was missing along with change that I had. When I went to pick up my car it took 10 mins to figure out who had my keys Use to go there a lot but service has really gone down hill and prices way out of line. Will find another place

cesar mendez

Expensive took forever poor job

Debbie Pearson

Worst service ever! Never going back!

Elizabeth Trejo

I've been coming to this car wash for years now. The quality is superb! The waiting area has to be one of my favorites. You can't beat a little massage while waiting for your car to be clean. They have three massage chairs and a few other chairs indoor. It is always clean inside as well. There are some Lounge chairs outside to wait at as well. They always have a great selection of music playing. It makes it a relaxing time to wait. I've had a membership in the past but I don't come as often to make worth of it. However, i highly recommend it if you like getting your car washed frequently. Worth the price! I always get "The Works" when getting my car washed. It includes air freshener and they do a fantastic job at cleaning the interior and exterior of my Lexus. My car is black so everything is noticeable! I'm very happy with the results every time. The customer service is fantastic! Many car wash locations in LA but this is by far my favorite.

Lisa Bentley

johnny sanchez

My moms was one of the 1st people that work here when they 1st opened way back in the days she was the 1st official manager. So whenever I'm In The area and need a car wash I stop here. They always decorate accordingly they are never short staff and whatever vehicle I bring is always super clean and shiny . Thankyou play vista

Christinaat Corriston

Absolutely best car wash I've had in a very long time. Most places have long lines and the staff is rude but definitely not here. Thank you Justin for the awesome customer service!

Shana Lewis

J. Lewis

lee michaels

They do a pretty good job sometimes but they are not consistent.

LA Trina Noneofyourbusiness

I go here because I have a monthly membership. Great place

Venus Hallajzadeh

I paid 60 dollor... it's not cheap. They told me they are going to wash the exterior, wipe down seats, shampoo carpet, wash mats, and also give me an air freshener. Well, after 2.5hours it didn't happen and they told me you havs to pay 80 if you want us to do thAt.... they forgot to wash 2 mats and they didn't even touch the seats and also no air freshener... I asked for it 3 times. This is the worst place to wash your car. After wasting 60 dollars and 2.5 hours of my day I had to do it all myself.... once I paid 22 dollors in another carwash and they took cAre of everything in less than an hours. Don't waste your time and money in this awful car wash!!!

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