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17111 Hawthorne Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260, United States

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REVIEWS OF Lightning Express Car Wash IN California

Sharon Kellum

Great place to take my grandbaby and let her see the bubbles being sprayed on the car. I love hearing her scream and laugh

Pepe Duarte

Eco car wash ,great service

tatiana batista

They need to update alot, change alot ! It scratch's your cars

Kate Slavik

Cars do not come out clean. False advertising online for car detailing which is not a service provided at this establishment.

Amged Fathy

Good assistant with Free vacuum and free carpet cleaning

joseph sanchez

Love this place. Fast and great customer service.

Chinix_V7 _YT

Best car wash

CH Lee

It was a real delight to see the express wash line running. Great job. Thx.

Daniel Ascencio

Horrible car wash service! I took my brand new truck straight out from the dealer for a car wash and was very disappointed with the service. After having my truck parked in my garage for a few days after the car wash I notice that the truck’s front bumper was extremely scratched and immediately called the car wash office. By the time I got a call back I was in the city of Ontario. I was told by management to take the truck to the car wash to have management look at the damages. After an almost two hour drive I arrive at the car wash and get with management and they immediately begin to inspect my truck. The so called person in charge by management, which never provided me with his name, later tells me that the car wash machines could not have done such damage to my truck. At that point I am very upset and tell management the damages were made at his car wash, since the truck had been parked for days in my garage and it was not driven anywhere else after I had washed it. I decide to leave the car wash since I figured that management did not want to be responsible for the damages caused to my truck. After such horrible experience with this place I would definitely not recommend it at all to the public, that is unless you are willing to receive horrible customer service and damages to your vehicle. Now I have to find a shop that will repair the damages on my brand new truck

A Ali

Salvador Morales

Very attentive staff, vacuums all function properly definitely a top quality carwash.

Manuel Rendon

Great self service car wash

Sandy M

Roger Craig Newton

Good self serve car wash

Aaron Villarreyna

It's ok, pricier than most but if you get the monthly pass it's worth it.

Dimitris Deliyannis

Nice car wash

Shane Ocean

Great Car Wash!

Alecia Coburn

R.W. Ball

Auto Car wash! Cant complain

Diane Lortie Dudasik

Love the car wash. Friendly staff.

Amanda Fielder

Great customer service. Great experience. Will be back again soon. Thanks :-)

Marbella Cervantes

(Translated by Google) Clean and quiet (Original) Limpio lugar y tranquilo

Silvia Chavez

The guys there only put armorall when people give them tips and they say it if u will give a tip I will put armorall in your tires.. Not professional at all!!!!!

blkpower 7

Cool do it yourself

Ana Valdebenito

Terrible service

Vishal Kumar

Good automated car wash with powerful vacuum

Adrian M

Perfect went with the 13 dollar one and it was done in less then 6 mins, i will sign up for the unlimited washes on a monthly plan, on my next time coming here :)

Gary Ashburn

Free vacuums, lots of options for extras. Get the monthly pass.

Da Ae Kim

Had a great wash here a few days ago but then there was a bit of a mishap with my credit card (accidentally got overcharged for something) came back in and the attendant was incredibly helpful and understanding and for me the refund for the overcharge. Saved me a lot of headache from dealing with the bank. I wish I’d gotten her name so I could thank her properly

Diane Dudasik

Great car wash. They have a program that you can go on you pay by the month and you can go once a day for a car wash every day or as often as you like during the month. I love! All I do is pull up and I don't have to worry about paying. They have an area if you want to wipe down your car or clean the inside of your car.

Art Alvarado Jr.

Great place to wash your car!

Blake Fair

Pretty terrible cat wash. The dryers don't do a thing, I left with my car covered in soap and water. I had to towel dry the entire thing.

Bess Kussner

No instructions. The staff don't speak English. AVOID.

Sơn Cao

I got their unlimited car wash membership for a month. All of the sudden they raised the price for the monthly membership and cancelled mine without any notice. Otherwise they offer a very good car wash, getting crowded everyday

Jose Chavez

This place makes maintaining your car's cleanliness so easy! The price for the standard wash is pretty cheap and then you get to use their vacuums free of charge! Definitely convenient since I probably wouldn't think of vacuuming the inside of my car as often as I do now because of this place.

ruby nuh

The staff in here are nice and their service is great

musbah uddin

Nothings wrong with this place.

Phillip Hamilton

Good value and unlimited vacuuming

Vera Povetina

Was good and gentle enough for car with cloth on the top.

richard morales


Robert Robinson

Quick decent wash

Burt Green

Took my wife's car there to have it watched in detail very reasonable prices and they did a fantastic job

Shakeer Hussain

Good price. Vaccum is free

Nicolas Maldonado

Fast Friendly service. Reasonable price for club members.

Joyce Williams

Great in & out car wash...check out their app for loyalty punches towards a free 11th car wash!

Frankie Luna

DarkFairy 19

The service is great and the monthly pass is a good deal.

Gisela Van Lacke

Pay less and do it yourself! Good option!

Yvette Luv

I had to reschedule a few times, but it was worth the wait. Jose gave me a complete detail at a great price, he even honored the quote the previous manager gave me! Now my car looks great, I will bring my car back.

Big Papa

Came after some rainy days to wash my truck, got the $12 wash with the bag, friendly people, good vacuum, good experience overall. Will be back

Borys Gamero

A very new machines. Clean and very nice place

june lie

Nice car wash..

Anatoly Ashkinadze

Fast, friendly service. Conveniently located. A lot of spaces to dry up and vacuum the car .

Bryan Rojas

This carwash is great, free vacuum with your wash the spaces are spacious with plenty of room to open your doors get in your car and clean the inside. The staff is really great.

Todd Pearl

Love the convenience of the unlimited washes for a monthly fee.

Rosay Wynn

Good price

Gary Zimmerman

Buy an annual package. You won't be sorry.

Edlin Gonzalez

Really cheap car wash, plus you get free vacuum. Really clean too!

B Jimenez

Had to clean out our rental before returning and found this spot near our hotel. The rep that greeted me was very friendly and allowed me to use the vacuum system without going through the wash. With his great customer service I handed over a $5 tip which was more then I spent on the service. Check this place out.

Elsa Gonzalez

I love it!!

lucy villazana

Lightning express car wash has been great. I purchased the membership and so far it's worth every penny. The wash is excellent, the drying bays are well equipped, helpful and friendly staff. I even get a goodie bag every time I drive through. Each of the drying bays have an air gun and vacuum hose that are free to use after your wash. I recommend this place to everyone. I normally would pay 10 for a "deluxe" wash at other drive thru car washes and I'm never satisfied with the wash or service. I'm so happy that I chose to check this place out.

Xavier Escareno

The best and vacuum free

Nena Mccormick

Good and friendly service. Maria the manager runs a tight ship.

mi vida en la FAES D H.

Nice carwash with unlimited vacuum

Jane Romo

Good place to wash your car quick and easy.

Nabil A.

good service

My hits Love

It's 8:05am they still not open bad customers service never again

Danny I

Ive been a customer since this carwash was ever made to be treated with no respect and treated with threats and just horrible employee named edwin with a pony tail thinks he can do what he feels and walk up and disconect the vacummes and ask for money he needs to be gone he will run the place down acting like this i wish i can give zero stars

Ana Vega

falls advertisement !!! ,I’ve been a member for almost 2 years i have the express membership for $29.99 My membership was canceled due to unlimited car washes I was told i only can get 15 car washes but they never Told you that Up front Bad business


Excellent customer satisfaction

Marcello Savedra

It's fast you're in you're out car wash deals for car looking really nice Dryer's really do work

seantrell Nichols

The best affordable car wash in LA!! I drive 15 miles from Santa Monica just to go to this car wash.

Ian Peterson

First Class Clean, Full Service Car Wash. Competitive Prices, free Vacuum, and Pressure Spray. Good Service led by EDWIN; He will treat you right, professional and honest. He makes the place Run, like a tight shop. He shld be the GM, giving first class service. Mahalos Edwin

tonys Ram

Very fast and easy.

Alfred Taylor

Crystal Tisdale

Excellent Car Wash wonderful price wonderful employees

Dani Diaz

(Translated by Google) Great service (Original) Buen servicio


cisco w

Nice place

Khoa Le

Fast, cheap and easy. Drive through for the exterior and park to vacuum. There are also air compressors to dry in between the crevices.

elana rivera

I used to go to the old car wash here so I thought I'd check it out. What a disappointment!! The first few times I tried they weren't open even though it was after 9am and clearly there were worker's standing around. When I finally got in, the wash was ok but what annoys me is that for a few dollars more, I get a guy to vacuum and wipe off the excess water. I usually go before work. Do I really want to be vacuuming my own car in a skirt and heels? The dumb thing is they have people standing around working the automated pay system instead of vacuuming and drying. My car looked MUCH better when I went to the old Lawndale car wash. I won't be going back!

Rick Mccormick

Decent car wash

NR Hunt

Valerie Alviar

The best value in town! If you wash you're own car or just the Boss's Ride; then you shouldn't pass on this place


Quick wash. Spot free rinse and no dirt left on car like other drive through car washes.

Gary Wang

This place is great!

Stan Dela Cruz

Place is awesome, I've been into this place since they opened. Good and very quick service all the staff are very friendly! My baby loves it here...

felipe portillo

Quick and easy

Eric Sandoval

Membership paid monthly for a car wash today. Good bye bird poop

jamal bryant

nothing works.

Danny Esp

Closes early, never at the posted times. Update your hours or close on time!

Ana Malu-Lainaholo

After trying other do-it-yourself car wash places, this one offers the best wash & vacuum stations. Get the monthly subscription, so worth it if you plan on washing your car often.

Ricki Ricardo

Awsom specially with the monthly plan

Erik_kelliehan Kelliehan

All you need is one run through this carwash to know that the12 dollars is well worth it. But for frequent car washers getting the monthly is a no brainer. 30 bucks unlimited visits. No question. Go thru once a nd you will get the picture.

Jolene Arias

It's a nice car wash vaccum, blower so no water spots it helps

Jessie Trinkaus

Ruben Davila

(Translated by Google) Excellent

Richi Valenze

Only thing missing is an outside wash sink

Janet Sanchez

Always the best place to go

Sherry Datta

Ramak J. Sedigh

Great service and plenty of space for vacuuming & drying. The staff is helpful ready to help.

Michelle Daniels

$6 car wash free vacuum

Manuel Henriquez

The costumer services it's really bad

Joshua Quesada

They don't always do the tires

Lanice Mossette

my car was cleaned well from the automatic washing.

Victor De La Cruz

I pay a monthly membership. It’s very inconvenient to arrive 45 minutes after the place is suppose to be open only to find it still closed. I understand there is maintenance to do. But it’s been very consistent last four months. I think it’s time to look for a new place. Service here has degraded noticeably.

Larry Scurlock

Great Service

Stephanie Blumenthal

I've been coming here for the last 2-3 years. I love the unlimited wash makes it easy & convenient for me. Everyone that works here is really great!

Edward Bukowski

Fantastic, a little soap was remaining on my car after. But they were very accommodating and allowed me to go through the car wash a second time. There was also something sticky on the front bumper of my car, possibly tree sap, they sprayed something on it and cleaned it off by hand.

Elaine Samaniego

I have been going here for 5 years, I really like this place, especially since they changed the hours from 7 - 7 and now they are 7:30 to 8. The equipment is always running and in good shape. I told all my friends and family and so many have signed up. I love the one fee a month I used to go to the "do it yourself" $1.00 to start and spend $6-$8 compared to $16.99 a month and I could go everyday well worth it.

Mina Li

Really bad


Use to be Eco... just as good!

Edward Defreze

Happy and attendant staff

Baraa Jermi

1 star because there is no zero, the worst customer service

Ramla Dawarpana

The car wash gives your cars scratches, realizing the other day that damages your car real bad.

Mike Ruiz

Fast and easy

Arnaldo Renz Junior


Islam Butt

Green and great monthly rates starting at $15.95 a month

Mike Bogan

Great car wash and their monthly service is the best value if you like to wash your car once a week or more. They lose a star because lately my car has come out not fully rinsed (suds) and still pretty wet. It's like they are running the card through too fast. But on the plus side the free air pressure nozzles are the reason I'll keep coming back. Still the best drive through car wash in the South Bay.

Rinzi Bhutia

It's got free vaccumming

Vincent Hyden

It's cheap and it's a great wash... you also get a discount for your next wash on every receipt.


(Translated by Google) See you. (Original) A plus.

Alejandro Gomez

Great, car wash. Staff is friendly and nice.

Robert Beard

Great car wash.

God King

Rodrigo Rotondo

Nice place

Mudassir Ahmed

Kristin Karlin

Reasonable price for a decent quick wash

Claudia Martinez

Peter Huh

If you need a quick cheap wash and don't have a SUV or hatchback this place is OK. If you have a fairly vertical rear of the car it does not do a good job of washing that area.

Eduardo Aguilar-Montes

I am always greeted, the staff are always happy and will drop everything in order to help you out. Love coming here Edit: Rated this place 5 stars previously. The previous staff members were great, always happy to help, and better yet good looking. This had an influence in the customer experience and now the new staff is rude and inexperienced.

Marcel Monji

I'm still doing most of the work myself.

Tuapo Sao


Javier Quijivix

Nice place, good service and helpful staff. Much better if you get monthly service

Jose Martinez

Great until they started charging for the "goodie bags" (air freshener, lint free cloth, wet towelette)

Teresa Martinez

Economical place to have car washed (drive through) great vacuums that u can use as long as u want.

Patrick Ihezie

Keyston Dra

Good and fast services

Serina Hsu

Good experience

Kian Moghaddam

Great value. You presumably need a towel to dry your car. Buy one or bring your own.

Claudia Mares

This is a great car wash, great prices and with the $12 wash you get a towel, air freshener, dash wipe and armor all on your tires. If you use this wash often they have the monthly unlimited wash club for $29.99 Every one that works here is great very friendly and always greets me with a smile. And the new changes they're adding it's making it even fun for the kids at night

Alvaro Escobar

(Translated by Google) The last time I went, I broke my passenger side mirror and they were not responsible. They never answered my phone to fix the car. I had to put a tape on it so that I could load it like this. they will hold you responsible So I recommend that you not go (Original) La última vez que fui me quebró mi espejo del lado del pasajero y no se hicieron responsables nunca me contestaron el teléfono para arreglar el carro le tuve que poner un tape para que cargarlo así por mientras Así que amigos y van y les rompen algo no se van a hacer responsable Así que le recomiendo que no ir

Angela ChangQuan


el vee

I really love this place but it's important to me that a business adheres to their posted business hours. 7:30AM means 7:30AM. If this isn't your opening time then fix it so the rest of the world knows.

Basma Najjar

They are extremely helpful and nice people. I love coming to this place. Well done guys and girls. This kind of businesses make you feel we're in safe hands. Keep the hard work.

Maribel Vasquez

Very nice place. Good customer service & very good air dry!

Stephen Brown

Quick. Cheap. Good quality. Also free vacuuming.

Gina Bullock

Convenient and affordable monthly charge.

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