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REVIEWS OF Pacific Hand Car Wash IN California

Irina Spiridonova

These guys are awesome! They washed the car thoroughly and found my credit card I thought I lost

Cesar Montes

tbh at first I thought it was going to be bad but after seeing my car I noticed that they went above and beyond in the cleaning process

Matt Smith

Great place to get a good car wash, if you have a few hours to kill. Go early or stay home.

Arthur X

Today we had our car washed at your Campbell facility. The car wash exceeded our expectations, the car looks as good as it has in a long time. As well, your employees are very honest. I had lost my prescription sunglasses, and couldn't find them anywhere in the car or home. After the car wash today, we found them placed back in the sunglass holder. One of your employees must have found them while cleaning and put them back. Thanks again for an amazing car wash!

Dennis So

Have been bringing my pickup here for 15 years. Recently the price jumped to $60 for a deluxe wash. No more. This is robbery. The price increases at this place are criminal. I am done forever and they have lost a long time customer who tipped very well. I do hope the owner reads this and considers it, but probably only cares about gouging the people as much as possible.

Randall Beeman

They are great at what they do, always going above and beyond.

Nhan Nguyen

Great service.

Stefan Moeller

Great Service. Cleaned my Car really well after a 5000 mile Road Trip. Car looks like new now.

Megan Marie

Best in San Jose hands down. Affordable and professional

Dominique Delgado

"0" stars - I've come to this location a few times and never had any issues besides the typical smudges left behind on the car after it was handed back to me, which was always taken care of as soon as I brought it to the attendant's attention. I came here on 8/22 in need of a car wash mainly to get bird droppings off of my car. I came here around noon and purchased the $35 dollar wash. I was told my car would be ready in 40 minutes when in fact it turned out to be a 1:45 minute wait. I waited on the bench and kept seeing the worker who was cleaning my car walk back and forth grabbing new towels and then he was out of sight. Thereafter, I waited about 6 minutes and finally got up to see what was going on as I needed to leave to go pick my daughter up from school. I asked another man who was cleaning a car if my car was completed. He said, "Yes take it". I gave him my ticket and then left. (I thought this was weird since normally they call out your car name when it was completed). As I was walking to the car from the school I noticed a bunch of white dots on the left/right front bumper/grill, there was a large white scrape near the front of the hood. My license plate frame looked really dull to. (This was about 30 minutes after I left). I decided the best thing to do was to drive back to Pacific Car Wash and address the matter. Once I got there I pulled up and I asked the attendant "What was used to wash the car?" he then said, "What is the problem". I told him what I had noticed and he got defensive and advised this was from rocks when I drive and that I needed to get it repainted. He also kept saying that my car must have been really dirty and I would not notice the white paint chipping's (which completely baffles me). The attendant went and got Kevin the Manager. I addressed the matter with him and he advised the same with rocks and gravel. My car is only a few years old and I do not drive it a lot except to pick my daughter up and the occasional errands, which are in proximities of each other. I've had cars older then this current one and I've never experienced something like the damage from this car wash. Also I am very particular about my car and take good care of it. I would've noticed something ESPECIALLY this drastic and visible. For the Manager Kevin to advise that "DIRT" and "GRAVEL" can hide this is beyond words to me. He even mentioned his 2017 new car had the same exact paint chipping's, (sure buddy) this is hard to believe. It is and sounds like a bunch of BS to me. As Judge Judy says "If it doesn't make sense, it's not true." I could not believe what I was hearing and I knew right then and there they were not going to own up to it. The audacity of them to keep saying my car was " that dirty" which resulted in the paint breaking off into small chipping's. This damage has devalued my car from their employee negligence. Once I left the Car Wash I felt like I needed to weigh my options out so I immediately went to two other Car Wash facilities and got second opinions. What they told me what potentially could have happened I can see maybe that is how it did happen. I am taking my car tomorrow to get an estimate on restoring the paint to the front of where the damage occurred. A Car Wash should give you the same car back when you drop it off to them TRUSTING that they would perform their job correctly. I was so focused on the paint chipping's, when I got home I also noticed my emblem has a hairline crack in it. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against Kevin's Family Owned Business "Pacific Car Wash" due to negligence while in their possession. This Car Wash is untrustworthy and I would not recommend to bring your car here. There are other Car Washes in the area with less wait time and exceptionally better quality control. Regrettably I learned the hard way.

Nicole Bradley

I drove up in my Mom's Ford ranger. The guy told me for just a exterior wash it would be $45. Website says different . When I said no thank you. He got really rude and told me to back out. Mind you it's a very narrow driveway onto a busy road. Could of been nicer.

Christine M

This car wash is THE best! When you get here someone comes to your window and asks what services you want, give them your keys and then go pay. While you wait they have a tv , a few birds and including a huge parrot!

Javed Panjwani

The basic car wash is $45. Really?!?!

Mike Chen

I am extremely particular about who washes my car and do everything (wash, clay, wax, polish, protective coat, interior leather care) myself so I have a good idea when it comes to washing cars. Sometimes I will even go out of my way to tell dealers not to give me complimentary washes when I get it serviced. This is the first time I've bothered to get my car washed by someone other than me and I must admit Pacific Car Wash does a better job than me spending countless hours on my driveway tracking down every little detail. Kevin is very professional and makes sure the job is well done. There are plenty of nice cars being washed here, call me impressed!

Srikanth Nagavarapu

Best car wash in South Bay. They hand wash it for the most part and spend decent time after the wash to clean it dry. There's always a long wait, but they call you when it is done, so you can just drop off the car and get a cup of coffee across the street.

bridina h.

Great service. Get there early... like early.. or you'll have a wait. . Well worth the wait but.still... it does have stores nearby you can walk to while you're waiting.. but I still prefer to get there early.


Was the best in town! But their car washes Steadily are declining In quality, bad windows cleaning and forgetting to do the tires! You tell them about the problems and they Continue to do bad work.

Ty Navarro

Long wait but worth it!

Michael Evans

Great Job, way too long of wait on any day or time I visit.


This is my first time here as I was sold by reading high reviews on yelp. The staff were friendly and I appreciate them for taking the time to detailed the car, despite the two hours wait. Price is decent with $45 deluxe wash (extra $5 for larger car). I noticed some smudges on the side of the driver side that didn't come off (main reason why I needed a wash). The staff told me that will only come off if I bring it back for a wax. I think I was a bit disappointed that a wax would cost me $145? I ended up tipping the staff $8 even though I went home with smudges on my car but cleaned interior! :)

Katrina Dean

Amazing job!$50 inside and out.

Quang Nguyen

This places rocks! Brought my mustang and they made it look new again! They are really good at what they do! I'll be back, thanks for taking care of my mustang!

andres orozco

Best car wash in the area ! .. they do an excellent job and have great service.

Kevin Shutta

They did really well for the money. Car is nearly spotless and no cleaning residue for the $40 service. I enjoyed talking with the owner's son and the staff was friendly, too. I'm very pleased and will come here again

Jason Safaverdi

This place delivers in quality. You can see from the picture I've posted hiw busy it was! Even the sherif was here

souri datta

Quick service.Nice waiting area.

Jonas Gebhardt

They really know what they are doing and take every car very serious. I don't think there is any place in town that gets the car inside and outside cleaner. There might be some wait during rush hours.

Jason Clinton

Recommend going in the middle of the week. Otherwise the wait will be 2-3 hours.

Jhónatan Villarreal

Car was well cleaned for 50 dlls, but waited almost 3 hours not worth it

Victor Paiz

They screwed up my rims on my truck my wheels are forged $800 a wheel I ask them if they knew how to clean and polish they told me they do. when they were done my wheels looked dull not polished any more actually my wheels looked better before they cleaned my truck I told the manager that I was not happy with the work they done on my wheels and ask him for a refund on the work they done on my wheels he said no it doesn't matter they still did the work even though they made them worse now I have to take them to a professional and have them repolish my wheels will cost me $$$$$ just because they told me they knew what they were doing in so pissed off that I trusted them with my wheels that I only had for 3 months I will persue this further

Carlos Reyna

Fantastic service and care. Car looked great after the wash.

Johnny Cooper

Great car wash. Fast service considering they are always busy. Prices can be high but great quality

Bonnie Wong

The price is too high but they do an excellent job cleaning my car.

Kassandra Castellanos

Very friendly and they make your car look like new, it’s worth the wait and the price.

Quan Tran

Alex Barnes

They do a very good job, and were very accurate in their estimate of how long it would take to do my car. 40 people ahead of me took 2.5 hours, as they'd predicted.

Harvey Trop

These guys do a great job washing and cleaning your vehicle, inside and out. The wait can be a bit long, so bring a book.

gavin bell

Iv been coming here for years now and it's about time a I write a review. This place does the most detailed wash you will ever get. Jason was awesome and super helpful! These guys work hard and it shows! Keep up the good work!

Gloria Madrid

The wait is very very long no matter what time you go. Also the last and only time I took my car to get washed there I parked my car in a open lot and there were swirls and streaks all over the car. It was because dirty towels were used to dry the car instead of clean towels.

John Munoz

Great job, but expect a looooooooooooooong wait because it's so popular (up to 3 hours).

Kevin Cross

Fantastic wash with great attention to detail, but the wait can be painful (1-3 hours).

Davis Chan

So good. They are expensive tho. But you get what you paid for.

Theresa Purser

I have tried both locations and all I can say is this is the place to get your car washed. Both have great service and quality. That's what you want most when you go for a car wash! Keep up the great work! Thank you Pacific Hand Car Wash for always keeping my car clean!

Dan Regua

Best car wash around. Hands down. Will keep coming here.

Etzael Valdez

It was great like always, but remember. It takes some time because they do take time to do it right, so plan ahead, there are a lot of shopping centers around to go while you wait. You'll find out there's always exotic cars getting shine in this place

Nick Dutton

Its hard to rate these guys as high as they would likely get from others but not for the lack ot their quality - I couldnt take that away from them. I feel that the cost of a visit here should have you asking yourself why on earth you couldnt just get a bucket out yourself. Its an incredibly expensive and it really doesnt take that long to do. I will agree also with some other reviewers, some of the employees can get a bit rude to you if you pull up on their forecourt to check prices, they dont have alot of room there. I recommend pulling up next door, walking over and checking the prices for yourself before pulling onto the lot. In short, personally, I wont be going there again because I know I can do a similar quality job myself in a similar amount of time and I can save myself alot of cash. That all said, if you arent up to the job, and you have the spare cash - their quality is OK. As always, if you found this review useful please remember to like it. If people like the review (whether you agree or not), it encourages me to write more ;)

Zach Bjornson

Super expensive ($70 for a basic inside/outside SUV) and super slow (over an hour). Wash is good though. Auto Pride is $25 and takes about half an hour for the same quality (full hand-wash). Also have captive birds in the waiting area.

Roel Olpindo

Just found this spot and love their services , my car is black and man it's hard to take care of. But this place sure can and they always do such detailed work!! I'll be coming here way more often! Love it and recommend this place to everyone!!

Leonid Grekhov

Amazing quality car wash. Well worth the money to have it done by hand rather than a machine. High attention to detail. Keep up the amazing work guys

John Lubisich

Best car wash in San Jose!

Naj Qazi

Best hand car wash in the Silicon Valley. I've been to many, but no one beats these guys. They consistently do a great job!!!

Ravi R Mahajan

Good for a basic "ultimate" wash. $35 for base package +$5 for tires. Do not get clay bar or detail. They didn't even remove my dog cover from backseat even though the person taking the car said they will take care of it all. The ultimate full service is. A good deal

Martha Maciel

My first time there and saw what a great job these guys do, will definitely be Goin back to get my 2 trucks done with these guys, beautiful job.

Steven Palacioz

Thorough mid level car wash. Higher end service available. Always busy when I drive by. Always.

Reuel Warkov

Best all hand car wash.

Randolph Cantada

Best hand car wash hands down they know what is up!! Always a classy vibe hella nice cars and detailed to the tee! Always coming here and no where else! Free coffee and places to go if you waiting for your car

Amit Patel

Good prices, quality service. Long waits though ...

Sacha Holland

They do a good job, but most importantly, there is no rail to pull the car through like on the automatic car wash. No banged up rims if you have low profile tires. Very popular, so quite a long wait, but worth it. Starbucks across the street.

Michael Colo

Hand wash and a great place for your more prized vehicles...

Michael Hart

They do a great job every time! I won’t take my cars anywhere else! I drive 40 min to have them wash my cars!!!


Great wash, outside, never seem to miss anything. Interior gets a nice cleaning, they use pressurized air to clean out air vents and cup holders etc. Pretty thorough. My favorite San Jose Carwash, easily crushing more expensive competition that seems to only focus on volume. Updated from 4 to 5 stars because for two years now this has been my experience. You cannot top this pace. Please open another location, I no longer get washed because 3 hour waits are crazy and will begin to negatively impact your ratings

Les Carter

Better than most car washes but expensive.

TJ Gudilin

Awesome service. Jeep looks great. Best carwash in Southbay

Berfin Paker

I searched google reviews and yelp reviews and went to here. Place is nice. Staff is kind. But there were really long line I waited 1 hour and 40 minutes at Pasific Hand Car wash place. This is no problem, but I think because of crowded they didn't give enough attention to my car. I bought deluxe detaile wash to $50. But my car wasn't enough clean for this price. I think they should be more careful about this. But if they change about this and give me promise for more attention, I can choose here because of easy to go here and they have Louie who is the most cute parrot.

Tim Li

Can't beat it. Been coming here for 4 years

Cesar Mendez

This place is the real deal, they do an awesome job but be ready to spend a few hours waiting for your car.

Michael Wardrop

I've been a regular customer here for about 18 months. They do a good job, the only downside is the wait can be 1.5 - 4 hours.

Sandra Marino

Great car wash hands down! They are very detailed and always have a long line. When I come here I always drop off my car and pick it up after, they take your number down and call you when it's ready, so it works out perfect. They have great customer service and there cashier is so awesome, super fun girl to talk too!!! I think her name is Theresa and she always makes you smile. I love coming here and will be back! Say hi to Louie when you guys are there! (Talking parrot) so cute!!

Janet Lee

Can u say friendly! I feel like they are my second home! I'm probably here more than anywhere because I love a clean car! This place takes time but is worth every dollar! Starbucks is right across the street so get a drink and come back

Robert Zamani

Good level of attention to cleaning, but they will miss spots during peak times, or close to closings time. Like anther reviewer said “no guard rails to pull you car; which is a peoblem if you have low profile wheels/tires.” At peek times (Sunday) it can take 1.5 hours or more.

Jessie Purser

I love this place. I have a dog who sheds like it’s her job and this time around I spilled a ton of kombucha & coffee all over my seats. I also drove it across the state twice and had a million dead bugs crusted all up in the grill. AKA my car was completely trashed. I brought it in for a detail / get seats shampooed and it came out looking literally brand new. They’re extremely nice, efficient & have excellent customer service. Worth every penny.

Bhavin Patel

Peak time and still got my car back super clean in less than 30 min! Great job!

Arun Rama

Got my Sequoia washed and vacuumed. Took about two hours and they did a good job. They missed the roof of the SUV. Cost 55.

Sappho chow

Best place to get a car wash in San Jose area. But be sure to keep your AM free. It will take an average of 2.5 hrs. Either check out coffee shops or walk down to get breakfast(cafe san Jose is good!)

Dikshita Ayyar

THE BEST CAR WASH FOR YOUR CAR! They do the most thorough job of cleaning the car no matter how dirty it is. The process is time consuming because it's all done manually to ensure every nook and corner is covered. When you get such quality, the wait time is definitely worth it. Highly recommend this place simply because they're awesome!

Kedi Wu

The car wash is really good. Both exterior and interior, cleaned in detail. Waiting time is a little bit long, weekend usually around 2 hours. But there is a plaza nearby.

Danny Ramirez

Looking for best hand car wash this is your place. Very knowlegable with glass coatings. I just wish they were closer to where I live!

Frank Chun Yat Li

If you come early in the morning on a weekday, there are no lines. The usually wash is $40+tip.

Susan Driz

Best car wash! We bring all our cars here. Only trust them with our exotic cars! Amazing job every time and so friendly!

Jeff Miller

Always fast, detail oriented and thorough! I have been bringing my cars here for 10+ years!

Meenal C

Love the talking parrot. They do a great job too.

Jorge Palominos

Nothing but hard-working employees here. While im waiting for my car and watching them work, I can't help but think what a hard job that is. These guys go through easily 200+ cars a day and don't slack on any one of them. They say tipping your waiter is the right thing to do but man.....tipping these hard working dudes for washing your car and the effort they put in, it's not just the right thing but literally the humane thing to do. Kudos to you guys for the amount of effort you guys put in all day everyday day. Average wait time is 1 hour to 1 hour and 45 minutes depending on what time you get there. They get really busy so showing up early is the fastest way to get your car back.

Garrick Armstead

Decent prices. Great service.

Malie Collins

*UPDATED*: I really appreciate Kevin's help--he was very responsive via text and offered to do a full interior and exterior clean, even attempted to work on the window as best he could. Original review: Bought an exterior wash since I do my own interior cleaning. They went ahead and wiped down the interior, which is fine aside from the 6 inch long scratch I now have on the inside of my passenger side window.

Siddharth Powar

Great detail on the car wash, both exterior and interior. Love their service. They are very busy, at least over the weekend, but it's absolutely worth it. They usually give you a callback one your car is ready, so you can just drop your car and pick it up once ready without having to wait there.

naveen keerthy

Does a great job in hand wash. Even after they moved from SanJose downtown still visit this car wash. Recently increased $10 for SUVs :(

Jeff Gielissen

This is the best, most thorough and details car wash in the south bay area.

Danil Skachkov

Actually I like it. Kinda long waiting, but they've cleaned my car pretty well.

Kate Smela

Best carwash hands down! I'm always confident handing my car over to these guys, they do a great job. Always know what to expect as far as price. Super friendly and helpful staff!

Joey Gotelli

The team at Pacific Hand Car Wash is incredible. I met Kevin today as he is a friend of my brother's and he could not have been nicer. Everyone working there has a general enthusiasm for what they do and how they do it. My car is absolutely spotless after leaving PCHW. 10/10 would recommend. I will only be going there for car washes because of their professionalism, quality of work, and ultimately, the entire experience I had. Thanks Kevin and rest of the team!

Matt Unruh

Nice guys, great service, couldn't be better.

Douglas Marshall

Absolutely Outstanding

Lilia H

Super impressed with the car wash and friendly staff. Would definitely come back again!! PS I came here on a Monday afternoon. Waited for about 90minutes. Be prepared to wait for a bit. :)

Karthik Rama

Been there twice. Had a good experience on the fist visit but the second wasn't so great. My car was left with water spots and the interior has not been cleaned well. Probably because of the number of cars that day. Not worth the 50$ price

Eric Yan

Great service, great price. The detailed wash is definitely worth it.

sarah qtgirl

Great place, great price, only issue is the wait time!

omid sassani

I have been gone to this carwash for a year now. These guys are super polite, carrying and professional. Awesome price for the great job they do. Kevin is the best

Cecilia Flores

Good hand wash. I only wish they could keep the same prices. They usually charge me different every time I visit.

Dieon Roger

The car was cleaned good. Seats, all windows outside and inside. Exteriors. But tey did not get all the spots. The car also does not smell well after the wash.

Talal Melhem

Lowered Car Friendly :-) It doesn't have the machine that drags your car like 90% of all other car washes. they actually have a driver drive your car through the wash and use actually people. They do a really good job cleaning the car no streaks or issues whatsoever :-)

Bahman Engineer

Quick, cheep, and high quality. Probably going to make this my go to car wash.

Kaitlin Mansfield

I took my stepmom's car here and it looked great afterward! The staff was very nice and paid attention to detail. They are VERY busy in the summers so make sure you have plenty of time when you go in. They said it would take about 2 hours give or take but it was a little over 3. It wasn't a problem because I had time and I saw that they were extremely busy. I would have been upset if it wasn't that busy and it took that long. I killed time by watching Netflix (they have free WiFi). Where you pull in is a little confusing. I had to drive around the block twice to figure out where the entrance was. It would be great if they had a "Pull in here" sign for extra assistance but the entrance and exit are in the same place. It was my first time coming here so I didn't know the types of washes or prices but the employee who helped me asked me what I wanted and told me I should get the deluxe and I agreed. I'm glad he didn't give me the most expensive option but I would have liked to be told the prices or shown the sign. I also didn't know that SUVs get a $10 fee added until I asked about the extra charge after I paid. I would have liked to have been told that earlier. The car also isn't an SUV it's a crossover (Nissan Murano) but I can see why they would classify it as the same. Overall, the service was great and will be recommending this place to my family and friends!

Singh 1

The cash register person is very slow in work and has no mental math. He uses a calculator when he needs to give back like 3 dollars. I seem like he is always lazy and slow to move.

Michelle Behr

Car was still dirty after a $100+ detail

Frank Rodriguez

Their attention to detail and professional service keeps me coming back.

Raghunath Krishnan

First visit and impressed!! Shifted gears for car wash to here from the other car wash just next door who raised prices and lowered quality. Pacific car wash proved awesome. Same price, but the quality is superb! Carpet and cupholder was super clean and the doors, windsheiled, mirrors shine with spot on clean!! Thanks to the hardworking people whose hands made my car shine!! 100% hand wash is of more quality than the machine or brushless auto wash!! Would be great if they have membership program.

Javier B. Estrada

Very detail oriented !

Alex Piper

Very helpful and great service. Did a great job getting some scratches out and making my car look like new.

Mellisa Richardson

I have been looking for a place that's a true hand washing car wash. I'm sooo glad my friend brought me here and introduced me to this place. I will never take my car anywhere else after being here. I am a true car fanatic and here you also get a little car show with all the exotic cars coming through here. It's an all around great and old school place to be. I love it.

Sergey Blashkov

Overall I liked this place as one of the best car wash services in the area. They have a lot of clients and honestly warn you that it could take up to 1 hour and 45 minutes for your car to be ready. They vacuumed car and trunk well, washed inside and outside. The only thing I didn't like is that windows inside were a little bit dusty, like the clothing they were cleaned it with was not clean. The interior of waiting area is great and parrot is cute.

Darla Wisniewski

This is absolutely the best car wash I’ve been to. They are so kind and courteous.. Not just management but including the workers.. Keep up the great work..

Gary Carino

The team at Pacific did a great job. They were very thorough and I could tell that the guys that were working on my car wanted to make sure that they gave it to me clean. If I'm ever down there I'll happily make a stop if my car needs a wash. I got the $50 interior/exterior wash.

Lisa Maria

A little more expensive than other car wash places but the results speak for itself. I don't wash my car too often so I think I'll be back next time!

Justin Estrada

Best car wash in the South Bay, slightly more expensive than most "hand cat washes" but the quality of work doesn't even compare and is completely worth it. Come early or prepare to wait at least 45 minutes for your car.

Ian Trepid

1.5 hour wait

Stefan Baeurle

Great service. Detail oriented car wash. Happy every time I go.

Rosa Lares

Horrible! They make me feel so angry

Ron Madamba

This place is great and I come by all the time! I highly recommend coming to get a nice wash.

Luke Boyd

I found this place when searching for reputable hand car washes as I've heard Honda cars are known for being especially prone to premature paint wear. I wanted to limit such wear on my 2003 civic which can be more common with machine car washes. The team at Pacific Hand Car Wash did a satisfactory job and the price is reasonable. I was very impressed with their customer service. The guy who took my car (I should've gotten his name), was very friendly and informative. I didn't feel like I was getting scammed or pushed into upgrading my service which I try to be wary of after a past experience at a different company. I ordered the exterior wash (which I learned includes the door frames), paid, left my phone number, and waited at Barefoot Coffee, a coffee shop I had on my list of places to check out which was coincidently just a few paces away. I received a call and came for my car. Easy and simple. I'll be returning for the full service clean next time.


I went for my first time. I pulled up and they asked me what I wanted. I told them a car wash and was given a piece of paper and told to get out of my car and pay in the office. It ended up being that I was sold the $50 deluxe wash. I wish that I was given the choices to choose what I wanted to spend, but it was too late as they already had my car. They did a very nice job. I wish that they would have taken extra caution for the eyesight feature of the car when washing the windshield, per the manufacturer directions. I noticed they didnt shield the camera like it clearly says to on all directions. They should have that knowledge as a car wash/detailing company and have that as part of their standard procedure. THIS PLACE DOES NOT HAVE AIR CONDITIONING. It was extremely uncomfortable waiting in their guest area.

Vlogs of sami yusuf

Very nice

buster martin

Great place to have your car cleaned

Fred Berkowitz

Great job, but sometimes long wait

Leia Grimes

This has been a wonderful spot to get my car clean for sure. I haven't had my baby washed for awhile but she needed to be clean and detailed. Regardless of the price the service was great. It took 2 hrs which is expected for a full detail to be done. Kevin and Jason even they were busy but they took the time to ask me and few other customers who where waiting if we wanted water. To be expected weekends are usually busy but if you have time to wait and get a full detail done, it is worth it. So be nice to those guys cause they claying and waxing your car and tip them!

Lucila Munoz

My car looks fabulous! I paid $150 for the detailing service and am VERY happy. The seats, dash, doors and carpets are spotless and clearly conditioned. There are a few stray dog hairs - BUT great job on the vacuuming considering the state the car was in! (2 boxer dogs and 6 weeks makes for a filthy car). This is 55% less that what I paid at a chain location with slightly better quality. On a Monday afternoon they were just as fast as well. Can't ask for more than that!

Robert Connelly

My favorite car wash ever. They bring my car back to life every time it's needed. Love there service, that it takes time that's because it's worth the wait. Anything worth having is worth waiting for. Jason thank you for the excellent help.

Ana Cecilia Flores

I love getting my car washed here, they are very good and take detailed care of our cars. The only problem is that they became sooo expensive over night and also, it takes them HOURS to get the car back. Last time it was 3.5 hours.

Bingjun Huang

Very good service.

Tracy McCullough

Took my '99 Jetta to have the inside detailed and the outside washed. My windshield has a big crack in it and my clearcoat is shot, so I don't want to take it to a mechanical car wash. The guy who greeted me was very nice (as was the cashier) and told me that they'd make the inside of my car look like new. I said "Great!", while thinking that the inside of my car hadn't been cleaned since 2009. Good luck! A couple hours later I was shocked and thrilled to see that my car interior did indeed look like new! It's so wonderful that I don't want to put any of my stuff back in the car. I just want it to look this nice forever. I will definitely take my car there again!

Martha Cook

These guys are awesome. Very nice place.

Charles Edward

Good service. Thank you!

Joshua Lawrence

Came here because of the great reviews. This car wash is mediocre at best. When they told me my car was ready, I had to get them to wipe off two spots on the car that were clearly still dirty. Then, when I arrived home (3 minutes away), I noticed my side view mirror backings were still filthy and hadn't been cleaned at all. Disappointing to say the least, especially for $40. Oh well, the search continues for the best car wash.

Eric Holderman

The service is great, the owners are friendly, and I would recommend this car wash to anyone.

Robert Slotwinski

Swirl marks on my clear coat after a few visits here. Avoid if you like your car.

A Squared

Great service and really take care of the car. Black is not an easy color to keep clean and these folks do a wonderful job.

Brandin Gause

It's a solid price for what you pay, but remember its quality from start to finish. I tried out classic car wash and came away not satisfied, decided to give this location a try instead. I did a deluxe package and had them do my floor mats as well. All I can say is I left after my detail & wash a very happy customer! Come with a book or phone charged, it can take some time but these guys are legit!

Sarah Sidney Coty

As a geocacher I'm prone to getting my RAV-4 a little dustier, muddier and dirtier than I probably should - most recently I went on a 5 day adventure in the Shasta-Trinity and Modoc wildernesses and not only did my RAV-4 get covered in dust inside (I tend to keep the windows down on dirt roads), but the RAV-4 might have hugged a few patches of manzanita scrub as well. Needless to say, I had a very dirty, scratched up RAV-4 in need of a serious bath. In the past I would have taken this RAV-4 to Classic Car Wash and they would have charged me $300 for a thorough cleaning, but only did a quick exterior wash at best. Then I read the reviews here and thought I would give this place a try...and I'm so glad I did. In three hours they made my car cleaner than it was when I drove it off the dealer's lot 9 years ago! The seats and carpets all got a thorough shampooing; there's not a speck of dust anywhere in the interior (including the cracks and crevices of the dash, center console, door panels, second row and cargo area); they buffed out all the scratches on the side of the car where the manzanita brushes got a bit too friendly with my exterior....and they even managed to buff out the really scraped rear mirrors as well as made my headlights shiny like new. They did such an excellent job - I can only recommend this place. In addition to the stellar cleaning job, the staff are all exceptionally friendly - didn't make me feel like I was wasting their time; the gentlemen who were working on the car took the time to show me everything they did, even showed me places they tried to clean in the engine but admitted they could only do so much in there. The gentlemen working the register were also exceptionally kind and didn't rush me - this might sound weird to some, but I really don't like being rushed - especially when it comes to my beloved RAV-4. Anyway, they made it shiny and I'm ever so grateful. Worth every penny and I've only got grins.

Frank Schapairo

I usually wash my car. When I can't I ONLY go to Pacific Hand Car Wash. This place is not cheap nor are you in and out in 30 minutes like the typical car washes in the area. Pacific Hand Car Wash is exactly what is advertised. Your car is completely hand washed, air hosed body seams (no drips from mirrors or doors when you leave) Hand dried with clean microfiber towels. Usually takes an hour and a half because this place is busy. Across the street is a Whole Foods and a Starbucks to hang out while your car is cleaned spotless.

Ashley Viso

Great service! Love the work they do but with the price increase to $35.00 for a basic car wash is not worth it moving forward.

matthew mccullough

Great place.

L. B.

$40 for a decent car wash but expect to spend a couple of hours waiting for your car to get finished. The employees were friendly especially the man at the register. Instead of waiting at the car wash, l walked a couple of blocks (about a 5 minute walk) down to the Pruneyard and went shopping while I waited. If you leave your phone number they'll call you when your car is ready to be picked up. I've been here several times and will continue to go back.

Colleen A

This place have gone above and beyond with car washing. Their staff is amazing and everything they do is to the tee! I love how they air compressor the water out of the mirrors and grill! No streaks and my car stays clean for week! Awesome place to get your car wash! Thanks pacific!

Johannes Eschrig

Great service, our car was sparkling clean after we went through the desert.

Harry Wachob

Good but went at very busy time

Flor Salinas

They always do a great job.

Daniel Thomas

The owners of Pacific car wash are the nicest people you will meet who care about their customers and offer great customer service. They actually care about providing the best service possible and you can always find them being an active part of their business, not just sitting in their office. You can tell they also have a positive working relationship with their employees. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else!!!

Erick Mac

They don't even wash your car right. They just put your car through the car wash machine and then they just clean your car inside really fast. I know i didn't pay for detail or something similar but i paid $50 dollars yesss!!!! $50 dollars for something you can do at home or somewhere else for $15-$20 dollars. It was a really bad experience not mentioning that i waited 2 hours.

Mitch B

A bit on the expensive side but they do a fantastic job cleaning your car.

Pano Kutulas

Awesome job and fair prices! Make sure to get the special head lamp restoration cleaning! Nice staff and very quick with the service.

Curtis Shimamoto

For the first time in my life, I got a nice car that I actually have a desire to keep clean on both the inside and out. On the recommendation of several friends and colleagues, I tried Pacific Hand Car Wash and I was very impressed. I'd taken my car to a more "classic" type place, and while they did a decent job, it was not even close to the quality that Pacific does. Keep in mind that this is truly a hand wash, so it isn't the fastest car wash you'll find. Add to that the continually growing popularity of this place and at times it can be a good two to three hours to get your car washed. So go with plenty of time unless you are going midday on a work day. Even then, it takes 30-45 minutes for literally just the wash itself... but with very justifiable reason. Even if you are displeased with the wait, you can't deny that they do a good job (except for the types that will find reason to be dissatisfied with everything, or aka the "I need to speak to your manager" people). So I highly recommend this place, but know what you're getting yourself into time-wise. Also be prepared to spend a bit more than the typical car wash options. You get what you pay for though.

Aaron Goh

They really go above amd beyond for their guests. I wanted a car wash but i also wanted my back seats shampooed and i was in a huge time crunch. Something that would regularly take way beyond and hr. I told them i didn't really car if it was half done as long as the huge smoothie stain wasn't as visible. I told them i have 1hr and they could tell i was in a rush and worried about them not being able to get it done but the guy said not to worry they could do it. It was maybe 1hr 5 min later they called and said it was done. The car looked great they detailed it shampooed, well basically they had i think 5 guys working on one car to meet my 1hr deadline. This place is amazing. They have a forever customer in me. And will most definitely recommend to my friends.

Max Voronkov

Best place to get your car wash hands down in campbell! Friendly staff and great service. I come here to get my car waxed and clay every 3 months and my car looks new every time! Love this place! Highly recommend.

Graham Bessermin

This is by far the best car wash with top notch customer service. I have multiple vehicles and I only bring them here. They pay attention to detail and the twins who run the place are stand up guys.

Paolo C

This is my go to to get my cars taken care of. This place gets packed, so go early

Kaviraj KH

I was interested to do a car wash this morning at Pacific because than good reviews and the response from the owner apologizing their mistakes. I was happy about the acceptance. But I am disappointed now. I called Pecific in the morning to check the price details and offers. But no offers any time in the week and it cost 35$ for me. Price is little high compared to others but I want my car to get the best wash. I reach there @10:30 am a person came to me and told it is going to be an hour and half to complete the wash. I said ok and he gave me a slip. I decided to sit there and watch how they clean the car. A person asked to do a vacuum clean again for his Tesla. I also found an employee driving our car door open and now the Tesla friend was upset because this employee drives his car trunk open. I told this friend they are so busy because other cars are in queue. He mentioned that charges are high and he expect them to clean under the headlights since there are some dirt. When they stared cleaning my car, I was standing near to it and watching. I asked few time to the employee to clean the missed areas. Now a new person (I believe he is a senior expert) saying they can't clean in detail because you are going to pay only 37$. You need a full detail service which costs 130$ or more. I asked about the water marks he said the same. I said thanks to him for the details. I opened my trunk since our Tesla friend was not satisfied with vacuum cleaning. For me I believe they did not even do a vacuum. I see onion leafs and small papers from grocery store as it is. The employee friend said he can clean them and there is a big difference. Another thing they use different cloths for cleaning since the dirt can cause scratches. but for me they did not change them frequently. I saw my tire alloy wheel has some black dirt in front and more inside. I touched it with my finger and showed the black dirt. The new person from side came again and said I need to pay more to get them cleaned. I said I don't want them to touch the rubber parts but just wipe the dirt on the wheel. he told me to go and pay. I went to office and paid using my card while paying I asked about the cleaning on alloy wheel. He told me to ask them again. I felt, it is not good me asking them again n again and requested him to help. He told me to wait. I just noticed my bill and found Pacific Hand Car Wash charged me 45$ for a cleaning. When I asked he said since I have a mid size SUV it cost additional 10$. I said no one mentioned about it all I heard is 35$. He told me to go and check outside it is written there. And he proceed with the next person. I was checking outside and found that he is correct it is written there but it was hard for me to find since lower prices are Highlighted every where. Reception guy came and asked them to clean the wheels again. But I felt they touched with their cloth for the sake of doing it. Those black dirt are still there in my car and I need to clean them by my self. I requested the receptionist to highlight the SUV charges to customers so that there won't be any gap. He said it is my responsibility to ask and mention about the type of car. Yes. I did not ask again once I came here. Unfortunately no one ask me to pay in advanced and I was seeing people paying after the service.If I thought of paying in advance that could have saved my time and money. Now I found that we both were not feeling happy after the service. Friends, Please check the cost of your service once you reach here and mention about your vehicle if it is a full size or mid size SUV if you are asking over the phone. Stay there for few min so that you can set the expectation and decide. @Owner, We understand employees are busy, but think about your customers who trust you. I request you to highlight the cost difference when some one is enquiring about the price. Because people like me may not ask about SUV prices. Also ask your customers about the service before asking for the money. Happy Holidays.

Frank S

Cavieat, this is a completely hand wash car wash, no brushes, tracks etc. Wait times can be long on weekends so walk across the street to shop, get coffee etc. If you want an expertly cleaned car this is the place! Staff is consciencious (don't forget to tip well), careful and treat every car the same whatever the make. They also offer detailing. You will it be disappointed!

Alvin Roberts

Pacific Car Wash’s customer service was great! The owner Kevin is friendly and down to earth. You will often find him active and involved with the car wash and his team. If you have any questions or concerns he’s willing to address them and fix mistakes or missed spots (if there’s any). The staff are also nice, hard working, and diligent to have your car looking good. My car came out nice and clean on the outside as well as the interior. I definitely recommend stopping by Pacific Car Wash... Keep in mind that the wait times for your car to be done can be long (sometimes up to 1.5hr - 2hrs depending on the day) at this car wash because it is a 100% quality hand wash and dry place so make sure to plan accordingly.

Jing Fu

Warm and good customer service except long waiting on weekends, I'd like to give it 5 stars tho.

Jeff Streit

I started bringing my car here recently when drought restrictions meant I could no longer hand wash my own car. I was unhappy to say the least, so I read all kinds of reviews and found this car wash sounded like one of the best. The first thing to keep in mind is its quite expensive. Expect to pay close to or around $30 for a full inside-outside car wash. That said they do a really good job here and there are no automated brushes whirling around scratching your paint. The car looks just as good if not better than if I had done it myself. Unfortunately, it takes a while. Usually a Saturday carwash will take up at least an hour of your day. The good thing is there is a good waiting area and a Starbucks across the street so its not that bad. Overall, I'd really rather do it myself but this place is the next best thing to washing my own car, albeit at a much higher price.

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