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679 E Blithedale Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941, United States

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REVIEWS OF Mill Valley Car Wash IN California

Jenkins Wrobel

First time today tried this place and I'm very happy.

Gail John

Carlos Aquino Manuel Anleu

(Translated by Google) Is very good (Original) Es muy bien

Jessi Roesch

A little on the pricey side, but great service and my car was totally clean, inside and out when I left. Staff was quick, courteous and professional.

Rich Singer

Normally would be 4-stars but this place is as good as you are going to get in this area. The Shell one in Sausalito has dreadful service issues. This place at least is always friendly and well-run.

Taylor C.

Thank you for cleaning and caring my car it was a great...

Brad Paterson

Consistently good

Kelly Broyer

Romeo Osorio

Jason Kent

They do okay work. There is another wash just a few minutes away that does a better job for a similar price. Also this one can be hard to drive into depending on the local traffic. It's not in a super convenient spot.

Tiger Bassa

Cooper Makhijani

An awesome hand-done carwash. Staff are efficient, fast, kind and good at their jobs. It's a well done service experience. The wash is good and doesn't cause any scratches or damage. It's also quick. After you go through the wash your car is quickly but effectively vacuumed and cleaned inside by a good team of staff.

Andrew Scott

Very disappointed service quality.

ricardo herrera

James Thomas

They do a very good job and is very cheap! I would recommend the $80 mini deal, they wadh the whole outside and detail the inside, and do a great job!!! It takes an 1 - 1.5 hours so be ready to wait, but there is a whole shopping center right next to the car wash.

Jeanmarie Boben

Tino Ciambriello

Karen Donohue

Dave Getz

Definitely not great. I went for the $40 deal. I had my trunk empty so they could vacuum it out; it was still dirty. The night before I'd gotten a couple of drops of ice cream on my steering wheel; they were still there. The guy at the payment booth asked me if I wanted them to wash my floor mats. I said 'isn't that included'? He said it was but I had to get out of the car right there and take them out myself.and give them to him The worst thing was that when I got home i saw that they had accidentally knocked something out of my front bumper that I tried to stick back in place. I have a Mercedes 350 and there's a little square insert on the front bumper that someone had popped out and not tried to push back in..Not good!! The inside vacuuming was also not complete under and to the sides of the front seats. I know Mill valley is a place where lots of people are willing to pay more than they should for less on many levels and this place seemed to be an perfect example of that.

Alan Bauer

Jan Bass

They do a pretty good job but are more expensive than any other place I've been to.


Just got rear-ended in my brand new car at this carwash. They didn't space the cars enough upon entry into carwash

Michael Peterson

I don't do a good job

Chris Self

Liked it, but there is better breakfast around here. Service is fast and friendly.

Judy Zimmerman

Alex Naqvi


Thoroughly disappointed with this place. With the regular wash they will only wash the car (they missed alot of places) but will not touch the wheels. Which only serves to make a dirty wheel even worse after getting the brake dust and road grime wet and soapy. Now you have a runny mess. I wasn't expecting them to do anything extraordinary with the car or wheels, just clean it without all the bells and whistles. For me, as this was my first time here and after reading quite a few bad reviews,I figured I'd see if any of it was true by seeing what they could do at the very basics. I see now that they are not there to earn a reputation that would ensure repeat and steady/profitable business. They are there for the money exclusively, not realizing they could have made much more had they only cared. I am not without a realistic approach to this thing, I would imagine the enthusiasm for the job would wain after awhile when all you do day in and day out is clean dirty cars outside in the elements. But I would think and do expect that after that repetitive act that you would develope a sense for how things should be cleaned and done well with minimal effort. They have the minimal effort aspect down, but failed to learn anything along the way, things that as I referenced before would have up'd their productivity, enhanced their final product , increased customer satisfaction and thereby brought them a tightly little sum day in and day out. As it is now I sense they will continue to scrape by doing the very minimum until they damage a customers car, sending them running for the hills. Who knows......maybe it will be your car...fingers crossed? But they light at the end of the tunnel in that sinario is that that will leave that sight open to someone else coming in with higher standards and becoming mainstay in the community everyone flawks to for a quality car cleaning with care. Now for the sacrificial vehicle.............!

Guitarik x

Told me he will include headlight restoration for free if I did a detail. When I went to pay he charged me double saying that I had 4 head lamps on a Mercedes c230. Almost $300 total. Not worth it...

Greg Jagiello


Terrible service and very disappointed! I found so many missed spots left on my car after $45 car wash. I asked them about the missed spots and they told me it was because I did not get a $180 deluxe wash...

Dan Pera

It's solid, but not perfect.

Mark Finnern

I have a 12 for 8 deal. Alas with a new car and them not knowing my license plate and me not having their member card handy they were not able to locate my discount. :-( Empower your line workers to overwrite this. He said, if my boss would be here he could do it. This experience didn't makes me looking for other places. :-(

Flynn Mogan

Came to the car wash today to get my jeep washed and I got a full service wash which means inside and out and when I got through the wash I get out and he guy says he won't wipe any of the dirt on the inside of the jeep he is like you have to pay for more I payed for full service a car wash is meant to wash car I get back and most of it is cleaned but considering how much dirt there was not well enough. Showed little effort on details very rushed.

Ryan Mathews

mj bogdanov

Eric Woodward

Jamin Agosti

C Bush

Ann Gusiff

Paul Ferzoco

Sloppy job on tires, missed spots on fenders.

Sergey Trofimov

Awful. Guy at entrance didn't want to let me through because I didn't print my Groupon. The Groupon says I shouldn't have to. Terrible wash job. There were still bug splatters on my car. Door jambs were still dirty. There was a huge pile of sand under my floor mats. The mats they were supposed to take out and wash as part of the package. Didn't see them wax my car either which was also part of the package. Save your money and go elsewhere. Definitely not worth $45 let alone any sort of tip.

Jason Sisilli

I'm SUPER picky about my cars... I am talking OCD! I rarely take my car to a car wash out of fear of damage, or more commonly plain disappointment. I've had a lot of bad experiences in the past and typically wash it myself. However, Mill Valley Express Hand Car Wash is one of the few exceptions. I've been using Mill Valley Express Hand Car Wash for many years now and I highly recommend it. It's an impressive, state-of-the-art, operation that rivals any car wash. It's truly a touchless hand car wash and the best in Marin in my opinion. They have a variety of services to choose from. I usually go with 'The Deluxe' which is one of their signature full car washes. If you want to go BIG, there is 'The Works' which is their top-of-the-line car wash. They also offer a basic exterior wash, as well as an assortment of hand details to choose from. Over the years, I've tried many of their services and have not been disappointed. Excellent - this is my favorite car wash!

Christine M

Worst car wash I've ever had in my life! For their hand device I would have gone to the gas station and got a better service. The employee said "its just a car" isn't it a car wash service? Isn't it your job to wash and dry the car? Never again! I'd rather go to a gas station pay $7.00 and dry it myself. Left my car wet

Dan Ciccarone

Fast efficient and good.

Shedrick Wilson

Andrew Turnauer

Expensive but really good.

KKD City

Very Good carwash. The Staff works very hard and deserves those tips. Tried the VIP $45 wash today - spotless and perfect. My go to Car wash.

Inigo Gonzalez

Karin Dillie

My car was so clean after the outside wash

Ricky S

Great place to get your car washed quickly & clean‼️

Donal O'Sullivan

Jo Ann Haseltine

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