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2334 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95825, United States

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REVIEWS OF Pavilion Car Wash, Quick Lube and Detail Center IN California

Terry White

It was my first time visiting Pavilion Car wash. Overall I had a good experience. Employees were pleasant, nice gift shop & waiting area but I was disappointed in the wash itself. I paid nearly $40 for 'The Works' and my windshields and windows are still dirty & sports. Also bottom half of the car doesn't look clean and the tire dressing looks half done. Not sure if I will go back

Sergio Constancio

Good place to get your car cleaned

Michael Neal

Big production multi line carwash. Not really set up for their vehicles that require finishing touches by hand. Twice it took way too long and we had to hunt down our vehicle that had already been done and nobody knew.

Siri Emerald

Holy cow what a great job they do.

Jameel Hall

This place charges a lot but poor service. Don't clean the top of trucks or SUV when drying. They have ladders but don't use and look at tires all 4 will only clean the one facing the customers side. Bring your own towels to clean after.

Al Purdy

Top car wash for me.

Robert Macali

$33.00 is awfully high for a car wash. They do a good job, but I've paid a lot less for the same result.

Keith Anderson

Worse service ever! Went in for an oil change and car wash. When I went in to pay they tell me the car came in with the skid plate damaged and was now held up with a zip tie. When questioned why the damaged was not pointed out to me prior to them working on it, I was told it's not their policy. When pushed, the oil shop manager told me there was video of the work and I could see that it came in that way. Later the general manager came out to tell me the angle of the video wasn't right and couldn't see it. When asked if I could see the video he said I just needed to trust him. 20 years of going there, my first issue and I was told if I didn't trust him I should come back. Funny the GM say it's a $20.00 part but threw away a 20 year relationship because of it. I wasn't even blaming them for the damage. I just wanted assurance it wasn't done there.

Don Berry

Great place to have the car wash. Always do a great job!

Joyce Groen

Didn't even touch the inside of the back window. Will try someone else next time.

Austin Mchenry

Nice place for a car wash

John R. Hoffman

It's one of, if not the best, Car Wash/Car Care facilities in the Sacramento area. They've always done a decent job on my cars over the years.

Kendra Moore

My car looks beautiful

A Voll

I took my car to this place, I noticed my wheels are still dirty, I asked the guy with red shirt why you don’t clean this correctly he told me that I didn’t pay enough;/ lol

Kevin Clem

Very happy with the services provided. They are well priced and very efficiently done. Even the lower tier services are done at a surprisingly thorough level.

janet cabrales

I have been to this place 3 times the first time was great the second it was ok but, today the didn't clean one side of my front window the left crumbs and smudges... No attention to detail at all.

Michael D'Arelli

For the past 20 years I have lived right down the street from this car wash and I go there frequently. The last few times I have gone I have noticed a complete lack of attention to detail, as if the employees take no pride in what they are doing. Inevitably, I get home and I'm very unhappy with the car wash and cleaning of the exterior or interior. They're always so busy that I never have enough time to look closely before I leave the car wash to notice the shabby job. Today I took my daughter's car there, and I told the woman who was doing the intake that I am selling the car this weekend and I would really like it to shine and look beautiful. So I got their top wash package for $50 and then tipped another $10. When my car was finished, it was full of water spots on the entire driver's side of the car, and the driver's mirror was so full of water spots that I could not even see out of it. So I called the manager over and I asked him if this is the sort of clean car I should expect for $50 and a $10 tip and he said I would need a detailing package for a couple hundred dollars to get the water spots out. There was no real effort to make the situation right and I asked him how he could possibly let a car roll off of his car wash lot looking like this and he just shrugged his shoulders. Clearly, the woman doing the intake should have mentioned to me that the water spots on my car may not come out with just a wash and it might need a detail in order to look best if I want to sell the car this weekend. And at a minimum, the manager should've done whatever was necessary to at least clean the mirror and offer me a discount to have the car detailed, since I was already out of pocket $60, and the car is going up for sale tonight. I will never go back to this car wash, ever. These people have gotten lazy and arrogant and unfortunately for them there are too many other options out there these days and their prices are outrageous and their quality has become quite poor. They take no pride whatsoever and the job they are doing and it shows.

Mary Jo Donaldson

Fast and friendly place to get your oil changed. I love the fact that you get a full service car wash with the purchase of an oil change. They are always super busy, but for for reasoning.

kevin pfister

Nice full service oil change, car wash and detail center

Ron Fischer

Even though I live in Stockton currently, I still have my car washed at Pavilion. Going on coming here for over ten years.

Dominic Herda

This place does a great car wash.


Great staff, busy place, wonderful service. They even found my missing laundry card (missing over 2 months)

Alicia Pratt

I dont take my cars to any other place. They are fast, thorough, and reasonably priced.

Because BOSS

Service is fast and friendly been going here for years

KC Patterson

I go here exclusively for car washes. They're quick and very thorough, even on their cheaper options.

Bradley S

Always a great wash and experience. I have NEVER waited longer then 20 minutes for a wash regardless of how many cars are there when I arrive. Thank you Pavilion for being my "go to" place to clean and service my car.

Jared Worthen

WOW! Super clean car in 15 mins and a quart of oil since my reminder light came on. I was greeted as I pulled in and presented them with my coupon I got in the mail. I paid inside and the staff was great. I got more coupons off because I was a new customer. The staff was nice enough to tell me when my car was ready because I am a little hard of hearing. Once my Town and Country was done a nice man walked me to my car and reminded me get an oil change. I'm glad I tipped them! I've never seen my car so clean and for only $33 since I upgraded to get my tires done. My only sadness was they accidentally forgot my air freshener and I love jasmine.

Elliot Mazer

Best car wash this side of town. Pricey.

Miko Osterhout

A bit more pricey. But, worth it. Customer service and quality of wash is excellent!

Linda Green

Wonderful car wash......a bit pricey, but you differently get what you paid for.

Katie Young

I brought my car in after a tree branch had fallen on it and a friend referred me to go to have the sap professionally cleaned off. I explained my needs for my brand new car to be cleaned and I was assured "the works" would take care of if and they'd even have the manager look my car over. When I paid the cashier said the works takes 20-25 min to be complete. I said not a problem! When I was handed the keys to my car, there were several spots still on it, some of them weren't sap but bugs or dirt they'd missed cleaning. I had to point out each individual spot and the attendant acted as though he couldn't see the spot right next to it. Upon getting into my car and already feeling flustered I had tipped $10 for a terrible job, I could see a very large smear of sap across the windshield that hadn't been that large before. I don't drive a fancy European import they seem to cater to, but it is a brand new 2016 vehicle. Not only did I offer to buy the top package, but I tipped heavily to have a job well done. I'm disappointed and I will make sure to pass on the awful cleaning job they completed.

Afghan american

The personal work so hard that’s my first after this I coming always. That’s great

Daniel Langford

Joe Gregg the manager took a complaint from me as the vacuuming of the carpet in my car was not done well, first he took the time to explain to me that the car I owned, a Honda Fit, had a very difficult type of carpet to vacuum and that the staff is on a time limit. He was very gracious and gave me a free car wash and vacuumed the carpet again, even though in reality, he advised that the time spent on my car was more of a detail than a regular car wash. I highly recommend the car wash and ask for Joe Gregg if you have a problem.

Jason Odgers

Cheap prices for amazing service. I will always take my cars here from now on.

David O'Connor

Not impressed. It seems like ever time I go there they don't do a very good job. Today they missed a bunch of on the seats that needed to be vacuumed and one of the cup holders in the back had a bunch of water in it from one of my kids waters. They didn't wipe down one of the doors. The water in the door was from about 1 hour before one of there water bottles was sweating. I make sure to take everything out so it is easy for them to clean. I don't think I'll be going back.

Angel Jones

Great place my car always looks amazing when they are done . Feels like when you walk into a sparkle clean house. Love sitting in my car after it is done it looks brand new and with 190 lb mastiff in me out of my car they make it look like a dog never gets in it.

Jennifer Rao

Best car wash. It's like a mini detail job.

Amy Farragher

Great!! Very professional!


Love this place. They do a fantadtic job washing the car inside and out. For $90 for an oil change and basic wash/clean its a steal. Best place in Sacramento for years. Excellent service. Bring a magazine or coffee and relax while your ride is freshened up.

Ron S

Greatest car wash in the Sacramento region, thorough and reasonably priced. Nothing less than a Pavilion wash will do when it’s time to wax & detail (which I prefer to do myself). TIP THE CREW WELL, they deserve it, especially during Summer

Daniel Neal

Great car washes, but pricey. I always feel like the pricing is arbitrary. The food inside is movie-theater expensive.

Brody Jennings

Great service, I got exactly what I was expecting every time, and they have great management. My side mirror accidently broke off and they were diligent in their reimbursement; I’ll definitely keep coming back. Thank you Lawrence and Hector! Thanks Pavilion!

kat Folland

Kinda like a day spa for your car. They can change your oil and a couple other things like new windshield wipers, and then send it to be washed. There's a large quantity of services which can be bought as packages (ie wash+vacuum+wax or wherever) or chosen ala carte. Many of the detailing packages also include an upper-shelf carwash. They have a prepay thing, but I haven't gotten the info on that yet. It involves a discount, but I'm going to find out if it can be done as a family plan, as that would be ideal. All the employees I've ever dealt with there - from the greeter to the mechanics to the cashiers - have been pleasant and professional. I never worry when I hand them the keys. They don't really have adequate seating for how busy they usually are. Even when they're busy it really doesn't take too long, but more chairs, including some out of the weather, might be a good call. Overall, highly recommend.

Elizabeth Rice

Everyone who works here is kind and helpful. Fast service and honest mechanics

Faez Zubaidi

Excellent Service! I take my Benz and Charger every other week there and they really doing Awesome job unlike other places.

William Heimbichner

I've been going here for years to get my oil changed and my car washed. I've only had one issue that entire time, and the way it was handled has made me a customer for life. An extremely honest business that does excellent work. Best place to go in Sacramento.

Kevin Stillian

Good wash. Quick service

Quincey Delton

Very detailed very nice and clean and the staff is absolutely wonderful cannot wait to get my SUV wash their again

Amir Ghorbani

The best car wash and oil change in Sacramento; Amazing costumer service, great price and wonderful quality :)

Jonno Norton

It's expensive but you pay for great service and consistency plus the speed of my services was impressive. I always come back.

Salvador Garcia

Customer service was really good, a little bit annoyed when I got in my car and there was still dust on the dashboard. Other than that. Really good!! They have a lot of options to choose from and fair prices.

Olivia do everything do to like Olivia

Pretty awesome.. Got a cool gift shop

Janae Olson

The staff are wonderful!

Patricia Campbell

This is the best place to have your car washed and the interior cleaned also.

Mike pie

That always make my car look great inside and out.

Sean Harris

Hands down best car wash in the area. Great attention to detail and also lube services on premise.

LaDyBlUeJaY Jackie

Very good, but expensive.

Patrick Rey

God place to get detailed, a little sloppy on the regular wash for price they charge.

Jim Hicks

Great Customer Service!..

Jakesgr8 Saki or Joe

Best place to get a good quick wash if you are looking for a little more. I got my carpets shampooed, headlights polished to clear when they were foggy before, and the whole car cleaned inside and outside for just over $110. I think I got a combo discount for doing it all at once but it was all great and took just over 1 hour for everything.

Erin Hayes

Attention to detail. Very fast considering how busy they were. Friendly staff.

Kay Christensen

They do a great job. When I discovered the inside Windows were not clean...went back the same day. The Mgr. apologized & was given a Gift certificate for my next car wash.

Tommie Timmons

They half-assed washed my car I will never go again

Karen Wallace Adventures

The staff is nice and helpful. They do a really good car wash every time I take my car in to have it cleaned. Conveniently located.

William Gentis

Best Carwash in the Sacramento region handsdown.

Jevon Webster

They do a great job, but seemed a little pricy.

Matt Craine

Update: I have a Fiat 500 Abarth that has low ground clearance. I got stuck in another car wash recently. I called Pavilion and explained the issue. They transferred me to Matt. He said that they should be able to accommodate my 4.1 inch clearance and to mention it when I arrived. Matt recognized the car when we arrived and took every precaution he could to ensure that my car would clear the track. It make it! This extra mile type service is harder and harder to find these days. Great Job Pavilion and Matt! Original Post:These guys are consistently great and pretty fast too!

Michelle Abston

The cashier was quite unpleasant and I left there with no radio reception because the antenna was missing. I wasn't impressed with the wash either.

Richard Cooke

Your service and quality is slipping. The last 3 visits are sub-par definitely NOT worth the price. A $50 dollar car wash should be spotless. Both the inside and outside had spots, dirty carpets, water spots and black smudges from the tire treatment slung all over the side of my car. You get one more chance and I’m moving on.

Sacramento DogLover

Great car wash for high-end vehicles

Stuart Snider

Consistently very good washes. Oil change deal gets you a free wash-hard to beat unless you like washing your own car.

Jeff Corey

Amazing service well worth the cost

christopher A. Sarantis

Average cleaning and high prices

marc covaliuc

My experience was good. They were quick and efficient. The employee I was talking to didn't waste my time with trying to convince me to buy the more expensive services instead he gave me the options and recommended the best option for me. I came in for an oil change which comes with the car wash/detail, they took less than an hour with the entire process. I would recommend to anyone looking for quality, quick, and efficient car service.

Blake Westman

It was my first visit. They were very helpful in directing me where to go and explaining all the different packages of service. They did a good job on getting my car nice and clean.

Precious Pearl

Under the management the customer service was A1 excellent and my car was spotless!

Viktoria Thaelin

went for a much over-due oil change on my 95 M3, they had my oil and filter in stock! Any other place I'd have to go buy them from an auto store first. Fast and friendly service but a bit expensive if you use synthetic oil. Car wash included was mediocre with wheel cleaning costing an extra $8. Will go here again for my next wash and/or oil change. Hopefully the higher end wash packages yield better results.

Earl Pingel

Chipped my paint and did nothing. Loved the service until then.

Jennifer S

My car was filthy! These guys did an amazing job. Super fast too!

Colleen Johnson

They did a great job on my car here.

John Sozzi

Great wash, car was super clean inside and out

J. Zim

Thank you Pavilion!!! I will never go anywhere else again! My story: I nearly always go to Pavilion, but I was running errands off Madison Ave., so I went to the first decent looking place I saw: Dirt Busters. What a bad move! I paid nearly $30 and it took them 90 minutes(!!!) to do the worst job I have ever seen! It took nearly 45 minutes to just get it vacuumed and through the AUTOMATIC car wash! Once it was pulled out, they let it sit in the sun for nearly 15 minutes before even touching it. Even better, they started drying the shady side of the car first! So, it basically sun dried and then they took a dirty, damp rag and rubbed it around a bit. Not once did the individual drying it even bend over to get the side skirts, the bumpers, the exhaust, etc. I couldn't keep my tongue tied any longer. The supervisor outside allowed me to start drying my OWN car! I finally gave up, told him this was the worst car wash experience I had ever had, and that I was going to Pavilion on Fair Oaks. I did not yell, I did not curse, I was respectful, but blunt. He did not apologize or care about my concerns in the least bit. He said nothing and just handed me my keys. After leaving, I called in and the supervisor really didn't have much to say either. WHAT A JOKE! Anyway, I went to Pavilion (my regular place because I can't wash it at home) and told them my story. Not only do I know the managers over there, but even the girls behind the register know me by name. What a difference! They acknowledged the fact that I am a great customer, and said that they would take the hit for Dirt Buster's awful service. They clay bared, waxed, and did a full detail on my car which normally costs nearly $150 and charged only me half! I will never go anywhere besides Pavilion again. Jack

John Zyss


Brian Davis

Gone downhill. For the price, try a detailing place.

Liz Gransee

Absolute best car wash in Sacramento. There are no other places that come close to the quality they provide.

John Peter

Great service.

Robert Krinsky

These folks crank out the clean vehicles and do a good job. If you purchase a package you get a good deal.

Ethan H.

Best car wash service!

William Cook

Good wash just expensive

Kendra Hazel

Excellent customer car ended up looking even better than when the dealer "delivered" it to me at the time of purchase!!! The very beat part of my experience: when the crew 'blew my mind'....they laid out little towels on the ground for my daughter and I to wipe our feet prior to getting in!!! Wow! Love this place! Oh, and the gift shop, if you will, has cute little trinkets to browse thru as you wait. Will definitely be a returning customer.


Excellent service. Pricey for The Works package but the end result was great. Definitely coming back.

Cory Hula

I used to like this place, but services have dropped, prices are up and the customer is no longer always right. Once upon a time, car washes were a reasonable value and included a full-service vacuuming, pre-spray down and wheel treatment, wash, spray wax, hand dry, tire cleaning, a smile and a thanks. This used to cost around $19.99. I get it, costs go up, so now I'm paying $30-$40 for a wash, which includes a vacuum, wash, hand dry, and possibly an argument about what defines clean. My favorite service deletion is the thing now called "wheel service", which I believe means 10-20 ounces of armor-all substitute are glommed on to each tire so they look like freshly frosted coal-cakes so you can whirl it onto your fenders and return shortly to pay another $30 for another car wash (which you may decide not to buy the frosting the second time or possibly you now want the hand wax or other gunk removal service to get this stuff off your paint). Wheel service is an upcharge of about $6 on top of your $30-40 wash. Last I checked ALL cars had wheels and I personally have never washed my car myself and decided that washing the wheels was optional. Today, I opted not to pay the $6 upcharge on my $32 SUPER Wash. The 4 people drying my car did indeed avoid the wheels completely, yet they spent 20 minutes orbiting the car drying every last inch multiple times. After being summoned to my car, I asked them to DRY the wheels so the water on them didn't spatter on the surfaces they had so diligently dried. They said I didn’t pay for wheel service and was welcome to talk to the manager about this. I explained that wheel service actually involved some sort of effort-specific task and possibly products and wasn't the simple operation of water removal from the wheels. Again, redirected to the manager (wheels could be dry by now). I've not seen any significant investment in this place in 20 years or noticed any improvement in their process or that microphone that tells you when your car is ready "whaiiit honglah cigbik!!! whaiiit honglah cigbik!!!!". The windows to the car washing bay aren't even clean, so kids can't enjoy seeing their car come thru (even with its dirty wheels). I get it that labor costs are going up, but let's not nickel-and-dime the 500+ customers a day and argue over drying the rims/hubcaps. Perhaps the price point is worth it to you, but I'm going to revert to having my neighbors glare at me for washing my car in my driveway. It's worth the $400/year and the time I am spending to drive to this place, waiting 30 minutes to point out missed details for 5 more minutes and then drive home again. The cost to throw 3 more towels into the wash, the time spent, and the 2-3 gallons of water down the drain are worth it. The quality of work that I can produce greatly exceeds anything I have ever paid for here and my wheels are clean. Actually might look into this guy who has a mobile service called Hollywood Detail. He comes to you and does an argument-free job and does it well with a smile. Disclaimer: If I mispelled anything or used bads grammor above, I did it on purpose to annoy the grammar police. At least I didn't say loose for lose, right?

steven concrete

Good job on the oil change But the wash and detail are not up to par Upgraded tire and wheel package only did one wheel They missed half of the dash

Lisa Zauner

This has been my go-to car wash for about 10 years or more. It's not the cheapest option there is but they are convenient, fast, friendly and have lube services if you need them as well. It's $79 bucks for full wash and hand wax. They always give you coupons after you pay for your next visit. There is quite a stocked little store to check out as you wait or you can sit outside.

kaneisha coker

They did a very good job detailing my car. Got almost all of the stains out!! My car looked and smelled like I just drove off the lot when they were done. Even finished and hour and a half earlier than they estimated!!

John Walker

These people are good. And quick. Been to many carwashes in my past, this one was my best experience.

Pualani Casey

This place was awesome. I had just barely made it before closing cause I was in the area but didn't know my way around well. I found it finally. They still let me come through. For I think $29.99 they cleaned the outside of my car and hand dried it, vaccumed it out, the entire car (and I have a suburban), they did an awesome job wiping everything down inside, smelled so fresh and was so clean. They did that in about 25 minutes or so. It takes me like 2 or more hours to do all that. Their gift shop is awesome and i hate to say I did buy some stuff from it. But they have some really cool, unique items in the gift shop. I also got floor mats, really nice ones for $35. Which I see those going for way more on Amazon, so I had to get them. They even pulled them apart, or off the hanger and put them in the car for me. Great place to go. If I lived in that area I would use them all the time. Best prices for the service, I looked around to.


Incredible service and quick too!

nemo jan

I’m leaving one star because my first experience is the last. I picked the expensive wash , but end up like no one even touch my car for cleaning. When they called for my car I went outside, and thought that may be they have questions about my car. However, I was shocked because they told me that it is done . Wooow, 15 minutes and they are done. My car looked terrible because nothing was done, and the windows couldn’t roll up and down. So , I called and talked to Matt the supervisor, but instead of apologizing that guy is telling me that no one is complaining about our jobs since we are the best. I’m really disappointed, and will never comeback to this location. I won’t recommend this location to friends and families either.

jim gifford WyoTech

Great place, been going there for years but lately the quality of service has been slipping, I've had to do some touch ups when I get home


I have been coming here for years. They used to be really good. I went there today and just don't understand how they can charge $39 for THIS. My car is filthy. Inside and out. The doorsills are filthy. The trunk was untouched. None of the inside was wiped down. Disappointed with it all.

Anne Sterne

Had my car washed vacuumed detailed inside and tires. Cost more than i thought it would but worth it considering how dirty the car was when i brought it in.


They have always taken good care of my car in a short amount of time.

Benjamin Escobar

Good work and workers. Free car wash with oil change.

Lina F

I usually come here for the full service wash but today I came in for the full service wash and to shampoo the seats and carpet. Usually they do a decent job but today they see busier than usually and unfortunately you could see that in the quality of the work. Not everything was wiped down nor were all the windows cleaned from the inside and outside and some areas were just left untouched all together. You would expect more from Pavillion since they do charge a bit more compared to other similar service providers. I ended up paying nearly $130 but not 100% satisfied. Wish I could get a perfect job without having to point out details.

Jeffery Tucker

Good service, professional staff

Will M

This place does a very poor job of actually cleaning your vehicle, I had to argue with the manager to have my truck re-washed because it was still dirty after the first wash.

Adam Mundy

Great place to have your car washed

Stacey Carson

Love this place. It is on the expensive side, but to pay for what you get. They do an amazing job, it's a one stop shop, and the customer service is out of this world.

Ry Arwai

Made a 8:30am Saturday appointment for interior detailing last week for a 6 hour job. At 2:30pm on the day of the appointment, asked the counter for the status and was informed it won't be done untill 5:30pm - 9 hours! ! I've been hanging around all day. Also, had to cancel other appointments and deal with an angry wife because we have one car. If the $169 (plus $15 trunk detailing that was supposed to be told to me when I made the appointment but wasn't) detailing is mediocre, I will be lowering the rating; of it's good, I'll raise it no more than one star. (Follow-up: car looked pretty good; consequently, raised from 2 to 3 stars)

Colleen Craig

Love this place! I don't go anywhere else

Sherry Renazco

Dirt, bird poop all over the car after it came out of the wash. When I pointed it out he started dry rubbing the mess off my ruby red paint, no spray bottle to help take it off. I told him nevermind, I'Il get it later. I was told to give my ticket to anyone in a red shirt yet a blue shirt wanted my ticket and said he was the same thing (?) Detailers wear their shirts tucked in while wearing a belt (?) If a detailer has a belt on while leaning over a car, isnt there a high possibility of the buckle scratching your car.. I never could understand why this car wash has their employees uniformed this way. I actually forgot until I turned my car over to them so I watched and sure enough, nothing has changed. I will never take another car back here. Rocklin and El Dorado Hills car wash is where my business will be from now on.

Janet Eilering

What amazing service! I have been periodically using Pavilion since I purchased my last car 18 months ago and took it straight there to have it detailed. It looked like new when we picked it up! Whether it has been a car wash, detail job, or oil change, I have always been impressed with their level of customer service. Recently they went "above and beyond" when I went in and mentioned, as they serviced and washed my car, that one of my "numbers" designating the model type had fallen off. They very readily offered to put it back on. . . and didn't even charge me extra!! Now THAT's service!

kristin sims

great car wash, horrible service inside. service outside was great. so i started of going to a different place for about a year ( i wont say names) but they never really did that great of a job, so i tried pavilion cause i had a coupon. when i pulled in it was kind of busy, when i got into there lobby (which was pretty cool, lots of stuff) the girls inside were more about them it almost seemed like, i expected a warm welcome and high energy, nope i got thanks for coming and on to the next customer. i was a bit disappointed in that but they did a good job on my car, also very nice outside

Thomas Vogt

Great customer service that went above and beyond the bar. I ended up having a cracked oil filter housing (poor auto lube at another location) and they ordered and replaced the part for no additional cost.

Jeff Bister

Honest, consistent and prices fairly. Nice staff inside and out.

Irina Ogorodnikov

Fast and easy

High Week

I would give 6 stars if I could. This place is incredible. My Friend and I both had our cars detailed before we sold them and they looked incredible ... just like new. I'm certain that we got our asking price because the cars looked so good. I think you could find a place to do it for less, but the quality won't be there. It's worth every penny!


Great carwash even better details department.

M Gomez

Great service and good prices. They are friendly and super quick. In and out!


I get the pavilion wash every time I come here. Car comes out nice and clean. The wash is $50 and it's relatively quick. They have more basic options as well if you're looking for a quick clean.

Roxanne Springman

Quality service! Sometimes you have to go check to make sure they got all the detailing done, which is why 4 stars

Josh Croft

Look, they tried.. but they did a worse job than some drive through washes and they charged me three times more

Rylee Payne

Very dissatisfied customer. We paid $145 for the works. We got the car back still filthy inside. It was just purchased so we wanted it to be our own. Like New Car clean. Not just smell. Oh and we also got the air freshener"New Car Smell" nope. It was bad. There had been something recently spilled on the back seat. It was still there. And smelled awful. It has sense been done elsewhere and not one spot nor oder. Given we were refunded our money for the interior. Good customer service

Barry W.

I had to take my car in to get throw up cleaned out of my back seat. When I first called they wanted to sell me the complete detail package but after talking to the detail manager and explaining my situation, he said to just bring it by and they will give me a better deal. I feel like I underpaid for the work they did. They not only cleaned the mess in the backseat but made sure the rest of the inside was clean as well. I will be going back for a full car detail inside and out soon just because of the service I received this first visit.

Daniel L. Anderson Jr

Best detail shop in Sacramento. There attention to detail is very refreshing. My family owns a few cars and we take the time to take them all there. Over the years we've NEVER been disappointed.

angel han johnson

This is a great place to have your car washed. It’s a little bit on the pricey side but it’s worth it especially if you’re coming to get an oil change. They often send out coupons in the mail giving you a discount on oil and a car wash. Plus they have a nice waiting area and the staff are very friendly and helpful. With an oil change and a car wash service, I only waited about 25-35 minutes for my car to be ready. Though initially they said it would take about 45 minutes. However if you show up without a coupon don’t go asking for one before you pay for your car wash. You will be thoroughly let down :-) I would come really early (I arrived when they opened) to beat the weekend crowd. This place can get extremely busy.

Rafael Diaz

Pricey but they do a good job. Gets really busy so go first thing in the morning or be prepared to wait.

Mike O'Brien

Excellent service, they always do a great job

Laurie Dunn

I go there a lot as it is close to my work.. every time I go, I have to tell the workers to make sure and vacuum and clean the car well.. I pay for a $40 car wash and expect it to be done well.. it NEVER I finally talked to the manager and he said sorry but there is nothing he can do other than train better.. wow.. I will never go back and anyone looking for a good car wash for your money this is NOT the place

Michael Skinner

This is the class of Sacramento in terms of car washing. Very well run operation does a great job every time, quickly and with great service.

Elias Mazahreh

They are fast and affordable for the most part but they give you an attitude when you call them out on not cleaning the car right. I meam really? The customer is always right so just acknowledge the fact that you didn't do the job right and fix it instead of asking questions and talk back. That is not good customer service! Will still go back because or speed of service that's all

Mitzi Manning

Excellent service...great people...

Ross AB

Everytime I go myself and my car are always happy. Well run and a beautiful location.

Andrew Choe

Just came here for my first time. Very friendly and quick service for such a great cleaning. Also my coolant light came on coming in here so i asked the guys in the lube center how much it would be to top off my coolant, they said dont worry about it and that when my car was done being washed they would have the guy being the car to them and they would top it off for free! Definitely will be coming here again. I highly recommend this place!

Mark Franco

My ride shines better than the day I bought it!! Very professional, clean and thorough. Well worth the cost for the value received.

donna d'amato

Love this car wash! Great little fun gift shop to sit in to wait. Good prices for the services they perform.

Rod Ratay

What civilian Car Wash is good good service to get everything done so nice and clean they do oil changes everything dead on the money so everything is a good place even do detail so they keep busy

michael sayers

Great oil change

k loves

The staff are super friendly here! My wait time though was about 30-40 minutes but I had my seat cleaned plus my car washed. They did a fantastic job, my car was spotless

Ryan Loof

Always do a good job on my cars. Nice staff and decently priced.

Omega Carter

This place seemed awesome! Got in last minute which is the reason I deducted one star, coming too close to close time is a set up at any business. Shouldn't be but let's be realistic. I paid for one of the more expensive packets but felt like the cleaning of the interior was rushed. I know of a cheaper place in Citrus Heights that cleans all the nooks and crannies. There is something in my change slot that I expected would surely get cleaned out and it was not. I truly believe had I not come in so close to closing it would not have been overlooked though. The young woman in the store was beyond friendly and helped all the customers with respect. I am so nosy and noticed how amazing they treated customers with extremely nicer cars. Customer with a brand new Tesla treated like royalty by cleaners and customer with the Mercedes-Benz also. Since it is also possible that these are regulars I'm trying not to take it personally and will definitely give this place another try. One of the amazing things about this place is it's family-owned which in my book earns them back a star. You can also get your oil changed. The oil change comes with a free wash they top off all the fluids and rotate the tires. So in all honesty it's much smarter to come and get your oil changed if you only need a light cleaning. This business will definitely be getting my money again but it sure won't be 30 minutes before close

Ervin Turner

Don't know much about the place

Walter Hawkins

Been going there for years service has diminished check over your vehicle especially windows and mirrors if not satisfied redo prior to leaving

Third Moon

Fast and very good job cleaning your car, A++

Sydnie McGuire

I am writing a review on the in-office customer service, not my car wash. My car is absolutely beautiful, and I would definitely come again, had I had a better experience. I sat in the darn office for two hours because I missed my call for my car. I will take responsibility for the fact that I should have checked in on it sooner and that I had about a twenty minute phone conversation about ten minutes into waiting. Completely my bad there. However, it was my first time there, I wasn't exactly sure how long it would take as I wasn't told, and I didn't want to be an impatient customer. Apparently, the wash only takes twenty minutes. I was told this when I checked in on the car myself two hours later. The same three people were working the counter the entire time. I made eye contact with them on multiple occasions. I sat in the same chair, didn't use the restroom and didn't walk around for fear of missing my car. As a person in customer service, I would not let someone sit in a chair for more than the allotted time it takes to wash a car without at least checking in on them to see what service they purchased. Absolutely no one was rude; I'm mostly just upset and embarrassed that I was allowed to wait there for so long.... TL;DR Excellent car detailing, just keep an eye on the clock because they won't...

Monty Donovan

4 stars only because I've only ever used the car washing service. They offer oil changes and lube service, but never tried. As far as the car wash goes, it's great the have smaller packages for pretty cheap and some larger packages that cost a bit more. I tend to get their large $50 package. This place does hand washing and drying so no damage due to using automated systems! Service has always been excellent and they do an amazing g job exterior and interior. I once had one of the managers double checking and didn't feel the interior was vacumed enough and asked me if I was willing to wait he would have it taken back over for another round of it free of charge. I will continue to come here for the great service and quality of the wash.

Mary Luang

Pavilion Car Wash has really good service. Personally have gotten an oil charge, car wash, and full service detail. Oil change was done efficiently and correctly. Did not find any problems with my vehicle unlike some other shops I've been to. Also, took my car in to clean out some spilled coffee, and saw no residue from the coffee. Would definitely go back.


I go here every once in a while. It's pretty expensive for a simple wash. When I do attend it's normally for the hand wax for my vehicle. Customer service at the counter is always courteous as well as the employees who greet you when driving up to get the wash done.

Kristin Thompson-Higgins

The best car wash for you money. Beware: separate wheel/tire prices always apply. If you want them, be prepared to pay $36.99.

Yanet Lopez

They do an excellent work here and very friendly and professional staff.

Janie Britton

They do an excellent job, very courteous. Also they have an off the hook gift store, with great cards, and other great finds!!! I totally recommend checking it out while your vehicle is getting a bath!!! LOL!

Wanda Yanez

It's packed most of the time

Chris Fortenbach

Fast and thorough carwash. A bit more expensive than most but typical for the area.


I've now taken my car here 10 times. These guys do a great job for a reasonable price. YES its a drive through carwash but they put a lot of attention to detail in the pre and post wash. The works wash is the way to go and it $34 with their little coupon they give after each visit.

Roy Merlino

Best full service wash and lube in Sac!

Amanuel Ghebremedhin

Decided not to go back there!!! I am wondering what part of the car the price covers? Paid 39.99. 1. Sits not properly cleaned. 2. By the Driver side Glass not properly dried, looks like it has rain drops and has some remains from a red towel. 3. Doors still Dusty by the interior side. 4. Carpets still dirty. I was told to pay 8 Dollar more to wash and clean the plastic carpets. 5. Epected Vanila airfreshner but couldn't feel it yet. May be it's going to work after 24 hrs.

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