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20602 Lake Forest Dr, Lake Forest, CA 92630, United States

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REVIEWS OF Harv's Express Car Wash & Detailing IN California

Shervin Afshar

Excellent customer service, friendly owner. highly recommended.

Jessica Cadenhead

I got the $16.99 deluxe wash. It was a rough start, no one seemed to know who was supposed to help which car, and one guy came up to my car and barked “TICKET?” I didn’t have a ticket, so he yelled for the other guy to come out & sell me one. Not the best customer service, but they do a good job cleaning and vacuuming the car. It’s hard to find a car wash that takes their time & thoroughly cleans the vehicle.

Will Van Deusen

Great place! Washed my car and it came out awesome!

David Chung

Quality of cleaning is sub par. Customer service is terrible. Got car washed today and it didn't get cleaned all the way. When I told him about it he said I would have to pay $5 more. Why would I pay $15 for a machine wash that is no better the Shell Gas station one. TRASH!


Phenomenal car wash. More than fair prices and exceptional service. Owner is a great guy, and if you bring your car around often, he will help you out!!


This place is great. I just purchased a 2015 Nissan Versa last November. I have brought it here ever since. My car looks great. They do a great job. The service is excellent. Spencer and his wife are very nice. Plus the prices are unbelievable! I'm actually here right now having then service my ride.

Caleb Ostgaard

Good experience at the car wash (fantastic employees, okay/bad management). I spent $142 on a interior detail cleaning and regular outside car wash. I originally got it done, and as I drove away, I noticed many minor details that were missed (easy spots throughout car that could have been easily cleaned with a damp rag and one wipe - which should be something not overlooked in a detail.) The employees were very helpful and friendly and easily did the cleaning when I came back two days later. My only complaint was the smell still left in my car after the cleaning (and the reason I went in for the detail). I also went back to talk about this, and he said that they used a lot of water to clean the seats. They didn't seem to be using much soap (the detail was described as “Mats Shampoo & Carpet Shampoo," which should mean soap). The management at Harv's does not seem to be very helpful to the employees, even though the employees work very hard and are very helpful to customers.

Kierra Mitchell

The same guy who always cleans my car, did my headlights, and I must say he did an EXCELLENT job.! Every time I come up here, Harv always talked about my headlights and always shot me a I finally did it, my car looks brand new.!!! He gave me everything for $75 bucks.! Can't beat it, right? Cleaned the outside, inside, and headlight job for $75 bucks...I've been coming to Harv's ever since I moved to Lake Forest from Garden Grove...they never let me down :) (check my picture out on Yelp, yellow Mini Cooper)

arya mahram

Nice carwash & very close to me

Eberto Parrilla

Took my truck for a wash and the owner stated there was a “special” package for $50 which normally is about double; well i fell for it and it was the worst experience; the car was dirtier than how it was and I got charged an extra $10... My family and I have been washing our vehicles at this place and always been ok, but after this experience; NO MORE!!! Not a single apology form the owner; very unprofessional!!!

Ieatpaint 760

I was told that my car was too dirty for the $7.99 car wash. I said that's what I want. The attendant said I had to pay more because the car was too dirty and I would complain. I paid a little more for nothing extra. I won't be back ever again. Good job by insulting a paying customer.

Jesse Harmon

Good car wash for price. You're in and out typically within 15 minutes if you do express wash. Buy a multi-wash ticket and save money.

travis pumphrey

Received the express wash. Drove through the wash the they refused a wipe down or interior vacuum. Waste of money

Ramon T

This place is great! I have a monthly pass for over a year now. For the price, the service is very good. Car goes in dirty, car comes out clean without scratches. Interior vacuuming is great too! I recommend this place.

Judy Northrop

Had our van detailed today---beautiful job! The car looks like new, it is clean as can be, and every detail was attended to. We will return to Harv's for future services!

Tyler Ellis

I was told I would have to pay extra because my car was dirty. Its a car wash. Who takes a clean car to the car wash

Bryan Clark

AVOID! FALSE ADVERTISING. It's not a $6 wash. It's a $20 car wash if you want any interior done. You can go right around the corner to the Chevron station off Alton and get a $10 car wash inside and out. The people who work here have no people skills and it's impossible to communicate what you need done. Just wash the car, wipe down the inside and vacuum. That shouldn't cost me $45.

Mike Tupa

Great people! Amazing service!

Peter Kulka

Went to this place because i saw the sign outside advertising $6 car wash. When I pulled up I was offered a $25 car wash, I asked what the $6 deal was and was told that was the outside only, and it was $6.99, not $6, but what I needed because my car was dirty was the $7.99 car wash. Not sure what the extra $1 (was told that it was an extra $1, not $1.99) got me (was told it would include a prewash?) as the wash was only ok. Got most of the dirt off, but left water spots all over my car. No one wiped down my car after (or even offered to wipe it down). My car did not have water spots before coming in.. The car was down the street is cheaper and you can avoid the hard up sell tactics.

B yoo

This place is over price. But the staff here is really nice and friendly. This police studs need to be cleaned up and repainted. It looks very run down

Linda Zamora

The service was excellent, the couple the own this car wash are very polite and take much pride in their business!! Also their workers are very nice and know what they are doing!!

theo a

Wash is ok, but DO NOT under any circumstance detail here! I had a monthly membership here for mainly for the convenience of the location and that I like the owners - hard working folks. Car wash - The quality of car wash is ok - the interior is well done, but on the outside they will leave streaks and water marks. Have to fix each time when I get home. On my last wash they left some scratches from the wipe down which was when I had had enough. They will also cut corners and I always have to ask at the end that they apply the express wax which is supposed to be part of the wash I have. Read the menu and make sure they do what they say!!! Detailing - Simple: Do not detail your car here!! The folk here are not experienced detailers. Anyone with attention to detail can wash a car - detailing you need to know what you are doing. After polishing and waxing, my car still looked dull. $$ wasted. Should have learnt my lesson. On another occasion they tried (and I actually appreciated the effort) to get some deep water marks out and while some came out, they left much undone, just didn't have expertise and worst and left some very deep scratches from trying to do so! I ended up doing it again at a detailing specialist (Canyon Auto Spa) and they got out the marks, had my car looking like new and fixed all the scratches left by Harvs for the same price btw. Could have saved my self some $$ by going there directly. Conclusion, NOT going back to Harvs.

Jennifer Bailey

WORST WORST WORST PLACE EVER. My husband went again today after a bad experience before and paid $70 to a detail. They did the worst job he has to fix it himself. Vacuuming is extra and not included. RUDEST people and do not ever recommend it to ANYONE. Please do not give these people your money and go somewhere else and get your money's worth!

Michael R

This is not a full service car wash! This time, their vaccumes were out of order!

R.L. Timmons

Okay for a outside wash not 4 deep clean

Always Right

DO NOT use this car wash. Lazy staff. Car had to go through 3 times and still not clean. They DO NOT vacuum interior. This place is 2 thumbs down


Love the way they clean my car


Got the interior and exterior detail. Took 5 hours, but they did a great job and my car hasn't looked thus nice in years.

Eric Kincaid-Sharp

great service! manager is Spencer! he was awesome! I would recommend to anyone!

Kelly Macias

Great car wash for the price!

Bryan Ramirez

It can be a bit pricey if you get a full-service wash, but they do a fantastic job!

Kim Gardner

This is my favorite car wash. They do a great job and very friendly. Always a good wash inside and out.

Michael Yawn

I've had my share of car washes that promise alot but delivery substandard service. This is no exception. They badger you with upsells. (I don't fault them for that but their prices are unreasonable for the poor quality). I'm glad I only upgraded to a wheel clean, shine and dressing. Well... It was a.... >>> FAIL!! ≤≤< If they can't get something as simple as that done right, I'm certainly not going to fork out $$$ for anything else. AVOID this place and call: Simple Details Auto detailing Infinitely better quality, bargain priced and they come to you!


They did a GREAT job on cleaning and waxing my car. I've been taking my car to several other local places and I have always had to point out a problem or something they didn't do well. Because I've had bad experiences with wax services at other places, I was skeptical. So I was pleasantly surprised that not only did I not find any problems, they did 'extras' that I didn't even pay for. I am very happy with the quality of work and will continue to use Harv's. I highly recommend this car wash.

Eric Lewis

My truck sat for 8 months in a very dusty area and needed a major clean inside and out. Had Harv's do an interior and exterior detail. The truck was returned to me immaculate! I had it detailed 100k miles ago at some other place, but Harv's had it looking nicer than my truck did back then. They will take years off your car and well worth the cost of a full detail. Thanks Harv's!


Prices are good. But after I paid the highest package for my car. I was let down. It was not busy yet they rushed thru my car. It came out so bad that I ended up having to wash my car myself later in the week. I'm done with car washes. I can not believe I paid borderline $50 for a half ass job. PS The guy below me has terrible grammar. Avoid this wash. Dana point has the best car washes. They actually care for your cars appearance.

enrique avalos

Great service! Funny guys-- Great staff! Don't believe all the HATERS !?!? I don't wash my car often BUT when I DO, I go HERE & YOU SHOULD, TOO. ONLY $7.99. NOW that's a GREAT DEAL, guys. So HURRY on DOWN and get your car the WASH it DESERVES. Wooooo ! ( Ric Flair voice)

Chung Cheng Yeh

I've been here serval times. The service is good and the charge is fair. The boss always smile to customers. I feel very comfortable having my car wash here

Tien Bau

Best in class service. Very reasonable price. Recommend

Moe Joorabchi

Charged two times as much as other places, did not even do the job right, waste of money and time, never again

G Wepp

Just moved to the area and haven't been to many other washes but this place is pretty good. The wash itself is quick but I like that they take the time after to throughly vacuum, dry the car, and clean all the hard to get to places. Will be returning soon for detailing.

Jason Hsiao

I had one-time experience with this shop. The job was great and the service was excellent. I personally recommend it!

Torrey Carren

Not sure if I was being punished for just getting the $16 wash but they didn't do much. Just went through the drive thru and then they dryed most of it. I had to park elsewhere afterwards and wipe the dirt off by the wheel wells. Came off easy. Not sure why they didn't do it. I dont recommend this place.

Evan Crocker

Fast and friendly, they always do a great job and have great pricing. Wouldn't go anywhere else in the area!

Andria Kelling

Went to try this place today since its gotten decent reviews... There was one car in front of me already in the car wash and the lady said "can you wait like 20 minutes, we are so busy". Seriously? Ummmm no thanks, I'll take my business elsewhere.

Stacey Curtis

They did a great job inside and out on my car. Note to self ...turn off the plane assist before entering the wash. My car thought it was crashing all the way through.

Tracy Drusky

Ruined my wheels. Then proceeded to deny it. New car. Never again.

Scott Johnson

My car looks better than the day I bought it! Best $20 car wash I've ever gotten

Drew Whisner

Been coming here for about 2 years and they have never done me wrong. They greet me by name and have never not done an amazing job, I would recommend them

Irina Pichko

They want you to pay $18 for a $10 car wash. If you want stains to be removed pay extra $5, otherwise they will leave you car like on my pictures.

Jeff F

Brought my Audi in for detailing at Harv's. The guys did an excellent cleaning inside and out. This was followed by wax and interior detail. The work was done in a timely manner and the crew paid attention to detail. I was extremely happy with the results and will bring my son's car in for the same package. I highly recommend Harv's for their cleaning and detailing services!

Alex Borges

I have the monthly membership and the job is always great and the service is excellent. Very friendly and reliable

Katie Pettinato

Terrible. They nickel and dime you, for a car wash you could get through a gas station and be better off with. Definitely won't be going back.

Scott Baird

First class service, for first class customer's! At Mayfield transport we haul million dollar horses. Our customer's expect a million dollar ride! Great quick , clean service every time!

Ricardo Espindola

The owners of this car wash have absolutely zero people skills. The work they perform is subpar. I’m never coming back. Stay away. There are plenty of car washes in the area that do a much better job.

Walter Clyne

Great service Recommending to all of our friends

Sandy n Simon Kazeminy-Quon

Rinse doesn't rinse soap off.

Jennifer Whitcher

Great attention to detail. Hand vacuum and hand dry service for reasonable cost!

Bob Vreeland

$10 for my 'large suv' Hyundai Santa Fe to take a trip through the wash. The vertical scrubbers were broken and just hung from the top of the machine while soap sprayed on them and the car. Both the pre-rinse and the spot-free rinse cycles cut off before car was all the way through. I know I only paid for an external wash, but I feel the car was cleaner when it went in than when it came out. 0 stars for the wash, 2 stars for being friendly.

Michael Francois

Family rub local drive through car wash. Decent job and good prices. Local.

Charlie Marken

Well run family carwash with good service from the drying crew

Clarissa Vidaurri

I always come here before and after my roadtrips! I trust them to take care of my car and at good prices! Everyones friendly and they're super fast too!

Rana Hattar

Do Not go there if you care about your car !! Omg never again I had to stop them and leave Becasue of the abuse they used on my car. DONT GO THERE WITH A NICE CAR They actually damaged my car pulled off vinyl stuff off and still charged me !!

Alex Cannas

I always washed my car myself before I moved away from home. Now in an apartment that cannnot wash my car. I wenty there needing a good cleaning. Asked him for a exterior and interior wash. 24.99. reasonable to me. Then he looked at my car after I paid and told me I needed to pay 5$ more for bug removals. Got my car back with streaks around all my windows, center console still wasn't clean, and guess what....bug splat was not removed at all. They are still there. Will be going to AutoZone to buy bug removal to do it myself. Don't come here if you have high expectations.


This place has the best car wash service around! I have a terrible parking spot in my apartment complex, because the tree I'm parked under has a nest of birds that ate some pretty bad food. Anyways, Harv's Express always takes care of the problem in an instant and I will always recommend you guys to test it out.

elmo odums

Fast and friendly staff . Does a great job cleaning my exterior and interior every time. I purchased the monthly pass for unlimited wash 3 months ago and it's been well worth it.

Willie King

I've had nothing but good experiences at Harv's. I purchased the package deal allowing me to buy 13 washes for the price of 10. The thing I like most about the pricing is the different levels of washes not just 1 fits all. They do a very good job I had the inside of my car cleaned and the rugs cleaned as well. Check them out.

Laura Spingler

Last Saturday morning, 2/14, thought I would "treat" myself to a car wash @ Harv's. What a BAD idea! It was the first wash for my new Hyundai Sonata. It is a driver attended, automatic wash, the owner, Harv, instructed me not to touch the steering wheel, which I observed. When the car began exiting the tunnel, I noticed the blow dryers were not functioning, then I heard a metallic, scraping sound. I steered my car around to the right for the hand finishing. After he finished, I tipped him and drove directly across the lot to the gas station, as I was filling up I noticed my left front hubcap had been mangled, pulled away from the tire and twisted in two areas. I drove back to Harv's, asked for the owner who was the man who took my $21.99 for the wash and complimented me on my nice new car. The same man had a very different demeanor when I complained that his machine had clearly done this damage. He denied this and blamed me for "touching the steering" wheel. I was outraged, no admissibility, no attempt at customer service. He said his car wash couldn't have caused the damage, then he offered me a "free" car wash! Seriously? I went immediately to Big O tire, where Casey checked the tire and assured me that the tire wasn't damaged. $110 later I had a new hubcap. I thought I would give Harv one more opportunity to make this right, he refused. This guy should not be in any type of customer service it's on to the BBB and Yelp. Small claims court, here I come.

R Gard

Horrible job! $10.99 exterior only and when I got home and really looked at it there were water spots everywhere, numerous bug spots, the windows were all streaked and they don't open the doors period! Sills left unwiped. I pointed out the bug spots to the guy and he just looked at me and shrugged. Then this fool has the stones to stare at me waiting for a tip. Never going back.

Rehan ameen

They spent a good half hour on the interior of my car. Very impressive

Fernando Valenzuela

Good service, car always looks good. Owner pushes the upsell.

Jason Corder

Interesting place....... dont let them fool you by their sign out front that says 5$ car wash! I ended up spending 25$

Craig Hayes

I was really happy with how well they cleaned my car. I'll be going here again.

Rami Elatafat

Very fast very clean always doing a good job actually great job since every been with them two years never had one complaint

Harmony Home Health

Horrible service! Terrible management! They charge extra for trucks but don’t even spray or flush out soap from bed. Will never go back.

Leonardo Silva

scratched my car all the bad

Jamie Camunas

Paid for Windows, they didn't touch the inside of my windshield and missed the little window in the back inside and outside. Won't be back.

Nasser Simon Kazeminy

The carwash does not properly rinse. I had soap residue all over my windshield when it was finished.

Hazel Mckinney

Inexpensive car wash with Great service. You stay in car.

Morgan Westbrook

Mislead on pricing, then got stuck inside the carwash, car ended up not getting clean and they would not credit or return my $$ Horrible service!

Drew Carroll

Not impressed, paid for a exterior detail. Not sure what was detailed. Running boards, and rims were untouched. Chrome accents including the door handles had water marks. Mirrors water marked. Bird droppings untouched on the bed cover. Seems like I got charged for a detail but only got the standard wash.

Nancy Alvarez

Great place to get your car washed!

Patricia Soto

Happen to come upon this place after lunch, they had a great price do I got my car wash thinking you get what you pay for..... Boy was I wrong, my car actually looked like I had it polished and my chrome wheels looked new. Definitely my new car wash go to place.

Holly Giudice

Great location! Large bays. Clean.

Bob Shetland

Took my RX-8 for a quick wash. It's a drive thru, and the system did a nice job. An attendant quickly dried off the excess water. Around $8.

Gracie Hale

This was one of the best car washes I've been to for a really long time! I really don't understand why there's so many negative reviews. The staff are super nice and you can tell that they try their best to clean your car. 10/10 would recommend and I'll definitely be coming back!!


Great experience. My 2006 Honda Element hadn't been waxed for close to 3 months. The manager recommended the express wax special and it came out looking like it was new.again

Chris Pak

Very bad service. Attitude is no good. Also. Very bad car wash. Please don't go.

hippy chick

The main guy greeting is always kind. When I was a little unsatisfied with my inside windshield wash he had me come back the next week and did it free of charge. Juan did an excellent job in my car. Very nice guys that are hard workers. I joined the unlimited monthly carwash and I am definitely getting my money's worth!!

Stevan Raosavljevic

Ok this was first time

Matt Richter

Had two of my cars detail here today, they did an AWESOME job on both. Been coming here for years to get our car washed. Thank you

Zsolt Vagi

Quick and easy. With a few food locations near by in case you get a detail.

Mark Tipton

Don't waste your time.

ingo Hentschel

I had some fluid come off the back of a truck so I needed to get my car washed quickly. This is an old school car wash where you sit in the car and go through the spinning brushes. However, and what turned me off, was they use nylon scrub brushes on your car before they send it through the wash. No way would I ever go back unless I just did not care about the finish on my car. I paid $45 for the express wax, which the emphasis should have been on express. It’s a waste of money. There was still dirt on the car, and honestly, it did not look any better than if I had done a quick hose off. The people were nice, but not the place to take a car you care about.

Debbie Watkins

Very nice car wash. Great people. Wonderful job!!

Sergio Lopez

What a joke. I don't usually write negative reviews, but the equipment is broken down; as you drive through the equipment isn't working. They wash your car with a brush before you drive through the "car wash" just to get a rinse. My third visit here, gave these guys a chance, but no more. P.S. The lights weren't even on in the store during my visit, maybe they haven't paid their electricity bill? One positive note about this place, they have some of the best smelling hand soap I've ever come across.

Taylor Perri

Want to avoid this? (See photo) AVOID this place!!! Never have I ever been to a car wash with such terrible service and equipment. You’ve been warned If you can’t see the photo, it ripped off my entire front bumper.

Jackie Ernst

Once or twice a year, I drive to SoCal to visit family. This is the ONLY car wash I use to get the zillions of bugs off my truck grill and window. I also bring my son and daughter in love’s vehicles here as a “thank you” and “love you!”. Everyone is so nice and through with each vehicle. I wish there was one in the Midwest where I live!

Robert Timm

Nice work and super friendly! Best car wash in town!

Moody Michael

I get the works wash. For $20 it's what I expect at a car wash. I have an SUV so they never really clean the top that well. That would be my only complaint. I've been to far worse car washes that's for sure!

Lauren Ogle

They are very polite, quick and clean my car throughly for an affordable price

Baker Ghanim

The guys that work are really nice but the owner is too pushy. Will try to sell u the "mangers special"

Melissa Roeder

WISH I COULD GIVE THIS PLACE NEGATIVE STARS. We paid $50 for the manager special wax and wash...should have known to turn the car around after the owner said he doesn't accept AMEX. Or maybe when he said its extra $$$ to get off yellow spots on the car. What the heck am I paying $50 for then?! Anyway, when the car was ready I pointed out to the detailer that the finish was extremely cloudy and there was still dirt and spots all over the car, specifically the front bumper. He said he couldn't do anything about it and that we had to talk to the manager. Annoyed, we go running to find the manager (with two tired toddlers in tow nonetheless)...and he proceeds to tell us that we should have gotten a different service and that this is what we get for what we paid. For $50 we get a job that makes our car look worse than when we brought it in to begin with!!?! On what planet?!? Then he tries to say we needed a clay wax instead and demonstrates on a little spot on the hood how much smoother it would have been...I'm not at all convinced of it but even if that was the case, I asked him why didn't he suggest that to begin with and he says "I'm not a chemist." This is how you treat a paying customer? It's ridiculous. We asked for them to make it right and he refused, then we asked for our money least for the bad wax job, and he refused again and again. He then walked away and refused to resolve the situation...even the detailer came up to me to apologize. As a customer, I have never been treated so poorly and with such little regard or respect. Clearly this place does not care about its customers or reputation. I already know that "Spancer" is going to respond to this saying we should have paid more for a better wash...what a load of BS. I could have gone to my gas station and got a fat better job than what we received today. I find it laughable that they have on their sign "4 Stars on Google". Please please please save your money and go elsewhere.

Brando GM

They did a great job for the price.

Randall Gamache

I've been coming to Harv's for more than 15 years and I have always had a great experience. The owner and staff are always friendly and ready to help. I won't take my cars anywhere else. Best regards, Randy Gamache

Club Squad

Reasonable service however the guys working there do double time so they're going to miss details. They vacuumed the interior and missed several recessed areas that should have been done. The windows inside also had film streaks in the rear window.

TonyTheTiger G

Harv's carwash is great ...quick thorough and polite long as I live in the area I will always come here for a wash and detail.

Sylvette Cuezon

FALSE ADVERTISING! No such thing as $6 car wash at this place. Terrible customer service. Terrible on car washing cars too. They hit your car with the manual brush by someone who looks like he doesn't want to be there. I will never come back again even if my car be beyond dirty. I'd rather go to the self service car wash next door. JUST HORRIBLE!!!! HATE IT! They can't even dry my car correctly! Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

william pan

Great service, friendly people. Highly recommended to all. Excellent service!

Trey Spisak

They always do a good job with my STI when I come here!

Brock McLayman

Had a good experience with this service. I brought in coupon from another car wash, so the owner was able to match the price. I had the wash and hand wax. The person doing the detail was very thorough. At other car washes, I usually have to ask them to go over a spot, or remove the wax that wasn't buffed out. At this car wash, I couldn't find any spots that needed touch up, and I am picky about doing the job right. I will be taking my 2nd vehicle for the same service.

jaret ramirez

Car wash was down, they tried to accommodate with a rushed hand wash but it wasn't thorough.

Jesse Vanderhoff

Prices are reasonable but the wash process involving a pressure washer and a hard bristle brush to apply soap will surely remove any wax coat that was previously applied. I would improve my rating if they were gentler on the vehicle. You do have to watch what you pay for as the salesmen try to push more expensive packages on you rather aggressively. To dry they use an automated blower system and then finish up with manual microfiber drying.

Georgina Leonetti

Very bad experience as they broke off my rear view mirror and refused to fix it. They were very rude and disrespectul about the situation also. I will make sure to inform others about their unprofessional and unethical conduct.


Great place to come get yourself a good priced car wash. The management is great. Harvs. That's where I go.

Andrew Moyers

Go anywhere else! I came here because my car wash guy was busy and paid $40 for a "hand" wash. They rinsed my jeep off with a power washer and used a broom to clean it. I could have got a better car wash from a gas station machine! The entire underside of my bumper still had fresh dirt and mud! They didn't even clean the top of my Jeep...That's not even the worst part. They used the power washer and got water in my air intake! I just hope it didn't do any permanent damage. Please please please go anywhere else. Places like this don't deserve to stay in business..

SP Bizzy

I've been to hundreds of car washes in my lifetime but this was a very unique but amazing experience. You are met by the actual owner of the business up front and he offered me a great deal after he surveyed my car (it's actually my wife's car and she is MESSY!!) And plus I have a one year old so you can imagine the mess. My wife drives a black Mazda CX-5. You pay right there on his iPad so you don't have to go inside. You go thru the tunnel and then the attendant takes care of the rest. They took their time and did an absolutely AMAZING job! Love the place and will be bringing both my cars from now on. Thanks Harv.

Orangel Medina

This is a great place to come and wash your car, they have good detailing and also the workers are really good people that will make sure you car looks clean. Also if you are looking to get a good detailing in your car the guys will know how to the job really good, and in fast way.

Matt B

Today I stop by this Car Wash , Because my SUV was needed a wash , I was greeted by smiles and outstanding service. I've seen quite a few negative reviews on here. But I'm not sure why . Because My Car is Clean, and Detail and Shining again. The Gentleman clean the inside made it spotless. Would definitely come back to this location, Great Service, Friendly Staff.

Oscar Daboub

Look every time I give this place a chance, the owner is completely cheap and his car wash doesn't even do a through job, the place is dead and he misrepresents with a car wash that is $5. This place used to be a lot better back in the days but now went down hill.

Andrew Nguyen

Brought my beater car here for a quick wash and rinse-- they currently have a yelp deal for a free wash on check in, so I was going to try that and continue if they did a decent job. On redemption, the manager said it would not be honored, but that the deal should actually be B1G1. They advertise a $6 wash, which is the same price as Lake Forest Express wash, but when I asked about that, I was told it was not available. The cost is not material enough to be of any concern, I'm just not a fan of their deceptive business practices.

Larry Ray

Mediocre job. I told the women that helped me that the last time I was in the inside of the windows were not cleaned and I wanted to make sure they were done this time. She made no comment to me and did not pass along my comment to who was drying my car. She just tried to up sell a more expensive wash. The previous owner ran a great car wash, I don't see that with this one.

Mohammad Suha Ebrahimi

They are really bad and ugly they give you unlimited but when you go 14 times in a week you will kick out and they will cancel the contract. Don’t go to in this car wash.

Adrienne Concepción

I've been coming to this car wash as far back as I could remember today I had my car worked on by a new guy with a beanie i haven't seen at the wash before and was hesitant about him working on my car because he was a young guy but as soon as he was finished it was a really good job and tipped him $5 for working hard. Regardless, this car wash has very good staff. It's a win win at this place.

Erik Andersen

Super awesome service. They had to do a double job to get all the vomit out of the cracks, but now it smells and looks great again!

Wes Johnson

Great job. Highly recomend

Dai Blanny

Terrible quality, even worse customer service. BEWARE. Better off going to the auto wash at the gas station

anthony mackay

I've been coming by this place for a while. I usually clean my car myself, but every now and then I come by here. I've tried other places and nobody ever pays attention to detail as much as these guys I've never left feeling I paid too much or that I didn't get what I wanted they exceed expectations every time I love my car and I want it taken care of the way I would do myself and the team at Harv's never performed any less than just that.

Spencer Hardy

They did a good job of cleaning the pollen off my wife's car.

Megan Owens

I never usually do these reviews but today I went into this Carwash to get my car touched up and detailed before I was going to trade it in at a dealership. This was by far the most unprofessional careless experience I've ever had. I pulled into the detailing area and left my keys in the ignition with the car running so they could move it if needed. 15 minutes in the guy working on my car asked me where I left my keys. Now I double checked and made sure I had left them in the ignition. This then proceeded into almost an hour of them looking for the keys that they lost. I had an appointment to keep at the dealership where I was trying to sell this car later today. Mind you, I kept my cool while I was there. The staff ended up digging through trash, reviewing cameras and asking me if I was sure I had left the keys in the ignition. By the way the cameras are useless because they didn't see anything on the camera. I don't know how it happened but my keys ultimately finally ended up falling out by the tires. WIth no compensation offered and an appointment to keep, I left. I would highly recommend finding somewhere else to go.

Kenyon Cheung

This car wash usually has deals that offers you to buy a pack of car washes as a bundle and they're good at honoring your bundle and stamping your card. But regardless if there's a good bargain or not, I enjoy coming to this car wash. I usually get the deluxe wash, and the workers are friendly and attentive to my car and detailing. The trick is to go when there are few customers, otherwise the backlog really causes a long wait. However, there's plenty of seats in the shade and there's a 7-Eleven across the street to grab coffee and treats. The wash and detailing is always satisfactory and I always feel I get my money's worth when I watch the workers detail after my car went through the wash tunnel. And the workers always smile and greet me (and they always appreciate several dollars as a tip at the end) so all in all, it's a good place close to my house that I get my money's worth and a smile.

Denise Kohlmann

Good prices. Friendly staff. Excellent service! This team does a better job washing and detailing your car than other car washes I've been to, and their prices are better too! I don't wash my car often, so you can imagine it gets pretty dirty (especially the wheels). They actually spent quite a bit of time working on my car. When they finished up, I checked out my car and it was pretty near perfect. Initially, I was going to give them a 4 star review because I did notice a slight bit of dirt in the crevices of the wheels, but later I tried getting that off myself and discovered that it had been so long since I washed my car that that was no longer dirt but really just stains on the chrome. Yikes! I should really take my car in more often. I will say though, that my tires have never shined so bright as they do now. I will definitely use this car wash again and highly recommend them to all in the area!

Wolly42608 Hamilton

Mediocre job, good if your in a hurry and don't want to get out. Not sure how good the detail job is. I only did the $17 wash. Also they charge more if you have an SUV or if your car is actually dirty.

Bert Alarcon

Nice nd hard wrkng employees

Charmaine Howell

Great service!

omaid ali

The quality of car wash, is not worth the money they charge you.

Benjamin Peregrino

The place is not friendly, i was trying help clean how i want to clean and the other did not lot me clean my own car even tho i was paying for it. Also i try to clean my mats and the guy didnt let me clean my mats sayong im going dirty his facility. I mean it a car wash,,my car was dirty nd i want to clean it,,,of course ur faciltiy is going to get dirtu. I do not recomend coming here, not friendly nor customer compliant.

Adam Essayli10

Came in to get my rental van washed because it was dirty from a camping trip . I wanted the $16.99 package plus the $3 extra for it being a van . The manager told me the cheapest he can do it is for $40 because there was a little bit of sand on the floor . Not very happy with the customer service or the fact that I paid double regardless what the prices online said ! Don’t get your car cleaned here unless it’s already clean or they will hit you with whatever charge they want .

Tori Wagner

HORRIBLE- dash board was still dirty, tires were still dirty, windows were smudged. When I asked for them to fix it, it was a quick wipe and that’s it. Not worth the money-go elsewhere.

Matthew Ensign

I take all my cars here. The owner oversees everything here and does his best to make the experience a good one. He doesn't hesitate to jump in and help if his staff is having trouble keeping up and he is a locally owned small business. Give this place a try.

Richard Nguyen

I've been to few in the area. This is the only place I consider. They take there time which I like.

C.J. Land

Rip off. $12 with no vacuum. Go anywhere else.

Cara Peters

Came across this place. Went on a week day and they were awesome! Paid so much time on details (Had so much sand and dog hair), paid a few extra dollars to scrub all the dead bugs off the front. Every cup holder was washed and way cheaper than others I’ve seen.


Great crew and friendly staff took great job and made my BMW look the best it has in well over five years. Even made the headlites look new. Can’t say enough about how good they. Now I’m bringing my old Jeep to them to work their miracles on.

Vihar Chokshi

Ask for Spencer and Jesus! Great service. I took my 4Runner up to Big Bear over the weekend and had a ton of fun. Spencer and his crew made it look brand new.

Andrew Prieto

Had a great time here. The managing staff were extremely polite. The detailing staff dos a great job, while finishing quickly. I'm definitely going to recommend this place to my friends.

Evan Bomgardner

They up sold me to a 90 dollar car wash, it took them 30 minutes longer than they said it would, and several parts of the interior were missed. Who knows if they missed anything else. I will try other before I go back.

Richard Lambert

Every car wash I've been to is better than this place.

Annette Worley

I took my SUV to get the carpets shampooed. Spent $80 and it included a carwash. What a joke. The only thing that looked good on my car was the tires. The windows were still dirty. The carpets were shampooed but still had hair and crap from shoes in the floor mats. They didn't bother vacuuming them first. And to top it all off... all my kids little toys that were under the seat were tossed on the ground. My son found his toys on the ground as he is handing the keys to my car back. Poor service!!!! Go somewhere else.

Mark Thompson

I just left Harv's to get my F150 washed and I will never go back. They took my antenna off my truck and in doing so scratched my truck with the wrench used. They said they would put it back on when wash was finished but after my wash was finished I sat there and waited but nobody showed up to install the antenna back. Also, my truck looks dirtier now than before their "wash." It was such a horrible wash and experience I will never go back. Just giving a fair account of my experience I just had. Horrible Horrible Horrible

Lyss Murphey

I have three reasons why I won't be continuing as a customer with Harv's. 1. They insist the monthly agreement must be changed or canceled more than 10 days before the end of the month. I feel the only real reason is because most people would try to cancel or change near the end of the month and they would have you on the hook for another month. The owner would not even take my notice to change for the following month, but insisted I come back to him the next month 10 days before the end of month. 2. They never miss a chance to price gouge. I brought my truck in for a wash which was dirty from sitting in the driveway for two months - not 4-wheel driving through a mud pit. Harv decided to charge an extra $5 up front. I paid, thinking he might need to run it through his machine wash twice, but no - exactly the same routine as for a merely dusty car. He just felt like collecting an extra $5 because he could. 3. It simply takes too long. I work across the street, so I can usually leave the car. However, I have to drive it through the machine myself and the operator is usually not on duty when I drive up. Usually there is a 5 minute delay while the operator comes out and starts up the outside register. After the machine, the car may need to wait another 15-20 minutes before being toweled off. For me it makes more sense to go to my local drive-thru every week or two.

Monica west

The last 2 visits here were disappointing. My car did not seem noticeably cleaner on the inside except carpets. The windows were streaked on the inside and foggy. I had to redo them myself. The dryer did not work. That's ate spots all over my black car.

John Michaels

I have never been to such an awful express car wash. All I wanted was the $5 wash and air dry, which in my experience at the Lake Forest Express Wash was well worth it (same price). Sure, it leaves some small water spots, but nothing worth crying about for $5. However, this place barely touched the car at all after the first vertical foam strips (the manager says that's because it's a "soft touch" wash to protect my paint). In another review, they say "Our equipment do not have such POWER to cause scratches." Well, your equipment doesn't have the power to wash the car, either. It left bird poop, pollen, dirt, and other grime scattered across all sides of the car. The manager has also written in another review that "our wash tunnel is 150ft long which is the best in the market place! We have top equipment which cost more than 15 times more than gas station equipment!" I'm sorry but what difference does the length of the tunnel make when nothing happens for well over half that distance? By the time the car even gets to the blowers, water spots have already started forming. It's obvious this equipment is ANCIENT and hasn't received any upgrades in decades. I have NEVER seen this many water spots from a car wash before. The blowers just spin the water around on the hood in a circle instead of blowing it OFF. And, since they fold in your mirrors, the mirrors aren't washed either. I voiced my concerns to the manager, and all he said was "you should have paid more." Okay...yes it was a $5 wash. It's still $5, and every other $5 wash in the area does a much better job than you. That's no excuse, and you should never, ever tell a customer that they "should have paid more." You're supposed to make me WANT to pay more, not feel like I made a mistake for ever driving up. You're effectively saying you don't care about your customers unless they're overpaying you for your (awful) services offered. Other $5 car washes actually brush areas of the car they know will be hard for an automated system to clean properly, like bugs on the bumper or windows, or bird poop on the roof. Harv's just sprays a little water on top of the car for a pre-soak. If there was ever a time the Lake Forest Express Wash didn't quite get something off my car, they'd let me run it through again at no charge. He instead told me to leave. There were no other customers there. Have fun playing on your phone instead under your umbrella instead of actually trying to rescue a failing business.

Danielle Lyerla

I really want to love this place but for what ever reason there is always a hiccup in my service when I go. The wait can be long but they do get the job done.

Donny Boner

This is the most crooked place in Lake Forest, False advertising and argumentative owners. They told me I was to big! Never go here.

Bruce Green

They advertise a $6 car wash but immediately try to talk you out of it. I told the attendant that I really just wanted the $6 car wash and he immediately got an attitude and followed my car to make sure they didn't do anything "extra" like spray it with the pressure washer or wipe it dry on the back end. Very unpleasant experience. I can't stand places that insist on the up -sell

Omar Rivera

Clean work

Jesse Lambert

"6$ wash voted 4 stars on google", not really

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