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REVIEWS OF Justin's Roseville Car Wash IN California

John Cooper

For 25 bucks you would think that they would at least shine the tires. The wash job was ok but to get your tires shined you need to spend an extra 10 bucks.

Mathew Davidson

Brooke Thoreson

I called before hand to see how long it would take to get my seats washed, the woman on the phone told me an hour. Then the person doing my car told me they had to keep it over night. Awful job. They left a brown goo on the floor of my car and it smelt awful. I asked the manager for a refund and they refused, threw my keys at me and told me to leave. 0/10 would never go again.

James Esparza

Great car wash and oil change.

Kassie Burnett

Cherena Neaterous

Easy In and out, friendly, no up sale pressure.

Vincent Cosman

Best carwash in the Sacramento/Roseville area. Plenty of packages to choose from. Great wash was protection and great chicano staff ready to take care of all your car care needs. Don't take my word try it for yourself. Quality over cheap prices any day

Dan Stone

The last several times I've been here, I've found garbage inside the truck on the seat, missed spots on the truck outside...just poor quality. I've since switched to a different wash location and I'm very happy.

Zandra Velenti

They did a great job on our Jeep. It was night and day. They made it look new again. They did a great job cleaning the inside as well. We will def be going back. I suggest our fellow jeepers go to Justin’s.

Lydieth Ley

Good service, usually waiting times are not that bad and they really leave my car clean inside and out. The staff is friendly. I got a basic car wash for about $20

Stephen Eaton

Good care place.

David Butler

Can be pricey but worth it.

Trent Allen

Justin's is hands down the best carwash in Roseville. List prices are a little high, but you get what you pay for and there are coupons floating around, "happy hours", and a buy 5 get 2 free option that make them an even better value.

Valerie Luedke

Ethan Jimenez

Super slow, understaffed, and they charged an oversize fee. I prefer Fairway.

Aaron Kinz

Service is always great. My truck looked awesome after I Justin's wash and hand wax. They do a great job inside and out.

Rimal Ahmad

Its not a good interior clean one.they charge me 100$ and my car is still bad.i will never come here .and i sugguest all of you donot gome just in one car wash.

Dana Tutt

Great job and great customer service!

Meghan Daley

Tavishi Reddy

The front desk customer service is very rude. Her name is Deb and she has an attitude when talking. Came in to check my prepaid card that someone else bought for me. Tells me it’s one thing and when it’s time to pay she says wait it says something else so you owe me money. Ridiculous. Won’t be coming back.

Lindsay Martin

Loved this place till they dented my car. They told me since they did not come tell me about the dent that they obviously didn't do it. (What!) They wiped off the light paint and then said there's no light paint around here so it couldn't have been them. I then had to sit around for 30 minutes until Justin could get here and he blew me off as well. His basic response was show me how it happened. Mine was I didn't realize I had to stay with my car. $75.99 for services and now the additional cost of repairing the dent. Beware coming here. You may get a few good washes but it will cost you eventually.

Cindy James

Manager was Great! They also did a great job on my car. I wasn't sure it was mine at first they made such a big difference!

Michelle S.

The "Justin's Wash" is a great deal. It's a solid interior and exterior detailing for only $50. My car arrived dirty, with lots of dog hair on every interior surface, and when they finished, it looked like a new car. Everyone there is friendly and helpful, I have yet to have a bad experience here. I recommend getting there either when they open or an hour or so before closing, otherwise you may have a long wait.

Vickie Mailey

Wasted over an hour there today. Wash broke, no refund, no apologise, just heres a voucher to come back later since you already paid or wait an hour. Won't make that mistake twice:(

Kyler Wilson

Hands down best car wash/detailing service in town! Never had a bad experience and my truck looks excellent inside & out every time!

Jeff Williams

Great job of finishing cleanup of the car after the car wash machine does the hard work. Very thorough!

Jeremy Carter

Let first off saying my car was really bad. I needed an interior detail bad because of all the spilled food and soda. I wasnt expecting a miracle but at least a major improvement as I will be selling my car soon. Justins Detail Center almost pulled off the miracle. Infact I would say their interior detail was a miracle for as bad my car was. Yes it is 150.00 but they do detailing right, coming from a former detailer myself. I would definitely recommend this place.

Dana Freed

Awesome place..

EricaЯ Svit

My car is spotless! Loved it especially for the price!

Juan carlos Ramirez

Laurie Baser

Had the inside of our car detailed, was very happy with the job.

Josh XYZ

Did a great job on my Jeep. :-)

Rafal Halicki

One of the best places for a full service. Way better than the place down the street. This place really goes above and beyond and they stay true to keeping a standard. Thank you.

Diane Irwin

I got a car wash and it was life changing. They did a really good job and I would like to take this moment to thank my 7 year old grandson, Gavin, for recommending Justin’s to me.


Luis Rocha

Rosanna Ayala

Noush C

Best prices. Kind service. Always willing to wipe something if they missed it. Once my husband's wallet was in the car and I didn't know it and when I got back in the car it was on the center console. They're very honest if they find change on the ground they put it on the console too. Love this place.

uncle grumpy

always great service

Dallas Nielsen

Great detail place

Bonnie Borland

Just always love going to Justin's Roseville Car Wash!!

Robert Venters


I’ve been coming here for years and they make sure my car is immaculate before they hand it back. I recently noticed scratches in my paint and brought it in for help. Francisco had them buffed out and my car was returned to me looking as good as new. Their customer service is outstanding. I don’t take my cars anywhere else.

cuponeacon claudia

Prices are competitive. What sets them apart is their attention to detail, friendliness and helpfulness of staff. If by chance, any spot is missed, just mention it and they get to it right away with an apology and a smile! Their "Buy 5 get 2 free washes" deal makes it better.

Debbie Mejia


Grace Under Fire

I am horrible about washing my car and cleaning the inside of it. Needless to say, it was filthy by the time I brought it in to Justin's. You would never know how filthy it was because they did such an amazing job! Sparkly clean and the car looks brand new again. Amazing job and staff.

Anthony Espinoza

Have taken 2 different vehicles here and both times after I am completely satisfied with the outcome. Looks brand new! And while you wait, They have pretty much every accessory for your vehicle that you would want inside, snacks and drinks plus a always friendly staff, good lounging sofas and tvs while you wait, Thanks Justin's

Steven Escobar

$8.00 off on Friday between 4pm and 6pm they get their money back by up selling you. SUV's are extra even mid size ones such as a Kia Sorento.

Colin Sweeney

sukhi sander

Steven Larson

Awesome job

Jonathan Fontanilla

Kimberley Peterson

Richard Ortiz

Nice looking car wash. They do good detail work. They got my Shelby GT 500 sparkling clean. Prices reasonable. I was impressed. Good customer service.

Orli Gispan

Love this place. ... cleaning the car super good

Ron Baioni

Been here a few times. Always get out faster than they say. They do a good job.

graciela albini

Many options. My car looks spotless!

Salvador Rodriguez

Chris Novak

I bought the monthly service form Justin's went threw a few times, on the last trip threw we came out with a chunk of aluminum gouged out of the front driver side wheel. I brought it to the attention of the management at Justin's and they told me it was impossible for their car wash to do that to the wheel. It's a brand new car and there was no damage to it on the way in but the manager insisted that I did it somewhere else. I have canceled my service there and gone to the competition for my carwash from now on and would suggest against using Justin's. This happened almost a month ago, when I canceled the service I asked for someone higher up to contact me, they have yet to get back to me.

Gordon Family Vlogs

Greg J Barber

Great quality and cheap price

Justin Johnson

My Regular car wash and great name :)

Robert Breault

Great prices, friendly staff, great job by all

Trampas Shook

The best place , i take all my cars here


Suren Jiwa

Excellent people excellent service

Greg. Semmler

Since New owner ship the quality of detail has gone down hill I have noticed more scratches and missed spots of detail I will be looking for another car wash service.

Justin W

Turned my wife's car from a complete mess to brand new. Highly recommend taking your car hear for detailing.

Beatriz Martinez

Cody Turner

Theives! Stay away ftom here! Petty items but seriously? Not to mention getting sub par service for there top dollar "justin's" wash and waiting almost 2 hours after being told 45 mins....never again!

Ursula Whitfield

Great customer service!

David Olsen

Love this place!! Have and always will be my favorite detail shop and basic maintenance

Patty Meyers

Kenneth Marlow

Aaron Johnson

Diana Caselas

They do a great job, if you want to conserve on your own water go to Justin’s.

Howard Domka

Pricey, but they do a good job. Be prepared to wait around an hour, even on slow days or times.

Janet Hopson

Very disappointed in this local business! I have tried this car wash on many occasions and been very happy with the service. Recently I noticed with the high heat the employees are working outdoors in the SUN cleaning cars. Why would an obviously profitable company not care for their employers!!! While I was paying a worker came in and paid full price for a Gatorade. Just appears like their is no regard for employees and that they are treated like second class citizens. I am now taking my business elsewhere. You may want to consider going somewhere where they actually value their hard working employees.

Arlene Lafferty

Genna Lasko

They did a great job with my car. It didn’t cost as much as other places, but I thought the quality and attention to detail was just as good!

Tiffany Viale

Always have friendly service and they do a good job washing the car. It is a little on the spendy side if you don't have a cupon.

Alexandria Mccoy

Great car wash stop get your car washed detailed gas up change oil and tuned up

daniel de santiago

Great service!

Sande Bartley

Go here all the time for car wash and detail. They do a great job.

A. Lobato

Great service! I have never been disappointed with my car washes. Staff do a great job! Highly recommend Justins if you are in the area and need a car wash.

Joe Rose

Josh Mustico

Been going to Justin’s for about 9 months. Bring my 4Runner there every three months for the “Justin’s wash” and they always do a fantastic job. Just brought my Jetta through the “lava extreme wash” express wash and noticed the whole rear end was still dirty while pumping gas. Brought the car back around afterwards and showed the attendant my receipt, pointed out the dirt and was told to wait for the manager. Manager stated the express shouldn’t be expected to get all parts of the car clean. Said he would send my car back through reluctantly, but next time pony up for the non-express washes or don’t expect a clean car. Wow.

gurvinder singh Sohi

Bad service

Peichen Chang

Making my car look great. Inside and out.

Jay Schumacher

Polite and efficient

Carolyn Allen

Super Excellent Job

Jonathan Chan

Great place for a car wash

Mike Yates

Very good car wash and detail work and oil change

Lilly Mollart

Salma Syeda

I have been getting my car washed here regularly from last few years. They do a really great job at detailed cleaning and the prices are very reasonable. They do have a customer appreciation day on Wednesdays. If you haven’t visited this place then you must try once and experience the service

Mark Andruss

I must say this car wash was absolutely incredible! I drive a new lifted truck with 35 inc tires , they took the time not only to make my truck look absolutely amazing but took the time to make my $5,000 in tires and rims look good! Best car wash within 300 miles!!!!!

Debbe Nelson

Great job!

Stephen Slocum

VJ's Salon & Day Spa

Best place to get your car clean! my car looks brand new and the inside is spotless!

Mike Burleson

They do a very good job.


Took my truck there to save time doing it myself. I purchased the Extreme Lava wash. When the wash was done all my windows were still wet, mind you it's a standard cab truck (4 windows). The attendant wiped a few parts of the truck at the end and waves me on. I had to stop and ask one of the detail guys to borrow a towel so I could wipe down all my windows bumpers, grill and chrome rims that were still wet. Not to mention pop my (stock/standard size) collapsible mirrors back out that hit one of the blower structures on the way out and re-install my antenna that was removed before the wash. I realize this is a $13 wash but I specifically came to Justins cause I thought they would be more thorough than Quick Quake or Arco. Unfortunately I was wrong.

Roni Seabury

The guy taking my order went above and beyond to help me by taking the time to research online an issue I had on my car so he knew if waxing would solve it or not and it did. I'm so impressed.

Jane Lin

They say that they hand wash cars which I find misleading. It's more like hand dry cars. They send the cars through a car wash and then dry the cars by hand. Overall friendlyand good service; Wednesdays are super busy because they have a discount for their washes, but it is worth it to go on a Wednesday. So if you've got a some time to spare, go on a Wednesday.


Perry McKinnon

Great service!!!

Macie Dale

The Best Car Wash. Car looks brand new. I have been here several times. Level of service is consistant. No matter now dirty my car had been they always do a through job. Never miss a spot! Highly reccomend.

Andrew Holladay

It was my first time here, I did Justin’s wash for $50 and my vehicle looks better than when I purchased it. Amazing job and I highly recommend them. This will be my new choice for a car wash.

Linda Ayala

Been taking my cars to Justins since they first opened. I love being able to relax while I have the choice to watch baseball or other sports or just passing the time on the patio while waiting for my car. They do an excellant job of cleaning inside and out in a short time

LEMOINE BOND Realty Counsel

Daniel Aleman

april haines

Cleaned my car- sparking and shiny

Amrik Chima

First rate! My car looks like brand new. It gets a lot of brake dust and Justin’s does a fantastic job of getting it off. Also they have a very nice lobby and the staff is great.

Lynn R

Julie Trapp

I have been there several times including one time for a detail where they shampooed the inside seats. Every time they do a fantastic job. Wednesdays is their discount day so I try to go on Wed., you usually do have to wait no matter what day you go on, but they are worth the wait. Bring something to do, they have a shop there where you can buy some snacks and stuff, they have inside or outside seating for your wait. They are always curtious.

Sophia Kleinfelder

Amazing attention to detail for just 17bucks! Really cleaned my car that was super-dirty after months of going unwashed. No nasty smell after from cleaning products. Fast and friendly. Nice outdoor seating with chairs and awnings and an outside room... inside comfy couches and tv, lots of junk for last minute gifts. Let me walk around inside with my poodle pup, who is very new and timid - just a great Car Wash!

Monikka Delgado

Great service! We always go to Justin's for a car wash.

Dawn Clark

Best car wash so far!

Pamela V

They do good job on your car

Carole Walton

Always do a great job ..

Kyle W

they scratched the hell out of my car all on the right side, hood and trunk. had them look at it and they started to avoid the damage all together trying to tell me it was my fault or "there must have been something on there" there wasnt, maybe i dunno dirt? why would i be at a car wash? all that while trying to sell me on water spot removal vs just solving the problem. then the guy said he would be back but after one of their workers was done which took another 15 or so minutes he never returned. i had my pregnant wife with me and son and being in the heat wasnt ideal. also it took them and hour and 20 minutes just to wash my car. they wiped some kind of wax to cover up the major swirl marks and scratches their machines left. didnt work that well, car looks terrible. its unfortunate they treat their customers this way. front cashier and staff were nice but whoever the manager or lead was that day was very unprofessional in his approach to dealing with this and others as it appears. unless you have a white car or a beater dont bring your car here for anything.

Nikki Evans

Khalid Samir

Real attention to details despite it was on a weekend and the place was packed, they took their time detailing each car. Waiting area is really nice and comfortable too.

Shirell Naidu

I went in today, 7/22/17 for the Justin's wash option and was there for over an hour before I inquired about my vehicle. I found out my vehicle was ready for a good 30 mins but nobody called for me. Also noticed later in the day that there was a scratch on my front bumper that was not there before I took it in. But I have no proof that they created the scratch. Thoroughly disappointed! Will not be going back there ever again.

tim drake

A great deal! Very friendly

Marty Haydon

Cindy Hyland

Great place

Cynthia Jimenez

They do an excellent job.

david perkins

Very happy

Christopher Cooper

Horrible car wash. NO WAY IS IT WORTH $40 !!! AND NO WAY WILL I GO BACK. Wish I could post the photos but along with several other things that weren't washed there is now soap smears and run off that is baking into my paint as I type. Gonna take me hours to go back over this and fix what they messed up or just didnt even bother doing. Wish I could attach photos cause this is by far the worst car wash experience I have ever had. There is not one single good thing I can say about it.


I got the "Justin's Wash", 50 bucks. The guy spent a long time on the car. When he was done there was still bug guts all over the front the car, and some on the sides. He did another 30 seconds of rubbing and said it was good. Still lots of bug guts, and a scratch that wasn't there before. They didn't even touch the cargo area, it's still dirty. There's even dirt on the top of the back seat totally obvious when opening the back door. I think for 50 bucks the car should be clean. Crazy huh. Don't go here.

Nick Hopkins

Fantastic work! They made my car look and smell like new!

Katrina Sawa

They did a great job on the oil change and car wash.

Jean Claude Delquox

Experience was less than desired.. Told I got a special but it was standard price. Went to pick up car and multiple areas not even touched. Trunk and door sills had dirt not even touched.. Paid in advance for Detail premium package but had to point out all the missed area while waiting on car to return to work. Not the greatest first impression.. :-( Thanks but no thanks will find an other establishment.

John Porter

These guys always do such a great job on my car. The value is exceptional considering what you find at other places around town. The Gold Wash gets your ride shined up nice, and you can add extra services too without having to pay for an entire detail package you probably wouldn't need. Always impressed when I take my car here. Conveniently located too!

Deanna Smpardos

I have not been to there

Chris Headrick

Need a rainy day special. Always do a great job though.

Ahou Shams-Gowans

Moises Maldonado

Great car wash, they are fast for a full detail and it's a good detail

amanda morgan

Very good car wash, but if their hours say 5:30 is closing then they really mean 5:25. I understand some people will say that "you shouldn't show up that close to a business's closing time" my answer to that is "if they don't want people showing up all the way until closing time then they should make closing time earlier." Unfortunately with school and work taking up most of my day, I had to try to rush over there only to b turned away with 6 min left b4 "closing time".

Samson Yao

Rip off ... more like a 20sec. Run on their machine and thats it your 15$ ..just wasted not worth your time. .

D Buck


Best car wash. I have SUV and dirty with kids and after going to this car wash , car is perfect I try different car washers but this one is the best

Carol Krueger

Fast and it's done right

Michelle Gondor

Kevin Nunez

We have given them multiple chances and they have fallen short every time. I feel like I would have been better off paying my teenager to detail our car. Paid for the Gold wash. They miss the basics. Windows not clean, crumbs and trash between seats and in cup holders and nothing wiped down. We have complained in the past and have been given a free car wash for inconvenience, but that's unnecessary. At this point, I feel like the only way they would do a good job is if you bring them a car that's already clean.

Varinder Singh

Great car wash place

Bernie Avalino

Great car washes at this place. All the staff are always very friendly and helpful too. I recommend this place to all!

Vicky Kumar

Very very bad service never ever come back again

Marissa Gancayco

Great service for an awesome deal!! I got my car detailed here... my car has never looked cleaner. I felt like I was driving a brand new car around!

Travis Morales

I came at 1:30pm for a wash and oil change. Bad timing it took too long and not enough people drying the vehicles. My car was dry before they even had a chance to wipe it down. Not how that should be done

Loretta Naas

Helen Dumiller

James Smith

Will Sitzenstatter

Good service, I love the free car wash with oil change

Ty M

The "Justins wash" is the best wash they have in all respects. Super cheap and they do an amazing job. Highly recommended, only down side is that it takes a while however perfection takes time.

Brandon Youngman

Zalone Mier

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