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401 McCray St, Hollister, CA 95023, United States Located in: Clocktower Plaza

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REVIEWS OF Penguins Car Wash & Detail Center IN California

James Bowen

Second time we've taken our cars in and it'll be the last. I've gotten better results from $14 touchless washes. My wife just brought her car back with filthy rims after paying $20 for a "wash." She pointed this out to workers and supposedly they hit them a second time only for the car to come home with them still half dirty. It's not like she went off-roading...this is just daily brake dust. She also noted to employees that the dash was filthy and untouched. Instead of jumping back in and just taking care of it, they started to bicker amongst one another in Spanish thinking my wife wouldn't understand them. Once she called them on their BS (in Spanish), they immediately took care of it. It's hard work. I get that. But if you're charging $20 for a wash in Hollister, every car should be gleaming before it leaves.

Jacqueline Juarez

Always great service

Joseph Felice

Should be better for the money. Not as clean sa you would want.

Maryann Elias

Lack of attention to detail.

Carmen Bejines

Terrible job did not even wipe down correctly or vacuum right. Have pictures to prove it. Last time I take my car there!

Cheryl Riggs

Al Gaxiola

Everyone is friendly,they do a great car wash.

Hilda lanuza

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy bueno

Maylani Mahler

I really like the owners. They are very kind. The only issue is, I have gone to Penguins on several occasions to get my car washed after 4:30 and they already put the cones out. If they are going to close at 4:30, they should post that online. Unfortunately they are the only option in Hollister at this time. Otherwise, I would take my business elsewhere

Anh Maris

Tarshela Haggard

Silvia Rodriguez

Bill Hunter

UPDATE ONE YEAR LATER... STILL SUCKS... NEVER COMING BACK!!! I've been coming to this car wash for a number of years and I have to tell you their service is really dropped off. When you ask for the manager nobody seems to say that they're the manager. They advertise they open at 8 a.m. but yet by the time they come out five minutes late and get the tool set up you're already late. It's sad because I really want a nice car wash in the area I guess I'll have to try somewhere else

Aaron Davis

Gustavo González

nora Lopez-Covarrubias

Incredible service! Went just before lunch time and they were efficient, left my car very clean, went the extra mile without having to do it. Very friendly and pleasant. They have a shaded patio to sit while your car is ready. There's a convenience store inside with many cute out of the ordinary items or gifts for purchase plus an inside accounting spring area with Tv. I will definitely come back. Made me feel special, without the high price tag.

Richard Diaz

I keep telling myself that I won't go back here but this is it. It's pretty bad then the owner is out in the parking lot pointing out places to clean on the cars and it's still not being done. My car still had trash on the floor. The floor mats were covered in debris. The cup holders and center console were not touched by either the vacuum or the detail guy. Even after I asked the detail guy to clean the console, he failed to do so. Save your $30... You can't even call this an interior clean.


Karen Gill

Denise Johnson

This place used to do a good job! I don’t know what happened!’ Once again crappie job 2/25/19!!!

Mike C

Not worth the money didn't even clean my mats only vacuum missed tons of dust in the car go to suds if you're in Hollister

Diego Torres

Travis Hougland

The lady who took my car was pretty stand offish... But I gotta admit, it was quick thorough, and everyone else was really friendly...

Gwendolyn L Miller

Good service, pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff. Their rates are reasonable. They have deeper cleaning options including full detailing. I would recommend this service to anyone want basically a Drive thru car wash with a little extra.

Chris Reinhardt

This place is incredible. It's right around the same price as a normal car wash in some other places but the level of care they do for each car is well above anything I've ever seen. Don't get me wrong it's not fast, but it's well worth the wait.

Guille Rivera

Moises Salazar

susan young

A lot of money

Chester Sears

david jaime

Dave Westfall

Got basic wash. Great job inside an out! Great price. Will be back every week!

Alfred Verduzco

Don’t waste your time. The few times I made the mistake of going here, I leave disappointed and a sloppy car wash.

Rito Rivera

$29 for a car wash and my car was not clean the wheels the rear bumper

lucy salazar

Great service. Went in for a detail and was satisfied. Friendly staff

Yvonne Smith

Dr.Mena Rofaeil

Francky Rubio

Need better detail service!!

Jib Jones

Took two cars in for cleaning and paid for the top of the line cleaning. There’s so much they missed, spots all over the cars, the dash was not wiped down and there still stuff stuck to the surface. Piss poor jobs.

Juan Puente

Nancy Sanchez-Smit

Their hours are not as shown. Carlos chooses to close early and takes the last car at 4:15. Not very good customer service. And they don't do a great job at cleaning the cars. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

Phillip Hankins

It will even get your rims

rjjrj ejej

Jose Miranda

Cheaper and faster than the place I used to go to in Gilroy. They also do a better job. **Edit Sadly the quality has definitely gone down a lot. Carpets don't get vacuumed well. Rubber treatment application has spots missed and worst of all asked for carpets to be shampooed was charged for it and it was not done at all.

Ana Jimenez

Nico Caro

They scratched the side of my door and didn't even do a thorough job of cleaning the windows, the easiest place to spot a mistake. They clearly don't care about the quality of their work. Never coming back.

hector ocampo

Armando Mora

Takes a while for an alright wash... good thing i can get a beer at the ale hour next door


A detail that was done......

Coco Presinal

HORRIBLE! Wish I could give 0 starts. My car was left filthy. I was better off going to AMPM

Angelica Lopez

paul namkoong

Judy Arzie

Awful service. Spent over 1 1/2 hours there today. Seems they just park the cars and let them air dry. Watching them wash & clean windows inside and out, apply tire dressing and it is ready. My rims were not touched. Asked them to clean them and was told there are only 2 of them working and are busy. Attitude like that sure saved me giving them a tip. Sorry I had to give them one star in order to post review.

Carlos A Mendiola

(Translated by Google) I like it (Original) Me gusta

C Reed

Not a bad car wash. I got there right after they opened so it wasn't busy. However, the customer in front of me was asked what fragrance he wanted in his car. Having purchased the more expensive option, I figured I would be offered the same. In fact, I wasn't offered anything. There was a lacking of attention to detail and the "clean up" was minimal, at best. As with another review, there was a lack of any type of "plan" or procedure. Only two men were responsible for the detailing. One older and one younger. The older gentleman seemed lost while detailing; as not knowing what to do next. They didn't clean the exterior plastic trim nor the wheel wells and the windows were left spotted. I'd go back but I wouldn't invest the money I did this time. I'll get a cheaper option because that's the service I received.

Patrick Stevens

Michael O'Neill

Nice job but SLOW! they took forever and didn't seem to have any plan on how to finish. I wrote the above over a year ago .Believe it or not they have gotten slower. Plenty of people but extremely slow. Over a hour!

Rick Davis

Rod Glover

Very worst car wash anywhere! General Manager has no idea what Customer Service is about, and is about as friendly as a cactus! When I brought it to his attention that he had improperly charged me the $2 surcharge for a large vehicle, which I didn't have, he started giving me a run around. A really simple situation to correct, which he made difficult! They do the bare minimum when it comes to actually cleaning the vehicle and are always very slow!

Octavio Gutierrez

I brought my car in the morning and when I got home it was still not entirely clean, so I call them and told me to come back to re do my truck, and they did, a seperior job. I love this place for their understanding on us the customers

Casey Davenport

Pricey, but thorough.

Tony Solorio

The absolute worse car wash ever! They damaged my car and would not stand behind there mistake simply said too bad! General manager is a joke and a horrible person!1 star is generous steer clear read reviews this happens time and time again! They will damage your car and not care the wash was terrible not even clean!

Denise Briganti

Nice Job!

Oscar E. Yerena

It has it's days. **Update (previously 4 stars)** Went back after a year. The guy that was cleaning out the inside of my car was complaining to me that I should've cleaned out my car before coming here to make it easier. Ummm... THATS WHY IM HERE!!!!! Geeeeez. I had to walk away just shaking my head on this one. Like going to a restaurant and them telling me I should've ate before I came hahaha.

Rebecca Wright

The cleanest my car has been since I purchased it!

Jeremy Anderson

Jeannine Torrecillas

frankie Jr

My Own Experiences They Did 100% Good Job I Will Keep Taking My Chevy At Penguin Car Wash

David Horn

Don’t waste your money. Very poor quality every time.

Jozhiah Torres

A great car wash with most effort put and leave the car nice smelling and clean

Irene Soileau

Great wash for the money

Angel Landa

Nice place to get your car or truck cleaned up they do a great job in detailing your vehicle they so the inside and the outside and they leave it looking new! Worth it! Especially for the weekend drive!

Johnny Pereira

They aren't a very good car wash at all. I've gone there a hand full of times and they dont clean my truck well at all. I do not recommend anyone going there. Waste of money for sure!

Brenda Barragán

KM Sloan

Lyn Wayne

This car wash had gone totally down hill over the years. I paid for the Deluxe wash which includes a under carriage wash. my truck came out and it was obvious not a drop of water touched the undercarriage, there was still loose dirt in the wheel wells and under the front wiper blades. this is not the first time this has happened unfortunately the first time i didn't notice until i got home. I talked to the cashier about the issue, she went to talk to someone else. Went back to my truck after about 10 minutes here comes a guy with a cloth and a spray bottle and starts cleaning the wheel wells. I tried to explain the issue but apparently neither he or any other of the guys drying vehicles understand english ! Terrible place. You don't get what you pay for !

Adela Trujillo

Taylor Guerra

Slow service, car doesn't look clean inside. Don't reccomend.

shinigami ss

Friendly staff. The only reason they are slow is due to them ALWAYS busy. I will continue doing business here.

Jeff Brandon

Kevin Goodman

Great place for a car wash, great staff, good work.

Debi Shump

Jacqueline Valenzuela

NEVER AGAIN! 20$ and the front end and mirrors were still covered in bugs. Took forever and will never go back!

Kyle Gillen

I hope they get their act together soon. Went from totally fine to terrible. It's has to be management!

Auntie Bish Inman

Barbara Valdez

NO STARS NONE Worse place ever I went in at 9:05 am left at 10:03 am half my car was still dirty and wet when they said they were done. I asked to speak to the owner he sent a car was attendant to pass as himself(coward). I then wen to speak to him. I to asked for my money back due to I did not get services I paid for. He denied a refund or to even rewash my truck. He did not even try to remedy their error. In my book he is a dishonest thief. Even if this review does not deter you prepare to spend quite some time there. The workers are so slow. If they get any slower the will be going backwards.

Vivian Sierra

David Wyrick

Josh White

Taylor Howl

Meh for the $

Junior Rayas

Andres Hernandez

Shelly Krieger

This place is terrible. They stole my mat and then tried to say I didn’t have one! I have given them my last dime. I am disappointed every time I go there. I should know better! I looked in other cars thinking maybe they put it in the wrong vehicle but nope-gone!! I was first car of the day btw. I asked them to look inside employees cars but they wouldn’t!! I get to my car of which I paid $35 and the rims weren’t wiped down, the backseat wasn’t vacuumed, the door jams were filthy! I pointed it out to the manager, he looked and walked away!!! I would leave zero if I could!!

Richard Weber

I would like to give a higher rating, and it would not take much. But floor mats put in backward, bug smears left on the windshield, dash not always wiped completely, etcetera, always seem to leave me feeling "meh" about getting a car wash here. I know they work hard, but for me, 10% more effort would probably double my satisfaction with the job done.

Lindsay Bolin

They do the worst job cleaning the inside my vehicle. I never have a bad car wash at Suds. Unfortunately my husband took my car in today and I could immediately tell what place he had went as soon as he arrived back home. Don't waste your time here.

Max Satomba

THEY SAY OPEN AT 8am....don’t believe them!! 8 cars deep at 8:01am and 1 person trying to do 2 lanes of cars MOVING FN SLOW!! Now it’s 8:30am and still waiting and still got 5 cars still in front of me and this guy has NO HELP IN SITE!! VERY, VERY POOR BUSINESS PRACTICES!! Recommendation....unless u have a hour or more to burn go somewhere else where they care about the customers!! Not one person (MANAGER/OWNER) said sorry about the long wait!! I WILL NEVER COME BACK HERE AND I’LL GIVE MY BUSINESS TO ANOTHER CAR WASH!! As you may have noticed still too much time at this car wash and the car hasn’t even made it in to get washed yet!! 9AM AND COUNTING!!!!

Lilia Figueroa

Evi L

Shanna Boigon Knows Real Estate

So impressed with how clean they got the interior.

David Krajewski

Good service

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