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REVIEWS OF Great American Car Wash IN California

Fallon Pratt

Up until today I had good experiences at Great American Car Wash. I suppose the bar was set much lower however because I have always gotten the general interior car wash and not expected perfection for $20. Today I went and had a full interior detail done for $151.99. I told the gentlemen when he looked at my car and we filled out the paperwork for the detail that my main concern was the driver side front seat area (dash, ceiling liner and door) because the mess in that area is what prompted me to seek a detail in the first place. What I paid for was supposed to cover that area. I got my car back and the interior was not fully cleaned. There was still dog hair all over the back of the car (which they said would be taken care of with the steam clean) and the drivers said had been half assed cleaned at best. I pointed this out to the attendant and he took it back for 5 minutes and "used the air tool" to get what he could but it would be another $59.99 if I wanted the rest cleaned "per the manager". I pointed out that my car was still not clean and I wanted it cleaned or I wanted my money back he said there was nothing they could do for me. I left upset and then realized at my next stop that they hadn't given me my car mats back and had to go back and wait another 20 minutes while they searched for them. I will be disputing this charge with my bank.

gary schnacker

Expensive for a fairly decent wash. Not so impressed. Doubt I will go again. Thought the price was high enough for a hand wash. Was disappointed when watching it go through an automatic washer.

Miguel Nunez

Great place to ask questions and get the best answers. Great service and great waiting room. The crew will go out of the way to help

Sheri Cooley

Purchased Groupon for Liberty Wash and Orbital Wax - awesome deal! No pressure to upgrade, merely suggestions. Customer service was wonderful. Because it was a Saturday before a holiday, told wax would take 2.5 hours, but was done in much less, and car looks great. Waiting room is lovely and relaxing. They sell greeting cards, too, that aren't carried anywhere else. Looking forward to going back.


They were able to remove tar from my car!!! Great customer service and my car looks amazing!!!!!!

Karen McMillan

My vehicle was covered in oil and tar, all over the white paint, windows, wheels, wheel wells and undercarriage. They did an Awesome job of detailing my vehicle outside and inside!! Very nice people and they went the extra mile with everything. I would highly recommend them.

Cat Henry

Good car wash for interior and exterior cleaning. Awesome military discounts on washes and carpet steaming. Cheap price matches the quality however.

Erica Carrera

I paid $250.00 for the ENTIRE interior of my car to be detailed. A special spot of attention was the front passenger seat as there was major stains on that seat from spilled water and spilled Me-N-Eds cinnamon bites. The front seat stain removal was about 95%. The rest of the interior not so much. It appears the interior was steam cleaned but no pre-vaccuming was done to first pick up the loose particles. After the steam cleaning there was no wipe down so there was residue everywhere. Apparently the employees working on my car couldn't figure out how to turn off my car's headlights or bother to come ask me how to turn them off so they just left the lights on, causing my battery to die. At least they jumped my car. I can't help but feel ripped off. Initially this place wanted to charge me $300..00 to detail the entire interior or $100.00 to detail the seats only. When I hesitated and said just the seats for $100.00 they turn and offer me a "deal" to detail the entire interior for $250.00 and a car wash. I reluctantly accepted the said deal which also left residue on the exterior of my car. For what I paid the interior of my car should have sparkled! I don't think i'll be going here again.

Nancy P Andree

I'm pretty sure they ran over something that broke my rear left shock


Nice convenient car was but take your car in an hour before listed closing hours as they close gates to enter earlier.

T Bessard

These guys did a great job. Very thorough. It is a machine wash so if you are concerned its not a hand car wash but they do a great job and offered a nice discount as a first time customer. And they sell monthly wash passes!

Nick Harbison

Terrible place. Was greeted by someone who could not communicate. I blindly pulled up to a bay with no one to accept me. I sat there for 20 min waiting for someone to assist. No one came. They use the patriotism shtick to dupe the rubes. Avoid this place.

Kevin Walters

Your environment was splendid; I loved my visit there with my son for the first time today. I will be back for a second visit no doubt. Hopefully I can find a newspaper handy. Thank you so much!

shang shin

Well done. Honest and friendly.

Timothy Harris

Nice folks. They missed the trunk and back seat.

Paul Barney

They were really fast and the owner was very friendly and helpful. I will go back.

Bobby Basra

Ever since the New owner Aj has taken this car wash over it has become the best car wash ever, I bring my Brand New Corvette Sting Ray and Porsche cayenne and they handle it with such care. this car wash has some great employee and not to mention the owner himself will greet you and make sure you are comfortable. Great service, Great attitude, well worth my money i highly recommend this car wash if you want to see your car handled with care

cynthia deleon

WORST car wash experience I have ever had. This was my first time trying out the express drive thru car wash and for starters the man giving me instructions before going in had a terrible attitude like getting frustrated and yelling at me for not lining up my wheels properly the first time. I'm pretty sure you hate your job but don't take it out on the customer. As I'm going through the wash I hear this loud snap and look at my passenger side and see my side mirror had been snapped off! Once out of the drive thru I let the man who's drying the car know in a calm manner that my mirror just broke while being in there. Then this man comes to check it out and he's nice about it, and says to go inside to fill out a form. The lady inside is the one who really made this a horrible experience. I could tell she had an attitude. She asked me to fill out the form while she goes outside and checks out the damage. She comes back with a bad attitude and asked if I knew that I had a lose screw and of course I didn't but she acts like I was lying about it. So apparently there's nothing they can do if there's already pre existing damage. Maybe the screw was loose or missing before, I honestly had no idea, but the way she unsympathetically handled the situation by making me feel like it was my fault is why I'm leaving this bad review. Learn how to treat your paying customers with decency and respect and at least try to help in situations like this not just say there's nothing they can do in a bad attitude. For the record I was calm and respectful the whole time. Luckily the nice workers at Jiffy Lube next door were kind enough to tape my mirror to get me home. Will not be coming back to this place and neither will my friends and family.

Victorious Larrondo

Great car wash

Augie Clark

I went to get a hand car wash and they stole my prescription pills. I spoke with a manager and she said that she checked the cameras and she didn't see them steal anything and that she couldn't do anything about it. Worse experience ever in my life! Be careful people the employee's have sticky fingers. They didn't even apologize for it and made me feel like I was lying! I will never go back!

RaYder oAk

Well I got the $17.00 wash and it looked like they dried it with dirty towels or something. When I wash it myself it comes out 5X better! And the tire stuff they use is weak!! So I'm gonna wash it myself first thing in the morning! I won't be going back there!! ....i haven't had a chance to write another review since this last one. But the day after the owner call me directly and was very apologetic and very concerned and asked me to please bring my car back so they can hook my car up!! So I haven't had a chance to but I was pleased with his professional concern!!!

Jim Gartung

After receiving very poor service, the manager yelled at my wife to go away and never come back. He has that right, we will never go to that place again!

Brandon Montang

I am very happy with the detail given my truck. It was little pricey, but well worth the work done. I have some scratches and paint rubs from the previous driver, and they were able to buff them all out. Very patriotic as well. Thank for supporting us veterans

Amber Hillman

Great price and did a great job

C Waller

The workers are nice enough but I prefer a covered area for vacuuming my car.

Ray Banuelos

Great place for Car Washes. Very Patriotic owner. Good prices. Great deals for Veterans. Beautiful murals. Highly recommend to family and friends.

Ken Chavez

Had my 1972 VW Bug detailed. The staff at Great American Car Wash did a fantastic job on my car. They almost made a 1972 look brand new!! I was really impressed with what they could do to make my car look good. The paint needed plenty of work and they did it!! The shampooing of the carpet and mats was fantastic!! Thank you AJ & staff!! Job well done!!

Ron Alonzo

I had a great experience with my first, second and third car wash thus far and will continue to do business with them for the future to come. The workers were great and friendly and the owner really cares about making customers happy. I highly recommend this place. But don't take my word for it. Go and see... Thank you for the Great American customer service.

Ryan Thomas

Inquired about getting my headlight polished and the rude/unprofessional employee tried charging me more than the website had posted for that service. I also stated that I was a veteran and inquired about a veteran discount. Employee didn’t care and I said “I’m outta here”. Not sure how this place is still in business after reading similar reviews...

hello hello

I would recommend this place to anyone. They are very nice people; they do outstanding job cleaning and making your car looks new. the price also very low compare to everyone I went to. first time I felt I got more for what I have paid. super super super nice...............thank you

Jaenessa Gamez

I used to love this Place but soon as my side mirror broke off ,the manager or the owner of the place refuse to hear my complaints and told me he was going to call me back

Billie Talley

The first time I took my car in a worker named Danny washed my car and did a great job. The second time I took it in one of the wheels was discolored like they might have left some kind of strong chemical on it too long. I had no idea that it would not clean up so I didn't complain to the owner. I thought they would take care of it the next time I took it in. The third time I took it in they did the same thing to all the wheels plus they scratched my right rear fender. My car did not have a scratch on it any place and it's a 2009 Cadillac CTS-V. The owner, A. J. #1 checked me in this time and I told him about the first wheel they had messed up and he told me that he would look at it after the wash. That was when all the wheels came out messed up and the right rear fender was scratched. I complained to the worker and he told the owner, A. J. and came back and told me that he would come over to check it out. After waiting for quite a while, I saw the owner get into a car and drive off. I went inside and talked to his wife and she called him and he told her that he could acid wash the wheels for $20.00 each. I knew that would only damage them more and by this time I didn't trust him to use acid any where near my car. I called and asked him about the damage done to my car and he denied talking to me or checking me in. He absolutely lied to me because I have the receipt with his name on it... I took my car to a well known paint and body shop and they told me that the scratch could not be buffed out because it is down to the metal and the entire fender would have to be painted. They also said that A.J.'s car wash used a strong chemical on my wheels which damaged them. They also said that you can't use acid on the type of wheels that were on my car. It is going to cost a lot of money to replace my wheels and repaint my fender and A.J. refuses to even talk to me about it. So I will have to take him to Court to take care of the damages that his car wash did. If you care about your car, do not take it to Great American Car Wash.

Michael Swisher

Reasonable prices, fast, and clean.

Debra Brose

Its not too bad i guess for $6. Wouldnt pay more to vo there.

Leonard Pine Flower

Great customer service. Thanks once again y'all!

Eudelia Rios

Paid the 37.99 wash not worth the price I paid. There were spots on my truck that were still dirty on the exterior and in the interior.

Teshkia Coleman-Pierce

Terrible service.. company does not deal well with complaints and act as if nothing is wrong instead of just fixing the problem.. will never do buisnbus with them again

Steve Mejia

They did a good job cleaning my car! Also i really like how they have comfortable love seats with a foot massage i can use while waiting for my car to be done.

Erick Diaz

Don’t brother with this place. I had them clean my interior cloth seats on my truck and they did not thoroughly remove all the soap. Now I’m left with dry and hard seats. AVOID!!!

MsKueen That One

The owner is so mean to his employees and customers, the machine broke, I was not satisfied and the employee offered me a discount $2 Off of the $13 wash ! He then proceeded to notify me that it has been messing up & the owner wouldn’t replace it so there For he is negligent in maintaining the business, he then yelled to the employee “what did you tell the customer, it’s not broken I fixed it” referring to the tire wax machine and he then threaten to fire the customer, I was so unhappy with the result of wanting great customer service/services! I pray that poor man don’t get fired!!

Nettie Kat

Go to place to get car washed. Cheap, convenient, & fast.


Fast, friendly service, from a locally owned business, with great people offering a great service. Had my car engine steam cleaned and it looks wonderful again.

Chanel Chyinamon

This used to be the best with the Mexican workers. They were so friendly now, i don't see them anymore and they have new workers, they're blah

Iesha Neal

The owner is very disrespecful and doesn't know how-to communicate with his customers.

g ghenry

Most professionally detail work in Fresno

Kenneth Bourque

Nice folks work here. Very polite and professional staff. Seriously, I mean everyone. I spoke to about 4 different people here and they were all super nice. Lots of different options and they explain everything in detail. There work is first rate. The waiting area is comfortable, clean and they offer free bottle water, tea and coffee. It's also worth mentioning that they graciously offer a 20% discount for military personnel.

Diana Oberding

A good place to get vehicle cleaned inside and out. Great car wash

Phillip Avalos

Free dry with a wash and great customer service


Worst car wash ever, tweakers working for this company. Almost bust my tires on rail cause they can't direct right then they yell at me look for myself. Never coming here again!! Update: AFTER I got to my mechanics my two back rims have cracks on them I call the owner and he says I'm lying. My car is brand new..!!

Jo B

I bought a Groupon for the 30-day unlimited speed wash pass here and right after getting my first car wash here I noticed that part of my car had been scratched up from the brushes inside the car wash. The scratches are really noticeable since I have a dark colored car and the scratches are white (paint was scratched off). I am positive the scratches happened during the car wash because my car is brand new (no scratches were there before) and the area that has been scratched could not have been caused by another car. Also, the random scratch pattern is consistent with the brushes inside the car wash. I am very upset and will not be returning here! Don't go here, it's not worth the risk!

Madison Zuetell

Wow! What a pleasant waiting room. Last weekend was my first full-service visit. I’ll be a regular customer. It was very clean, friendly, excellent, and I was in and out in less time than expected.

Daniel Gouveia

The people here are really very nice. I just got a detail on my car and it looks great! They made a good price too and gave me a special offer. The owner, A.J., is such a nice person to talk to, and he can speak with you in English, Spanish, French, and probably some other languages too:) being a Bible believing Christian I can't restrain from saying: God bless you guys!

George Zakhary

Great and fast service with nice clean wash. Will be back.

Ashley Padilla

I had a great experience here. We got our interior steam-cleaned after our son's vomiting episode in the car and they did a wonderful job. Great work and very friendly and helpful. AJ was very nice and so was everyone else we came into contact with.

Candice Hill Troutman

I like the foot massage here. It's just a small little machine, but man, while I'm waiting for the car, that foot massage helps me to make it home.

Victoria Medrano Verdugo

With newer workers they do a better job. Good price

Jaime Padilla

No additives in the water despite the labels for knob.

Krista Erickson

I brought in my 15 year old Camry which has seen more then it's fair share of spills and crumbs from my young kids, and had never once been steamed before. It was nasty! So I finally brought it in for an interior steam clean thinking that it would at least get some of the lighter stains out, but they far exceeded my expectations. The interior looks like new! Even the really gross and dark juice stains were gone. They detailed every inch of it and it has never been this clean. I highly recommend them for this service. I'm impressed!

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